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Thomas Blayney who died 1819 and descendants

The oral tradition is that this branch of Greater London Blayneys descended from Irish Blayneys, moving after an inter-family religious feud. Recent research has placed this story in doubt, at least as it applies to our Thomas Blayney line. Our Blayneys certainly became non-conformists while some appeared to be agnostic (or non-religious).

We have, with the help of a number of others, particularly Terry Muff [804], Kevin McKenzie [145], and more recently Sarah Callen [1326] been able to establish a relatively clear line of descent all the way from the first Blayney (Evan of Tregynon, Wales) to our Thomas.
See the ancestry of Thomas Blayney born 1768/9 - 1819

Here is a mix of information received from Terry Muff [804], Kevin McKenzie [145] and Sarah Callen [1326] all descended from Thomas Blayney (1827-1913), Ian Blayney [127], descended from Frederick Blayney (1840/1-?1894/5), Bob Bowles [143], descended from Harriet Blayney (1824-1897), Michael (& Juliet) Blayney [148], descended from Benjamin Blayney (1829-1897), Jane Gibson [149], descended from Francis Blayney (1839-1903) and my family, descended from Alexander Blayney (1843-1924). Other information comes from some secure Internet info, as well as information obtained from memories and histories of living New Zealand Blayneys (some now deceased). Terry's list of Thomas & Rebecca Blayney's children has nine matches with my list [shown in bold], including the correct birth year for my g-grandfather Alexander, so I am more than confident Terry is my 3rd Cousin once removed. Names of children of Thomas & Rebecca confirmed by census or BDM records are underlined

Research by Terry Muff [804] linked to that from Robert (Bob) Blayney and Kevin Mckenzie has identified the link back to Montgomeryshire which you can see in my Link page.


Terraced houses of same
style of Ashford St Hackney
Victorian Cheapside, becoming
Poultry (Bucklersbury to right) by
T H Shepherd, engraver W Wallis
Linendraper 1818
Willcox & Gibbs sowing machine

In 1871 Willcox & Gibbs were
based at 150 Cheapside (3 doors
away from where the Blayney
firm had been). They may have
made tailers redundant.
1 Thomas BLAYNEY b.1768/9 (Shoreditch); d.1819 (London) One oral tradition had him as the son of a shoemaker, and the evidence uncovered by T Muff had the parents of Thomas as Richard and Mary BLAYNEY of London]. However in order to fit with Thomas being 50 when he died in 1819, Kevin McKenzie now thinks it is more than likely that a generation was missed and his father was one Thomas BLAYNEY, b.14Aug1754, the son of said Richard [145]. Thomas (d.1819) learned his trade working for his cousin Richard, (son of Rev Blayney) and James Smith (Haberdasher) at 156 Cheapside [854]. He subsequently worked as a tailor at No 2 St Agnes (Well) Circus, Old St Road, Finsbury 1808 to 1816, [see the Blayney London] and was variously named Mr, Thomas, or Thos Blayney, Blany or Blaney. He also appears to have learnt his trade from James Smith in the haberdashery shop at 156 Cheapside. Thomas died 1819; bur.4Jul1819 (Bethnal Green) age 50 [Non-Conformist Record Index RG4-8] [1263] The death at age 50 in 1819 is inconsistent with him being the Thomas who married Mary Holmes, previously presumed to be his first wife but now possibly this Mary married his father or was not directly related - see Thomas & Mary BLAYNEY m.1780 + Priscilla Charlotte SARGEANT b.2Mar1775; bpt.29Mar1775 (St Luke, Old Street) m.4Aug1795 St Luke Old Street, Finsbury. d/o William and Susanna SARGEANT; d.Mar1841 in Bethnal Green. Two children identified, Thomas & Elizabeth, and probably a third (Arthur) is likely [145]. More recently three more children of Priscilla have been identified by researcher Sarah Callen [1326], namely Ephraim, Isaac and Jonah. It would appear that Thomas wasn't particularly reliable in registering these births. 2 Thomas BLAYNEY b.1796 See Thomas below. 2 Joseph BLAYNEY b.1803 (1798 or 1806); d.13Sep1846 (London Hosp) ("Dropsy" [probable Congestive Heart Failure]) Age in 1841 Census given as 35, implying a DOB Age at death given as 48 implying a DOB of 1798 Fishmonger; Man Servant. 2 Elizabeth BLAYNEY b.7Sep1805, bap.31Aug1830 (St Leonards, Shoreditch) [1263]; d.1858 + Joseph WRIGHT m.1829 (St Luke Old St) See the Elizabeth BLAYNEY family and 2 Arthur BLAYNEY b.1812 (St Lukes); grocer/milkman/dairyman/watercress grower d.3May1884 (Holloway Prison, Middlesex) aged 72 [130]
Wrongly accused of keeping a pig in a place which endangered health (not his pig). He was late to the hearing on 28 April because of difficulty walking, was found guilty in his absence and sentenced to a month's hard labour as he couldn't pay the £4 fine. He was excused from the hard labour by the prison surgeon because of his condition but died on 3 May. [1326]
+ Elizabeth HANSON b.1818 (Shoreditch); m.02Oct1838 (Bethnal Green) [130] [1396] Admitted to Hoxton House asylum 1872 then Essex Lunatic Asylum 1876 (13yr); d.16Oct1889 (Essex Lunatic Asylum); (exhaustion from melancholia) [dau. of John HANSON]

