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Ieuan (Evan or Jevan) BLAYNEY (Blaene, Blayne, Blaynie or Blaenau) of Tregynon

born 1370 died 1430

See Evan's ancestry.


Note: In North Wales where our Ieuan lived, Ieuan is pronounced "Yey-ian", not "Ewan", "Iwan" or "Yewun" [670]
  Northern Welsh Ieuan:
Minor variants including "Yey-yarn", "Yay-Yaen" and "Yay-an" pronunciations also are used in the North [1581] [1582] and west,
  Northern Welsh variant Ieuan:
In the south (and east) of Wales Ieuan is just pronouned "Yigh-un" [1579] or "Y-eye-an".
  Southern Welsh Ieuan:

In 1406 Ieuan Blayney was 18th on the list of burgesses for the charter of Welshpool. Another Ieuan Blayney appears as a Forester for "Hirthowel" (Rhyddhywel on the Radnor Montgomery border) for 1392-3 [226] so that Ievan Blayney is undoubtedly linked to Hoell BLAENE, ancestor of the Radnor/Evesham Blayneys, a family of separate origin but with occassional intermarriage with Evan's family].

Ieuan/Evan is the first recorded user of the "Blayney" name, and this is discussed in the Why the surname change to Blayney? section below.

He married Elen Vychan, [born 1385 in Mathafarn (Powys), and died in 1440]. They had three sons, OWEN (aka Owain) (b.1405), the eldest [72], from whom the Aberbechan Blayneys and Prices descend, GRIFFITH (aka Gruffudd) (b.1407), from whom both the Irish Blayney Lords and the Welsh Gregynog Blayneys descended and HOWELL (b.1411), from who Manafon and Ystumgwern (Stingwern) Blayneys descended.
  • These sons of Evan were the subject of quite a few Welsh poets [570].
  • Owen had a son Morris, who had a son Rees, who had a daughter Elizabeth Blayney, who married John Price, Sheriff of Montgomeryshire and their daughter, Bridget Price married Lewis Blayney, brother of the 1st Lord [75].

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  • "Evan Blayney" (undefined) refers to the first of this name, aka Ieuan Blaenau of Tregynon (ap Gruffudd ap Llywelyn ab Einion ap Llywelyn ap Meilir Gryg) born 1370
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1 Ieuan (Evan) BLAYNEY (Ieuan aka Iuean, Ievan or Jevan and Blayney aka Blayne, Blaene, Blaeney, Blaenau or more recently, Blaney).
  b.1370 (Tregynon in Powys); d.1430 (Tregynon Powys). 
  Alternatively b.1370 at Melin, Haute-Saone, Franche-Comte, France [1585] See The French Connection below.
  The 1st Blayney (at least in my line)
  [son of Gruffydd ap Llywelyn Fychan and Ellen ferch Ednyved Lloyd]

Monument to Yvain de Galles
at Mortagne-sur-Gironde (clic)

The French Connection

I had no idea as to why Evan may have been born in France, but Edward Liveing Fenn [1585] has him born in Franche-Comte (East France), well clear of the Battle of Pontvallain, the Siege of Limoges and other English-French battles of 1370.

However some Welsh are known to have fought as mercenairies with the French against the English such as followers of Owain Lawgoch aka Owain ap Thomas ap Rhodri (c.1330-1378), known by the French as Yvain de Galles, a descendant of Llywelyn the Great in the male line, so a claimant to the title of Prince of Gwynedd and of Wales [1587]. Owain's second-in-Command was Ieuan Wyn (known to the French as le Poursuivant d'Amour (pursuer of love), who shared ancesters with Griffith (Gruffydd) Ap Llywelyn Fychan (Evan's father) [1587].

Presumably Griffith was a member of the "Free Company" of Welshmen fighting with the French [1587] [1591] [1592] and had brought his wife Ellen (born in Maelor) with him to France when there was a lull in the fighting in 1369 and she stayed well away from the battles in west France. By 1371 Owain Lawgoch's company was based in Lorraine (just north of Franche-Comte) and is recorded to have contained men from Powys [1588].
According to Fenn, Evan had a brother Llewellyn Ddu FOEL who was apparently born at Y Somme Picardie in northern France 400km away [1586] (possibly on Gruffydd's way back to Wales).

