Genealogy of Rev Robert Blayney and Dr Benjamin Blayney
The Radnor, Kinsham and Evesham Blayneys

Separate origin to the Blayneys of Gregynog


Rev Robert Blayney, Lord of the Manor of Garlford d.?1836 [653]

There are frequent references to a Rev Robert Blayney, Lord of Manor of Garlford married to Catherine Howard eg [1504], but not appearing on any genealogy related to the Blayneys descended from Evan Blayney (1370-1430) of Tregynon, also

Dr Benjamin Blayney D.D., regius professor of Hebrew and Canon of Christ Church, Oxford 1728 - 1801

The Rev Robert Blayney's uncle, the famous Dr Benjamin Blayney, (1728-1801) of "Blayney Bible" fame is not from the Tregynon (and later Gregynog) line. It is now clear that Dr Benjamin Blayney's family was descended from the Blayneys of Kinsham in Radnorshire, Wales, and so not directly related to the Gregynog Blayneys, although there are some interesting inter-marriages between the families and some common ancestry.

This Blayney family claim ancestry from the famous Elystan Glodrydd, Prince of Fferlys (Fferyllwg, Ferleg, Ferlex or Ferlys), between the Severn and the Wye [492] [419]

The Kinsham, Herefordshire Blayneys

It is stated in Sir Thomas Phillips's "Glamorganshire Pedigrees", that one Howel, the son of David, married a daughter of "Mirick ap Evan ap Jenkin, of Blaen Llyfni, gent.", and that their son Evan, took Blayne as his surname. His descendants became "Blayney", and their residence was Kinsham, near Presteign(e) [667].

The genealogy below based around Burke's Commoners [229] but subsequent research has revealed flaws in this (some correct by Burke 1862 [419]). Many errors were identified and corrected by the "The Blayney family of Maelienydd, Kinsham, and, ultimately, Evesham" paper in the 1985 Radnorshire Society transactions [1087]

1 Hoell BLAENE [226] of the Elystan Glodrydd tribe
  aka How O'ER BLAENAU [239] of Radnor
  aka Hywel "Blaene" ap Meurig b~1370 (Llanddewi-yn-Heiob, Radnorshire)
  ??= aka Hoewell ap Jenkin, gent of Blaen Llyfni (5Km west of Tretower).
  [Blaen Llyfni means source of the Llynfi, and the castle is
   on the source of the Avon Llynfi] 
  A lineage for Hoell BLAENE (decending from Henry I via Einion Sais) is given on
  the Herbert_Einion page  
  Son of Meurig ap Gruffudd b~1330 (Llanddewi-yn-Heiob, Radnorshire) and
  Margred ferch Gruffudd b~1370 (Tywyn, Y Ferwig, Cardiganshire) [1082]
  See Hoell BLAENE ancestors below
    [I have not identified any relationship to the Ievan Blaenau (Blayney) 
     working as a Forester for "Hirthowel" 
     (Rhyddhywel on the Radnor Montgomery border)
     around 1392-3 [226]. Nor have I found any
     relationship to Evan Blayney (1370-1430) of Tregynon ]

 +(1)Jane ferch Hywel ap David ap Ievan b~1370 (Baeli-brith, Dyffryn Honddu, 
     Merthyr Cynog, Breconshire) (see Jane below.

