The Shropshire (Salop) Blayneys (and beyond)


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Blainey and Blayney have been Shropshire surnames for over three centuries [667] yet the Christian names such as Thomas, Richard and Howell are also very common Blayney names of younger brothers of landed Blayneys of nearby Montgomeryshire.

Condover (see ChurchStoke below) is 5km south of Shewsbury in Shropshire. Also, Richard Blayney was born in Berriew (30km SW of Shrewsbury) in 1622 but lived in Broseley SE of Shrewsbury and on his death in 1683 he was residing in Wrockwardine, which is 15km east of Shrewsbury. Lichfield is another 50km east showing an easterly migration pattern of landless Blayneys into England is the probable origin of many Shropshire (and probably even some London Blayneys).

Churchstoke "on the border"


Less than 20km East of Newtown (and only 7km SE of Montgomery) is the small Mercian village of Churchstoke, while technically still in Wales (Powys), the parish is partly in the Hundred of Cawrse (Montgomery) and partly in the Hundred of Chirbury (Salop). Is is right beside Offa's Dyke.

Because the border does a loop, Churchstoke is actually East of a section of Shropshire!

The following genealogy is by Peter Blayney [636], via (John) Brian Blayney.

1 Thomas BLAYNEY
 + Tacy
  2 Thomas BLAYNEY 
    bpt.6May1704 (Churchstoke [637]) 
   + Sarah BISHOP m.1735 [1284]; 
  2 Howell BLAYNEY 
    bpt.18May1707 (Churchstoke [637])
   + Mary ROBERTS m.15May1732 (Churchstoke [637])
    3 Thomas BLAYNEY bpt.18Mar1733 (Churchstoke [637])
    3 George BLAYNEY bpt.25Jan1735 (Churchstoke [637]); bur.14Sep1809
     + Sarah MATTHEWS bpt.13Feb1736 (Condover, Shropshire [638]); 
       m.26Jun1755 (Condover, Salop [638])
      4 George BLAYNEY bpt.1Aug1756 (Condover, Salop [638])
      4 Richard BLAYNEY bpt.4Jun1759 
        (Condover, Salop [638])
       + Mary EVANS m.11Apr1779; ?bur.9Apr1797
        5 Elizabth BLAYNEY bpt.20Feb1780 (Condover [638])
        5 Richard BLAYNEY chr.7Apr1782 (Condover [638]); d.Q2 1858 (Atcham) 