Another possible motivation for Evan in assuming a surname (Blayney) could have been to reflect his allegiance to the English crown when he was an adult and not being known as Evan ap Gruffyd FYCHAM, and so at risk of land confiscation if he was perceived as a rebel supporter of Owain Glydŵr. See Why the surname change to Blayney? section below
+ Elen (Ellen) (Vychan) ferch Llewelyn b.1385 Llangurig m.1406 d.1440 Heir and dau of Llewelyn ap David ap Evan LLOYD ap Llewelyn ap Tudyr of Mathavarn (Mathafarn) [76] [570] [839]. This Tudor is Tudyr son of Tudor son of Gronwy son of Einion son of Seisyllt of Mathrafarn (ie Mathafarn) [40]. "Blaines Descent" [241] adds a Gruffydd, ie Elen Fychan dau of Llewelyn son of Gruffydd son of Dafydd son of Evan Lloyd of Mathafarn Elen is a descendant of Meredudd BENWYN on her mother's side [570]. 2 Owen BLAYNEY b.1405 Ancestor of Aberbechan Blayneys and Prices Technically also my ancestor through his Gt-Gt Grandaughter Catrin ap John who married Morus ap Thomas BLAYNEY (below). Owen was eulogized along with brother Gruffudd by the great 15th century Welsh poet Lewys Glyn Cothi as "foremost of men" OWAIN A GRUFYDD, MEIB IEUAN BLAENAU (in Welsh, a play on the word "blaenion" meaning "foremost" [570]). see Owen BLAYNEY descendants See descendants of: Owen BLAYNEY 2 Griffith (Gruffudd) BLAYNEY (BLAENE) b.1407 Left, according to custom, in possession of the paternal mansion by older brother Owen. [229]; d.1480 Ancestor of the Gregynog line (including the Irish Lords). Described by the poet Lewys Glynn Cothi as a "stag of gentle birth" - see Cothi. + Joned (Jonas) HOWELL aka Gwynllian (Gwenthlean) ferch Howel ap Meredydd Vychan [Meredith Vaughan] of Maesmawr (Maesmais) in Arwystli. b~1410 (1430); d.1480

