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Key figures


  King Henry I
{20 generations}
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                                      {6 generations}==25&10
Einion Sais

  {3 generations}
Sir Dafydd GAM
Sir William ap Thomas
(husband of Gwladys)
=   Gwladys GAM
(wife of William, dau of Dafydd)        
{6 generations}

{3 generations}
Elizabeth GWYN
{1 generation}
Elizabeth LLOYD     =
(wife of John BLAYNEY)
=   John BLAYNEY
(husband of Elizabeth LLOYD)


Old King Cole

See also links to Coel I and Coel II

1 Coel Hen "Old King Cole" Duxbritannoum b.320(60); d.410(20) aka Coilus (III) Ancestor of wife of Brochfael Yagythrog -see Coel III King of Gododdin + Ystradwel ferch GADEON (CADFAN) b.0350 2 St Ceneu ap COEL, King of Northern Britain b.404 d.470 3 Gwrgust (Gwrast/Gurgust) Lledlwm ap Ceneu King of Rheged B~422 d.500 4 Meirchion (Merchiaun) "The Lean" GUL, King of Rheged b~438 d.535 + Essylt ferch CULYNEDD b~0440 5 Elidir (Elidyr) Lyndanwyn Ller Marini (Meryny) ap MERCHIUN King of South Rheged He was "Stout and Handsome" + Gwennllian ferch BRYCHAN dau of King of Garthmadryn (Brecheiniog or Brecknock) r.0400-d.0450 6 Llywarch Hen ap Elidyr (paternal ancestor of Rhodri the Great) 6 Cradoc fraich Fras (of the strong arm) ap LLER (Llyr) MERCHIAUN (Merini) b620, Lord of Gloucester, knight of Dolorous Tower & King Arthur's Round Table + Tegau(s) (Tegay) Ayruton, dau of King Pelynor (PYLL MAWR) 7 Cawdaf ap CRADOC, King of Ferreg b.650 8 King Caw ap CAWRDAF b.680 9 King Gloyw ap Caw b~740 10 Hoyw ap Gloyw b~740 11 Cynvarch ap Hoyw b~770 12 Cyndeg(g) ap Cynvarch b~800 13 Teithwalch ap Cyndeg b~830 14 Tegyd(d) ap Teithwalch b~860 15 Anharawd ap Tegyd b~890 16 Gwendy ap Anharawd b~920 [34] [284] [285] 17 Gwingy (Gwengy) ap Gwendy b~950 18 Hydd Hwgan ap Gwingy, Prince of Brecon b~975 19 Dryffyn ap Hwgan, Prince of Brecon b~1010 + Crusilla (Crisli) Ferch Idwal (Iago) 20 Maenyrch ap Dryffyn, Prince of Brecknock + Elinor (Elen) ferch EINION [? some genealogies insert Rhys ap Maenyrch + Joan ferch CADWGON parents of Bleddyn ap Rhys] 21 Bleddyn ap Maenyrch, Lord of Garthmadryn d~1093 + Elen Ferch Tewdr Mawr 22 Gwgon ap Bleddyn b~1060 + Gwenllian Ferch Philip 23 Trahaern ap Gwgon, Lord of Llangorse b.1095 + Gwenllian Ferch Rhys 24 Trahaearn Fychan b.Brycheiniog; d.1196/7 [some miss this step] 25 Howel (Hywel) Felyn ap Trahaearn, Lord of Llangorse b~1130 + Gwenllian Ferch Gruffudd 26 Rhys ap Hywel of Aberllyfni. Go to Rhys


Henry I [See Legitimate Henry I descent]

Henry I
1 🤴 Henry I, BEAUCLERC (King) of ENGLAND b.1068(70) (Selby, Yourkshire); r.1100-1135; d.1Dec1135 Rouen, Son of William the Conqueror b.1027; d.9Sep1087 + (a mistress "unknown woman de Caen") ??Nest (4th) ferch RHYS d<1136 Dau of Rhys ap TEWDWR (Tudor) MAWR, Prince of South Wales b.0997; d.1093 (Brecknock, Breconshire) and Gwladys ferch RHIWALLON of Powys, b~1041 Gwladys (Gwladus) was the daughter of Rhiwallon ap CYNFYN of Powys [287]. Co-ruler of Gwynedd and Powys with his Brother Bleddyn ap Cynfyn in 1063, d.1068 Rhiwallon Coat of Arms: Ermine, a lion rampant, sa. (see Blayney Room) [Although John Blayney obviously believed the Welsh Nest v. RHYS was Earl Robert's mother, Oscar Mitchell [50] has demonstrated that there is considerable doubt that Nest was the mother of Robert, Earl of Glouchester, as some records show his mother as the daughter of a citizen of Caen [50]], perhaps Sibyl, dau of Robert Corbet, burgess of Caen [614], while Crouch [615] [619]

Robert, Earl of
has her as the daughter of Reginald GAY(T) of Northbrook, Oxfordshire, a minor noble. Cymmrodorion [494] calls the attributing Robert's motherhood to Nest as "one of Iolo Morganwg's fabrications" [see Footnote 1], although King Henry I did father a child by her, namely Henry FITZROY or "filius regus").
] 2 Robert de Caen, b<1090 (Caen, Normandy) d.31Oct1147 (Bristol) "the Consul", 1st Earl of Gloucester 1122-1147, supporter of Empress Maud (Queen Matilda). The eldest of Henry's many illegitimate children (Henry had more illegitimate children than any other English king). + Mabel (Maud, Sibyl) FITZHAMON b~1090; d.1157 (both Bristol, Gloucestershire) daughter and heir of Robert Fitz Hamon, "Earl" of Gluocester, builder of Cardiff Castle (d.1107) and Sibyl de Montgomery, daughter of Roger, Earl of Shrewsbury [614]. 3 William (Meullent 'Mafonache') FitzROBERT b.23Nov1112 (Gloucestershire); d.23Nov1183 (Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales), 2nd Earl of Gloucester 1147-83, Lord of Glamorgan Manor and Cardiff Castle. He was the object of the famous 1158 raid on Cardiff Castle by Ivor Bach ("the Little") of Senghennydd. William had, apparently, tried to take Ivor's land and was in turn abducted (along with Hawise and their son Robert) and held until all land was returned. See Cardiff Castle photos. + Hawise DE BEAUMONT b~1134(29, 31) (Leicester); m~1150; d.24Apr1197 dau of Robert II "Bossu" de BEAUMONT, 2nd Earl of Leicester b.1104; d.1168 and Countess Amice de Gael Waiet b.1108(00) (Norfolk); m.1120; d.1168 4 Robert FitzWilliam b.1151 (Cardiff, Glamorganshire); d.1166 4 Hadwisa (a.k.a. Avisa) of Gloucester b~1152; d.1189 + Geoffrey FitzPiers, Earl of Essex de Mandeville, son of Piers de Lutegareshale and Lady Maud de Mandeville of Costow. 4 Mabel de Gloucester (see below) 4 Isabel (a.k.a. Hawise, Joan, and Eleanor) of Gloucester +(1)Prince (subsequently King) John m.29Aug1189; Annulled 1189 on the grounds of consanguinity (second cousins). John tried to keep her lands after the marriage dissolved. +(2)Geoffrey FitzGeoffrey de Mandeville, 2nd Earl of Essex m.20Jan1214; d.1216 +(3)Hugh de Burgh (later Earl of Kent) m.Sep1217 4 Mabel (Nest) de Gloucester b~1152(5) in Tewkesbury; d.23Nov1198(3) in Normandy aka Mabel FITZROBERT de CAEN (illegitimate, so possibly not dau of Hawise, or if so, possibly illigit. dau. of Earl Robert but then married his son William [50]) + Griffith Arglwydd (Lord of) Senghenydd (Sanghenith), b.1150; d.1211 aka Gruffydd or Gruffudd ap Ifor Bach). Son of Ifor Bach ap Meurig (b.1110) and Nest vech Gruffudd (b.1114/28). 5 Hywel Felyn ap Gruffudd b.1177(94) (Senghennydd, Glamorgan, Wales) + Sara le SORE 5 Mawd ferch Gruffudd b~1180 + Hywel ap MADOG 5 Rhys ap Gruffudd b~1180 +(1)Gwerful verch HWYEL +(2)Ellen (Elleanor) ferch Rhys ap Griffith ap Rhys ap Twdwr, "the" Tewdwr (Tudor) Mawr (the Great), Prince of South Wales b~997; d.1089 in battle. 5 Nest (?=Gwenllian) ferch GRUFFUDD b.1170(6,8) (Senghennydd) It would appear that Gwenllian and Nest could be the same [50] [701] or this could be a confusion with the wife of Hywel ap Trahaearn ap Gwgon (see above). + Howel (Hywel) Felyn ap Trahaearn, Lord of Llangorse (Llangors), Breconshire, Wales; b.1169 [descended from Gwendy ap Anharawd] son of Trahearn ap Gwgon/Gwgan & Gwenllian/Joan ferch Rhys Hywell subsequently married Mabel m~1158, illegitimate dau of William Fitz ROBERT, Earl of Gloucester 6 Gwenllian ferch HWYEL b~1193 (Llangors, Breconshire) + Gruffudd ap Ednyfed Fychan ap Cynwrig b~1185; d.1246 6 Rees (Rhys) ap Hywel (Howel), of Aberllyfni, Breconshire; b.1200 + Catherine ferch Griffith GWYN (Catrin ferch GRUFFUDD GWYR), of Gower b~1215; dau of Gruffudd ap Cydifor b.abt 1194 Defynnog, Breconshire, Wales, and Catrin ferch Elider 7 Dafydd ap RHYS b~1226