Blayneys in Shropshire
This Richard fits the time, place and birthdate for the Richard who married Ann HODGES. [644] [645] [1279] + Ann HODGES m.23Apr1804 (Leebotwood, Shropshire, 10km south of Condover) 6 George BLAYNEY chr.17Aug1806 (Stapleton, 2km SW of Condover) + Mary PERKINS b.1807 (Wentnor, Shropshire); m.30Nov1829 (Stapleton) 7 Mary BLAYNEY b~1830 7 Eliza BLAYNEY b~1832 7 Harriott BLAYNEY chr.13Apr1834 (Condover) 7 Richard BLAYNEY chr.28Feb1836 (Condover) 7 John BLAYNEY chr.23May1838 (Condover) 7 Ann BLAYNEY b~1840 7 George BLAYNEY chr.02Oct1842 (Condover) 7 Samuel BLAYNEY chr.2Feb1845 (Condover) 7 Emily BLAYNEY chr.1Aug1847 (Condover) 6 Samuel BLAYNEY chr.22May1808 (Stapleton) d.5Jul1872; Farmer; Labourer + Hannah INGLE b.1810 (Church Pulverbatch, Staffs); m.13Aug1830 (Pulverbatch, 5km SW of Condover) d.Q2 1901 (Atcham, Pulverbatch) 7 Sarah BLAYNEY b.1830 (Stapleton) [1279] d.89y + Robert WALL b ~1825, Miner [son of Thomas Wall (farmer)]; m.8Jul1849 at Atcham, Shewsbury 8 Emma WALL b ~1850 7 Maria BLAYNEY chr.16Sep1832 (Stapleton); d.56y + Henry JONES chr.25May1834 (Pontesbury); m.1857 (Shrewsbury) 7 Samuel BLAYNEY Chr.14Dec1834 (Stapleton) 7 Thomas BLAYNEY b.1840 (Churton); d.1851 (Atcham) 7 Richard BLAYNEY b.1843 (Churton); d.15y 7 Jordan BLAYNEY b.1844/7 (Churton); d.66y 7 John William BLAYNEY b.1849 (Churton); chr.12Aud1849 (Pulverback); d.2yr 7 Thomas BLAYNEY b.1852 (Churton) [1279]; d.65y 6 John BLAYNEY chr.3Jun1810 (Stapleton) + Elizabeth DUGGAN b~1810; m.10May1824 (Chirbury) 7 Mary BLAYNEY b~1826 7 Elizabeth BLAYNEY b~1827 7 John BLAYNEY b~1829 7 Edward BLAYNEY b~1831 7 Lucy BLAYNEY b~1835 7 Sarah BLAYNEY b~1837 7 Hannah BLAYNEY b~1839 7 Emma BLAYNEY b~1840 6 Eliza BLAYNEY chr.1Mar1812 (Church Pulverbatch) 6 Mary BLAYNEY b~1816 (Stapleton) 6 Mary BLAYNEY chr.07Apr1816 (Stapleton) 4 Anne BLAYNEY bpt.13Sep1761 (Condover, Salop [638]) 4 Sarah BLAYNEY bpt.6Jan1764 (Condover, Salop [638]) d.15Jan1769 (Condover, Salop [638]) 4 Mary BLAYNEY bpt.29Dec1766 (Condover [638]) + Richard ANDREWS m.21Apr1794 (Condover [638]) 4 Samuel BLAYNEY bpt.7Sep1769 (Condover [638]); bur 17 Sep1769 [1279] 4 Sarah BLAYNEY bpt.12Jun1772 (Condover [638]) + Richard WILLIAMS m.6Dec1792 (Condover [638]) 4 Elizabeth BLAYNEY bpt.5Mar1775 (Condover [638]); bur.20Feb1806 (Condover [638]) 4 Arthur BLAYNEY See below 4 Hannah BLAYNEY bpt.28Jul1780 (Condover [638]) + Edward CARTER m.20Feb1812 (Condover [638])

Chester in early 1800s [805]
4 Arthur BLAYNEY b.6Jan, bpt.13Jan1778 (Condover [638]) Gardner to Sir Charles Oakley of Lichfield some 85km ENE from Churchstoke, right over Shropshire into Staffordshire (if he worked there). + Anne ROBERTS (of London); m.24Jun1802 (Shrewsbury) 5 Jordan BLAYNEY chr.1802 (<9mths!) 5 John BLAYNEY chr.20Apr1805 Monumental Mason of Chester (75km North of Churchstoke, beyond Shropshire into Wrexham) The Master stonbemason on the renovations of Chester Cathedral. + Mary Smith m.19Oct1830 6 Joseph Javis BLAYNEY b.22Sep1831 Chemist of Haslingden (in Lancashire, 70km NE of Chester) + Jane Wilson HARTLEY 7 Dr John Hartley BLAYNEY b.1858; d.1940 + Amy MARCHANTON 8 John Howard BLAYNEY b.1883; d.1945

