New Zealand Blayneys

the New Zealand connection


There are a number of Blayneys that came to New Zealand, most of whom I have very little information about, other than my own line and Job Blayney.

[1] Blayneys descended from Thomas Blayney born 1754
and Priscilla Sargeant born 1775 both of London.      


  • Alexander & Rebecca Blayney from London,  
    = my paternal great grandparents.
    [My mother's parents were Ernest and Arley Potter]

  • Walter Blayney of Bethnal Green (London),  
    = an cousin of Alexander, emigrating to Auckland in 1884 on the Manapouri. He died unmarried.

[2] Blayneys descended from Job Blayney of Atchan, England.
who emigrated in 1909 to NZ where he worked as a grocer in Hawera
(amazing coincidence as this is where I live).

  • Captain Charles Edward Blayney MC  

  • John Roberts & son Don Blayney  

[3] Blayneys descended from David Blayney born 1844, Dromore,
      Co Tyrone, Ireland

  • David Blayney, born 1908, who emigrated to Auckland  

  • Blayney-Sproule-Steele to NZ Blayney-Somerville  


  • [4a] Captain John Blaney  

  • [4b] James Blaney from Scotland  

  • [4c] Thomas BLANEY father of
    Edward James of Co. Down, Ireland

[5] a Māori BLAINE family  

[6] "Loose end" BLAYNEYS  

[2] Job Blayney born 1864 Atchan, England

Job BLAYNEY, born in 1864 at Atchan, England was the son of Thomas BLAYNEY (1820-1875) and Margaret JONES of Montgomeryshire, Wales. Job married Lily Emma Wilmot in 1889 at Lambeth, England and died in New Zealand in 1917. They emigrated (immigrated from my view) arriving 4Dec1909 on the SS Papanui, moving to Hawera, in Taranaki (where I live) where they ran a grocery on the corner of High Street and Wilson St.

They had two sons, Captain Charles Edward BLAYNEY MC, and John Roberts BLAYNEY, and two daughters, Phillis and Gladys Margaret. A fuller family tree, with genealogy is listed under ThomasMiner.html. It is possible that this line connects to Thomas BLAYNEY b.1770 line.

Captain Charles Edward BLAYNEY, moved with his parents from England to Hawera in 1909, Taranaki NZ but then moved up to Auckland. He returned to the UK during WWI to serve in the Royal Flying Corps, where he earned a Military Cross. He son (Peter) states that "He became a brave and resourceful aviator, saw much action and won the Military Cross." Charles returned to NZ and married Myrtle Alice Goodwin of Hawera in 1919. [156]. He Worked for a farmers co-op, then it looks like he become a BSA Factory representative in Wellington (advertising in 1926) [1510]. He flew seaplanes as a hobby but in 1929 returned to England and "got a better job", based in Sydney. Furthermore it turns out that his son is none other than the NZ born Australian artist Peter Michael BLAYNEY -see [151].

John Roberts BLAYNEY also moved with his parents from Hawera to Devonport, set up home in Mt Eden, Auckland. He married Rita May Clark and they adopted three children, the youngest being none other than Don BLAYNEY (see photo to right), "famous" UFO witness [see Internet link UFO Roundup], ex-Policeman, now a Director of Campus Security NZ Ltd (Albany, north of Auckland) [157]. Don was the second highest polling candidate in the 2004 Elections for the Albany Community Board, North Shore City Council.

I have speculated that Don is my 6th cousin (common ancestor being Thomas BLAYNEY, the wheelwright of Llanllwchaiarn born between 1675 and 1695 and dying 1761.)

For genealogy see under Job BLAYNEY in ThomasMiner.html.

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[3a] David Blayney born 1908 Outerand twd, Co. Tyrone, Ireland

1 David BLAYNEY b.1Jan1908 (Outerand Mayo, Connacht, Ireland); 
  "Eldest son of the late Joseph Todd Blayney, J.P., Dromore, County Tyrone, Ireland" [1248]
  d.27Dec1984 (Auckland, NZ);
  bur.31Dec1984 (Waikumete Cem, Auckland - WESTERN LAWN A Row 1, Plot 34); 
  Occ. Grocer.
  Son of Joseph & Martha Blayney
 +(1) Ruth Rebecca QUELCH m.3Sep1932 (Devonport) [1248]
      [2nd Dau. of Mr & Mrs QUELCH of Devonport]
      dv.10Dec1943 [1249] 
  2 Maurine June BLAYNEY b.20Feb1933 (Auckland); adp. by David & Ruth
   +(1) Ivan Kenneth RAE b.12Oct1931 (Auckland); m. (Devonport, Auckland, NZ);
     d.2Apr1972 (Auckland)
    3 Living BLAYNEYs view family  (?p/w problem)
   +(2) Stewart DUNDASS 
 +(2) Jessie Melville CRAMOND
  2 Living BLAYNEYs view family  (?p/w problem)

