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Blayneys of Llanllwchaiarn

[1] Modern Blayneys of Newtown and Llanllwchaiarn: See here

[2] The Llanllwchaiarn link connecting the Blayneys of London with the Blayneys of Montgomeryshire, Wales:

My own line, descended from Thomas Blayney and Priscilla Sargeant in London has always hit a brick wall, but information from Robert Blayney links in with "on the ground" research by Terry Muff [804] and Kevin McKenzie [145], [801], supported by material from William Barker's "Families of Montgomeryshire" CD-Rom [72], clarifies the situation.

Somewhat like the steady move of Blayneys from Montgomeryshire into Shropshire (Salop) during the 1700s - (see
Shropshire Blayneys), there appears to have been a similar 18th century move of Blayneys into the Greater London area after some initial "to-ing and fro-ing" of Thomas ap Morus Blayney [Attorney to his distant cousin Sir Edward Herbert of Chirbury/Cherbury] and the marriage of James Blayney (ap Thomas) into the Loftus family (with close royal links) during the 17th century. Richard, the oldest son of James returned to Montgomeryshire as a significant property owner and married (1st) Ann Hodson, who came from a family of haberdashers and shoe makers. Their first son, for some reason [see Comment 1], became a wheelwright and his youngest brother (Edward), a shoemaker. Edward's youngest son, Richard, became a haberdasher and wharehouseman in London, while Edward's oldest son was the Rev Richard Blayney, in turn father of a haberdasher named Richard in London by the early 19thC. Blayney numbers in London increased significantly during the 19th and 20th centuries as demonstrated by the following distribution maps:

1881 - click to enlarge

1981 - click to enlarge

My Blayney ancestors came from London and there has previously been insufficient evidence to make a definite link back to the Montgomeryshire Blayneys arising from the first Blayney, Evan Blayney.

Ancestral origins of Thomas BLAYNEY died 1819 of London:

It is now established "beyond reasonable doubt" that our ancestor Thomas BLAYNEY (tailor of London) was the son or more likely grandson of Thomas BLAYNEY (b.1754), son of Richard BLAYNEY, Haberdasher (born 1719 in Tregynon, Montgomeryshire, who moved to London before 1758). Richard was in turn son of Thomas BLAYNEY (bpt.1668 Llanllwchaiarn, near Newtown, Montgomeryshire, wheelwright d.1761 Llanllwchaiarn).

In co-operation with Kevin McKenzie and Terry Muff and after considerable research into 16th & 17th century Welsh genealogies, records and papers, it is now also possible to make a very reliable connection between Thomas the WheelWright and Evan BLAYNEY, the first of that name, and then back to Brochfael Ysgythrog and other early British kings. The patronymic (patrilineal) name is thus:
Thomas (tailor of London) ap Thomas ap Thomas ap Richard ap Thomas ap Richard ap James ap Thomas ap Morris ap Thomas ap Ieuan Llwyd ap Gruffudd ap Ievan (Evan) Blayney.

Newly established descent from
Thomas BLAYNEY (wheelwright of Llanllwchaiarn died 1761)
to my known ancestor

Thomas BLAYNEY (tailor of London, b.1754)

To assist with place names associated with Blayneys in the area of Montgomeryshire around Gregynog, see the Location page.

llanllwchaiarn Church (old postcard)

1 Thomas Richard BLAYNEY (Blaeney) bpt.1668 (1694)(Bettws Cedewain) 
  subsequently moving to Llanllwchaiarn.
  Occ. wheelwright of Llanllwchaiarn; d.1761 [72] [1506]
  Son of Richard BLAYNEY of Bettws Cedewain and Ann HODSON.
  It was probably an inheritance from Ann's father, John Hodson,
  yeoman of Llanllwchaiarn, which resulted in the move to 
  Llanllwchaiarn by Thomas.
  He was possibly a non-conformist (note subsequent Roman Catholic
  connections in his c17th line) and so his children may have been
  baptised privately or even at a London church [801] 
 +(1)Jane/Jana EVANS m.24Feb1701 (Bettws) [72]
     Probably a widow [145] so unknown maiden name.  
     bur.23Jan1732 (Tregynon) 
 +(2)Anne (Ann/Anna) Jones [801]; 
     b.1673 [1506]; m.1June1717 (Bettws); bur.23Jan1732 (Tregynon) 
     Second wife of Thomas of Llanllwchaiarn
     Ten children: Thomas, Richard (x2), Margery, Elizabeth, Ann, 
     Mary, Thomas, Margaret and Arthur (see all below).   

