Canadian BLAYNEYs

Please note that this page is in a state of frequent update and correction as more information comes to light and I get informed. At present a significant contribution has come (an is continuing to come) from Fred BLAYNEY who is completing a book on BLAYNEY history which we hope will be published shortly.


[1] "Late" U.E. Loyalists from US to Norfolk (James Blayney)  

[2] Ontario Blayney/Blaneys of Tyrone, Ireland, ancestor: David Lloyd Blayney (Wales)  

[3] Frederic(k) Blayney (1871-1946) of New Brunswick  

[4] New Brunswick Place Names of Irish Origin  

[5] Lynnville and Windam Blayneys  

[6] BLANEY families  

[7] Titbits -various bits & pieces not fitted in yet  



[1] The cross border influx of United Empire Loyalists

The close of the American Revolution, and the consequent influx from across the border of thousands of United Empire Loyalists, were ultimately responsible for the clearing of Norfolk soil, initially in lumbering operations. Many of the Loyalists who arrived in Norfolk in the closing years of the eighteenth century were attracted to the area around Charlotteville, an ideal centre for the lumber industry.

Others followed, seeing land grants a good opportunity to make a fresh start and were known as "Late United Empire Loyalists". Among them was James BLAYNEY. James as a youth came from Basking Ridge, Morris County, New Jersey to Norfolk County in the 1796 McCall settlement party and married Phoebe Fisher. They lived in Charlotteville Township.

Norfolk County
original seven

• Charlotteville
  (now = Delhi)
• Houghton
• Middleton
• Townsend
• Walsingham
• Windham
• Woodhouse

A small hamlet named BLAYNEY existed in Norfolk after 1889, and still exists. BLAYNEY is west of Simcoe in the historic Charlotteville (now Delhi) area on "The Ninth", Regional Road 1 (McDowell Rd, at the crossroad with Yuell Rd) between hamlets of Greens Corner and Glenshee (or Pine Grove). BLAYNEY post office opened 1908, closed 1919. Population in 1913, 10, in 1973, 70. [N 42 47.306 W 080 26.024] [971]

'A Loyalist Journey - The Long Point Settlement' is a permanent exhibit at Eva Brook Donly Museum, in Simcoe. The Display starts with a large mural depicting a Loyalist family, in a cart with oxen, arriving in dense forest. The Loyalist story is told in five panels: Trouble in the Colonies; Who Were the Loyalists?; Escape to Canada; Settlement; and Loyalist Legacy. The display is enhanced with artifacts of the period, some of which were donated by member Fred BLAYNEY, UE. [972], [973]

1 James Henry Porter BLAYNEY (l766-1848) Born in Downpatrick, 
  Co Down, Ireland -about 70km ENE of CastleBLAYNEY, 
  Emm. 1784 to USA (?New Jersy), moving to the Canadian Norfolk region in 1796 where 
  he worked as a farmer and possibly a school teacher, eventually settling in 
  Charlotteville.  He was a School Commissioner in 1842 (Charlotteville Minute Book)
  Bur. Oakwood Cemetery, Simcoe, ON 
 + Phoebe Fisher b.1783; d.1874. They had six sons and seven daughters.
   Bur. Oakwood Cemetery, Simcoe, ON

  2 James BLAYNEY of Blenheim m.1834(5)
   + Mary Ann GARDINER
    3 James Milton BLAYNEY b.20Dec1836 (Canada); living in Noble, Wabash, IN. in 1880; farmer
    d.20May1913 (Wabash, IN.); bur Falls Memorial Gardens, Wabash, IN.
    See family of James Milton Blayney in USBlayney page

John (& Lorena)

Lorena (& John)

John Lovelace
Blayney (b.1867)

Robert Oscar
Blayney (1890)

James Edward

Thomas Hr
"Harry" Blayney

Sarah Jane Davis
née Blayney

Sarah Jane BLANEY
& ancestor
2 John BLAYNEY b.Apr1793 [76y10m at death], (although claimed to be 60 at 1861 census.) b.Ireland; d.28Feb1870 [976], [904] (Norfolk, Ontario) + Lorena LOVELACE b.14Nov1804 [65y3m18d at death] (or b.15Dec1803, Fort Erie, Niagara, Ontario); d.2Mar1870 [976], [904] 3 Mary Ann BLAYNEY b.1824; d.1878 +(1) William CHRISTIE b.~1823 (Ireland); d.~1867 4 Alexander CHRISTIE b.~1864 +(2) Levi WARNER m.4Aug1869 (Mersea, Essez, Ontario); Farmer 4 [Four children, Thomas, William, Robert and Sarah] 3 John BLAYNEY b.2Mar1828; d.5Apr1900 (Lynnville, Norfolk County, Ontario) + Jane B BAILEY b.1838; d.1915 4 James BLAYNEY d.1870 4 John W BLAYNEY b.28Jul1861; d.18Feb1864 (Lynnville) 4 James E BLAYNEY b.22May1863; 24Feb1864 4 photo John Lovelace BLAYNEY b.1867; d.1938 (Simcoe, ON.) + Mary BURCH b.1873; d.1949 5 Lloyd L BLAYNEY b.1909; d.1909 4 Eleanor ("Nellie") G. BLAYNEY b.18Jul1868 [983]; d.19Aug1901 4 Robert Oscar BLAYNEY b.27Jan1872 (Norfolk, Ontario); d.20Oct1937 + M Eva McINALLY b.1875; d.1943 4 photo James Edward BLAYNEY of Lynnville b.1875; d.1931 + Alice May Kellam of Lynnville; b.6Apr1874 (Windham Township, Norfolk Co., Ontario [983]; m.4Nov1896 (Windham); d.1910 [983]; bur. Lynnville Comm. Cem.; m.4Nov1896 at the home of her father, James F. Kellam (Windham) 2 son b.1899 (Windham) 2 Clinton Laverne BLAYNEY b.1901 d.1902 (6 months), in Windham 4 Eliza Eda ("Edith") BLAYNEY b.26Jul1877; 21Feb1900 4 Thomas Henry ("Harry") BLAYNEY b.7Aug1881; d.1956 [983] + Mary Evelyn CAMERON (CANTELON) b.1886; d.1973 3 Sarah Jane BLAYNEY + ___ DAVIS 3 Emily BLAYNEY + ___ LEAR 3 Eight other siblings This line probably relates to other BLAYNEYs of Windham, Lynnville, Norfolk Co, Ontario. See Windham 2 William BLAYNEY (BLANEY) b~1814 (Ontario); d.1880 [1185] Occ. Farmer; Origin Irish; Relig. Wesleyan Methodist + Ophelia (Phile) Amelia GORDINIER [984] [1185] b.30Nov1819 (NY); m.23Jan1839 (Talbot, Norfolk, Ortario); d.26Dec1907 (Wayne Co., MI.) [dau of Peter J GORDINIER (1787-1867) and Julianna WOODWARD (1793-1882)] 3 Emily BLAYNEY d.16Feb1875 (Townsend, Norfolk, Ontario) 3 James Fisher BLAYNEY b.Aug1855 (Ontario); d.1940 (Grass Lake, Jackson Co., MI) Occ. farmer at Townsend, Woodhouse then Yarmouth, Elgin East, Ontario +(1)Margaret ANDREWS b~1855 of Woodhouse, dau of James & Jane Andrews, m.30Mar1876 (Woodhouse) [984]; d.1877 in Townsend bur. in Simcoe Cemetry 4 Margaret BLAYNEY b.1877; d.30Mar1879 [2yr & 3mth old] [912] +(2)Sarah Eleanor Adelaid Sanderson b.1860, d.1948 m.13Feb1878 in Delhi, Norfolk, Ontario [daughter of John B. & Mary Ann Sanderson] 5 Flossie Fern BLAYNEY b.1889; d.17Sep1903 (Jackson Co., MI age 14 (Appendicitis) 5 Lena L A BLANEY b.20Oct1895; d.15Nov1973 (Madison Heights, Oakland County, MI.) +(1) Otto John Ruben Sullivan m.1Dec1915 in Detroit, Michigan +(2) Adam L. Kozloski m.1May1922 (Wayne Co., MI.) 6 Ruth Eleanor Reichardt néeKozloski b.15Dec1922 (MI.); d.18Aug2004 (FL.) 3 William BLANEY b.1857 Ontario 3 Mary BLANEY b.1861 Ontario 3 John BLAYNEY b.1864 Ontario 3 Cathrine BLANEY b.1868 Ontario 2 Mariah BLAYNEY b.1Sep1820; d.6Jul1900 (Charlotteville, Norfolk Co) 2 Charlotte BLAYNEY + Nelson Vail 3 Serena Vail d.1939 + John Douglas 4 Bert Douglas 2 Richard Hatt BLAYNEY b.1825(2) of Townsend Ontario d.28Jun1892, from whom the Cherry Valley BLAYNEYs descend. Bur. Greenwood Cemetery, Waterford, Ontario + (Sarah) Jane Louisa (Lewis) BLAYNEY b.1827(3) d.10Aug1907 Bur. Greenwood Cemetery, Waterford, Ontario 3 Calista b~1850 3 John Walter BLAYNEY (BLANEY) b.1852 d.15Apr1930 Farmer of Norfolk Townsend Officer 1885, 1910. ?Townsend Township poundkeeper 1889 Bur. Greenwood Cemetery, Waterford, ON + Mary E. b.1853 d.1927 Bur. Greenwood Cemetery, Waterford, ON 4 Delbert BLAYNEY b.1880 d.1882 Bur. Greenwood Cemetery, Waterford, ON 4 (R) Percy Delmer BLAYNEY (BLANEY) of Waterford b.24Sep1882 (Townsend Twp, Norfolk, ON;) d.24Jan1944 Bur. Greenwood Cemetery, Waterford, ON + Mabel WILSON b.1886/80; m~1906; d.1969 Bur. Greenwood Cemetery, Waterford, ON 5 Fred Elgin BLAYNEY b.23Aug1907 d.5Oct1980 Bur. Greenwood Cemetery, Waterford, ON [981] + Hazel Aileen YOUMANS b.29Oct1908 m.2Apr1930 d.1Mar2004 Bur. Greenwood Cemetery, Waterford, ON sister of Lloyd YOUMANS [981] 6 living daughter 6 living daughter 6 Donald Marvin BLAYNEY b.7June1936 d.15Oct1989 Bur. Greenwood Cemetery, Waterford, ON + Mary E. BARHAM 7 BLAYNEY, Living F. 7 BLAYNEY, Living F. + Living Sparling M. 8 Living Sparling M. 5 Helen BLAYNEY b.Dec1909 ??= Helen Winnifred BLAYNEY d.May2007 age 97

Alice Mary BLAYNEY
5 Alice Mary BLAYNEY b.1916; d.2009 + Elmer LEWIS 5 Gordon BLAYNEY 5 Merrill BLAYNEY b.15Apr1913 d.1976 + Hazel Jane MARSHALL (daughter of George Marshall of Wilsonbille) b.1911, d.29Sep2001 (St. Marys, ON) [970] [1012] 5 Ruth BLAYNEY + __ STALKER 5 Dorothy "Jean BLAYNEY" b.~1923; d.11July2018 (age 95) (Simcoe, ON.) Friend of Fern Foster 5 Harry D. BLAYNEY b.1926 d.1998 Bur. Greenwood Cemetery, Waterford, ON. + Lois C. GOVENLOCK b~1926; d.Jul2004 4 Winnie b.1893 d.1894 (1 year 2 months 17 days) Bur. Greenwood Cemetery, Waterford, ON 4 Alice BLAYNEY b.1884 d.1887 Bur. Greenwood Cemetery, Waterford, ON 4 Lewis BLAYNEY of Cherry Valley, Townsend b.1895 d.12Mar1930 (age 35) at Simcoe, inquest. Bur. Greenwood cemetery, Waterford [969] 3 Roxie (Roxey) Jane BLAYNEY b.1855 d.12Nov1908 Hamilton ON of Typhoid Fever bur. Greenwood Cem. Waterford, ON + Edgar G OLMSTEAD b.1858 m.6Feb1878 d.1916 Farmer (Son of Araldo OLMSTEAD and Mary A Bur. Greenwood Cemetery, Waterford, ON 4 Ethel Grace OLMSTEAD b.1891 in Tyrell, ON 4 Lily OLMSTEAD b.1896 4 Lancelot OLMSTEAD b.1898 4 Clark OLMSTEAD b.1899 3 Elda (Ella) BLAYNEY b~1860 m.13May1879 Hagersville Haldimand Co; d.10Feb1886 at Tyrrell (at home of her father) age 27. Bur. Greenwood Cemetery, Waterford, Ontario + Oscar JOHNSON b~1858, farmer of Boston, Ont., Townsend Son of Abram and Mary JOHNSON 4 Del JOHNSON 4 Cora JOHNSON 3 James Delbert BLAYNEY b.5Jun1861 Ontario farmer, Townsend m.1882 + Charlotte Luella LEMON b.1864 d/o John & Jane Lemon; m.15Mar1882 4 Dr York BLAYNEY b.21Aug1892 (Tyrell, Simcoe, Ont.) d.29Mar1973 High River, Alberta [978] [980] [986] Served for 1 rear in WWI with the Canadian Field Artillery, then returned to Canada to complete his medical studies before returning in 1917 as a Medical officer and stayed as a GP in High River for 50 years where with colleague Dr Harold Soby he instituted a form of health care whereby members paid an annual fee in return for medical care throughout the year. +(1)Isabel Vivian BUTCHART b.09Oct1891 (Carrick Twp, Bruce Co, Ontario); d.12Apr1968 dau of Edward Neal BUTCHART and Maria B MOYER 5 Dr Edward Bruce BLAYNEY b.1920; d?2002 GP in High River like his father + Dr Margery ("Dr Marge") McClean BLAYNEY née FRASER b.30Dec1924; m.1949; d.4Sep2018 Anaesthesiologist; Foothills School Board Chairman [dau of William and June FRASER] 6 Keith BLAYNEY [hi namesake!] Head Golf Course Superintendent (Edmonton, Alberta) + Vicky 6 Neil BLAYNEY (also a golfer! CGSA President) 6 Susan BLAYNEY + Bill MacKILLOP 6 Pam BLAYNEY + Don WEGENER

Dr Marge Blayney

Keith Blayney

Neil Blayney


James Leonard Blayney

Frances (Weiser) Blayney

5 James Leonard BLAYNEY b.22Oct1922 (High River, Alberta); d.7Jun2003 (CA.) Grad University of Alberta in 1944; Occ. Electrical Engineer. Emm. to Pennsylvania then California in 1955 as a Seismologist with the California Institute of Technology. Purchased desert land 22km east of Palmdale on eastern slopes of "Lovejoy Buttes", (a mountain range), Ranch now used in the film industry. See more at Blayney Ranch + Frances (Fran) Pearle (Gill) WEISER b.25Jun1928; m.1955; d.Dec1992 Children born in USA in purple 6 Stephen (Steve) Brooks BLAYNEY b.8Feb1951 6 Randall (Randy York BLAYNEY b.24Mar1958 + Lisa Luella SIMMONDS m.14Feb1983 7 Candace L BLAYNEY b.6Apr1986 7 Cassandra L BLAYNEY b.27Sep1989 7 Tiffany Grace BLAYNEY b.26Nov2003

Randall & Lisa

Tiff, Cass & Cand

Randall Blayney, LA Chapter

Alan John Blayney

Rob Mark Blayney

Mark, Debra & Donald Blayney
Paul Blayney
5 Alan John BLAYNEY BSc b.26Oct1924 (High River); Worked 40 years for Chevron (including 4 in Trinidad and Tobago) d.11Jan2010 [1010] + Jean (of Calgary) 6 Douglas (Doug) BLAYNEY 6 Mark BLAYNEY d.v.p. 6 Deborah BLAYNEY d.v.p.1997 6 Donald BLAYNEY d.v.p. 6 Robert "Mark" BLAYNEY b.13Oct1956 (Edmonton, AB.); Wildlife Technician; Worked raising and releasing falcons. d.17Mar2006 (Cancer) (Calgary AB.) + Debra 7 Donald BLAYNEY 6 Bill BLAYNEY b.1959 + Debbie 5 Dr Robert York BLAYNEY b.1928; d.2008 [1050] +(1) __ [6 Gregory (Greg) York BLAYNEY (1954 -1972) bur. Highwood High River] [980] 6 Paul BLAYNEY occ lecturer, School of Business, University of Sydney (Australia). See [985] 6 Michael BLAYNEY 6 Erin Eileen BLAYNEY 6 Rebecca Jillian BLAYNEY +(2)Kath 5 Vivian Marie BLAYNEY Occ. Nurse + Mr DOUGAN 6 Barbara DOUGAN 6 Janet DOUGAN 6 Laura DOUGAN 6 ?Les +(2)Hertha 4 Lana BLAYNEY, (f), b.1883 d.14Dec1884 (1yr 3mths) Townsend, [Congestion of the brain] 4 Lazelle BLAYNEY b~1888 (Simcoe, Ontario) d.197? Edmonton, Alberta + Mr COOPER 5 Arden 5 Marion

Harold Hardrada Blayney
4 Harold Hardrada BLAYNEY b.3Apr1897 (Simcoe, Ontario) d.1917 (Victoria B.C.) of wounds sustained in France serving with the Canadian Expeditionary Forces Infantry (d.1Jul1927 on headstone) 2 Aquilla (Azurulla) Walsh BLAYNEY b.1825 (Ontario); Youngest child. d.02Oct1900 (Townsend), Bur. Oakwood Cemetery, Simcoe, ON Occ. Farmer. Relig: Wesleyan Methodist; Origin: Irish [1871 Census] The Renton Village BLAYNEYs descend from him. + Mary COWAN b~1828 d.27Oct1894 in Townsend. Niece of David Cowan, the ?gardener to George Washington. 3 Henry BLAYNEY b.1853 [47 in 1901 Census] farmer of Charlotteville, Townsend m.1880 d.1922 Bur. Oakwood Cemetery, Simcoe, ON + Sarah Elizabeth RENTON of Townsend b.1855 [45 in 1901 Census] d/o James RENTON & Ann LEONARD m.1Jun1880 (Townsend); d.1926 Bur. Oakwood Cemetery, Simcoe, ON 4 xxxx 4 Estelta BLAYNEY b.23Oct1884 (Townsend) d.22Oct1899 (peritonitis) Bur. Oakwood Cemetery, Simcoe, ON 4 Annie BLAYNEY of Townsend b.22Nov1887 (Simcoe) [13 in 1901 Census] + Harry HALL of Townsend, m.1Jun1910 age24 at home of her father [son of Charles HALL and Carrie BUCK] 4 Mary Elizabeth BLAYNEY b.13Sep1889 [11 in 1901 Census] (Townsend); d.22Apr1908 of typhoid fever in Townsend; Bur. Oakwood Cemetery, Simcoe, ON 4 Minnie BLAYNEY b.1893 d.1894 4 Muriel BLAYNEY b.1896 (ON) [5 in 1901 Census];

Roy Bancroft & Muriel Blayney
d.30Dec1924 (Wentworth Ontario) age 29 + Ormond Roy BANCROFT b.~1895 [22 when married] m.22Sep1917 (Simcoe, Norfolk, Ontario) [son of David BANCROFT & Ida IRISH] 4 Leonard Aquilla R BLAYNEY b.8Jun1899 [1 in 1901 Census]; d.26Mar1943; Bur. Oakwood Cemetery, Simcoe, ON + Beatrice Eileen PORTER b.26Feb1899 (Townsend Twp) m.26Feb1920 (Jarvis, Halimand, ON) d.1974; Bur. Oakwood Cemetery, Simcoe, ON dau of Arthur Porter b.10May1869 d.Jul1935 & Rebecca Irvine b.7Feb1868 d.20Jul1939 Ontario 5 James Henry Porter BLAYNEY (?namesake of his gr-gr-grandfather) b.12Jul1924 d.9Feb1986 (Kelowna, British Columbia) + Carlie HAYNES b.1930 - ob 6 living dau 6 living son 6 living dau 5 living BLAYNEY + living Fisher 6 living dau 5 ___ BLAYNEY b.6May1939 d.6May1939 [979] 3 James Cowan BLAYNEY b.Oct1849 (2yr at 1851 census) Ontario; d.May1915 Fruit Farmer Townsend, Norfolk North, Ontario + Hannah McKIM b.1856(7) Ontario; m.1879; d.1920 4 Clarence Leslie BLAYNEY b.1885 Townsend Twp, ON d.1969 Bur. Oakwood Cemetery, Simcoe, ON + Margaret Jackson Hair b.1889 in Townsend Twp, ON d.1991 Bur. Oakwood Cemetery, Simcoe, ON 5 living BLAYNEY 5 living BLAYNEY

Tom and Violet Blayney

Dora and Fred Blayney pictures
4 Thomas Aquilla BLAYNEY b.21Aug1887; d.01Oct1956 Simcoe, Ontario + Violet Gertrude SCHUYLER b.12Mar1887 (Simcoe, Ontario); m.19Sep1917 (Townsend Twp, Ontario) d.11Mar1981 (Waterford, Ontario) dau of Isaac Wesley SCHUYLER b.25Dec1859 d.11Dec1943 Ontario, & Sarah Ann Irvine b.10Jan1860 d.16Nov Ontario, Canada 5 Fred Maurice BLAYNEY BSc(Pharm) occ Pharmacist b.19Sep1919 (Renton, Ontario, Canada); d.24Aug2017 Owned and operated Blayney Pharmacy in Waterloo then worked on the Pharmacy team at St Mary's Hospital + Dora Mae NIXON b.21Nov1927; m.24Jun1953 occ Teacher (French and Latin) Fred and Dora Mae BLAYNEY began collecting settlers' effects in the early 1960s. They founded the Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery in 1956 [1292] They also organized and raised money for UNICEF d.27Apr2015 (Kitchener, ON. Canada) 5 Kathleen Winnifred BLAYNEY b.3Jun1922 (Townsend Twp, Ontario) + Harry Blake BARCLEY b.19Feb1920 (Toronto, Ontario) m.15Jun1946 (Renton, Ontario, Canada) 6 dau BARKLEY + ___ RASHLEIGH 6 Mervin Blayne BARKLEY b.10Oct1955 (Toronto, Ontario); d.5Nov1987 (Vancouver, British Columbia) 5 Eulah Joyce BLAYNEY b.13Jun1928 (Simcoe, Ontario) + Alex(ander) Cameron MacTAVISH b.29Jan1928 (Mosa Twp, Middlesex Co., Ontario) m.26May1956 (Renton, Ontario) 6 three children. 4 Phoebe Elizabeth BLAYNEY b.1890; d.1956 3 Phoebe BLAYNEY (BLANEY) b.1851 m.1873 d.1927 Bur. Oakwood Cemetery, Simcoe, ON + Francis (Frank) Swan McCALLUM b.1846 d.1939 Bur. Oakwood Cemetery, Simcoe, ON Son of son of John McCallum and Frances Swan 4 J. Aquilla McCALLUM 5 Clara McCALLUM 5 Marion McCALLUM 4 Francis Stanley McCALLUM b.1877 d.1880 (run over by farm waggon age 3) Bur. Oakwood Cemetery, Simcoe, ON 4 Harvey McCALLUM + Vinetta 5 Lorne 5 Marorie 4 Bertha Victoria McCALLUM b~1883 m.1903 + Edward Romine HALL b~1882, 21, farmer, Ontario, Townsend Son of Nelson HALL & Ida MANDEVILLE 5 Phoebe Armina HALL + Lloyd Ambrose YOUMANS, brother of Aileen YOUMANS who married Fred Elgin BLAYNEY 3 Elizabeth BLAYNEY b.1856 d.1857 Bur. Oakwood Cemetery, Simcoe, ON 2 Elizabeth BLAYNEY d.1856 + Andrew F WILLSON b.1805 3 Seven children, Henry, Israel, Alvin, Sylvester, Mary Ann. Theresa & Caroline


[2] The Tyrone (Ireland) Blayney/Blaney descendants of David Lloyd Blayney (Gregynog, Wales)

Also known as the "Ottawa Blayneys"

David Lloyd BLAYNEY (1523-1595) of Wales had three famous sons, Sir Edward BLAYNEY, the first BLAYNEY Lord (Ireland); Lewis BLAYNEY, who stayed in Wales to continue the loyal BLAYNEY family (based at Gregynog Hall, Montgomery, Powys) and lesser known Captain Thomas BLAYNEY, whose second son, John, used the surname BLANEY. See Blaney.html

Here I will give a simple direct line genealogy to connect to Canada, for more detail see Blaney.html. Different sources have used either Blayney or BLANEY for some individuals and unless I do a lot more research, I cannot be absolutely sure which form was used by each individual.