Joseph and Adlaide Blayney

Blayneys in Shropshire & beyond
8 photo Joseph Jarvis BLAYNEY b.1885; d.1935 Badly wounded at Pasendale (WW1) + photo Adelaide STONIER d.1959 9 John Brian BLAYNEY b.1923 (living) [Supplied this genealogy] 9 Michael Hartley BLAYNEY b.1927; d.1995 7 Arthur Jesse BLAYNEY b.1860; d.1896 + Agnes PASLEY 8 Annie BLAYNEY b.1886 8 Gertrude BLAYNEY b.1889 8 Edith Mary BLAYNEY b.1892 7 Joseph Albert BLAYNEY b.1861 + Sarah Constance BANG 8 Javis BLAYNEY + ___ 9 Peter BLAYNEY 8 Mertyl BLAYNEY 7 William Herbert BLAYNEY b.1869 (Haslingden); d.1921 at sea + Mary HALSTEAD 8 Mary BLAYNEY 7 Edgar Jordan BLAYNEY b.1872; d.1873 6 Anne BLAYNEY b.1833 6 Elizabeth BLAYNEY b.1835 6 Mary Elizabeth BLAYNEY b.1837 6 Sarah BLAYNEY b.1839 6 Arthur BLAYNEY b.1841 6Jordan BLAYNEY b.1843 6John Harrison BLAYNEY b.1843 Moved as an adult to Nottingham [No.1, All Saints Tce, Walter-street, Nottingham] working as a Tailor, at No. 20, Market-street, Nottingham of the firm of Nelson and Blayney, a partnership with Thomas Nelson. This firm underwent liquidation in 1881 after a fire [856] d~1901 + Emma STEVENSON m.27May1873 dau of architect Richard and Emma Stevenson of Burton-on-Trent 7 Anne ("Annie") Gertrude BLAYNEY b.1874; d.Jan1968 (single) One of the first women to attend Bristol University and the first woman Shops and Factories Inspector in the UK. 8 Bernard ("Bert") BLAYNEY b.13Feb1895 (Nottingham) Registered as son of Emma STEVENSON so not carrying any Blayney "y" chromosome. + Elsie W COOPER m.17Dec1925 9 Peter BLAYNEY (living) Researched of much of this genealogy 9 Maureen BLAYNEY 7 Edith Kate BLAYNEY b.1876; d.1942 Matron of Chester Royal Infirmary. 7 Arthur BLAYNEY b.1878 + Lily 8 Kathleen 7 Lucy (Min) BLAYNEY b.1879 (Nottingham) + John SHAW 8 Raymond SHAW + June 9 Pamela SHAW 9 Christopher SHAW 7 Ada BLAYNEY b.1882; d.1959 Property owner + George A PRATT (widower) 8 Allan George PRATT Teacher; Railway enthusiast + Joyce 9 Roger PRATT 9 Ann Margaret 7 John Henry BLAYNEY b.1884; d~1930 Cattle dealer; butcher +(1)Sybil 8 Doreen BLAYNEY +(2)Louisa ("Louie") NEWTON b.1885; m.Jan1918; d.1960/1 Dau. of George and Thirza NEWTON Widow of Frank COSTIN (KIA WWI Dardenelles) 8 John COSTIN 8 Sybil COSTIN 8 Phyllis Mary BLAYNEY b.25Apr1918; d.11Sep2009 + Percy ("Peter") ROSE b.23Oct1913; m.1942; d.1969 Musician 9 Linda ROSE b.28Jan1943 (living in France) Researched and corrected some of this genealogy + Henry George WORTHY m.9July1971; div.Feb1988 + David SEABROOK (Civil Partner) 8 Joan Elaine BLAYNEY b.17Feb1921; d.2017 + George Guy DOVE b?1917; m.1942 (Epping) WWII Squadron Leader 144 Squadron, Bomber Command Sales Director 9 David Blayney DOVE b.4July1944; d.2002 9 Richard Blayney DOVE Two dau. 9 Elizabeth Jane DOVE 8 Christine BLAYNEY b.1924; d.2013 + Keith DOVE (brother of George); Accountant; Two children 9 Melanie DOVE 9 Nicholas DOVE 6 Agnes BLAYNEY b.1845 6 Catherine (Kate) BLAYNEY b.1847 6 Robert BLAYNEY b.1852


