Abbreviations Used

Abbreviation Meaning & derivation   Abbreviation Meaning & derivation
~ Approximately (like c. =circa, about)   Esq Esquire
+ married to, spouse, husband of, wife of   f/o Father of (begat)
+(n) nth spouse   ferch Daughter of (Welsh) pronounced "verch" [672]
< before (less than)   GEDCOM GEnealogical Data COMmunication (file)
> after (greater than)   gr-father
grand-father, also
great-grandfather etc
[nn] Any hyperlink number inside [] refers to a reference source listed on that page's Bibliography   h. Husband
(f) daughter - from filia (Latin)   h1 First Husband
(s) Son   hn nth Husband eg w3 = 3rd husband
1 1 = index person; n) = generation number   IGI International Genealogical Index [425]
ab Son of (from mab=son) [used before vowel] see "ap"   imm Immigration (to NZ, date) See Emm
abbr. abbreviation   kt knight
adp. adopted   LDS Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon)
ap Son of (from mab=son)
[used before consonant or consonantal "i"] see "ab"
  m. Married, marriage date
b. Born, birth date   m/o Mother of (begat)
Bart or Bt Baronet   MBChB Batchelor of Medicine and Batchelor of Surgery
Medicinae Baccalaureus, Chirurgiae Baccalaureus (Latin)
begat biologically parented (f/o or m/o)   mv. suicide - mors voluntaria (Latin)
bpt baptised   Ob he/she died - Obitum (Latin)
bro brother   occ. Occupation
bur buried (date/place)   O.E. Old English (language)
C. Century. Note: I use " ~ " for about/approx. not " c. "   r. Reigned or ruled (ruling dates)
Co. County   RC Roman Catholic
C of E Church of England, Anglican   rel. or relig. Religion
Capt Captain   Rev Reverend (Minister)
Cdr Commander   s/o Son of
cem Cemetery   sic exactly as written, usually missplet
sic (Latin) = as is
chr Christened (see bpt.)   twp Township
d. Died, death date   unk unknown
d/o Daughter of   unm unmarried
dau Daughter   verch English pronunciation of Welsh "ferch" [672]
dv Divorced, divorce date   w. Wife
dsp or d.s.p. died without offspring (issue)
decessit sine prole (Latin)
  w1 First Wife
dspl or d.s.p.l. died without legitimate offspring
decessit sine prole legitima (Latin)
  wn nth Wife eg w3 = 3rd wife
dspms or d.s.p.m.s died without surviving male offspring
decessit sine prole mascula supersita (Latin)
  Has photo:
IMG SRC="images/camera.gif" WIDTH=16 HEIGHT=15 ALT="" TITLE="photo"
dsps or d.s.p.s died without surviving offspring
decessit sine prole supersita (Latin)
  or Has 🎨 painting or sculpture 🤴 [King]
& #127912;   & #129332;
d. unm died unmarried   female female
d.v.p. died in lifetime of father
decessit vita patris (Latin)
  male male
d.y. died young   twin
emm or em Emigration (from, date) See imm   Minister/clergyman

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