1 John BLANEY b.1598 (Eniskillen); d.1648 (Ulster, Ireland)
  2 John BLANEY b.1625 (Eniskillen); d.25May1662 (Derry, Ulster)
    3 Henry BLANEY b.27Dec1660 (Londonderry)
      4 John BLANEY b.1681
        5 Cadwallader BLANEY (Chadwallader) b.1705; d.1794
          of Dromore, Co. Tyrone, Ulster, Ireland
         + Rebecca Woods b.1712 (Co. Tyrone); m.1732 (Clogher Diocese, Co. Armagh); d.1743
           [dau. of Anthony Woods b.1687 and Sarah HAMILTON b.1687]   
          6 Ambrose BLAYNEY (BLANEY) b.1740; d.1785 (both Outerard, Co.Tyrone, Ulster, Ireland)
            See Blayney-Sproule-Steele page or below:
           + Jane Steele b.1745 (Dullaghan, Co. Tyrone)
            Two sons Chadwallader and George Blaney travelled from Ireland with the Bartons,
            to New Brunswick [Canada] were George and his wife stayed with some of their children 
            [while] the rest continued on finally to Prescott County. [909]

            7 Chadwallader (Cadwallader) BLAYNEY (BLANEY) b.1768 (Dullaghan, Co. Tyrone)
              d.1855 (East Caledonia Twp, Prescott Co., Ontario, Canada) [975] [909]
              Relig: CE.  Occ: Farmer  NB Chadwallader BLANEY in the Census [977]
              See also BLANEY page 
             + Mary Sproule b.2Aug1768 (Dullaghan, Co Tyrone); m.1790 (Dromore, Co Tyrone), 
               d.1855 (East Caledonia, Ontario, Canada) [331] [909]

              8 Jane (Jennie) BLAYNEY (BLANEY) b.1792 (Dullaghan, Co. Tyrone, Ulster);
                m~1815 (Dullaghan; d.22Aug1871 (West Hawkesbury Twp., Prescott Co., Ontario)
               + Oliver BARTON b.1787 (Co Fermanagh, Ireland); d.31Jan1874 (West Hawkesbury)
                9 Nine children: Thomas, Gustavus; George, Mary A., Atchison J., 
                  Sarah J., Margaret, John J. and William BARTON 
              8 Ambrose BLANEY (BLAYNEY) b.1794(8) [975]
                Dullaghan Co. Tyrone, Ireland d.1885
               + Elizabeth SMITH b.1800; m.1820 (Dullaghan) d.1869,
                 [daughter of John SMITH and Ann RALSTON (Rolston)] 
                9 Anna (Anne) BLANEY (BLAYNEY) b.1818(20),
                  Co. Tyrone d.1880
                 + Andrew Buchanan (1st marriage).
                   He then married Rebecca b.1855 in 1881 [975]
                9 John BLANEY (BLAYNEY) b.1822, Co. Tyrone, Ireland
                9 Mary BLANEY (BLAYNEY) b.1824
                 + David Clements b.~1814; m.13/15Oct1846 (Dromore) [1398] see also [972] [382] 

9 Elizabeth (Bessie) BLANEY (BLAYNEY) b.1826 + John Johnston b. (Dromore); m.6Jan1849 (Dromore) [1398] d.(Zearing Marshall Co IA.) 9 Martha BLANEY (BLAYNEY) b.1826 (Dullaghan Co Tyrone) d.1880 (Zearing IA.) + John Gilmore. b.1831 (Dullaghan Co Tyrone), d. (Zearing IA.) 9 Rebecca BLANEY (BLAYNEY) b.1831 Dullaghan Co Tyrone d.1900 Liberty Twp, Marshall, IA.. + Hugh BLANEY (BLAYNEY) b.1830; m.3Sep1856 [1398] [son of Henry [Harry] Steele BLAYNEY and Frances HARPER] em.1888; d.1894 Liberty, Marshall Co IA. Hugh was her 1st cousin once removed. 10 See Hugh for children 9 Chadwallader (Chad) BLANEY (BLAYNEY) b.1832 in Dullaghan, Co Tyrone 8 James BLANEY b.1797 (Dullaghan, Co Tyrone) Depends on which geneaolgy one looks at, this was either: 8 James BLAYNEY b.1797 who married Martha RINCHEY 1832 parents of Elizabeth Blayney Somerville (NZ) [1449]; or 8 James BLANEY b.1806 who married Eliza TEMPLETON 8 Oliver BLAYNEY b.1805 (Dullaghan Co Tyrone) d.1859 (West Hawkesbury, Ontario); Labourer [Previously confused with Oliver (1801-1868), s/o Henry Steele BLAYNEY & Mary CRAWFORD] +(1)Lucinda (Lucy) LOVELACE b.1800 (Outerard twd, Ireland); m.1831 (Prescott Co., Ontario); d.1844 (East Caledonia Canada) 9 George BLAYNEY (BLANEY) b.2Feb1831; ?d.y.

Fanny Jane Blayney CALDWELL & 7 kids 1901 [click either pic to enlarge]
"The Big 6", Montesano's famed Caldwell Brothers, Fanny & "Little Sister Lucy"
9 Frances (Fanny) Jane BLANEY b.15Sep1833 (Ontario); d.15May1907 (Montesano, Greys Harbor Co., WA.) + Henry CALDWELL b.20Feb1824 (Prescott Co.); m.07Oct1858 10 Seven children: William R., Lucinda J., John L., Oliver B., Henry Jr., George A., Charles B. CALDWELL 9 Cadwallader ("Chad") BLANEY b.26Jul1834 (Lochiel Twp, Prescott Co.) d.1913 (S. Plantagenet Twp., Prescott Co.); Labourer + Jane CALDWELL b.3Dec1834 (S. Plantagenet Twp); m.21Jan1862 Prescott Co.) d.10Jul1913 [910] [dau of Henry CALDWELL (1783-1864) and Francis ROBINSON (1792-1871) and sister of Nancy CALDWELL, who married Oliver Blaney] 10 John Caldwell BLANEY b.30Mar1867 (Riceville, Ontario), d.1941 (Quebec) [911] + Melissa REID b.1857; d.1932 [911] [dau of Jacob REID (1825-1894) & Lydia Jane PRESLEY (1827-1921) 10 William Thomas BLANEY b.12Sep1869 (Cambridge Twp, Russell Co); d.17Feb1934 (Linn, IA.) 10 Charles Frederick (=Fred C.) BLANEY [910] b.11Aug1870 (Cambridge Twp, Russell Co) d.1938 (both E. Caledonia Twp) + Clara LONG b.1876/7; m.17Dec1913 (Fornier, Prescott0; d.1951 (E. Caledonia Twp) 10 Henry Edwin BLANEY b.1872 (Cambridge Twp, Russell Co, Ontario); ob + Catherine RILEY b.1861; ob [dau. of George Reily (1810-1886) & Elizabeth Higginson (1821-1888)] 10 James Oliver BLANEY b.21Apr1873 (Cambridge Twp, Russell Co); d.1954 + Annie Edith Rosie GRIFFITH b.18Jun1883 (Beckwith Twp, Lanark, Ont); d.12Apr1950 11 Frederick A BLANEY b.1924; d.4Jan1982 11 Frances M BLANEY b.1926 (Franktown, Beckwith, Lanark, Ont); d.1952 10 Francis ("Frank") Robinson BLANEY b.15Nov1875 (Cambridge Twp, Russell Co); d.4Mar1937 (Winnipeg) + Frances Matilda Maud MADDEN b.12Nov1881 (Mountain Twp, Dundas, Ont); m.12Feb1902 (Carleton Co., Ont); d.10Dec1969 (Vancouver, BC) [Joseph Anderson Madden (1854-1945) & Sarah Adeline Hall (1859-1936)] 11 Newman Francis BLANEY b.1905; d.25Jul1936 (Winnipeg) + Constance Aline Hackford JACKSON b.1906 (Chesterfield, Derbyshire); m.4Nov1924 (Winnipeg); d.5Feb2001 (BC) 10 Clara BLANEY b.1879 (Cambridge Twp, Russell Co) 10 Jennie Pearl BLANEY b.27Jun1890 (Russell, Ontario); d.23Jul1971 + Ernest William BEARD b.9Sep1871; m.1931; d.24Sep1944 [son of William Henry BEARD (1828-1904) & Charity Maria PALMER (1834-1899)] Jennie was his 2nd wife, after Eunice Jane Baird 1880-1916) and before Carrie Alberta Taylor (1871-1902)

Mary Ann BLANEY b.1838


Nancy W (Caldwell) and
Oliver Blaney II b.1840


William Thomas, Catherine M V (Tweed)
and Charles E Blaney

Nancy Winona Blaney

Winona and Sister Molly Blaney


Rosemary P Blaney

Thomas A TWEED & Mary L Blaney


Martha J C Blaney 1901

Martha J C & Hugh Tweed 1901


Ada Elizabeth Blaney 1909

Frances, Mary & Maggie Dec1946

9 Mary Ann BLANEY b.1838; d.14Aug1876 (all Prescott Co.) + Robert A. JOHNSTON b.31May1838 m.8Aug1861 (all Prescott Co.); 10 Six children: Lucinda (Lucy), Campbell, Albert, BLANEY, Mary (Mennie) and Annie JOHNSTON 9 Oliver BLAYNEY (BLANEY) b.07(17)Oct1840 (Caledonia Flats, Vankleek Hill, Prescott Co.); d.16Oct1918 (E. Caledonia Twp); Farmer [909] + Nancy Wallace CALDWELL b.13Jan1838 (S. Plantagent Twp.) m.14Jan1861 (Riceville, Ontario); d.10Jun1914 (E. Caledonia Twp) [dau. of Henry CALDWELL (1783-1864) and Francis ROBINSON (1792-1871) and sister of Jane CALDWELL, who married Cadwallader Blaney] 10 Frances Lucinda BLANEY b.27Apr1862 (Riceville); d.27Jun1949 + Alexander Warden JOHNSTONE (1887-1954); m.15Aug1882 [Not Frances S BLANEY b.~1862 (Riceville) who married one William Johnstone (1855-1928)] 10 Margaret ("Maggie") Amelia BLANEY b.1Jan1865(1864) (S. Plantagent Twp.); d.15Dec1954 + Elias (Eli) Frances HUGHES b.10Nov1869; m.26May1890; Three children 10 Henry Caldwell BLANEY b.25Mar1867(1864) (S. Plantagent Twp.); d.16May1924 10 William Thomas (Tom) BLAYNEY (BLANEY) b.12Sep1869 (S. Plantagent Twp.); Farmer (Riceville) d.17Feb1934 (Cedar Rapids, Linn Co., IA) + Catherine Mary (or Mary Catherine) Victoria TWEED b.28Mar1872 (E. Hawkesbury Twp.) m.11Mar1890 (Russell, Russell Co) [dau of Charles Hindman TWEED and Mary Levina (Ann) BLANEY] 11 Rose Pearl LAROCQUE (Adp) b.1907 (Saskatchewan, Canada) Adopted by William and Catherine. [dau of Arthur Alexander LAROCQUE & Pearl Edna WALKER] + Albert Edward BLACK b.1903; m.7Jul1927 (Winnipeg, MB) [son of Adam BLACK & Agnes McADAM] [1429] 12 Robert BLACK 11 Charles Edwin BLAYNEY (BLANEY) b.04Oct1895 (Medora, MB); d.16Dec1959 + Jean Stuart McDONALD d.1960 12 Rosemary Patricia ELLISON née BLANEY b.1926 11 Mary Ann (Molly) BLANEY b.16May1898 (Medora); d.8Aug1982 11 Nancy Winona BLAYNEY (BLANEY) b.3Sep1900 (Medora); d.18Nov1968 10 Mary Lovina BLANEY b.26Aug1873/1874 (S. Plantagent Twp.) d.7Jul1962 (Medora, MB) +(1)Ranson GREEN +(2) Thomas Alexander TWEED b.21Aug1873 (East Hawkesbury) d.25Apr1928. (MVA) [son of Charles Hindman TWEED and Mary Ann LaRocque BLAYNEY] 11 children 10 Martha Jane (Caldwell) BLANEY (BLAYNEY) b.24Sep1876 (S. Plantagent Twp.); d.10Apr1918 (Alsask, Canada) + Hugh Lough TWEED b.1869; m.1Aug1901 11 Osborne Russell TWEED 11 Minnie Alberta TWEED and two others 10 Oliver Wellington BLANEY b.30Jun1879 (S. Plantagenet); d.22Jul1968 10 Livingston Winfield BLANEY 18Jan1882 (S. Plantagenet); d.27Aug1972 + Euphemie Ann ROWE b.20Apr1886; d.1953 [dau of Henry ROWE b.28Apr1864 and Maggie b.11Mar1864] 10 Ada Elizabeth BLANEY b.10Apr1885 (S. Plantagenet, Ontario) d.13Mar1962 9 Amelia BLANEY b.1842 (1839) + Charles JOHNSTON 9 Lovelace BLAYNEY (BLANEY) b.1844 + Jane REID +(2)Jennie (Jane) GORDON b.1813 (Londonderry, Ulster, Ireland) m.28Dec1846 (Plantagenet,Ontario) [2nd wife of Oliver BLAYNEY b.1805] 9 Martha BLANEY b.1849 (South Plantagenet Twp); d.1849 9 Nancy BLANEY b.1851 (South Plantagenet Twp) 9 Charles Oliver BLANEY b.15Sep1852 (South Plantagenet Twp) d.29Sep1928 (Roxborough Twp.) + Christie McLAURIN b~1850 (Tayside, Stormont Co, Ontario); m.14Jul1875 (Roxborough Twp.) 10 Arthur MacPherson BLAYNEY (BLANEY, BLANE) b.1872 (Glengarry Co., Ontario); d.unm 10 Oliver Daniel (Dan) BLAYNEY (BLANEY) b.15May1876 (Roxborough Twp, Stormont Co) d.12Dec1939 (Sheridan, WY.) + Mattie Ellen DICKIE b.18Jul1887 (WY); m.23Oct1905 (Ucross, WY.); d.1983 (Sheridan, WY) 11 Edith Cora BLAYNEY (BLANEY) b.24Oct1906 (Council Bluffs, IA.); d.4Aug1998 (Sheridan) + Mark Brook BADGETT 10 Eight children: Floyd B., Alfred E., Arthur T., Barbara J., Maurine P., Mark D., Virgil E., and a Living BADGETT 11 Gordon Albert BLAYNEY (BLANEY) b.30Nov1911 (Ucross, WY.); d.1980 (Greybull, WY.) + Crystol La Vaughn BRUMMETT b.5Feb1913 (Passaic, IA); d.27Jan1996 (Billings MT) 10 Sharon BLANEY 10 Zane Gordon BLANEY 11 Daniel McLAREN BLAYNEY / BLANEY) b.6Aug1917 (Sheridan, WY); d.29Aug1990 + Isabel Dorothy KUSEL 11 Samuel Dickey BLAYNEY (BLANEY) b.6Aug1917 (Sheridan WY.); d.2May1978 (Casper, WY.) +(1) Vivian SNOW +(2) Isabel Coe McNAB b.6Nov1921(Evanston, Il); d.29Mar1969 (Sheridan WY.) 10 Isabel McNAB BLANEY + Odean Belmont GROFF 10 Coe James McNAB BLANEY 11 Frank James BLAYNEY (BLANEY) b.26Apr1921 (Ucross, WY.); d.7Nov1950 + Elizabeth Teresa REGAN 10 Jock BLANEY 11 Ralph (?Frank) Peabody BLAYNEY (BLANEY) b.27Aug1923 (Monarch, WY.); d.08Oct1980 (Sheridan) + Ruth Ann SCHREIBELS 11 Clorabelle BLAYNEY (BLANEY) + Walter Alcott GARLAND 10 Alexander "Lovelace" BLAYNEY (BLANEY) b.15Apr1878 (Roxborough Twp.) 10 Frank Vail BLAYNEY (BLANEY) b.1Aug1880 (Roxborough Twp.) 10 Maude Jennie BLAYNEY (BLANEY) ("Tinkess") b.12Mar1884 (Roxborough) 10 Edith Margaret BLAYNEY (BLANEY) b.14Oct1889 (Roxborough) 8 George BLAYNEY (BLANEY) b.1807, d.9Feb1854 (West Hawkesbury, Ontario) + Margaret Hunter b.Feb1818 (Antrim), m.4Jan1836 (Grenville, Quebec), d.21Jan1891 (West Hawkesbury, Ontario) 9 Ann BLANEY b.17Dec1838; d.25Oct1903 (both West Hawkesbury Twp, Prescott Co) 9 Cadwallader BLANEY b.1Dec1840; d.13Feb1907 (both West Hawkesbury Twp) 9 Jane BLANEY b.1842(4); d.11Nov1882 (both West Hawkesbury Twp) 9 John BLANEY b.14Aug1844; d.13May1915 (both West Hawkesbury Twp) 9 Susan BLANEY b.1850; d.1861 (both West Hawkesbury Twp) + John PATTEN m.10Oct1877 (West Hawkesbury Twp) 9 Margaret Mina BLANEY b.23Jun1852 (West Hawkesbury Twp); d.18Jun1909 (L'Original Twp., Prescott Co.) + Robert RENNICK (2 children) 8 Charles BLAYNEY b.1808 (Dungannon, Co., Tyrone); d.9Feb1892 (Ontario, Canada) (??1854) Em. from Tyrone to Canada 1931 (Hawkesbury then Caledonia Flats) + Jane BARTON b.1812 [1095] (Fermanagh, Tyrone), m.1830 d.22Jun1874 (East Caledonia, Canada) [dau of George BARTON and Mary BLAKELY] d.22June1874 (aged 61yrs 7mths) [976] 9 Robert BLANEY was born 30Nov1830 Co., Tyrone, Ireland Farmer in Caledonia, Prescott Co., Ontario; d.13Sep1911 (East Caledonia Twp, Prescott Co.) + Mary Anne RENWICK b.1843 (East Caledonia); m.22Jul1863 (Fenaghvale, Caledonia, (Prescott Co.) [Sister of Hannah RENWICK and Agnes RENWICK, James RENWICK and Simon RENWICK and dau of James RENWICK (1814-91) and Nancy Nicholson (1815-1891)] 10 James A. BLANEY b.22Jun1868 (E. Caledonia Twp); Farmer d.Jun1940 (S. Plantagent Twp, Prescott Co.) + Annie SMITH b.1875; twin of Sarah; m.29May1894 (S. Plantagent Twp); d.Apr1940 11 Russell BLANEY b.24Mar1895 (S. Plantagent Twp); d.Mar1984 (S. Plantagent Twp) + Margaret MacGREGOR (McDonald) b.1890; d.1972 (both S. Plantagent Twp) 11 Edith Mae BLANEY b.11Feb1897; d.14Dec1981 (both S. Plantagent Twp); + Garent McCAULEY 11 Arthur James BLANEY b.18Oct1900(1899); d.14Dec1981 (both S. Plantagent Twp) + Helen Isabel KELLY b.1900 (Fournier, Prescott Co.,) m.Sep1921; d.1988 [dau. of Thomas and Midget Kelly, Ontario] 12 Gwendolyn Cora BLANEY + Graham RUSSELL 13 Three children) 12 Edith Mae Jean BLANEY + Edwin Charles B FOSTER 12 Kathleen Lois BLANEY + Donald FOSTER 12 Florence Ethel BLANEY [914] + Everett MacLEAN 12 John Hampton Lloyd BLANEY b.1938; d.Jul1940 (both Ontario) [914] 11 Hubert BLANEY b.1901 (S. Plantagent Twp) 10 George BLANEY b.24May1864 (1867) (E. Caledonia Twp); d.1Apr1943 (E. Caledonia Twp); Farmer + Margaret HILL; m~1899 (S. Plantagent Twp); d.Apr1940 11 Rolland BLANEY + ___ 10 Margaret BLANEY + Harold SCOTT (1909-1972) 11 [Five children] 10 John BLANEY b.26Apr1868 (E. Caledonia Twp); d.1871 (Drowned) 10 Henry BLAYNEY b.22Aug1870 (E. Caledonia Twp); d.1940 + Janet ("Jennie") GALBRAITH 1877-1959 (both E. Caledonia Twp) 10 Alice BLANEY b.8Jan1872; d.1956 (both E. Caledonia Twp); + John A. BROWN m~1895 10 Janet (Jeanette) BLANEY b.1875 (E. Caledonia Twp) + George GALBRAITH b.1875 10 William Frederick ("Fred") BLANEY b.16Mar1877 (E. Caledonia Twp); d.1959 + Charlotte COLBRAN b.13Apr1890 (E. Caledonia Twp); m.23Jan1907 [913]; d.1984 They moved to Milestone, Saskatchewan [913] 11 Harold BLANEY b~1910 11 Lorne BLANEY b~1910