Einon Coat of Arms
7 Einion Sais ap RHYS, b.1230 (28, 40, 55) Pen-point-Llansbyddyd, Breconshire He was called Sais or Saxon as he was an English speaker, having fought for, then long resided in England. He returned to marry a rich heiress. His family is Welsh, descending from Caradoc Fraichfras. Note: many genealogies only list one wife as either Joan or Lucy. It is not clear if these are identical, but I suspect so as they have the same father!!. There is a claim that his second marriage was to "Gwenllizn" [702] (?=Gwenllian). +(1)Joan (Jane) ferch HYWEL dau of Howell, Lord of MISCIN and Glamorganshire bringing most of what is now called the Hundred of Derynnock into the possession of Einion Sais. 8 Hywel ap EINION (see below) +(2)Lucy (Lleucu) [?=Joan] CREST ferch HYWELL b~1259; the rich heiress and dau of Hywel (Hwyel, Howel) ap MAREDUDD (Meredith) ap Caradog, Lord of Miscin in Glamorganshire and ?Ann ferch GWILYM or Joan de Turberville 8 Maredudd ap Einion b~1265 Pen-Pont, Llansbyddyd, Brecknockshire + ___ 9 Lleucu ferch MAREDUDD b~1290 8 Lleucu "GWYN" ferch EINION b~1302 (1285) Of Pen-Pont, Llansbyddyd, Brecknockshire + Owain ap Caradog b~1302 9 Owain Gethin ap Owain b~1330 8 Gruffudd ap EINION b~1283 Pen-Pont, Llansbyddyd +(3)Gwenllian (Gwenllizn) ferch Howel ap Rhys Grug (or NN verch Barwn Crest) 8 Rhys ap EINION b~1270 Porthgogof, Ystradfellte, Breconshire + Gladys ferch LLEWELLYN b~1265 (Senghennydd) 9 Adam ap RHYS b~1295 Porthgogof 8 Howel (Hywel) ap Einion Sais b.1281 (Llansbyddyd) d. 1320 Einon Sais Castle (Eldest). Son of Joan ferch HYWEL (or possibly Lieucu ferch Hywel). + Lettice (Letis) ferch Cadwaladr b.1285 (1272) Lngtwgdyfrynwysg, Monmouthshire dau of Cadwaladr ap Gruffudd, Lord of Upper Gwent 9 Hywel (Howel) Fychan ap Hywel b~1304 (1318) (?Newton, Breconshire) d. in Brecknockshire + Morvydd (Alice) ferch LLEWELYN ap Howel Hen b~1300 (Castell Madog, Linfhngl Fchn) 10 Dafydd Llwyd ap Hywel Fychan b~1326 10 Ieuan ap Hywel Fychan b~1328 10 Elsbeth ferch Hywel b~1332 1344 10 Gwilym ap Hywel b~1334 10 Lleucu ap Hywel b~1336 10 Llewellyn ap HYWEL b~1330(44) (Brecon); Lord of Pen-pont near the town of Aberhonddu or Brecon + Mawd (Malt/Matilda) ferch IEUAN b~1329 (Boughrood, Elfael Is Mynydd, Radnorshire d/o Evan (Jeuan) ap Rhys (Price) ap Ivor (IORWERTH) of Elvel and Gwladys ferch Dafydd 11 Fifteen children: -Sir Dafydd "Gam" (see below), Richard, Jenkin, Hywel "y Coed", Hywel, John, Gruffudd, Morgan, Thomas, Alice, Ffelis, Gwilym, Jonet, Elen & Roger. 11 Sir Dafydd GAM ap LLEWELLYN (~1351-1415) see Sir GAM 9 Rhys ap HYWEL b~1303 Served Edward II then Lords Roger Mortimer of Wigmore then Humphrey de Bohun, Earl of Hereford; Justiciar of South Wales 1326-7 + Gwlady ferch LLYWELYN 9 Dafydd "Llwyd" Ap HYWEL b~1308 (1302) 9 Gwilym ap HYWEL b~1310 9 Bleddyn ap HYWEL b~1312 9 Gruffudd ap HYWEL b~1312 9 Adam (of Brecknock) ap Howell ap Einion Sais 10 Rees Lloyd ab Adam 11 Gwylim 12 Llewelyn of Porthgogof + Joan f Rhys ap Jenkin of Aberpergwm 13 Jenkin(s) of Penderyn [Lodge's Peerage of Ireland [707] inserts another generation here = John] 14 Lewis GWYN (~1515-1569) (Constable of Bishop's Castle) 15 Elizabeth GWYN b?1530s m?1547 + David Lloyd BLAYNEY b.1523 d.1595 16 Lewis BLAYNEY b~1548 m.1577; d.1601 (eldest son) + Bridget (Britsied) PRICE (Pryce) m.1577 ; d.1630 dau of Elizabeth MORRIS and John PRYCE of Newtown [264] s/o Matthew PRYCE & Jane ferch Llen VAUGHAN ap Sir David GAM) 17 John BLAYNEY b~1578 d.1665. + Elizabeth LLOYD b1592; m.1614; d.1662 9 Llywelyn (aka Llwyd) ap HYWEL b~1306 + unknown 10 __ ferch Llewelyn + Gruffudd ap Cadwgon/Cadwgan (ap Hywel) Son of Hywel ap Madog Hywel was the husband of the gt-grandaughter of Prince Llywelyn ab Iorwerth 11 Meurig ap Gruffudd + Margred ferch Gruffudd 12 Hywel BLAENE [242] b~1355 (1419) Possibly the Hoell BLAENE of Radnor + Anne ferch Meurig b~1355 Blaen Uyfni, Glamorgan (note) 13 Ieuan (FYCHAN) BLAENE (ap Hywell) b~1371 (1401) Probaby the Ieuan Blaene b~1380 Bleddyn, who married a daughter of Sir Dafydd GAM ~1400 in St. Nicholas, Glamorgan + Maud WIGMORE b.1400[probably the missing GAM daughter] dau of Richard WIGMORE of Lucton [1088] [Note that one Elizabeth WIGMORE, dau of Richard WIGMORE of Lugton married a John BLAYNEY of Radnorshire (Kinsham Blayney line) 100yrs later!] 14 Efa BLAENE (Efa verch Ieuan Blaene) b.1420 Most probably the Eva BLAYNEY, grand daughter of Hoell Blaene of Radnor (ancestor of the Evesham Blayneys) as shown in Dr John Dee's genealogy chart. + Dafydd DDU (ap Sion) (David DEE) [son of Sion (John) ap Morgan] 15 Bedo DEE (ap Dafyd) [surnamed the Great, Standard Bearer to Lord de Ferrars, at the siege of Tournay, AD 1513] + Efa ferch Llywelyn Goch [279] (aka Eva Gode) [dau. of Llewelyn Goch] 16 Rowland DEE b.1500; Textile Merchant, Courtier Gentleman Sever to Henry VIII. Sent to the Tower 1553 + Jane (Johanna) WILD (WILDER, WYLDE) b.1505; d.10Oct1580, dau. of William Wild

