William Blayney born c.1834

Bill's father was Thomas BLAYNEY, born 1796 in Finsbury, a Journeyman Tailor. He died in 1854 at Hackney Wick of Cholera. His mother was thought to be Rebecca LAMBERT, born in 1804 at Bethnal Green, London and married on 15th October, 1823 at St Matthew, Bethnal Green [127]

However the latest evidence suggests that Bill's father was more likely to have been Arthur, not Thomas [1267] but he was clearly treated like a son of Thomas (as demonstrated by photos held by Alexander's son Thomas, my grandfather), but appears to have been a close cousin.


Bill Blayney

?Mary Ann, Bill's wife
1 William (Bill) Cornelius BLAYNEY b~1839 (Bethnal Green, London) chr.1840 d.1895 (Hackney) [130] Occ. Greengrocer (1871); Mary Ann was Head of household in 1901 Census + Mary Ann TINSON b.1842 (Stepney); m.21Aug1864 (Saint Matthew, Bethnal Green) [130] [1263] [Dau. of William John TINSON [The photo stated "Bill's wife" but the 1871, 1881 and 1891 census all have her as Mary Ann [371]. John MONTGOMERY b.~1807 (St Lukes Old Street) is given as William's father-in-law and an Eliza MONTGOMERY b.~1808 (Chatham, Kent) given as his mother in the 1881 Census. Eliza's birth doesn't fit with William's mother, even if she had remarried (which would make John a Step-Father, not father-in-law) and so Eliza is more likely Mary's mother who as Eliza TINSON married John MONTGOMERY in 1856 (East London) [130], making John the (step) Father-in-law of William C.] 2 Louisa Jane BLAYNEY b.(Sep)1865 (Hackney) [130] + Harry WEBSTER b~1866; m.(Dec)1887 (Edmonton) [130] 3 Albert Harry WEBSTER b(Sep)1889 (Edmonton) 2 Eleanor M BLAYNEY b.(Dec)1866 (Hackney) [130] + ___ POTTON [No record found of a marriage, so Eleanor may have been unmarried.] 3 Florence Geretrude POTTON b.(Sep)1886 (Bowes Pk, London) [Listed as Florence P Blayney in 1891 Census [371].] 2 William Arthur BLAYNEY b.(Dec)1868 (Hackney) [130] + Harriet Hannah GROVE m.1889 [130] 2 Elizabeth (Eliza) BLAYNEY b.(Sep)1870 (Hackney) [371]] [130] 2 Alice BLAYNEY b.(Sep)1872 (Hackney) [371]] [130]
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