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Lewis BLAYNEY (Lodovicus BLAYNEY)

born c.1545 died 1601
of Gregynog Hall, Montgomery, Powys

Deputy Sheriff of Montgommeryshire to his father David Lloyd BLAYNEY in 1577 and 1585. [79]

Given as the eldest son and the "honest heir" by Lewys Dwnn [81] and Siams Dwnn endorsed "his bravery in the face of enemies and declared that "no one ever saw him sad of face".

In order to identify a possible Blayney ancestor, I have followed each son with known descendants [10].
Lewis is descended to Arthur BLAYNEY of Gregynog who died at Gregynog in 1795, a bachelor with no issue [04].

Descendancy: [337]

1 Lewis BLAYNEY Esq of "Gregunog" (Gregynogge [1227]; Gregynog) b~1545 d.1601 [570], bur. Tregynon [336]
  Dept. Sheriff of Montgomeryshire 1577 and 1585; County Magistrate 1591-99+;
  Foreman of the Grand Jury 1593
  Eldest son of David Lloyd BLAYNEY and Elizabeth LEWIS GWYNN
 + Bridget (Britsied) PRYCE [344] [497] [734] (PRICE) m.7July1577 (Montgomery); d.1630; 
   daughter of Sir John PRYCE [497] (Price) of Newtown Hall (Siôn Prys), [who was
   High Sheriff of Montgomeryshire in 1566 & 1586 [389a]] and Elizabeth (née BLAYNEY) d.1603.
   Britsied was "a fine, lively, illustrious wife" [Lewys Dwnn [81]]  