Dr John Dee
portrait when 67
In Oxford University
17 🎨 Dr John DEE b.13Jul1527; d.1608 (Mortlake, Surrey), See John's Evesham ancestry Chancellor of St. Paul's and Warden of Manchester College. Close confidant and astrologer of Queen Elizabeth I [242] Noted as: coining the word Brittannia, developing a plan for the British Navy, applying Euclidean geometry to navigation, charted NE & NW Passages, founding the Rosicrucian Order and being commissioned to establish the legal foundation for British colonization of Nth America based on Prince MADOC! A "cousin" (via gr-gr-gr-grandfather Sir David GAM) of Blanche PARRY & Baron William Cecil Also a second cousin of John Blayney [350] See Origin.html This John is NOT the John Dee (Day) b.1418 (Denbighshire); d.~1515, [Son of Morgan Dee I and Maud Howell, Brother of Richard Day Husband of Margaret verch Griffith and Margaret Verch Llewelum and father of Sir Nicholas Day (by Margaret)]. +(1)Catherine CONSTABLE m.1575; d.1576 (chidless) +(2)Jane FROMOND (also given as FREMON, FREMOND, FORMAN) b.22Apr1555; m.5Feb1578 dau. of Bartholomew FREMAN/FREMOND, Esq (East Cheam, Surrey) 18 [?11 children including: Arthur, Katherine, Rowland, Michael, Mary, Theodore, Madinia, Frances, Margaret and possibly Anthony and Nicholas] 17 Joan DEE b.1530; d.4Jun1601 +(1)William SWAYNE (SWAINE) +(2)John MILLER 15 Meredudd 16 Owain 17 Y Dean DU, of Maredudd of Llananno (b~1500) [71]
Note: Glamorgan is in South Wales, the wives and children fail to match, making this Blaene family unlikely to be connected to the Blayneys from Montgomeryshire. This is confirmed by S.P. Thomas [241] and Peter C Bartram [71]


Sir Dafydd GAM

1 Sir Dafydd GAM, Kt (Dafydd Ap LLEWELYN, called the "Gam" for a cast or squint in one eye); b~1351 (?65 ?71 ?79); son of Llewellyn Ap HYWEL; the template for "Fluellen" in Shakespeare's "Henry IV". d.25Oct1415, Agincourt, France in the personal defence of King Henry V who knighted his corpse. His famous death overshadows a somewhat less savory past. He had been exiled from his homeland after killing Big Richard of Slwch and was taken in by John of Gaunt, father of the future King Henry IV of England. He was later imprisoned by the Welsh for the attempted assassination of Owen Glendower (Glyndwr), who had been proclaimed King of Wales, only to be released on the fall of Glyndwr. This latter story is probably myth, with Hywel, Lord of Nannau the failed assassin and Dafydd captured because he refused to join Glyndwr. + Gwenllian ferch Gwilym b~1355(70) (Abercrai, Traean-glas, Breconshire) dau of Gwilyn ap Dafydd ap IEUAN and Tudful Ferch THOMAS or Gwilym ap Howel y Grach. 2 Morgan GAM (Gaines), b~1375 (or 1390) (Peutun, Llanddew, Breconshire) Mother may not have been Gwenllian [309] +(1)Tanglwst ferch Meredith dau of Meredith BWL GWALTER Gwilliam Llewelyn. +(2)Margred ferch Llnap Gisilym dau of Lewwlyn Gwilym Rees Lloyd ap Adam 3 Meredith 3 Gwalter of Porthgwyn +(3)unknown ferch Ien ap Dafydd HIR 2 Margred GAM b~1379(7) (Peutun, Llanddew) + Lin ap Gwilyn b~1405 2 Thomas GAM b~1381 (Peutun, Llanddew) 2 Llen Vaughan ap Sir David GAM + __ 3 Jane VAUGHAN + Matthew PRYCE (who subsequently married Jouce (Joice) ferch Evan Gwyn JAMES) [264] Matthew and Jouce had 7 children, three being linked to the Blayneys [264], namely: (a) son John PRYCE of Newtown father of Bridget PRYCE the wife of Lewis BLAYNEY b~1548 m.1577; d.1601 (b) Elizabeth PRYCE, who married Edward HERBERT of Montgomery and (c) Joyce (Jane) PRYCE, who married Owen BLAYNEY of "Gregunog", most probably Owen ap Howell ab Owen ap Howell ab Evan BLAYNEY 2 Miss (unk) ferch Davydd GAM b~1383/6 (Peutun, Llanddew) My research and that of Kevin McKenzie [145] suggest she was Maude WIGMORE + Ieuan Blaene b~1380 (1376-1386) Bleddyn; m~1400 in St. Nicholas, Glamorgan, Wales [244] [279] The son of Hywel BLAENE, an "unrelated" but short-lived Blayney line. 2 Gwladys (Gwladus) ferch Davydd GAM b~1405 (Peutun, Llanddew); d.1454 +(1)Sir Roger VAUGHAN of Bredwardine s/o Roger Hen. m.~1410 Bredwardine, Herefordshire; d.1454 at Agincourt 3 Sir Roger VAUGHAN of Tretower b.1405; d.1471 See Tretower Castle photos. Tretower castle was built by in the late 11th century by Roger Picard, enlarged & strengthened by six further generations & gifted to Roger by his half-brother William Herbert. Sir Roger Vaughan began to build a handsome stone manor house, a rarity in Wales. [299] This is now one of the "most haunted" houses in UK! [300] Known as the wealthiest 'commoner' in Wales [300]. Defeated by Jasper TUDOR (Earl of Panbroken) at Chepstow and beheaded not just for supporting Edward IV but because Roger had beheaded Jasper's father, Owen Tudor almost 10 years before after the Battle of Mortimer's Cross [298]. + Deuys (Denise) ferch Thomas ap Philip VAUGHAN of Tyle-glas (Talgarth) 4 Sir Thomas VAUGHAN of of Tretower Court (Cwmdu, Brycheiniog) b~1410; d.25Jun1483 (Pomfret) "an important and well-known historical figure - private treasurer to Edward IV and to Edward V as Prince of Wales, Chancellor to Edward V, and executed by Richard III at Pontefract Castle. He features in Shakespeare's Richard III" [145]. + Jane VERDUN (widow of Edward Blount and of Thomas Poyntz, then married Walter Devereux after her husband Thomas' execution [239]) 5 Henry Vaughan of Bacton, Herefordshire + Gwenllian ferch GRENE, dau of William ap Grene of Brecon 6 🎨 Blanche PARRY (ap Harry = son of Henry) b.1508 (Newcourt); d.1589 - Elizabeth I's governess (Chief Gentlewoman of the Privy Chamber, and Keeper of the Queen's Jewels) Considered a "cousin" of Dr John DEE [145] [4th cousin] 6 🎨 Sir Thomas Parry (ap Harry = son of Henry) alias Vaughan b<1515; d.15Dec1560 [239] (Welford) Servant of Thomas CROMWELLL, Cofferer to the Household of Elizabth I + Anne READE (dau. of William Reade of Boarstall and Anne Warham); m3.1539/40; Widow of Sir Giles Greville and of Sir Adrian Fortescue (d. 1539) 6 Alice Parry (ap Harry = son of Henry) + James WHITNEY Esq of Clifford, Herefordshire 7 Eleanor WHITNEY + Richard BULL, gent, (owned the house where playwright Christopher Marlowe was murdered/?executed in 1593, probably on Lord Burghley's order [297].) 4 Maude VAUGHAN + Philip CISSELL (CECIL) b~1400; son of Richard CISSELL 5 David CYSSELL (Syssell, Cecil) of Stamford; b<1455; d.14Sep1535/6; Senior Alderman(Mayor) in 1503, 1515 and 1525, High Sheriff 1523 & 1524 + Alice DICKENS dau of John DICKSONS of Stamford (?Sir) 6 Three children (Richard, David & John) 6 Richard CECIL d.2Mar1553 Gentleman of the Privy Chamber. Sheriff of Rutland. Custodian of Windsor Castle + Jane HECKINGTON 7 🎨 William CECIL, b.18Sep1520 (Bourne, Lincolnshire); d.4Aug1598; 1st Baron Burghley Ancestor of the CECILs of Hatfield House [145]) Lord High Treasurer ("The power behind Elizabeth") Considered a "cousin" of Dr John DEE [145] [=4th once removed] and in 1582 said his great-grandfather had married a Vaughan (Maude) [239] 3 Elizabeth VAUGHAN b. (Bredwardine) + ___ MORGAN 3 Thomas VAUGHAN d.1469 (Banbury) + Ellen "Gethin" 4 Watkin VAUGHAN b. (Hergest, Kington, Herefordshire) +(2)Sir William ap Thomas HERBERT of Raglan b~1390 (~1401); m~1421 (Bredwardine); d.1446 (Ragland Castle) "21st in line of descent from Charlemagne". [See continuation of line below]

