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Owen Blayney
(Owain ap Ieuan Blaene)
Esquire of the body of King Edward 4th

born 1405 died ?

Owen lived in the Aberbechan Mansion, five or so kilometers (7.5km by "string on the map") away from his brother Gruffydd at Gregynog [See Location page], with whom he had such a harmonious relationship they become the subject of poetry by Lewis Glyn Cothi. Cothi
White as the Lily
Are the swans of Tregynon;
Leaders of men are the two
Scions of Iewan Blayney.
Owen, stout is the point of his spear,
And Griffith, a stag of gentle birth.

Deputy Steward to Richard, Duke of York and later Esquire of the Body to Richard's son, King Edward IV. [240] [337]

Owen was the eldest son of Ieuan Blayney (Evan Blayney), of Tregynon, who, according to custom, left his younger brother, Grufydd, in possession of the paternal mansion. [229]

Descendancy: [40]

Abervechan (Aberbechan) Hall (Mansion)

Renamed Ty'r gler, the house of bards

Former home of Prices & Lloyds

Abervechan (Aberbechan) (Ingleby 1796)
1 Owen ab Ieuan BLAYNEY b.1405; First to settle at Aberbechan, Montgomeryshire. +(1)Elen (Alson) ferch Maredudd (Meredydd) ap Howel of Kerry [496] 2 Cadwaladr BLAYNEY [71], [226] + Margred (Margaret) ferch Lewys Gwyn ap Ieuan [496] 3 Gwellian BLAYNEY + Ieuan ap Dafydd 3 Dafydd Llwyd (Lloyd) + Catrin (Catherine) ferch Hywel (Howell) ap Ieuan ap Meredudd 4 Rhys ap Dafydd Lloyd (BLAYNEY) 4 Lowri + John 4 Alice + Cadwaladr ap Dafydd 3 Morus BLAYNEY 2 Joyce BLAYNEY b~1440 [possibly a dau of Catherine (see below)] + Griffith WYNN (ap Rheinallt) of Garth, Guilsfield + Dafydd ap Mathew Gwyn [not clear if these are the same, if there was a second marriage or if there was another Joyce!] 2 Hugh BLAYNEY +(1)Margared (Margaret) ferch Dafydd ap Morris (Moris) ap Madoc ap Einion of Kerry [226] [496] +(2)Alice ferch Dafydd 3 Ieuan BLAYNEY + unknown 4 Mary BLAYNEY + Ieuan ap Hywell 3 Rhys BLAYNEY + unknown 4 Dorothy BLAYNEY + John ab Ieuan 5 Thomas ap John [757] + Margaret LLOYD dau of Richard LLOYD 6 John Thomas of Belan Dêg, Manafon + Margaret OWEN dau and heir of John OWEN of Llanlloddian 7 John JONES of Llanlloddian d.1716 Deputy Lieutenant for co. Montgomery [757] + Susan verch Morgan DAVID 8 Evan JONES of Llanlloddian (Llanlothian) Hall, Llanfair Caereinion (Montgomeryshire); b.1663; d.1716 D.L. (Deputy Lieutenant) for co. Montgomery + Ellen VAUGHAN of Llanfyllin dau and heir of Evan VAUGHAN of Llanfyllin [757] Probable descendant of Hoell Blayney of Radnor, ancestor of the Kinsham Blayneys 9 Thomas JONES Esq of Llanlloddian b.16Jul1686; d.1743; See hybrid Blayney heraldry on his tomb. 4 Thomas BLAYNEY + Catrin ferch Rhys 5 Elizabeth + John ap Rhys ab Edward +(2)Catherine (Katherine) ferch David (Dafydd) LLOYD ap Griffith (Gruffydd Vychan) Deuthwr (Deuddwr) son of Ieuan ap Madoc ap Owyn ap Mewric ap Pasgen ap Gwyn ap Gruffydd, Lord of Guilsfield [496]; of Aberbechan 2 Hywel (Howell) BLAYNEY + Myfanwy ferch Bedo 3 Thomas BLAYNEY 4 Elizabeth BLAYNEY (Heiress) 2 Margred BLAYNEY + Llwyd 2 Gwenllian (Gwennllian) BLAYNEY + Hywel VAUGHAN ap David ap Phyllip goch of Vaenor 3 Elliw 2 Morris (Maurice/Moris/Morus/Morys) ab Owen BLAYNEY b~1450 of Aberbechan Hall (Llanllwchaiarn [Llanllwchaearn] Berriew) + Mawd (Margred/Marged/Margaret) ferch David ap TUDOR ap Meredith Ddu [1593] Playfair's Peerage of Ireland has Margaret ferch David ap-Tudor ap-Mereduk ap-David ap-David ap-Lluellyn of Leowareh [1227]). 3 David (Dafydd/Davydd) BLAYNEY b~1490 Berriew [72]; d<1565 [570] + Genet (Jenet) ferch Richard ap Griffyth ap Guillim [707] 4 John ap David ap Morris (BLAYNEY) + Margaret 5 Catrin (Katherine / Catharine) + Morus ((Maurice, Moris, Morris) ap Thomas BLAYNEY 6 Thomas Blayney [my 9th gt-grandfather] 5 Rhees ap John + Elizabeth ferch Jenkin Lluellyn (Lloyd) ap Jenkin/John Goh Widowed, remarried to William ALLEN (?Actor or related to actor William Allen of "Queen Henrietta's Men" and nephew to famous Shakespearean actor Edward ALLEN (ALLEYNE) who married John DONNE's daughter Constance [349]. 6 David BLAYNE 6 Laurence BLAYNE 6 William BLAYNEY (Harleian MS 1973 [349]) Owned a house called "The Starre" in St Giles in the Fields, so was an "Immediate neighbour" of Lord Herbert of Chirbury 6 John BLAYNEY the lawyer and father of the actor. Died fairly young + ___ 7 John BLAYNEY the actor bpt 1597 (St Mary Magdalen, Old Fish St, London) Actor in "Queen Anne's Men" and in the 1619 funeral procession for Queen Anne of Denmark. Later joined "Queen Henrietta's Men" +(1)Margaret HERBERT +(2)(3) 6 Thomas BLAYNE 6 Edward BLAYNE 6 ?Malt/Mary + ?Luke BOND m.1598 6 Jane 6 Katherine + Gwenllian v. David (unm) 4 James David ap Moris (base son) + Ellen REINOLD (unm) 4 Elizabeth 3 Rees ap Morris BLAYNEY Esq., of Aberbechan (=Rhys ap Maurice/Moris/Morus ap Owen) b.1493 (1500/1505) (Berriew); d.1568 [1593] (1565 [337]) Aberbechan, Montgomery, Wales Heir of Morris [1227] Magistrate in 1542, Escheator of Montgomery 1553/4 and High Sheriff of Montgomery 1565. "A cadet of the Mirlir Grug or Blayney branch of the tribe of Brochwel" [389a] "He is learned, bold, free of deceit and generous.." [the poet Huw Arwystl [570]] and "very good-looking, full of life but silent..." [Sir Ieuan of Carnol [570]] and "not one in a thousand is as generous as Rhys" [the poet Siôn Ceri [570]] . In 1545 he aquired Carno and Tregynon [236] + Gwenllian (Gwenthlean) ferch John b.1498; m~1512 (Newtown, Montgomeryshire); d.1547 dau of John ap Meredith (Meredydd) ap Rees Dafydd Lloyd (b.1473 Newtown) 4 Elizabeth (Elsbeth) Blayney (Blaeney) b~1512 (or b.1546 [231] [72]) m.1566/28 of Aberbechan; d.?1574 [also recorded as marrying Richard PRICE b.1530, also son of Mathew Gôch Price (1512-1550), Sheriff of Montgomeryshire and Joyce Verch Ieuan Rhys(1504-1550). Their children included Richard Price (1555–1639)[1317]] + (Sir) John PRICE Esq b.1510 (~1544) of Newtown Hall.