 +(2)Maud verch William ap THOMAS, dau of Sir William ap Thomas,
   (1401-1446) and Gladys GAM (dau. of Sir David Gam) and sister of Sir William
   HERBERT, who was created 1st Earl of Pembroke (1423-1469) for his support for the 
   Duke of York, but lost his head when captured in 1469 by "Warwick the King Maker"
   This is another connection with the Gregynog Blayneys as Maud's brother,
   Sir Richard HERBERT was the ancestor of Elizabeth LLOYD who married 
   John BLAYNEY Esq of Gregynog b.1591; d.1665.
  2 Matthew GOCH ap Hoell (Hywel) Blaene b~1400 (Cascob, Radnorshire)
   + ___
    3 Maredudd ap Mathew "Goch" b~1430 (Cascob, Radnorshire)
    3 William ap Mathew "Goch"  b~1430 (Cascob, Radnorshire)
    His grand-daughter Wenllian married Hugh David Lewis, ancestors of 
    the Lewis family of Harpton, Old Radnor
  2 Mawd (Cadogan) ferch Hywell BLAENE b~1430 (Maelienydd cantref, Radnorshire)
   + Gruffudd "Wyn" ap Cadwgon b~1400 (Llwyn-y-brain, Bachelldre, Church Stoke, 
    3 Cadwaladr ap Gruffudd "Wyn" b~1430 (Bachelldre, Yr Ystog, Montgomeryshire)
    3 Jonet ferch Gruffudd "Wyn" b~1430 (Bachelldre, Yr Ystog, Montgomeryshire)
    3 Elen ferch Gruffudd "Wyn" b~1430 (Bachelldre, Yr Ystog, Montgomeryshire)
    3 Gwenllian ferch Gruffudd "Wyn" b~1430 (Llwyn-y-brain, Bachelldre, Church Stoke)

 +(1)Jane ferch Hywel b~1370 (Baeli-brith, Dyffryn Honddu, Merthyr Cynog, Breconshire) 
     (1st wife of Hoell BLAENE)
  2 ___ ferch Hywel "Blaene" b~1400 (Maelienydd cantref, Radnorshire)
   + Dafydd ap Rhys (Llangynllo, Radnorshire)
  2 Morus "Goch" ap Hywel "Blaene" b~1400 (Llanddewi-yn-Heiob, Radnorshire)
   + ___
    3 Gruffudd ap Morus "Goch" b~1430 (Llanddewi-yn-Heiob, Radnorshire)
  2 Gruffudd ap Hywel "Blaene" b~1400 (Llanddewi-yn-Heiob, Radnorshire)
   + ___
    3 Dafydd "Llwyd" ap Gruffudd b~1430 (Llanddewi-yn-Heiob, Radnorshire)

  2 Meredith (Maredudd) ap Hoell
    According to Burke 1847 Meredith was father to Ievan and g-father to 
    Richard Blayney [229] but this was
    not given in later Burke histories [419]
   +(1)Mallt ferch Maredudd "Fychan" b~1430 (Llanbister, Radnorshire)
    3 Gruffudd ap Maredudd b~1430 (Llanddewi-yn-Heiob, Radnorshire)
    3 Morus "Goch" ap Maredudd b~1430 (Llanddewi-yn-Heiob, Radnorshire)
    3 Hywel ap Maredudd b~1430 (Llanddewi-yn-Heiob, Radnorshire)
     + Margred ferch Dafydd "Llwyd" b~1430 (Montgomeryshire)
      4 Gwenllian ferch Hywel b~1470 (Llanddewi-yn-Heiob, Radnorshire)
   +(?2)Marged verch Morus ab Owen ap Jevan Blaene 
     [=intermarriage between the "unrelated" Blayney families] [226] 
    3 Edward ap Meredith (Maredudd) ap Hoell BLAYNEY 
      b~1430 (Llanddewi-yn-Heiob, Radnorshire)
    3 David (Dafydd) ap Meredith (Maredudd) ap Hoell BLAYNEY 
      b~1430 (Llanddewi-yn-Heiob, Radnorshire)
     + ___
      4 John BLAYNEY (BLANEY) b~1470 (Bryndreinog, Bugeildy, Radnorshire)
        "gent, and citizen and merchant taylor of London" in his Bill
        addressed to the Lord Chancellor in 1538 [226]. dsp~1547 so clearly unable
        to be an ancestor of the Blayney Taylors of London (my ancestors)!
      4 Elen ferch Dafydd b~1470 (Llanddewi-yn-Heiob, Radnorshire)
    3 Morgan ap Meredith ap Meredith (Maredudd) ap Hoell BLAYNEY 
      b~1430 (Llanddewi-yn-Heiob, Radnorshire)
     + ___  
      4 Ieuan VAUGHAN ap Morgan ap Meredith of Bryndraenog Beguildy, co. Radnor 
       +(1)Jane BLAYNEY b~1579, dau of David Lloyd BLAYNEY (of Gregynog) 
         [=intermarriage between the "unrelated" Blayney families] [226]
         I am postulating that a descendant of this marriage was: 
         5 Eleanor (Ellen) VAUGHAN of Llanfyllin
           dau of Evan VAUGHAN of Llanfyllin (?=Ieuan VAUGHAN)
           [Llanfyllin is 42 Km  north of Beguildy] 
          + Evan JONES of Llanlloddian (Llanlothian) Hall, Llanfair Caereinion
            (Montgomeryshire); b.1663; d.1716
            D.L. (Deputy Lieutenant) for co. Montgomery 
            Son of John JONES of Llanlloddian and Susan verch Morgan DAVID
           6 Thomas JONES Esq of Llanlloddian b.16Jul1686; d.1743; bur Llanfair
             Built the Llantysilio Hall in 1734. "a magnificent double fronted
             Georgian Mansion [which] stood just below the present Victorian 
             hall. It is said that above the door was carved in stone a coat of
             arms which included three severed horse heads (the coat of 
             Brochwel Yscythrog Prince of Powys)" [751b]   
             "and over the door were carved his arms in stone, viz., sable, 
              three horse's heads erased argent,..." [752]  
            + Lady Margaret CUPPER (Llantysilio Estate); m.5Aug1715 
              dau of Thomas CUPPER (Steward to the Myddletons of Chirk and
              Ruthin Castle [750] [751] who built the original hall, 
              according to Thomas Pennant (Tour of 1773),  [753]
             7 Thomas Jones of Llantysilio Hall, Denbighshire (b.1716;
              + Mary LLOYD (b.1723/24; d.23Jul1787) [750]
                dau of John LLOYD of the Hayes co. Salop
                See their crypt and the "Hybrid" Blayney Coat of Arms
               8 Thomas JONES Esq of Llantysilio and Llanlloddian
                 Sheriff of Denbighshire, 1752 and 1792 
                 dsp.12Dec1820 inestate (Estates reverted to Major Harrison)

