Australian Blayneys



[01] Arthur BLAYNEY (Western Australia)  

[02] Sons of Ambrose BLAYNEY (Victoria)  

[03] Edward BLAYNEY (Victoria - NSW)  

[04] John Stanley Gibson BLAYNEY (Richmond - ?Vic)  

[05] Professor Geoffrey BLAINEY (Melbourne - Vic)  

[06] Blayney/Blaney transported Convicts  

[07] Blayney Shire/Town in NSW  

[08] Aussie descendants of 1st Lord Blayney (Edward)  



[2] Oliver, Thomas & John (sons of Ambrose) to Victoria clan

1 Ambrose BLAYNEY, farmer of Omagh, County Tyrone b.1801
  Possibly a direct descendant of Ambrose BLAYNEY b~1600
  son of Thomas ap David Lloyd BLAYNEY
 + Anne / Anna (or Nancy) GIBSON (both of Church of Ireland) b.1808  

1916 Lance-sergeant
Arthur Noel R BLAYNEY
2 Oliver BLAYNEY migrated to Victoria ?1850s b.1845; d.1924 (Bayswater); bur.14Apr1924 (Boroondara) [1541] [1543] + Blanche Maude D BAXTER b.1867; m.?1898 d.8Jul1941 age 74 (Bayswater, Melbourne) [1541] [1542] [dau of Charles BAXTER and Ms PARRISH} 3 Lance-sergeant Arthur Noel Russelle BLAYNEY b.21May1898 (St. Kilda, Victoria); Bank employee (BNSW); d.26Sep1917 (Polygon Wood near Ypres) KIA. Service Number 2745; 58th Bn, AIF [1543] 3 Nancy Mary BLAYNEY b.1903; d.1911 (Brton) 2 Thomas BLAYNEY b.1841; d.1929 (Arramagong West NSW); migrated to Victoria, arriving Melbourne on the Goldanah 1858 Goldmining at Ballarat six years with little success then farmed with brother John in the Goulburn Valley 1864. In 1871 moved to Nagambie where he established a successful vinyard. Later bought 15,000 acre sheep farm at Grenfell NSW. "beloved by all who knew him - a fine old gentleman who ...made friends all his life" + Anne (Annie) TYE b.26Jul1847 (Auckland, NZ) (dau of Melb solicitor) m.1875

Charles Mitchell
with sister (Dame N.M.)

Anna Maude
3 Blanche BLAYNEY b.1876 (Nagambia, Vic) [IDI]; d.1961 + Charles John MITCHELL b.19Mar1871 (or 9Mar1870); m.7Feb1898; d.2Nov1952 [Son of David MITCHELL and Isabella Ann DOW] Also brother of Helen Porter MITCHELL (1861-1931) (aka Dame Nellie Melba) See Nellie Melba Museum 4 Four children 3 Anna Maude (or Maude Anna) BLAYNEY b.1878 (Nagambia, Vic) [IDI] + Albert Edward LOBB b.1873; m.1903; d.1970 [son of Albert and Sarah Elizabeth LOBB] 4 Bombardier Thomas Brent LOBB b.1909/10 (NSW) WWII - Royal Australian Artillery - d.8July1941 (Beirut), 4 days before the Beirut "Armistice of Saint Jean d'Acre (Convention of Acre) on 12 July. 3 Thomas Goulburn BLAYNEY b.1881 (Nagambia, Vic) [IDI] 3 Oscar Gibson BLAYNEY b.1885 (Nagambia, Vic) [IDI] 3 Charles Goulburn BLAYNEY b.1887 (Nagambia, Vic) [IDI] 2 John BLAYNEY b.1829 Omagh, County Tyrone, migrated to Victoria 1850s d.13Sep1921 (age 92) (Strathbogie Shire, Vic) + Eliza Jane Loudon b.1845; m.1866 (VIC); d.19May1914 (Avenel, VIC) dau of John Loudon and Sarah THORNBURY of Co Armagh, Ireland 3 Frances BLAYNEY b.1869 3 Isabella BLAYNEY b.1871 3 Florence BLAYNEY b.1873; d.1878 3 Matilda BLAYNEY b.1875 3 Oliver Harbison BLAYNEY b.1877/8; d.1879 3 William BLAYNEY b.1879; d.1879 3 Edith BLAYNEY b.1881 5 ggrandson = C. Russell Leith of Perth Western Australia [384].