Agincourt 1415
(Michael Cox's fictional 14 year old
Jenkin Lloyd of Tregarth)



The Prices Trenewydd
(Newtowne Hall) 1796





Tretower Castle & Court

Sir Thomas Vaughan
of Tretower

Blanche Parry

Blanche & QE I
St Mary's, Westminster

Sir Thomas Parry



William Cecil
1st Baron Burghley ~1585





1 🎨 Charlemagne Emperor of the West, King of Franks, "Charles the Great" b.2Apr742 at Ingolheim, Acceded: 768, d.28Jan814 at Aachen + Hildegarde of Vinzgau (3rd wife), b.758; m.771 Aix-la-Chapelle (Aachen); d.30Apr783 dau of Gerold 2 Pepin I, King of Italy b.Apr773 Acc.0781 d.8Jul810 (King of the Langobardians) + Bertha of Toulouse m.795 3 King Bernard of Italy b.797 Acc.812 d.17Aug0818 St. Amrosius, Mailand + Kunigunda (Cunegonde/Cunegundis Hildebrande) de Vermandois 4 Pepin II (Seigneur) Count of Peronne, b.817; d?893 + ?Peronne de Vermandois 5 Hubert I Count of Senlis, b~850 Acceded 896 d.900(2) (murdered) + Bertha (Beatrice) de Morvois 6 Herbert II of Vermandois, Count of Vermandois b~885; d.943 + Adela Hildebrande, dau of Robert I of France, King of France (West Franks) and his own niece. 7 Adalbert of Vermandois (Albert I the Pious), Count of Vermandois, b~915 d.987 + Gerberga (Gorberza) of Lorraine, dau of Gilbert of Lotharingia, Duke of Lotharingia 8 Herbert III, Count of Vermandois b~954, d~1000 + Ermengard of Bar 9 Odo (or Otho), Count of Vermandois, b~1000; d.1045 + Pavie (?de Ham, ?of Aquitaine, ?of Valois) 10 Peter of Vermandois 11 Herbert "the Chamberlain" of Winchester + Emma of Blois [dau of Count Stephen II, descendant of Charlemagne] 12 Herbert FITZ-HERBERT of Winchester b.1129; d<1155 Lord of Blaen Llyfni; Lord Chamberlain + Sibyl CORBET b~1077; d>1157; d/o Sir Robert CORBET; a mistress of King Henry I of England b.1068; d.1Dec1135 13 Herbert FITZHERBERT (II) b~1145; d<1204 [possibly a bastard of Henry I and Sibyl, hence aka Herbert FITZROY or FITZ HENRY[749]] Chamberlain to King Henry I [749] + Lucy (FitzMiles; de Gloucester) of Hereford b~1136; d>1220 dau of Milo FitzWalter [descendant of Lady Godiva] 13 Peter (Piers) Fitz-Herbert b~1163; m.1203; d.1235 One of the barons who signed Magna Carta. + Alice (Alis) FitzRobert de Warkworth [descendant of Charlemagne] 15 Sir Reginald (Raynold) FitzPeter b~1208; d.1286 Lord of Blaen Llyfni + Joan de Viviona dau of William Fortibus [descendant of Henry I] 16 Peter Fitzreginald, Baron of Chewton b.1275; d.1323 + Alice Broadspear [dau of Blethin Broadspear] 17 Herbert FitzPeter + Margaret Walsh [dau of Sir John Walsh, Knt.] [??generation missing? Reginald Herbert + Alice Broadspeare] 18 Adam ap HERBERT (Fitzherbert) (or ap Reginald) Lord of Llanllywel and Betesley on the Severn + Christian (Cristyn) DDU b.1265 [d/o Gwarin DDÛ, the "Black Lord" of Llandilo]

Here is a serious chronological problem identified by George T Clark in 1876 and discussed by Darrell Wolcott in his page "The Herbert Family Pedigree" [60h]. Cristyn (wife of Adam) as daughter of the "Black Lord" has a known birthdate of 1265 which is incompatible with her husband Adam being the son of Herbert fitz Peter, born 1275. So if Adam was not the son of Herbert fitz Peter, who was he? Darrell Wolcott claims he was a Welshman Cynhaethwy b.1225, son of Adam Gwent, a nobleman of purely Welsh ancestry and the connection to Lord Herbert, Duke of Cornwall son of Godwin was a fabrication, possibly to satisfy King Edward IV who commissioned Hywel Lloyd and others to find the true pedigree of the Earl of Pembroke.

19 Siencyn (misspelt/miscalled Jenkin [483]) ap Adam (aka John HERBERT), Lord of Gwarindee/Gwairn; b~1316 + Gwenllian [dau of Sir Aaron ap Bleddyn/Bledri]

Raglan Castle

Raglan Castle (click) [428]

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20 Guillem (Gwilym) ap Siencyn (misspelt/miscalled William ap Jenkin [483]) Lord of Gwarinddu, Master Sergeant; b~1327; d~1390 or 1377 + Gwenllian ICHON [dau of Hywel Vychan ("misspelt Howel VAUGHAN" [483]) ] 21 Sir Tomas ap Gwyllium (William) HERBERT (of Raglan Castle); 4th son; b~1362(72) d.1438 Secured the castle on marriage to Maud. + Maud (Mawd) MORLEY b~1380, sole child and heir of Sir John MORLEY. 22 (six children incl. youngest, William) Sir William ap Thomas HERBERT of Raglan b~1390 (~1401); d.1446 (Ragland Castle), 21st in line of descent from Charlemagne [see immediately below.]
1 Sir William ap Thomas HERBERT b~1401 (Raglan); d.1445;
  21st in line of descent from Charlemagne.
  Youngest son of Tomas ab Gwilym ab Siencyn
  and Maud MORLEY of Raglan Castle
  Knighted 1415 at Agincourt by Henry V. 
  Purchased Raglan Manor by 1432 and then
  built Raglan Castle, Gwent.   See Raglan Castle photos.
  aka "Y Marchog Glas o Went" (The Blue Knight of Gwent)
  Steward of Abergavenny & Sheriff of Co.s Cardiganshire &
  Carmarthenshire 1435 and of Glamorgan 1440.
 +(1)Elizabeth (Isabel) neé BLUET b~1400/3; d.1420;
   (Widow of Sir James Berkeley and earlier Sir Bartholomew
   Picot and d/o Sir John BLUET of Raglan & Katherine Wogan)
   Heiress of Raglan) [266] [267] [618]. 
  2 Joan ferch William ap Thomas
    [ has Margaret ABRAHALL as her mother [239]]
   + Richard MYNORS
    3 Five children (Alice, son, Elizabeth, son & Thomas)  
 +(2)Gwladys (Gladys) GAM b~1385 m.1421 d.1454
    Widow of Sir Roger VAUGHN and dau of Sir David (Dafydd) GAM
    The great Welsh bard, Lewys Glyn Cothi refers to her as 
    "Y seren o Efenni" (Star of Abergavenny)
  2 ?Thomas THOMAS b~1422 (Ragland)
  2 Maud ferch William ap Thomas HERBERT  b~1421; m.1439
   + Hoell BLAENE [226] or How O'ER BLAENAU  [239],
     Ancestor of the "unrelated" Evesham / Kinsham Blayneys.

