Dyddgu (Duddgu) ferch Robert

coheir of Meredith.

Also known as Jane ferch Robert, born Cedewain, Montgomeryshire, Wales.


In about 1197 Dyddgu married Meilir "Gryg" ap Gruffudd.

Dyddgu was the grandaughter of Owen Gwynedd Fawr [=The Great], Prince of Gwynedd r.1137-70], who was the younger brother of Cadwaladr (Cadwalader). Hughes states she was the great grandaughter of Llywarch ap Trahaern [570], who I show as the father of Gwladys, 1st wife of Owain with Dyddgu descending from an unknown mistress of Owain

This fits with the comment by Rowley-Morris that a Blayney married an heiress "of the house of Owen Gwynedd" pg68 [35], and with the fact that John Blayney of Gregynog included the arms of Owen Gwynedd in his 1636 panelling [50] & [55].

There is a claim that the descent of the "noble" family of Blayney "Is from the ancient kings of Britain, in a direct line from Cadwallader, a younger son of the Prince of Wales" [326]. I have looked to see if this claim relates to Cadwaladr ap Gruffydd who married Alice de Clare (dau of Richard FitzGilbert de Clare descended from Norman Lords). All my research reveals that the Blayneys descended from his brother, Owain Gwynedd (Prince of Gwynedd) and not this Cadwaladr. The good news is that this Cadwalader/Cadwaladr doesn't appear to be an ancestor one could be proud of. See Cad

A side note on Cadwallader: Cadwall, 2nd son of Griffith (Gruffydd ap Cynan) had Richard (hicert) by Alice de CLARE who married Agnes ferch Rarwedd and in turn were the parents of Adlais (Alice). Adlais first married Ithel Fychan ab Ithel LLOYS and had Angharad ferch Ithel (wife of Tudor H�n ap Goronwy) and secondly, she married Sir Tudor (Tudur) ab Ednyfed Vychan the ancestors of the royal Tudor line.

However, we are able to show that the Cadwallader claimed as an ancestor of the Blayneys was most likely St Cadwaladr Fendigaid ap Cadwallon (Cadwaladr the Blessed (c603-664), King of Gwynedd, although not in a pure patrilineal descent as it does involve some female lines. This is supported by Kevin McKenzie [145]. See the descent to Dyddgu who married Meilir "Gryg" (ancestors of the Blayneys).

Viking Pedigree:

1 Halfdan "White shirt", King of Dublin d.877 [son of Ragnar Lodbrock/Lodbrok 
  (Hairy-Britches) the famous Viking b~765; d.845, the son of Sigurd Hring King of 
  Denmark, Sweden & Norway B~730 d.812.]
 + unknown
  2 Sitric I (Sigtryggr) Halfdansson (King of Dublin); b~860; r.888-893/4; d.896
    Many genealogies have Sitric I the son of Halfdon's brother Ivar the Boneless
    which would still have him descended from Ragnar, but why is he Halfdansson?
    [perhaps Halfdan helped his "boneless" brother sire a son!!]
   + unknown
    3 Sitric (Sihtric) II "Caech" (Caoch/Gale), Viking King of York and Dublin 
      b~890; d.927
     +(1)unknown mothter of Olaf (below)
     +(2)Edith Beatrice b~897 d.946 m.926 at Tamworth, to seal a treaty 
       with the Vikings. She was the sister of Athelstan (Ethelstan), the Glorious,
       King of England. A year after their marriage, Sigtrygg Gale died and his son Olaf
       inherited his position. Olaf was the son of Sigtrygg by a previous marriage, but the
       Northumbrians accepted him, and his uncle Guthfrith served as regent."
       4 Olaf "Cuaran" (Kvaaran) King of York and Dublin.
         Converted to Christianity, abdicated 980, d.981 (Iona)
        + Gormflaeth (Gormflath) d.1030, daughter of Morough (Murchad) MacFinn, 
          King of Leinster
         5 Sitric (Sihtric) III Olafsson "Silkbeard" King of Dublin b~930
           r.989-1036 (deposed). d.1042. First ruler in Ireland to issue 
           coins (known as Sitric coins).  A devout Christian, went on pilgrimage to
           Rome 1028, founded Christchurch Cathedral in Dublin 1030
          + Slani O'Brien b.980 the daughter of Brian Boru (Bruma), King 
            of Munster and subsequently High King of Ireland. m.999
           6 Olaf, King of Dublin b~1000 d.1034
            + Mael Corcre (Maelcorcoe) O'Toole b~990 d.1034), daughter of 
              Dunlaing II MacTuathal, King of Leinster
             7 Ragnhildr (Ragnaillt) of Dublin b~1031 (1024/8); d~1076 
              + Cynan (Conan [713]) ab Iago, Prince of Gwynedd while in exile 
                b.~1020 d.1063 in battle 