Newton Hall
High Sheriff of Montgomeryshire 1566 & 1586 [389a] [Note, Barker's dates would have him Sheriff at age 22, which wouldn't have been likely so I think he is generally 30 years late in many of his estimates] Sheriff of Cardigan 1568 & MP for Montgomery in 3 Parliaments of QEI, 1558, 1562 and 1567 [389a]. [Eldest son of Joyce ferch Evan Lloyd (Gwynn) b~1488 m~1506 [233] and Matthew Gôch PRICE b~1476, High Sheriff of Montgomeryshire 1548] 5 Elizabeth PRICE b~1529 (Newtown) 5 Edward PRICE Sheriff of Montgomeryshire in 1615 + Julianna Vaughan 6 Sir John PRYCE (Created a Baronet 1628). He first supported the King in the Civil War, but changed sides, appointed governor of Montgomery Castle for the Parliament. MP in 1640 and 1654 [234]; d.1657 + Catherin STEDMAN nee PRYCE (daughter of Sir Richard PRYCE) 6 Mathew PRICE d. 1674. "A zealous Royalist and churchman" [234] Sheriff of Montgomeryshire in 1659/60 5 Bridget PRICE m.1577 d.1630 + Lewis BLAYNEY, brother of the 1st Lord BLAYNEY (eldest son of David Lloyd BLAYNEY) and Bridget's 4th cousin. 5 Mary PRICE + Thomas POWELL of Nantgwilt 5 Margaret PRICE +(1) Hugh PUGH +(1) David LLOYD of Crynfin, Cardiganshire 5 Richard PRICE b.1530 in Newtown [235] (or b.1555 (Manavon, Montgomeryshire) [237] who was married to a Rev Richard PRICE b~1560 in Newton Hall) + Elizabeth HERBERT b~1530 [some give his wife as Ursula Middleton b.1560 in Manavon [237] shown as married to Richard's son, Richard (below) and a generation was missed by 1 [231]]. 6 Children: Charles, Edward, James, John, Margaret, Mary and 6 Thomas PRICE b.1552 and 6 Richard PRICE b.1555 (Manavon) [1318] + Ursula MIDDLETON b.1560 (Manavon); m.1582; d.1637 [dau of David MIDDLETON b.1535 and Ellen DONNE b.1542] 7 John Andrew ("Loonie") PRICE b.1584 Breknock, Montgomeryshire Emigrated to Virginia 1611 on the ship Starr d.1628/39 Charles City, Virginia [231] [1319] + (Mary) Ann MATTHEWS b.1586 Henrico VA.; m.1620 (?VA. ?Montgomeryshire [235]) + Anne BAKER b.1604; m.1621 (VA.); d.1666 ?same person as Anne Matthews? [dau of Richard BAKER and Margaret ELKES] [1319] 8 Matthew PRICE b.1622 (?Montgomeryshire [235]) + Elizabeth m~1646 (Boston, Suffolk, MA. [235]) 9 Elizabeth PRICE b.1649 (Boston) 9 Sarah PRICE b.1653 (Charlestown, Middlesex, MA.) 8 Mary PRICE b.1624 (?Montgomeryshire [235]) 8 John PRICE (Jr) b.1628 (Henrico VA or Boston, Suffolk, MA. [235]) + Jane Rowen b.1631 (Henrico Co, VA); m~1647 9 John PRICE III b.1647/50 (Henrico) + Jane PUGH b~1654 (Henrico); m~1675 10 Pugh PRICE [664] 9 Daniel PRICE Sr b.1648 (Henrico) + Susanna CARTER b~1672 (Henrico) 10 Daniel John PRICE b.1689 (Henrico) 8 Richard PRICE b.1627 (?Boston, Suffolk, MA. [235]) ? twin 7 Richard PRICE b.1586 7 William PRICE b.1589 5 Matthew PRICE + Catherine Gwynn of Park 6 Elizabeth PRICE + Edward Herbert, of Montgomery, (purchased Powis Castle) 6 Richard PRICE of Newton 5 Arthur PRICE 5 Joyce PRICE +(1)James MATHEWS, Esq of Trefinany +(2) Charles LLOYD of Great Hem, Forden, Montgomery 4 Dorothy BLAYNEY b.~1517 Aberbechan m.~1537 Northam, Devon, England + Richard PHILLIPS b.1507 in Castlebythe, Pembroke, Wales, d.1588 5th son of Sir Thomas PHILLIPS (Esquire to Henry VII) b.1439; d.1520 (Pembroke) and Jane Dwinn b.1475, dau of Sir Henry Dwinn and Margaret Wogon. 