  2 Richard BLAYNEY bpt.22Oct1718 (Llanmerewig);
    bur.Dec 1718 (Llanmerewig)

  2 Richard BLAYNEY of London; 
    Probably a Tailor and/or warehouseman, although one tradition had him 
    as a shoemaker, and possibly a soldier around 1747.
    b.1719 bpt.20Jan1719 (Tregynon) [804]
    but living in London by 1758 (mentioned in the will of Thomas)
    Previously thought to be the haberdasher of 156 Cheapside [see the Blayney London], 
    but that has been shown to be Richard son the Rev Richard Blayney.
    As Richard died 2Jul1773 (bur. St Alphage, London Wall, Llanmerwig), he could not 
    be the Richard who was in partnership with James Smith until 1787. 
    Father's will of 20Dec1758 mentions Richard had three children.
   +(1) Mary LIPSCOMB m.16Feb1753
     or more possibly Mary SPENCER m.11Mar1747 (Fleet, London)
     A Mary SPENCER ("Wido") of St Andrews Holborn married a Richard BLANEY/BLAYNEY of the 2nd Regiment of Foot Guards
     on 11Mar1747 (Fleet, London). The two marriage records have him as either Richard Blaney or Prichard Blagney (sic), 
     which when viewing the original records is clearly a mis-transcription of Richard Blayney [1263][1396]
     [see Comment 3 about the children's names] 
     Kevin McKenzie [145] postulates a missing generation (below) to fit with the dates, namely: 
    3 Thomas BLAYNEY  b.14Aug1754, bap.29Aug1754 (Parish of St John, Westminster)
      Kevin further proposes that this Thomas pretended to be 16 when he marries in 1769 (or 1767 [1396]).
      This Thomas could well be the shoemaker of oral tradition; d.1816
     +(1) Mary Williams STEED m.12August1767 (St George Hanover Square) (or 1769 [145]) as a minor (he pretended to be 16). 
       The other possible family for this Thomas born 1754 was a marriage to a
       Mary Holmes, previously ascribed to Thomas (d.1819) [alternatively she is not related] 
       See Mary Holmes 

Parish records from this area and time were destroyed in the Blitz of 1940 on, due to fire or water damage but T. Muff has done a wonderful job of piecing together what information can be obtained to generate a much clearer picture [804]

4 Thomas BLAYNEY b.1768/9; d.1819 (Bethnal Green) age 50 See details and descendants of Thomas (died 1819) [my ancestor] -excluding the living, or See details and descendants of Thomas (died 1819) [including the living]. (?p/w problem)

Recently it has come to light that a Thomas H Blaney b.1762 has a father Richard Blayney (1719-1773) who married a Mary Lipscomb (1734-?). This Richard's father was Thomas Richard Blayney (1668-1761) who married one Anne Jones (1673-1732)! So the question is the relationship of Thomas Blayney (b.1754) and Thomas H Blaney (b.1762) which is an ongoing topic of research.