[3] Edward Blayney in Australia clan - See [530]

The story goes that Edward's (Catholic) ancestor moved to Matagralane and Randlestown (Randalstown), County Antrim, Nth Ireland apparently after eloping with a "Protestant lass" and being excommunicated. [See note at Edward Blayney Family database]. This story has been discounted as myth by Robyn Wright [159] who states "This comes from the Reed family".
There was a Catholic James Blayney on the sub-committee of Drummaul Parish, Randalstown, County Antrim in 1848 living in Magheralane Townland, as was a "Col Blayney". [538]

1 James BLAYNEY b.1765; d.26Jul1823 
 + Rosanna McALLISTER (McCALLISTER) d.8Oct1799 [159]
   Farmed "Pleasant Mount" in Manheralane (near Randalstown) [878] 

  2 James BLAYNEY b.1783; d.23Nov1877, probably the Catholic householder mentioned in the
    9Jul1848 "Assessment of Householders", Parish of Drummaul, Randalstown, County Antrim [538]
   + Mary McKEOWN d.10Apr1879 
    3 Rose BLAYNEY b.1825 Emm ~1835 
     +(1)Charles McRORY d.1860
     +(2)___ DELANY
    3 Patrick BLAYNEY [1] b.1825; d. in infancy
    3 Alicia (Alice) BLAYNEY b.<1825 (1825 ?twin)
     + Dennis MURRAY m.9Jul1848 d.Apr1860
    3 Mary BLAYNEY dsp.24Jun1845
     + James WHITTY m.10Jun1845 d. in New York 
    3 Patrick BLAYNEY [2] b.25Dec1827; bpt.27Dec1827; Defendant in court case [537] .
    3 Sarah BLAYNEY b.1830; bpt.26Sep1830
     + Andrew McCASHION
    3 Margaret BLAYNEY b.1833; bpt.18Aug1833
     + George HUTCHINSON d.16Sep1886
    3 Anna Bella BLAYNEY b.1837; bpt.26Mar1837
     + James McCALL m.2ndAug1870; d.7Feb1879
    3 Elizabeth BLAYNEY b.1837; bpt.10Mar1840
     + Patrick McGUIRK m.30Dec1879

  2 Patrick BLAYNEY b?; d.1809

  2 Constantine BLAYNEY b.1788; d.14Feb1867 (both Randlestown, Co Antrim, Nth Ireland)
    [see Constantine b.1832 below]

  2 Mary BLAYNEY b?1817; d.9Feb1866
   + Hugh McMULLIN d.15Apr1853
    3 Rose McMULLIN
     + William John MARRON
    3 James McMULLIN
    3 Hugh McMULLIN d.1887
    3 Peter McMULLIN d.2May1868 unm 
    3 Ellen McMULLIN d.20Aug1878 (a widow)
    3 Mary McMULLIN d.1866
     + James ?Heeson
    3 Margaret McMULLIN bpt.11Dec1830 
     +(1)Henry Wylie d.1868 
     +(2)Patrick HAGRID
    3 Patrick McMULLIN bpt.24Mar1838 

  2 Anne BLAYNEY d. as infant

  2 Margaret BLAYNEY d. as infant

  2 Hugh BLAYNEY Esq. b.1790; d.22Aug1885 age ~95 (Dublin)
    Testator of contested Estate, with Family Tree created for the High Court [537] 
    Moved to Dublin 1810 where he became a wealthy merchant [878] (Vintner and grocer)
    "He was ever solicitous for the wants of others, especially the poor
     and afflicted of his fellow- citizens, as his annual contributions
     to hospials, orphanages, and asylums can testify".
     Hugh amassed a princely fortune of $500,000 (about $15million today),
     most of which bequeathed to charity. No Blayney relatives in will.
    Closest family member: Nephew P B McMULLEN, a Buffalo Policeman. [1596]

  2 Constantine BLAYNEY b.1788; d.14Feb1867 (Randalstown, Co Antrim, Nth Ireland)
    the 2nd son of James BLAYNEY & Rosanna McCALLISTER
   + Mary (Molly) McCALLISTER b.1798 (1790) (Pomeroy, Nth Ireland); m.1821 (Randalstown)
     d.15Apr1853 (or 10Apr1854) (Randalstown, Co Antrim)
    3 Catherine BLAYNEY b.1822; bpt.15Nov1822; d.15Nov1822
    3 Hugh BLAYNEY b.1824 (?1834)
    3 Rosina (Rose) BLAYNEY b.1827; bpt.8Nov1827; d.8Nov1827
    3 James BLAYNEY bpt.9Nov1829; d.25May1844
    3 Edward BLAYNEY b.29Feb1832; bpt.2Mar1832 [see Edward b.1832 below]
    3 Mary Ann BLAYNEY bpt.26Oct1834
     + Phillip HANNAN m.27May1868
    3 Constantine BLAYNEY bpt.19Aug1838
      Married twice and moved to Manhatten, New York (ran a variety store) [878] 