[3b] "Blayney-Sproule-Steele" -to NZ Blayney-Somerville

1 James BLAYNEY b.1801 (1797) (Dullaghan, Fermanagh And Omagh, N.Ireland); d.16Nov1878
(Dullaghan, Tyrone);  See Ancestry of James BLAYNEY 
  [son of Chadwallader Blayney 1768-1855 and Mary Sproule 1768 - 1855 both of Dullaghan]
 + Martha Rinchey b.1811; d.1895 [1372]
  2 Seven children, incl:
  2 photo Elizabeth BLAYNEY b.1830(8)(40) (Dullaghan Dromore Co Tyrone, Ireland); 
    m.20Oct1864; d.1930 or d.15Sep1926 (Taumaranui)  
    [Gt Grandmother of Juliette COOKE (m. Ed COOKE)]
   + photo Robert Sproule SOMERVILLE b.27Feb1840 (Dullaghan, Dromore, Co. Tyrone)
     m.1864 [122]; d.~1897 (Wellington) or ~1924 (Tauaranui) [1919 in NZ BDM]
     [Son of Christopher B. Somerville b.1811/12 (Drumharvey, Tyrone); 
      d.1903 (Dullaghan, Dromore, Tyrone) and 
      Ann Sproule b.1817/19 (Greenan, Dromore, Co. Tyrone, Ireland); 
      m.13Mar1839; d.1709.
      Christopher in turn the son of Christopher SOMERVILLE b.1841 and a 
      Elizabeth BLAYNEY [1373]]

Elizabeth Somerville

Robert S Somerville
3 Christopher James Blayney SOMERVILLE b.1865 (Dromore, Tyrone); d.1927 (NZ) 3 Robert Blayney SOMERVILLE b.27Aug1867; d.3Apr1935 (Te Awamutu) Cab Proprietor, Kihikihi + Lottie POUND m.11Mar1892 [NZ BDM] 4 Clifford (Cliff) Blayney SOMERVILLE b.04Nov1910; d.8/18Mar1987 (Wellington) Builder [1502] + Dorathea Marie DILLNER m.25Mar1938 4 Lionel SOMERVILLE 3 Mary Anne Martha SOMERVILLE b.1869 (NZ); d.1870 (7 mths) (NZ) 3 William George SOMERVILLE b.22May1871 (NZ); d.11Aud1943 (Taumaranui) + Lydia Louisa HARE b.1882; m.23Dec1903; d.1957 4 Five children 3 Oliver John Wellington SOMERVILLE b.12July1873; d.19Nov1956 (both NZ) + Maria Emily Hedges b.1876; m.13Nov1893; d.1964 3 Annie Jane Elizabeth SOMERVILLE b.29May1876; d.17Jun1958 (both NZ) + Joseph Henry Gledhill 3 Albert Ambrose Nelson SOMERVILLE b.9Sep1878; d.13Oct1965 + Annie POUND b.1879; m.28Feb1900 [NZ BDM]; d.18Mar1987 4 Four children 3 Maud Mary SOMERVILLE b.31Jan1881 (NZ); d.3Nov1943 (both NZ)