  2 Evan (Jeven, Ievan Iuan) ap Hoewell (Howell, Hywell) BLAYNEY (BLAYNE, BLAENE) 
    alias "John Blayney of Melyneth" [Burke 1847 [229]] [1087] [1088] 
    (Melineth/Maelienydd), Radnorshire
    b~1400 (Llanddewi-yn-Heiob, Radnorshire), 3rd son of Hywel Blaene [1087] 
    First to settle in Kinsham, Herefordshire. d<1479
    ["Ievan ap hoewell Blayne" occurs in the 17th Cent "Book of Baglan" [666]]
   + Elizabeth WIGMORE dau of Richard WIGMORE of Lucton [1088] 
     [alternatively, Bartrum had Evan married Maud WIGMORE b~1400 dau of Edmund 
      WIGMORE of Lucton, Herefordshire [842] but the son Richard was named after 
      Elizabeth's father as there were no Richards on his father's side (or in Maud's family). 
      This was confirmed by the Hereford Consistory Court held at Kingsland on 5th February 1479 (8012) 
      on the Will of "John Blayne of Presteigne viz. Elizabeth his widow and Richard his son" [1087] 
    3 Eva BLAYNEY (Efa BLAENE)
      (Efa verch Ieuan Blaene) b.1420
      Most probably the Eva BLAYNEY, grand daughter of Hoell Blaene of Radnor
      (ancestor of the Evesham Blayneys) 
      as shown in Dr John Dee's genealogy chart.
     + David DEE (Dafydd DDU) (ap Sion)
       Gt-grandfather of Dr John DEE
       [son of Sion (John) ap Morgan]
      4 Gwenllian ferch Dafydd "Ddu" b~1470 (Nant-y-groes, Llythyfnwg commote, Radnorshire)
       + Thomas ab Ieuan 
      4 Bedo DEE (alias Bedo ap Dafydd "Ddu") b~1470 (Nant-y-groes, Llythyfnwg commote, Radnorshire)
        [surnamed the Great, Standard Bearer to Lord de Ferrars, at
         the siege of Tournay, AD 1513]
       + Efa ferch Llywelyn "Goch" [279] (aka Eva Gode)
         [dau. of Llewelyn Goch]
        5 Rowland DEE b.1500; Textile Merchant, Courtier      
          Gentleman Sever to Henry VIII. Sent to the Tower 1553
         + Jane WILD (WILDER, WYLDE) b.1505; d.10Oct1580, 
           [dau. of William Wild] 
          6 Dr John DEE b.13Jul1527; d.1608 (Mortlake, Surreyin) indebted
            See John's Mongomeryshire ancestry
           +(1)Catherine CONSTABLE m.1575; d.1576
           +(2)Jane FREMOND (also given as FREMON, FROMOND, FORMAN) b.22Apr1555; m.5Feb1578
               dau. of Bartholomew FREMOND, Esq (East Cheam, Surrey)
            7 Arthur DEE b.13July1579 (heir); d.Set1651
            7 Katherine DEE b.7Jun1581
            7 Rowland DEE bp.2Feb1582/3
            7 Michael DEE ?weaned 21Nov1583; d.13Jul1594
            7 Mary DEE
            7 Theodore DEE b.28Feb 1587/8; d.Manchester 1601
            7 Madinia DEE bp.5Mar1589/90
            7 Frances DEE b.1Jan1591/2
            7 Margaret DEE bp.27 Aug 1595
            7 ?Anthony DEE [mentioned in his diary]
            7 ?Nicholas
      4 Rhys ap Dafydd "Ddu" (alias Rhys Dee) b~1470 (Nant-y-groes, Llythyfnwg commote, Radnorshire)
       + ___
        5 Roger Price (alias Roger ap Rhys)
      4 Margred ferch Dafydd "Ddu" b~1470 (Nant-y-groes, Llythyfnwg commote, Radnorshire)
       + John Lyntle