Bill Blayney

Bill's wife
3 photo William (Bill) Cornelius BLAYNEY b.Q3 1839 (Bethnal Green) [or 1834]; chr.1840 d.1895 (Hackney) [130] [1396] Occ. Warehouseman then Green Grocer. [Previously William was thought to be a son of Thomas and Rebecca but while he appeared to be treated like a son (as demonstrated by photos held by Alexander's son Thomas, my grandfather), he was in fact the son of Arthur, not Thomas [1267]]. + Mary Ann TINSON photo (see photo) See the Bill BLAYNEY family 3 Walter Hanson BLAYNEY b.(Sep)1841 (Bethnal Green) [130]; Warehouseman in 1861 Emm to NZ ?arriving Auckland, 4Feb1884 on the Manapouri [131]
Previously Walter was also thought to be a possible son of Thomas and Rebecca as he lived at the same address (Argyle Street Morningside, Auckland) as Alexander Henry BLAYNEY my great-grandfather). He was in fact the son of Arthur, confirmed by his Will making his sister Mary Ann DAVIES his sole heir [1502], making him Alex's cousin.
Walter Hanson BLAYNEY, Settler was fined 5s (7s costs) for leaving his cart unattended (Beach Road, 1900)! He sold land in Avondale 1911 [499] d.unm.11Jun1914 (Edendale Auckland) [122] [142] [865] Probate 20Jul1914 [1502] His Death Duties came to £1,248 in 1915 [1250]. 3 Joseph BLAYNEY b.Q1 1847 (Bethnal Green) [130]; Milkman in 1861; Builder in 1881; Confectioner in 1891 and Bricklayer in 1901; d.Sep1914; bur.10Sep1914 +(1) Caroline FOLEY b.~1850; m.13Jan1873 (St Mark, Myddleton Square); d.1875; bur.20May1875 (Leyton, Essex) +(2) Eliza BRAZIER née GILL b.Q1 1845 (Kensington); m.22Jun1878 (St Peters, West Hackney) [widow of William BRAZIER, dau. of John GILL, bootmaker] 4 Eliza BLAYNEY b.Q2 1872 (Shoreditch) 3 Sarah Ann BLAYNEY b.Q3 1849 (Poplar) [130] [1396] +(1) William Frederick SMITH m.3Feb1880 (Bethnal Green); d≤ 1886 [son of Henry Smith (Tailor)] +(2) Benjamin COTTON m.18Apr1886 (Bethnal Green) [son of Benjamin Cotton (Shoemaker)] 3 Emma BLAYNEY b.Q4 1851 (Bethnal Green) [130] [1396] 3 Mary Ann BLAYNEY b.Q3 1853 (Bethnal Green) [130] Described as "formerly of Ilford, Essex then Suffolk" when made sole heir of her brother Walter Hanson BLAYNEY 1502] + William DAVIES b.1851 (Poplar); m.28Feb1878 (Bethnal Green); d.<1911 (when the Census had Mary Ann Davis as a widow) 4 Mary Ann Maria DAVIES b.23Nov1878; Reg. 4Jan1879 (Hackney) 3 Jonah BLAYNEY b.Q2 1857 (Bethnal Green) [130]; d.Aug1863, bur.4Aug1863 (City of London & Tower Hamlets Cemetery) [6y3m] 2 ?Ebeneza ?Blayney (a soldier) 2 Ephraim BLAYNEY d.21Nov1844 (Shoreditch Workhouse) 2 Isaac BLAYNEY b.~1815; d.1855 (Bethnal Green Union House); bur 9Mar1855 [?37 in 1851 Census; 39 at death]; Occ.: Tailor 2 Jonah BLAYNEY [mistranscribed as Blaquey] + Mary Ann Tracy LAWRENCE née SUTHALL m.1Jul1843 [Possibly the Mary Ann SOUTHALL b.1813 (Worchestershire)] Previously married to Thomas Bascum LAWRENCE Q3.1843 (Shoreditch) 2 Thomas BLAYNEY b.1797 (Finsbury) (or 1796) ?chr.10Nov1797 St Matthew Bethnal Green [152] Occ. Journeyman Tailor. d.Sep1854 (Hackney Wick) of Cholera. It is possible Thomas fathered a child when he was about 17..... + ? 3 Arthur BLAYNEY b.~1813 Occ. Grocer, milkman, dairyman + Rebecca LAMBERT (LAMBBERT) b.27Dec1804 Bethnal Green / Hackney, London, chr. 1804 Bethnal Green [152]; d.30June1889 (Watford) (Dementia and Decay) [Death Cert] [BDM], [130] [dau. of Francis LAMBERT (1759-1847) and Mary SMITH b.1770 [1511]] m.15Oct1823 (St Matthew, Bethnal Green) [127] [128]; Witness was Elizabeth, the sister of Thomas consistent with a pre 1823 death of Thomas Blayney b.1754. Living with son Henry Alexander Blayney at 1881 Census Living with son Frederick at her death
A description of conditions in Shoreditch and Bethnal Green, and a story about an apprentice tailor named Thomas is given on the Blayney London page.