  2 🎨 Sir William (de) HERBERT "1st" Earl of Pembroke 
    (of the 8th creation); b.1423 (Pembroke).
    Knighted by Henry VI in 1449. Closest advisor 
    to Edward IV who made him Baron Herbert
    of Raglan, Chepstow and Gower in 1461, for 
    his services for the House of York against
    Henry VI and the Lancastrians. In the same
    year he was made Privy Councillor then Chief
    Justice and Chamberlain of South Wales, and
    in 1462 was made Knight of the Garter, in 
    1467 Chief Justice of North Wales (for life)
    and Constable of Carmarthen and Cardigan 
    castles and in 1468, 1st Earl of Pembroke.
    King Edward VI commanded that Sir William
    and his brother Sir Richard take their
    surnames from their first progenator, 
    Herbert Fitz-Roy (Fitz Henry) [617] [749]

Harlech Castle
William was a leading Yorkist in the War of the Roses. The story goes that along with his brother Sir Richard Herbert, William accepted the surrender of the castle of Harlech on honourable terms from Dafydd ap Ieuan after a seven year seige. The defenders were the Men of Harlech commemorated in the song which is the "unofficial" national song of Wales. When King Edward IV wished to execute Dafydd, William is said to have offered his own life in exchange for Dafydd's rather than see his promise broken. Other histories have Sir Richard as offering his life in place of the defending Captain [607].
See more Harlech Castle photos. Sir William was deafeated at the Battle of Edgecote 26Jul1469, (where he and brother Richard "fought like men possessed"), taken prisoner and beheaded 27Jul1469 at Banbury along with Richard by order of "Warwick the King Maker" and Clarence without opportunity of ransom. Buried in Abergavenny Priory Church Note: the order and mothers of his offspring is not well established genealogically. +(1)Maud (GRANT) TURBERVILLE ferch Adam ap HOWELL GRAUNT [Mistress of Sir William HERBERT (1423-1469)] 3 (Sir) Richard HERBERT c.1442-1510 (see below) 3 John HERBERT b.1435 (Itton, St Arvans, Monmouthshire); d.1469 + __ ferch LEWYS 4 Jane HERBERT + Sir Thomas MORGAN +(2)Catherine KEMEYS 3 (Sir) Richard HERBERT of Ewyas and Grove Radnor ["natural" son of Maud (GRANT) TURBERVILLE] Gentleman Usher to Henry VII, and Constable and Porter of Abergavenny Castle. b~1442; d.12Sep1510. See Abergavenny Castle photos. +(1)Isabel WILLIAMS 4 Thomas HERBERT b~1482 Ewyas, Monmouthshire 4 William HERBERT b~1484 Ewyas, Monmouthshire +(2)Margaret CRADOCK -dau. of Sir Mathew CRADOCK of Swansey and Alice (Jane) MANCELL, widow of John MALEFANT. (4 children, Sir George of Swansey (1494-1570), William (see below), Thomas of Abergavenny and Margaret). 4 🎨 Sir William HERBERT 1st Earl Pembroke, new creation (10th) b.1506; d.17Mar1570 (London); Killed a man in a brawl, escaped to France, but returning in 1534 to become guardian of young Edward VI after death of Henry VIII in 1547 Knighted 1543; Knight of the Garter 1549; Created Baron of Caerdiff 10Oct1551 and Earl of Pembroke on 11Oct1551 +(1) 🎨 Anne PARR b.1514 (Pembroke); d.20Feb1552; a descendant of Edward III dau of Sir Thomas PARR and Maud (Matilada) GREEN [44d] and sister to Catherine PARR, the 6th wife of Henry VIII 5 🎨 Sir Henry HERBERT, 2nd Earl of Pembroke ([731]); b.1534; Knight of the Garter 1574; Lord Lieutenant North and South Wales and Co.s Hereford, Salop, Somerset and Worcester; d.19Jan1601 (Wilton) +(1)Catherine GREY (arranged marriage 1553; annulled 1554) b.Aug1540; d.27Jan1567/8; dau of Henry GREY, 1st Duke Suffolk and Frances BRANDON +(2)Catherine TALBOT b~1548; d.1576 dau of George TALBOT, 1st Earl of Rutland, 6th E. Shrewsbury and Gertrude MANNERS 6 Mary Herbert m~1635 (John CONGDON); d~1646 +(3)Mary SYDNEY b.27Oct1561 (Bewdley, Worchester); Poet m.21Apr1577; d.25Sep1621 of Smallpox (London); dau of Sir Henry Sydney (thrice Lord Deputy of Ireland & Mary Dudley (dau of John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland and High Protector of England) and sister of poets Sir Philip SYDNEY & Sir Robert SYDNEY 6 🎨 Sir William HERBERT b.8Apr1580; dsps.10Apr1630 3rd Earl of Pembroke; Poet; Chancellor of the University of Oxford, founded Pembroke College with James VI of Scotland (I of England) and patron of William Shakespeare. Masonic Grand Master (1618-1630) [609] Lord Chamberlain to King James; Knight of the Order of the Garter 1603 and possibly the young "Mr. W.H." in Shakespeare's Sonnets [616] +(1) 🎨 Lady Mary TALBOT m.4Nov1604; d.1649; dau of Gilbert TALBOT, 7th Earl of Shrewsberry and Mary CAVENDISH +(2)Lady Mary WROTH née SYDNEY; Poet & writer Widow of Sir Robert WROTH (d.16Mar1614/15) 7 Col William HERBERT of Ireland (Royalist soldier) 7 Catherine HERBERT of Oxford 6 Catherine HERBERT d.y. 6 Anne (Anna) HERBERT 6 🎨 Philip HERBERT b.16Oct1584; d.23Jan1649; 4th Earl of Pembroke; 1st Earl Montgomery; Knight of the Order of the Garter 1584 Baron of Shurland (Is of Sheppey) 1605 and Lord Chamberlain to Charles I. With brother William one of the "incomparable pair of brethren" to whom the First Folio of "Shakespeare's collected works" was dedicated to in 1623. Considered illiterate by Anthony Wood, and by Edmund LODGE to be cunning, "wholly without principle...his temper was furious, almost to madness, and that he was withal a notorious coward." [731] [I guess he didn't like him!] +(1)Susan de VERE b.25May1587; m.27Dec1604; d.1628/9; bur Westminster Abbey dau of Edward de VERE, 17th Earl of Oxford [731] and Anne CECIL 7 Twelve children: Henry d.y., James d.y., Charles (Knight of the Bath), Philip (5th Earl & heir), William, James, John, Mary, Catherine, Anna Sophia (who m. Robert DORMER, 1st Earl of Caernarvon), Catherine & Mary (dsp). +(2)Anne CLIFFORD, only dau and heir of George CLIFFORD, 3rd Earl of Cumberland and widow of Richard Sackville, 3rd Earl of Dorset. No issue (they separated because "his conduct to her became intolerable" [731]). Clearly of a similar mind to Lodge, above. 5 Ann HERBERT b~1550; d.1592 5 Sir Edward HERBERT b.1547, Powis Castle; d.23Mar1595 [828] (Esquire of the body to Queen Elizabeth I) 1st Baron POWIS; remained Catholic See Powis Castle photos. + Mary STANLEY m.1570 dau of Thomas STANLEY Esq of Standen "brought Catholicism into the family" [733]. 6 Eleven children (incl Joyce and William) 6 Sir William HERBERT b.1573; d.1656; MP for Montgomeryshire 1597-1629; member of the Council in Wales and the Marches and High Sheriff of Montgomeryshire 1613; Grant of manors of Kedewen and Kerry and the borough and castle of Montgomery in 1616; Created 1st Baron Powis 1629; Constable of Radnor 1631. Held Powis castle for Charles I in the Civil War but forced to surrender to Sir Thomas Middelton in 1644 + Eleanor PERCY bpt.6Jan1583; d.24Dec1650; 3rd dau of Henry PERCY, 8th Earl of Northumberland and Catherine NEVILLE. 7 Sir Percy HERBERT b.1610; d.1667 Created Baronet in 1622; member of the Council in Wales and the Marches Author of "Certaine Conceptions, or, Considerations of Sir Percy Herbert", 1652 Accused of complicity in the Popish Plot, imprisoned 1678 to 1685. A privy councillor in 1686 after the accession of James II. Created viscount Montgomery and marquess of Powis 1687 then steward of the royal manors in the counties of Cardigan, Carmarthen, Denbigh, and Radnor, and recorder of Denbigh, with his Chief Steward as John BLAYNEY (1591 -1665) Entrusted with the infant Prince of Wales. James advanced him to be marquess of Montgomery and duke of Powis, on 12 Jan. 1689 but he was then outlawed for high treason. He went to Ireland then France with James becoming his lord chamberlain and a Knight of the Garter in 1692 + Elizabeth SOMERSET m.1654 +(2)Anne TALBOT b~1520; d.1588 (2nd or 3rd wife of William, 1st Earl Pembroke) m.May 1552 dau of George TALBOT, 4th Earl of Shrewsbury Widow of Peter COMPTON and mother of Henry COMPTON (1st B. Compton) +(2)Frond ferch HOESGYN [Mistress of Sir William HERBERT (1423-1469)] 3 Anne HERBERT b~1440(60), Llebenydd, Monmouthshire + Richard GREVILLE 3 Sir George HERBERT of St Jilians b~1442 Third son (usually mother not defined but attributed to Frond by Knighted for assisting Henry VII in quelling the Lambert Simnel rebellion of 1487 + Sibyl (Sibylla, Jane) CROFT dau of Sir Richard CROFT of Croft Castle, Herefordshire. [816] 4 Sir Walter (?William) HERBERT of St Julians Took "a hundred of the finest archers in the county, many of whom were said to be freeholders" to support Henry VIII. Owned a ship called James bequeathed to son George who built up a merchant fleet (Le Steven & Le Dragon) JP 1543-death (17Feb1551); MP (1545); Sheriff Monmouthshire 1541-2; 1550-death +(1)Mary MORGAN