As noted by S. P. Thomas, S. P. [208], a number of Blayneys seemed to migrate from Montgomeryshire into Shropshire during the 17th & 18th centuries. The ancestors of Professor Blainey were in Mainstone, Shropshire in the mid 1700s through to at least 1837, but some moved south to Llanfair Waterdine and Knighton then well east to Chelmarsh on the banks of the Severn by the 1830s

See Mainstone Blayneys

Lydbury North

Not 8km east of Mainstone, one finds Lydbury North where some Blayneys are buried [208]. [628] [629] [630]

Thomas Blayney (1785-1830), the renown Welsh harpist "kept a public-house at Lydney North (sic), near Walcot, the Shropshire seat of Lord Powis". Interestingly, This Thomas was born as the 3rd son of Arthur Blayney, publican of Llanllwchaiarn. It is very possible that the inkeeper Thomas Blayney (below) was his close relative as his son was also born in Llanllwychairn.

1 Thomas BLAYNEY b~1763 bur.31Oct1830 age 67

1 John BLAYNEY ?=the John BLAYNEY bur.5Dec1798 Pauper (Lydbury North) 
 + Martha POWELL m.12Mar1748 [1283]
  2 Martha BLAYNEY bpt.18Jul1762 (Lydbury North) ?=the martha bur.28Jun1778
  2 Mary BLAYNEY Bpt.18Mar1765 (Lydbury North) 
   + Richard Powell SMITH of Lydbury North m.2Oct1775
    3 Martha BLAYNEY b.1776 or 2(1) 
  2 Charlotte BLAYNEY b~1779; d.18Nov1810 age 31 [628]
  2 Thomas BLAYNEY b~1779 (1772/3/6) "Not born in Shropshire";
    d.2Aug1853 (aged 84) [628]; Innkeeper
   +(1)Susanna BEETLE m.9Nov1789 (Lydbury North)    
    3 Mary BLAYNEY bap.10Jan1793 [1280] 
    3 Susanna BLAYNEY Bur.19Sep1794 [1280] 
    3 Thomas BLAYNEY b~1804 (Llanllwychairn); d.9Nov1863 age 59 [628] 
      Cowman and Gardener. Widowed by 1861
     + ___
      4 Arthur BLAYNEY b.1849 [130] [see Arthur Blayney below 
      4 Charlotte BLAYNEY b.Jun1851 (Scholar) (Sal, Ludlow)
      4 James BLAYNEY b.Dec1853 (SAL, Ludlow) [130]
    3 Charllotte BLAYNEY b.1809; d.20Nov1840 age 31 (Lydbury) 

   +(2)Martha/Margaret BOOLE m.5Jun1815 (Lydbury North)
    3 Jane BLAYNEY b.1816 (15/16/16/18/19) (Kerry) Waiter    
    3 Arthur BLAYNEY b~1816; d.13Nov1839 age 23 (Lydbury) [628] bur.15Nov1839
    3 John BLAYNEY bpt.7Jun1818
    3 Elizabeth BLAYNEY b.1821-26

   +(3)Elizabeth WHITEFOOT b.1792 (Berriew) (1793,6 in 1841 & 1851 censuses);
     m.21Mar1820 (Lydbury); d.17Aug1863 (aged 72) [628]; Inkeeper
    3 Henry BLAYNEY bpt.13Jun1827; d.24Jun1837 age 10 [628]; bur.27Jun1837

No Blayneys seem to appear in the Lydbury Parish Registers after about 1854 except a John BLAINEY b.1860/1

Eliza Blayney
née Hill, age 58

George M, Arthur B[R]
Emily & Annie [R] 1925

Arthur & Emily
Blayney ~1940

Doris & mum Annie
Everton (Blayney)