Arms of
Gryffydd ap Cynan

Alfred the Great

ferch Gryffydd

Rhys ap Gruffydd
8 Gruffydd (Griffith) ap Cynan (Conan [713]), King of Gwynedd the longest ruling Welsh Prince of Wales b.1055 (Dublin); r.1075 (Angelsea) and from 1081 all Gwynedd (after killing Trahaearn ap Caradog) till 1137; d.1137 + Angharad (Angharat) of Tegaingl and Flint, b~1065; m.1085/1095; d.1162 daughter of Owain ab Edwin, Lord Tegaingl Variously claimed to be of the Tudor line and / or descended from King Alfred the Great through Edwin's maternal ancestor, Ethelfleda (Ealdgyth). [145] [King Alfred the Great married Ealswith, they had Ethelfleda (Lady of Mercia) who m. Ethelred (Ealdorman of Mercia), they had Elfwine/Aelfwynn/Aelfwina (L. of Mercia) who m. Edulph of Devon, they had Leofwine (940-1032), Earl of Mercia who m. Alwara Athelstansdottar, they had Edwin/Eadwine of Mercia (d.1039) and Leofric of Mercia (968-1057). From here there are two alternative genealogies: Edwin had Ealdgyth ferch Edwin who m. 1st Goronwy then Uchtred of Atiscross who had Edwin (Edwyn,Eadwine) of Tegeingl (Lord of FLINT). The alternative line is from Leofric who m. Godgifu (Lady Godiva) and had Aelgar (Aelfgar) of Mercia who m. Aelfgifu and had Edwin of Tegeingl (Lord of FLINT) who died 1071 (fighting William the Conquerer). Edwin m. Iwerydd (Eferydd) ferch Cynvyn of Powys & had Owain who m. Morwyl/Morfydd ferch King Cynfyn ap Gwerystan of Powys and they had the Angharad who m. King Gruffydd ap Cynan/Conan. I have enough trouble with Welsh genealogy, but the similar names of the Mercians are a nightmare!] Angharad's brother was Goronwy ab Owen who married Genilles ferch Hoedlyw and had Cristin(a), 2nd wife of Owain GWYNEDD, her cousin. Note: Only Owen, Cadwallader, Cadwallon 5 daughters were children of Angharad, withy 5 children by "another woman" [1037] 9 Rainillt (Rhanullt) b~1083 (Caernarvonshire) [593] + Madog ab Idnerth b~1056 d.1140 9 Cadwallon (Fawr) ap Gruffudd b~1097 (Caernarvonshire); dvp.1132 Killed by cousins Cadwgan ap Goronwy and Einion ab Owain [727] 9 Annest (Annes) b~1118 9 Marared (Margaret) b~1120 (Caernarvonshire) + Ieuaf ab Owain 10 Hywel ab Ieuaf 9 Gwenllian ferch Gruffydd ap Cynan b~1085, sister of Owain Gwynedd; The only Welsh woman known to have led an army in battle. Killed at Cydwell (Kidwelly) in 1136 along with son Morgan fighting the Norman forces of Maurice de Londres + Gruffydd ap Rhys, Lord of Deheubarth d.1160 10 Rhys ap Gruffydd son of Rhys ap TEWDWR (Tudor), ancestor of King Henry VII 9 Susanna ferch Gruffydd b~1095 (Caernarvonshire) [593] [4th dau] + Madog ap Mareddud, Prince of Powys b~1091; d.1160 (son of Maredudd ap Bleddyn, Prince of Powys) 10 Gruffydd Maelor I, Prince of Northern Powys, Lord of Bromfield d.1191 + Angharad ferch Owain (dau of Prince of Gwynedd) 10 Llywelyn d.1160 10 Gwenllian ferch Madog + Rhys ap Gruffydd , Prince of Deheubarth [The Lord Rhys] b.1132; d.1197 11 Rhys Gryg ap Rhys (Rhys the Hoarse) d.1233 [a client prince of Deheubarth under Llywelyn the Great] 4th son of Rhys ap Gruffydd + Joan de Clare dau of Richard de Clare Earl of Hartford 12 Gwenllian ferch Rhysi> + Ednyfed Fychan Seneschal of Gwynedd d.1246 13 Goronwy, Lord of Tref-gastell d.1268 + Morfydd ferch Meurig of Gwent 14 Tudur Hen, Lord of Penmynydd d.1311 + Angharad ferch Ithel Fychan 15 Goronwy ap Tudor, Lord of Penmynydd d.1331 + Gwerfyl ferch Madog Dafydd of Hendwr 16 Tudur Fychan, Lord of Penmynydd d.1367 + Margaret ferch Thomas ap Llewelyn Iscoed, South Wales 17 Maredudd (Meredith) ap Tudor + Margaret ferch Dafydd Fychan of Anglesey 18 Owain ap Maredudd (Meredith) ap Tewdwr (=Owen Tudor) founder of England's Tudor dynasty and ancestor of Oliver Cromwell 12 Maredudd 12 Janet ferch Rhys + Gruffydd ap Cadwgan 13 Cadwgan ap Gruffydd b~1270 + Catherine ferch Aaron 14 Gruffydd Dwnn ap Cadwgan b~1300; d>1364