dau of Sir William MORGAN of Pencoed) 5 Six children: William (see below), George (m. Alice Verch JOHN), Miles, Barbara (d.1585), Cecily (m. Miles MATHEW) and another dau HERBERT +(2)Cecely or Sibyl MONINGTON dau of Thomas MONINGTON of Sarnsfield, Herefordshire and widow of Arnold BUTLER 5 Sir William HERBERT of St Julian Esq; MP; b~1512; d.13Jan1567 High Sheriff of Monmouthshire 1553; MP 1555-7 +(1) Jane GRUFFYDD (Griffiths) dau. of Edward Gruffydd of Penrhyn (Penry) 6 Five children: William (see below), Thomas, Miles, Edward and Alison (m. Martin PRESTON) 6 Sir William HERBERT of St Julian and Castle Island b.1554 [816] St Julians; Knighted 1578, Sheriff 1580 and MP 1584,6 Inherited Uncle George's fleet and received large allotments of forfeited land in Munster, Ireland but he was ridiculed for his Irish sympathies, so he returned to Wales in 1589. He d.1593 + Florence (Florentia) MORGAN dau of William MORGAN of Llantarnam (a leading Catholic landowner) 7 Mary HERBERT b.1578; d.29Oct1634 + Edward HERBERT (1st B. Chirbury and castle Is) b.3Mar1582/3; d.5Aug1648 8 Four children: Richard HERBERT (2nd B. Herbert of Chirbury), Edward and 2 dau. 7 Two sons who died young after eating rat poison by accident. [816] +(2)Dorothy HERBERT (2nd wife of William c.1512-1567) 4 William HERBERT b~1478, St Julians + Anne MOORE 4 Leticce HERBERT b~1500, St. Julian's, Llebenydd + John MORGAN 3 Sir William HERBERT of Troye b~1450 (Troye); d.1524 +(1)Jane DUNN +(2)Blanche MILBOURNE 4 Sir Charles HERBERT 4 and two other sons, including Thomas (c.1502-1588) +(3) 🎨 Anne DEVEREUX b~1423 (C. Pembroke); m~1439/40, dau of Sir Walter DEVEREUX (Lord Ferrers of Chartley); Wife of of Sir William HERBERT (1423-1469)] William wrote to her before being executed asking her to "Pray for me, and take the said order that you promised me, as ye had in my life my heart and my love." See Graham Turner Reverie painting of Anne 3 Maud HERBERT b.1448; d.27Jul1485 (or 28Apr1489) + Sir Henry PERCY b.1449; m~1476; d.28Apr1489 Fourth Earl of Northumberland and Lord Great Chamberlain of England for Richard III Eight children including: 4 Sir Henry Algemon PERCY b.14Jan1478; d.19May1527; 5th Earl of Northumberland 4 Eleanor PERCY (Duchess of Buckingham) d.1530 4 Sir Richard PERCY d.15Sep1540 4 Five others: Sir William, Allan, Josceline, Ann (m. William Arundel, 17th Earl) & Elizabeth 3 William HERBERT (1st Earl Huntington); b~1455 (1451) (Raglan); dspm.16Jul1491 Was 2nd Earl of Pembroke (which he resigned at the request of Edward IV to allow this to be conferred on Prince Edward and was created instead Earl of Huntingdon by charterat York 4Jul1479. Justice of South Wales. +(1)Mary WOODVILLE (WYDEVILL) (Pembroke) b~1443; m.Sep1466 (Windsor; d<1481 sister-in-law of Edward IV; dau of Sir Richard WYDEVILL of Grafton, 1st Earl Rivers 4 Elizabeth HERBERT (Baroness) b~1476; d.1514 + Sir Charles SOMERSET (1st E Worcester) m.2Jun1472 4 Mary HERBERT b~1468 + Thomas BERKELY +(2)Catherine PLANTAGENET (dau of RICHARD III, King of England) m.1484 However she died "in her early years" 3 Sir Walter HERBERT b.1440 (Pembroke); d.16Sep1507 +(1) ___ +(2)Anne STAFFORD 3 Philip HERBERT of Lanyhangel + Eva Verch RHYS 3 John HERBERT b~1446 (Troye) 3 Margaret HERBERT b~1448 (Raglan) +(1)Thomas Talbot, 2nd Viscount L'Isle Killed in a duel 20Mar1469 +(2)Sir Henry Bodringham 3 Thomas HERBERT b~1450 (Troye) + Joan VAEN 3 Cecily HERBERT b~1456 (Raglan); d.1499 + Lord Greystock (??Tarzan's father!??), 3 Isabel HERBERT b~1462 (Raglan) + Sir Thomas GREVILLE of Cokesay 3 Anne HERBERT + John GREY, Lord Powis; d.1497 3 Catherine (Katherine] HERBERT b~1464 (Raglan) Countess of Kent + George Grey, 2nd Earl of Kent [617] 2 Thomas HERBERT of Greenwich, killed at Troye 2 Sir Richard HERBERT 1st E. Colebrooke (Coldbrook), Co Monmouth b~1425, with brother William commanded an army of 18,000 Welshmen in the War of the Roses. It is said he offered his life to King Edward IV in place of the defender of Harlech Castle to whom he had given his word to spare his life. [607] Richard was defeated at the Battle of Edgecote 26Jul1469 where he and Sir William "fought like men possessed", Richard himself is said to have killed 140 men [811] before being taken prisoner by Lancastrians and beheaded at Banbury on orders of Richard, Earl of Warwick on 27Jul1469. Buried in Abergavenny Priory Church. +(1)Margaret NICHOLAS [1st wife of Richard HERBERT (~1425-1469)] daughter of Sir Thomas Griffith NICHOLAS (= Thomas Hynaf ap Gruffudd ap Nicholas [309]) of Carmarthen and Elizabeth (Elsbeth), dau of Sir John GRIFFITH of Dynevor and sister to Sir Rhys ap Thomas who slew Richard III on Bosworth Field [811]. Margaret ferch Thomas then married John HERLE {or Thomas Herle, according to Lloyd [1116]} (son or grandson of John ap William HERLE d.1437), the son of Thomas VAUGHN of Tyle Glas [see Arms in the Gregynog Blayney Room] and had Thomas HERLE b.1503, the father of Gwenllian, wife of Thomas ap Evan Lloyd BLAYNEY. Margaret & Richard had 4 children, Sir William, Sir Richard, John & Thomas. 3 Sir Richard HERBERT b.13Feb1470 (Colebrooke); Knighted 1513 of Tefaldwryn (Montgomery), Gentleman Usher to the Privy Chamber to Henry VIII [832] and Steward of the Lordships and Marches of North and East Wales and Cardiganshire [607]. "A great suppressor of rebels, thieves, and outlaws, he was just and conscionable" [607]; d.23May1539 +(1)Margaret (Margred) ferch Griffith ap Rhys ap Philip ap David of Llwynhowel Children of Richard and Margred include Sir Edward (below), Sir Morgan, Richard of Pencelly (Sheriff of Montgomeryshire), William of Paeke (Baliff 1537, MP 1541-44 and High Sheriff 1547 and 1559 of Montgomery), Anne (m. Humphrey ap Howel of Ynysymaengwyn and Katherine (m. Sir Richard CROFT d.1Jan1562). 4 (Sir) Edward HERBERT of Montgomery Castle and Blackhall; b.1513; d.1593 [possibly son of Richard's marriage to Ann [832]] Deputy-Constable of Aberystwyth Castle 1543-4, MP for Montgomeryshire 1553 and 1556-7, Sheriff of Mongomeryshire 1557 & 1558. Served at the battle of St Quentin. 1st Earl of Pembroke of the 2nd creation Esquire of the Body to Elizabeth I Renown for his hospitality with a saying in the country when a fowl rose: "Fly where thou wilt, thou wilt light at Blackhall!" [607] See MontgomeryCastle photos. + Elizabeth PRYCE dau of Matthew Goch PRYCE Esq of Newtown They had five daughters and three sons [832] 5 Mary HERBERT + Thomas Purcell of Llanoribba 5 Catharine HERBERT + Edward PRICE of Glassigge 5 Anne HERBERT + Charles LLOYD 5 Jane (see Joyce below 5 Bridget HERBERT + John SPENCER Esq of Witton 5 Richard HERBERT (see Richard below 5 Matthew HERBERT (see Matthew below 5 Charles HERBERT Esq of Aston (see Matthew below 5 William HERBERT b.~1546 d.1593 (not listed by [832] ) 5 George HERBERT (New College Oxford) (not listed by [832] ) 5 Richard HERBERT Esq of Llyssyn b~1554; entered the Middle Temple 1576; Sheriff of Montgomeryshire 1576 & 1584, JP and Member of Parliament (for Montgomery) 1585-6 Described by son Sir Edward as "black-haired and bearded, as all my ancestors of his side are said to have been" [815] d.1596 of a "lingering, wasting disease" [607] described by his son as "Coma Vigilans" (Akinetic Mutism) [815] + Magdalen NEWPORT m.1598; d.1627; dau of Margaret BROMLEY [227] [268] [607] [815] and Sir Richard NEWPORT (d.1570) of High Ercall who was Sheriff of Shropshire and friend and sponsor/patron of Dr John Donne [607] [227]] Sons: Edward (below), Richard, William (both died as officers in the Wars of the Low Countries), Charles (Fellow of New-College, Oxford), George (Orator for the University of Cambridge), Henry (father of Henry, Lord Herbert of Chirbury), Thomas (Captain) and Daughters: Elizabeth, Margaret and Frances [Magdalen remarried 1608 to Sir John DANVERS] 6 🎨 Sir Edward HERBERT 1st Baron Herbert of Castle Island and Cherbury/Chirbury (Shropshire); b.3Mar1583 (Eyton, Shropshire); [815] d.Aug1648 (London); Soldier (distinguished himself at the seige of Juliers) after being created Knight of the bath (James I), philosopher [265] historian, composer and ambassador to the French Court of Louis XIII (1619-24) under King James I; Magistrate and Sheriff; Created Lord Herbert 1625(9); Said to be Neutral in the Civil War but AIKIN & ENFIELD state he "adhered to the parliament" and recieved a compensation from parliament after the demolition of Montgomery castle by the king's troops [814]. Author of Life of Edward, Lord Herbert of Cherbury, one of the earliest English language autobiographies, as well as other books and poems including "De Veritate" and "History of Henry VII" [608] [808]. Employed Thomas ap Morris ap Thomas Blayney as agent or attorney + Mary HERBERT (4th cousin once removed) b~1578; m.28Feb1599; d.13May1634; d/o Florence Morgan and Sir William HERBERT of St Jilians, heir to the old Earl of Penbrook by a younger son (i.e. George, son of Frond ferch HOESGYN) [Sir George begat Sir Walter begat Sir William HERBERT of St Julian & Castle Island who married Florence MORGAN] This was an arranged marriage to keep the Monmouthshire and Irish possessions in the Herbert name [815]. 