Maesmawr Hall today [click for bigger pic]
3 Margred (Margaret) + ?Dafydd ap Hywel ab Owain + Ieuan ap Gruffydd ap Jenkin [496] 3 Evan Lloyd (Ieuan/Ifan Llwyd ap Gruffudd) BLAYNEY of Gregynog. b.1450 (Tregynon, Powis) Esquire of the body to Henry VII and Steward of the manors of Kerry (Ceri), Cedewain, Arwystli and Cyfeiliog [71] [337] +(1)Katherine (Catherine/Catrin) [a.k.a. Jane] ferch Meredith ap Rees (or Rhys / PRICE) b.1455; d.1525 1st wife of Evan Lloyd BLAYNEY Her father, Meredith (Maredudd) ap Rhys Dafydd Lloyd, was Constable of Montgomery Castle, Steward of Kerry and Esquire of the Body of King Henry VII. 4 Ieuan Llwyd ap Ieuan Lloyd (Evan Lloyd), who was Esquire of the body of King Henry VIII. d.1547 of the plague at court. [71] Elder brother (below), not ap Tomas (son of Thomas) [349] 4 Thomas ap Evan Lloyd (alias BLAYNEY) of Llandinam b.1475; will dated ?1551 a.k.a Rev. Llwyd Blayney [830] Acquired a lease 1543/4 of The "parsonage called Betws" ("Betws" meaning prayer house), parcelled with the Melyndris corn mill (K Mckenzie has copy of lease [145]) from his cousin Rees Wynn ap Gruffydd. +(1)Gwenthlean (Gwenllian) HERLE b~1522 (dau & co-heir of Thomas HERLE b.1503 and Jane PERROT b~1510, descended from King Henry I) "the moon of Tregynon" [poem by Huw Arwystl [570]]. 1st wife of Thomas BLAYNEY 5 David Lloyd BLAYNEY (Dafydd Llwyd Blaenau) b.1523; d.1595 Sheriff of Montgomeryshire 1577 and 1585 Father of Edward, the 1st Lord BLAYNEY as well as Lewis, Thomas (x2) & many more (q.v.). Inherited Gregynog from Thomas. In 1581 he purchased about 180 acres in Allt Ucha (Berriew) [571] His mother was Gwenllian HERLE NOT Mary, sister of Edward HERBERT as incorrectly listed in the Tregynon Church, however Edward Herbert's sister Margaret was David Lloyd's step-mother. [226] See history and descendants of: David Lloyd BLAYNEY 5 Richard Lloyd BLAYNEY, gent Second son of Thomas & Gwenllian [349]; Not mentioned by Playfair [1227] + ? 6 Thomas BLAYNEY, gent + Jane ferch Morris (Moris) 7 Richard ap Thomas BLAYNEY bpt.1595 Aberhafesp Most probably the Richard BLAYNEY of Co. Montgomery who matriculated at Oxford (All Souls) capped B.A. 26Feb1619/20 [329] + ?Mary v. John m.1616 (Manafon); ?bur.1631 8 ?Katherine bpt.1630 7 Ellen bpt.1597 7 Anne bpt.1600 5 Morus (Maurice, Moris, Morris) ap Thomas alias BLAYNEY Third son of Thomas & Gwenllian [349] Inherited lands & tenements in Manafon & Llaneithion and a cornmill called Melyndwris (Melin-Dwyrhiw aka Melyndris or Melin Drys), above New Mills. Thomas' will describes the rectory inherited as "a messuage in the parish of Llaneithion" [145]. According to K Mckenzie, this messuage can only have been Bettws, there being no church in Llaneithion and as yet no village called Bettws (it was clearly only later called Bettws when houses grew up around the rectory/prayer house). Bettws Hall, apart from the church itself, is the only demonstrably pre-1650s property in the area [145]. + Catrin ferch John ("Katherine", "Catherine" [1227] or "Catharine") [daughter of John ap David (Davis) ap Morris (of Aberbechan) ap Owen ap Owen ap Jenkyn (Evan) Blayne(y) [707] [1227]] Aunt of John BLAYNEY (lawyer), father of John BLAYNEY, the actor (London) 6 David LLOYD (undoubtedly an error in the Harleian MS 1973 -confusion with Morris's elder brother) 6 Thomas ap Morris (see below) 6 Elizabeth BLAYNEY (younger sister of Thomas [Harleian MS 1973 [349]]) 6 Thomas ap Morus (Morris) BLAYNEY of Ucheldre Bettws [Harleian MS 1973 & 1649 letters of attorney [349]] Attorney to his distant (7th) cousin Lord (Sir Edward) Herbert of Chirbury (Cherbury), explaining why he often moved between Montgomeryshire and London [145]. Co-attorney to Beatrice HERBERT, dau of Sir Edward + Jane ferch Richard ap John Philip ap Meredith [71] [226] (Jane ferch Rys ap Jenkyn ap Philip ap Meredyth [707]) 7 children: Joyce, Mabli, James (see below) [707] Elizabeth, Anne and Eleanor/Elianor [Harleian MS 1973 [349]]. 7 James BLAYNEY of Westminster ap Thomas ap Morris [Harleian MS 1973 [349]]; Only son and heir of Thomas. + Martha LEIGH née LOFTUS, m.1639 (St Margarets Westminster)

Archbiship A Loftus

Edward Seymour L.P.