Kidwelly Castle
(first to use Dwnn=dark or dusky, also given as Dwn, Dwyn, Dun and Don) Suspected involvement in the theft of half of Edward II's missing treasure in 1331 [620] +(1)Agnes ferch Cadwgan Ieuan (probably the mother of Henry) +(2)Meddefus ferch Gruffudd 15 Henry Dwn (Don) ap Gruffydd of Kidwelly b~1340; d.1416 + Agnes ferch Ieuan 16 Maredydd DWNN ap Henry (Maredudd or Meredith or Mredydd) of Kidwelly b~1370; d>1401 + Mallt ferch Gruffudd ap Cadwgan Fychan b~1360(70) 17 Gruffydd (Griffith/s) DWNN + Joan SCUDAMORE, grandchild of Prince Owain Glyndwr who was the last independent Prince of Wales. 18 Sir John DONNE b~1420+; d.1503 Welsh courtier, diplomat and soldier (Yorkist) + Elizabeth HASTINGS sister of Lord William HASTINGS 17 Owain DWNN 17 David DWNN of Kidwelly, Carmarthernshire 3rd & youngest son of Mredydd Dwnn"; had to flee to Montgomeryshire after he killed the Mayor of Kidwelly. + Anghared ferch Dackws LLOYD or Cefn y Gwestyd 18 David DWNN vachan. + Elen ferch David ab Ieuan vachan 19 Ieuan DWNN of Gwestyd + Annes ferch Ieuan goch 20 Rhys goch DWNN of Gwestyd + Gwenllian ferch Ieuan ap David 21 Ieuan DWNN 21 Katrin DWNN (5th dau) + Rhys ab Owain 22 Lewys (Lewis) DWNN b~1545(50); d.1616 eminent C16 Welsh poet, genealogist and and herald. Lewys assumed the surname of his mother's family [621]
John Donne

John Donne

John DONNE b.1572; d.1631 (poet) claimed ancestry with Dwn family of Kidwelly with their arms on a 1591 portrait namely a coat of arms of "azure, a wolf salient", with a crest of a quiver full of snakes. On taking holy Orders he stated "A sheaf of snakes used heretofore to be my seal, the crest of my poor family". His new seal was "The cross (my seal at baptism) spread below, Does by that form into an anchor grow." [625]

Other evidence points to John Donne being a companion and probably a close cousin to Lewis Dwn [145]