    3 Edward BLAYNEY b.29Feb1832; (bpt.1Mar1832) in Randalstown, Co Antrim      
      20Dec1854 sailed from Dublin for Australia on Italian Ship "Rienzi".
      20Apr1855 Arrived Hobsons Bay.
      1858 moved from Williamstown to Viaduct near Geelong, Vic.
      1859 Moved to Lethbridge near Ballarat, Vic
      d.22Oct1910 (Ballarat, Vic, Australia)
     + Catherine GORMAN b.15Aug1838 Birr, Kingscounty, now Offerly, Ireland.
       m.10Aug1857 (Williamstown, Vic, Australia); d.20Jan1918 (Ballarat, Vic, Australia)
       [bur.21Jan1918 (Ballarat) age 79 widow [1342]] 
      4 Mary BLAYNEY b.21May1858 (Williamstown, Vic, Australia); d.25Aug1930 (Footscray Vic)
       + John McHENRY b.1855 m.22Nov1881 (Ballarat Vic)
        5 [10 chn incl. Catherine, Mary, Edward, Philip, Tom, Maurice, Vincent, Martin & Laurence]
      4 Constantine James BLAYNEY b.26Sep1859 (Ballarat East); RAN in WWII; (bachelor)
      4 Hugh Patrick BLAYNEY [see Hugh b.18Jun1861], [536]
        d. Sydney
      4 Edward BLAYNEY b.26Feb1861(3) (Ballarat) & d.5Feb1864 @ 11mths dsp (Ballarat, Vic) [536]
      4 Catherine Alicia BLAYNEY   b.4Sep1864 [536] (Ballarat); d.1846 (bur.16Aug1846, Ballarat) [1342]
      4 Edward O'Gorman BLAYNEY b.28Feb/Mar1866 (Ballarat East, Vic) [?Edward Osman Blayney 1866 [536]]; 
        d.1922 (Ballarat) bur.21Mar1922 Ballarat) [1342]; Labourer
       + Mary Alice SHEEHAN b.1891 (Allandale, Vic); d.1941 (Ballarat) bur.09Apr1941 Ballarat) [1342]
        5 ?John BLAYNEY (NND d.1914 age 0; bur.16Mar1914 Ballarat) [1342] 
        5 Kathleen BLAYNEY b.28Oct1916 (Ballarat, Vic); d.19Aug2003 (Melbourne) 