Queen Jane Seymour

Edward III

Henry III

dau of Dorcus COSBY & Adam LOFTUS b.1603, son of Ellen HARTPOLE (dau of Robert HARTPOLE of Shrule) and Sir Thomas LOFTUS of Killyon (Killyan) and Clonard b.1571; d.Dec1635, Constable of Wicklow Castle, and 4th son of Archbishop Adam LOFTUS 🎨 b.1533; d.1595 and Jane PURDON b~1450; m.1560 d.1595 [104] [108] Dorcus was dau of Richard COSBY, in turn, son of Alexander COSBY (both of Stradbally Abbey), who was in turn son of Francis COSBY and Mary SEYMOUR, dau of Edward SEYMOUR 🎨 Duke of Somerset, the Lord Protector and brother of Queen Jane SEYMOUR 💆 (3rd wife of Henry VIII). This line then goes back to King Edward III 🎨 via their mother Margaret WENTWORTH, and to Henry III 🎨 via their father Sir John SEYMOUR [145]. The Seymour link has been disputed and apparently disproven by Frank Parker. See "Who Really Was Fransis Cosby's Wife?" [1540] Martha was previously married to: (a) Walter TAYLOR of Rain hole, Queen's County, Ireland; then (b) John LEIGH (Lee) of Stoneleigh Abbey (kin of Ann HODSON), a younger son of Sir Thomas LEIGH 1st Baronet of Stoneleigh 8 Richard BLAYNEY (See below) 8 Ann BLAYNEY bpt.12Dec1641 (Westminster) 8 Henry BLAYNEY bpt.30Apr1643; bur.17Jul1652 (both @ Westminster) 8 Patrick BLAYNEY bpt.16Apr1648 bur.1May1649 (both @ Westminster) 8 Elizabeth BLAYNEY bpt.21Apr1650 (Westminster) 8 Susan (Suzan) BLAYNEY bpt.17Apr1653 (Westminster) [145] 8 Richard BLAYNEY of Ucheldre, Bettws Cedewain and then of Llwyn Coch; bpt.1640 (St Margaret's, Westminster [145]), but b?~1636; m~1675; d.1721 [226] While his baptism was at Westminster (St Margaret's, Westminster parish registers [145]), he appears to have moved to Bettws Cedewain, where all of his children were baptised and where he married Ann. [145]. I agree with Kevin [145] that he is most certainly the Richard BLAYNEY, householder of Bettws Cedewain with a family of eight in 1681, (five in 1686) noted in the "St Asaph Notitiae" [95] - see St Asaph Notitiae Interestingly, he had a one hearth property in the 1671 Hearth Tax [342] which, according to Kevin, fits nearby Llwyn Coch where Richard, calling himself "of Bettws" in his will, died in 1721; bur 18Jun1721 (Bettws) [145].

Bettws Hall today [click for more pics]

Bettws church 1794 [Ingleby]
His three hearth property fits the number of chimneys of the current late c17th Bettws Hall (with mediaeval barns), located as a rectory in a prominent position next door to the church [145] . Richard was Church Warden of Bettws [801] +(1)Ann HODSON m.1663 (Bettws) dau of John HODSON of Tregynon, yeoman of Llanllwchaiarn and Elizabeth PICKSTOKE of Burgedin, Guilsfield [801] Note that the Hodsons/Hoddesdons were a family of haberdashers and shoe makers, a profession continued by my Blayney ancestors. [Children's ages in St Asaph's Notitiae exactly mirror their Bettws baptism dates [145]] 9 James BLAYNEY bpt. and bur.1665 (Bettws Cedewain) 9 Elizabeth BLAYNEY bpt.1666 (Bettws Cedewain) 9 Thomas BLAYNEY bpt.1668 (Bettws Cedewain) This is our Thomas BLAYNEY of Llanllwchaiarn, (aka the wheelwright) Ancestor of London & New Zealand Blayneys (including me), proven "beyond doubt" by the tireless efforts of K McKenzie and T Muff [801] Also possible ancestor of the "African line" [145] -see family of Thomas of Llanllwchaiarn 9 Catherine BLAYNEY bpt.1670 (Bettws Cedewain) 9 Richard BLAYNEY b.29Apr1674; bpt.1674 (Bettws Cedewain) + Dorcas BLAYNEY m.24Feb1701 (7th cousin) [226] 9 Edward BLAYNEY bpt.1677 (Bettws Cedewain); Occ Shoemaker [821] Church Warden of Newtown 1717 [226] + Sarah SOLEY née HODSON m.1709 (Bettws), Widow of George SOLEY, dau of Thomas HODSON 10Rev Richard BLAYNEY BA b.1710; d.11May1769 Ordained Deacon (1734); Priest (1736) [632] Curate Stoke upon Tern (1736) [632] Curate of Whitchurch (Shropshire) and Master of the Whitchurch Free Grammar School [1347], [632] Vicar of Llanllwchaiarn 1762-3 [249] [226] [145] and Rector of Kemmaes 1763-1769 [632] when he was succeeded by Matthew WORTHINGTON. + Mary ?HOWARD m.1735 [husband "clothworker" so alternatively Mary Howard could have been an earlier wife of the son Richard the haberdasher [145], although the marriage date doesn't fit well. 11Rev Rowland BLAYNEY BA b.28Mar1755; d.30May1838 (age 84); ?chaplain to Lord Blayney [1348] bur.5Jun1838 (St Mary, Manchester Lancs) [1346] [1347] Curate of Birch and Longfield (Warrington) 1795-1838 Probable bastard son to Jane DAVIES [1349] 11 Richard BLAYNEY of London [Baptism confirmed by his Godfather Richard Newcome DD, Bishop of St Asaph’s in 1761 [1348]] (Haberdasher and possibly a Warehouseman in London,

