Harriet Blayney 1824 - 1897

This information is primarily sourced from Bob Bowles [143] .

Harriet's father was Thomas BLAYNEY, born 1796 in Finsbury, a Journeyman Tailor. He died in 1854 at Hackney Wick of Cholera. Harriet's mother was Rebecca LAMBERT, born in 1804 at Bethnal Green, London and married on 15th October, 1823 at St Matthew, Bethnal Green [127]


1 Harriet BLAYNEY b.22Oct1824 (London) d.9Jan1897(2) + Shadrach (?Frederick) RAVEN (Tailor) b.10Jan1824 (Willingham, Cambridge); d.30Aug1883 (suffocation) [1228]; bur. Oakwood Cemetry, Syracuse NY. [904] m.27May1844 (Christ Church, Spitafields, London) [143], [Son of Richard RAVEN b.1Nov1795; d.Aug1858 (both in Willingham), Tailor and Rebecca TALL b.28Sep1799; d.Nov1847 (both in Willingham) [296] [868]] They lived at 27 Whiler St. In 1854 they moved with their children to USA, settling in Syracuse NY in 1855. By 1868/9 Shadrach had established a tayloring business Raven & Kenyon" with Jonas M. Kenyon in Mnlnerry, near Washington [925]. [As such, not the Harriet Blayney d.1871 at Pancras (London) [130]] 2 Edward A. RAVEN b.28July1845 (London) [904], dsp.25June1887 (Syracuse NY); Carpenter + Susan b.1847 (England) 2 Naomi RAVEN b.18Dec1851 (London), d.30May1905 (Syracuse NY) [904] + Charles BOWLES b.2Dec1849 (England); d.21Nov1919 (Syracuse NY) [904] 3 Edward Charles BOWLES b.6Nov1884 (twin) d.7Oct1888 (Scarlet Fever) 3 Edna Louise BOWLES b.6Nov1884 (twin) d.12Mar1899 (TB) 3 Alfred George BOWLES b.30Apr1875, dsp.9Dec1941 3 William Edward BOWLES b.30Jan1877, d.6Feb1919 4 William BOWLES 5 Robert BOWLES 5 Donald BOWLES 4 Gerald BOWLES + Bernice Smith 5 Thirteen BOWLES children [Gerald, Doris, Dawn, Gloria, Ronald, Richard, Gary, John, Maryanne, Marlene, Anita, Nancy, Georgiana and George (twins)] 4 Alfred BOWLES b.4Jul1906 d.7Sep1985 +1 Helen Szelewski 5 Three BOWLES children [Patricia, George Alfred, Theodore James] +2 Peggy Ann Marston [alive] 5 Eight BOWLES children [Jan Richard, William Alfred, Carol Ann, Robert Donald BOWLES b.1953, Kim Paul, Paul Richard, Joann Margaret, Ronald Gerald.] 3 George Henry BOWLES b.30May1882, d.14Nov1957 4 Kenneth Charles BOWLES 5 Kenneth Douglas BOWLES 2 Arthur F RAVEN b.24July1854 (London), d.29Aug1889 [904]; Carpenter + Vitaline Lawrence 3 Edward RAVEN (stepson, son of Vitaline) 3 Walter F RAVEN (Chicago) 3 Harriet RAVEN (Chicago) 2 Alfred C RAVEN b.~1859 (New York)
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