+(2)Mary [IGI] HOLMES m.1780 (Westminster) = possible 2nd wife of Thomas born 1754 4 Thomas BLAYNEY chr.9Apr1781 (St Clement Danes, Westminster, London) [IGI] (previously thought to have been our ancestor, but it would now appear that he could have died young, [804]) 4 John BLAYNEY chr.2Nov1783 (St Clement Danes, Westminster, London) [IGI] Quite likely named after Richard's youngest son John b.17Feb1763. 3 Mary BLAYNEY born/buried 24 Sep 1756 in churchyard of St Mary the Virgin, Aldermanbury 3 Richard BLAYNEY b.24Mar1758 (St Alphage) Little is known about this Richard. However, his age, name and location fits with the Richard apprenticed to William Faden ,"cit. & stationer" in London 3Dec1771 [646b] It is possible that he was the Richard whose warehouse business partnership with one John Adamson was dissolved in May 1789 and very likely to have been the unknown male Blayney below. 3 Ruth BLAYNEY b.18Nov1759 (St Alphage) 3 John BLAYNEY b.17Feb1763; bpt.13Mar1763 (St Alphage) 3 Ann Ruth BLAYNEY b.28Sep1764; bpt.21Oct1764; d.21Mar1796; bur.Mar1769 (all St Alphage) 3 Martha BLAYNEY b.7Feb1766; bpt.9Mar1766 (St Alphage). 3 an unknown BLAYNEY ?Richard b.24Mar1758 above as the family were living on the same "Old-Street Road" and with the same family occupation (Tailor). + ___ 4 George BLAYNEY alive and married <1822, working as a Tailor employing an apprentice + ANN ___ alive and married <1822 [358] ] 5 unknown children but based on dates and location, most likely... 4 Jonah BLAYNEY b.25Jul1816 (St Leonard's, Shoreditch); d.1876 (Bethnal Green) + Mary Ann ___ 5 Richard Jonah BLAYNEY b.1845 [130]; [858]; Photographer + Elizabeth (Eliza) GILBERT b.1851 (Westminster); m.9Sep1867 (St. Matthews, Bethnal Green, London) d.20May1921 (Forest Gate) [dau of George GILBERT and Mary ANN HARRIS] 6 Selina BLAYNEY b.4Jan1872 (Bethnal Green); d.24Apr1925 (Forest Gate) + Abraham LANGLEY b.1Jul1874 (Hackney); m.01Oct1893; d23Sep1901 (Leyton) 7 Four children (Alexander Francis Alfred, George Henry, Lena Lillian & Charles Robert LANGLEY) 6 Emma Mary BLAYNEY b.1879 (Bethnal Green); d.Dec1912 (Whitechapel, London) 6 Rose Matilda BLAYNEY b.27Nov1888 (Old Ford, East End); d.May1970 (Stepney)

