Beatrice Blayney - Click any picture to enlarge

"Nephew" (Frederick) Blayney and Beatie

Beatie Blayney née Blayney

Beatie's Wedding 1913

Beatie's son
I believe that the "nephew" is the Frederick Blayney who married his cousin Beatie Blayney as:

{a} the quality of the photo on the left would not have been possible around 1840 when Thomas & Rebecca's daughter Beatie Blayney (born about 1825) would have been about 20 and

{b} a close look at the "Beatie's Wedding" photo reveals her husband looks quite like the "nephew" on the left. I have no other information about Beatie, apart from what was written on the back of these photos from my grandfather's family photo bag. The studio photo was presumably sent to my grandfather by his cousin Ben BLAYNEY, the father of Beatie and uncle of Frederick.

I would appreciate hearing from anyone with any information about Fred and Beatie, and their son (and any other children)