Colonel Ted Serong
+ Brigadier Francis Phillip (Ted) SERONG O.B.E., D.S.M b.11Oct1915 (Abbotsford, Vic); Served in Aust Army in WWII (training, staff roles and combat against the Japanese at Wewak. Head of Canungra jungle training centre 1955. Strategic advisor (Burmese Army 1960-1962, South Vietnamese Police Field Force 1965-8); Commanding officer Australian Army Training Team Vietnam 1962; Considered a world authority on counter-insurgency warfare. m.1942 [1337]; d.1Oct2002 (Melbourne) [son of William Edward and Mabel Irene SERON] 6 Seven children [Julie & John; Michael & Marietta; Rose-Mary; Elise & Pierre-Alain; Richard & Lesley; James William Serong (1952-2001) & Sharon; Anthony & Marie.] 4 Rose Ann (Rosina) BLAYNEY b.5Mar1868 4 Randal John BLAYNEY b.30Dec1869; d.1876 (Typhoid fever) dsp [536] 4 William Henry BLAYNEY b.13May1871 [536] 4 Maurice Francis BLAYNEY b.7May1873 [536] +(1)Margaret Mary Theresa BREW m.1897 5 Edward (Eddie) Daniel BLAYNEY b.28Oct1897 (Ballarat) [1337]; d.9Jul1979 + Evaline May McGUFFIE b.7Mar1899; m.1924 [1337] d.14May1976 6 Mary BLAYNEY + Bill NAGEL 6 Edward BLAYNEY + __ 7 Anthony BLAYNEY 7 Edward BLAYNEY 7 Joanne BLAYNEY 7 Damien BLAYNEY 5 Maurice Francis BLAYNEY b.1899 (Ballarat East) [1337] [529]; d.20Jun1955 (bur.20Jun1955 Ballarat) [1342] + Margaret Ellen (Nell) CLELAND b.1899; m.1922 6 Maurice James BLAYNEY b.21Mar1923 in Canterbury Vic In Aust. Army WWII + Phyllis Lillian SMITH m.1954 [4 children] 6 John Lawrence BLAYNEY b.1925 in Canterbury Vic; Served in Aust. Army in WWII + Margaret Rose RYAN m.1941 [1337] (6 living children) 6 Margaret Thelma BLAYNEY b.~1927; d.~2008 + Francis (Frank) Royds RATCLIFFE m.1953 [1337]; (8 children) 5 Eugene Gerald BLAYNEY b.1901 [1337] (bachelor); d.?1967 (bur.5Dec1968 Ballarat) [1342] 5 Mary (Mollie/Molly) Teresa BLAYNEY b.1904 [1337] + Albert James HANCOCK m.1927; Two children 5 Margaret Thelma BLAYNEY b.1908 [1337]; d.1927 age 19 +(2)Amelia (Millie) Lillian EDWARDS b.~1882, m.1913; d.1969 (bur.11Apr1969) [1342] [2nd wife of Maurice Francis b.1873]; 5 John Edward BLAYNEY b.1914 (Ballarat) [1337]; d.1945 (bur.16May1945 Ballarat) [1342] Occ. Butcher [1479] + Cecilia (Cecily) Magdalen RATCLIFFE b.20Jan1915 (Ballarat); m.1935 [1337]; d.27Sep2008 (Ballarat) 6 John Maurice BLAYNEY b.18Jun1936 (Ballarat, VIC.); d.22Sep2019 (Maroochydore, QLD) + Joan Veronica LOWNDES (not KNOWLES [1479]) [2 children] b.10May1934 (Edenhope, Vic); d.29Jan2019 (Maroochydore, QLD) 6 William BLAYNEY 6 Peter BLAYNEY 6 Robert BLAYNEY + Helen O'BRIEN [4 children] 5 James Martin BLAYNEY b.1918; d.20Jul1920 5 William George BLAYNEY b.~Sep1916; d.21Feb1917 5 Constantine James BLAYNEY (bachelor) b.~1923; d.17May1987 age 64; (bur.26May1987 Ballarat) [1342]; Timber Worker 4 Martin Daniel BLAYNEY b.7May1873 [536] d.1953; bur.5Jan1953 (Fawkner Memorial Park VIC [1022]); Labourer, Hotelier +(1)Catherine (Kate) Amelia PHELAN b.~1880(2); m.02Oct1902; dv.23Aug1915 [1338] Remarried to Rupert William Hunt 1917 [Victorian Marriage Index] 5 Myrtle Veronica BLAYNEY b.1903 (Ballarat) [1337] 5 Martin Daniel BLAYNEY b.3Mar1904 (Ballarat) [1337]; d.4Apr1972 (Brisbane) [1344] + Beatrice May Letitia BENNETTS b.26Jan1906 [1343]; m.1927 [1337]; d.(2)27Feb1971 (bur.02Mar1971 Ballarat) [1342] [Dau. of Victor James & Ethel May BENNETTS née WILSON (1884-1969)] 6 Myrtle BLAYNEY [1343] 6 Ethel BLAYNEY [1343] 6 John BLAYNEY [1343] 5 Cath Agnes BLAYNEY b.1905 (Ballarat East) [1337] 5 Edward (Eddie) Daryl BLAYNEY b.1906 (Ballarat) [1337] +(2)Grace Ellen MAY m.1916; d.1942 aged 61, bur.6OctJan1942 Fawkner Memorial Park [1022]] 5 Lola Magdalene BLAYNEY + Frederick William O'BRIEN m.1942 [1337] 5 Ellen (?Nellie) Ann BLAYNEY b.1917 [1337] + Adrian Theodore BENDALL m.1940 [1337] 6 Judy BENDALL [currently in correspondence] + __ KOSTEZKY since dv 7 living KOSTEZKY 7 living KOSTEZKY 7 living KOSTEZKY 4 Rosina (Rose) BLAYNEY [?Singer] + Edward John REED m.12Nov1895 [1337]; Six children 4 Edward O'Gorman BLAYNEY b.~1832; d.1910 (bur.24Oct1910 Ballarat) [1342] + Mary WOOFE [?? dau of Mrs WOOFE (SHEEHAN) b.~1877; d.1962 (bur.12Nov1962 Ballarat) [1342] ] 5 Eileen BLAYNEY [?Eileen Mary Blayney m. Thomas MEANY 1944] 6 Sheila BLAYNEY + Jack CONNAUGHTON 4 William BLAYNEY 4 Peter Paul BLAYNEY b.1876 [1337] dsp.1877 (Typhoid fever) [536] (bur.22Jan1877 Ballarat) [1342] 4 Phillip Gregory BLAYNEY b.27Aug1877 dsp.1888 (bur.22Jan1888 Ballarat) [1342] 4 John Alexander BLAYNEY b.1881 [1337]; d.19May1916 age 34 (mv.) 4 Peter BLAYNEY b.1885; d.1887 dsp (both at Ballarat, Vic, Australia) [Noted in Edward Blayney's diary but not official documents] [530] 4 Hugh Patrick BLAYNEY b.18Jun1861 (Ballarat East, NSW); d.6Mar1941 (Sydney); Occ. Butcher Apparently not particularly affluent as when convicted of using Offensive language, he was given the choice of a being "fined £2, or one month in Darlinghurst Goal; he chose the latter alternative." [1077] + Ellen (Ellan/Helen) Margaret RYAN b.1865 (Blayney, NSW); m.1886; d.1926 (Sydney) 5 Edward William BLAYNEY [see Edward William b.3Aug1888]; d.12Aug1957 + Elizabeth Mona MOLLOY b.23Aug1893; d.20Oct1916 5 Ellen Mary ("Nellie") BLAYNEY b.1889 (Balmain, NSW) [1076]; d.16Jul1939 (Rozelle, NSW) + Samuel ("Sam") Charles BEAMAN b.1887 (Balmain); m.1908 (Sydney); d.1950 (Petersham, NSW); Occ. Cork Cutter, Wharfie. (1 child) 6 George Edward BEAMAN 5 Hugh O'Gorman ("Mick") BLAYNEY b.1892 (Balmain) [1076]; d.28Dec1954 (Auburn, NSW); Milkman + Ina Ethel ROSE b.1890 (Clarence Town, NSW); m.1912 (Sydney); d.24Sep1935 (Auburn, NSW) 6 Hugh O'Gorman BLAYNEY b.1914 (Deniliquin); d.9Oct1977 + Jeanie Brown BEVERIDGE b.1916 (Bulli, NSW); d.22Sep1999 [dau. of George H Barbara BEVERIDGE] 7 Hugh BLAYNEY 7 Martin BLAYNEY + Frances 7 Brian BLAYNEY 7 Michael BLAYNEY 6 Reginald Ernest BLAYNEY b.1914; d.1916 (Balmain South, NSW) 6 Stanley Patrick BLAYNEY b.23Jun1917 (Rozelle, NSW); d.27Apr1987 (Belmore, NSW); Aust. Army WWII 1943-6 + Joice m.1946 7 Stanley BLAYNEY 7 James BLAYNEY 7 Ina BLAYNEY 7 William BLAYNEY 7 Thomas BLAYNEY 6 Kathleen BLAYNEY b.1927 + __ ROSS m.1953 (Sydney) (1 child) 6 Ellen BLAYNEY b.1929 6 Bernard BLAYNEY 6 James BLAYNEY 5 Rosina (Rose) Moran BLAYNEY b.1891(3) (Balmain) [1076]; d.1990 dsp (Sydney) + Dennis John MCGRATH b.1876 (Sydney); m.1915 (Balmain); d.1953 (Manly, NSW); Occ Cab proprieter 5 Ethel May BLAYNEY b.1894 (Balmain) [1076]; d.1961 (Chatswood, NSW) + Alfred Douglas SELLAR b.26Feb1886; m.1917 (Balmain); d.18Jul1946 (Ryde, NSW) 6 Five children all ob. (Catherine Corbett, Iris Claire, Rona Joyce, Alfred Douglas & Lawrence Blayney SELLAR) 5 Honorah (Norah) Catherine BLAYNEY b.1896 (Balmain South) [1076]; d.19Jun1979 (Sydney, NSW) + William ("Bill") Roy BRUMFIELD b.1901 (Leichhardt, NSW); m.1926 (2 chn); Engineer 5 Vera A BLAYNEY b.1897 (Balmain South) [1076]; dsp.1897 (1900) (Sydney) 5 Dorothy ("Doris") V BLAYNEY b.1899 (Balmain, NSW); dsp.1904 (Sydney)