7 Richard HERBERT 2nd Lord/Baron Herbert of Cherbury b~1600; d.13May1655; soldier, MP for Montgomeryshire in the Short Parliament, & for the borough in the Long. Successively Governor of Bridgnorth (1642), Ludlow & Commander of Aberystwyth Castle (1644) + Mary EGERTON, d/o John EGERTON 1st Earl of Bridgewater. 8 Nine children:- Edward (=3rd Lord), Henry (4th Lord), Frances (m. William BROWN Esq), Florence (m. Richard HERBERT Esq of Oakly Park), John (d.y.), Thomas (d unm), Arabell (d unm) and Alicia/Alice (m. Paul BURRARD Esq) 7 Edward HERBERT 7 Beatrice HERBERT (only suriving dau, represented by my ancestor Thomas ap Morris Blayney 7 Florence HERBERT (d.y.) 6 Richard HERBERT d.1622 "in the wars of the Low Countries" [His body bore "the scar of four-and-twenty wounds" [815]] 6 William HERBERT d. "in the wars of the Low Countries" Also renown for his courage. 6 Charles HERBERT -Fellow of the New College in Oxford A Munster planter; d.1617 6 🎨George HERBERT b.3Apr1593 (Montgomery Castle); 5th son, named for his uncle George (New College, Oxford). b.1593 [814] Welsh poet, MP and priest - "The Sacred Poet" and author of many famous hymns eg "The King of Love My Shepherd Is". Other works include "The Temple, or sacred poems", "Herbert's Remains" containing the 'admirable' treatise on parochial duty "Priest to the Temple"....[808] Was MP for Montgomery 1624 & 1625 then Rector of the parish of St. Andrew in Bemerton (near Salisbury) from 1630 until his death (1Mar1633) of TB (1632 [607]]) + Jane Danvers m.1629 dau "of a Wiltshire gentleman of family and fortune" [814] [cousin of George's stepfather Sir John DANVERS] 6 Sir Henry HERBERT "menial servant to the Crown in the days of King James" b.1595, knighted 1623, Master of Revels of James I and Charles I ~1623-42 and Charles II 1660-3 (as such was responsible for licensing Shakespeare's plays), Gentleman of the Privy Chamber, High Sheriff of Worcestershire 1648 and MP for Montgomeryshire 1626 and for Bewdley 1661-73; d.27Apr1673 [145] + ___ (a wealthy lady with a large estate) 7 Henry HERBERT, 1st Lord of Chirbury d.1709 + Anne RANNEY dau of Alderman RANNEY of London 6 Captain Thomas HERBERT (7th son) b.1597; d~1642; Page to Sir Edward Cecil and afterwards commanded a ship under Sir Robert Mansell in the attack against Algiers [265] [607] in 1620-21 where Thomas "did there shew a fortunate and true English valour." 6 Elizabeth HERBERT + Sir Henry JONES of Abermarlais (Albemarle) 6 Margaret HERBERT + John VAUGHAN (younger) of Llwydiarth 6 Frances HERBERT + Sir John BROWN of Lincolnshire 5 Joyce (Jane [832] HERBERT b~1564 (Llanidloes) The wooden tablet in Tregynon Church dated c 1709, recording the death of Joyce's daughter Elizabeth Lloyd erroneously refers to Joyce as "sister" (instead of aunt) of Edward 1st Lord Herbert of Cherbury [145] + Jenkin LLOYD b~1560 d.1627/8; of Berthllwyd; Sheriff of Montgomeryshire; s/o David Lloyd JENKIN and Lowry GWYNN; 1st married Dorothy WALTER b~1564 Ludlow, Shropshire, dau of Edmund Walter of Ludlow, Chief Justice of South Wales, by whom he had a large family of twelve children. His youngest child of this family (Blanche) married one Edward ap Rhys Wynn ap Griffith ap Howell ap Evan BLAYNEY After Dorothy's death Jenkin married Joyce 6 Elizabeth LLOYD b.1592; m.1614 (Llanidloes);d.1662 + John BLAYNEY Esq of Gregynog b.1591; d.1665 Also see John BLAYNEY genealogy 5 Matthew HERBERT of Dolgeog (Dolegiog) ~1586) +(1)Dorothy PARRY dsp (dau of Richard PARRY, Bishop of St. Asaph) +(2)Abigail GARTON (dau of William GARTON) 5 Charles HERBERT + ___ 6 Sir Edward HERBERT (d.Dec1657) Attorney-General Attorney General to King Charles I then Lord Keeper of the Great Seal of King Charles II (in exile) + Margaret SMITH, dau & heir of Sir Thomas SMITH +(2)Anne ferch David ap Einion ap Leuelling Vaughan [832] [2nd wife of Sir Richard HERBERT b.1470] [309] Children of Richard and Anne include John (see below), William of Aberystwyth and Gwernygo, Oliver (Mayor of Machynlleth), Richard of Ffrydd, Anne (m. Humphrey VAUGHAN, son of Sir Griffith of Garth), Dorothy aka Margaret (see below), Catherine (see below), Elizabeth & Catherine (m.George Beynion, Sheriff of Montgomeryshire 1564 then George Savage). 4 Ann HERBERT 4 Jane HERBERT 4 John HERBERT of Cemmes / Kemmis / Kemmaes + ___ 5 Edward HERBERT of Kemmis + ___ 6 Margaret HERBERT + John BLAYNEY (the actor); m.1628 (St Margaret's Westminster) 4 Margaret (Dorothy) HERBERT [309] +(1)Thomas BLAYNEY ap Evan Lloyd Blayney b.1475 See their descendants here +(2)Hugh JONES (Hugh John Bevan Goch [830]) of Trewythen 5 Evan JONES 5 Wythen JONES of Trewythen 4 Edward HERBERT b~1530 4 Elizabeth HERBERT b~1530 + Richard Ap John Price b.1530 (Newtown, Montgom.) 4 Catherine HERBERT + John PUGH 5 Mallt, wife of Thomas PRICE [ap Rees], of the Aberbechan Blayneys. 3 Sir William HERBERT of Colebrooke (further child of Sir Richard HERBERT & Margaret NICHOLAS) + Jane MOSTYN née GRIFFITH, (dau by Jane STRADLING of Sir William GRIFFITH of Penrhyn), widow of Thomas MOSTYN 4 Rhys HERBERT of Colebrooke, Sheriff of Monmouthshire (~1584) + Elizabeth BROWNE, dau of Sir Weston BROWNE 4 Maud HERBERT +(1)Howel MADOC of Powys +(2)__ Parry of Carmarvonshire 4 Margaret HERBERT + Sir George MATHEWS of Adyr 4 daughter HERBERT + Thomas ap Rhys of North Wales 4 daughter HERBERT + Philp Thomas WATKIN of Pont-yr-illos 4 Jane HERBERT +(1)Sir William Thomas of Aberglasseny +(2)Rys Llwyd (of Builth family) 4 ?Watkin HERBERT 3 John HERBERT of St Pere (Pierre) Esq [832] [277 (03)] (further child of Sir Richard HERBERT & Margaret NICHOLAS) [?of Llacharn (Laugharne), Carmarthenshire] Ancestor of Thomas Herbert of Tintern in Monmouthshire (Baronet 3Jul1660) [832] + Janet ferch Jenkin Llwyd VYCHAN of Pwhldyfarch 3 Margart HERBERT + Jonet Bibydd [mistress of Richard HERBERT (C.1425-1469)] 3 William HERBERT of Crucywel b~1462 3 James HERBERT 3 John HERBERT of Llangynidr, Breconshire +(2)Mawd ferch Thomas [2nd wife wife of Richard HERBERT (C.1425-1469)] 3 Thomas HERBERT of Coldbrook, of Abergavenny or St Pierre (further child of Sir Richard HERBERT) (?Alderman of York); b.1462; d.1529 +(1)Margery HUNTLEY 4 Thomas and John +(2)Anne ARNOLD of Matharn 4 Children: Alice, Thomas (below) & William 4 Thomas HERBERT + Elsbeth MATHEW b. Llandaf, Penychen 5 Children: Richard (below), Tomas, Christopher, Elizabeth, Nest, Catrin & Ieuan 5 Richard HERBERT Esq b.1488 (York) + Barbara PUDSEY b. Richmond 6 Christopher HERBERT b.1532/3 (York); d.25Jun1590 + Elizabeth HEMSWORTH b.1525 (Preston); d.4Aug1618 7 Thomas HERBERT Esq b.1554 (Alderman of York); d.14Oct1614 +(1)Alice NEWARK +(2)Mary HARRISON of Ancaster d.5.Aug1604 8 Christopher HERBERT Esq bpt.18Jun1583 (St Crux,York); d.Mar1624/5 + Jane AKEROYD (AKEROID) 9 🎨 Sir Thomas HERBERT of Tintern b.1606 (York) bpt.4Nov1606 (St. Crux, York) d.1Mar1682, 1st Baronet (3Jul1660); traveller and author; Gentleman of the bedchamber to King Charles I from 1647 up to the king's execution. +(1)Lucy (Lucia) ALEXANDER m.16Apr1642 (Knightsburgh Chapel, London) 10 Ten Children: Sir Henry, Alexander, Philip, Montgomery (below), William, Thomas, Theresa, Elizabeth, Lucy and Anne 10 Montgomery HERBERT, bpt.1643 St Margarets Westminster +(2)Elizabeth CUTLER bpt.19Oct1637 (Silkstone, York); m.11Nov1672 (St. Michael-le-Belfry, York) dau of Sir Gervase CUTLER of Stainborough 11 Elizabeth HERBERT b.Dec1672 (York) 2 Margaret HERBERT (Margaret ferch William ap Thomas) b~1419 (Raglan) + Henry WOGAN of Wiston and Picton 3 Jane WOGAN b~1443; d.11Nov1504 + Sir William PERROT b~1440 3 Margaret WOGAN b~1438 (Wiston) + Sir Henry DWINN 2 Olivia ferch William ap Thomas + Thomas FLEMING +(2)Margaret ABRAHALL (2nd wife of Sir William ap Thomas HERBERT b~1401) dau of Thomas ap Griffith 2 Elizabeth HERBERT b~1427 (Raglan) [Unknown mother so possibly Margaret; Probably not the Elizabeth ferch WILLIAM Ap THOMAS who married Cawdgan Ap GRIFFITH DON] + Sir Henry (Harry) STRADLING b~1430; d~1451 (Cyprus) 3 Thomas STRADLING .... +(3) Cari DDU b~1400 (Raglan) (mistress of Sir William ap Thomas HERBERT b~1401) 2 John HERBERT of Itton b~1419 (Itton, St Arvan); d.1469