Mabel and Glen Mallory
11 Mable BLANEY b~1910; d.2000 age 90 + Glen Cliffe MALLORY b.11Dec1905 (Iowa); m.6Jan1934 [913] 10 Jonathan BLANEY b.10Mar1879 (E. Caledonia Twp) + Annie HILL Widow of Jack Smith ,font color="green"> 11 Jean SMITH 10 Lorne BLANEY b.20May1881 (E. Caledonia Twp) 10 Lauren BLANEY b.2May1882 (E. Caledonia Twp) 10 Sarah BLANEY b.2Aug1884 (E. Caledonia Twp) 9 George BLANEY b.4Aug1833 (Dullaghan, Co Tyrone, Ulster); d.Apr1920 (Kenyon Twp, Glengarry Co., Ontario) + Angus (Agnes(s)) RENWICK b.9Jul1836 (Caledonia, Ontario); of Scottish descent); m.1863; d.21Jul1903 Sister of Hannah RENWICK and Mary Anne RENWICK, James RENWICK and Simon RENWICK and dau of James RENWICK (1814-91) and Nancy Nicholson (1815-1891) 10 Robert James BLANEY b.29Apr1864 (E. Caledonia Twp); d.1943 10 Charles BLANEY b.10Jan1866 (E. Caledonia Twp, Prescott Co., Ontario) d.10Feb1928 (Ontario), Bur. Maxville Cem, Stormont. + Louisa Ann SMITH (SMYTH) b.4May1867 (or 1871) (S. Plantagenet, Prescott, Ontario); m.20Jun1892 (Prescott Co); d.1947; Seven children incl: 11 Lena Lathian née BLANEY b.30Aug1888(1893) (S. Plantagent Twp) 11 Jessie BLANEY b.12Nov1895 11 Ada Gertrude BLANEY b.23Feb1897; d.1986 + William Arnold WEEDMARK b.1899; d.1968 (both Ontario) 11 Stanly Charles BLANEY b.24Mar1899; d.18Mar1920 11 Laurel BLANEY b.24Mar1902 11 Florence BLANEY b.Nov1907 11 Charles Edward BLANEY b.1909 (1911); d.1999 + Doris Margaret MacDONALD b.4Sep1917 (Maxville, Glengarry, Ontario) 12 Joan BLANEY + Dwight Chadbourn 12 Douglas BLANEY + Angie 12 Sue BLANEY + Paul Chapman 12 Neil BLANEY + Shirley 12 Charlene BLANEY + Ken McCordic

Donnie Blaney

Janice & Donnie Blaney
12 Donald ("Donnie") BLANEY b.~1950; d.6Jun2017 + Janice RIELLY 11 David BLANEY + Melanie MARTEL 11 Krystopher BLANEY + Allie Lewis 10 Simon BLANEY b.8Aug1867 (E. Caledonia Twp); d.2Mar1935 Port Alberni, BC + Lena Elizabeth RANDALL b.1Jul1875 (Port Ludlow, Jefferson County, WA.) m.13Feb1895; d.9May1966 (Vancouver BC) 11 Charles Frederick BLANEY b.10Dec1895; d.22Feb1961 (both BC) + Annie Mabel COPELAND m.25Jun1927 (Vancouver, BC) 11 Frank Jones BLANEY b.27May1903; d.14Feb1947 (both BC) 10 Thomas (Tommy or Tom) Barton (S) BLANEY b.8Apr1872 (Ontario) d.27Jul1920 (car vs train crash, Maxville, Ontario) + Margaret (Maggie) Jane ROWE b.10May1880 (Riceville, Ontario); m.1900; d.27Jul1920 (as above) 11 Serson (?Thurston) BLANEY b.1902 (Kenyon Twp, Glengarry Co, Ontario); d.1971 11 Harold BLANEY b.1904; d.29Nov1972 (both Ontario) + Mary Ann MacLEAN b.1906; d.1976 12 Walter Maclean BLANEY b.21Sep1931; d.24Dec2012 (both Ontario) + Connie KIPPEN b.3Jun1933; d.25Jan2017 (both Ontario) Teacher; Sports and Charity Volunteer [Dau. of Donald R. KIPPEN and Kathleen MacBAIN] 13 Allan BLANEY 13 Bruce BLANEY 12 Margaret ("Margie") BLANEY b.1945; d.20Jan2004 + Brian ARKINSTALL 11 William ("Willie") George BLANEY b.7Mar1906 (Kenyon Twp); d.27Jul1920 (with parents) 11 Hazel May BLANEY b.1910; d.1910 10 Nancy BLANEY b.16Jan1871 (?1875) (E. Caledonia Twp); d.1932 (E. Caledonia Twp) + Alexander GORDON (deserted before birth of Annie) 11 Annie Laurie GORDON b.Jul1895 10 Wilmer BLANEY b.8Jan1875; d.1955 (both E. Caledonia Twp) + Elizabeth O. FLORENT b.1890; m.9Apr1891; d.1971 10 Caroline BLANEY b.13Sep1878 (E. Caledonia Twp); d.1932 (Prescott Co) + Robert E SMITH 9 Mary BLANEY b.1834 (Lochabar Bay, PQ); d.17Dec1904 (06) (Prescott Co., Ontario) + William BARTON b.1816/1825 (Co. Fermanagh, IRELAND); m.28Sep1858 (Caledonia); d.13Nov1889; (13 children) Previously married to Eliza Jane HOLMES d.1857 9 Sproul (Sproule, Sprule) BLANEY (BLAYNEY) b.4Dec1837 (E. Caledonia Twp); d.30Nov1916 (Alfred, Prescott Co), bur 1Dec1916; Farmer + Margerite McNEIL b.1844 (Grenville, Quebec); m.9May1866 (E. Caledonia Twp.); d.21Aug1927 (Wright, Quebec); [908] [1474] 10 Mary Ann BLANEY b.9Jan1867 (Alfred, Prescott Co) 10 Charles BLANEY b.8Sep1868 (Alfred Twp) 10 Jane Frances BLANEY b.30Aug1870 (Alfred Twp); d.16Dec1935 (Avoca, Quebec) + John ("Jackie") KELLY b.10Apr1862; m.5Jan1897 (S. Plantagenet Twp.); d.9Apr1923 10 Veziah BLANEY b.2Jan1873 (Alfred Twp) + Sydney West KELLY m.5Jan1897 (S. Plantagenet Twp.) 10 James George Crawford BLANEY b.1Feb1876 (Alfred Twp) unm 10 Susan Dorothy (Dorcas) BLANEY b.9Feb1878 (Alfred Twp); d.17Feb1941 (Wright, Quebec) + James DERBY b.12Aug1867, m.1906, d.26Jun1948 (b. & d. Wright, Outaouais Region, Quebec) [Brother or close relative of James below] 10 Rebecca Barton M. BLANEY b.10Mar1879 (Alfred Twp); d.24Jul1941 (Wright, Quebec) + Hugh DERBY b.1871; m.1909; d.23Apr1939 (b. & d. Wright, Outaouais Region, Quebec) [son of James D Derby (1828-1915) & Agnes Courtney (1831-1908) and proble brother or close relative of James above] 10 Walter Gilbert BLANEY b.23Sep1883 (Alfred Twp); d.31Jan1976 (Perth, Ontario) + Agnes Gertrude (?Margaret) DERBY b.1887; m.24Apr1911 (Alfred Twp); d.1976 11 Sarah Margaret BLANEY b.12Sep1912 9 James Henry BLAYNEY b.1836 (East Caledonia Twp, Prescott Co, Ontario); d.8Aug1906 (Vankleek Hill, Prescott); Farmer [1450] Not to be confused with the James Henry BLAYNEY (1834-1906) born in NB but living and dying in Prescott Co. who married Ellen Downing. It is unclear which James actually died 8Aug1906. + Hannah RENWICK b.4May1838 (North Renfrew, Bromley, Ontario); m.9Jan1861 (Hawkesbury West, Prescott Co., ON); d.27/28Jul1910 Sister of Agnes, Mary Anne, James RENWICK and Simon RENWICK and dau of James RENWICK (1814-91) and Nancy Nicholson (1815-1891). 10 Mary Ann BLANEY b.20/30Mar1862; d.10May1937 (Caledonia, Prescott Co.) + Arnold ROSS (farmer); b.19Dec1859 (Caledonia, Prescott Co., ON) m.16Jun1885 (Vankleek Hill, Prescott Co.) [2 children] [son of George Ross and Margaret Erskine] 10 Jane BLANEY b.5Jul1865; d.13Mar1918 (mv.) + William Henry ROSS (farmer); b.~1861; m.18Oct1887; (both Caledonia, Prescott Co., ON) d.3Oct1922 (Vankleek Hill, Prescott Co., ON) [5 children] [bro. of Arnold and son of George Ross & Margaret Erskine] 10 William Irwin /Erwin Thomas BLANEY b.27Jun1866; d.23Aug1911 [1450]
William T & Susannah

Lowell Blaney

Juna Brown BLANEY
BLANEY 1870-1911
+ Mary Susannah (or Susannah M [1095]) ("Susan") ROSS b.25Mar1866 (North Renfrew, Bromley, Ontario); m.5Apr1897; d.4Aug1955 After William died she continued farming with both her sons until 1955 [dau of Arnold Joseph ROSS and Mary GALBRAITH] 11 Earl Ross BLANEY b.16Feb1898; d.Nov1955 11 Ernest Renwick BLANEY b.16Dec1900 (Caledonia, Prescott Co., ON); d.6Jun1922 [1450] + Pearl Luella JOHNSTON b.19Apr1908; m.11Dec1929; (both Plantagenet North, Prescott Co., ON); d.18Mar1977 (Cornwall, Stormont Co., ON) [dau. of Charles Johnston and Annie Jane Wylie] 12 Lowell BLANEY [1450] Prepared the history of the Pendleton United Church Riceville-Pendleton Pastoral Charge Central Treasurer District Deputy Grand Master 1992/3 Eastern Ditrict Masons 60 year Mason Pin 2016 + Juna BROWN b.~1931; d.7Sep2013 (Ontario) [Dau. of Roy Brown and Lillie Eastman] 13 Shirley BLANEY + Paul Shaule 13 Douglas BLANEY + Cathy 14 Stephanie BLANEY (Mark) 14 Brian BLANEY 13 Sharon BLANEY + Donald Pollard 12 Marina BLANEY + Ivan Robillard 12 Gordon BLANEY + Marion Rigg 12 Lyman BLANEY + Myrna Wylie 12 Velma Grace BLANEY b.1934 (Sandown, Prescott Co., ON); d.26Aug2002 (Prescott Co., ON) + Willard PRESLEY b.~1930; m.1953; d.20Dec2002 (Winchester, Stormont Co., ON) [2 children] 12 Infant son Lyall (b. & d.Mar1956) and 12 Infant son Desmond b. & d. May1960) 11 Mary Galbraith BLANEY b.11Jul1903; d.1988 11 Winnifred ("Winnie") White BLANEY b.Nov1906; d.21May2004 + Henry James SCOTT b.1907; m.2Aug1928; d.21May2004 (Ottawa); [3 children] [son of Moses Scott and Mary Jane Doucette] 10 Albert BLANEY b.5Jul1868; d.<1871 10 Margaret BLANEY b.7Aug1870; d.20Apr1911 9 Sarah Jane BLANEY b.20Aug1840 (Caledonia, Ontario); d.30Aug1918 (Saskatchewan, Canada) + James Jr ("Jim") RENWICK b.4Apr1840; m.26Aug1862 (Vankleek Hill, Prescott Co.) brother of Simon RENWICK, Hannah RENWICK, Agnes RENWICK and Mary Anne RENWICK and son of James RENWICK (1814-91) and Nancy Nicholson (1815-1891) 9 Charles BLANEY b.1841 9 Jessie BLANEY b.1844; d.1925 (both East Caledonia Twp, Prescott Co.) + Simon ("Sam") RENWICK b.25Nov1846 (Caledonia Twp); m.23Jul1867 (E. Caledonia Twp); d.1924 Brother of of Hannah RENWICK and Agnes RENWICK, Mary Anne RENWICK, and James RENWICK and son of James RENWICK (1814-91) and Nancy Nicholson (1815-1891) 9 Margaret (Maggie) BLANEY b.1847 (St Sholastique, Quebec); d.23Feb1885 (Prescott Co.) + Daniel (Dan) COLLIGAN b.12Feb1840 (East Caledonia), m.22Jul1866 (E. Caledonia Twp); d.24Jan1904 [8 children] Subsequently married Marie Louise CHATELAIN m.1888 [1 child]  

Sproul(e) Blayney

Margaret Blayney

Henry A Blayney b.1835

Phoebe S M Blaney
8 Sproul(e) BLAYNEY (BLANEY) b.1809(17) (Dullaghan, Co. Tyrone) d.29Jan1883 (East Caledonia Twp, Prescott Co., Canada [976] [909] Note his grave in Fenaghvale Caledonia Twp, Ontario has him as "SPROUL BLANEY" not "Sprule BLAYNEY" [908] + Margaret JOHNSON b.~1827 (Co. Fermanagh, Ireland), m.1844 (East Caledonia, Canada), d.22Nov1898 (East Caledonia) [908] [909] 9 Charles BLANEY b.1845 (East Caledonia Canada) 8 Amelia BLANEY b.1810 (Dullaghan, Co., Tyrone, Ireland); d.1881 (East Caledonia Canada) [909] + Charles Sproule b.1809 (Co., Fermanaghm, Ireland), Farmer m.12Nov1839 (N. Plantagenet, Prescott Co., Ontario, Canada) [909] 9 Eight children: Ann, Mary, Sarah, Esther, Elizabeth, Rebecca, Charles and George SPROULE [909] 7 George BLANEY (BLAYNEY) b.1769 (Dullaghan, Co. Tyrone, Ulster); d.18Mar1858 (BLANEY Ridge, New Brunswick, Canada) + Catherine Amy BROWN b.1780 (1784); d.20Aug1854 [274] [973] (BLANEY Ridge New Brunswick Canada) [Dau of James and Margery BROWN] 8 Alexander BLANEY b.1798 (Dullaghan, Tyrone); d.22Mar1869 (New Brunswick) +(1)Sarah Ann GRAHAM b.1809 (0/7/8) (Donegal), m.11Mar1830 (Prince William); d.24Mar1848 (Blaney Ridge, New Brunswick, Canada) 9 Catherine Mary BLANEY b.1831 (Blaney Ridge, NB.); d.8Oct1892 (Magundy, Prince William, York, NB.) + James HENRY b.1815 (Co., Antrim, Ireland); m.1Jan1856 (Fredericton, York, NB.); d.6Jan1889 (Magundy, Prince William, York, NB., Canada) 10 Seven children 9 Margaret BLANEY b.27Jul1834(8) (Prince William, York, NB.); d.15Sep1866 (Fredericton, York, NB.) 9 Henry A BLANEY b.15Apr1835 (Magundy, York Co., NB.); d.16Dec1921 (Maple Ridge York Co., NB.) + Phoebe Sinclair MORGAN b.9Jun1849 (Rusagonis, Sunbury County, NB.); d.18Nov1921 (Millville, York Co., NB.) [dau of Alexander and Sarah Ann MORGAN né CRABB] Ten children 10 Sarah Ann ("Annie") BLANEY b.1868; d.1946 10 Catherine A. Blaney b.1870 (Maple Ridge); d.1873 10 ?George John E BLANEY b.1874; d.1950 10 Margaret Jane "Maggie" BLANEY b.1875; d.1931 10 Henry Alexander BLANEY b.1878; d.1884 10 James Gilbert BLANEY b.3Aug1881; d.25Jul1959 (both Maple Ridge) + Margaret ("Maggie") Melvina LOCKARD b.14Jan1885 (Millville, York Co.) d.1982 (Maple Ridge, York Co., NB.) [dau of James and Priscilla Thankful LOCKARD né BRADBURY] 11 Arthur Melvin BLANEY b.5Apr1910 (Maple Ridge) d.13Apr1997 (NB.,) + Celeste Marie MacLEOD b.1920 (Moncton); d.12Sep2002 (Fredericton, York Co.)

Douglas HOYT

Pat Louise Ames

Ruth P Thornton

Laurence A Blaney

Gerald Gilbert Blaney

Henry James William
[dau of Noble and Mary MacLEOD née McLEESE] 12 Anne Celeste BLANEY b.1Aug1946 (Moncton, Westmorland Co.); d.21Nov2008 (Fredericton, York Co.); Nurse + Douglas (Doug) George HOYT b.25Dec1938 (Hainesville, York Co); d.11May2014 (Fredericton, York Co) 13 (1 child) 11 Phoebe Priscilla BLANEY b.8Dec1911; d.1985 (both Maple Ridge) + Harold F BLIZZARD b.1909; d.1980 (Maple Ridge) 12 (2 children: Charles "Melvin", Murray Allen BLIZZARD) 11 Pearl Louise BLANEY b.6Apr1914 (Maple Ridge); d.5Aug2001 (York Manor, Fredericton, NB.) + Bryon Bertramd ("Bert") HOLYOKE b.21Nov1919 (Kingsclear, York County, NB;); m.13Apr1938 (Southampton, York, NB.); d.11Oct1998 (York Manor, Fredericton, NB.) 13 Patricia Louise "Pat" AMES née HOLYOKE b.8Nov1941 (NB.; d.23Aug2018 11 Thelma Elizabeth BLANEY b.1916; d.19Oct1988 (Woodstock) + Samuel Richard MORGAN b.5Jun1913 (Cloverdale, Carleton Co., NB.) d.26Nov1973 (Cloverdale) 12 Glenn S MORGAN b.1953; d.1979 (Cloverdale) + Kathy L b.1958; d.2001 11 Laurence ("Larry") Allen BLANEY b.8Mar1918 (Maple Ridge) Flying Officer (Pilot), Royal Canadian Air Force; SN J/29884 d.21Feb1945 (KIA over Germany when the E-Easy, 419 'Moose' Squadron Lancaster he was flying was hit by flak.); See his story [1370] bur. Reichswald Forest War Cemetery [1371] 11 TRP. Murray Elwood BLANEY b.1922 (Maple Ridge); d.31Aug1944 (Normandy, France) (KIA); SN g/23573 28th Armd. Regt., British Columbia Regiment, RCAC See Commenorative Cert 11 Gerald Gilbert BLANEY b.1926 (Maple Ridge); d.6Mar2018 (Fredericton, York Co.); Pipefitter + Ruth Pearl THORNTON b.1929 (Central Waterville, York Co.); m.10Aug1949 (Waterville); d.7Apr2019 (Woodstock, Carleton Co.) [dau. of Hazen THORTON and Pearl BARROW] 12 Dale Edward BLANEY b.16Mar1950; d.29Apr.1950 (both Fredericton, York Co.) 12 Theresa BLANEY, 12 Audrey Reid BLANEY + Clifton REID 12 Kevin Blaney 11 Henry James William ("Bill" or "Billy") BLANEY b.01Oct1931 (Maple Ridge) Former Mayor of Millville d.24Aug2014 (Saint John Co., NB.) + Joanne MEADE 12 Elizabeth BLANEY (John) 12 Tim BLANEY (Chris) 12 Vicki BLANEY 12 Suzanne BLANEY (Roger) 12 Steven BLANEY (Joy). 10 Ethel Georgia BLANEY b.1883; d.1949 10 Uda Viola BLANEY b.1886; d.1978 10 Elizabeth BLANEY b.1887 10 Clifford Melvin BLANEY b.1Jan1890; d. 20Nov1942 (both Maple Ridge, York Co., NB.) + Ethel May McELWAIN b.30Nov1891 (Temperance Vale, York Co., NB.) d.30Mar1967 (Temperance Vale, York Co., NB.) 11 Arnold Levi BLANEY (Corporal) b.7Jun1915 (Maple Ridge); d.28Sep1975 (NB.) + Madeline Margaret CLARK b.1919; d.18Jul2002 (Fredericton, York Co.) [dau of Holly B and Mary Jane CLARK née CARR] 11 Harold Arthur BLANEY b.16Oct1917 (Temperance Vale, York Co., NB.); d.1991 + Etta Bernice SHARPE b.17Mar1918 (Nortondale, York Co., NB.) d.2Oct2009 (Carleton Co., NB.) 10 Edith Bernice BLANEY b.30Mar1939; d.15Apr1939 (both Maple Ridge) 10 Donald Lawrence BLANEY b.28Nov1948; d.13Dec1949 (both Maple Ridge) 11 George A Blaney b.1925 (NB.) d.1925 (NB.) 11 Betty Jean BLANEY b.1927 (Millville, York Co.); d.1990 + Frederick GRAY b.19Mar1908 (Saint John Co., NB.); m.23Dec1946; d.7Jul1957 (Woodstock, Carleton Co., NB.) Private Carleton and York Regiment [son of John Alfred and Mary GRAY née CROSSMAN] 12 (3 children: Margaret Ann, Allan F and Henry Archer GRAY) 9 Jane BLANEY b.21Oct1839 + William HOOD, b.10Jan1837 (Magaguadavic, York, NB.); m.23Jul1863 (NB.); d.1920 (Magaguadavic, Prince William, York, NB.) [son of George Hood and Sarah McKee] 10 Eight Children 9 George BLANEY b.17Apr1841 d.14Oct1909; Farmer +(1) Margaret A Hammond b.16Oct1849 (New Brunswick, Canada); m.~1865; d.1906

