The Thomas Blayney African link - [1]


Thomas Blayney married Anna Jones - an African connection

The Blayney-Percival link is frequently listed on the Internet, particularly [838], but the eldest Thomas is not linked to any known Welsh or Irish Blayney. However, from family name deductions, it is possible to postulate some candidates.


1 Thomas BLAYNEY son (or grandson) of a Richard [154], b~1690/1700 [801]; Alive 1758 with a "Richard" father or grandfather. 
  Could this be the same as the Richard BLAYNEY of Broseley bpt 1645 [145]?
  However S P Thomas has Richard BLAYNEY of Llwyn Coch, Bettws Cedewain as having a son Thomas Blayney (who married Anna in 1717)
  with his penultimate wife Margaret Worthington 
  (1st wife according to S P Thomas [226], but now most likely his second wife [801]).
 + Anna JONES (of Tregynon) m<1727 [72] 1 Jun 1717 [72]
   Thomas and Ann spent their first year together at Llanmerewig but after the death of their
   first child they moved to Tregynon (where their children were baptised) [226]
  2 Richard BLAYNEY bpt.22Oct1718; bur.Dec1718 (both Llanmerewig)
  2 Richard BLAYNEY bpt.20Jan1719 (Tregynon)
  2 Margery BLAYNEY b.1722
  2 Elizabeth BLAYNEY b.1723
  2 Ann BLAYNEY b.1725
  2 Mary BLAYNEY b.1727
  2 Thomas BLAYNEY b.24Aug1729 (Tregynon) [72] [226];
    Farmer Glyn Farm, Bettws parish until moving to Vachir Farm in 1778 where he d.1812
   +(1) unkown [72] but possibly... 
     Mary FARMER (of Berriew) [72] m.05Oct1754 (St Asaph, Aberhavesp, Montgomeryshire)
    3 Elizabeth Maria BLAYNEY b.14Feb1756; bpt.15Feb1756 (Tregynon)
     + ___ JONES
    3 Prudence BLAYNEY b.6Jan1758; bpt.7Jan1758 (Tregynon); d.23Aug1784 (Betws Cedewain) 
    3 Elisha BLAYNEY b.29Apr1760; bpt.30Apr1760 (Tregynon); d.1796
     + Elizabeth m.1793
      4 Thomas Robert BLAYNEY Declared bankrupt 1835
    3 Ellinor BLAYNEY b.28Jul1762 (Newtown)
     + ___ LISSANT
    3 Thomas BLAYNEY b.27Mar1765 (Betws Cedewain)
    3 Elizabeth (Eliza) BLAYNEY b.31Jul1768 (Betws Cedewain)
    3 William BLAYNEY b.28Aug1774 (Betws Cedewain) 
   +(2) Sara STEPHENS b.1740; d.1819
    3 Dinah (Diana) BLAYNEY
    3 Thomas BLAYNEY b.1778 (Berriew, Montgomeryshire); of Glyn Farm, Bettws, Cedewain;
      d.15May1822 Upper Glynn, Bettws, Montgomeryshire; bur.20May1822 (Bettws Churchyard)
     + Elizabeth ROGERS née TANNER b.1776 (Cefnblewog); chr.30Jun1776 (Berriew);
       m.2Apr1804 (Bettws); d.Feb1828; bur.3May1828 (Bettws Churchyard) 
       previously married (29Mar1796, Berriew) to John ROGERS who d.1804 with whom she
       had two children:
        · Mary Rogers chr.3Nov1796 at Llifior, Berriew) [923]
        · John ROGERS chr.26May1799 (Bettws) [1231] [1231] 
       [Elizabeth was dau of Arthur and Elizabeth TANNER of Berriew.]
       She married Thomas 2Apr1804 (Bettws, Montgomeryshire)
      4 Elizabeth BLAYNEY b.1806 chr. 14Aug1806 (Berriew) [1231]; d.1829 (Pennyffrid)
       + Francis AMBROSE chr.12May1799 (Berriew); m.23Oct1824 (Bettws) - 3 children
      4 Thomas BLAYNEY b.1809 (Berriew, Montgomery); chr.6Aug1808 (Bettws);
        d.3Dec1850 (Birkenhead, Cheshire) [1231] 
       + Hannah BROMWELL b.1802 (Bettws); m.1835 (Kerry, Montgomeryshire)
        5 Elizabeth BLAYNEY chr.17Apr1836 (Bettws)
      4 Sarah BLAYNEY b.1811 (Berriew); bur.17Jul1833 (Bettws)
       + David OLIVER b.1810 (Bettws); m.29Sep1830 (Bettws)
        5 Sarah OLIVER b.1833 (Bettws)
      4 Arthur BLAYNEY b.1814 (Berriew) see below
      4 Edward BLAYNEY b.1816 (Berriew); chr.28Jul1816