Katherine Martin nee BLAYNEY

George Martin BLAYNEY

Alma Blayney (née Lee)

George & Alma wed

George & Alma Blayney family

Vincent William BLAYNEY

George Leslie BLAYNEY
5 George Martin BLAYNEY b.15Oct1898 (Balmain South) [1076]; d.29May1970 [1072] (Bankstown, NSW) + Alma LEE b.1898 m.1920(4); d.5Mar1986 (Lakemba) dau of William R G LEE and Janet DRURY 6 Vincent (Vince) William BLAYNEY b.1921 d.1978 6 George Leslie BLAYNEY b.15Oct1928 (Balmain, NSW); d.12Aug2009 (Caringbah, NSW) + Fay 7 Chris BLAYNEY 7 Greg BLAYNEY 7 Kerrie BLAYNEY 7 Mark BLAYNEY 7 Peter BLAYNEY 7 Adam BLAYNEY 7 Trent BLAYNEY 6 Reginald Hugh BLAYNEY m.1957 + Marlene Irene KNOKE 6 Ronald Anthony BLAYNEY b.1927; m.1956 [1076] + Margaret CLENDINNING dau of James Hill CLENDINNING b.26Dec1902; d.12Jan1953 and Flora Naomi Rose DRENNAN b.20Apr1902; d.Sep1968 7 Gregory James BLAYNEY b.28Dec1961; d.11Dec1974 7 Gary Anthony BLAYNEY + Carol Joan MELVIN 8 Ian James BLAYNEY 8 ___ BLAYNEY + ___ BRYANT (husband) 7 Jennifer Lee BLAYNEY Nurse; Campus support administration officer for Port Hedland TAFE in 2009 + ___ HEFFERNAN (husband) 8 Lisa HEFFERNAN 8 ___ HEFFERNAN 8 ___ HEFFERNAN 7 Jo-Anne Margaret BLAYNEY + ___ McINTOSH (spouse) 8 Elizabeth Anne McINTOSH 6 Kenneth ("Ken") Martin BLAYNEY + ___ 7 Michael BLAYNEY + ___ HOLMES