George Judson Blaney

Emma & George J

George Judson & Emma Blaney & children

Laura Almeda Blaney

Effie Pearl Blaney

Harvey & Esther Blaney

Nina Blaney
& James Semple

Muriel Blaney
née Peery
[dau. of William Hammond Jr and Rebecca Long] 10 Iradore BLANEY b.1876 (York, NB.) 10 W Judson BLANEY b.1878 +(2) Charlotte Mae Stairs b.12Mar1853 (Southampton New Brunswick); d.1936 Previously m. to Charles ROWELL ("walked out on Charlotte") 10 Martha Maude BLANEY b.10Jun1873 (Hartfield, York, NB); d.23Jun1968 Presumably also adopted by George Blayney + Samuel Lockhard DAVIDSON b.1870; m.19Dec1895; d.1939 11 Eight children 10 George Judson Rowell BLANEY b.13May1877 (Southampton New Brunswick); d.1945 [Son of Charles ROWELL but adopted by George Blayney]; Farmer +(1) Emma Mildred KNOX b.1884; m.26Jun1901; d.1929 11 Baby BLANEY b.1901; d.1901 (Southampton, York, NB.) 11 Laura Almeda BLANEY b.2Jun1902 (Maple Ridge); d.6Nov1964 (Hampton, Kings, NB.) + Arthur Alfred HARRIS b.1897; m.15Sep1928; d.1957 12 Three children 11 Effie Pearl BLANEY b.25Mar1904 (Southampton, York, NB.); d.23Jan1936 (St. John, NB.) + Norman Edward CRAFT (Croft) b.1906; m.31Oct1933; d.1977 12 Three children 11 Dr Harvey Judson Smith BLANEY Th.D (Boston); b.21Dec1905 (York, NB); d.07Oct2000 (Miami, FL.) Minister / Pastor / Teacher / Lecturer (Church of the Nazarene) + Sara Esther MOSHER b.1906; d.1993 12 David BLANEY b.1935 + Fran 13 David J. BLANEY 6 Kimberley Rose PETERS née BLANEY 6 Marla WILEY née BLANEY 12 Dr Paul Harlan BLANEY + Dr Nancy 13 Evan BLANEY 13 Bronwen BLANEY 11 Allison BLAYNEY 11 Nina Mildred BLANEY b.27Feb1908 (Upper Hainesville, York Co., NB); d.1978 + James Arthur SEMPLE b.1906; m.5Sep1926; d.1990 12 Harvey Arthur Semple b.1927; d.2016 +(2) Muriel Kathleen PEERY b.1912; m.15Dec1934 (2nd wife of George Judson Rowell BLANEY) +(3) Ruth Margauerite Shanks b.1914; m.29Aug1945 (George Judson Rowell BLANEY) 11 George Raymond BLANEY b.15Apr1936; d.15Apr1936 (St. John, NB.) 9 Mary Anne BLANEY b.12Feb1843 (Blaney Ridge, Prince William, York, NB.); d.27Jun1913 (Fredericton, NB.) + Robert Adams b.18Feb1838 (Ireland); m.3Sep1866 (Fredericton, NB.) d.30Oct1910 York, NB.) 10 Three children 9 Robert BLANEY b.15Oct1844 (Prince William, York, NB.); d.29May1900 (Southhampton, York, NB.) + Barbara Ann Clark b.1852; m.28Mar1870 (Fredericton Junction,Sunbury,NB.); d.1907 10 Charles Henry Spurgeon BLANEY b.13Jan1870 (Maple Ridge, York, NB.); d.~1907 10 Mary Ann BLANEY b.2Sep1872 (Maple Ridge, York, NB.); d.18Feb1934 (Woodstock, Carleton, NB.) + Samuel Lewis Coulthard b.11May1872 (Upper Caverhill, York, NB.); m.26Jun1907 (York, NB.); d.1944 (NB.) 10 Matilda Jane BLANEY b.8Mar1874 (Maple Ridge, York, NB.); Em.1897; d.27Nov1949 (Houlton, Aroostook, ME.) + Franklin Wilder Hall b.13Jul1870 (Bare Island, Granite Hill, NB.); m.5Dec1895 (Fredericton, York, NB.); d.14Jun1946 (Houlton, Aroostook, MA.) 11 Eight children 10 Daniel Frederic BLANEY b.19Dec1876 (York, NB.); Em.1923; d.23Feb1951 (MA.) + Sadie Marie Boyd b.26Jul1882 (York, NB.) 11 Verna M Blaney b.19Aug1916 (Canada); d.12Jul1997 (Wareham, MA.) + Howard A Lockwood b.6Mar1909 (TN.); d.1951 (Wareham, MA.)
Robert Leonard
11 Robert Leonard BLANEY b.18Nov1917 (Canada); d.30Jun1977 (Darlington, SC.) + Rhoda Clark White b.16Apr1921; d.19Oct1998 (Darlington, SC.) 10 William Edward BLANEY b.31Oct1877 (Maple Ridge, York, NB.); d.13Dec1931 10 Margaret Estella Maud BLANEY b.6Jun1879 (Maple Ridge, York, NB.); Em.1889; d.13Oct1948 (ME. USA) + Harry Randolph Chase b.10Feb1874 (Gagetown, Queens, NB.); m.25Oct1901 (Houlton, Aroostook, ME); d.19Feb1939 Aroostook, ME. USA) 11 Eight children 10 Joseph Arthur Alfred BLANEY b.1Jun1881 (Maple Ridge, York, NB.); d.4Jul1957 (York, NB.) 10 Frank Archibald BLANEY b.2Feb1883 (Maple Ridge, York, NB.); d.23Feb1965 + Laura Scott b.1892 11 Gladys Olive BLANEY b.1913 (BC. Canada) + Orville Greenway Bond b.3Dec1904 (Gladstone, MacDonald, Manitoba); d.20Jul1968 (Richmond, BC.) 11 Dan Warner BLANEY b.1915 10 Malinda May BLANEY b.10Nov1884 (Maple Ridge, York, NB.); d.20Jan1952 + Howard Joseph Wallace b.1882; m.25Oct1916 (Millville, York, NB.); d.1963 11 Four children 10 Bessie Abigail BLANEY b.26May1886 (Maple Ridge, York, NB.); d.1907 + Ernest Appleby b.13Nov1882 (Millville, York, NB.); m.5Jan1907 (Carleton, NB.) 11 Margaret Adeline Bessie Appleby b.1907; d.1907 10 Phoebe Ellen BLANEY b.1Jan1888 (Maple Ridge, York, NB.); d.4Apr1967 + Ernest Freeman BRAWN (Braun) b.1886; m.15Apr1908 (Carleton, NB.); d.1959 11 Two children 10 Sarah Vida Alena BLANEY b.27Aug1890; d.9Aug1960 (Maple Ridge, Southampton, York, NB.) + Henry / Harry Coy BRAWN b.1886; m.1913 (York, NB.) 11 Five children 10 Lillian Evelyn BLANEY b.13May1894 (Millville, York, NB.); Em.24Feb1927; d.6Dec1976 (Houlton, Aroostook, ME., USA) 9 Graham Patrick BLANEY b.15Mar1845(47) (Blaney Ridge, Prince William, York, NB.); d.8Mar1922 (York, New Brunswick) + Sarah HOOD b.1Feb1921 (Magaguadavic, York, NB.); d.24Nov1921 10 Mary Elizabeth or Minnie BLAYNEY b.17Jan1871 (Maple Ridge, York, NH.) d.06Oct1932 (Houlton, Aroostook, ME.) + William Henry BILLINGS b.2Aug1868; m.1901 (Southampton, York, NB.); d.12Oct1915 11 Janet Frances Billings b.8Jan1902; d.11Oct1974 10 George Manzer BLANEY b.1Oct1872 (Maple Ridge, Southampton, York, NB.); Emm.1897/8; d.1952 (Grafton, NH. USA) + Margaret Ethel BARBER b.5May1881 (Maple Ridge); m.1898; d.16Aug1944 (Littleton, Grafton, NH.) [dau. of John Boaz and Eleanor BARBER] 11 Myrtle Ethel BLANEY b.4Dec1881 (Littleton, Grafton, NH); d.8Aug1944 11 Graham Arvell BLANEY b.9May1903; d.Feb1972 (both Littleton, Grafton, NH) 11 Albert Barber BLANEY b.3Sep1905; d.8Apr1973 (both Bethlehem, Grafton, NH.) +?Emma MAGONI (2 children) + Selena Josephine Cotnoir b.20Jul1906; d.10Jul1996 (both Bethlehem, Grafton, NH.) [dau. of Levi Joseph Cotnoir and Olive M. Cote] 11 Roy BLANEY b.1906 (Littleton, Grafton, NH); d.15Sep1989 (Bethlehem NH) + ​​Mildred Louise CLANCY 11 Hazel BLANEY b.1907 (NH.); d.1953 (NH.) 11 Basil Henry BLANEY b.1907 (NH.); d.8May1953 (Littleton, Grafton, NH)​​ 11 ?Arthur BLANEY b.1908; d.​​? 11 Arthur Ernest BLANEY b.14Apr1918; m.2Jul1938; d.13Aug1999 (both Bethlehem, Grafton, NH.) + Hilda Marie BLODGETT b.24Aug1918 (Pittsburg, Coos, NH.); d.28May1992 (Bethlehem, Grafton, NH.) 12 Myrna Rea BLANEY b.07Oct1939; d.17Jun2004 (both Grafton, NH.)
Albert Allen

Alrado Blaney
née Reed

Arthur Rogers & Idella F Blaney (b.1907)

Idella F Blaney

Vera Clay
née Blaney

Vera Clay
née Blaney

Kenneth George
10 Albert Allen BLANEY b.19Jul1876 (Maple Ridge, Southampton, York, NB.); Emigrated 1916; d.1953 (Old Town, Penobscot ME. USA) + Alrado Margaret REED b.20Apr1877 (Carleton); d.20Nov1968 (Penobscot ME) Emigrated 1916 to USA 11 Idella Faye BLANEY b.6Apr1907; d.21Sep1996 + Arthur E ROGERS (2 children) + ?___ GOULD 11 Vera Pearl Beatrice BLANEY b.7May1905 (Millville); d.10Feb1998 (Penobscot ME.) + Merle Edward Clay b.1902; m.25Sept1926 (ME., USA) (3 children) 11 Kenneth George BLANEY b.24Dec1910 (Millville); d.5Jan1988 (Portland, ME) Em. to US 2Aug1916; d.5Jan1988 (Cornish, York, ME. USA) + Arlene Gustie HARTFORD b.1Apr1922; m.25Jul1942 (Cornish); d.27Jul2002 (both Cornish, York, ME.)(1 child) 10 Robert Alexander (Sandy) BLANEY b.4Apr1878; d.27May1937 (both Southampton, York, New BH.) + Bessie May Blanchard b.07Oct1883; d.Mar1964 (both Presque Isle, Aroostook, ME. 10 Frances (Fanny) A BLANEY b.19Oct1879 (York, New Brunswick); d.28May1981 ((Old Town, Penobscot ME.)) + Asa Clifford CUNNINGHAM b.1875; d.1968 11 Two children 10 Ella Pearl Sarah BLANEY b.25Aug1884 (York, New Brunswick); d.1964 + Charles Sumner BLANCHARD b.1887; d.1974 m.13Jun1917 (Presque Isle, Aroostook, ME.) 11 Two children +(2)Sarah Rae b.1821 (Co Donegal); d.(New Brunswick) [2nd wife of Alexander BLANEY b.1798] 9 Thomas Alexander BLANEY b.30Jul1853 (Yorkshire, England) + Margaret WHITLOCK b.9May1851 (Yorkshire, England) 10 Henry BLANEY b.29Jul1889 (Yorkshire, England) 9 William BLANEY b.1855 (Fredericton) 9 Johnson BLANEY b.1858 (Fredericton) 8 George BLANEY b.1808 (Dullaghan, Tyrone) d.15Feb1848 (Prescott County, East Caledonia, Canada) [976] [908]. + Elizabeth Ann McKEE b.1800 (Ireland); m.15Apr1831 (New York City); d.11Jan1870 (East Caledonia Canada) [976] [908] 9 Margaret BLANEY b.1832 (New Brunswick), d.4Aug1850 (East Caledonia Canada) 9 James Henry BLANEY b.4Jul1834 (Blaney Ridge, New Brunswick) d.8Aug1906 (East Caledonia, Prescott County, Ontario). [976] [908] Not to be confused with the James Henry BLAYNEY (1836-1906) also of Prescott Co. who married Hannah Renwick. It is unclear which James actually died 8Aug1906. + Ellen Sophronia DOWNING b.7Aug1849 (E. Caledon, Prescott); d.1928 (Russell, Ontario) 10 Katherine Maria BLANEY b.31Mar1885 (E. Caledon, Prescott); d.26May1947 (Toronto) + William Fredrick KENNEY (3 children) 10 Frances Laura BLANEY b.24Jun1877 (E. Caledon, Prescott); d.29Sep1963 (Saskatchewan) + Arthur James CHARLTON b.1869; d.1926 (4 children) 10 George Frederick BLANEY b.2Jun1879 (E. Caledon, Prescott); d.6Jun1971 (Russell, Ontario) + Hazel Augusta LOUCKS b.4Oct1893 (or 1880) (Russell, Ontario); d.25May1945 (Russell, Ontario) [dau of Ephriam Rupert LOUCKS (1848-1931) and Adelaide Catherine MOKE (1849-1928)

Hazel Blaney
née Loucks

Kenneth Rupert

Ruby &
Kenneth Blaney 1967
11 Arthur (ART) Loucks BLANEY b.1928 (Milestone, Saskatchewan); d.2008 11 Charles Henry BLANEY 11 Donald George BLANEY b.29Mar1924 (Saskatchewan); d.1994 (Nanaimo) + ___ 12 ___ BLANEY 11 Edith Ellen BLANEY + Duncan SIMPSON 11 Kenneth Rupert BLANEY b.12Dec1925 (Saskatchewan); d.21Jan1986 (Nanaimo) + Ruby Cynthia NESS b.11Nov1924 (Toronto); m.~1945; d.15May2009 (Nanaimo) [dau of Augustus Nelson and Ada Noel NESS] 10 Diana Ruby Hazel BLANEY + __ BORGFJORD [3 BORGFJORD children] + __ HRYHORKA 10 Lynda Lee BLANEY + ____ BEARSKIN + Iszzy DIETZ b.1947; d.2012 10 Gail Darlene BLANEY + ___ WOHLFORD [?2 children] 10 Judy Kathleen BLANEY + Guillermo ARAMBURU Consiglieri=Councillors (b. in Peru); dv [2 children] [son of Adrian J. and Antonio K. Aramburu] + ___ BRITTON 10 Kenneth (Ken) Robert BLANEY + Etty Minton ___ 10 Alissa Anne BLANEY Panzer + ___ PANZER [2 children] 11 Marian (Mollie) BLANEY b.1920 (Milestone, Saskatchewan); d.1922 + ___ 10 Philip (Phil) BLANEY b.1882 (E. Caledon, Prescott); d.22Aug1957 (Seattle, WA) + Florence SCOTT b.1881 (Prescott); d.5Apr1947 (Seattle, WA) 11 Dorothy Flora BLANEY + Harry James WELLBAND (2 children) 11 Gertrude Ellen BLANEY 11 Gladys BLANEY

Harvey J S Blaney
11 Harvey James BLANEY 11 Kenneth BLANEY b.1912 (Ontario); d.26Sep1938 (Ontario) 11 Charles BLANEY b.1914 (Ontario); d.26Sep1941 (Ontario) 10 William Henry BLANEY b.11Mar1884 (Ontario); d.4Feb1946 (Stettler, Alberta) + Ethel Essie McLELLAN b.6Aug1885 (Port Arthur, Ontario); d.22Jul1971 (Stettler, Alberta) 11 Clarence BLANEY 11 Vera Ethel BLANEY 11 William Malcolm BLANEY 11 James Henry BLANEY b.14Aug1907 (Melville) + Eileen Isobel TAYLOR 11 Helen BLANEY b.1910 (Melville); d.12Jul1967 (Burnaby) + William Henry HOLTBY 11 Kenneth Clifford BLANEY b.14Sep1916 (Settler); d.13Mar1953 11 Charles Reginald BLANEY b.14Jun1918 (Cereal); d.5Jan1995 (Settler) +(1) Joyce Alma KOPFMAN +(2) Eva Myrtyl SCHILLING 11 Marion Viola BLANEY b.2Sep1922 (Cereal); d.17Sep1989 (Red Deer) 10 Ellen Hannah BLANEY b.4Feb1888 (Prescott, Ontario); d.6Dec1888 (Prescott, Ontario) 10 John Alexander BLANEY b.25Oct1889 (Prescott, Ontario); d.18May1890 (Prescott, Ontario) 10 Charles Tweed Carson BLANEY b.1880; d.9Apr1917 (France) aged 22 yrs [908] [1243] [or 4Sep1917 ages 23 [1095]] 9 George BLANEY b.1836 (Prince William), Labourer d.6Apr1857 (East Caledonia Canada)

Mary Ann BLANEY b.1839
9 Mary Ann BLANEY b.1Jan1839; d.28Jan1906 (Russell, Ontario) +(1) Charles Hindman TWEED (9 children) [William Albert; Charles; Ellen Maria Cumming; Elizabeth Ann; Esther Dickey; George Henry Blaney; Catherine Mary Victoria; Thomas Alexander and James Henry Blaney Tweed] +(2) Francis (Frank) Joseph LaROCQUE b.1843 d.1990 (4 children) [Francis Wesley; Mary Ann; Arthur Alexander, Francis Rose Mary] 9 Catherine BLANEY b.2Mar1839(40); d.6Mar1932 (Plainmview, MN) + Antoine (Antone) LaROCQUE (10 children) 8 Catherine BLANEY b.1811 (Dullaghan, Tyrone) +(1)William Lemon. b.~1787 (Tyrone) d.<1868 Four children +(2)James McBride. b.1803 (Antrim); d.2Dec1871 New Brunswick 8 Jared (Jerard) "James" BLANEY (BLAYNEY) b.May1816 (Dullaghan, Tyrone); Left Ireland during the potato famine "for the green fields of New Brunswick, Canada", arriving 1836; d.17Mar1855 (Fredericton, York County, New Brunswick, Canada) + Mary (Mattie) HAMILTON b.May1815 (Derryon, Co., Derry); m.30May1843 (Fredericton), d.27Feb1886 (New Brunswick) 9 George BLANEY b.27Nov1845; d.28Jun1920 (Milltown, New Brunswick) + Lydia Catherine WEATHERBY b.1848 (Charlotte N, New Brunswick); d.1917 (Little Ridge, Charlotte) 10 Bertha Jane BLANEY b.23Jul1877 + ___ ?McKENZIE 9 Martha (Mattie) b.2Feb1846 (Charlotte Co.,NB.); d.7Apr1927 (St Stephen, New Brunswick) after leg amputation for gangrene Shoe factory hand; candy maker (two children: Helen G & Charles Alden RYDER) + John RYDER b.1832 (NB.); m.1883 St. Stephen (Charlotte Co.); d.29Oct1915 (NB.) Occ.: harness maker Previously married to Mary Ann HUTTON (1841–1875) (3 children: Mary, Annie Louisa and Annie Hutton RYDER) 9 William BLANEY b.9Nov1847 (Little Ridge, Charlotte); d.1Aug1922 (Milltown); Farmer + Flora A MORRISON b.Mar1852 (Scotch Ridge, Charlotte); m.11Dec1873 (Manse, St James, New Brunswick); d.21Mar1946 (St James, New Brunswick); Teacher 10 Anna (Annie) Martha BLANEY b.25/28May1874 (St James, New Brunswick); d.1949 + James McMORRAN (McMORAN) b.Nov1847; Lumberman (3 children; Bessie, Blaney and Stanly) 10 Jared ("Jerry") B BLANEY b.18Dec1876 (St James, N.B.); d.23Feb1903; Teamster 10 George Alexander BLANEY b.13Sep1877 (St James, N.B.); d.7Jan1948 (Milltown); General labourer + Annie Martha PORTER b.7Jul1874 (Little Ridge, Charlotte, N.B.); m.18Jun1902 (Scotch Ridge); d.20Dec1921 (Milltown Charlotte, N.B.); [dau. of George Whitman Porter & Charlotte Weatherby] 10 Florence Gertrude BLANEY b.21Apr1881 (St James, N.B.); d.5Jan1985 10 Bessie S BLANEY b.1887; d.1888 10 Edgar Thompson BLANEY b.Mar1889 (St James, New Brunswick); d.31Jan1980 (Windsor, Ontario); Teacher + Eva Clarissa LUKE Five children including... 11 William Ernest BLANEY b.16Mar1923 (St James, New Brunswick); d.27Apr1939 (Windsor) (Pulmonary embolism) 11 Eric Harold BLANEY b.8Feb1924 (New Brunswick); d.10Mar1994 (Middle Sackville) + Anne Bowie McANERNEY 10 Leila Victoria BLANEY b.10Jul1893 (St James, New Brunswick); d.27Jun1927 (Charlotte, New Brunswick); [Pulmonary Embolism] + Wilmot Edgar JAMIESON b.6Mar1887 (Prince William, York County, New Brunswick); m.18Jun1916 (Charlotte Co., NB.); d.17Jan1986 (Charlotte, NB.); Farmer 10 Bessie Sutherland BLANEY b.10Feb1899 (St James, New Brunswick); d.10Feb1908 9 Robert Vernon BLANEY b.16Dec1850 (Charlotte, New Brunswick); d.1916 (Baileyville, ME) + Isabelle McLEOD b.13Jul1858 (Charlotte, New Brunswick); d.1914 (Charlotte, New Brunswick)