Emma Mary Blayney

[Curtesy Jackie Finlay]
+ Charles Edwin WINGROVE b.1875 (Poplar); m.17Aug1914 (St. James Church, Forest Gate) Previously married to Rose's sister, Emma Mary BLAYNEY 7 four children, born 1921-1928 all in West Ham R.D.; Alexander L., Gladys I.M., Eileen D.V. and Doreen M.M. WINGROVE 5 Charles J BLAYNEY b.~1849 (Bethnal Green, Middlesex, England) 6 Emma Mary BLAYNEY b.1880; d.1914 (Bethnal Green) in childbirth + Charles Edwin WINGROVE b.1875 (Polar); m.1897 (Bethnal Green) Subsequently married Emma's sister, Rose Matilda BLAYNEY 7 seven children, the 1st 2 born in Bethnal Green: Charles Edwin b.21Jun1898, d.1970; Walter George b.28Dec1899, Emma Florence b1901; Lillian Lena b.1903; Daisy Violet b.1905; Rose Mary b.1907 and Frederick WINGROVE b.1912.
+(2) Mary LIPSCOMB of St Margarets, Westminster m.16Feb1753 (Fleet Prison) to Richard Blaney Occ joiner ("Joynor") of St Margarets, Westminster [1396] Dropping the middle "y" is consistent with other spelling issues in the three records. 3 Thomas H BLANEY b.1762 (Cripplegate); d.Apr1840 (Spitafields, Middlesex) + Margaret DAYE b.6Feb1773 (Hackney)[Wikitree] {or b.1775/6 [IGI]}; m.22Jan1797 (St Giles Cripplegate); d.12Jun1852 (Bethnal Green Workhouse) Further comparison between the two sons named Thomas, both apparently sons of Richard Blayney/Blaney and Mary Spencer or Mary Lipscomb can be viewed HERE 2 Margery BLAYNEY bpt.11Apr1722 (Tregynon) [337]; m.<1758; d.1782 (Chirbury, Shropshire) [1340] + John BLOCKLEY b.1731 (Chirbury, Shropshire); d.1778 4 Eight children, all born Chirbury, Shropshire. [John (1752-1808); Thomas (1754-1836); Margaret [72] (1756-1791); Richard (1759-?); Elizabeth (1762-?); Mary (1762-?); Sarah (1765-?); Anne (1768-?) & Richard (1759-?). 2 Elizabeth BLAYNEY bpt.8Dec1723 (Tregynon) [337] 2 Ann BLAYNEY bpt.2Dec1725 (Tregynon) [337] 2 Mary BLAYNEY bpt.22Jan1727 (Tregynon) [337]; alive 1758 + Richard Davies m.1763 [145] 2 Thomas BLAYNEY bpt.24Aug1729 (Tregynon) [337] alive 1758 This is likely to be the Thomas BLAYNEY who married Anna JONES First found farming in Bettws from c.1759 Probable ancestor of the Blayney-Percival "African line", based on time, place, the use of the family name Arthur and DNA evidence (which traces this line to the Montgomeryshire Blayneys) [801]. It is confusing that he has the same name as his father and his wife has almost the identical name to his mother, Ann Jones.) + Anna JONES 3 Thomas BLAYNEY (1729-1812), of Glyn Farm, Bettws Cedewain 2 Arthur BLAYNEY (BLANEY) b.1735 (Montgomeryshire) [1506]; d.14Jan1788 aged 53 [249] Occ wheelwright [72] of Llanllwchaiarn [801]; d.14Jan1788 (both Montgomeryshire). + Jane BRICK b.1732; m.19Sep1763 (both Montgomershire); d.22May1803 aged 71 [249] bur.25May1803 3 Arthur BLAYNEY (BLANEY) Junr b.1764 (Montgomeryshire) [1506]; d.1833 of Pwll Coed [72] Publican; bur.24Jan1833 Llanllwchaiarn + Letitia (Letty) OWEN(S) of Newtown b.1765; m.19Jun1785 [Third dau of Charles Owens and Elizabeth Hodson of Dolfor] 4 Arthur BLAYNEY b.1783 (Newtown, Montgomeryshire); d.1869; Occ. violinist (well known) [247] "Blayney the Fiddler" [852] + Sarah TIBBOT b.1790 (Llanllwchaiarn); m.4May1811 at Llanllwchaiarn [dau of John TIBBOT, weaver, & Mary HOWELS of LLanllwchaiarn] Nine children 5 Mary BLAYNEY bpt.24Apr1814 (Llanllwchaiarn) 5 Harriet BLAYNEY bpt.22Apr1816 (Llanllwchaiarn) ? d.y. 5 Sarah BLAYNEY bpt.4Apr1817 (Llanllwchaiarn) alive 1825 5 John BLAYNEY bpt.6Feb1820 (Llanllwchaiarn) 5 Harriet BLAYNEY bpt.24Jun1821 (Llanllwchaiarn) ? d.y. 5 William BLAYNEY bpt.13Oct1822 (Llanllwchaiarn) 5 Jane BLAYNEY bpt.6Jun1824 (Llanllwchaiarn) 5 Thomas BLAYNEY bpt.28Aug1825 (Llanllwchaiarn) Possibly the Thomas Blayney who was born about 1820 in "Newton, North Wales" and died in a Lead Mine accident 29Nov1875. Ancestor of some other New Zealand and Australian Blayneys 5 Arthur BLAYNEY bpt.27Mar1831 (Llanllwchaiarn); d.1903 5 Elizabeth BLAYNEY b.1827 or 1831 (Llanllwchaiarn) 5 Harriet BLAYNEY bpt.10Aug1834 (Llanllwchaiarn) ?? Third time lucky! 4 Thomas BLAYNEY bpt.25Sep1785 (Tyn-y-Coed, Llanllwchaiarn); d.1830 Third son of Arthur & Letitia of Tyn-y-Coed Occ. Harpist, won the Carmarthen Eisteddfod Silver Harp prize 9Jul1819. Noted as a renown harpist by historian Thomas PRICE (1787-1848), and his "brilliant playing" of the triple harp was responsible for its popularity in South Wales. [486] He kept a public-house at Lydney (Lydbury) Nth, near Walcot and became the family harpist to Lord POWYS in 1829 but died soon after. [247] [336] + ___ See Blayneys in Lydbury North 4 Jane BLAYNEY bpt.6Aug1793 (Llanllwchaiarn) 4 Mary BLAYNEY b.1796 d.1Mar1797 [249] bur.4Mar1797 (11mths) (Llanllwchaiarn) 4 Mary BLAYNEY bpt.3May1801 (Llanllwchaiarn) 3 Mary BLAYNEY bpt.10Nov1766 (Llanllwchaiarn); d.4Aug1775 [249] (Llanllwchaiarn)

