Mary Ann Blayney 1835

Mary Ann's father was Thomas BLAYNEY, born 1796 in Finsbury, a Journeyman Tailor. He died in 1854 at Hackney Wick of Cholera. Her mother was Rebecca LAMBERT, born in 1804 at Bethnal Green, London and married on 15th October, 1823 at St Matthew, Bethnal Green [127]


Mary Ann Parish

Mr, MaryAnn & 2 sons
1 Mary Ann Blayney b.1835 (London) chris.1835 (Bethnal Green) + George WEBB m.(Dec)1854 (see below) + Richard (?John) PARISH b~1834 [371] I was unable to confirm a marriage between Mary Ann Blayney and a Parish. However Free BDM and have Mary Ann Blayney married to George Webb in Dec 1854. There was a 22 year old Mary Ann Webb who was an inmate in the Penton Street Home (Clerkenwell, Finsbury) in the 1861 Census. If she was institutionalised, she or the family may have covered up by changing her name" A Mary Webb married a Jno (?John) Parish (no confirmed date) A Mary Ann Lambert (could have used her mother's name) married a George Parish in Yorkshire 1861 2 Richard (Dick) John PARISH b.(Mar)1858 (New Forest, Hampshire) Living with his wife Alice (b.1859) and son Richard John Parish in Hackney in 1901 [371]]; Occ. Bricklayer + Alice NEEDHAM b.1859 (South Hackney); m.Dec1878 (Poplar) [130] 3 Richard (Dickie) John PARISH b.Dec1879 (Hackney) [130], [371] + Ethel WALLER m.(Jun)1917 (Hackney) [130] 4 Richard J PARISH b.(Mar)1918 [1263] 2 (son) PARISH

Dick (Richard) Parish

Dick, Alice & Dickie Parish

Dick (Richard) Parish

Alice Parish 1895

Dickie Parish 1895

Ethel, Dickie & son 1923

Alice, Dick & grdson Aug 1923
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