[4a] Captain John Blaney

Capt. John J Blaney

Bridget Hannagan

Bridget Blaney

Francis Hannagan

Catherine Connor H

Rose Blaney
sings to royalty

Rose Irvine née Blaney
29Mar1902 Australia

Rose and Capt
Matthew Irivine

Rose Irvine
née Blaney

Mary Connor
née Blaney

Catherine Mary

1 photo Captain John Joseph BLANEY b.1843 (Cushendall, Country Antrim, Ireland); Master Mariner - captained a small coastal vessel around NZ's South Island. Hotelkeeper (Proprietor of the Caledonia Hotel; d.14Apr1907 in The Caledonian Hotel, Andersons Bay, Dunedin, Otago, NZ. [son of Alexander BLANEY (?d.1884< Antrim) and Rose McKAY (?d.1893, Antrim), -most probably NOT the Capt Alexander Blayney/Blaney b.1827 of Cushendall who married once to Anne Jane McAuley in 1863. There is a Mary Blaney b.1851 also claiming Alexander as her father. [1399]] +(1) photo Bridget HANNAGAN b.1842 (Dublin, Ireland); Imm.1865 on the Caribou, raised in Dunedin, NZ); m.31Dec1866 (House of Francis, Dunedin NZ); d.05Oct1903 (Dunedin) [dau. of photo Francis Hannagan b.1825 (Ballinasloe, Ireland); d.15Feb1892 (Dunedin NZ) & photo Catherine COMER b.8Apr1824 (Ireland); m.1842 (Dublin); Imm. 1865 on the Caribou; d.18Jan1868 (Dunedin)] [1463] It would appear that Bridget's father (Francis) was still married to her mother (Catherine) while he was having a second family in Australia with his subsequent wife, Mary Anne CAIRNS (1830-1907). [1464] [1465] 2 Unnamed Infant BLANEY b.8Aug1869; d.same day (Dunedin) 2 photo Rose BLANEY b.06Oct1871 (Dunedin); d.20Sep1962 (Wellington) Soprano, sang to the Royal family 1902 + photo Capt Matthew IRVINE OBE b.1865 (Dublin, but family from Antrim); m.Aug1903 (St Joseph's Cathedral, Dunedin); Sheep farmer, ship captain; Awarded OBE for gallantry commanding a hospital ship in WWI; d.6Feb1930 (Ramsgate Hospital, Broadstairs, Kent, UK) 2 photo Catherine ("Kitty") Mary BLANEY b.2Apr1874 (Dunedin); d.16Feb1957 (Wellington); Singer, like her sister Rose + photo Thomas Francis (Bernard) COSTELLOE b.1Apr1871 (Naseby Otago); m.7Jun1899 (Dunedin); d.18Sep1962 (Wellington) [son of Andrew and Margaret (Mungovan) COSTELLOE] 3 Five children (Andrew John; Rose Blaney, Mary Margaret; Bernard Joseph and Thomas Francis) 2 John Alexander BLANEY b.29Jul1876; d.5Sep1877 (1yr) (both Dunedin) Buried with Francis and Catherine HANNAGAN 2 photo Mary Frances BLANEY b.25May1880 (Dunedin); d.6Dec1934 (Wadestown, Wellington) Violinist, life member of the Dunedin Orchestral Society + John Joseph CONNOR b.7Jan1873 (Dunedin); m.30Jan1901; d.20jun1936 [eldest son of Mr. J. J. Connor, of Dunedin] 3 Six children: John Joseph (1901-1976), Terence Francis (1902-1970), Justin (1903-1981), Mary Theresa (1907-1982), Patricia Josephine (1909-1994) and Catherine Mary (1915-1992) CONNOR +(2) Annie KELLY b.~1872 (Roscommon, Ireland); em. to NZ ~1894; [2nd wife of the now widowed Capt John BLANEY who was then the hotel keeper of the Caledonian in Anderson's Bay and 30 years her senior] m.24Jul1904 (Dunedin, New Zealand); d.1Aug1961 (Dunedin) Annie took over as the proprietor of the hotel on his death in 1907. 2 Annie BLANEY b.11Sep1905; d.12Sep1905 (both Andersons Bay, Dunedin) 2 Anne BLANEY (aka Nancy [1503]) b.1906 (Andersons Bay, Dunedin); d.29Mar1970 (Dunedin) + William Rochfort TYSON b.15Jul1902; m.05Nov1936 (Dunedin); d.7Feb1989 shipping clerk in Dunedin [son of Francis Edward Tyson (accountant and Company manager) and Ida Rochfort] 3 Nancy BLANEY + William TYSON

[4b] James Blaney from Scotland

1 James BLANEY b.1828 (Lesmahagow, Lanarkshire, Scotland); d.10Feb1908 (Awhitu, Auckland, NZ)
 + Jane DONALDSON b.19Sep1831 (Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland); m.23Jun1854 (Lanark); 
   d.23Jan1921 (Kaitangata, South Otago, NZ)
   [dau. of John (b.1806) and Mary (MORRISON) (b.1810)  DONALDSON]
   James and Jane Emm.>1901 to Kaitangata