The 1841 Ossulstone Census has Thomas listed as 40 (he was about 45) and Rebecca as 35 (she was 36), but the children generally match. They were more accurate in 1851 [See 1841 & 1851 Census returns here.]

Oral tradition is that there were up to 17 children! [142]], so I have listed those with confirming evidence in bold.

I have 17 names from various sources, having eliminated those belonging to Thomas b.1820. However only 11 are in the 1841, 1851 or 1861 census lists [see here.]

Note that the four (five) oldest boys all married a (separate) Mary Ann!

3 Harriet BLAYNEY photo b.22Oct1824; d.9Jan1897 + Shadrach RAVEN (Tailor) b.10Jan1824 (Willingham, Cambridge); d.30Aug1883 [904] m.27May1844 (Christ Church) [143] [868] They lived at 27 Whiler St. In 1854 they moved with their children to USA, settling in Syracuse NY in 1855; d.30Aug1883 See the Harriet BLAYNEY family 3 Beatrice (Beatie) BLAYNEY b.1825 I don't think she was the Beatie I have photos of. Sister to Harriet Raven (born Blayney) and names of 15 more siblings [1380] 3 Matilda BLAYNEY b.1827 (Hackney); d.6Dec1870 (Collingwood, Victoria, Australia) [1517] [dau of Thomas Blayney and ??Harriet Lambert (?error) [1517]] + George Alexander STEPHENS b.1822 (Whitechapel, London); d.17Aug1889 (Collingwood, Victoria, Australia); Brickmaker (1851 Census) [son of George Alexander Stephens and Elizabeth Anne Jane Cochrane] 4 Eliza STEPHENS b.1847 (Whitechapel); d.1930 (Victoria) + Richard GOOSMANN / GOOSMAN m. Victoria, Australia 5 Frederica M GOOSMAN 1884-1979 + ____ 6 Arthur J HUTCHINSON 1924-2018 4 Matilda STEPHENS b.1849 (Whitechapel, London); d.1892 George then married twice more..... m.(2) (Margaret) Phoebe Ann McCORMACH b.1842; d.1906 (Collingwood, Victoria) [dau. of Laurence McCormach and Ann Dockery] 4 Four children: Phoebe Ann (1873-1874); George Alexander (b.1874); Alexander Albert Edward (1876-1941) and Arthur William STEPHENS (1879-1941) m.(3) Mary Ann WARD b.1862 (Ascot Vale, Victoria); d.1905 (Hotham, Victoria) 4 William Alexander STEPHENS (1880-1882) 3 Catherine Rachel BLAYNEY b.1826 [1513]; d.31Aug1849 (Hackney) age 24 of Cholera [Death cert] [1511] Probably the Catherine BLAYNEY witness to Harriet and Shadrach's wedding + Richard Thomas William MORRIS m.1Mar1847 (St Phillips, Bethnal Green) with Shadrach Raven as witness. See the Catherine Morris née BLAYNEY family 3 Thomas BLAYNEY photo b.1827 (Hackney); d.1913. Cabinet Maker, presumably a more profitable business than haberdashery, particularly with cheap imported goods flooding the market in the later 19th century.