George & Alma's 3 youngest

Blayney-Clendinning Wed

Gregory James BLAYNEY

Elizabeth Anne McINTOSH
5 Harold Maurice BLAYNEY b.1897 (Balmain South) [1076]; d.1953 (Bankstown, NSW) + Eileen Evelyn MILLYN b.1900 (Bungendore, NSW); m.1927 (Belmain South); d.13May1980 6 Eileen BLAYNEY b.1925 + Pat 6 John BLAYNEY b.1927 6 Roy Maurice BLAYNEY b.1930 (Sydney); m.1953; d.2Dec2000 (Gymea, NSW) + Mary Kathleen McGARRY b.1929; m.1953 (Burwood, NSW); d.2001 (Gymea) 7 Michael, Paul, Dianne, Anthony & Kelli BLAYNEY 5 Alice V BLAYNEY b.1903 (Balmain South) [1076]; 5 John Vincent BLAYNEY b.1905 (Balmain South) [1076]; d.1963 (Balmain, NSW) + Olive May EARLEY (incorrectly HURLEY) b.1903/4 (Belmain South, NSW); m.1933 (Belmain); d.31Aug1986 (Leichhardt, NSW) Dau. of George d.5Jul1945 (Balmain) and Mary EARLY b~1870; d.25Oct1929 aged 59 6 Vincent BLAYNEY b.1927 + Yvonne 6 Brian BLAYNEY b.1929 + Maureen 6 Neil BLAYNEY + June 5 Edward (Eddie) William BLAYNEY b.3Aug1887(8) (Balmain, NSW) [1076]; d.12Jun1957 (Rozelle, NSW) + Elizabeth Mona MOLLOY b.23Jul1893 (Belmain West, NSW); m.2Oct1916 (Rozelle NSW); d.19Sep1979 (Sydney) 6 Mary Sheila BLAYNEY b.5Sep1917 (Sydney NSW Australia); d.27Aug1999 (Sydney) + Marcus Joseph Francis KELLY b.1918 (Wangaratta Vic); m.1941 (Rozelle, NSW); d.24Mar1993 (Kogarah, NSW) 7 Carmel KELLY 7 Bernadette Elizabeth KELLY b.1950 (Sydney); d.1993 (Sydney) 7 Margarette KELLY 7 Rebecca KELLY 6 Francis (Frank) Joseph BLAYNEY b.22Jul1919 (Sydney); d.20Feb1983 (Rozelle, NSW) Occ. Aircraft Mechanic, served in RAAF in WWII + Living BYRNE m.1965 (Sydney) (1 child)

Edward Myles Blayney

Ed Blayney

Ed Blayney

6 Edward (Ed) Myles BLAYNEY b.10Apr1921 (Sydney); d.28Jul2010 (Shoalhaven Heads, NSW) Late of Shoalhaven and Bundanoon; Catholic; Occ. Boilermaker; bur Gerringong Cemetery 31Jul2010 + Rosemary BENTON m.1956 (Auburn, NSW) 7 Deirdre BLAYNEY 7 Bernadette BLAYNEY 7 Paul BLAYNEY 7 Monica BLAYNEY 7 Rosemary ("Rosey") BLAYNEY 7 Damian BLAYNEY 7 Dorothy BLAYNEY 6 Mona Philomena BLAYNEY b.26Dec1922 dsp.Oct1978 (Sydney NSW) Kept Blayney surname and Michael not mentioned in death notice ?dv. In fact she is listed as "Sister Bernadette" in her father's deatth notice, so presumably she was a nun. + Michael PENNELL m.1965 (Sydney) 6 Kevin Hugh Patrick BLAYNEY b.3Aug1924 (Sydney); d.1984 (Sydney) RAAF in WWII + Jean Mary FRAUENFELDER m.1948 (Sydney) Sister of Tony FRAUENFELDER (below) who married Ellen BLAYNEY 7 two living chn 6 Ellen Margaret BLAYNEY b.2Jun1926 (Sydney); d.7Nov1977 (Southport QLD) + Gerald Anthony ("Tony") FRAUENFELDER b.1924 (Warnambool, Vic); m.May1947 (Sydney); d.1988 (Southport, Qld) Brother of Jean Mary FRAUENFELDER (above) who married Kevin BLAYNEY 7 Nine chn 6 Marie Therese BLAYNEY b.Jul1929 (Sydney); dsp.1930 (Sydney) 6 Patricia Philomena BLAYNEY b.1933 (Sydney); d.2004 (Darlinghurst, NSW) + Brian Ross McNAMARA b.1932 (Escanaba, Michigan, USA); m.1957; d.2006 (Gold Coast, QLD) 6 John BLAYNEY + Living Antoni or Anderson 6 Carmel Dorothy BLAYNEY b.26Feb1937 (Sydney); d.Jul1939(4) (Sydney NSW)


[4] John Stanley Gibson Blayney - See [535]


Michael J Blayney
1 John Stanley Gibson BLAYNEY, b.5Jan1917 (Seymour, VIC); d.1960 Richmond Served in Aust. Army in WWII + Thelma Irene Wicks m.1941 ** [dau of Stanley Hibbs Wicks & Lillian Emerald Green] 2 photo Michael John BLAYNEY b.6Nov1950 d.13Jun2002 NSW + Beth 2 Susan Jane John BLAYNEY b.29Nov1950 d.1954 (3yr10mth) 2 Kim BLAYNEY + Rudolph Achter