Jane D Blaney b.1859

Frederick T POOLE family

Frederick Poole Mayor

Pvt W W Hearle
2 James BLANEY Jr b.1855; d.19Jun1935 (Balclutha, aged 80) age 21 at Wedd + Annie (Joanna, Ann) KNOX b.21Apr1854 (Kaitangata); m.28Jul1876; d.18Dec1930 [dau. of ?Thomas and Bridget KNOX] 3 Selina Fedora BLANEY b.1885 3 Annie Knox BLANEY b.1890; d.26Dec1966 + John McVIE b.29Oct1889; m.18Jul1912; d.21Jan1982 [son of Gavinn and Janet McVIE] John then m. Hilda May ___ 3 James Thomas BLANEY b.1891; d.18Jan1946 age 54 (Balclutha); Miner; 3 Flora BLANEY b.1Jan1895 (Kaitangata, Otago); d.9Feb1975 (Balclutha, Otago) + John CRAWFORD b.25Mar1893 (Otago); m.04Jun1919; d.28Jun1972 (Dunedin) 4 Two children: John Samuel and Hazel CRAWFORD 3 Mary Violet BLANEY b.21Mar1900 (Otago, New Zealand); d.8Jan1973 (aged 72) (Hamilton, NZ) + John Ambrose RALPH b.1881 (NZ); m.31Dec1919; d.27Jul1954 (aged 72–73) (Hamilton, NZ) 4 Annie Ambrose RALPH b.2Jun1920 (Huntly, Waikato); d.7Apr1986 (Auckland, NZ) + Reginald Thomas George OLLARD b.1919; m.1947 5 Gregory Paul OLLARD b.1955; d.14Sep1982 (both Auckland) 2 Hannah BLANEY b.1856 (Lanark, Lanarkshire, Scotland) 2 Jane Donaldson BLANEY b.5Feb1859 (Glenburnie, Lanarkshire, Scotland); Emm.1875 with parents Clyde (30Sep1875) to Otago (26Dec1875); d.1Jun1897 (Kaitanga, Clutha District, Otago) [dau. of James BLANEY and Jane DONALD(SON)] + photo Frederick Thomas POOLE b.5Mar1857 (Kinross, Perthshire, Scotland); Emm 1877 on ship Timaru; [1455] m(1) 19Feb1879 (Clutha, Otago) to Jane Donaldson BLANEY; m(2) 18Aug1919 to Alice Rose Hannah ARTHUR (née FACER later HIGHLEY) (1877-1954) d.7May1940 (Kaitangata, Clutha District, Otago) Nurseryman, draper, flamiller, hoticulturalist, Mayor of Kaitangata 1899; [son of William John Poole and Emma Biggs] 3 [Seven Poole children: Jane (1879-1964), John (1881-1943), Emma (1882-1963), Alice (1884-1964), Florence (1886-1944), Winifred (1887-1953) and Frederick James (1893-1964)] 2 Catherine Morrison BLANEY b.28Oct1860 (Carluke, Lanarkshire, Scotland); d.10Jun1946 (Dunedin, NZ) + George SHAND b.7Apr1859 (Taieri, Otago); m.22Apr1881; d.8Apr1943 (Dunedin, NZ) [son of William and Ann Webster Christie Shand] 3 Five Shand children: William (1882-1953), Herbert Douglas (1883-1977), George (1884-ob), James (1886-1972) and Florence (d.5Nov1897 age 9) SHAND 2 Annie BLANEY b.17Jul1863 (Lanark, Lanarkshire, Scotland); d.1953 (Greymouth, West Coast, NZ) + David Lyall SHAND b.11Dec1865 (East Taieri, Otago); d.26Oct1927 (Hokitika, West Coast, NZ) [also son of William and Ann Webster Christie Shand] 3 Two Shand children: William David Lyall (1894–1964) and Harry Sydney (1899-1971) SHAND 2 Elizebath BLAINEY b.01October1865 (Dalserf, Lanarkshire, Scotland); d.19Jul1938 (Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand) + Harry Douglas COOKE b.18Jul1865 (Islington, Middlesex, England); m.1889 (Kaitangata); d.18Jun1912 (Kaitangata, Otago, New Zealand) 3 Ethel Douglas COOKE b.13Jul1898 (Kaitangata, Otago); d.10Feb1957 (Christchurch, NZ) 2 Isabella BLANEY b.15Nov1867 (Hamilton, Lanark, Scotland); d.3Jul1957 (Christchurch, NZ) + William WHITESMITH m.20Apr1889 (Kaitangata, NZ) 2 Mary BLANEY b.3Jul1870 (Dalserf, Lanark, Scotland); d.10Dec1956 (Otago, NZ) 2 Susannah (Susan) BLANEY b.1879; d.10Jan1944 (Dunedin) War widow c/Mrs J Blaney Castle Hill Kaitangata + photo Pvt William Walter HEARLE b.22Aug1882 (Wellington); m.09Oct1906; d.19Oct1917 (Belgium) [Canterbury Regiment, N.Z.E.F., 2nd Bn] Quarryman

Thomas (and Fred)