Royalist Horse
2 John BLAYNEY (Siôn BLAENEY) b.1591; d.1665. "Called to the Bar" by the Inner Temple in 1609, on county juries as early as 1605/6 [387]. County Magistrate at the assizes, 21Apr1622 and Foreman of the Grand Jury several times [38]. Sheriff of Montgomeryshire 1630 & 1643 [579] and in 1632 under Charles I was Chief Steward to Sir Percy Herbert of his lordships of Kerry (Ceri), Cydewain, Halcetor, and Montgomery [38], [387], [571]. Colonel of Horse in the Royalist Army of the English Civil War. Created a Knight of the Royal Oak by Charles II in 1666 (in recognition of his military services [79]), [387] but he had already died in 1665. Resposible for the 1636 ornate oak carving in the Gregynog "Blayney Room". See Comment 1 on how (and why) his Coat of Arms differs from the standard Blayney "Three horses' heads". + Elizabeth LLOYD b.1592; m.1614; d.1662, only daughter of Jenkin LLOYD of Berth-lwyd (Berth Loyd), Llanidloes and Joyce HERBERT, dau of Lord Herbert of Chirbury (descended from the Norman Herberts and from Charlemagne See Herbert_Einion page on Elizabeth's ancestry. Blanche, Jenkin LLOYD's youngest child with his 1st wife Dorothty, married Edward ap Rhys Wynn, probably ap Griffith ap Howell ap Evan BLAYNEY 3 Joyce or Joyous (Martha) BLAYNEY heiress of Gregynog d.1661. She married her 1st cousin once removed in 1642. + Sir Arthur BLAYNEY [see Edward1.html#Comment1] b.1603. d.1659 4 Please see Sir Arthur in Edward1.html for their descendency. 3 Lewis BLAYNEY b.1610 [570]; dsp~1641, so Joyce inherited [38] Possibly died at the seige of Castleblayney by Irish "rebels" in 1641 [240] 2 Andrew (Andro) BLAYNEY (Captain in the Army), of Westminster 2nd son. b<1610; d.unm 4Jan1678 (Tregynon); [72] Left money to the poor (£5) Gent. of Gregynog Hall, uncle of Arthur Blayney and Mary Blayney and great-uncle and God-father of Mary's daughter, Mary 2 Richard (Rhisiart) BLAYNEY M.P. for Monaghan 1634 to 1639; Justice of the Peace; The "Peerage of Ireland" accounts have him as the second son [1227]. Seneschal to the Lord Blayney; Captain of a Foot Company. Moved to Ireland on request of his uncle Edward. Had been Sheriff of Monaghan in 1605 and 1609-12 [337] 2nd [336] or 3rd son, d.23Oct1641 (Monaghan), being captured by Colonel MacMahon on 23Oct1641 at the onset of the rebellion, then hung a fortnight later in the Blayney orchard by warrant from Sir Phelim O'Neile (O'Neill), head of the "rebel" army. Sir Phelim himself was subsequently executed in Dublin on 10Mar1653. + Mary ___ (survived the rebellion) 2 Edwart (Edward) BLAYNEY 2 Robert (Rhobart) BLAYNEY of Tregynon and Castleblayney. 3rd ([337] [1227] or 4th son. b~1592 d.14Mar1625 in Ireland. On his death Mary and Bridget became co-heiresses but being only 2½ years and two months old respectively, they were "granted in ward" to Sir Adam Loftus of Rathfarnum [1227]. Probably not theRev Robert BLAYNEY but probably the Robert Blayney who was accused of abuse of his cousin Anne Blayney before her marriage to Sir James Balfour. Robert held large estates in Ireland [337]. + Elizabeth BLOUNT b.~1596 m.~1617 step daughter of Robert's uncle Edward, the daughter of George BLOUNT of Kidderminster and Ann LOFTUS). After Robert's death married Thomas CLOTWORTHY of Ballysaggart, Co Tyrone then Francis CLOTWORTH, son of Sir Hugh CLOTWORTH of Antrim. Lodge's Peerage of Ireland [707] has Thomas Clotworthy as her first husband and Francis as her third, as does W. Scott Owen [337] Possibly had a 4th husband, Mr Fisher, and was buried (as "Elizabeth Fisher, Captain Blanyes mother") on 9Oct1680 (St Edmund, Lombard Street, city of London). [801] 3 Edward BLAYNEY d.v.p., unm 3 Jane BLAYNEY d.v.p. 3 Anne BLAYNEY d.v.p. 3 Mary BLAYNEY (co-heiresse) +(1)Henry GORE (Lt. Colonel) d.2Nov1651 [1st husband of Mary Blayney] 3rd son of Captain Sir Paul GORE, 1st Baronet of Manor Gore (1607-1629) [45] [662] and Isabella WICKLIFFE b.