The Blaneys about 1925

Edna & John Lindsay

John Lindsay
BLANEY & dog!
Sgt John

L-R: Mary Hooper, Agnes Aplleby, Edna Blaney
Cecile Houle, Maxine Phipps 1957
10 Agnes Alberta BLANEY 7Jun1889 (Charlotte, New Brunswick) + John Stanley APPLEBY 10 Katherine BLANEY 10 John Lindsay BLANEY b.10Dec1881 (1883) (Charlotte, New Brunswick); d.7Mar1943 (1945) (Woodland ME) Moved to northern Maine in 1907 as a master mechanic and welder to work at the St. Croix Paper Company. "Never naturalized" + Edna Elizabeth CLARKE b.4Jun1890; m.14Aug1912 (ME.) d.4Jun1974 (both (Calais, Washington Co., ME) Remarried late in life to "Duke" DEWAR 11 Alberta Isabelle BLANEY b.14Jun1913 (Washington Co., ME); d.08Nov2007 (Lubec, Washington Co., ME); Nurse + James A MURRAY m.20Sep1936 (ME.) + Bruce Douglas WILSON b.1907; d.1979 12 Douglas WILSON 11 Maxine Elizabeth BLANEY b.7Sep1916 (Washington Co., ME); d.21Oct2007 (Cumberland Co., ME) + Winston PHIPPS (married him twice) + Herman K SEAMANS (1909-1989); m.6Nov1938 + John Henry LEAVITT (1916-1985); m.24Jun1941 12 Sallyann LEAVITT (added PHIPPS name later in life) 11 Sgt John Franklin BLANEY b.19Jun1918 (Baileyville, ME); d.10May2012; d.Brooksville, FL.) Forestry worker; WWII 1942-45 as an air mechanic + Beatrice Elizabeth MUNROE née SMITH b.25Oct1917 (Nashua, NH.); m.6Apr1947 (Calais, ME); d.Jan2004 [dau. of Samuel Eli SMITH (1896-1960) & Bertha M WILKINS (1884-1917)] Electronic assembler (WWII); Nurse Previously married to James Clayton Munroe (1915-1985); m.10Aug1935 (Saco, York, ME.) 12 Nancy Darlene MUNROE (1938-2015) 12 Ruthann MUNROE (1940-2014) 12 Robert BLANEY 12 Nancy BLANEY 12 Ruthann BLANEY 10 Mary Catherine BLANEY b.6Jun1884 (Charlotte, New Brunswick); d.6Nov1971 (South Portland, ME) + Winfred A HOOPER (3 children) 10 Robert Vernon BLANEY b.4Sep1887 (Charlotte, New Brunswick); d.10Nov1967 (Calais, ME) + Harriet Eilan LAKIN b.14May1893 (?Charlotte); d.29Oct1969 (Calais, ME); Five children including... 11 Christine Barbara BLANEY b.7Dec1914 (Woodland ME); d.3Jun1992 (San Diego) 11 Isobelle Helene BLANEY b.20Apr1917 (Woodland ME); d.15Dec1999 (Fort Meyers FL) + Adelbert Roger SARGENT 11 Arlette Elinor BLANEY b.13Sep1932 (Calais, ME); d.2000 (Atkinson NC) 10 Barbara McKenzie BLANEY b.3Jun1894 (Charlotte, New Brunswick); d.27Jun1990 (St Johnsbury, VT) 10 Ambrose Alden BLANEY b.11Sep1896 (Charlotte, New Brunswick); d.24Jun1930 (Calais, ME) + Rowena GUPTILL Four children including: 11 Anna Belle BLANEY b.10Sep1924 (Calais, ME); d.11Dec1974 (Woodland, ME) 11 Calvin Edward BLANEY b.10Sep1925 (Calais, ME); d.1974 (Anaheim CA) 11 Muriel G BLANEY b.1930 (St Stephen); d.1974 (Houston, TX) 9 Ambrose BLANEY b.28Dec1851 (Charlotte, New Brunswick); d.5May1928 (Charlotte, New Brunswick) + Rebecca (C) Elizabeth STEWART b.28Dec1848 (Charlotte, New Brunswick); d.24Aug1912 (Charlotte, New Brunswick) 10 Henry BLANEY b.4Dec1886 (Charlotte, New Brunswick); d.1958 (Charlotte, New Brunswick) + Annie L 10 Charles BLANEY b.6Mar1890 (Little Ridge, Charlotte, New Brunswick); d.1948 (Milltown, New Brunswick) + Ida Maude TURNER 11 Helen BLANEY 11 Mildred BLANEY 11 Harold BLANEY b.5Oct1918 (Milltown); d.1947 9 Mary Catherine (Katie) BLANEY b.1854/5 (New Brunswick); d.19May1882 (Charlotte, New Brunswick) + Isaac "Porter" BURGESS m.11Oct1871 Little Ridge, Charlotte Co, NB, Canada) [children: Lela Rose Burgess BAXTER, Jared Blaney "Jerry" Burgess, Mattie BURGESS, John Franklin BURGESS, "Mary" Catherine Burgess ROY, and Herbert Porter BURGESS (born about 6 weeks before Catherine's death.)] 9 Rebecca BLAYNEY b.1854/5 + Andrew Buchanan after Anne; d.1882 [975] 9 John BLAYNEY b.1859 d.1880 + Rebecca Jane b.1877 d.1908 8 Frances BLANEY b.1812 (1821) (Dullaghan, Tyrone), d.1891 (Prince William, New Brunswick) + George HOOD b.1797 Co. Derry, Ireland); m.24Jul1838, d.12Mar1881 (New Brunswick); (11 children) 8 Elizabeth BLANEY b.24Dec1823 (Dullaghan); d.14Apr1889(1903) + William HENRY b.1822 (Donegal), d.23Sep1903 8 William BLANEY b.21Dec1825 (Dullaghan, Tyrone); ?em.~1840 [341]; d.24Mar1910 (New Brunswick) +(1)Frances NICHOL +(2)Jane FISHER, b.1830 (Tyrone, Ireland); m.18Aug1853 (St Pauls, Federicton, New Brunswick); d.12May1866 (New Brunswick) 9 Catherine BLANEY b.20Dec1855(56) (New Brunswick); d.17Oct1879 (New Brunswick) 9 George BLANEY b.25Jul1858 (New Brunswick); d.1896 + Ann Elizabeth STERLING 10 John BLANEY 9 Lillia Ann BLANEY b.5May1860 (York, New Brunswick); d.20May1875 (York, New Brunswick) 9 Aaron Fisher Brooke BLANEY b.31Jan1862 (Prince William, New Brunswick); d.1881 9 John BLANEY b.Jun1864 (Prince William, New Brunswick); d. (Entwhistle, Alberta) 7 Oliver BLANEY b.1775 + ___ 7 Henry [Harry] Steel BLANEY (BLAYNEY) b.1783 (Dullaghan, Co. Tyrone); d. (Outerard Townland, Co. Tyrone) +(1)Mary CRAWFORD b.1785 (Dromore), m.~1800, d.<1820 [1st wife of Henry Steele BLANEY (BLAYNEY)] 8 Oliver BLANEY b.1801 (Outerard twd); d.1868 (South Plantagenet, Ontario) 8 Ambrose BLANEY b. (Oughterard Townland, Co Mayo, Connacht, Ireland); d.(Oshawa Ontario Canada) +(2)Frances HARPUR b.1785 (Dromore), d.1868 (Outerard Townland) [dau of John HARPER & Mary CURRIE] [2nd wife of Henry Steele BLANEY] 8 Henry Blayney b.1820 (Outerard twd) + ___ 9 John Harpur BLAYNEY b.Dec1840 (Omagh, Tyrone); d.4Aug1907 (Oshawa, Ontario) Occ. School Master [1258] Emigrated between 1872 and 1875 + Anne CUNNINGHAM b.1844/6 (Dromore); d.28Dec1887 (Toronto, Ontario) 10 Margaret Isabella BLAYNEY b.4Feb1867 (Omagh, Dromore); d.6Jun1923 (USA) + Sam Armour (4 children) 10 John Harper BLAYNEY (Jr) b.8Feb1869 (Omagh, Tyrone) [1258]; d. Occ. Iron Molder + Catherine (Katie) M WENDLING b.1877; m21Feb1894; d.1961 10 William Henry BLAYNEY b.27Feb1872 (Omagh, Tyrone Ireland); d.17Mar1940 (Toronto)

Mary Elizabeth Blayney

Robert Henry Blayney
& family

Lillian Ethel Blayney
wife of Robert H Blayney

Robert Stanley Blayney


Agnes (Nan) Blayney

10 Robert Cunningham BLAYNEY b.14Feb1875 (Oshawa, Ontario); d.8Jan1947 (Toronto) or 1Aug1947 (Ontario, Canada) + photo Mary Elizabeth BRENT b.4Mar1874 (Oshawa, Ontario); d.4Mar1963 (Toronto) [Dau. of George William BRENT and Mary BREWER] 10 children, [and possibly some infant deaths / renaming etc such as: Ronald b?; Norman James b.1900 & Norman Ronald b.1914] 11 photo Robert Henry BLAYNEY b.9Jun1894 (Oshawa, Ontario); d.20Sep1977 (Hamilton, Ont); Served in WWI for 4 years 3rd Battn CEV (Toronto Regiment) + photo Lillian Ethel DAINTY b.21Mar1899 (Toronto); d.8Feb1981 (Hamilton, Ont) [Dau. of Thomas Arthur DAINTY and Ethel Elizabeth SHEPHERD] 12 photo Robert Stanley BLAYNEY b.15Jun1926 (Hamilton, Ont); d.22Nov2010 (Hamilton, Ont) + photo Agnes Porter FRAME b.21Oct1929 (Hamilton, Ont) [Dau. of James Stewart FRAME and Agnes Porter MUIR] 13 photo MARGARET ANN (Muggins) BLAYNEY b.2Jun1948 (Hamilton, Ont) + COOKNEY 14 Douglas Allen BLAYNEY b.8Aug1970 (Hamilton, Ont) 15 Jayden Entwhistle BLAYNEY b.7Feb2010 14 Christopher BLAYNEY b.14Jan1975 (Hamilton, Ont) + Anna EMKLAT 15 Sarah BLAYNEY b.1Dec1993 15 Tyler Michael BLAYNEY b.21Oct1995 13 Robert BLAYNEY b.12Aug1949 13 James Arthur BLAYNEY b.24Sep1952 (Hamilton, Ont) + Barbara GOODWIN b.26Jan1959 (Hamilton, Ont) 14 Michelle Lynn BLAYNEY b.30Aug1979 14 Robert John BLAYNEY b.5Mar1983 (Hamilton, Ont) + Jody PLATLEY 15 Watson BLAYNEY b.5May2013 13 Lynn BLAYNEY b.23Jan1956 (Hamilton, Ont) + Rick HOGAN b.15Jul1951 (Hamilton, Ont) 14 Jennifer Lynn HOGAN b.22Dec1976 14 James Lawrence HOGAN b.28Dec1979 13 John Robert Owen ("Buster") BLAYNEY b.20Nov1958 (Hamilton, Ont) + Jo-Ann MASON b.9Jun1858 (Hamilton, Ont) [Dau. of Charles MASON] 14 Amanda Marie BLAYNEY b.11Aug1979 (Hamilton, Ont) + Ric JUDSON (2 children) 14 Johnathan Charles BLAYNEY b.27Aug1987 14 Scott Andrew BLAYNEY b.30Dec1989 13 Roy BLAYNEY b.8Sep1963 13 Ross BLAYNEY b.29Sep1964 (Hamilton, Ont) + Debby PARKER b.15May1961 14 Raymond David BLAYNEY b.26Mar1983 14 Katelyn Marie BLAYNEY b.20Nov1991 13 Sean BLAYNEY b.6Apr1965

Earl James (Tut)

Elizabeth wife of Earl
12 photo Earl (Tut) James BLAYNEY b.4Oct1927 (Hamilton, Ont) + photo Elizabeth BRADSHAW b.3Sep1929 (Prince Albert, Saskachewan) [Dau. of Syd BRADSHAW and Elizabeth PEEVER] 13 William Earl BLAYNEY b.10Mar1948 (Hamilton, Ont) + Margaret BROWN 14 Lori Ann BLAYNEY b.7Feb1975 (Hamilton, Ont) + Chris CALDER b.6Dec1971 (2 children) 14 Michael BLAYNEY b.19Sep1976 14 William Jr. BLAYNEY b.20Oct1977 (Hamilton, Ont) + Pamela 15 Elyssa BLAYNEY b.2Mar2003 14 Douglas BLAYNEY b.2Apr1982 13 Elizabeth Ann BLAYNEY b.21Mar1950 (Hamilton, Ont) + David SOLOMON b.6Jun1945 (Hamilton, Ont); d.23Jan2009 (Hamilton, Ont) (2 children) 13 Kenneth James BLAYNEY b.30Dec1951 (Hamilton, Ont) + Lynn SAULT 14 Sean BLAYNEY b.31Jul1978 (Burlington, Ont) 15 Jackson BLAYNEY 15 Juliana BLAYNEY b.27Jan2014 14 Teresa BLAYNEY b.23Mar1980 13 John Frederick BLAYNEY b.11Jan1954 13 Deborah Lou BLAYNEY b.11Apr1955 (Hamilton, Ont) +(1)Roy PILON b.(Burlington, Ont); d.1980 (Calgary, Alta) (2 children) 12 Justin BLAYNEY 12 Candace Marie BLAYNEY +(2) Alex MOURIOPOULOS (3 children) 12 William ("Billy") George BLAYNEY b.1929; d.1930

John (Bus) Owen
12 photo John Robert Owen ("Buster") BLAYNEY b.20Apr1934 (Hamilton, Ont) + Deborah SOLOMON b.27Mar1952 (Hamilton, Ont) 13 Holly Elizabeth BLAYNEY b.3Nov1979 (Hamilton, Ont) + Kevin ATKINSON (2 children) 12 Marjorie Lillian BLAYNEY b.31Oct1940 (Hamilton, Ont) + Charles Paisley BURNET b.15Dec1938 (Scotland); (4 children) 12 Douglas Arthur BLAYNEY b.30Mar1943 (Hamilton, Ont) + GERALDINE MARIE MATHEWS b.19May1946 (Belfast) [Dau. of Gerald MATHEWS aznd Mary Ann McCRORY] 13 Mikki BLAYNEY b.12Nov1994 13 Jessie BLAYNEY b.4Aug2003 11 Anna Myrtle (or Myrtle Anna) BLAYNEY b.18Apr1896 (Oshawa Ont); m.21Feb1921; d.17Apr1989 (Toronto) + William Warren (or Wassen) FERGUSON b.3Jun1894; d.13Jan1977

Anna Myrtle Blayney born 1896
with twins in 1916

?Robert Blayney as the
"BLANEY" from Toronto
graduating 1943 (SC.)

Cyndy Rose
née Blayney
died young (50)
11 Ronald BLAYNEY b.?y 11 Mabel ("Mabe") Reta BLAYNEY b.5Feb1898; d.2Apr1996 + George A McGREGOR d.1982 (Toronto); (3 children) 11 Norman James BLAYNEY b.17Feb1900 11 Lewis (Luis) Edward BLAYNEY b.13Jan1902 (Toronto); d.11Jan1990 (Toronto) + Mabel Dorothy GILLIS [Dau. of Herb GILLIS]; m.18Dec1923 (York, Ontario) d.31Aug1983 [988] 12 Robert (Bob) Herbert BLAYNEY (eldest) b.28Jul1924 (Toronto); d.13June2009.(Toronto) served in the RCAF as a Bomber Navigator in WWII +(1)Margaret (Buni) d.23Oct1980 13 Robin BLAYNEY + ___ VOLK 13 Cynthia (Cindy) Anne BLAYNEY b.1960; d.13Jan2011 (Mississauga , Toronto) + David ROSE 14 Sheldon BLAYNEY +(2)Norma b.3Jun1929 (Toronto); ob.(Toronto) 13 Stephen WOODWARD (stepson) + Patti 13 Mark WOODWARD (stepson) 12 Dorothy Rose BLAYNEY b.3Jun1929 (Toronto) + Don LEGGETT 12 George Alfred BLAYNEY b.21Mar1931 (Toronto) + Carolyn 13 Susan BLAYNEY b.24Jun1953 13 Steven BLAYNEY b.18Aug1954 (SanDiego, CA) + Rhonda SISSON b.16Aug1961 (Calgary, Alta) 13 George Michael BLAYNEY b.23Apr1961 13 William BLAYNEY b.13Apr1963 13 Natalie BLAYNEY b.7May1967 12 Joyce Marilyn BLAYNEY b.31Dec1932 (Toronto); d.v.p.24Jun1985 + Edward KING 13 Edward KING (jr) 13 Johnnie KING 13 Gary KING 12 Charles Franklin BLAYNEY b.May1935 (Toronto) 13 Brenda BLAYNEY 12 Helen Maureen BLAYNEY b.10Dec1938 (Toronto) +(1)John KIRKWOOD +(2)John J PEARCE (2 children) 12 Marianne Elaine BLAYNEY b.7Sep1939 (Toronto) + ___ DAVIS 12 William Lewis BLAYNEY b.15Jun1941; d.v.p. 12 Linda Irene BLAYNEY b.21Nov1944 12 Robert Gary BLAYNEY b.30Nov1949 12 Susan Gail BLAYNEY b.26Mar1952 + ___ EGGLETON 11 Jessica (Jessie, Jess) Winnifred BLAYNEY b.10Mar1904 (Oshawa Ont); d.17May1990/1988 + Cecil Harry EVERATT b.1898 (St John, Newfoundland); d.25Feb1978 (Toronto); Veteran of WWI & WWII (4 children) 11 George ("Geordie") Brent BLAYNEY b.30Jul1906; d.18Oct1974 + Muriel Geneva DETLOR b.~1909; d.18Mar1987 12 Allan BLAYNEY + Nancy 12 Patricia H BLAYNEY + __ DETLOR (2 children) 11 John Harper BLAYNEY b.27Jan1909 (Oshawa, Ontario); d.1982 (Oshawa) + Fleurette J GEROW née CARON b.3Mar1933; d.7Jul2001 (both (Cornwall, Stormont Dundas and Glengarry, ON.)

Bryan Blayney

Ross Oliver Blayney

Twins Helen & Ross Blayney

Irene & Gord Blayney
10 photo Bryan John BLAYNEY b.1954; d.15December2005 (New Brunswick) 10 Robert BLAYNEY (of Turtle Creek, New Brunswick) 10 Colleen BLAYNEY (of Cornwall) + William HOLLOWAY 10 Donna BLAYNEY (of Cornwall) + Lance 10 Linda BLAYNEY (of Terrace, BC.) + Robert MURPHY 11 William James ("Jim") BLAYNEY b.28Feb1911 (Toronto); d.15May1982 +(1)Florence Violet (Vi) FAYTER d.7Feb1978 +(2)Olive BRENSON 11 Norman Ronald BLAYNEY b.4Mar1914 d.1914 11 Ross Oliver BLAYNEY b.7Feb1916 (Toronto); d.13Feb1997 (Toronto) + Gertrude Eileen CARTER b.14May1920 (Toronto); d.30Aug1990 (Toronto) 12 Gordon ("Gord") Gary BLAYNEY b.25May1940 (Toronto); d.28Apr2020 (Toronto) Computer Systems and Service Manager + Irene WARREN b.26Sep1943; d.28May2016 13 Dawn Heather BLAYNEY b.29Aug1964 (Toronto) + Steven Douglas PEARCE (3 children) 13 Scott Gordon BLAYNEY b.18Jan1968 (Pt Clair, Quebec) + April Louise JEWELL b.9Apr1970 (2 children) 13 Colin Grant BLAYNEY b.20Jan1970 + Monica de Savoye (2 children) 12 Dale Roslyn BLAYNEY b.19May1946 13 Kimberley (Kim) 12 Paul Ross BLAYNEY b.20Jun1952 (Toronto) + Lynda Doreen LOWE b.23Nov1953 13 Daniel BLAYNEY b.28Jul1981 13 Michael BLAYNEY b.27Nov1984 11 Helen Margret BLAYNEY b.7Feb1916; d.2007 +(1)William (Bill) DEERING b.27Mar1915; d.27Mar1942 +(2)George BRADLEY b.2Nov1919 (2 children) 11 Fredrick (Fred) Douglas BLAYNEY b.22Jun1919 (Toronto); d.7Oct2009 (Toronto) + Doris Lillian DRAPER b. (Cookstown, Ont) 12 Douglas Cameron BLAYNEY b.8Jul1958 10 Hugh BLAYNEY b.21Mar1879 (Ontario) d. 9 Henry BLANEY b.1840 9 David BLAYNEY b.1844 (Dromore, Co. Tyrone); d.15Feb1902 (Outerard twd, Dromore, Co. Tyrone, Ireland) + Catherine Jane TODD b.1855 10 Frances Jane BLAYNEY b.17Jan1875 (Outerard) + William Oliver LYNCH m.16Nov1893 (Outerard) 10 Joseph Todd BLAYNEY b.19Aug1876; bpt.2Oct1876 d.18Feb1926 (all in Outerard) + Martha McCONNELL b.17Nov1884 (Carrigan's, Co Tyrone); m.5Jun1906 and d.1Apr1913 (both at Omagh, Co Tyrone) [dau of Robert McCONNELL and Isabella PATTON] 11 David BLAYNEY b.1Jan1908 (Outerard); d.27Dec1984 (Auckland, New Zealand); Emigrated to New Zealand; ancestor of some NZ Blayneys. bur.31Dec1984 (Waikumete Cem, Auckland - WESTERN LAWN A Row 1, Plot 34); Occ. Grocer See David BLAYNEY in NZ 11 Isobel Jane (Mabel) BLAYNEY b.1Apr1909 (Outerand) + Charles BELL m. (Auckland, NZ). For some reason Isobel returned to Ireland where she died. 11 Robert Andrew BLAYNEY b.9Feb1912 (Outerand); d.7Aug1942 (Dromore) 10 William BLAYNEY b.17Aug1878 (Outerand); d.22Jun1935 Mangatarata, NZ; bur. (Totara Pa, Thames, NZ); It would appear that he emigrated to New Zealand and integrated with East Cape Maori (? married a local girl) or he wouldn't have been buried at a Pa. 10 Andrew BLAYNEY b.24May1880 (Outerand) 10 Lizzie Kathleen BLAYNEY b.17Jul1897 (Outerand); d.9Feb1914 8 Jane BLANEY b.1824 8 Frances (Fanny) BLANEY b.1828 m.1856 + Alexander LIGGETT m.1856 [972] 9 John LIGGETT b~1850 8 Hugh BLANEY b.1830 (Outerard Townland), m.1857 [972] d.12May1894 (Liberty, Marshall Co. IA.) + Rebecca BLANEY b.1831 (Dullaghan, Co Tyrone) [his 1st cousin once removed]; m.1855 (Dromore) Family emigrated from Ireland to Zearing, co Story, IA. in 1872 d.4Apr1900 (Liberty, Marshall, IA); 7 children 9 Rebecca BLAYNEY b.7Jul1857 (Dromore); d.1891 Oshawa Canada + John LOAN 9 Elizabeth BLANEY (BLAYNEY) b.5May1859 (Dromore); d.3Feb1920 (Zearing) + Ambrose JOHNSTON (7 children) 9 John Steel BLAYNEY b.23Sep1860 (Omagh, co Tyrone) Emmigrated to USA ~1872 Occ. Farmer, Lost left arm in gun accident; d.29Jun1950 (Zearing, IA) + Lillian ROBINSON b.3May1885 Lancaster, PA); d.15Aug1918 of TB (Anthony, KS) [dau. of John Michael and Leata ROBINSON] 10 Edna Isabella ("Isabel") BLAYNEY b~1906 (Tyron, Co McPherson, IA.) 10 Margaret Maria BLAYNEY b~1908 (Tyron) + Martin Emanuel HANSEN 10 John Henry BLAYNEY b.4Aug1910 (NE); d.15Apr1938 (Meeker, CO) +(1) Beatrice ALCOTT +(2) Arline LANDE


10 Darwin Mack BLAYNEY b.16Jun1912 (Marshalltown, IA); d.20Nov1964 (Stirling IL) + Helen Elizabeth CORBIN (13 children) Helen remarried to Bernard ROUSH 11 Jimmie Lee BLAYNEY b.18Jan1936 (Nevada, IO.); d.16Nov2016 (Bettendorf, IO.) U.S. Army 1955-1958, hon. discharge as Specialist, fifth class. Purchasing agent + Rita Mae LEHMAN b.13Jul1938 (Davenport, IO.); m.12Nov1960 (Bettendorf); d.18Dec2008 (Davenport, IO.) [dau. of Albert Clarence Lehman and Helen Marie Wanzel] 12 William Lee BLAYNEY of Mokena, Il. + Olivia 12 Patrick James BLAYNEY of Geneva, Il. + Cynthia 12 Daniel Dean BLAYNEY of Wheaton, Il. 11 Sue Ann BLAYNEY + Charles VOSBURGH 11 Doretta BLAYNEY + Bob LATHROP 10 Verner R BLAYNEY b.1913 9 Henry Steele BLANEY (BLAYNEY) b.17May1862 (Dromore, Tyrone, Ireland); d.1932 (IA.) + Anne Sarah EVANS b.8Mar1876 (Wellington, IL.); m~1877 IA.; d.8Feb1963. (10 children) [dau. of Thompson and Margaret EVANS] 10 Thompson William BLAYNEY b.1897 (IA.) + Ruth R WHINERY 10 Harry Steele BLAYNEY b.25Sep1898 (IA.); d.1934 10 Margaret Jane BLAYNEY b.~1901 (IA.) + Charles Sproule JOHNSTON (5 children) 10 John Steele BLAYNEY b.25Aug1901 (St Anthony, IA.) (IA.) + Inez MOSTELLER 10 Elizabeth BLAYNEY b.1904; d.1905 10 Ambrose Johnston BLAYNEY b.30Apr1906 (Mahaska IA.); d.26Nov1965 (Zearing, IA) + Lillian Mary DUNWOODY b.1910 (Mahaska IA.); m.~1930 [Dau of M Charles DUNWOODY (1879-1945) and Sarah Agnes McDONALD (1876-1963)]. 11 Robert BLAYNEY b.3Feb1932 (New Providence, IA.); d.26Nov1965 (Zearing, IA) + Mary Lou

Dale Blayney 2008
12 Dale Ambrose BLAYNEY b.6Dec1956 (IO.); d.25Oct2013 12 Annette BLAYNEY 12 Teressa BLAYNEY 12 Virginia BLAYNEY 12 Marc BLAYNEY ?Dr Marc Peter Blayney, Neonatalologist' Vice-Dean Northern Ontario School of Medicine 12 Roberta BLAYNEY + Lance TOOKEY 12 Marilyn BLAYNEY + Chris TEPPNER +? Jill MYERS 12 Patrick BLAYNEY + Tanya 11 Charles BLAYNEY + Sandy 10 Ilo BLAYNEY b.1909; d.1910 10 Maye Anna BLAYNEY b.~1909 (IA.) + Marion E PHILLIPS

Levi Ogilvie
10 Esther Maurine BLAYNEY b.30Sep1916; d.1917 10 Evelyn Blayney b.~Oct 1916 (IA.) 9 Ambrose BLANEY (BLAYNEY) b.6Jul1866; d.1868 Outerand Townland 9 Maria (Mary) BLANEY (BLAYNEY) b.5Jun1868 (Omagh, co Tyrone); Emm.1882; d.30Oct1952 (Zearing, Story Co. IO.) + Levi Ogilvie SCOTT b.24Apr1868 (co Randolf, IN); m.19Mar1891 (Zearing); d.1Aug1933; 6 daughters [son of pioneers Enoch SCOTT (1835-1917) and Piety HAWORTH 1839-1913)] 9 Margaret BLANEY (BLAYNEY) b.Oct1876 (Outerand twd) + Charles MAYNE (Liberty, co Marshall, IA.)