Mary (Franciszka) Teike

Dorothy & Edward James Blaney

[4c] Thomas BLANEY (born 1866) from
   Co. Down, Ireland + a Polish connection

1 photo Thomas BLANEY b.30Oct1866 (Portaferry, Co. Down, Ireland); 
  d.3Jun1933 (Careys Bay, Dunedin, NZ) 
  Coal Miner, ship caretaker
  [son Daniel BLANEY b.1831 (Portaferry) and Jane Emily ORR 
   b.1850; brother of James b.1868]
 + photo Francisca (Frances) Mary TIKEY b.26Aug1869 (Liniewko, Poland), 
   d.6Dec1956 (Port Chalmers, Otago)
   [dau. of photo Freiderich Wilhem TEIKE {b.15Nov1847 (Village Of Kamerau, Prussia);
    d.20Aug1937 (Ophir, Central Otago)} and Mathilda Julianna KLIMEK 
    {b.23Jan1848 (Kamierowo, Tczew, Gdańsk, Poland); d.20Feb1921 (Fairfield, Dunedin, Otago)}
    Freiderich and Mathilda married 11Oct1868 (Lubiszewo Tczewskie, Gdansk, Poland) [1661]]
  2 photo Edward (Ted) James BLANEY b.1902 (Fairfield); 
    d.9Sep1950 age 48 (Dunedin, NZ); Ship Cleaner
    During the second world war, both Ted and his father Tom, worked on the hospital ship Maheno.
   + photo Dorothy May McLANACHAN b.7Sep1906 (Lyttelton, Canterbury, NZ); 
     m.24Feb1926; d.4Sep1985 (Dunedin)
     [dau. of William McLANACHAN (1879–1958) and Martha Jane REEVES b.1875]

Ted, Raymond and Richard Blaney


Edward & Rata Blaney


Ray & Shirley Blaney


Raymond Reginal Blaney

3 photo Edward ("Ted") Thomas BLANEY b.20Mar1927; d.09Apr2013; retired bootmaker + photo Rata Mary NICHOLS b.7Oct1922; d.8Feb2001 (Dunedin) Retired seamstress [dau of John Paris & Elizabeth Babbage NICHOLS] 3 photo Raymond ("Ray") Reginald BLANEY b.1928; d.26Jun2020 age 92 Built family home (17 Rentons Rd, Mosgiel, Otago) + photo Shirley Hilda BLANEY b.~1927; d.20Jan2013 (Age 85y) 4 Paula BLANEY ?+ Bill HINTON 5 Angela HINTON + Paul McARTHY 6 Nicole McARTHY

Raymond & Shirley Blaney

Richie & Dawn Blaney

James & Nola Blaney

Alan & Dorothy Kennelly
3 photo Richard ("Richie") William BLANEY b.~1930; d.16Sep2011 (Age 81y) Mosgiel Dry Cleaner [1503] + photo Dawn Marie d.12Apr2021 4 Steven Richard BLANEY b.1961; d.24Jul1982 (Mosgiel, Dunedin) Sheet Metal worker [1503] 3 photo James ("Jim") Frederick BLANEY b.2Jul1932; d.8Feb2008 (Dunedin) + photo Nola Elaine ___ b.~1941; d.07May2017 (Nelson, NZ) [ has James married to Rata Mary but no sources] Partner of Arthur BARCLAY 4 Jillian and Craig Webby; and Nicola and Tom Fearnley 3 photo Dorothy Patricia BLANEY b.2Mar1938; d.8Dec1978 (both Dunedin) + photo Alan Russell KENNELLY b.14Jun1935 (NZ); d.20Jul2003 (Dunedin); Footwear Commission Agent Three children (Maree, Russell & Grant)

[5] Māori BLAINE (BLANE) family

The surname "BLAINE" could be derived from a misspelling of Blayney or have it's own origin such as:
  1. The son of the disciple of Blaan or Blane (the lean), an early Scottish saint aka Blaan buadach Breton, (Triumphant Blaan of the Britons). Blane gave name to Kilblane in Southend, Kintyre, and to Dunblane.
    The Blaine Surname Distribution Map however shows vey few "Blaine" surnames in use in Scotland. [1675] [1676]
  2. Derived from Blayney or Blaney names from Ulster (Ireland), [but not the Lords Blayney as they had no male descendants] [1677]. See Origin.html for a researched discussion on the origin of the "Blayney" name.