Sir William Ap Thomas = Herbert & Gwladus
tomb in Herbert Chapel, St. Marys Priory, Abergavenny

Sir William HERBERT
Earl of Pembroke
Shield and Arms of William HERBERT Earl of Pembroke
[Party per pale, az. and gu., three lions ramp., or.]

Bascule badge of Herbert [294]
[Maud Herbert, married Henry PERCY]
The Bascule was a device to raise a drawbrige. The more commonly known Herbert badge was the wyvern (winged serpent), which is also the crest.

Arms of the Earl of Pembroke, creation of 1551


William HERBERT 1506-70
1st Earl of Pembroke

Ann Parr 1514-52
Countess of Pembroke


2nd Earl of Pembroke

Catherine GREY


Earl of Pembroke

Mary Talbot
Countess of Pembroke
wife of Wm Herbert


Philip HERBERT Earl of Pembroke & Montgomery

Graham Turner's Reverie
see Footnote 2

an alabaster Margaret beside Sir Richard Herbert
Herbert Chapel, St. Marys Priory, Abergavenny

Edward Herbert, 1st Baron Herbert of Chirbury
[Click either picture to enlarge]

George HERBERT, Poet   [607]

Sir Thomas HERBERT, 1st Bart

References for Herberts: Also see [277], [239], and [278].

Iolo Morganwg

Footnote 1
Iolo Morganwg (or Morgannwg in modern spelling) was the bardic name of Edward Williams (1747-1826), an influential Welsh antiquarian, poet, collector, laudanum (tincture of opium) addict and literary forger. Iolo first came to public notice in 1789 by revealing some previously undiscovered poetry by Dafydd ap Gwilym, (probably the greatest Welsh poet). These poems were in fact forgeries, but survived critical attention for over a hundred years. His success lead Iolo to move to London, where he become a significant figure in the Welsh community. He went on to author some fairly substantial works (most of which are now considered forgeries).

Footnote 2
Reverie by Graham Turner. "Sitting at the window of a great castle, a fashionably dressed Lady looks up from her book, her mind clearly lost in distant thoughts. The view from the window identifies the setting as the Great tower at Raglan, Gwent, a fact confirmed by the heraldic stained glass panel. The arms are those of William Herbert, Earl of Pembroke, and his wife, Anne Devereux, so perhaps this is Anne herself, awaiting news of her absent husband. She knows the feeling of vulnerability that went hand in hand with power during the Wars of the Roses, with the great rewards available to the supporters of the victorious faction becoming possible attainder, exile or death when the tables turned. By allying himself to Edward, Earl of March, in 1461, and assisting him to accede the throne as Edward IV, William Herbert rose through the ranks of the English nobility at an incredible rate, to become the most powerful man in Wales when he was created Earl of Pembroke in 1468. However, on 26th July 1469, he was defeated at the battle of Edgecote while leading an army to crush 'Robin of Redesdale's' rebellion and, along with his brother, was summarily executed the following day on the orders of the Earl of Warwick. So, as she passes the time, the Lady in Graham Turner's sensitive and highly detailed painting has every reason to be concerned, for her future is inextricably linked to that of her husband and remains uncertain until he is safely returned".

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