[5] Professor Geoffrey Blainey

1 Evan BLAYNEY (Evan BLANY), yeoman of Mainstone; b<1684; bur.1745 (Mainstone) [226]
  Bought a farm (Pantglas), Mainstone, Shropshire 1732 [251]
  Ancestry of Evan is unproven, but he was possibly the nephew of Arthur who died in 1685 at Forden [208]
  Records of other Blayneys in Shropshire exist, including a family living mid 1700s-mid 1800s in
  Lydbury North, less than 8km east of Mainstone.  
 + Joice bur.1751 (Mainstone) [226]
  2 Elinor BLAYNEY bpt.1704 (Bettws-y-Crwyn, Salop) 
  2 Joyce BLAYNEY bpt.1705 (Bettws-Crwyn)
  3 Mary BLAYNEY bpt.1715 (Mainstone) 
  3 Margarety BLAYNEY bur.1722 (Mainstone)
  2 John (I) BLAYNEY of Knighton (nearest town to Llanfair Waterdine), Shropshire
    "Only son and heir-in-law of Evan Blayney"; bur.1787 (Mainstone)
   + Jane GWILLIAMS m.1749 (Mainstone)
    3 Thomas BLAYNEY bur.1837 (Mainstone) [226]
      Probably the Thomas BLAINEY who married Sarah and had Thomas BLAINEY christened 5Mar1801
      at Bettws Y Crwyn, Shropshire [IGI]  
    3 John (II) BLAYNEY bap. 1762 (Mainstone); d.1840 [226]
      farmer (and tanner) of Llanfair Waterdine, then Newhouse farm, Chelmarsh on the bank of the Severn
     + Frances SPENCER m.1782 (Llanfair Waterdine); d.1840 (Chelmarsh) [226]
      4 Twelve children [208] including:
        Martha, John, Edward, Richard, James, George, Samuel (see below), Frances & Mary 
     ?4 Martha BLAINEY b.1799 (Lanfair) moved to Chelmarsh. [no proof, just name, time & place fit] [941]
        d.18Nov1862 (disease of the brain) at Bridgnorth Workhouse 
       + John BASON b.1799; d.2Aug1849 (drowned Garnwood) 
      4 Samuel BLAYNEY (BLAINEY) b.1799 (Llanfair Waterdine); 2nd youngest son; 
        farmer of Newhouse farm, Chelmarsh. Family became poor during the "Hungry Forties"
       + Agnes Elizabeth WEAVER Chr.25Oct1805 (Claverley); m.16Aug1824 (Forden, Montgomery)
        5 Fifteen children [208] including: 
        5 Richard BLAYNEY b.1825; married at Cardiff
        5 Agnes Elizabeth BLAYNEY b.1830
        5 William Charles (Bitterley) BLAINEY (BLAYNEY) b.1831 (Chelmarsh); 
          [Probably The William BLAINEY (Bombardier, 5/13 Royal Artillery) who served in the
          Indian Mutiny 1857-1859 [343]]
          Em. to New Zealand during the gold rush where he married then
          moved to Australia. Occ. carpenter; d.7May1911 
         + Ann(e) Maria Weaver (? kin) b.1846 Wolverhampton Staffs; m.22Nov1862 (Dunedin)
           d.1926 (Melbourne) 
          6 Sarah BLAINEY b.1865 (Vic)
          6 Ada Mary BLAINEY b.1866 (Vic)
          6 Annie Maria BLAINEY b.29Apr1869 (Vic) [aka Anna Maria Blayney]
          6 William Bitterley BLAINEY b.1871 (Vic) 
          6 Samuel BLAINEY (Jnr) of Brunswick b.1873; d.1945/6 Occ. miner then engineeer
            7Samuel Clifford BLAINEY b.1899 Occ. Methodist minister
             + Hilda LANYON  

Professor Geoffrey Blainey
8 Professor Geoffrey Norman BLAINEY AC, MA (Melbourne); b.11Mar1930; historian and author of 32 published books including: • The Tranny of Distance: how distance shaped Australian history 1966 (in 20th Edition) • Triumph of the Nomads: A History of Aboriginal AustraliaA Short History of the World (best-seller, Independent Scholars Association of Aust - Non-Fiction Joint Winner - 2001) and • The Causes of War (in 3rd Edition). Geoffrey was raised in a series of Victorian country towns, attended Wesley College and the University of Melbourne, becoming Professor of Economic History there from 1968 to 1976, Ernest Scott Professor of History from 1977 to 1988 and is now Professor Emeritus. He was also inaugural Chancellor of the University at Ballarat 1994-8. However, he hasn't retired from public life, often quoted (or misquoted) in matters to do with Australian race relations, immigration and republicanism (he ia a monachist). 1997 named among the National Trust's 100 Australian "Living Treasures" Recieved the Companion in the Order of Australia (AC), Australia's highest honour in 2000. + Ann HERIOT, another author (Ann BLAINEY). 9 living BLAINEY 8 Living BLAINEY + Living BLAINEY (Child Psychologist) 6 Amanda Elizabeth BLAINEY b.1875 (Vic) 6 Rose Jane BLAINEY b.1877 (Vic) 6 Mary Ann BLAINEY b.1883 (South Australia) +(1)Jonathan Charles Edward BESWICK m.1900; d.1917 (TB) 7 six children incl 7 Ernest Reginald BESWICK (5th child) +(2)___ m.1920 6 Robert Joseph BLAINEY b.1887 (Vic) 6 Thomas Weaver BLAINEY b.1889 (Vic) 6 Janet BLAINEY b.1890 (Vic)

Frances Blayney b.1834
5 Frances BLAYNEY b.1834 (near Chelmarsh, Salop) grandmoher of S.P. THOMAS + Frederick THOMAS, a colliery clerk at Fazeley, Staff. 6 Frederick William THOMAS - Boden Professor of Sanscrit at Oxford 6 nn THOMAS father of S.P. THOMAS + nn mother 7 S.P. (Patrick) THOMAS (author & genealogist). 5 Margaret Gwilliams BLAYNEY b.1834 5 James BLAYNEY b.1836; d.1867 (in Walsall a pauper) 5 Samuel BLAYNEY b.1838 5 Janet BLAYNEY b.1843 5 Ellen BLAYNEY b.1844 5 Ada BLAYNEY b.1845

[6] Transported Convicts

Of the available convict records, I could only find one Blayney - which supports the therory that those who dropped the middle "y" were more likely to have a poorer education or to have been less inclined to be associated with the Blayney aristocractic (and Protestant) name (eg Catholics), and thus potentially more likely to be at the wrong end of the British imperialist protestant "justice" system of the time, particularly in Ireland.

