Thomas Blayney 1820 - 1875


This pedigree [130] was initially thought to be linked to my New Zealand Blayney line. It gave the father of Thomas Blayney (1820-1875) as Thomas Blayney b?1770 London, England, a Taylor (and son of a shoemaker), who would have been 50 when he sired this Thomas. It had his mother as Rebecca Lambert who is known to have been married to Thomas Blayney (1796-1854), a Journeyman Tailor. This couple did have a son Thomas 1827-1913, clearly a different person. The birth and death in Wales is inconsistent with his parents being Rebecca Lambert and Thomas Blayney (1754-1811/30) or (1796-1854) who are all known to have lived their lives in London.

The ancestors of Thomas Blayney (c.1820-1875) as yet speculative. There was a Thomas BLAYNEY baptised on 28Aug1825 at Llanllwchaiarn (a suburb of Newtown, Wales) who could fit the bill. If so, he would be a 3rd cousin to Alexander Henry BLAYNEY

1 Thomas BLAYNEY b~1820, Newtown, North Wales d.29Nov1875 (Lead Mine accident)
  Lived at Hogstone near Minsterley until killed by a stone falling down a shaft.
  "A good husband and father and a bright Christian to his 11 children" [366].
  Siblings include Mary (m. Dr GAMON), Arthur, Heyster, William BLANEY (USA), 
  Edward BLANEY (Cincinnati, USA)  
  Siblings of the possible match Thomas BLAYNEY baptised on 28Aug1825 at Llanllwchaiarn
  do include a Mary (bpt.1814), John (bpt.1820) and a William (bpt.1822), there is a
  Harriet but no Heyster and no Arthur or Edward (but a Sarah and an Elizabeth), so
  this remains only possible. ? probable.   
 + Margaret Jones of Stalittle m.1833 Montgomeryshire d.9May1871 (TB)
  2 s/b boy (twin)
  2 Catherine BLAYNEY b.20Jan1844 (twin) m.16Jul1873 Atcham
   + William Jones (Draper)
    3 four children [Katie, Magaretta, William Edward and Herbert Alfred].
  2 Elizabeth BLAYNEY b.22Mar1845 d.27Nov1909
   + Joseph Bright m.10Feb1878
    3 three children [Roland, Margaret Ann and Mary Kate]
  2 Thomas BLAYNEY b.17Aug1847 d unm.1866 (drowned at sea) 
  2 Mary BLAYNEY b.12Aug1849 d unm.10May1871 
  2 Margaret BLAYNEY (Nurse Maggie) b.31Aug1851 Occ. nurse. Alive in 1935.
  2 Hannah BLAYNEY b.8Apr1854 d.1857 
  2 Emma BLAYNEY b.26Feb1856 d.1858
  2 Samuel BLAYNEY b.1Apr1858 d.Sep1882 (Lambeth)
   + Annie SPILSBURY
    3 One dau d.y. 
  2 Job BLAYNEY b.27Feb1864 or 27Apr1864 Atchan, England.
    Imm.4Dec1909 on the SS Papanui and settled in Hawera, along with brother Ted.
    Occ. Master Grocer (Grocery cnr High & Wilson Streets, Hawera).
    Moved to Devonport, Auckland Dec.1916;  d.27Feb1917 
   + Lily Emma Wilmot of Camberwell; m.15Jun1889 Lambeth, England; d.4Nov1951 (Brisbane).
     She remarried in 1922 to Frederick (Fred) HELDT, a Devonport retailer & widower.  

Capt Charles
Blayney RFC

Capt Charles
Blayney MC

Peter Blayney
Self-portrait 2012
3 Captain Charles Edward BLAYNEY MC (returned to UK to serve in the RFC) b.1890 Camberwell, England [130] Imm. to NZ 1908/9 d.1969 Sydney + Myrtle Alice GOODWIN (Edgecombe ancestors), daughter of a builder from Hawera, Taranaki NZ. m.1919 4 Peter Michael BLAYNEY b.26Oct1920 in NZ, moved to Australia in 1929, served in WWII then studied and worked in Europe until 1967 [1220]; Artist [151]. educator and intellectual. d.9Apr2014 (Sydney) [1219]. +(1)Jessie ob. [1219] +(2)?Waehlin 0b. [1219] +(3)Paula 5 living children 5 Quentin BLAYNEY Ob. 4 Patricia BLAYNEY Ob. 3 Gladys Margaret BLAYNEY b.1893 Camberwell, England [130] Missionary to the Solomon Islands; d.8Apr1927 of Blackwater Fever (Roviana) + Edgar Frank CHIVERS m.1922 [122] 4 Frank Goldie CHIVERS (Bill). Occ Ship's engineer Return to UK (Kent) + Joyce STEVENSON 5 Jonathan CHIVERS 5 Simon CHIVERS 5 Andrew CHIVERS 3 John Roberts BLAYNEY b.20Apr1900 Croydon, Surrey + Rita May Clark Occ. Saleswoman b~1902; m.27Jun1931; d.1979 [366] d/o Thomas Clark (Boot importer) & Mary Clark née Holdsworth

Com. Board

Don BLAYNEY [157]
4 Barry Raymond BLAYNEY view family (?p/w problem) 4 Mary Barbara BLAYNEY (adop); b~1939; dsp.9Aug1983 (MVA in Queensland) [Birth mother was Grace HOPKINS (married name Lyon) d.2002 [1272]] 4 Donald Alfred BLAYNEY view family (?p/w problem) Probably my 6th cousin. 3 Phillis Lillian BLAYNEY b.1902 + David Wright 4 David Wright view family (?p/w problem) 2 Edward (Ted) BLAYNEY b.6Mar1867 Imm.1909 with Job d. unm 1Dec1878 [130] 2 Walter BLAYNEY b.16Nov1868

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