[3] Frederic(k) BLAYNEY (1871-1946) of New Brunswick

1 Frederic (Frederick) Claud H BLAYNEY, b.1873 d.1946
 + Beatrice Louise b.1876 d.1960 (both bur @ St. Thomas Cemetery, Elgin ON
  2 Dorothy Irwin
  2 Beatrice Smart 

A G-W Blayney and crew
2 Lily Marie BLAYNEY of St Thomas m.1947 + Arthur Hollister Fuller, son of G. A. Fuller of St Thomas 2 2 Alfred Goodman Wells BLAYNEY b.29Apr1917 (London, ON); d.18Dec1944; Adopted: Biological parents were Arthur WELLS (died in the Spanish Flu epidemic in 1919) and Ellen SHELDON who died shortly after having the twins; "BLAYNEY, Pilot Officer (W.Op./Air Gnr.), ALFRED GOODMAN-WELLS, J/90837. 432 Sqdn. Royal Canadlan Air Force. 18th December 1944. Age 27. Foster-son of Frederic C. H. and Beatrice Louise BLAYNEY; husband of Hazel Isobel BLAYNEY, of Little Shemogue, WestTnorland Co., New Brunswick, Canada. VIII. B. 7." Buried at Neerpelt War Cemetry, Leopoldsburg, Belgium [968] [987] [967] + Hazel Isobel OULTON 4 Gregory John BLAYNEY b.21Apr1944 (London, Middlesex Co., ON) + Paticia Elaine COOK 5 Janet Deorah BLAYNEY POTHIER 4 Alfred Frederick BLAYNEY 3 Albert BLAYNEY


[4] New Brunswick Place Names of Irish Origin

BLANEY Ridge: Settlement, 3 mi. SW of Magundy, on the road to Magaguadavic: Prince William Parish, York County: settled in 1830 by immigrants who came from Ireland: William BLANEY was a settler.

PO BLANEY Ridge 1869-1913: in 1871 the community had a population of 125: in 1898 it was a farming settlement with 1 post office and a population of 250: today BLANEY Ridge is a dispersed community. [974]


[5] Lynnerville and Windham Blayneys


Charles Burkholder & Sarah Jane Blayney

Ambrose and Alma BLAYNEY

John Lovelace Blayney 1885

Oscar Robert Blayney 1890
1 John L BLAYNEY (BLANEY) b.2Mar1828 [983] Ontario Farmer Windham, Norfolk North, Ontario Origin: Irish; Relig.: Episcopal Methodist [1871 Census] Town Officer 1887; d.5Apr1900 [983] suddenly in Windham (NW Territory), Ontario + Jane Burch of Woodhouse b.1837 Ontario; d.17May1915 [983] 2 photo Ambrose (Amross) BLAYNEY b.1861 Windham Farmer. m.1883 (Townsend) + photo Alma LICKMAN b~1859 of Burford, Townsend d/o Carl & Willmina 2 John W. BLAYNEY b.27Jul1861 d.18Feb1864 [983] 2 James E. BLAYNEY b.May1863 d.24Feb1864 (9mths) [983] [presumably an infectious disease hit the family] 2 photo Sarah Jane (Jennie) BLAYNEY b.1865 Ontario; d.1939 + photo Charles Festus E BURKHOLDER b.29Dec1855; m.1886; Farmer/Blacksmith 3 Lisa BAKER née BURKHOLDER 2 photo John BLAYNEY b.1867 Ontario ?John Lovelace Blayney 2 Nelly BLAYNEY b.1869 Ontario 2 James BLAYNEY b.5Oct1869 d.8Feb1870 (4mths) [983] 2 photo Robert Oscar BLAYNEY b.1872 Ontario; d.1937 [983] Of Windham "the well known bicycle rider" + M. Eva McINALLY, b.1875; d.1943 [983] eldest daughter of Barclay McInally, m.1896 at her father's home in Lynnville. The McInally family are also connected to the James BLAYNEY family (more later) 3 Audrey K. BLAYNEY b.1899; d.1975 [983] I have no proof (other than time & place) to make Audrey a child of Oscar & Eva 2 Edward BLAYNEY b.1875 Ontario 2 Eda E. BLAYNEY b.26Jun1877 Ontario; d.21Feb1900 [983]


[6] the BLANEY families [772]


[6a] The Jean BLANEY families

1 Jean (John) BLANEY of Ireland b.~1770
  Relative of Daniel BLANEY
 + Marie (Mary) CUNNINGHAM b.~1770 (Ireland); m.1790
  2 Jean (John) BLANEY (BLÉNAY, BLAINEY, BLAY)) b.~1795 (Ireland) Occ. shoemaker; d.1849 (Québec)
   + (Marie-)Angélique DESNOYERS b.1793 (Kamouraska, Québec); 
     m.30Apr1816 (St-Andre, Kamouraska), the first record of a BLANEY in Québec.
     [dau. of Jean-Baptiste DESNOYERS and (Marie-)Constance TALBOT]; d.>1841 
    3 Marie Marguerite BLANEY b.1814 (present at parents' wedding 23 months later). 
     + Thomas JOHNSTON m.22Aug1837 (Kamouraska)
    3 John BLANEY b.20Jan1817 (St-André); A shoemaker of Québec City; 
      d.8Mar1842 (at the Hôtel Dieu de Québec)
    3 James BLANEY
     + Emilie FONTAINE m.20Apr1847 (Church of Notre Dame-de-Québec, Québec City)
    3 Louis BLANEY b.25Aug1818 (Ste-Anne-de-la-Pocatière, Kamouraska)
    3 Daniel BLANEY b.19Feb1822 (St. Patrice-de-Rivière-du-Loup)
      d.3Aug1862 (Grande-Rivière Gaspé, Québec)
     +(1)Marguerite LANGLOIS m.21Nov1844 (St Michel de Percé, Gaspé Est, Québec)
         [1st wife of Daniel BLANEY b.1822]
      4 Mathias BLANEY
       + Marguerite TALBOT m.16Apr1872 (St Michel de Percé, Gaspé Est, Québec)
        5 Alice BLANEY
         + Alcide BEAUDIN m.28Oct1901 (Rivière au Tonnerre) 
        5 François BLANEY
         + Agnes BEAUDIN m.02Nov1910 (Rivière au Tonnerre) 
        5 Georges BLANEY
         + Angélina Noël m.14Nov1911 (Rivière au Tonnerre) 
        5 Lizzy BLANEY
         + Théofred BOURQUE m.01Feb1916 (Rivière au Tonnerre)
        5 Mary BLANEY
         + Nazaire Cormier m.04Nov1908 (Rivière au Tonnerre)
        5 Mathias BLANEY
         + Marie-Anne DOYLE m.06Nov1894 (Havre St Pierre)
          6 Albertine BLANEY
           + Adélard Boudreault m.18May1920 (Rivière au Tonnerre)
          6 Amanda BLANEY
           + Hilarion Sylvain LaFontaine m.17Sep1926 (Godbout, Ste Anne, Moyenne Côte Nord, Québec) 
          6 Arthémise BLANEY
           + Sandy Boudreault m.10Oct1917 (Rivière au Tonnerre)
          6 Ludger BLANEY
           + Annabelle LEBRUN m.22Nov1927 (Rivière au Tonnerre)
          6 Victoria BLANEY
           + Anthyme DUGUAY
        5 Wilfrid BLANEY
         + Desneiges DUGUAY m.07Jan1919 (Rivière au Tonnerre)
           6 Fernand BLANEY
            + Esther DUGUAY m.27Jul1963 (Rivière au Tonnerre)
        5 William BLANEY
         + Angèle BEZEAU m.15Nov1904 (Rivière au Tonnerre)
          6 Antoine BLANEY
           + Lucienne Desjardins m.15Aug1939 (Baie Comeau, Haute Côte Nord, Québec)
            7 Julien BLANEY
             + Hélène FLOWERS
            7 Léopold BLANEY
             + Thérèse LANDRY m.18Nov1972 (Havre St Pierre)
            7 Raymond BLANEY
             + Étiennette Cormier m.23Apr1984 (Maliotenam, Notre Dame du Cap, Moyenne Côtee Nord, Québec)   
          6 Hector BLANEY
           + Émérilda Aubert m.21Nov1932 (Pointe aux Outardes, St Jean Baptiste, Saguenay)
          6 Louis Lionel BLANEY
           + Thérèse Boulanger m.18Oct1949 (Rivière au Tonnerre)
            7 Yves BLANEY
             + Lucille Bouchard m.13Dec1980 (Sept Isles, Ste Famille, Saguenay)
               [Stephen Blayney MP and Cabinet Minister fits somewhere in here
                as his wife is Marie Bouchard] 
          6 Ludger BLANEY
           + Éveline Boudreau m.18Jun1946 (Rivière au Tonnerre, Saguenay, Québec) 

     +(2) Élizabeth née MAILLET-m  (MAGUY / McGEE) b.17Jul1830 (Bonaventure, Gaspée, Québec)
          m.27Oct1851 (L'Assomption de Notre Dame de la Grande Riviére, Gaspéé Est, Québec)
         [dau. of Pierre MAGUY & Élizabeth MOREAU]
         [2nd wife of Daniel BLANEY b.1822]; d.11May1912 (Quèbec)OYER
      4 Marie BLANEY b.1945
      4 Elisabeth Blainey b.1858 (Grande Rivière, Gaspé Québec); d.
       + Octave BEAUDIN m.19Nov1883 (Rivière Saint-Jean, Saguenay, Quebec)
         [son of Francois BEAUDIN (Baudin) & Euphrosine DUBE] 
      4 Henriette (Blainey) Blénay b.1862 (Grande Rivière, Gaspé Québec); d.
      4 Eugène BLANEY
       + Henriette JOURNEAUX m.23Oct1880 (Rivire St Jean, Saguenay, Québec)
        5 Francis BLANEY
         + Anna BEZEAU m.27Apr1909 (Rivière au Tonnerre)
          6 Alfred BLANEY 
           + Démerise Noël m.02Oct1945 (Rivière au Tonnerre)
          6 Léo BLANEY
           + Réjeanne Cody 04Jan1967 (Rivière au Tonnerre)

      4 William (Guillaume) BLANEY
       +(1)Suzanne CODY m.23Oct1880 (Rivière-Saint-Jean)
       +(2)Aurélie MéTHOT m.27Aug1883 (L'Assomption de Notre Dame de la Grande Rivière, Gaspé Est, Québec) 
        5 Clémentine BLANEY
         + Judith Cormier m.25Oct1917 (Rivière au Tonnerre)
        5 Daniel BLANEY
         + Joséphine Lelièvre m.15Sep1924 (Ile d'Anticostie, Notre Dame de L'Assomption)
          6 André BLANEY
           + Jeannine FORBES m.10 October 1959 in Sept Isles, Saguenay
          6 Aurèle BLANEY
           + Joséphine LAPIERRE m.11Nov1950 (Rivière au Tonnerre)
          6 Émérilda BLANEY 
           + René MOREAU m.26Oct1954 (Ile d'Anticostie, Notre Dame de L'Assomptio)
          6 Léopold BLANEY
           + Albertine POULIN m.06Oct1951 (Ile d'Anticostie)
            7 Gilbert BLANEY
             + Sylvie Léveillée m.06Dec1978 (Sept Isles, Marriage Civil, Moyenne Côte Nord)
        5 Lizzie BLANEY
         + Charles POIRIER m.19Apr1909 (Magpie Rivière St Jean, St Octave, Saguenay, Québec)
        5 Mathilda BLANEY
         + Pierre Hamilton m.13May1903 (Moisie, St Vital, Saguenay)
        5 Odina BLANEY
         + Corrine BERTHELOT m.27Jun1928 (Godbout, Sainte-Anne, Moyenne Côte Nord)
          6 Rita BLANEY
           + Jean Bérubé m.10Mar1973 (Franquelin, St Êtienne, Moyenne Côte Nord)
          6 Robert BLANEY 
           + Mirella VINCENT m.26Oct1963 (Franquelin, St Êtienne, Moyenne Côte Nord)
          6 Fernand BLAYNEY
           + Nicole LALANCETTE m.3Aug1963 (Sacré-Coeur, Chicoutimi)
            7 Dany BLANEY
             + Harold DIONNE

    3 Jean BLANEY b.2May1826 (Rivière-du-Loup)
    3 Théophile BLANEY b.4July1828 (Rivière-du-Loup)
    3 Marie BLANEY b.25Oct1830 (Rivière-du-Loup)
    3 Sarah BLANEY b~1831; d.13Nov1859 (Québec City)
    3 Thomas BLANEY b.2Aug1835 (Rivière-du-Loup)
     + Julie Rémillard m.15Feb1841 (St-Sylvestre) 
    3 Brigitte BLANEY b.4Jul1838 (Rivire-du-Loup)
    3 William BLANEY 
     + Euphrosine (Euphosine) FONTAINE m.17Nov1857 (Québec City)
    3 Victoire-Philomene BLANEY (BLANY) b.1842 (Québec)
     + Jean Baptiste Renaud m.23Jun1862 (Iles de Montréal, Québec) 

[6b] the Daniel BLANEY families

1 Daniel BLANEY (possibly a brother or nephew of Jean/John above) b~1769 (County Westmeath, Ireland);
  d.26Mar1852 (Lotbinière Co., Québec), a few days after his wife. (bur.St-Sylvester) [982]
  [Son of Thomas Blaney b.1750]
  Emigrated to Canada from Ireland about 1830, on the suggestion of Jean 
  + Margaret (Marguerite) KILDUFF (KILLDUFF) b.1773 (Ireland); d.6Mar1852 (bur.St-Sylvester)
    All evidence points to them being parents of Thomas, James, Patrick and Bridget. [1320]

   2 Thomas BLANEY b.1797 (Ireland); d.31Mar1875 (St-Sylvestre); Occ. shoemaker then farmer.
     Arrived in Quebec ~1830 with his parents, siblings, Marcella and Margaret. 
    + Marcella CONLAN b~1801 (Ireland); d.14Nov1885 (St.-Sylvestre)
     3 Margaret BLANEY b~1827 (Ireland); d.28May1911
      + Michael (Mickey) MONAGHAN m.29Feb1846 at 24; d.7Aug1888; farmer
        [son of Patrick Monaghan and Ellen Gallagher both living in Ireland]
       4 Fifteen children [1320]
     3 Rose BLANEY b.25Jun1832 (Rivire-du-Loup, Canada) (on tombstone). 
       Some consider ~1830 more likely, but 10 months is just enough time (or Bridget may been premature)
      + Owen McGOLDRICK b.~1830Ireland); m.20Sep1853; Owen was a farmer in St-Sylvester but moved to New Hampshire at some stage; 
        [Thomas McGoldrick and Mary McCauley, also residents of St-Sylvestre]	  
        d.23Feb1905 age 75; buried in Calvary Cemetery with Rose.
       4 Six children
     3 Bridget BLANEY b.30Apr1833 (St-Patrice-de-Rivière-du-Loup, Kamouraska Co. Québec); d.19Sep1917
     3 Elizabeth BLANEY b.Jan1837.(St-Gilles)
     3 Mary BLANEY b.Sep1839 (St-Sylvestre)
     3 Teresa BLANEY b.6Ma1842. (St-Sylvestre) 

Catherine Blaney &
Thomas Monaghan

Mary Ann Blayney
née McCourt
3 Catherine BLANEY b.19Jan1844 (St-Sylvestre); d.1919 aged 75 + Thomas MONAGHAN b.1835; m.6Oct1863 (St-Sylvestre); d.1914 aged 79 (both at St-Sylvestre) [son of John Monaghan and Catherine McGuire] 4 Eleven children 2 Mary BLANEY b.1803 2 James D. BLANEY b.1803 (Ireland); d.28Apr1877 of "typhoid pneumonia" (Buffalo, Erie Co. NY). Occ. shoemaker then ship's carpenter + Mary Ann McCOURT b.1Nov1811 (Lisbon, Portugal); m.1828 (County Westmeath, Ireland); d.01Oct1899 [Dau of Patrick McCourt and Margaret O'Neill] 3 Margaret BLANEY b.1832 (Québec); d.31Jul1890 (Buffalo, Erie, NY.) + James Thomas LENNON b.9Aug1837 (Ireland); m.20Aug1855 Shipyard carpenter; Seven children [son of David Lennon and Anastasia Shalloe] 3 Mary Ann BLANEY b.27Aug1834 (St.-Giles, Lotbinière Co. Québec); Occ milliner; d.6Nov1893 (Buffalo) of Breast Ca. 3 twin Ellen BLANEY b.Dec1836 (St.-Giles, Lotbinière Co. Québec); d.1858 (Buffalo, Erie Co. NY) 3 twin John BLANEY b.Dec1836 (St.-Giles, Lotbinière Co. Québec); d.1850-1855 (Buffalo, Erie Co. NY) 3 Bridget BLANEY b.17Feb1839 (St.-Giles, Lotbinière Co. Québec) ; d.13Jan1845 (St.-Sylvestre) age 5

Elizabeth BLANEY

James S McGown

Alicia Ann Blaney

Agnes Augusta BLANEY


Lena W Blaney
3 Elizabeth (Eliza) BLANEY b.31Aug1841 (Lotbinière Co. Québec); d.21Mar1923 Separated from James ~1888 (because of "said soldier's habits", moved to live with dau, Blanche and became an insurance company President (20 years as "Supreme President" of the Ladies Catholic Benevolent Association; + Capt. James S McGOWAN b.1836 (Buffalo); m.21Jul1864 (Buffalo); d.17Jul1902 "apollexy & alcoholism" Promoted from Lieutenant to Captain in 116th New York Volunteers serving 1862-4 in American Civil War. 4 Two children: Richard B and Marie Blanche. 3 Susan BLANEY b.5Jul1843 (St-Sylvestre); d.16Jan1930 (Buffalo) + James Lofland CARLISLE m~1869 4 Four children: James Everette, Heater Ann, Alicia B and Thomas R. 3 Alicia Ann BLANEY b.30Sep1845 (St-Sylvestre); d.22Nov1928 ((Buffalo) of a CVA Teacher. Single but took over raising nephews and later cared for her mother. 3 Joseph Daniel BLANEY b.27Feb1849 (Buffalo), the only boy in the BLANEY family to survive into adulthood. Machinist; "Marine Engineer" d.10Sep1911 (Buffalo in a railroad accident) + Harriet ("Hattie") PATTEN b.1850; m.27Dec1887 (Buffalo, Erie Co. NY). d.25Mar1908 (Rhode Is); Protestant (Joseph was Catholic) 4 Joseph Lee BLANEY b.Nov1889 (Buffalo), founded Joseph L. BLANEY Insurance Company; d.19Nov1969 + Lena WECKERLY b.17Jan1889; m.24Jan1912 (both Buffalo); d.27Jul1957 (Eggertsville, NY.) [dau. of John Weckerly and Lena Freeman] 5 Robert Jessup BLANEY b.12Dec1919; d.5Dec1988 (both Erie Co. NY); Lawyer, Insurer + Blanche Hunter McKENZIE b.24Mar1918 (NY.); m.27Dec1945; d.1Feb1991 (Niagara, NY.) [dau. of James Edward McKENZIE (b.1895) & Blanche Charlotte HUNTER 1898-1956)] 6 Maureen Patricia BLANEY B.A.(English) and Masters in Special Ed. Special Ed teacher + Lance Ian PELTER (4 children) 6 Robert James BLANEY II 5 Jean Lee BLANEY b.25Jan1926 (Buffalo, NY.); d.03Oct1988 (Troy, NY.) + Horton Keith DURFEE b.30Dec1925; m.25Jun1960 (Geneva, NY.); d.20May2017 (Ithaca, Tompkins, NY.) Military Service 1944 (Ft Dix) + George FEIDNER (1915-1955) 3 Agnes (Aggie) Augusta BLANEY b.1Jan1853 (Buffalo); d.3Sep1933 + August Henry MILLER b.4Aug1860; m.23Jun1891 sep.1893 4 Mary Lofland Carlisle CLEMENT née MILLER b.4Aug1893 3 Anastasia (Statia) BLANEY b.Oct1854; d.9Jul1900 (both in Buffalo) Music teacher + Gilbert HITCHCOCK b.1854 (Ohio); m~1882 4 Four children: Gilbert B., Leo Carlisle, James Blaney and Stephen Blaney HITCHCOCK 2 Patrick BLANEY b.1804 (Ireland); d.Mar1889 (St-Narcisse, Lotbiniére Co.) Occ. shoemaker + Mary LANGAN/LOGAN or Marie LANGLOIS/LANGLORIS b~1801(1811); m~1825 (Ireland) d.16Sep1867 (St-Gilles) 3 Margaret BLANEY b.Nov1830 (St-Patrice-de-Rivière-du-Loup, Kamouraska Co. Québec); d.20Sep1831 3 Mary Ann BLANEY b.28Jun1832 (Rivière-du-Loup) on and baptized the same day; d.1879 (Lachine, Quebec) + Daniel DORAN m.16Apr1855 (St-Gilles) [son of Charles Doran and Sally Kelly]

Daniel BLANEY (Bleaney)
3 Daniel BLANEY (Bleaney) b.20Jan1834 (St-Gilles); d.24Feb1911 (Lotbinière, Quebec); bur. in St-Narcisse + Johanna M. EVOY b.7Jan1843 (Québec); m.7Jan1843; d.1933; bur. in St-Narcisse 4 Ann BLANEY b.14Nov1862 (St-Gilles); d.16Nov1862 4 Patrick BLANEY b.27Dec1863 (St-Gilles); d.10Jan1864 4 John BLANEY b.18Dec1864 (St-Gilles) 4 Mary Catherine BLANEY b.20Mar1867 (St-Gilles); d.26Jun1875 (St-Narcisse) accidently drowned. 4 Margaret BLANEY b.3Jul1869 (St-Gilles) + Casimir ROBERGE b.3Apr1855 (Québec); m.17Sep1888 (St-Narcisse, Lotbinière Co. Québec) [son of Louis Roberge and Jena Christina Laliberté of St-Bernard] They adopted the following children: 5 Gelean Caux b.2Aug1888 (Québec) 5 Amanda ROBERGE b.3Oct1889 (Québec) 4 Joseph Daniel BLANEY b.7Mar1872 (Québec); d.1929 (age 56) + Camélia CAUX b.1886; m.12May1903 (St. Narcisse); d.1929 [dau. of Jean-Baptiste Caux and Felixine Roy] [11 children] 4 Patrick Henry BLANEY b.6Mar1874 (Québec); d.17Jun1876 (St-Narcisse) 4 Phillipe Thomas BLANEY b.16Jun1877 (St-Narcisse); d.1950 (age73) 4 Mary Bridget BLANEY b.11Oct1879 (St-Narcisse) + Martin EGAN m.21Oct1879 [son of Martin Egan and Anne Jane Lynch of Québec City] 4 Mary Catherine BLANEY b.17Jan1883 (St-Narcisse) 3 Bridget BLANEY b.1836 (St-Gilles); Emigrated to USA in 1887; d.1900 (Berlin, NH.) + Alexis GAGNÉ b.1836; m.28Sep1858 (St-Gilles) Farmer [son of Joseph Gagné and Marie Gandreau of St-Sylvestre] 4 Ten children: Jean-Baptiste, Marie Marguerite, Thomas, Marie, Anne, Bridget, Michel, Joseph, Louis Alexis and Marie Angile Gagné 3 Ann BLANEY b.1838 (St-Gilles); d.26Feb1851 at 12 3 Margaret BLANEY b.Apr1840 (St-Gilles); d.27Mar1904 + Michael BURNS b.~1839; m.20Apr1864; Farm labourer [son of Terence Burns and Ann Mullavey of St-Sylvestre] 4 Four children 3 Patrick BLANEY b.Mar1842 (St-Sylvestre); d.23Feb1851 (St-Gilles)