Apprehended Convict Absconders, New South Wales:
George Blaney (Ship to Colony: Marquis of Hastings)

Convict Absconders (?not Apprehended), New South Wales:
George/Michl Blaney (Ship to Colony: Marquis of Hastings)
Michael/Geo Blaney (Ship to Colony: Marquis of Hastings)

NSW Convict Deaths & Burials
Patrick Blaney (Ship to Colony: Bencoolen)

New South Wales Convict Tickets & Certificates of Pardon
Catherine Blaney/Dixon - Ticket of Leave (Ship to Colony: Edward 1)
Mary Blaney - Certificate of Freedom (Ship to Colony: Elizabeth)

Australian Convict Index 1788-1868 [371] [541] [542]
1794Mary BLANEY 21London_SurprizeNSW7yrTheft
1794William Henry BLANEY 30London_??7yrTheft
1809Patrick BLANEY _Longford_BoydNSW
1828Margaret BLANEY 24_sElizabethNSW
1836John BLANEY 28KentIndoor svt/soldierRecoveryNSW
1836John BLANEY 1808C M Quebec_Recovery 3PTPHIILIP
1838Andrew BLANEY 23LanarkshireBaker/confectionerWaterloo 5NSW
1848George BLANEY 1827CCCLabourerMarionWA7yrLarceny

It is interesting to see "Pensioner Guards" Private Thomas Blaney of the 6th Battery Royal Artillery arriving in WA in 1868 on the Hougoumont.
Margaret Blaney was born c.1804 (Nass Kildare, Ireland), tried at Dublin 27Mar1827 for stealing blankets. Sentenced to 7 years transportation, arriving Sydney on Board Elizabeth in 1827. Assigned to Sutton and Hazaed of Paramatta. Catholic. Married Thomas Wood (another convict) 14 Feb 1829. They had 4 children. She received her Certificate of Freedom Number 34/353 on 8th April 1834. [1075]

Ulster-Irish Convicts Transported to NSW 1800-1818
Ulster Genealogical & Historical Guild Number 10, 1987 [539]

Name            Crime     County/Town     Transportation   Date of Newspaper
                          Assizes         Sentence
Blayney, Sarah  vagrant   Carrickfergus   7 years          16 August 1808

[7] The town and shire of Blayney in NSW

Blayney in NSW The town of Blayney (pop 3,100) is located in the Belubula valley, 40 kilometres south of Bathurst and 243 kms West of Sydney. Total Shire population is 6,618.

There was temporary settlement throughout the area between 1821 and 1828. The site of Blayney was originally at Kings Plains, as set out by surveyor James Richards in 1828, 9 kilometres NE towards Bathurst from the present site. However, in 1842 when the town was laid out it was found to be unsuitable.

In 1842 Governor Sir George Gipps proposed the creation of a village to be named Blayney and this was confirmed in 1843. My assumption that the name "Blayney" was selected because around 1821-28 Lieutenant-General Lord Andrew Thomas Blayney was very much alive and famous for his published account as a Prisoner of War in Spain and France - see Andrew. This assumption is supported by the Queanbeyan Distance Education Centre Virtual Museum's statement that the town Blayney was "named after Lord Blayney" [501]. Lord Andrew Thomas Blayney died in 1834.

Although the fact that the time the "village" was being surveyed coincided with the death of Lord Andrew Blayney in 1834 supports the "named after Lord Blayney theory", there is another plausible possibility, namely after one Irish shepherd called BLAYNEY who looked after this outstation of the Kings Plains operation [1387]. Whichever (or both) origins, it is clear from historical plans that it had to be "Blayney" and NOT "Blaney" as anywhere "Blaney" appears on C19th plans or maps it is crossed out and substituted with "Blayney".

The site eventually decided upon for the township of Blayney in 1843 was in a picturesque valley with the Belubula River running along its eastern boundary. Initially the shire was allocated for farming, but with the opening and working of many mines, the townships flourished.

Blayney ShireBlayney has achieved some significance in pioneering environmentally friendly projects such as the "By Open Cut Gold Mine", the largest open cut gold mine in the Southern Hemisphere, unique in the fact that the entire mine area was returned to usable land and Blayney's 10 megawatt Wind Farm is the largest of its type in Australia. A new sewage treatment works now serves Blayney, pollution control measures have been taken at the abattoir and associated feedlot, and an artificial wetland has been established where the Belubula River enters the reservoir.

(Older) References for Blayney, NSW: [531], [532], [533], [534]

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