Francis (Frank) Blayney 1839 - 1903

This information is primarily sourced from Jane Gibson [149] and the Robert Finnigan [10] and Tim Robinson [150] Databases, as well as additions and corrections from Census and BDM sources.

Frank's father was Thomas BLAYNEY, born 1796 in Finsbury, a Journeyman Tailor. He died in 1854 at Hackney Wick of Cholera. Frank's mother was Rebecca LAMBERT, born in 1804 at Bethnal Green, London and married on 15th October, 1823 at St Matthew, Bethnal Green [127]

1 Francis (Frank) BLAYNEY b.(Mar)1839; d.1903
  Possibly Christened John Francis BLAYNEY [370]
  Cabinet maker in Bow
 + Mary Ann HARVEY b.~1839 (Bethnal Green) [371] m.1859
   Occ. Machinist (1871)
  2 Francis BLAYNEY b.1861 (Bethnal Green); 10 at 1871 Census; d.1871 (Hackney)
  2 Henry John BLAYNEY b.1866 (Bethnal Green); d.24Aug1950
   + Florence NEAVES b.5Dec1864; m.Dec1890 (Hackney)
    3 Florence Lillian BLAYNEY b.1892 d.1928
    3 Ellen BLAYNEY b.29Apr1897 (Forest Gate); d.1976 (Worthing)
     + John Joseph MANUEL b.4Sep1894 (West Ham)
       Son of Joseph James MANUEL (b.28Mar1863, Kildare Ireland; d.21Jan1944) and
       Sophia ROMA (b.1868, London; d.8Oct1908) [150]
      4 Peter Charles MANUEL b.28Jul1928
       + Living DENNIS
        5 Living MANUEL (f)
         +(1)Mr ROBINSON (Living)
          6 Four living children
         +(2)Mr ROBINSON (Living)
          6 Four living children
       + Living DENNIS
         + Mr VICARAGE (Living)
          6 Three living children
       + Living DENNIS
       + Living DENNIS
      4 Living MANUEL (m)
    3 Charles (Charlie) BLAYNEY b.
  2 Elizabeth (Eliza) BLAYNEY b.1869 (Hackney)
   + Edward (Edwin) James WOOLCOTT b~1867 m.1890 (Hackney)
    3 Edward WOOLCOTT b.1892
    3 George WOOLCOTT b.1893
    3 Alfred WOOLCOTT b.1896
     + Grace Louise STILL, his cousin
    3 Mary WOOLCOTT b.1898
Jane Blayney/Still ~1902
with 5 of her children
Source: Jane Gibson
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2 Jane BLAYNEY b.1870 (Hackney) Occ. corset maker + William STILL. m.24Dec1893 (ChristChurch, Sth Hackney). Son of a bootmaker. Occ. Xylonite (plastic) turner. 3 William STILL b<1895 3 Henry William Bousfield STILL b.1895 3 Grace Louise STILL b.1896 + Alfred WOOLCOTT, her cousin. 3 Amelia Maud STILL b.1898 d~1994 (96yr) 3 Florence May STILL b.1899 3 Alice Jane STILL b.1901 3 William Arthur STILL b.1903 3 Ethel STILL b.1907 3 Elsie Agnes STILL b.1908 3 Gladys STILL b.1910 d.Jan2004 aged 93. + Laurence WHEATLEY, m.1933 (West Ham.) Gladys emigrated to Australia in 1989 to be with her children. 4 Joyce Gladys WHEATLEY b.1937 Essex, UK + Brian SWAINE 5 Four children 4 Raymond Laurence WHEATLEY b.1944, Essex, UK + Heather MILLER They emig. to Australia 1965 5 Jane Louise WHEATLEY b.1968 + Matthew GIBSON 6 Angus Jack GIBSON b.2000 5 Christopher Paul WHEATLEY b.1972 (adopted) 3 Albert STILL b 1913 2 Agnes BLAYNEY b~1873 (Bethnal Green) 2 Alfred BLAYNEY b.1876 (Bethnal Green) 2 Arthur BLAYNEY b.1878 (Bethnal Green)
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