Tom Blayney b.1827

Benjamin b.1829
Thomas married thrice: +(1)Mary Ann HARRISS b.1830; m.Sep1850 (Hackney) [130] +(2)Emily Martha GRIMWOOD, a dressmaker m~1864 +(3)Rosina m.1878/81. [804]). See the Thomas Blayney family (including living). NOTE: This is not the same person as the Thomas b.1820, who was born, married (to Margaret, not a Mary Ann) and died in Wales. 3 Benjamin BLAYNEY photo b.1829 (Whitechapel); chr.1830 Bethnal Green [152] d.Mar1898 (Hackney) [130] Dealer in Poultry Listed as Benjiman BLAYNEY, Salesman, age 52 in the 1881 British Census [804] + Mary Ann HARLING b.1832-1903 they had 9 Children. See the Benjamin BLAYNEY family
3 Rebecca Jemima BLAYNEY b.1834 (1831) photo Occ. 1851 "Servant"; Sailed to Australia in 1857 arriving 15Sep1857 [1327] +(1)John McCARTHEY b. Cork; m.26Dec1859 (St Peters, Eastern Hill, Bourke, Victoria); d.1867; Polisher [son of Edmund McCARTHEY and Mrs McCARTHY née O'BRIEN] Six months after the marriage, Rebecca returned to London alone. [1861 UK Census had the family as "Blaney" and Rebecca McCarthey as a daughter[371] +(2)Thomas NICHOLS (a lodger at the Blayney's place, Rebecca was living next door.) [son of Richard Nichols] m.7Feb1864 (St James the Great, Bethnal Green). [Rebbecca was stated to be a widow, which was a little premature [1326], so if she had left John M and not divorced him, this marriage could have legally been bigamous. Her surname was recorded as McCarthy.] 4 Rebecca NICHOLS b.5Dec1864 (Sth Hackney, England) (Birth Cert.); bpt.1Jan1865 (St John of Jerusalem, South Hackney) 4 Harriet NICHOLS bpt.15Apr1866 (St John of Jerusalem, South Hackney) 3 Mary Ann BLAYNEY photo b.1835 chr.1835 Bethnal Green [152] +(1)George WEBB +(2)Robert Stephen NEEDHAM See the Mary Ann NEEDHAM née BLAYNEY family 3 Samuel (Sam) BLAYNEY b.(Sep)1837 (Bethnal Green) [BDM]; chr.1838 Bethnal Green [152] Occ. Milkman and/or Policeman + Mary Ann FRANCIES m.(Jun1)857 (Bethnal Green) See the Samuel BLAYNEY family 3 Francis (Frank) BLAYNEY b.(Mar)1839 (Bethnal Green); chr.1839 Bethnal Green [152] d.1903). Occ. cabinet maker in Bow [10] + Mary Ann HARVEY m.(Dec)1859 [130]] See the Francis BLAYNEY family

Frederick Blayney

Martha wife of Fred B

Alexander Blayney

Rebecca Blayney
3 Frederick BLAYNEY photo b.1841 chr.1841 Bethnal Green [152] occ: Cabinet Maker; d.1894/5 + Martha BARRETT photo of Cork, Ireland. b.1842 m.(Sep)1864 [BDM] at St Mary, Bow but they moved to Hackney (London). See the Fred BLAYNEY family 3 Alexander Henry BLAYNEY photo My great-grandfather, A.K.A. Henry Alexander BLAYNEY [1268] but using Alexander by 1861 Census b.Sep1842 (St Luke, London); chr.1843 Bethnal Green [152], 16th of 17 children [142]; Occ. Cabinet Maker (1881) Em. to New Zealand in 1893; d.11Sep1924 + Rebecca (Beckie) NICHOLS photo b.Q1.1865 (Hackney, England); Living as "niece" with Henry (Alexander) and his mother at the 1881 Census m.1893 (no UK or NZ record, so probably on shipboard); d.22Aug1948 (Auckland) age 83 (Brain tumour) See Alexander & Rebecca's family 3 Percival BLAYNEY b.1844 (Hackney), chr.1844 Bethnal Green [152]; d.Jun1897. This name suggests (but not proves) a reasonably close link with the Blayney-Percival "African line". + Emma ("Emily") Elizabeth COLE m.Mar1869 (Hackney) [130] See Percival's family

Names excluded from the "17 siblings"
(children of Thomas and Rebecca)

[1] The following are actually children of Thomas Blayney (1820-75), who has been confused by some with our Thomas Blayney. These ARE NOT candidates for the 17!

  • Hayster BLAYNEY [No records]
  • Edward BLANEY (em. to Cincinnati, USA); + Mary

[2] The following are uncles or cousins, not siblings so are also removed:

[3] The following just have insufficient evidence, so are also removed:

  • Breatrice (Beatie) BLAYNEY b.~1825 [although father fits [1516]]
  • Robena or Martha BLAYNEY [?confusion with Martha Barrett née Blayney]
  • Nathan BLAYNEY [no records]

See other New Zealand Blayneys

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