    3 Richard BLAYNEY of Kinsham, Herefordshire
     + Anne and/or Jane HARLEY b~1470 (Brampton Bryan, Herefordshire)
       dau of Sir John HARLEY knt b~1430 (Brampton Bryan, Herefordshire)
      4 Thomas BLAYNEY (BLAENE) Esq. of Kinsham, Herefordshire. Living in 1573
       + Katherine (Cathren) VAUGHAN dau of Meredith ap David VAUGHAN [229] 
         [according to Burke 1838] or more likely
       + Joan ferch (Owen) Gruffudd b~1500 (Cnwclas, Llanddewi-yn-Heiob, Radnorshire) [419]]
         Dau of Griffithe Meredithe Vaughan of Radnorshire
        5 Eleanor BLAYNEY (Blaene) b~1530 (Kinsham, Herefordshire)
         + John Knyll b~1530 (Kinsham, Herefordshire)
        5 Joan (Johan) BLAYNEY (Blaene) b~1530 (Kinsham, Herefordshire)
         + John FLORY b~1530 (Kinsham, Herefordshire)
        5 Dorothy BLAYNEY (Blaene) b~1530 (Kinsham, Herefordshire)
         + Robert b~1530 (Herefordshire)
        5 Mary BLAYNEY (Blaene) b~1530 (Kinsham, Herefordshire)
        5 Alice BLAYNEY (Blaene) b~1530 (Kinsham, Herefordshire)
        5 Anne BLAYNEY (Blaene) b~1530 (Kinsham, Herefordshire)
        5 Eliza BLAYNEY (Blaene) b~1530 (Kinsham, Herefordshire)
         + Robert COTTERILL b~1530 (Herefordshire)
        5 Catherine BLAYNEY (Blaene) b~1530 (Kinsham, Herefordshire)
         + Morus ap Rhys (PRICE) b~1530 (Herefordshire) [229] [see below]
        5 John BLAYNEY Esq of Kinsham (Over Kinsham), Herefordshire; b~1530; will of 1570
          ?Visited his second cousin Dr John DEE 29thJune 1595 [350],
          but wrong generation so he may have had an uncle John Blayney.
         + Chathren (Katherine, Catherine) LUDLOW b~1530 (Morehouse, Shipton, Shropshire)
           dau of Lawrence LUDLOW of Shropshire.
           Widowed by 25Jun1589, d.1590 
          6 Ann BLAINEY (BLAYNEY)
           + John GREENELY (?GREENFLY) of Mowldey [369]
            7 Margaret GREENELY
          6 Elizabeth BLAINEY (BLAYNEY) (?m. ___ FLATCHER)
          6 Elnor BLAINEY (BLAYNEY)
           + Thomas PRICE of Combe [369]
          6 John BLAINEY (BLAYNEY) Esq. of Kinsham
           + Mary WALSH (WELSH) b~1550 (Shelsley Walsh, Worcs.)
             dau of Francis WELSH Esq of Shelsby Welsh, Worcs.
            7 Elizabeth BLAYNEY living in 1590
            7 Francis BLAYNEY Esq. of Kinsham living in 1634
             + Elizabeth DODINGTON (aka DETTON) b~12Nov1581; 
               dau of George DETTON Esq of Detton, Shropshire
              8 Thomas BLAYNEY (heir) (see below) 
              8 Robert BLAYNEY of Kinsham, Hereford 
Possibly moved to London on his marriage in 1677 as a Robert Blayney occupied No 56 Lincoln's Inn Fields from 1667 until at least 1675 [418] Secretary to Charles II's minister the 1st Earl of Shaftesbury + Rebecca RUSHWORTH of Savoy, Middlesex b.1649; m.16Aug1667 (Weeden Essex) Rebecca was the 2nd dau. of Sir John RUSHWORTH M.P. b~1607 in Acklington Park, Northumberland; d.12May1690 (Fleet Prison); a Historian and Secretary to Lord Fairfax and Oliver Cromwell [652] and his wife Hannah WADDRINGTON. 