~1602 Ireland. Sir Paul was an Elizabethan soldier/settler, cousin of Sir John Gore (Lord mayor of London 1624) and ancestor of the Earls of Arran 4 Frances GORE d.y. 4 Frances GORE (co-heir) b.1645 (Mayi, Ireland) +(1)Sir Robert King LLB, 1st Bt. of Rockingham, of Boyle Abbey; b~1625; m~1670; d.1Mar1707 [3rd son of Sir Robert King, victor at the Battle of Ballinrobe 1642, & Frances FOLLIOTT. [82] [651]]; M.P. for Ballyshannon 1661-66, for County Roscommon, 1692-93 & 1695-99, and for Boyle in 1703 until his death. Privy Councillor (Ireland) and created baronet in 1682 (on the death of his brother) [661] 5 Sir John KING 2nd Bt of Rockingham & Boyle Abbey; b<1679 dsp.19Mar1720 MP for Boyle 1703 & 1713 and Co. Roscommon 1715-20 + Elizabeth SANKEY 5 Sir Henry KING 3rd Bt of of Rockingham & Boyle Abbey b.~1681 d.1Jan1740; MP for Boyle 1707-27 & Co. Roscommon 1727-40; Privy Counsellor (Ireland) 1733 + Isabella WINGFIELD m.Apr1722; d.1761 +(2)Robert CHOPPYN/CROPPOYNE Esq of Newcastle co Longford, d.1693 [2nd husband of Mary Blayney] Son of Anthony CHAPPOYNE 4 Bridget CHAPPOYNE d.unm [337] 3 Bridget BLAYNEY b.1624 Castleblayney; d.1685 (co-heiresse) m.~1647 + Robert MORGAN of Cottlestown, Co. Sligo; b.1624 (Llanfarthin, Monmouthshire) d.1685 [80] [337] Came to Ireland under Charles I. Ancestors of Sir Morgan CROFTON, Bart. [229]; MP for Sligo 1661 4 Hugh MORGAN of Cottlestown and Palmerstown, Dublin, Ireland MP for Sligo 1692-1712; Captain of Lord Dungannon's Regiment, summoned to appear before a board of general officers at the Curragh of Kildare 7Jul1700, accued of being 'a rogue and rascal' Pardoned on 17 July (for failure to turn up!!) [723] + Penelope FOX (his 3rd cousin, dau of Major Joseph FOX of Graige, Tipperary and Thomasine BLAYNEY) b.1653 (Graige, Tipperary; m.1684 (Cotlestown) 5 Four sons and a dau who died young [707] 5 Henry MORGAN b.1685 (Cottlestown); d.unm [229] 5 Mark-Anthony (Marcus-Anthony) MORGAN, Esq. of Cottlestown and Cork Abbey (Wicklow); b.1689 (Cottlestown); MP for Athy 1752 (Hoare) + Catherine COOTE d.07Oct1738; [430] Youngest dau of Chidley COOTE of Coote-Hall, Co. Roscommon by Mary KING (d.Jul1750, dau of Sir Robert KING, Bart of Rockingham [719] 6 Hugh MORGAN b.1May1727; Lt. Col Commandant then Colonel of the 19th of Foot + Mary TISDAL m.Jul1760 (eldest dau of Rt Hon Philip TISDAL, Attorney-General of Ireland 6 Chidley MORGAN m.22Mar1754 + Margaret JONES d.Jun1761 6 Mary MORGAN b.25Oct1725; m.6Jul1741 + Sir Henry TUITE 6 Penelope MORGAN bpt.10Nov1731 + Charles DUNBAR Esq 6 Marcia MORGAN bpt.5Feb1733; m.26Jan1753 + John PITT Esq; Commissioner of Trade and Plantations; MP for Dorchester 5 Penelope MORGAN b.1691 (Cottlestown); d.unm 1733 [707] 5 Bridget MORGAN b.1693 (Cottlestown) + Thomas CROFTON (1st cousin, despite the appalling family infant mortality) 5 Mary MORGAN b.1695 (Cottlestown) + Mr Singleton 5 Eleanor MORGAN b.16May1706 +Rev William TISDAL (Incumbent of Belfast); d.9Jun1736 5 Jane MORGAN b.1699 (Cottlestown) 5 Elizabeth MORGAN b.1701 (Cottlestown); d.unm 1729 4 Frances MORGAN of Cottrelstown + Henry CROFTON Esq of Mohill, co. Leitrim; b.1630 5 Ten children died young: John, Henry, Morgan, Anthony, Robert, Robert, Edward, Nicholas, Mary and Ursula 5 Thomas CROFTON d.24Sep1738 High Sheriff of Leitrim in 1698 and 1714 + Bidget MORGAN, (1st cousin, despite the appalling family infant mortality) 6 Elizabeth CROFTON 6 Hugh CROFTON (heir); m.10Aug1730; d.20Oct1767 High Sheriff co Leitrim 1737; MP for Sligo 1743-60 + Anne CROFTON d.1772; dau of George and Elizabeth CROFTON of Lisnadern 7 George CROFTON d.y. 7 Thomas CROFTON dsp 1739 7 Sir Morgan CROFTON 1st Bart of Mohill Castle; b.25Mar1733; d.12Feb1802 High Sheriff co Leitrim 1762 + Jane D'Abzac d.Jul1797 dau of Lt. Col. Henry D'Abzac 8 Sir Hugh CROFTON, 2nd Bart b.17Jul1763; d.6Jan1834 4 Elizabeth MORGAN of Cottrelstown + Anthony MARLAY Esq of Crevagh, co. Longford 5 Eight children died young: Anthony, Robert, John, Robert, Anne, Jane, Bridget and Mary 5 Thomas MARLAY, Lord Chief Justice of the Court of King's Bench b~1671; d.1756 [721] [229] Attorney-General [707] 1727 [721], Chief Baron of the Exchequer (1730) [707] and Chief Justice of the King's Bench (1746 [707] + Anne DELAUNE d.4Feb1760 (Dublin), dau of Charles DELAUNE 6 Seven sons and three dau.[707]: Elizabeth (b.1709), Anthony (b.1710 Commissioner of Appeals), Anne (1711-13), Thomas (1712-14), Charles (1713-18), Robert (1717-21), George (1721-26) and 6 Alice MARLAY b.1722;