156 Cheapside in the late C18th
by Robert Blemmell Schnebbelie

156 Cheapside @ turn of C20th
at 156 Cheapside [see London of the Blayneys map] and Princess Street, Lothbury respectively. [801]) The warehouse business was a partnership between a Richard Blayney and one John Adamson, which was dissolved in May 1789. It is undetermined if this Richard of London was that Richard, or if it was his 2nd cousin Richard (brother of our Thomas mentioned below). The haberdashery appears as "Blaney & Co" by 1784 and later "Richard Blayney & Co". Richard then took on a partner, one James Smith, a qualified Merchant Tailor so the business became "Blayney & Smith which was dissolved in April 1787 to become just "James Smith" by 1788. There is good evidence that Richard's 2nd cousin, Thomas Blayney came to work at 156 Cheapside to learn the tailor trade. + ?Mary EVANS [1353] + Amy SANDIFORD, dau of Rev Rowland SANDIFORD, Rector of Christ Church, Newgate St 12 Rowland Sandiford (Sandford) BLAYNEY b.23Jan1786; bpt.24 Feb 1786 (St Michael Le Querne). 10 Dorothy BLAYNEY bpt 1716 (Tregynon) (?named after Edward's Stepmother) 10 Edward BLAYNEY bpt 1718 (Tregynon) 9 Jane BLAYNEY bpt. & bur.1679 (Bettws Cedewain) +(2)Margaret WORTHINGTON m.6Jan1682 [226] of Buttington Hall (2nd wife of Richard of Bettws Cedewain) [801]; bur 20Jun1699 (Bettws Cedewain) [226] Related to Mathew WORTHINGTON who succeeded Richard as Rector of Kemmaes (above) S P Thomas [226] gives the children as: 9 Thomas BLAYNEY b~1690/1700 + Ann(e) JONES m.1717; bur.23Jan1731/2 These are clearly (according to S P Thomas), the parents of: 10 Thomas BLAYNEY b.24Aug1729 (Tregynon) ancestor of the African Blayney-Percival line.
This Thomas is unlikely to be a different person than the Thomas Blayney (Wheelwright) above [ie they are the same], who is also the son of Richard, also married to Ann(a) JONES as determined by by Kevin McKenzie and Terry Muff [801]
At present their conclusion is disputed by Robert Blayney [154].
9 Susanna BLAYNEY b~1687 [72] + Isaac SWAIN m.1707 9 Margeret BLAYNEY bpt.1686 (Berriew) + Meredith VAUGHAN of Llanwnog m.8Jul1714 9 Marger7 bpt. 9Feb1688/9 (Berriew); bur.18May1695 (Bettws) 9 Mary (Maria) BLAYNEY bpt.20Jul1691 (Berriew) + John WORTHINGTON (WORTHYN) m.1718 9 Margery BLAYNEY bpt.1696 (Berriew) + Morgan LEWIS of Llanwnog m.1719 [226] + Elizabeth DAVIES (mistress) of Tregynon and/or Bettws Cedewain 9 Mary BLAYNEY bpt.13Sep1702 (Tregynon) "natural daughter" + Edward ANDREW [567] +(3)Dorothy NEWELL of Buttington (just NE of Welshpool) m.8May1702 (Bettws) (3rd wife of Richard [801]) Dorothy married Arthur HOWELL(S) of Castle Caereinion 9Nov1721 (or 1724 [226]) after Richard's death. K McKenzie postulates that this Arthur HOWELL would have been the stepfather of Thomas BLAYNEY (of Llanllwchaiarn) at the time of the birth of Thomas and Jane's son Arthur and thus the likely origin of this name in my branch of the Blayneys. He also notes that Margaret, dau of Thomas (of Llanllwchaiarn) married a Howell[145] [72]. 9 "of their children, John, Richard, John, Dorothy, and another Dorothy bpt.1702, only the youngest was to survive". [S P Thomas [226]] 5 John BLAYNEY, gent. (aka John ap Thomas ap Evan Lloyd) inherited land in Aberhafesp, and was living in Ucheldre (Bettws Cedewain). Forth son of Thomas & Gwenllian [349]; Not mentioned by Playfair [1227] + Lowry 6 ?Richard BLAYNEY of Berriew or Kerry [226] 5 Margaret BLAYNEY [496] [707] Fifth child of Thomas & Gwenllian [349] + Richard ap Philips (Phelipps) of Garnest [707] 5 ??Florence BLAYNEY [mentioned by Playfair [1227] but not others] + Jenkyn ap-Morris 5 Mary BLAYNEY [496] [707] Sixth child of Thomas & Gwenllian [349] + (Thomas ap) Howel ap Owen Thomas ap Howel (of Forden) ap Owen 6 Nicholas OWEN + Jane BANKS m.1640 [496] 7 Blayney OWEN of NewGrove High Sheriff of Monaghan 1693; d. intestate 24Feb1708 +(1)Anne (Jane) HOLMES née BLAYNEY, dau of Richard, the 4th Lord BLAYNEY 8 Nicholas OWEN +(2)Mary BLAYNEY dau of Henry & Mary BLAYNEY [419] 7 Edward OWEN of Bellydrimny, co. Meath 5 Rees ap Thomas ap Ieuan Lloyd alias BLAYNEY [241] + ?Elizabeth +(2)Margaret HERBERT aka Dorothy [309] (erroneously [801]) 2nd wife of Thomas ap Evan Lloyd BLAYNEY dau of Sir Richard HERBERT of Montgomery, half-brother of Thomas HERLE. (same mother, Margaret). Margaret was sister of Edward HERBERT (grandfather of Lord HERBERT of Chirbury. [226] 5 Edward BLAYNEY (Blaene) of Maesmawr, Llandinam b~ late 1520s + Elizabeth ferch David Lloyd ap Jenkin TUDUR (David Lloyd was Sheriff in 1574) 6 David BLAYNEY, b~1555 gent., One of the two Coroners of Montgomery 1611-1631 [38] [72] + Lowry LEWIS, dau of Lewis GWYNN / GLYN of Llanidloes (the son and heir of Morgan Gwynn, sheriff in 1582), escheator of the county and Mayor of Llanidloes 1556-66 and his wife Mallt ferch Lewis ap Howel ap leuan. Lowry subsequently married Lloyd Piers of Maesmawr & Trowscoed, Guilsfield, sheriff in 1636 and 1650. 