Bettws Hall today ?4 storey section = C18th

Richard and Ursula Blayney

Bettws church 1794 [Ingleby]
3 Richard BLAYNEY b.1768 bpt.17Jan1768 of Bettws Hall [145]; d.17June1842 (gravestone [804]) Probably the Richard Blayney of Bettws Hall alive 1839 The 1839 map of "Betws Cedewain" [248] has the comment "At Betws Hall lived the 70 year old Richard Blayney." He is clearly a landowner and the 1851 census reveals his daughter Margaret head of a household of 28 at Bettws Hall, with two House Servants and six farm labourers for a farm of 280 acres. + Ursula HAMER b.1771 (Llandinam) but b.1766/7 if headstone right; m.2Nov1790; d.24Jul1851 aged 84 (tombstone [804]) 4 Dorothy BLAYNEY b.1792 (Berriew, Montgomeryshire); d.1849 4 Arthur BLAYNEY/BLANEY bpt.27Sept1794 (Llanllwchaiarn); d.1859 (Wigorn) + Elizabeth d.21Jul1895 aged 63 of Newtown) 5 Elizabeth BLAYNEY/BLANEY bpt.27Jan1822 5 Sarah BLANEY bpt.21Mar1824 5 Jane BLANEY bpt.05Jan1826 5 Richard BLAINEY b.1829 (Llanerfyl, Montgomeryshire) [Possibly wrong as father was supposedly Richard BLAINEY with the same dates as Arthur ie b.1794; d.1859 (Wigorn)] + Elizabeth DAVIES b.1828 (Llanfair Caereinion); d.1917 6 Dafydd (David) BLAINEY b.1855 (Llanerfyl); d.1904 6 Evan BLAINEY b.1857 (Llanerfyl); d.1930 6 Richard BLAINEY b.1863 (Llanerfyl); d.1907 6 Robert BLAINEY b.1866 (Llanerfyl); d.1875 6 Maurice BLAINEY b.1868 (Hafodsellar, Castell Caereinion); d.1941 6 John BLAINEY b.1871 (lanerfyl); d.1881 5 Ursula BLAYNEY (BLANEY) bpt.05Oct1834 (Bettws, Montgomeryshire) + ___ MORRIS 5 ?Arthur BLAYNEY 4 Richard BLAYNEY bpt.18Sep1796 (Llanllwchaiarn) [or23Oct1796] 4 Thomas BLAYNEY bpt.18.Nov1798 (Llanllwchaiarn) 4 Elizabeth BLAYNEY b.1805 (Llanllwchaiarn) 4 Jane BLAYNEY of Bettws Hall; b.1809 (Bettws, Cedewen); bpt.11Jan1801 (Llanllwchaiarn) d.23Dec1864; Unmarried in 1851 (census) With no heirs of Richard and Ursula, Bettws Hall subsequently passed from the family to Hugh Darby Owen (1827-1868) [who has no recorded family link that I can find] 4 David BLAYNEY bpt.10Nov1804 (Llanllwchaiarn) 4 Margaret BLAYNEY b.1811 (Bettws, Cedewen); d.1864 unm [145] 3 Thomas BLAYNEY bpt.26Jul1772 (Llanllwchaiarn) + Margaret OWENS (OWEN) b~1776; m.4May1804 (Llanllwchaiarn) [dau of Richard OWENS (farmer) & Margaret] 4 Arthur BLAYNEY b.17Aug1815; bpt.15 Aug1815 (both Kerry, Montgomeryshire) + Mary Anne HUGHES b.1818; m.9Apr1838 5 William Arthur BLAYNEY b.~1841 (Oswestry, Shropshire) + Elizabeth Joannah b.1842 6 Virginia Joannah BLAYNEY b.1863 (Torpoint, Cornwall) 6 Maud Bessey BLAYNEY b.1869 (Torpoint, Cornwall) + William Henry HOAR b.1871; m.3Apr1893 7 Six Hoar children: Maud Mary Elizabeth, Edith Louisa Jane, Dorothy Ruth, Violet Helena S, William James Nicholas and William HOAR 6 Mary A BLAYNEY b.1871 (Bradford, Yorkshire) 6 William A BLAYNEY b.1872 (Bradford, Yorkshire) 6 Arthur Richard BLAYNEY b.1875 (Sheerness, Kent); d.02Jun1927 (York, Ontario) 6 Elizabeth Harriet BLAYNEY b.1877 (Sheerness, Kent) + Arthur Robert BULMAN b.1875 [son of Arthur Robert Bulman and Ellen Haylett] 6 Rose Ellen BLAYNEY b.1879 (Sheerness, Kent) 6 Mabel Louisa BLAYNEY b.1881 (Sheerness, Kent) 6 Ida Jane BLAYNEY b.1883 (Kent) + Alfred Albert PEARCE b.1881 4 Jane BLAYNEY chr.2Jun1814 (Kerry, Montgomeryshire) 3 Jane BLAYNEY bpt.11Feb1776 d.3Jun1792 [249] (Llanllwchaiarn) +(3)Jane HUMPHREYS m.14May1733 (Bettws Cedewain) Third wife of Thomas of Llanllwchaiarn of Llanllwchaiarn d.Jan1757 bur.8Jan1757 (Llanllwchaiarn) [72]