Henry Grattan
+ James GRATTAN Irish MP (1761-6) 7 🎨 Right Hon Henry GRATTAN (1746-1820) MP for Charlemount 1775 then Dublin 1790, called to the Irish Bar 1772 & Irish Privy Counsellor; Elected to the English House of Commons in 1805; fought for Catholic emancipation during his last 15 years. 6Richard MARLAY (1726-1802; Bishop of Clonefert and Kilmacduagh [1787] and Bishop of Waterford [1795]). 6 Mary (not listed by Lodge's Peerage of Ireland) [721] 6 Thomas Marlay (1719-1784); (not listed by Lodge's Peerage of Ireland) Major (23rd or Royal Welsh Fuziliers), "hero of Minden" [721] 5 Robert MARLAY 5Rev George MARLAY D.D., Lord Bishop of Dromore [229] (1758) [707]; d.13Apr1763 (Dublin) + Elizabeth DUNLEVY [721]; m.30Aug1745 6 George MARLAY b.25May1748; d.14Apr1829; Captain in the 62nd Regiment of Foot on 16 August 1770; Captured Saratoga, N.Y. 17Oct1777, commanding the remnants of the 62nd Regiment in captivity Major (brevet) in the army 17Nov1780 [721] + Catherine BUTLER d.1823; dau of Brinsley BUTLER, 2nd Earl of Lanesboro 7 Three children: Elizabeth (~1783-1848), Catherine (1785-~1835) and Col George Marlay C.B. (1791-1830), who married Catherine Louisa Augusta TISDALL in 1828 and had Charles Brinsley MARLAY and Catherine Louisa Georgina who married Lord John Manners, MP [722]. 6 Elizabeth MARLAY m.1761 [720] + Right Hon. David Latouche (La Touché) MP, Irish Privy Counsellor and 1st Governor of the Bank of Ireland Renamed his home and grounds "Marlay House" and "Marlay Park" in honour of his wife. 4 Eleanor MORGAN b.1653 (Cottrelstown) + John SANKEY Esq. of Tenelick 5 Six children: Henry, John, Robert, Elizabeth, Jane and 5 Bridget (heir) + George GORE Esq, Second Justice of the Court of Common Pleas 6 John, Lord ANNALY 4 Robert MORGAN b.1657 (Cottrelstown); d.y. 4 Henry MORGAN b.1659 (Cottrelstown); d.y. 4 King MORGAN b.1661 (Cottrelstown); d.y. 2 Ellis BLAYNEY ?d.y. 2 Thomas (Tomas) BLAYNEY Deptuty Sheriff to Arthur Weaver in Shropshire 1667. Probably also father or grandfather of Thomas Blayney born 1675 and first of the Blayneys of ChurchStoke, Shropshire. 2 Elizabeth (Elsbeth) BLAYNEY 2 Jane (Sian) BLAYNEY [One daughter married a Mr Owen of Rewsaston, Mongomery, the other to a Mr Pryce of Pillitht of Radnor [1227]] 2 Catherine (Katherine) BLAYNEY [145] + John BLAYNEY b<1605 d~1671 gent of Tregynog and Aberhafesp Previously wrongly listed as a brother of Sir Arthur & Andrew [72], instead of brother-in-law (by his wife Catherine) of Andrew and John (sons of Lewis Blayney) Their family is now listed on the Howell page
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