8 John BLAYNEY 8 Edward BLAYNEY 8 Anne BLAYNEY 8 Mary BLAYNEY 8 Amy BLAYNEY 8 Catherine BLAYNEY 8 Francis BLAYNEY 8 Elizabeth BLAYNEY 8 Thomas BLAYNEY Esq b~1612 (Kinsham, Herefordshire) + Mary PHILLIPS (Netley, Stapleton, Shropshire) 9 Mary BLAYNEY b.8Jul1642 (Kinsham, Herefordshire); m.7Dec1671 (St Andrews, Holborn) [1083] d.1673 [229] + Henry PLUMPTRE b.19Sep1644 (Nottingham, Nottinghamshire) [229] [Son of Dr Henry PLUMPTRE and Christian BROOKE (3rd dau of Sir Rchard BROOKE of Norton] Henry then married Joyce SACHEVERELL [229] 10 Christina PLUMPTRE d. unm 1693 9 Thomas BLAYNEY Esq b~1650 (Kinsham, Herefordshire) + Betty PARKES, dau of Benjamin PARKES, Esq of Worcester 10 Dr Benjamin BLAYNEY D.D., b.1Jan1728 d.20Sep1801 bur.22Sep1801 (Poulshot, Wiltshire); [1055] studied at Worcester and Hertford Colleges, Oxford (B.A., 1750; M.A., 1753; B.D., 1768; D.D., 1787); Fellow of Hertford College; regius professor of Hebrew in 1787 and Canon of Christ Church, Oxford. [229] The only benefice he enjoyed was the rectory of Poulshot near Devizes, which he held until his death in 1801. He revised the text of the Authorized Version of the Bible to secure typographical accuracy and added to the marginal references. His 1769 "Blayney Bible" edition remains the standard for the Oxford press. + Jane (Jana) GREGG (mentioned in Benjamin's will [423]) m.10Apr1779 (St James, Westminster, London) [IGI] d.1807 [493] or d.17Dec1806 [1055] 11 Jane (Jana) Emily (Emelia) BLAYNEY b~1779 (age 16 on 7Jan1796) [1055] and (mentioned in Benjamin's Will) [423] d.14Jan1796; "only child of Rev. Dr Blayney, Canon of Christ Church, Oxford" [1018] or 7Jan1796 [1055] 10 Robert BLAYNEY -see Robert below 10 Mary BLAYNEY (spinster of Worcester, St Peter) [863] dsp 10 Robert BLAYNEY b.1731; d.?1836 [653] + Katherine WITHERS m.13Jul1756 (St Swithin, Worcester, Worcs.) [youngest dau of Joseph WITHERS, Esq of Worcester (of the Hamshire family of Withers). Her brother, Sir C.T. WITHERS, Knt left estates to her son Robert [491]] 11 Rev Robert Charles BLAYNEY.; MA (Oxford), Rector of Pitsford Prebendaries: Collated & installed to Beminster Prima 1798 then to Chute and Chisenbury (installed 18Apr1803 till d.1824) [1021] Prebenday of Salisbury Morning Preacher at Kingstreet Chapel, St James Former Fellow of Worcester College, Oxford [669] Lord of the Manor of Garlford, Northamptonshire (or Worcs). with estates at Dripshill, Moseley, Kings Norton and Northfield inherited from his maternal uncle Sir Charles Trubshaw WITHERS b.22Jul1757; Ordained Priest 28Oct1781; Dsp.24Sep1824 (Pitsford, Northamptonshire) [553] [669] Nephew of Dr Benjamin BLAYNEY who noted in his will that Robert "sometimes uses to call himself Robert Charles Blayney." [423] + Catherine HOWARD b.1753 (1759 [445]); m.Sep1783, dsp.12Apr1830 [654] [655] (Gower St, London) eldest dau of Henry HOWARD Esq of Tower House, Arundel (who d.10Sep1811) and Catherine Carlton (d.Dec1762, dau of Rev. John Carlton). 