1 John BLAINE b.1829 (Cumberland, England); d.25Sep1895 (Thames, Waikato, NZ)
  His obituary named him as a "Thamcaite" (?resident of Thames?) and prospector but
  gave his birth as 1839, that he was a horse and cattle dealer in the "old country", 
  emmigrating about 1859 to continue stock dealing until the Thames goldrush. 
  On 12Jun1885 filed to be adjudged a Bankrupt.
  John learned Te Reo Māori which helped with negotiations "with the natives"
  From 1888 he prospected in the Urewera which was hard on his health, and refused
  hospital care when he developed pneumonia. Alternatively "disappeared at sea" [1669]

John Bentinck Blaine2
+ Susan Merehana (Mary Ann or "Mary Susan") WHITEHOUSE HOLMES b.1833 (Otakou, Dunedin, NZ); d.12Oct1876 (Garnett Street, Wellington, NZ); Illiterate (hence various spellings of Blaine) [1662] [1663] [dau. of Master Mariner John WHITEHOUSE and Tamairaki Mere (Mary) Te Kaiheraki (1820–1897), Tamairaki subsequently lived with sealer John James Holmes (1816-1900) the step-father of Mary Susan. James Holmes left Tamairaki and she then married John Owen in 1839] Mary Susan "married" three times: (a) Joseph William RIGBY (1822-1858); m.7Jun1852 (Petane, Napier) with whom she had three children: [George (1853-1910), William Henry (Wremu Henare) (1855-1909), then Henry (1857-67) RIGBY.] (b) John Bentinck BLAINE (1829-1895); m.19Jan1859 (Napier) Two children (John and Thomas - see below) John left Mary Susan in 1861 when she was carrying Thomas. Mary Susan kept the surname Blane and John is given as husband on death her certificate. (c) Frederick Kennedy WILLIAMS b.29Apr1834 (Portsmouth, England); emm.~1858. d.7Jan1878 (Wellington) Defacto from 1866 [son of John Williams (1798-1878)] 2 photo John Bentinck (Bentick) BLAINE (2nd) b.19Nov1859 (Clive, Hastings); d.Nov1922 (St Pancras, London, England) [1665] [1667] [son of John BLAINE and Mary Ann] Corresponed with Richard Seddon, Native Minister, 1895; Proposed a Wellington "Maori Club" in 1904 Coachman, stable manager, Sawmill engine driver, Prospector, Stock ans station agent then started his own land and labour agency. Then secretary abd manager of "The Maori Club, Wellington, Limited" [1674] + Charlotte HARRIS b.3Nov1864; d.7Mar1916 (Wellington); m.30Jun1881 (Greytown, Wellington); [dau. of James and Mary Jane Shoobridge HARRIS] 3 Lilian Mary HOLLIS b.1870; d.22Jun1953 (Gisborne); + Charles John CLARK (1867-1950); m.30Jan1894 4 Seven Clark children 3 Mary Jane BLAINE b.23Feb1882 (Masterton); d.22April1882 (NZ) (2 months) 3 John Bentinck BLAINE b.29Jan1883 or 13Jun1883 (NZ); d.24Aug1949 (Gisborne) [1664] + Sadie Annie HAWKINS b.1885; m.1909 (NZ) 3 Ruby BLAINE b.10Nov1885 (Greytown, Wairarapa) [1673] 2 Thomas Robert BLAINE (BLAIN) b.2Mar1862 (Clive, Hastings); d.15Aug1919 (Auckland); Bur. Waikumete Cemetery, Glen Eden [son of John BLAINE and Mary Ann] + Ursula Marion DIX b.1870 (Melbourne, Victoria); m.15Nov1897 (NZ); d.1941 3 Claude James Calvert DIX b.30Aug1887 (Auckland); d.1973

Subsequent children of Mary Susan BLANE were fathered by defacto Frederick WILLIAMS so "Blane" continued to be used as a surname for some.