bullet  Modern Blayneys of Newtown and Llanllwchaiarn

Clearly some Blayney families sayed in and around Llanllwchaiarn (a village on the NE border of Newtown) and eventually, with a little help, I will try to make the links (fill in the gaps).
Meanwhile here one link I have almost sorted out...

1 Arthur BLAYNEY b.1783 (?Newtown) of questionable descent; d.1869
 + Jane DAVIES  b.1792 (Montgomeryshire, Wales); m.1813; 
   d.1840 [1084] [1378] [1505] b.1792 (Montgomeryshire, Wales); 
   m.1813; d.1840 (Herefordshire, Monmouthshire) 
  2 Thomas BLAYNEY b.1816 (1814) (Montgomeryshire, Wales) 

  2 Edward BLAYNEY b.22Feb1816; See below

  2 Richard BLAYNEY b.1819 (Llandinam, Montgomeryshire) b.1819 d.22Aug1891 (Newton)
   + Jane HUNT b.1805 (Chirbury, Shropshire); d.1871 [1505]
    3 Jane Williams b.1841 (Llwynmelyn, Tregynon, Montgomeryshire); d.1905
    3 Charlotte BLAYNEY b.1845 (Kerry, Montgomeryshire); d.1916
    3 Elizabeth Blayney b.1846 (Bahailton, Kerry, Montgomeryshire); d.1940
  2 John(s) BLAYNEY b.1821 (Montgomeryshire, Wales)
  2 William (?Thomas) BLAYNEY b.5Dec1824 (Llanllwchaiarn, Montgomeryshire)
  2 Arthur BLAYNEY b.1827 (Llanllwchaiarn, Montgomeryshire); d.1903
   + Elizabeth "Blaney" b.1833
    3 Mary Margaret BLAYNEY b.1865 (Newtown, Montgomeryshire); d.11Dec1940 (Shrewsbury, Shropshire) 
     +(1) Thomas Woolfe HOLLINGS (1855-1897)
      4 Alfred Thomas HOLLINGS (1894-1961)
      4 Annie Eliza Jane HOLLINGS (1897-1970)
     +(2) Richard FOWLES b.1841 (Shrewsbury, Shropshire) He had 8 children (Alfred & Annie his step children)
  2 David Ephram BLAYNEY b.5Aug1827 Llandinam, Montgomeryshire, Wales,
    emigrating to Australia 1857 where he died in a riding accident.
    d. 25Sep1873 Champion Bay, Moonyoonooka, WA, Australia.
   + Rachael OWEN(S) b.15Jan1829; m.10Sep1853 (both Trefeglwys, Montgomery, Wales);
     d.5Jun1891 (Geraldton, WA)
     [Dau. of Thomas and Anne OWEN] 
    See DavidAussi.html for more on the Western Australian Blayney branch they established.