7 Lewis BLAYNEY dsp.1614 7 Catherine BLAYNEY (sole heir) 6 John ab Edward BLAYNEY of Maesmawr 5 Catrin BLAYNEY + Gruffudd ap Ievan Goch [65] 5 Oliver BLAYNEY + Sarah v. Humphrey Lloyd of Carno 6 son, a Grand Juror in "Kefyn Llys Llanerfyl" in 1582. A Richard Blainey of Kefnllysucha, Llanerfyl was a Church-warden in 1731, possibly a descendant. [226] 5 Thomas BLAYNEY (possible ancestor of Jane) Youngest son only inheriting if Edward's issues fails (which it appeared to). + Elizabeth (?ferch Edward ap Ieuan Groyer) 7 Six children: Joyce, James, Mab and three other daughters 5 three other daughters (additional to Margaret, Mary, Florence & Catrin) probably including: 5 Florence BLAYNEY + Evan (Ieuan / Jenkyn [707]) ap Maurice +(3)?Gwen ferch Daffid Gethm? ?3rd wife of Thomas BLAYNEY 4 Mabli BLAYNEY (Ievan Lloyd Ap Gruffudd) + Gruffydd DERWAS (Esquire to the Body of Henry VI), son of Meurig Llwyd ap Meurig (6th Lord of Nannau) [73] and Mallt ferch Howell PICKHILL[75]. He subsequently married Angharad. Gruffydd was tutor and guardian to Meurig Vaughan (or Fychan) of Nannau, son of his murdered brother Howel Selyf (7th Lord of Nannau) and was "the chiefest man in command in the county of Merioneth" See Evan Lloyd BLAYNEY for more info. 5 Gwillym ap Gruffith DERWAS [75] + Elizabeth LLOYD dau of David LLOYD ap David ap Einion of Newtown 6 Gruffydd 6 Gwilym 6 Janet 5 Elin (DERWAS) [75] + Jenkin ap Iowerth ap Einion (1493) +(2)unknown mistress of Evan Lloyd BLAYNEY [Harleian MS 1982 [349]] 4 Lewis (Lewys, Llewys) BLAYNEY (married three times) [240] + ___ 5 Rees BLAYNEY [226] gent. of Carno + ___ 6 Austyn (Austin, Augustine) ap Rees of Carno [240] [40] [The "ap Rees" reduced to "Price" used as surname by Hugh below] +(1)Joyce verch ARNWE [dau. of John ARNEWAY / ARNWE and Ann ASLEY] 7 John ap Austin (aka John AUSTYN) of Wrockwardine co. Salop + Mary vrch James PERKS 7 Rees ap Austyn + Jane vrch Evan ap Howell Goch of Llangyniw 7 Thomas ap Austyn + Margaret vrch Evan John Howell of Carno 7 Catherin vrch Austyn + Edward David ap Owen of Llanwyddelan 7 Gwen +(2)Ales vrch Hugh SIENTON [dau. of Hugh SIENTON and Margaret vrch William WRIGHT] 7 Children: Hugh (see below), Evan, Richard, David Lewis, Charles, John and Rees (? after death of half-brother Rees) and Elizabeth. 7 Hugh PRICE, a Colonel in the Parliamentarian army holding Powis or Red Castle for the Parliamentarians. Bailiff of the Hundred of Llanidloes [9 Charles I] [851] +(3) Maud ferch Evan Lloyd 2nd wife of Evan Lloyd BLAYNEY Unless she was very young and Evan Lloyd BLAYNEY was very old when they married, she is unlikely to be the Maud BLAYNEY, head of a household in Aberhafesp in the 1681 St Asaph Notitiae survey. 4 Lawri 3 Rhys ap Gruffydd (?BLAYNEY) + unknown 4 Dafydd (David) Llwyd + Gwenllian ferch John 5 Rhys Llwyd + Catrin ferch Dafydd ?Yonge 6 ? Rhys 3 Owain BLAYNEY ?of Ystymgwen + unknown 4 Hywel 3 Elen b~1445 + Ieuan ap Gruffudd b~1445 4 Lowri ferch Ieuan b~1485 [77] + William ap Mathew 3 Dafydd Llwyd (David Lloyd) (?BLAYNEY) + Efa ferch Rhys 4 Cadwaladr + Margred ferch Hywel 5 Catrin + Dafydd ab Owain 5 Rhys of Rhydhesgyn 4 Elen + John Wyn ap Rheinallt 3 Mallt (Mauld) + Dafydd Llwyd ap Ieuan ap Gruffydd 2 Howel BLAYNEY (Hywel ap Ieuan BLAENE) b.1411 Ancestor of the Ystumgwern, Berriew and some Aberbechan Blayneys [see Howell BLAYNEY] 2 Margaret BLAYNEY + Owen ap Meredydd 2 Gwenllian BLAYNEY [?transcription error - should be Gwendlear, see immediately below] + Llewellyn Vychan of Bryndrimor 2 Gwendlear BLAYNE [707] + ___, dau of Lluellyn (Llewellyn) Vychan of Brindwriog [707] 3 Cadwallader (BLAYNE) + Catharine (sic) [707] dau of Howell ap Jem ap Mereduk ap Howell ap LLuellyn Vychan ap Enyon ap Lluellyn ap Meyler Grygge [707] [ie a descendant of Meilir Gryg] 4 David Lloyd ap Cadwallader BLAYNE + ___ 5 Sir Ryce ap David Lluellyn 5 Alice 2 Angharad BLAYNEY [Angaret was the only daughter, according to Playfair [1227] + Meredydd ap Davydd ap Griffith David of Kynselyn [1227]