[L-R] Groom, Emily & dad Arthur Blayney

Movement from Ludlow to Leicestershire

1 Arthur BLAYNEY b.Jun1849 (Ludlow, Shropshire, England, which is 30km east of
  Llanfair Waterdine or 20km SE of Lydbury North); 
  Probably son of Thomas BLAYNEY b~1806/7 above
  d.1878 (Leicester, Leicestershire, England); Occ. baker (1871)
  Moved to Aston, Warwickshire, England, by 1871 Census [631] 
 + Eliza HILL b.1847/8 (Foleshill, Warwick); m.5Aug1867 (St. Martins,
   [dau. of Robert HILL and Sarah LEADBEATER] 
  2 Thomas BLAYNEY b.Mar1868 (Birmingham) [130] 
  2 Arthur BLAYNEY b.Sep1870 [130] (Aston, Warwickshire); d~1945
    Living in Leicester in 1881; Occ. shoe finisher
   + Emily BROWNSWORD b~1873 (Derby); m.Jun1892 (Leicester) [130]
    3 Lillian BLAYNEY b.1892 (Leicester)
    3 Arthur BLAYNEY b.1893/4 (Leicester)
    3 Ernest BLAYNEY b.1895/6 (Leicester)
    3 Sydney BLAYNEY b.1897 (Leicester)
    3 Annie BLAYNEY b.Dec1899 (Leicester) [130]
     + George MARSHALL m~1925
    3 Emily BLAYNEY b.Mar1908 (Leicester) [130]
  2 Ashfield BLAYNEY b~1871 (Birmingham)
  2 Jane Elizabeth BLAYNEY b.1872 (Foleshill, Warwickshire); d~1878
  2 Ann (Annie) BLAYNEY b.1874
   + Herbert EVERTON m.Sep1903 [130]
    3 Doris EVERTON
  2 James BLAINEY b.Mar1877 (Foleshill, Warwickshire) [130]
  2 John (Jonh) Henry BLAYNEY b.Mar1879 (Leicester) [130]; 
    d.Jun1879 (Leicester) [130]
    Possible John James (ie same person) 

Other Salop Blayneys

1 David BLAYNEY b~1807 (Guilsfield, Wales) [IGI]
 + Elizabeth m~1832 [IGI]
  2 Thirteen children [819]:
  2 Elizabeth BLAYNEY
  2 Mary BLAYNEY
  2 David BLAYNEY (Guilsfield) chr.20Mar1836 (Guilsfield)  [IGI]
   + [?Elizabeth GRIFFITHS or Jane SAVAGE] m.Dec1876 Llanfyllin [130]
     which is 10km from Guilsfield 

David Owen Blayney
? 3 David Owen BLAYNEY (Guilsfield) d.1932 + ?Mary MORRIS m.Mar1882 [130] 4 Alan (Allen) David BLAYNEY b.1899 (Wem, Shropshire) + Martha F CLAWLEY m.Dec1919 (Ellesmere) [130] 5 Eva BLAYNEY of Ellesmere Shropshire + ____ 6 living + living CHADWICK 7 Blayney ___
2 John BLAYNEY 2 Jane BLAYNEY 2 Joseph BLAYNEY b.Mar1841 [130] 2 Richard BLAYNEY 2 Eliza BLAYNEY b.1845/6 2 William BLAYNEY ?b.Mar1851 [130] 2 Mary BLAYNEY (again) b.1849 2 Eleanor BLAYNEY b.Jun1850 (Montgomery) 2Thomas BLAYNEY b.Mar1852; bpt.04Apr1852 (Guilsfield) 2John BLAYNEY b.Mar1852; bpt.04Apr1852 (Guilsfield) + ?Emma Evans m.1912 [634]

A Rev Richard BLAYNEY, great-grandson of Sir Arthur BLAYNEY was curate then priest at Stoke upon Tern (Salop) 1736, then he moved to Whitchurch where he was Schoolmaster in 1743 and Deacon by 1746 [632]

The Register Booke of the parish of Clunbury, Anno Domini (Orig published 1901) Vol 1 Shropshire Parish Registers UKGenealogy Online Lewes BLAYNEY bur.2Oct1602 Dorathy BLAYNEY bur.23Dec1636 Martha BLAYNEY + John EVANS m.20May1792 Mr Thomas Blayney mar, Mrs Mary Phillips 10 Apr 1638

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