  2 Edward BLAYNEY b.22Feb1816 (Llandinam) [1508]; d.Jul1894 (Newton)
   + Jane Morris b.1818 (Aberhafesp); d.1902
    3 Deborah BLAYNEY b.1845 (Llandinam)
    3 Jane BLAYNEY b.1849 (Llanwnnog)
    3 James BLAYNEY b.1849 (Llanwnnog)
    3 Arthur BLAYNEY b.1851 (Llanwnnog)
    3 Mary Polly BLAYNEY b.1857 (Llanwnnog)
    3 John BLAYNEY b.Apr1858 (Trefeglwys); d.Mar1916 (Newtown)
      Had 15 children with Sarah and probably three with Mary (?extramarital)
     +(1) Mary Ann MUMFORD b.1865 (Newtown)
       [dau. of Richard and Ann Mumford]
        It would appear that the Mumford children were conceived while
        John was married to Sarah Cotterill.
      4 Sarah Jane BLAYNEY b.1879 (Newtown)
      4 Florence Bertha MUMFORD b.1888 (Newtown); d.1905
      4 Mary L MUMFORD b.1898 (Caersws, Montgomeryshire)
     +(2) Sarah Elizabeth COTTERILL b.1863 (Holywell, Flintshire); d.1955
        [dau of Louisa COTTERILL] 
      4 Sarah Jane BLAYNEY b.1881 (Newtown)
      4 John BLAYNEY b.1884 (Newtown)
       + Pollie b.1884 (Machynlleth, Montgomeryshire)
        5 John Charles BLAYNEY b.1906 (Machynlleth, Montgomeryshire)
      4 Edward BLAYNEY b.1885 (Newtown); d.1969
      4 James BLAYNEY b.1887 (Newtown)
      4 Nellie BLAYNEY b.1887 (Newtown)
      [It would appear that John fathered two more children to 
       Mary Ann MUMFORD between Nellie and Arthur]
      4 Arthur BLAYNEY b.1889 (Newtown)
      4 Owen BLAYNEY b.1891 (Newtown); d.1918
      4 Louisa BLAYNEY b.1892 (Newtown)  

Margaret Ann BLAYNEY
née BEBB

William and Margaret Ann Blayney

Arthur Gitting
Florence Mary
Pritchard née Higgins

Richard William
Trixie Ann Jane
Higgins Pritchard

Please note that
the above names are
assummed by position
and appearances.

Photos by
Abery, P. B. (Percy Benzie)
1877-1948 and accessed from

The National Library of Wales

Wedding of Trixie Pritchard and William Blayney
9th September 1939 (Llanllwchaiarn)
4 William BLAYNEY b.1894 (Newtown); d.1972 [1507] Son of John Blayney and Sarah Elizabeth Cotterill] + Margaret Ann BEBB b.~8Dec1893 (Montgomeryshire); d.Dec1950 (Shrewsbury, Shropshire) [dau. of Richard Maurice BEBB and Margaret Evans] 5 Richard William BLAYNEY b.18May1914 (Newtown); d.1973 + Trixie Ann Jane Higgins PRITCHARD b.12May1912 (Manafon, Montgomeryshire); m.9Sep1939 (Llanllwchaiarn); d.Mar1970 (Birmingham, Warwickshire) [dau. of Arthur Gitting Pritchard b.1885 (Garthmyl, Montgomeryshire); d.1942 and Florence Mary Higgins b.1885 (Leighton, Montgomeryshire); d.1945] 5 Charles Roger BLAYNEY b.1947 (Newtown); d.2009 4 Richard Henry BLAYNEY b.1897 (Newtown) 4 ?Bryan W BLAYNEY b.1897 (Newcastle Upon Tyne) 4 Fredrick BLAYNEY b.1899 (Newtown) 4 Matilda BLAYNEY b.1902 (Newtown) 4 George BLAYNEY b.1904 (Newtown); d.1974 4 Walter BLAYNEY b.1905 (Newtown)

bullet  Comment 1

Why, one might ask, does Thomas, the oldest son of a landowner (Richard BLAYNEY of Ucheldre, Bettws Cedewain and of Llwyn Coch) with close family links to royalty, along with his oldest surviving son and youngest brother, need to take up trades like wheelwrighting, shoemaking and haberdashery? Could it be the mythical "religious feud", the suggestion that they became non-conformists?