      4 Arthur BLAYNEY b.1814 (Berriew); chr.18Mar1814 (Bettws); d.1863 (Newcastle-upon-Tyne)
        Occ. Grocer (employing 9 men in 1841 in Newcastle upon Tyne) [1278]
       + Isabella CHARLETON chr.25Mar1823 (Heddon on the Wall, Northumberland); 
         m.8Nov1848 (Heddon-on-the-Wall, Northumberland); d.1890 (Newcastle-upon-Tyne)
         [dau of Watson CHARLTON and Ann SMITH of Heddon on the Wall [923]]
        5 Annie BLAYNEY chr.20Nov1849 (St Johns, Newcastle Upon Tyne)  
Emily Margaret Blayney [5]
5 Emily Margaret BLAYNEY chr.13Aug1851 (St Johns, Newcastle Upon Tyne) Lived in Berrow Manor until she had a stroke in 1912, moved back to Newcastle upon Tyne where she died in 1916 and buried in the family vault there. + Percy PERCIVAL b.20Aug1845 (Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire); m.1873 Newcastle; d.1911/12 (Berrow or Axbridge); Occ. Wine merchant & grocer; 3 children [Son of Robert and mary PERCIVAL of Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire] 6 Arthur Blayney PERCIVAL (known as A. Blayney PERCIVAL) b.7Mar1875 (Newcastle on Tyne); d.20Jan1941, Mandu Estate, near Machakos, Kenya Pioneer of game Preservation (wrote "A Game Ranger's Notebook" 1924) See pictures & story of Arthur Blayney PERCIVAL +(1)Jacqueline ("Aunty Jack") BRECKENRIDGE née ROUTLEDGE Previously married to Thomas William BRECKENRIDGE (b. Australia) and had two sons, John Donald Thomas and James BRECKENRIDGE 7 Margaret PERCIVAL + Bill KUMMERFELDT b.1910 8 Six children incl. Glen KUMMERFELDT b.1956 (Nairobi, Kenya)

A Blayney Percival

Philip Percival
7 Peter (?Buster) PERCIVAL b.1924 (Momandu, Kenya); d.1940 in WWII (ship torpedoed on route to Burma) +(2)Dolly EDWARDS (invalid, nursed by Arthur until her death in 1919) 6 Walter G. PERCIVAL b.1880 (South Shields, Durham, England; d.1921, Kenya (Blackwater fever) 6 Philip Hope PERCIVAL b.10May1884/5 (Westoe, Durham,UK) d.1966 (Wami, Kenya) bur. Potha Hill Leading big game hunter + Flora Vivien SMITH-SPARK b.10Nov1884; m.16Dec1908 (Somerset); d.1957 7 Evelyn Margaret Blayney PERCIVAL b.9Sep1912, Berrow, Somerset; d.Jan 1985 (Nairobi) + Frank Scott HOWDEN b.23Jul1910; m.1935 (Potha, Kenya) - 4 children 7 Joyce Franklin PERCIVAL b.22Jun1915 (Potha, Kenya) d.1Mar1997 (Wooler Northumberland) + Michael BERESFORD-PEIRSE b.19Apr1917 (Kirklington, Yorkshire) - 2 children 7 Richard PERCIVAL b.27Sep1918 (Potha, Kenya). Occ Farmer; d.1Mar1997 (Wooler Northumberland) + Dorothy Mary CAMERON b.29Aug1923 (Balblair, Edderton, Scotland) m.21Feb1953 (Nairobi, Kenya) - 4 children 8 Philip Murray PERCIVAL 8 Rosemary Anne PERCIVAL 8 David Richard PERCIVAL 8 Felicity Vivien PERCIVAL 5 Arthur BLAYNEY b.1853; chr.22Apr1853 (St Johns, Newcastle Upon Tyne) d.1883 (killed in Transvaal, South Africa) 5 George Charlton BLAYNEY chr.5Jul1855 (St Johns, Newcastle Upon Tyne); d.1912 5 Jessie BLAYNEY chr.20Jul1857 (St Johns, Newcastle Upon Tyne) d.1937 5 Robert Owen BLAYNEY b.1858 (Newcastle-upon-Tyne); d.1921 (Hexam, Northumberland); Occ. Clerk (1881); Took over Crofton's Grocery chain "Crofton's Stores - Grocery, Italian Warehousemen and Wine and Spirits Merchants" in 1898. "Italian Warehouse" would be like a "posh deli" nowdays. [1278] + Eva Rowe HARDY b.1864 (Byers Green, Durham); m.1891 (Durham); d.1953 6 Owen Geoffrey BLAYNEY b.1892 (Newcastle-upon-Tyne) Variously given as "Robert Geoffrey Blayney" [1231] and Owen George Blayney; d.1957; Occ Owner of Crofton's chain but sold this to another local chain. [1231] + Olive Agar LAZENBY b.1899 (Clitheroe); m.1933 (Teesdale); d.1962 (Northumberland West) 7 Robert (Bob) Hamilton BLAYNEY b.1934
[154] + Ann Mary TURNER m.1965

Robert Hamilton Blayney 1973 Ann Mary Blayney
Lintel over extension at La Mare Vineyards
(St Mary, Jersey). [780]
8 Andrew BLAYNEY b.1966 8 David BLAYNEY b.1969 7 Anna BLAYNEY b.1937 m.1962 + Edward TREVELYAN (TREVELYN) 8 Three children 7 Biddy BLAYNEY b.14May1939, m.1965 + Simon Boucher 8 Three children 6 Eva Hardy BLAYNEY b.1895; d.1895 (both Newcastle-upon-Tyne) [923] 6 Brian Wingrave BLAYNEY b.1896 (Newcastle-upon-Tyne) + Mary D HUME m.1920 3 John BLAYNEY [1231]
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