20 Gruffydd DWNN (?=Griffith Dwnn, High Sheriff of Carmarthenshire 1547, 56 & 60) 17 Mabel (Mabli) DWN ferch Maredydd b~1399 + Sir Gruffydd ap Nicholas FitzUryan Esq (1400 -1461) Sir Gruffydd subsequently married Margaret PERROT and had another son called Thomas 18 Rhys ap Gruffydd (Fitzuryan) 18 Owain ap Gruffydd (Fitzuryan) 18 Thomas "Hynaf" ap Gruffydd ap Nicholas d~1474 (Fitzuryan) (Sir Thomas Griffith NICHOLAS "the elder") +(1)Elizabeth ferch Gruffydd (see below) +(2)Elizabeth ferch Francis, son of Philip the Good, Duke of Burgundy by special dispensation from the Pope as Elizabeth(1) was still alive [841] + Elizabeth ferch Gruffydd aka Elizabeth of Abermarlais, dau of Sir John Gruffydd of Abermarlais who was son of Sir Rhys ap Gruffydd ap Hywel ap Gruffydd ap Ednyfed Fychan Ednyfed Fychan was Seneschal of Gwynedd and married Gwenllian, dau of Lord Rhys, the last King of Deheubarth. Ednyfed Fychan and Gwenllian were ancestors of the Tudor kings. 19 Sir Rhys ap Thomas b.1449; d.1525 Deputy Justiciar of Carmarthen Castle Credited with killing Richard III on Bosworth Field [811] Made Governor of Wales by Henry VII afterwards 19 John, ancestor of the Johns of Hafod 19 Margaret NICHOLAS +(1)Sir Richard HERBERT 20 Sir Richard Herbert + Margaret ferch Griffith ap Rhys 22 Sir Edward Herbert + Elizabeth PRYCE 23 Richard HERBERT of Llyssyn + Magdalen NEWPORT Friend and sponsor of Dr John Donne 24 Sir Edward HERBERT, 1st Lord HERBERT of Chirbury. +(2)John HERLE 20 Thomas HERLE b.1503 + Jane PERROT 21 Gwenthien HERLE + Thomas ap Evan Lloyd BLAYNEY 22 David Lloyd Blayney 17 Gwladys DWNN + Gwilim ap Fylip ap Sir Elidir DDU 17 Alison DWNN d.unm 10 Marared ferch Madog b.1129; m.1163 + Iowerth Drwyndwn, a Prince of Gwynedd and her cousin [son of Owain Gwynedd ap Gruffydd and Gladys ferch Llywarch] 10 Efa ferch Madog + Cadwallon ap Madog 9 Gwladdys + Walter FitzOther, Constable of Windsor Castle, Keeper of the Forest in Berkshire b<1087 d>1100 (his second marriage, the first to Beatrice) 9 Jane + Llowden, Lord of Uchaeron 9 ?? also Yslani b~1104; ?Membyr "Ddu" b~1114; ?Tudwal b~1122 ?Elen b~1089, Hywel and ? Merinedd b~1091 [593] 9 Cadwaladr ap Gruffydd (Cadwalader) of Caerdigan b.1096 (1083) d.29Feb1172 (?killed by his English escort). ?Third son of Gruffydd ap Cynan. Invaded Ceredigion With brother Owain capturing 5 castles in 1136 then in 1137 inflicted a heavy defeat on the Normans at the Battle of Crug Mawr outside Cardigan. Captured Carmarthen. Helped brother Owain rule until he was exiled in 1144 for "misconduct". In 1143 his men killed Anarawd ap Gruffudd, Prince of Deheubarth (and betrothed of Owain's daughter) in a land dispute. Warrington's "History" has Anarawad married to Cadwallader's daughter and killed in single combat with his father-in-law. [1037] Owain was incensed and sent his son Hywel to attack Cadwaladr's castle of Aberystwyth, but Cadwaladr escaped to Ireland. He subsequently fought both for and against Owain and spent 5 years in exile in Cheshire with his 2nd wife's family, being supported by Henry II with "honourable maintenance" see [50], [595] Eventually reconciled with Owen and even buried in a double tomb with him at Bangor Cathedral. Sometimes confused as an ancestor of the Blayneys [326], although his brother Owain Gwynedd was. As already mentioned, the King Cadwallader ancestor was Cadwaladr Fendigaid. +(1)Gwerful b.1103 (1097) [dau of Gwrgan (Gwrgeneu) ap Hywel]. 1st wife of Cadwaladr [She subsequently married Gruffydd ap Maredudd, Lord Of Mawddwy and they had Owain Cyfeilioc ap Gruffydd, Prince Of Powys] 10 Cadfan (Cadogan), inherited Ceredigion in 1149 (presumably because Cadwaladr didn't want it leaving his family because of his falling out with his brother Owain). + Gwenllian ferch Owain b.1146 (daughter of Owain Cyfeilioc ap Gruffydd, Prince Of Powys) See Gwenllian 11 Tangwystl ferch Cadfan b~1212 + Moriddig ap Sandde +(2)Alice (Alicia/Adles/Adeliza) de CLARE (Tunbridge) 2nd wife of Cadwaladr b.1121 [591] [50] (1102) d.~1163 (dau of Richard FitzGilbert de CLARE, 1st Earl of Hertford) a direct descendant (male line) from Richard I of Normanby g-grandfather of William the Conquerer and maternally from Lady Godiva and the Queen of Edmund Ironside (Alice's mother was Adeliza De Meschines) See Alice de CLARE's genealogy 10 Cunneda ap Cadwaladr 1142 10 Ralph ap Cadwaladr Ralph and brother Richard have been identified with the origin of the 'le Waley' surname "(an early form of Walsh, Wallis, Wallace, etc.) found in Somerset, Devon, Dorset, and Sussex in the 1200's, where the names indicate descent from Richard and Ralph, sons of Cadwalader and Alicia de CLARE, and where the families were mainly on de Clare lands." [600] 10 Richard (Rhicert) ap Cadwaladr b.1140(50) (Caernavonshire) The descendants of Ralph and Richard (ap Cadwalader) can be traced in several families of Waleys in England. [600] +(1)Agnes (Annes) (dau of Rarwedd ap Gwyn) [592] 11 Adlais (Alice/Adles) ferch Richard b.1199 +(1)Ithel Fychan ab Ithel LLOYS 12 Angharad ferch Ithel +(1)Tudor H�n ap Goronwy b~1222 d.1311 son of Ednyfed Vychan and Gwenllian ferch Rhys (dau of Rhys ap Gruffydd, King of Deheubarth) 13 Goronwy ap Tudor +(2)Cadwgon ap Llywarch b~1151 13 Ieuan 'y Dean Bychan' +(2)Sir Tudor (Tudur) ab Ednyfed Fychan ap Cynwrig of Nant and Llangynhafal b.1195 d1278 [592] [598] [599] see Sir Tudor. Son of Ednyfed Vychan ap Kendrig, Lord of Brynffenigl who was the ancestor of the handsome Welshman Owen Tudor