Lady Maud Blaney portrait
2 Maud (Mawd) BLAYNEY (Maud ap David BLAENE) = "Lady Blaney" b.1476 + Ievan (Ieuan) Teg ap Deio (or Ivan or Evan, the Handsome), b.1476 in Dolobran, Montgomeryshire [45] [76] aka Sir Ivan Teg the handsome Son of Deio ap Llywelyn (David, son of Llywelyn) and his second wife Meddefus. Meddefus was "from Brochwell Prince of Powys" Sir Ivan inherited Dolobran About 1476 he assumed the name of LLOYD from Llwydiarth, the seat-of his grandfather 3 David (Dafydd) Teg LLOYD [61] b.1523 [76], [229] Esq of Dolobran In the Commission of Peace for Montgomeryshire +(1)Eva PRICE, dau. of Edward Price, Esq., of Eglusig; no issue +(2)Eva GOCH, dau. of David Goch, Esq., son of Jenkin VAUGHAN Esq of Bodoach 4 David LLOYD of Dolobran, born 1549, a magistrate of Montgomeryshire. + Ales, dau. of David LLOYD, Esq., of Llanarmon-mynydd-maur descended from Rivid Iharrd, Lord of Penllyn 5 John LLOYD of Dolobran, born 1575. In the Commission of Peace for Montgomeryshire + Katherine WYNNE (dau of Humphrey Wynne of Duffryn)  3 Owen (Hir ab Ieuan) Teg LLOYD b.1406, also continued the surname of LLOYD from which the LLOYD of Dolobran originate [61] + Katherine (Catrin, Catherine) VAUGHN, dau of (Meredith) Rheinallt (Rinault, Reginald) VAUGHAN, ap Sir Griffith VAUGHAN (who was murdered in the Red Castle 1447) 4 Evan (Ievan, Ieuan) ap Owen LLOYD + Gwenhwywar (Gwenhwfar) ferch Meredith LLOYD of Meifod (Nevoid) 5 John LLOYD + Margaret KYNASTON 4 David LLOYD 4 Ellen LLOYD b. Dolobran 2 Joyce BLAYNEY 2 Llewelyn BLAYNEY Only reference is in the Golden Grove book of Pedigrees [839] + ___ 3 David BLAYNEY + ___ 4 Tanglwst + Owen ap Llewelyn (descended from Elistan Glodrydd)