11 Thomas BLAYNEY, D.L. J.P., Esq. of The Lodge, Evesham, Worcs. b.9Sep1762; d.31Nov1836 [1013] [1218] or 1Dec1838 [414] Deputy Lieutenant and Clerk of the Peace (1807), Co. Worcs. Attorney (in 1791); J.P. Lord of the Manor of Garlford (Inherited from brother Robert in 1872) Donated Sansome Walk to the city of Worcester in 1815 Succeeded his brother (Robert) 24Sep1824 To this day there is a "Blayney's Lane" at Evesham He was "universally honoured and respected in his public capacity, and enthusiastically beloved and venerated in his domesteic circle." [414] +(1)Margaret WELCH b~1746 [495]; m.12Apr1787; dsp.15Mar1814 [495] (Lodge, near Evesham) 2nd dau of Charles WELCH Esq of Evesham +(2)Anna-Harland (Ann) HARRISON m.17Jun1815 [229], or m.17Jun1817 [1362]; d.22Feb1865 (The Lodge, Evesham) [2nd dau of Thomas HARRISON Esq of Fulford, Yorkshire [860]] 12 John Charles Withers BLAYNEY b.18Mar1816; d.Apr?1863 12 Cap. Robert BLAYNEY M.A., J.P. b.23Mar1818 (Evesham, Worcs.); Esq of The Lodge, Evesham, Worcestershire, d.10Aug1856 On The Rugby School Register aged 17 on 23Mar1835 [586] Capt. in the Worcestershire Militia, and a Deputy-Lieut. for the county of Worcester. d.10Aug1856 [660] [1362] 12 Katherine-Emma BLAYNEY b.12Jun1820; d.18Jan1879 (Jersey, Channel Is) +(1) James Francis MARETT Esq of St Hallers, Jersy and HM Ordnance Barbadoes; b.1817 (Cannel Islands); m.4Jul1848 (St Pancras, London); d.7Jul1858 (Jersey, Channel Is) +(2) Frederick POIGNAND b.1813; m.29Sep1860 (Brixton, Surrey) 12 Mary-Eleanor BLAYNEY b.27Jul1821 (Evesham); m.13May1841; d.01Oct1860 (Little Marlow, Bucks.) + George JACKSON Esq [659] 13 Four children 12 Anna BLAYNEY b.1826 (Evesham) [1362]; d.1905 + Thomas COLMORE of Sheldon House, Warks.; m.25Apr1844 13 Nine children (one decending to Peter COLMORE) 12 Jane-Margaret BLAYNEY b.1829 (Evesham) 1832 [1218]); d.1901 (Malvern Wells, Worcs) [1362] + Charles ANDREW J.P. b.1822 (Compstall, Cheshire); m.1868 (Upton Upon Severn); d.1899 (Coughton, Warws.) Previously married Ann ASHTON (5 daughters) [1218]
[Below line no proven link> 4 ?____ BLAYNEY of Radnorshire + ___ 5 David BLAYNEY of Radnorshire b.~1590 [Assumption that this David was of the Radnorshire Blayneys as he isn't to be found in the Montgomeryshire genealogies and his daughter married into the Radnorshire Baskervilles. There needs to be at least one missing generation for Dorothy to be born in 1617.] + ___ 6 Dorothy BLAYNEY b.1617; m.1638; d.1697 [656] [229] + James BASKERVILLE Esq of "Aberedow" or "Aberdow" b.~1590 son of Thomas BASKERVILLE Esq of Lambedrin/Llanbeder (b.1579; m.1610) and Eleanor LEWIS (b.23Jan1587), dau of John LEWIS of "Lanwenny" 7 Ellinor BASKERVILLE 7 Joan BASKERVILLE 7 James (J Bernard Burke) BASKERVILLE Esq of Aberedow b.~1611; m.1664; d.1697 + Elizabeth GRIFFIN of Bickmarsh, Warwickshire 8 Edward BASKERVILLE 8 Thomas BASKERVILLE Esq of Aberdow; b?1668; m?1700; d.14Apr1721 + Sybill COLLINS 9 Thomas BASKERVILLE b.1701; d.1740 + Meliora BASKERVILLE b.25Aug1726 dau of Richard BASKERVILLE and Jane GORE (dau of Sir William GORE) 9 Sybil BASKERVILLE + Walter DAVIES m.7May1740 9 Margaret BASKERVILLE + Thomas DUNNE m.17May1737 8 James BASKERVILLE bur.13Aug1738 8 Nicholas BASKERVILLE 8 Walter BASKERVILLE 8 Jeremiah BASKERVILLE 8 John BASKERVILLE 7 Dorothy BASKERVILLE 7 Ann BASKERVILLE + __ VAUGHAN 4 John BLAYNEY Esq of Shropshire b~1410 [229] [657] [658] + ___ 5 Margaret BLAYNEY b~1440 (Shropshire) + John PLOWDEN of Plowden b~1435 (Shropshire) 6 Margaret PLOWDEN b.1474 + John WALCOTT 6 Humphrey PLOWDEN b.1480 (Bishop's Castle Shropshire); d.10Mar1557 + Elizabeth STURRY of Rossall, near Shrewsbury; b~1480; d.30Mar1559 dau of John STURRY of Rossall