John BLANEY b.1844

Mary Ann & John

Née PLUNKETT age 72

Mary Ellen MANION

George Walter W

Virginia Margaret

Sister Marcell
Ann Blaney

Alfred Patrick
Blaney & sons

Anna Grace
3 John BLANEY b.9Jun1843 (St-Gilles, Canada); Em. to USA 1869; d.18Nov1912 (Alpena, MI.); Operated a boading house + Mary Ann PLUNKETT b.27Mar1844 (Lotbinière, Quebec); m.27Feb1865 (St-Sylvestre) d.18Jun1923 (Alpena, MI.) [dau. of James PLUNKETT (1812-1897) and Mary A McKELVEY (1817-1900) of St-Sylvestre] 4 Patrick BLANEY b.3Mar1866 (St-Gilles); d.1870 4 Matthew James BLANEY b.1869 (Michigan); d.1939 (Chicago, IL.) + Mary LUTGER b.1883 (IA.) 5 Helen BLANEY 5 John B. BLANEY 4 Mary Ellen ("Nellie") BLANEY b.12Aug1873; d.7Jun1954 (both Alpena, MI.) Occ. bookkeeper (at William Manion, a Ship's provisioning store) + George Walter Wade MANION b.8Aug1867 Carsonville, MI.); d.9Sep1947 (Alpena, MI.) 4 Catherine (?Kate) M. BLANEY b.Feb1876 (Michigan); d.1958 + Robert P. BARRETT 5 Three children: William A; Alfred B and Patrick J BARRETT 4 Margaret ("Maggie") Ann BLANEY b.18Aug1877 (Alpena, MI.); d.23Sep1958 (Cheboygan, MI.) + Joseph ("Joe") Patrick MOLONEY b.14Mar1877; m.19Sep1906 (Alpena, MI.) d.1Aug1953 (Cheboygan, MI.); [2 or 4 children] [Son of James Francis MOLONEY and Bridget BROWN] 4 Frank John BLANEY aka John Francis BLANEY b.15May1880 (Alpena, MI.); d.14Jul1957 (Chicago, Cook Co., IL.) + Rena WALKER b.14Oct1887 (IN.); d.5Sep1942 (Chicago) [dau. of Edgar and Mary WALKER] 5 Edgar A. BLANEY b.28Mar1908; d.1Nov1913 (both Chicago) 5 Dorothy Mary BLANEY b.22Apr1912 (IL.); d.30Nov1996 (Sun City, CA.) + ___ ALLIE 5 Virginia Margaret BLANEY b.1916 (IL.); d.24Dec1961 (Chicago) + __ DAVIDSON 5 Marcella BLANEY ?= Sister Marcella Mae Ann Blaney S.P. b.15Mar1918; d.23Jul1973 Sisters of Providence 1935, assigned Taiwan Sep 1968; d.23Jul1973 +(2) Myrtle R FISCHER d.1956 (Chicago) 2nd wife of Jack BLAYNEY 5 John ("Jack") Francis F BLANEY b.7Nov1919 (Chicago, Cook Co., IL.); d.18Apr1989 (Tacoma, Pierce Co., WA.) 4 Alfred Patrick BLANEY b.6Sep1882 (Michigan); d.1Jan1959 (Alpena, MI.); Bookkeeper; Manager Bedford Coal Co.; Drafted WWI 1917-18 +(1) Elizabeth Maude GAVAGAN b.23Nov1883 (MI.); m.1908; d.17Nov1908 (all Alpena, MI.) +(2) Anna Elizabet HINES m.1911 5 Mary F BLANEY b~1913 (Michigan) 5 Anna J BLANEY b~1912 (Michigan) ?= Anna Grace Featherstone née Blaney b.1913 5 John H BLANEY b.1915 (Michigan) 5 Margaret A BLANEY b.Nov1917 5 Catherine Mary BLANEY b.Nov1919 (Michigan) 5 Madeline M. BLANEY b.Nov1919 (Michigan); d<1930 5 James P BLANEY b~1927 (Michigan) c. 1924 5 Therese M BLANEY b~1927 (Michigan) 3 Thomas BLANEY b.6Sep1846 (St-Gilles, Lotbiniére Co. Québec); d.1930 [son of Patrick BLANEY & Marie Logan [1104]] + Mary Grace BOYLE (Gracy BOYD) b.7Mar1840 (St-Gilles); m.14Jan1868 (St-Gilles) dau of James BOYLE (Boyd), a farmer, and Mary (Marie) SHALLOW 4 James BLANEY b.3Feb1869 (St-Gilles), bap.8Feb1869 (St-Sylvestre) + Rosalie GAGNON m.7Sep1896 [4 children] 4 David Daniel BLANEY b.28July1870 in St-Gilles; d.1938 (age 68); bur. St-Narcisse 4 John (Johnny) BLANEY b.12Mar1871 (Québec); d.1960 (age 89); Farmer + Malvina CAUX b~1881; m.21Jul1902 (St-Narcisse); d.1955 (age 74) [dau. of Jean-Baptiste Caux and Félixine Roy]. 4 Phillipe BLANEY b.27Sep1873 (St-Gilles); d.1946 + Victoria TAYLOR m.16Jul1906 (St-Narcisse); d.1946 [dau. of Léon Taylor and Zoé Fradet]. 5 Sammy BLANEY b.1908; d.1991 + Émilie BILODEAU m.17Nov1937 (St Bernard) dau of Gédéon BILODEAU and Délina Goulet 6 Jean Paul BLANEY + Madeleine Rheaume m.27Apr1968 (St Maxime de Scott, Dorchester, Québec) 6 Robert BLANEY + Denise Camiré m.16Oct1976 (St Bernard) 6 Thérèse BLANEY + Gilles Marcoux m.28Sep1963 (St-Narcisse) 5 Harry BLANEY b.13Dec1909 (St-Narcisse) Occ. various incl mail carrier and lumberjack (in US). In 1940 he returned to St-Narcisse and purchased a farm; d.23Aug1996 + Émilie Labonté m.03Mar1943 (St Narcisse) 5 Fernande BLANEY + Paul Rancourt m.15Sep1941 (Notre Dame [Basilique], Québec) 5 A daughter 5 Albert BLANEY b.1915; d.1977 + Simone Labrecque m.19Jun1948 (St Bernard) 5 Rose-Alma BLANEY b.1917; d.1931 (age14) bur. St-Narcisse cemetery. 5 Flora BLANEY b.1918; d.1923 (age5); bur. St-Narcisse cemetery 5 Roger BLANEY b.1920. d.1923 (age3); bur. St-Narcisse cemetery 5 Alphée BLANEY b.1924. d.1925 bur. St-Narcisse cemetery 5 Alphée BLANEY b.6Nov1925 (St-Narcisse); d.24Aug1964 (St-Narcisse). + Fernande GUAY m.31Aug1949 (St Narcisse) 6 Guy BLANEY + Gaétane Grondin m.27Jun1981 (St Gilles, Lotbiniére , Québec, Canada) 6 Phillippe BLANEY + Carole Toutant m.15Jun1974 (St Narcisse) 5 daughter 5 son. 4 Thomas Henry BLANEY b.4Sep1875 (St-Narcisse); d.1941 + Catherine (Katie) O'Gorman b.1879; m.24Aug1908 (St-Narcisse); d.1974 dau. of James GORMAN and Mary Boyle 5 Elizabeth BLANEY 5 daughter BLANEY 5 Howard H. BLANEY b~1914; d.17May1967; bur. St-Narcisse cemetery + Imelda CAUX m.14Jul1937 (St-Narcisse) dau of Samuel CAUX and Auxilia DUPUIS 6 Irving BLANEY + Monique BRETON m.23Jul1960 (St Bernard) dau of Joseph Edmond BRETON and Alice NADEAU 4 Mary BLANEY b~1878 (Québec) + Louis ROBERGE m.12July1897 [son of Honoré Roberge and Dasylda Aubé] 5 "blessed with a large family" 4 Marc Louis BLANEY b.13Mar1880 (St-Narcisse); Farmer + Clara CÔTÉ b.~1890; m<1917. One son 4 Emma BLANEY b.15May1882 (St-Narcisse) + Emile LeCOURS m.08Oct1907 (St-Narcisse) [son of Philomé LeCOURS and Bridget Evoy] 5 "several children" 4 Joseph Edward BLANEY b.14Jan1886 (St-Narcisse) 4 Marie Elizabeth BLANEY b.30Dec1887 (St-Narcisse); Em. to US in 1907; d.Jan1979 + Omer BEAULAC b.5Apr1887; Em. to US in 1893; m~1913; d.May1973; paper mill worker then janitor 5 Five children 4 Joseph Denis BLANEY b.31May1890 (St-Narcisse); Em. to US 1907; Steel worker then Mill worker + Rose MORIN b~1889; m.~1912 5 Three children 4 Margaret (Maggie) Anne BLANEY (Maggie) b.27May1892 (St-Narcisse); Em. to USA 1907; d.Sep1975 (Berlin, CO) + Alphonse COLLINS b.8Apr1885; m.~1915; d.Mar1964 (NH) 5 Two children 4 Cecilia BLANEY b.23May1895 (Québec) 2 Bridget (Biddy) BLANEY b.1817 (Ireland);.d.5Feb1888 +(1)James McDONALD m.1832 (church of St-Basile, in the parish of Madawaska, Mew Brunswick) Son of Francis McDonald and Margaret Craig of Ireland Soldier, then farmer; d~1838 (before the birth of Mary 20Jul1838) 3 Four children: Margaret, Francis, Caroline and Mary R. +(2)Joseph McDONALD (brother of James, ?partner but not husband) The family left Madawaska in 1853 and settled in Ohio 3 Seven children: Henry B, Alexander, Susan, James Hamilton, Elizabeth Ann, Joseph and an unidentified child ?d.y.

[6c] The James BLANEY families

 1 James BLANEY b.1819 or 1Aug1817 (Co., Down, Ireland); 
   Farmer Euphrasia, Grey East, Ontario
   RC Widowed
  + Mary McCORMICK b.1836 ( Benbecula, Inverness, Scotland); d.1878 

Andrew Blaney

(Hester) Maria Blaney

Glenie & William Roy Blaney

William Roy & Glenie Blaney

Left to right: Roy Blaney, Glenie Blaney, Bill Blaney,
Audrey (McBurnie) Blaney, Elsie & Boyde McBurnie 18Oct1952
2 Andrew BLANEY/BLAYNEY b.05Feb1861 (Markdale, Grey Co., Ontario) Farmer d.14Apr1931 (Sault Ste Marie, Ontario) + Hester Maria CREASOR b.1865 (Canada); m.24Mar1890 Toronto; d.1896 (Vaughn, Ontario) dau of Carlton CREASOR b.1821 Rillington, Yorkshire, England and Maria RICHARDSON b.1829 (England), d.1915 (Maple, Ontario) 3 ?Maurice Andrew BLANEY 3 William Roy BLANEY b.14Jul1893 (Owen Sound, Ontario) WWI 1917-18 (227th) + Euphemia Glendinning ("Glenie") SHIELS m.5Nov1930 (Sault Ste Marie, Ontario) 4 William ("Bill") Glenroy (Roy) BLANEY b.29Aug1931 (Sault Ste. Marie, Ont); d.22Sep2018 Oil worker; owned Northwest Tank Lines trucking company + Audrey McBURNIE m.18Oct1952 [dau of Boyde McBurnie & Elsie Rous] 5 Linda BLANEY + Kelly KAYEE 5 Susan BLANEY + Tim HOGAN 5 Tom BLANEY (Tina), 5 Barbara BLANEY + Tim WINDLE 5 Howard BLANEY + Patricia Zamora MORA 5 David BLANEY 4 Beverly "Mort" BLANEY USHER

Bill Blaney b.1931

Audrey (Bill) Blaney

Bill Roy Blaney

Audrey & Bill Blaney

William ("Bill")
Glenroy Blaney
James Peter

William ("Bill")
Glenroy Blaney

Thomas Adolph NAULT
& Isabella Blaney
2 James Peter BLANEY/BLAYNEY b.19Oct1861; d.7Jan1937; Farmer; Trail Smelter + Mary Jane McLELLAN b.~1Jan1868 (Nova Scotia); m.1886, [dau. of Angus Mclellan and Mary McDonald]. [11 children] 3 Hugh Gordon BLANEY 3 Veronica BLANEY + Charles B SCOTT 3 Michael BLANEY 3 Margaret Mae BLANEY + Herbert MUELLER 3 John BLANEY 3 Archibald Joseph BLANEY b.19Apr1887 (Markdale, Ontario); d.16Dec1972 (Nelson, B.C.) + Christine De KINDER m.7Jan1915 (Nelson, B.C.) 4 John BLANEY 4 Cyril BLANEY 4 Edith BLANEY 3 Isabella BLANEY b.2Jun1893 (Chatsworth, Ontario); d.9May1966 (Seattle, WA.) + Thomas Adolphe NAULT m.17Aug1916 (Nelson, B.C) son of Joseph Treffle NAULT and Ellen McKEOWN 3 Ethel Agnes BLANEY b.4Dec1895 (Grey County, Markdale, Ontario); d.28Aug1971, Vancouver, B.C.) + Dominico Adamo SCAIA m.21Apr1915 (Church of Mary Immaculate, Nelson, B.C.) 3 Daniel James BLANEY b.27Aug1897 (Markdale, Ontario) d.25Jul1956 (Burnaby, B.C.) 3 Angus Patrick BLANEY b.11Jul1899 (Markdale, Ontario); d.16Dec1960 (Burnaby, B.C.) 3 Irene Erminie BLANEY b.7Jan1901; d.12Aug1977. 2 Daniel (David) BLANEY b.1865 Ontario Farmer; d.1889 2 John BLANEY b.1865 (Ontario); d.1933 + Mary Burch b.1873 d.1949 son Lloyd L., b.1909 all bur. Oakwood Cemetery, Simcoe, ON) 2 Annie (Ann) BLANEY b.1868 Ontario; d.1892 2 Mary BLANEY b.1870 (Ontario) 2 Margret BLANEY b.1872 (Ontario) 2 Helena BLANEY b.1874 (Ontario)

[6d] The William Thomas BLANEY families

1 William Thomas BLANEY (Lytchett Matravers, Dorset, England) [992]
 +(1) Susannah LANGDOWN (unmarried)
  2 John LANGDOWN bpt 10Jun1810 (Lytchett Matravers), later BLAYNY/BLANY/BLANEY
    [see John BLANEY below]
 +(2)Lucy PINDER of Hamworthy m.1Jan1813 (Corfe Mullen) [997]
  2 William BLANEY b.1813 (Lytchett Matravers) [1003]
    Pobably the William Blayney listed in the 1855 list of Lytchett Minster [993]
    (somehow based on the 30th March 1851 Census!?); m.Sep1837 [BDM]
   + Ann BLANEY b~1816/9 (Banbury, Oxfordshire) [1003]
    3 Hannah BLANEY b~1839/43 (Lytchett Matravers) [1003]
    3 Joseph BLANEY b1841 (Lytchett Matravers)
    3 Emy BLANEY b~1848 (Lytchett Matravers)
    3 Leonora BLANEY b~1851 (Lytchett Matravers)
    3 Mary BLANEY b.4Apr1852 (Lytchett Matravers) [994]
    3 Sarah BLANEY b.1855 (Lytchett Matravers)

  2  John BLANEY bpt 10Jun1810 (Lytchett Matravers, Dorset) as John LANGDOWN but 
    presumably adopted the name BLANEY by 1838; d.~1895 (Poole district, Dorset)
    Ag Labourer; d~Nov1810 (Dorset)
   +(1)Amelia BARFOOT (unm) [992] [996]
       Bastardy Order taken out by Amelia against John in 1834 for the maintenance
       of their daughter indicates he was not married to her.
    3 ___ daughter  

John & Elizabeth (nee Young) BLANEY

Ellen Blaney Spicer

George Spicer
+(2) Elizabeth YOUNG b.30Oct1814 (Waterloo, Poole, Dorset) [998] [1000] [1002] m.7Apr1838 (Hinton Parva, Dorset); d.1894 dau of Jane YOUNG (retired Charwoman) 3 Charlotte BLANEY b~1834; d.~Aug1868 (Dorset) + Phillip GRAY m.8Nov1863 (Dorset) 4 Emily Jane and Charlotte Elizabeth GRAY 3 David BLANEY b~Dec1838 3 George BLANEY b~Dec1840 3 Thomas BLANEY b.17Aug1842 (Lytchett Matravers); d.29Jun1927 Ag. Labourer [1000] [1001] [1002] + Henrietta Louisa HARLICK (?=Susa) b.4Apr1840 (Longfleet, Poole); m.1864 [BDM] 4 William George BLANEY b.1864 (Longfleet, Poole) [999] [1002] [BDM] + Lydia Ruth SKINNER b.1863 (Lytchett Minster) 5 Percival George BLANEY b.1886 (Wimborne) [BDM] 5 Ralph Thomas BLANEY b.1888 (Lytchett Matravers) [BDM] 5 Reginald James BLANEY b.1890 (Lytchett Matravers) [BDM] 4 Ellen Jane BLANEY b.1867 (Lytchett Minster) [BDM] + George SPICER m.1879 (Poole) [BDM] 4 Charlotte Louisa BLANEY b~1870 (Corfe Mullen) + Stephen ROUSE m.1901 (Poole) [BDM] 4 Fanny A. BLANEY b~1872 (Lytchett Matravers) 4 Elizabeth Harriet BLANEY b.1874 [BDM] (Lytchett Matravers) Domestic servant 4 Alice Mary BLANEY b.1876 (Lytchett Matravers) [BDM] 4 Thomas James BLANEY b.1878 (Lytchett Matravers) [BDM] 3 Ellen Young BLANEY b.1845 (Lytchett Matravers) [BDM] Ag worker 1861 3 William Henry BLANEY [see William Henry BLANEY below] 3 George BLANEY b.1849 (Lytchett Matravers) Ag then Brickmaker's Labourer [1002] [BDM]; d.>1861 + Rachel OXFORD b~1849 (Sturminster); m.1869 [BDM] 3 Elizabeth Jane BLANEY b.1851 (Lytchett Matravers); d.~May1929 + Reuben CHRISTOPHER Jr b.19Jul1851 (Lytchett Matravers); m.7Jul1872 (Poole) [BDM]; d.~Feb1917 (Wimborne district, Dorset) 4 Eleven children 3 Emily BLANEY b.Mar1853 (1856); bpt 14Sep1856 (Lytchett Matravers) + Joseph CHRISTOPHER b.1850 (Lytchett Minster); bpt25Mar1891 [995] 4 Rose CHRISTOPHER, b.1877, (Lytchett Matravers) 4 Bessie CHRISTOPHER, b.1879, (Lytchett Matravers) 4 Maude CHRISTOPHER, b.1880, (Lytchett Matravers) 3 Mary Ann BLANEY b.1855 [998] [BDM] + Charles JAMES m.1876 (Poole) [BDM] 3 William Henry BLANEY b.1846 (Old Swanwick, Dorset, England) Ag Labourer [991] [998] [1002] + Marcia Anna STROUD b.1850 (Launceston, Dorset); m.1875 (Wimborne)

William Henry

nee Stroud

Willie Stroud BLANEY
& Louisa Jane Smith

L-R: Mildred, Willie, Reg,
Louisa & Phyllis @ Winnipeg

L-R: Archie, Reg & Bert
at Elk Point homestead
4 Willium ("Willie") Stroud BLANEY b.24Aug1878 (Wimborne, Swanage, Dorset); d.27Feb1945 (Lumby, Yale, BC) [990] Log scaler; Em. ~1906 + Louisa Jane SMITH b.20Nov1878 (Landport, Porsea, Southhampton); m.19Feb1901 (Wareham, Dorset, England) [dau of Mary (BONFIELD) SMITH] 5 Ethelbert (Bert) Stroud BLANEY b.13Sep1903 (Swanage, Dorset) + Ruth VALENTINE b.03Nov1905 (Pleasant Ridge, Washington, USA); m.10Nov1927 (La Conner, Washington, USA) 6 Patricia Ruth BLANEY b24Apr1928 (USA); d.14Feb2019 + 6 Living BLANEY 5 Mildred Louisa BLANEY b.20Mar1905 (Swanage, Dorset) + Raymond Allison JAMES b.20Oct1905 (Greenwood, Cass, Nebraska); m.13Apr1935 (Canoe, British Columbia) 6 Margory JAMES 5 Archibald (Archie) Hughie BLANEY b.17Jan1909 (Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada); d.3Jan1997 (Vernon, Yale BC) Tugboat operator / carpenter / Pvt Canadian Infantry WWII + Muriel Maria ULLETT b.Nov1915 (Ottawa, Ontario) m.19Apr1944 (North Bay, Ontario); d.16May1994 (Vernon, Yale BC) 6 Eight children, including 6 David BLANEY b.27Aug1946 and 6 Burton Dale BLANEY b~1956 (Vernon, Yale, British Columbia)

Archie & parents, Willie and
Louisa BLANEY c.1940

1939 BLANEYs
[click to read names]

Archie & Muriel BLANEY


Siblings Archie, Mildred
and Reg BLANEY 1996
5 Phyllis Mary BLANEY b.1Jan1911 (Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada) + Thomas (Tom) ANDREWS b~1908 (Newfoundland, Canada); 6 Gordon ANDREWS b~1933 (Salmon Arm, British Columbia) 6 Allan ANDREWS 6 Evelyn ANDREWS 5 Reginald (Reg) William BLANEY b.29Jul1913 (Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada); d.21Mar1997 (Vernon, Yale BC) Maintenance worker + Ruby Helena KIDNER b.09May1911 (British Columbia, Canada); m.14Jun1936; d.21Mar1997 (both Vernon, Yale BC) 6 Margory BLANEY 5 Robert (Bob) Vernon BLANEY b.12Oct1914 (Elk Point, Alberta); d.19Jan1985 (Vernon, Yale BC); Logging truck driver + Sadie ALGER b~1920 (British Columbia); m.11Nov1938 6 Vernon BLANEY 6 Hazel BLANEY 4 Elizabeth Marcia BLANEY b~1876 (Wimborne, Dorset) 4 Archibald H C BLANEY b~1880 (Wimborne, Dorset) 4 Hilda E BLANEY b~1880 (Wimborne, Dorset) 4 Ethelbert George BLANEY b~1885 (Wimborne, Dorset); Shoe store clerk 4 Oakley BLANEY b~1887 4 Harold G BLANEY b~1889 (Wimborne, Dorset)