2 Edward Arthur WILLIAMS ?BLANE b.10Nov1864 (Pauatahanui, Porirua); d.31Jan1918 (Auckland) + Constance CANNON b.1881 (Charlton Adam, Somerset, England); d.11Aug1933 (Auckland) m1.1914 Edward Arthur WILLIAMS (1864-1918) 3 George Edward WILLIAMS (1915-1915) (Auckland) 3 photo Norah WILLIAMS b.7Nov1916; d.26Sep1978 (Auckland) + photo Charles Harold ALEXANDER b.26Aug1915 (Wellington); d.21Oct1978 (NZ); m.16Jun1937 4 Colleen ALEXANDER b.9Dec1937; d.05Oct2020 m2.1922 William REAVY d.1923 2 Henry John BLANE (WILLIAMS) (?named after deceased Henry). b.27Feb1867 (Pauatahanui, Porirua); d.20Apr1933 (Tolaga Bay); A.K.A. Henry John RIGBY Father listed as Frederick WILLIAMS + Harete Tunumanu RAKAITAPU (1860-13Jun1905); m.1891 [dau of Haami Rakaitapu b.1820 and Kararaina Kuhukuhu (1818–1919) Previous relationship with Hare HARDING b.1861 and had two children 3 Te Raukahikatea Kareti HARDING (1884–1934) 3 Cecilia Te Rarua HARDING (1888–1922) 3 Tuahine Ene (Amy) WILLIAMS b.1894 (Tolaga Bay); d.17Oct1969 + Te Whare Hiroki Karakia BROWN 4 Rennie Hotorene BROWN + Wiremu Kingi Kauwau HAEREONE (1876–1915) 4 Wiremu Tuahine Tiny Sidney Or HAEREONE (1911–1973) 4 Raiha Taketake HAEREONE Sidney (1913–2005) 3 Haami WILLIAMS b.1894

Paewai (Sam) WILLIAMS
3 photo Te Paewai WILLIAMS 1896-1969 most likely the same as: Paewai (Sam) WILLIAMS b.1893 (Tolaga Bay); d.1969 age 76yr Army in WWII (1939-45) - 28th Maori Battalion, C Company Second New Zealand Expeditionary Force (2NZEF), 12th Reinforcements Wounded once. Served in North Africa (at one stage stationed in Tunisia) Then Jayforce (1945-48) 2nd Divisional Cavalry Regiment, D Squadron, British Commonwealth Occupation Force (BCOF) Japan [Son of Henry John Williams and Harete or Harata Tunumanu Rakaitapu [1670] or Sam & Rachel {née Koia} Williams [1671], however this is likely a mix-up of Sams as the military record has Sam's parents as Henry & Harete [1670]] Worked at Horotiu freezing works [1671] + Rahera Te Waitoatoa KOIA (thirteen children) [1672] 4 Sammy (Moeke Wahi), Joe (Kathy), Rogan (Joy), Pere/Perry (Francis), Lil, Mattie (Christopher), Janie (Chadwic {df} then James), Sue, Flora (Morehu), Marie (Reri {df}), Riria Beau (Peter), Watane (James) and Joy Ruth (Waiheke), 3 Mary WILLIAMS b.29Jun1898 (Tolaga Bay); d.8Jun1965 (Gisborne) +(1) Kupa Teteira NGAIRA (1887–1951) (both Tolaga Bay); m.1891; 7 children 4 Barney Williams b.1913 4 Ruwera Rongo Patahi NGAIRA (1914–1988) 4 Pera Kahure Maenoa NGAIRA (1915–1982) + Te Waituhiao PAEA (1909–1968) also 7 children 5 Vivien NGAIRA (1933-2005) 5 Edward Manihera NGAIRA (1935-2021) 5 Mariu NGAIRA (1936) 5 Peter Maenoa Boykin NGAIRA (1937-1995) 5 Karol Ann NGAIRA (1939-2015) 5 Karol NGAIRA (1941-2015) [possibly tthe same person as Karol Ann] 5 John NGAIRA (1942-2004) + Margaret Hina RETI (1937-2010); m.27Nov1959 4 Tauatoru Mairia NGAIRA (1917–1988) + Maika POI (1913-1999); m.16Jan1935 5 John Edward POI (1939–2002) 4 photo Harry Urupa NGAIRA (1923–1985) + photo ("Polly") Huinga Parekotuku SWINTON (1921–2012); m.3Sep1942 5 photo Patricia Hinemoa SWINTON (1940–2020) 5 Parekotuku aka Polly NGAIRA b.1943 4 Maora NGAIRA b.1927 4 Te Ira Kupa NGAIRA (1931–2002)