Presumably this family were also related:

1 John Blayney Purchased The Parks, Preteigne, Radnor from John Cummings, gent 
  as well as Corton and the Upper Park, Closes and The Whorestone  
 + ____
  2 ____
   + Sible
    3 Thomas BLAYNEY of the Parke, p.Presteigne, co.Radnor. Sold land 1642/3 [633] 
     + Elizabeth

But could be the Deptuty Sheriff Thomas Blayney of Berriew (grandfather doesn't match)

Another Blayney to "fit in" is:

1 Thomas BLAYNEY who bore the Kinsham Blayney arms 
  Warrant to be purveyor of the Royal Stables 1660 [349],
  Warrant to be Sergeant-at-Arms 1660 [349] and 
  Sergeant-at-Arms to King Charles II Mar1665 [336]
 + Hester BLACKWELL dau of Michael BLACKWELL of Rootham, Kent
  2 Thomas BLAYNEY [336]



Blaenllynfi Castle

Llanlloddian Hall
Photo by David M Jones see
Creative Commons Licence.

Hybrid Blayney
three horses' head on left
Three boars' heads on right

Blayney de Keynsham, Hereford
1st & 4th ar. 3 boars' heads crouped sa. armed gu.
2nd & 3rd gu. a lion ramp. reguard. or.
Crest: The ermine or fox [361], passant ar.