[6e] Birmingham to Canada The Harry & Thomas BLANEY families

This family is primarily based on the Ancestor Tree of Elizabeth J. Blaney by
Margaret (Peggy Atkinson) Boot of Toronto, Canada [1416]

Harry Blaney

Jane Blaney

Harry Blaney
and family

Jane Blaney
and family

Bill Blaney

Bill Blaney

Bess Blaney & family

Elizabeth (Bess) J Blaney

Edwin H Blaney

Edwin/Ted Blaney fam

Florence Blaney Fam

Albert Blaney

Albert, Frontiersman

Nell & Albert

Stan, Pat (child) & Margaret Blaney

Stan Blaney

Louise Blaney, Bess & Lewis Welch

Alfie Blaney

The tree starts with:

Harry Blaney of Birmingham, 2nd youngest son of
Edwin BLANEY (1833-1885) who was in turn the son of
Thomas BLANEY (b.1797) of Warwickshire

1  Harry BLANEY b.9/23Jan1876 (Birmingham, England); 
  2nd youngest of 8 children; d.13Mar1955 (Birmingham)
  Leatherworker; also House painter; granite set layer; 
  clock case maker; lumber mill worker; 
  Air Raid Warden in WWII 
  “English Individual Champion” in air rifle target shooting 
  Emm to Toronto, Canada Nov1929 but family deported Oct 1930
  for Jane's alleged theft.
  Harry, Jane, Louise and Alfie then stayed with Ted
  [son of Edwin BLANEY b.1834; d.1885 (when harry 9) and 
   Ellen Elizabeth LANGLEY (1838-1915). Edwin was the son of 
   Thomas BLANEY (b.1797) of Warwickshire]    
 +  Martha Jane ELCOCKS b.1877; 
   m.9Jul1895 (Birmingham); d.Q4 1961
   21 pregnancies, 6 reached adulthood
   [dau of William ELCOCKS (a bewer) and Martha BELLINGHAM]

 2  William (Bill) Harry BLANEY b.9Jan1896 (Birmingham).
   Initially a brass turner for a clock maker. Bill then 
   joined the Royal Navy at the age of 15½ as a Boy II 
   on a training ship in 1911. 
   RHS Bronze Medal for rescuing another seaman. 
   Petty Officer 1928; Left Navy 1945; d.1979
  + Rosetta (Rose) Amy (Wallis) Huxley 
    First husband Henry John Huxley had died in France during WWI

 2  Elizabeth ("Bess") Jeanette BLANEY b.23Feb1897 (Birmingham)
   Munitions worker from 1915; Emm. to Canada 1923; 
   d.26Aug1990 (North Vancouver, BC, Canada)
  + Harry Lewis WELCH b.1893; m.15Jan1916; d.1969
    Brass worker
   3 Lewis WELCH 
   3 Joan WELCH
    + William ATKINSON
     4 Margaret BOOT née ATKINSON
       Blogger [1416]
   3 ? Eileen

 2  Edwin (Ted) Harold BLANEY b.17/19Aug1900 (Birmingham)
   Royal Navy 1921-1923; leather worker; boiler attendant; d.1984
  +  Florence Sophia Whitehouse BLANEY 1923
   3 Florence BLANEY b.1924
   3 Margaret BLANEY b.1928
   3 John BLANEY b.Mar1932
    + Sheila ___
     4 Peter BLANEY

 2  Albert James BLANEY b.4Sep1904 emm. to Canada (BC) 1922; d.2001 
   Worked as a logger (lumberjack). Floor layer; bee keeper
   1925-27 Montreal Black Watch Highlanders (Militia)
   1934-38 Legion of Frontiersmen (affliated to the RCMP=Mounties)
   Made good money logging, so paid for Stan's passage to Canada.
  +  Helen ("Nellie") ATKINSON m.12Jan1929; d.age90
    No children but they cared for the son of a friend.

 2  Stanley Eric BLANEY b.16Jan1906 
   Emm. June 1923 to Canada with Margaret; d.25May1978
  +  Margaret Kelly THOMPSON b.1902 (Belfast Ireland)
    They hiked and train hopped to Toronto and lived with Bess and Harry 
    Married in 1940 [1419]. 
   3 Patricia ("Pat") BLANEY b.23Apr1934 (Toronto) [1419]
     Teacher, Vice-principal, author; Moved to Nth Vancouver, BC Canada 1950s
    + __ KORETCHUK
   3 Betty BLANEY [1419]

 2  Martha Louise ("Lou") (Lillian) BLANEY b.28Feb1915  
   Emm. to Canada (Nth Vancouver, BC) 1956
  + ___ DARBY
   3 Roger DARBY
    + Mavis
   3 Jenny DARBY
   3 ? DARBY

 2  Alfred ("Alfie") BLANEY [youngest] b.1Jan1920; 
   d.19Aug1942 at Battle of Jubilee at Dieppe.
   Distinguished Service Medal (gallantry Battle of Crete 1941)
  + Lily Scobie WILSON m.Scotland 1942

[6g] John & Ann BLANEY (Ireland to Canada) [1447]

1 John BLANEY b.1826/7 (Ireland, ?Co., Antrim);
  Farmer. d.<1901
 + Ann (Annie) HOULIHAN / HOULAHAN b.6/20May1822 (Ireland) (or ~1835); m.<1855
   d.21Oct1925 age 103 (Kingston, Frontenac Co., Ontario) 
   [daughter of John Houlahan]
   Moved to Ontario ~1842, and in Kingston from ~1888
  2 James BLANEY b.1855 (Kingston, Frontenac Co., Ontario)
    Catholic; Farmer; 
   + Anne BRADDON b.1Feb1856 (Pittsburg, Frontenac Co.); 
     m.22Feb1887 (St. Mary's Cathedral, Kingston,Frontenac Co.)
     [dau. of Edward Braddow and Anne McDonald]
     The Blaneys and Braddons
    3 Thomas ("Tom") James BLANEY b.~1879/1883 Adopted by James, biologicaly son of Anne.
      Roofer; d.2May1927 (Ruptured Gastric Ulcer)
     + Anna Marie ROGERS b.~1893
      [dau. of Martin B RODGERS b.Oct1858 and Mary MALLOY b.Oct1861 both born
       Clifden, Galway, Ireland] 

Bernice, Virginia & Harry E BLANEY 1934


John Blaney

Dora / Doris

Megan Blaney
née Helsby

young Earl
J Blaney

Earl J Blaney
& Annmarie 1952

Kevin & Sylvia Blaney
4 Virginia BLANEY 4 Bernice BLANEY + Jim COYNE 4 Harry Edward BLANEY b.19Aug1918 (Chicago, IL.) youngest of five, the others apparently often left at orphanage + Arlene SCHWIRTZ m.21Apr1939 [dau. of Henry SCHWIRTZ and Anna DREWS] 2 William BLANEY b.1856 (Frontenac Co.); d.26Sep1895 (Kingston) Catholic; Labourer + Elizabeth ROTHWELL b.1860 (Naponee, Ont.); m.26Apr1881; d.1935 (IN.) [dau. of James Rothwell and Mary Fitzpatrick] 3 Joseph E BLANEY b.3Sep1898 (Valparaiso, Center Twp, Porter, IN.) 3 William Patrick BLANEY b.16Mar1900 (Blue Island, Cook, IL.); d.3Feb1968 (Valparaiso, Center Twp, Porter, IN.) + Agnes G MURPHY b.1901 (Valparaiso); d.1975 4 Patrica T BLANEY b.1932 (Valparaiso) 4 Elizabeth Ann BLANEY b.19Aug1933 (Valparaiso) 2 Mary Ann BLANEY b.1859 (Pittsburg, Frontenac Co.) + Michael DELANEY bpt.1855/6; m.12Jun1882 (St. Mary's Cathedral, Kingston) Catholic; Brakeman / Labourer; 3 children [son of Patrick Delaney and Mary Ann McCarty] 2 John Peter BLANEY b.17Oct1868 (1863) (Jones Falls, Ontario); d.16Feb1941 (Kingston, Frontenac Co., Ontario) Fireman (Grant Trunk Railroad) in 1889, foreman 1891, section foreman 1892. + Ellen "Nellie" TALLON b.23Dec1869 (Balantine, Pittsburg, Frontenac Co.); m.22Sep1885; d.25May1932 (both Kingston); [dau. of John Tallon and Esther Hanlon] 3 Dorothy (Dora / Doris) Agatha ("Minnie") BLANEY b.23Jan1887 (Kingston, Frontenac Co.,) d.9Sep1952 (Livonia, Wayne, MI.) ; Nurse, [dau. of John Blaney and Ellon Tallon] + Vincent Joseph SULLIVAN b.1888; m.27Feb1911 (Kingston) Mechanic of Winnipeg, Manitoba, [son of Michael Edward Sullivan and Mary McDonald] 3 (Baby) Danny BLANEY (1888-1889) 3 John Peter BLANEY Jr. b.14Jan1889; d.29Sep1930 (crushed by beam) (both Kingston); Farmer; engine fitter + Edith Ann CUNNINGHAM b.Feb1898 (6/9)(Kingston, Frontenac Co., Ontario); m.10Jan1916 (St. Mary's Cathedral, Kingston); [1447] d.4Jul1964 (Kingston) (?1971) [This Edith Cunningham was the dau. of John Joseph Cunningham and Mary Ann Hand and not shown to be married to the unlucky John Peter in where his wife is shown as Annie Edith (below). Similarly has him married to Edith Ann of quite different dates (below)] or + Edith Ann CUNNINGHAM b.1898 d.Jun1970 [dau of John J Cunningham and Mary Ann Tierney] 4 Doris Marie BLANEY b.1924; d.1924 (both Kingston) 4 Arthur BLANEY b.5Feb1926; d.14Jul2010 (both Kingston) or + Annie Edith CUNNINGHAM b.21May1883 (Renfrew, Ontario) d.8Nov1930 (Elizabethtown, Leeds County, Ontario) [James Cunningham and Mary Elizabeth Headrick] 4 Gerald BLANEY b.12Mar1922; d.20Jul2001 (Kingston) + Lorraine Elinor McGARVEY b.1924; d.6Nov2018 (Kingston); Nurse 5 Maureen BLANEY + Des Tohill of Charlotte, NC. [2 children] 4 Doris Marie BLANEY b.23Jan1924; d.3Feb1924 (prematurity) 4 John W BLANEY b.1930; d.7Dec2003 (Kingston) + Betty Jean JESSE b.1931; d.1974 (Kingston) 4 Earl Joseph BLANEY b.12Mar1917 Barber (Montreal St Kingston); d.26Jun1994 School Trustee and Alderman [1482] + Megan Margaret HELSBY b.31Oct1922; d.4Mar2001 (both Kingston); Occ. Weaver, Hairdresser, florest [8 children] [dau. of Michael Richard Helsby and Annie Southworth] 5 Earl BLANEY teacher 5 Annmarie BLANEY Clarke hairdresser 5 Marilyn BLANEY hairdresser 5 Gregory BLANEY Florest 5 Peter BLANEY (finance) 5 Paul BLANEY Florist 5 Bev BLANEY Doctor 5 Kevin BLANEY b.~1958 Florest [1482] + Sylvia b.~1961; m.Dec1980 3 Lillie May BLANEY b.17Oct1891 (Kingston) 3 Daniel Aloysius BLANEY b.11Mar1892 (Kingston) 3 William Ambrose (Allan) BLANEY b.3Jul1896 (Kingston) Tanner, Hydro engineer of Napanee, Canadian Expeditionary Force Moved to Michigan in 1918; d.18Dec1989 (Buchanan, Berrien, MI.) + Irene NOONAN b.10Aug1894; m.2Jul1917 (both Perth, Lanark Co., Ontario) [dau. of Thomas Noonan and Mary Ellen Manion] 3 Elsie Raye BLANEY b.31Aug1899 (Kingston) + Roy Joseph LAWLESS b.30Apr1901; m.28Jul1924 (both Kingston) Tool maker [son of Patrick John Lawless and Catherine Tuttle.] 3 Esther BLANEY b.27Jul1901 Port Hope, Durham Co., Ont.) d.unm 6Sep1924 (Kingston); Book keeper 2 Catherine (Katherine) BLANEY b.3May1867 (Pittsburg, Frontenac Co.) Catholic; cotton mill worker +(1)Daniel COCHRANE b.1858; m.26Oct1885 (both Pittsburgh, Frontenac, Ontario) Presbyterian; Telegraph operator; d.8Sep1901 (Pittsburgh) [son of John and Jane COCHRANE] 3 Three children +(2)Gordon HAINES, b.Jul1884 (Ontario); m.1901 3 Three children

[7] -various Blayney and Blaney bits & pieces not fitted in yet

1 Delbert BLAYNEY b.1879 d.1930
 + ?
  2 son b.1886 at Tyrrell
  2 son b.1907 in Townsend
  2 dau b.1888 in Windham

1 James Delbert BLAYNEY + Maude Lavina COLLVER m. reported 17Jul1928 St. Thomas Times-Journal
1 Mary BLAYNEY + James Monteith 2 Joseph A. MONTEITH b~1891 d.1968 (Port Stanley) , d.1968 + Mary RUSSELL

Oliver BLAYNEY, Port Dover + Mrs daughter 1939
1 Geo (?George) BLAYNEY + Jane HARRISON 2 John BLAYNEY b~1862 (Dublin Ire) of Detroit, cook, m. 1891 Windsor Essex Co + Phoebe SMALL b~1869 of Kincardine Ont, d/o David SMALL & Agnes SOPER;
1 George BLAYNEY (BLANEY), b.1800 (Virginia) [1054] formerly of Licking county, Ontario + Mary SUTTON (Ohio) 2 John BLAYNEY 2 Nancy BLAYNEY m.14Sep1847 + W. Nelson KETCHUM b.14Mar1816; d.6Apr1876; Farmer. 3 Amelia S. KETCHUM, + Burton H. LOBDELL 4 two children: Nelson L. and Marian F.; 3 Adelia KETCHUM 3 George W. KETCHUM b.10Aug1858 (Victor) + Sarah Louise ROSE of Victor 4 Arthur N. KETCHUM 4 Eugene H. KETCHUM 3 Charles N. KETCHUM + Ida LONGYEAR of Victor d.18Feb1886 ?in childbirth 3 Marian J. KETCHUM d. age 13
Louisa BLAYNEY + George H. HALL 2 Henry J. HALL b~1876
James BLAYNEY/BLANEY b.1870 Townsend.
Mary Ann BLAYNEY m.1841 at Caledonia + David BETTS
Mary Jane BLAYNEY + David WAITE 2 Violet HUNTER + Martin MULCAY
[James T. BLANEY wed 1878] 2 son 1887 in Townsend
Lewis Delbert BLAYNEY d.1881

1 John BLANEY ?b.1802, NIR 
 + Cecilia BLANEY b.1823 (Ireland)
  Widow living York West, York West, Ontario
  2  Mary Ann BLANEY b.1851 Ontario
  2  William BLANEY b.1851 Ireland. Occ: Cooper
  2  Charles BLANEY b.1855 Ireland. Occ: Moulder
  2  Robert BLANEY b.1858 Ontario. Occ: Cooper 
  2  James BLANEY b.1868
  2  Mary BLANEY b.1870

James BLANEY b.1846
1 James BLANEY b.29Sep1846 (1847) N. Ireland; RC; Farmer Medonte, Simcoe North, Ontario [Son of John and Cecilia BLANEY, John Blaney b.1802, NIR and Cecilia ?Blaney (b.1802, NIR; d.1887) who had 5 sons, James, Thomas, William and ?? as well as Mary] so possibly the possibly the John Blaney above.] + Josephine ?SPRUCE b.Sep1858 ( Medonte Twp, Simcoe Co., Ontario) 2 Mary C. BLANEY b.1877 Ontario 2 Matilda J. BLANEY b.1880 Ontario 2 William John BLANEY, 2 Robert Melville BLANEY 2 Grant BLANEY 2 Two other sibs 2 James Vernon BLANEY b.23Apr1888 (Eady, Medonte, Simcoe, Ontario); d.1961 Methodist; Machinist + Elsie Anna HAZELL b.20Feb1895 (Norwich, Norfolk, England) [dau. of William George Edmund Hazell (1870-1950) and Esther Maria Culling (1865-1952), both from Norfolk] [6 children] 3 Hazell Beth BLANEY Szatkowski b.1918 (Orillia, Ontario); d.2005 3 Donald G BLANEY b.07Oct1923 (Orillia, Ontario); d.02Oct2009 (?Russellville, AR.) US Marine Corps vet of WWII; Portrait artist + Sylvia JACKSON b.1925 m.~1945 NOT the Sylvia Marilyn Margaret DREXLER of Winnebago, Wisconson, who married Donald Allen Wayne BLANEY 3 David A BLANEY b.1925 (Hamilton, Ontario); d.2006 3 Josephine Esther BLANEY Peters b.1920 (Orillia, Simcoe, Ontario); d.2009 3 Ruth Norma BLANEY b.1927 (Detroit, Wayne, MI.); d.2009 3 James Edmund BLANEY

Chad BLANEY b.1836 Quebec. Farmer Cambridge, Russell, Ontario + Jane BLANEY b.1836 Ontario 2 John C. BLANEY b.1867 Ontario 2 William T. BLANEY b.1869 Ontario 2 Charles F. BLANEY b.1871 Ontario 2 Henry E. BLANEY b.1873 Ontario 2 James O. BLANEY b.1874 Ontario 2 Frank BLANEY b.1876
1 Robert BLANEY + Ellen Murphy 2 Thomas BLAYNEY (BLANEY) b~1824 (Ireland) (46 at 1871 Federal Census 57 in 1881) at Ontario However he gave his age as 40 when married 31Aug1869 so could have a birthyear of 1829 Occupation: Lumberer then FARMER, Bentinck, Grey South, Ontario. Moved to Michigan then New York. Ethnic origin: Irish' Relig: Presbytarian +(1) ___ ob. +(2)Jane BALL (widow) b~1826, Ontario; m.31Aug1869 (Bentinck) Dau of James & Jane SIMPSON of Bentink 3 George BLANEY b~1861 3 Margaret R BLANEY b~1872x
Major Robert J Blaney III


Mary Hester Blaney
2 Robert John BLANEY b.1833 + Margaret McTAVISH b.1846 (Beckwith, Lanark, Ontario); m.10Mar1870 (Grey, Ontario) 3 Mary McTAVISH b.5Sep1867 (Beckwith, Lanark, Ontario) (unkown father); d.6Mar1957 + William Harold BOYS m.26Feb1889 (Grey, Ontario) [3 children] 3 Major Robert John Blaney III b.1872 (Bentier Twp., Ontario); d.8Jul1956 (Bracebridge, Muskoka, Ontario) + Isabel Marguerite McNALLY b.1871; m.31Jul1895 (Walkerton, Brockton, Bruce, Ontario) d.1954 (Barrie, Simcoe, Ontario) 4 Eileen Marguerite Blaney b.19Dec1896 (Toronto); d.11Nov1967 (Barrie, Simcoe, Ontario) Unknown father (?adopted by Robert J Blayney) + James Alexander GOLDIE b.19Sep1893 (Guelph, Wellington, Ontario) m.19Jun1925 (Richmond Hill, York, Ontario); d.1981 (Barrie, Simcoe, Ontario) 2ndly married M Pearl THORNTON (1911-1970) [Son of John Goldie b.~1870 and Elisabeth Budd b.~1870] 4 Norman MacTavish Blaney b.27 May 1898 (Toronto, Ontario); d.5Feb1979 (Yucaipa, San Bernardino, CA.) Unknown father (?adopted by Robert J Blayney) + Beatrice Ethel JARVIS b.~1900; m.26Mar1926 (Pasadena, Los Angeles, CA.) 4 Mary Blaney b.22Jan1909 (Toronto, York, Ontario) Unknown father (?adopted by Robert J Blayney) 4 John Eric BLANEY b.~1915; d.4Sep1996 (81yr) + Mary Hester SMITH b.2Nov1909 (Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario); d.17Nov2005 (Brussels, Huron Co., Ontario) 5 John BLANEY + Sherron 5 David BLANEY + Sheena Campbell 3 Jennette BLANEY b.1875 (Ontario)

1 John BLANEY b.24Nov1855; d.12Mar1948 [1369]

John & Mary Blaney
Emigrated to Pittsburge, worked as a gardener. After marrying they moved to California then to Maple Ridge (fishing) On the South Lillooet School Board in 1902, Reeve of the district in 1903, 1905 and 1906 Moved to Pitt Meadows; farmer; the first Reeve of Pitt Meadows in 1914 and also served as Councillor + Mary Ann Christie b.1852; d.14Jul1905 2 David James BLANEY b.21May1887, d.11Aug1955, + Nettie Matilda Miller BLANEY b.2Feb1893, d.31Oct1947 [dau. of John Miller and Matilda Munch] 3 Orcutt, 3 William, b.6Apr1863, d.17Aug1952, +(1)Beatrice Reeves Orcutt +(2)Annie Branan Duff Orcutt, s/o Phillip Orcut and Parks 2 John BLANEY

Ernest Leonard BLAYNEY

1 Ernest Leonard BLAYNEY b.1925 London, England; d.18March2017 Served in British Navy in WWII; Painter, fisherman + Nettie BÉDARD b.8Sep1931; d.23Nov2018 (Ontario) One of 14 children born to John and Albertine BÉDARD; Songwriter and singer 2 Bill BLAYNEY + Carol Ann 2 Mark BLAYNEY + Lisa 2 Teresa BLAYNEY + Steve
Helen BLAYNEY b~1851 (20 at Federal Census of 1871) at Ontario Religion: Roman Catholic Origin: IRISH Occupation: SERVANT St. Lawrence Ward, KINGSTON
1 John BLAYNEY b.England + Esther HAMESLEY b.England 2 Harriett BLAYNEY b.4Dec1852 (England); d.18Dec1921 (age 69 yrs) Woodlawn Cemetery / St Georges Cemetery, Guelph Twp., Ontario, Canada + William WHITE b.14Oct1850; d.1Feb1923 (age 73 yrs); Pneumonia; Woodlawn Cemetery Guelph Twp., Wellington Co., Ontario [566] 3 Alice Maud White b.3Oct1880 (England); Imm.1883/4 + geprge HUNT 3 Agnes Helen White b.23May1881 (England); Imm.1884; d.15Dec1979 3 Frederick James White b.26Sep1886 (Port Credit, Ontario, Canada); d.Oct1967 + Edith Hewer Warner b.1885; d.1955 3 Ethel Martha White b.9Oct1890 Hamilton, Wentworth, Ontario
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