Harry U Ngaira

Huinga P Swinton

Huinga P Ngaira
Hare R Williams

Mereaira Mary Tuhou
+(2) Reihana Koro NGATORO (1915–1974); m.1955 3 photo Hare (Harry) Rigby WILLIAMS b.25Mar1902 (Tolaga Bay); d.28May1973 (Porirua, Wellington) + photo Mereaira Mary Hikihiki TŪHOU b.16Mar1906 (Ruatoria); d.12Jul1976 (Porirua, Wellington) Mere had 19 siblings. [dau. of Ratu TÜhou and Lady Horiana Te Atahaia Te Riringitoto Ngata] m1. to Godfrey Alexander ("Mickie") FAIRLIE b.1May1887 (Tokomaru Bay); d.5Apr1918 (Somme, France) (KIA) Promoted to Sergeant, New Zealand (Maori) Pioneer Battalion [son of Herbert and Bessie Fairlie] 4 Sarah (Hera) Pakipaki Tokara TÜhou FAIRLIE (Wainui) b.22Sep1914 (Waipiro Bay, Te Puia Springs); d.8Mar1968 (Whatatutu) + Tipene Puru (Boss/Steven/Steve) WAINUI b.11Feb1913; d.23May1994; 5 They had 17 children [1668] m2.~1925 (Ruatoria) to Hare WILLIAMS (ie 2nd husband of Mereaira) 4 Henry John WILLIAMS (1926-1926) 4 Cecilia Te Rarua (Cissy) WILLIAMS (1927-1999) 4 Te_ Iwa Iwa Tipua WILLIAMS (1928-1928) 4 Mary Ida WILLIAMS (1929-2002) 4 Henry John WILLIAMS (1932-1938) 4 photo Hinehou Te Awhiahua Tangimatua WILLIAMS (1933-1993) 4 Harete Tunumanu Alice WILLIAMS (1935-2000) 4 Hoana (Johanna) WILLIAMS (1936-2004) [2 children] HoanaWilliams.jpg + Henare Te Whetu WHIUTAHI 4 Porakaitapu WILLIAMS (1939-1999)

Mary and Hare
Sgt Godreey FAIRLIE


Hinehou Williams

Edith M Williams

Alfred K Hawker
2 Herbert Guy BLANE b.24Nov1868 (Ohariu, NZ); d.24Feb1906 + Helena Josephine COAKLEY (1872–1954); m.16Oct1893 (Eketahuna, Manawatu, NZ) 2 Mary Ann (Sissy) ?WILLIAMS ?BLANE b.12Jan1870 (Ohariu); d.Jul1916 (Bluff, Southland) + Matthew Henry CROSS (1867-1928); m.1Jan1900 3 Frederick Arthur William CROSS (1887-1953) (both Bluff, Southland) + Janet Elizabeth POPENHAGEN (1892-1954) 3 Flora Williams (Whiti Whiti) CROSS (1889-1941) + James WILSON 2 photo Edith Maud WILLIAMS BLAINE b.18Feb1872 (Ohariu Valley, Wellington); d.24Dec1938 (Westmere, Wanganui) + photo Alfred King HAWKER (1875-1953); m.30Sep1896. 3 Ten children: Emma Ruby, Ella Maud, Alfred Edward, Norman Douglas, Annie Beatrice, Charles Frederick, Leslie Herbert, Mildred Edith, Ronald Gordon and Eileen Marjorie HAWKER. 2 Frederick WILLIAMS BLAINE 2 Anne BLANE WILLIAMS b.22Mar1875 (Wellington, NZ) + Edwards ELLISTON (1849-1908); m.22Nov1892
?Unrelated: 1 Joseph Ferguson BLAINE b.17May1897 (Essex, England); d.1977 (Rustington, Sussex) Qualified as a surgeon in Belfast, and lived in Pontypool, then, in the 1950s, in Nelson, New Zealand. [Son of Robert Gordon Blaine and Isabella Stewart] [1666]

[5] "Loose ends" -more NZ BLAYNEYS

  • Elizabth / Elizabeth BLAYNEY b. 21Jul1865 [122]
  • James BLAYNEY d.Oct1868 (miner, Greymouth) Probate 24Oct1868 (Greymouth) and 26Feb1869 (Hokitika) [122]
  • Norah Catherine BLAYNEY b.~1890 Occ. Illustrator (Aust. Dept of Agriculture and Stock) + Iwan Wassil HELMSING b.~1885; m.1912 [122] Orchard inspector (Auckland) then Scientific Illustrator (Quennsland) He developed a stipple technique unique in illustrating work, along with microscopic illustrating, wash drawings, and colour work. Both Ivan (55) and Norah (50) found dead (gassed) in their Brisbane home on 24Mar1940
  • John Blayney emigrating to Auckland in 1833 on the 3559 ton steamship British King. [155]
  • William BLAYNEY d.22June1935 (Mangatarata, Waitakaruru) [1252]; Probate 22Jul1935 [122] [1502]; Farmer William's main heir was his niece "Catherine (otherwise known as Mabel) Bell" presumably the Mabel who married Charles below. His nephew David Blayney was entitled to first offer on the land if Mabel sold.
  • Mabel Isabella Jean BLAYNEY m. Charles Frederick BELL 1934 (he d.1965) [122]
  • David BLAYNEY m. Ruth Rebecca QUELCH 1932 [122]

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