5 John PHILLIPS b.26Mar1538 in Northam, Devon, England d.6Jan1624 [son of Sir Thomas PHILLIPS (~1439-1530) + Anneta (Agneta, Agnes) STEPHENS b.10Jun1543 (Barnstaple, Devon); m.22Jul1559 (Shropshire) d.11Jun1628 6 Richard PHILLIPS b.26/9Apr1560 Shropshire, England; d27Apr1622 (Shropshire) (more on [230] [348] & [348]) 4 Mawd (Maud) BLAYNEY b.~1521 [235] (~1544 [72]) of Aberbechan d. Gregynog + Thomas Blayney on the Howell side 4 Anne BLAYNEY b.~1525 (~1548 [72] [235]) of Aberbechan + Thomas LLOYD of Aberbechan 4 Thomas (Tomas) ap Rees (PRICE/PRYSE) of Aberbechan b~1528 [235] or ~1540 [72]; d.1591 [570] Eldest son & heir of Rees BLAYNEY [240] "Tomas is a fine man, just and brave, the best master or ruler in the world", according to poet Bedo Hafesb in 1576 [570]. + Mallt (Mahallt, Maud) ferch John ap Hugh (or Pugh) ap Evan (Ieuan/Siôn ap Huw ab Ieuan) of Mathavarn ap Dafydd Lloyd ap Llywelyn ap Gruffydd, Lord of Mathavarn [496]. (her mother was Catherine, Dau of Sir Richard Herbert, Kt) 5 Gwenllian (Gwen, Gwyn) PRYSE (Prys) (sole heir) m.1603 [337] + Sir Richard (Rhisiart) PRICE (Prys) of Gogerddan, Cardiganshire b?1610-20; d~1651 (Sheriff of Montgomery 1603 & 1622). Took a 99 year lease of Bettws rectory in the 1630s from John Blayney of Gregynog, subsequently subleased to James Blayney [145] He died before Gwen did and was bur. at Westminster Abbey Previously married to Hester Middleton, dau of Sir Hugh Middleton then Mary (née RUTHVEN, widow of Sir Anthony Vandyck [570] 6 Tomas 6 Sir John (Siôn) PRICE of Aberbechan + Mary (Mari) ferch Sir Henry BROMLEY (Knight) 7 Sir Richard (Rhisiart) PRICE of Aberbechan (Knight) + Esther, ferch Hugh Middleton 7 Elizabeth + Stepney 7 Mary + James JONES of Llanbadarn 6 William PRICE d. unm (Oxford) 6 Bridget (Britsied) PRICE + Sir John LEWIS 6 Elizabeth (Elsbeth) PRICE + Rowland PUGH Esq of Mathravern 6 Mary (Mari) PRICE + Edward PURCEL Esq of Naut y Cryba 6 Lettice (Letys) PRICE + Thomas LLOYD Esq of Lanlyr 6 Katherine (Catrin) PRICE +(1)James STEDMAN Esq of Strata Florida +(2)Sir John PRYSE 4 William ap Rees (PRICE) 4 Catherine BLAYNEY b.~1531 (Aberbechan) d.~1566 in Fordyn Montgomery + Humphrey LLOYD b.~1531 Great Haim, Forden, Montgomery, Wales m~1549 Son of Francis LLOYD and Janet ferch Meredith 5 Richard LLOYD b.~1550 (Great Haim); d.1577 5 Catherine LLOYD b.~1565 (Great Haim); d<1577 + John RIDGE Jr b.~1556 (Chirbury Shropshire); m~1583 (Great Haim) 4 Lewis BLAYNEY (listed in the Cedwyn MS of 1633) [226] 4 Marged BLAYNEY [570]. Note: - The following four sons of Rees ap Morice ab Owen ap Evan BLAENEY are found in the Will of Rees [240] and three in Lewis Dwnn's elegy to Tomas [570]. It is not clear if they adopted BLAYNEY or PRICE surnames. 4 Edward ap Rees the elder 4 Edward ap Rees the younger 4 Richard (Rhisiart) ap Rees 4 John (Siôn) ap Rees who died shortly after Tomas. Left property in Tregynon "wherein Christopher Herbart now inhabiteth" [240] Kevin [145] identifies this "Herbart" as Christopher Herbert of York (d.1590), father of Sir Thomas HERBERT Bart. b.1606 3 Hoell ap Morys (brother of David ap Morris) [241] 3 Margared (Marged) BLAYNEY + Meredith (Maredudd) ap Jevan (Ievan) of the "unrelated" Evesham/Kinsham Blayneys [226].
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