Evesham Marketplace

Blayney of Evesham
  Arms: Gules a chevron or,
beneath a chief ermine;
  Crest: An ermine ppr.
  Motto: Non nobis solum.
[Burke's Commoners [229]]

Hoell BLAENE ancestors [1082]

 1 Tegonwy ap Teon, Bishop of Gloucester b~730 (Powys)
 2 Iorwerth "Hirflawdd" ap Tegonwy b~770 of Powys
   aka "Iorwerth of the long struggle"
  + Arianwen ferch Brychan, of Brycheiniog Breconshire, Wales
 3 Idnerth ab Iorwerth "Hirflawdd b~800 (Powys)
 4 Cadwr "Wenwyn" ab Idnerth b~830 (Powys)
 5 Cadwr ap Cadwr "Wenwyn", Arglwydd of Buellt and Maesyfed b~870 (Powys)
 6 Seferus ap Cadwr, arglwydd of Buellt and Radnor b~900 (Powys)
  + Lleucu ferch Morgan "Mawr" of Morgannwg 
 7 Ifor ap Seferus, arglwydd of Maesyfed, Ceri and Cedewain b~930 (Powys)
  + Isabel ferch Tryffin, b~930 (Powys)
 8 Cuhelyn ab Ifor, arglwydd of Maesyfed, Ceri and Cedewain (Powys)
  + Gwen ferch Gronwy ap Tudor Trefor b~947 (Denbighshire)
    Her grandfather Tudor Trefor founded a "Noble tribe of Wales". He married
    a daughter of King Hywel Dda ("Howell the Good"), grandson of Rhodri Mawr,
    King of Gwynedd.
 9 Elystan "Glodrydd" ap Cuhelyn, arglwydd of Hereford b~975(7) (Hereford Castle, Herefordshire); d.1010
   aka "Elystan the Renowned", founder of the dynasty of Rhwng Gwy a Hafren (Between Wye & Severn)
   The fifth Royal Tribe of Wales
  + Gwenllian ferch Einion b~970 (Deheubarth)
10 Cadwgon (Cadwagan) ab Elystan "Glodrydd", arglwydd of Maesyfed and Buellt b~1000 (Radnorshire)
  + Efa ferch Gwrgan b~1030 (Morgannwg)
11 Idnerth (Hoedliw) ap Cadwgon, arglwydd of Maesyfed b~1030 (Radnorshire)
  + Dyddgu ferch Aron b.~1070 (Cwm Aron, Llanfihangel-yng-Nheri, Montgomeryshire)
12 Madog ab Idnerth, arglwydd of Maelienydd and Ceri b~1070 (Radnorshire)
   Prince of Maelienyd & Elfael [1161]
  + Rhanullt ferch Gruffudd b~1100 (Caernarvonshire)
13 Gruffudd "Fele" (Gwrgeney) ap Madog b~1100 (Maelienydd cantref, Radnorshire)
14 Gruffudd "Goch" ap Gruffudd "Fele" b~1130, of, Llanfihangel-yng-Nheri, Montgomeryshire
15 Trahaearn (Hoedliw) ap Gruffudd "Goch" b~1170 (Cedewain commote, Montgomeryshire)
  + Arddun ferch Cynfelyn b~1200 (Montgomeryshire)
16 Madog (Madoc) ap Trahaearn, Lord of Cedewain b~1200 (Cedewain commote, Montgomeryshire)
  + Jane ferch Trahaearn b~1230 (Garthmyl, Aberriw, Montgomeryshire)
17 Hywel ap Madog b~1230 (Croesgynon, Llanddewi-yn-Heiob, Radnorshire)
[possibly another Hywel (of Heyop) generation fits in here [1161]]
18 Cadwgon (Cadwgan) ap Hywel b~1270 (Llanddewi-yn-Heiob, Radnorshire)
  + Gwenllian (or Deili) ferch Gruffudd "Llwyd" b~1300 (Dinorwig, Llanddeiniolen, Caernarvonshire)
19 Gruffudd ap Cadwgon b~1300 (Llanddewi-yn-Heiob, Radnorshire)
  + ___ ferch Llywelyn ap Hyel ap Einion Sais (another link to the Montgomershire Blayneys)
20 Meurig ap Gruffudd b~1330 (Llanddewi-yn-Heiob, Radnorshire)
  + Margred ferch Gruffudd b~1370 (Tywyn, Y Ferwig, Cardiganshire)
21 Hywel "Blaene" ap Meurig  b~1370 (Llanddewi-yn-Heiob, Radnorshire)

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