Furthermore, we see the youngest son of our Thomas (Arthur of Llanllwchaiarn) have some interesting sons. The oldest, Arthur BLAYNEY (Junr) of Pwll Coed became a publican and had two musical sons, the famous harpist Thomas BLAYNEY and the not quite so famous violinist Arthur BLAYNEY (probable father of the Thomas who died in a mine accident). The second son, Richard (1768-1842), for some reason inherited Betws Hall and farm (280 acres) and by 1851 his daughter Margaret was "head of a household of 28 at Bettws Hall, with two House Servants and six farm labourers". Could it be that this Richard may have returned to the 'established church" and thus inherited? (But from whom?)

After Richard Blayney of Ucheldre died in 1721, his 3rd wife Dorothy Newell married Arthur Howell of Castle Caereinion. Of Richard's sons, only Thomas is mentioned in his will. There is a lack of consensus as to whether this Thomas He was born to Richard's first wife (Ann Hodson), although S P Thomas and Robert Blayney suggest a Thomas was born to Richard's second (Margaret Worthington). Thomas married Anne (Ann/Anna) Jones. He was a wheelwright and/or a farmer who moved around Montgomeryshire. S P Thomas and Robert Blayney believe that his son (also Thomas) also farmed and moved, finally settling on the Vachir farm in 1778, dying 1812 and his son (yep, another Thomas) was "of Glyn Farm, Bettws" [72], [226 p30], suggesting these Thomases didn't inherit Bettws! Of the other sons of Richard, we have: James, who died in his 1st year; our Thomas (most likely identical with the other Thomas), who became a wheelwright; Richard, who married a distant cousin and had no legal heirs; and Edward who became a shoemaker. No obvious answer there.

The explanation, it turns out, is that Richard Blayney of Ucheldre and his father James were not wealthy and Richard was just leasing "Rectory or Parsonage of Bettus & all houses buildings lands tenements glebe lands by therfor to the said severall Rectory belonging", the freehold having been sold off in the 1630s, presumably by Richard's grandfather Thomas or his father James (who was living in Westminster), to the Gregynog estate (of his relative John Blayney, Thomas's father's 2nd cousin ie his 2nd cousin once removed). In fact Richard moved on to another propery, Llwyn Coch, owned by the Weaver family suggesting he was quite impecunious [145]. His sons would therefore need to obtain a trade or profession or become a merchant if they did not wish to be common labourers or farm workers.

Thomas of Llanllwchaiarn's younger grandson Richard (1768-1842) acquired the lease of Bettws Hall and property from the Owen family (? relatives), who owned the property after John Blayney then Thomas Lloyd [145].

The move to owners of Haberdasheries, then to actually being tailors, shoemakers etc during the late 1700s and early to mid 1800s in London was reflected elsewhere. A branch of Blayneys in Belfast had also become tailors and boot/shoe manufacturers by the late 1800s [857]. However even this move was not a success and the family in London turned to cabinet making [see the Blayney London], a tradition continuing off & on down to my father.

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A rather observant observation by Kevin [145] supports the conclusion that Thomas of Llanllwchaiarn is the same Thomas that married Anna Jones relates to naming traditions. We see that the children of Mary and Richard (baptised 20 Jan 1719 at Tregynog, the son of Thomas of Llanllwchaiarn) named their daughters thus:
  • Mary the eldest daughter was named after Richard's wife Mary,
  • Ruth the second eldest daughter after Richard's wife Mary's mother, and
  • Ann Ruth the youngest daughter after both the latter and Richard's own mother Anna Jones.
  • There is no Jane,
  • The relatively rare name Martha for the youngest daughter most likely commemorates the heiress Martha Loftus (wife of James)
The sons were named:
  • Thomas the eldest son is of course named after Richard's father, Thomas "of Llanllwchaiarn"
  • Richard the second son after Richard himself.
  • John the third son is named after an uncle John (a half-brother of Thomas "of Llanllwchaiarn" by his father Richard's third wife Dorothy Newell) and this uncle John, in turn, after John Hodson yeoman of Llanllwchaiarn, father of Ann Hodson.


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