Why the surname change to Blayney?

My previous theory had been that Ieuan ap Gruffudd ap Llywelyn ab Einion ap Llywelyn ap Meilir Gryg may have wished to avoid the complexity and confusion that his father must have faced with his name as well as adopting the English surname system. Having a stable surname meant any family legal claims, property rights, deeds, wills, etc. could be recorded in the "new" English legal system and thus safeguarded. In Lloyd's "The Sheriffs of Montgomeryshire", it is simply stated that Sheriff David Lloyd's ancestor Ieuan Blayney was "the first who seems to have adopted a surname...As 'Evan Blayney of Tregenon' he appears eighteenth on the roll of burgesses found in the ancient charter of Welshpool 7th June, Henry IV (1406)."   Quite possibly, he needed a simple surname to become a Burgess of Westpool.

Furthermore, on finding that Ieuan was probably born in Melin, France and the implication that his father Gruffudd ap Llywelyn was likely to have been a supporter of Owain Lawgoch's "Free Company" [see French Connection above], it makes extreme sense to Anglicise one's name to mask one's support for figures the English saw as rebels like Owain Lawgoch and later Owain Glydŵr. Interestingly though, Evan Blayney named his first son "Owain", a name that had not been used in his family for 300 years, indicating probable ambivalence about Welsh independece aspirations and so walking the fence between the Welsh people and the English overlords.

However, I discover, the main driving force was the fact that the Welsh were "compelled by law to adopt the English custom of surnames" [483 pg777].

It has been assumed that Evan (Ieuan) selected the Welsh placename Blaenau (meaning upland or river), but spelt it how it is said, ie Blayney. Modern Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council north of Cardiff means "where the valleys meet the mountains of Gwent". A Blaenau Ffestiniog (pronounced "BLYE-nye fest-IN-yog") exists in Gwynedd, North Wales, known only for its slate mining, starting in 1765. Evan's Blaenau would have been the headwaters of the Rhiw and the Bechan [570].

This theory is supported by the Welsh author Ceninen Dewi who states "When the Welsh began to adopt surnames, many heads of families took the names of their houses, estates, or places of abode, a practice most popular in North wales, where the following surnames were assumed: ...-Blayney, of Blaenau..." [582]

Burke's Commoners [229], explains that Blaenau is a pure Welsh word for "points" or "extremities" and when used in a place name means "uplands". He proposes a theory that Evan ap Grufydd was put out to nurse at a house called Blaenau and hence the name Ieuan of Blaenau, corrupted to Blayney. The land west of Gregynog & Tregynon does rise to an upland area around Mynydd Clogau, the source of a half dozen streams. See Location Map.

The final and most recent and likely answer for choosing "Blayney" comes from research by Kevin McKenzie [145]. He has shown that the surname "Blayney" began to be used around C14th by a number of families able to trace their lines back to Belenus (Beli Mawr) - See Origin.html

If Kevin is correct, Ieuan ap Gruffudd was able to Anglicise his name to Evan Blayney to avoid English discrimination while retaining a reference to his proud regal Britanic origins (of the dynasty of Belenus).

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