Owen Tudor arms
(Owain Tewdwr), who became a squire for Henry V, then the lover of Henry's widow (Catherine of Valois), and thus King Henry VII's grandfather (& great grandfather of King Henry VIII, father of Queen Elizabeth I. [601] 12 Sir Heilin (Heilwyn/Heilyn/Hellin) ap Tudor b~1222(35) d.1298 + Agnes (Annes) ferch Bleddyn (dau of Lord of Dinmael) 13 Gruffydd (Griffith) ap Heilin of Cochwillan 13 Grono ap Heilin 13 Angharad ferch Heilin + Daffydd Penmachno Goch ap Daffydd 11 Meredith (Maredudd ap Rhicert ap Cadwaladr) + ___ 12 Dyddgu/Dyddo Not to be confused with the wife of Meilyr Gryg +(3)Anne ferch Gwyn 3rd wife of Cadwaladr 10 Cadwgan (Cadogan) ap Cadwaladr 11 Philip ap Cadwgan 10 Meredith (Maredudd) ap Cadwaladr Lord of Cedewain and founder of the Cistercian nunnery (before 1188) [597] 11 Gwellian 11 Adles 10 Cadwallon ap Cadwaladr 10 Alicia ferch Cadwaladr

Owain Gwynedd
9 Owain Gwynedd, Fawr (=The Great) Prince of Gwynedd King of Wales 1137-1163 then as concession to Henry II, Prince of Wales b~1100 (1087, 1137 [727]) (Caernarvonshire); d.23Dec1169/70 in Henry II's reign. Together with his brother Cadwaladr, Owain led three expeditions (1136-37) against the English stronghold of Ceredigion to the south. On Owain's death, Gwynedd was divided amoung his sons (many who were illegetimate) which lead to civil war 1170-4 which Dafydd & Rhodri won. +(a)Pyfog of Ireland (Ffynnod Wyddeles) (mistress1) 10 Hywel Gwynedd, Elected Prince Of Gwynedd 1167 (killed 1170 in war against half-brothers). A lyric poet as well as a warrior-prince who wrote on love of country and produced the only love poems found in the works of the early Welsh court poets. 11 Caswallon ap Howel d>1167 +(1)Gwladys (Gladys) b~1092(8) m.1125 d.1169; dau of Llywarch [of Arwystli, Lord of Pembroke] ap Trahearn (Traherne/Trahaiarn) ap Caradoc and his first wife Dyddgu of Builth. Gwladys & King Owain were ancestors (though the female line) of the Blayneys of Gregynog, Wales and of Castleblayney, Ireland. [326] (follow bold lines for suspect connections, blue for accurate) 10 Iorwerth Drwyndwn (the Broken-nosed) ap Owain Gwynedd; b.1145 in Aberffraw Castle, Aberffraw, Anglesey d~1184 (1174), Pennant Mehangell + Margaret (Marared) ferch Madog; b.1129; m.1163, dau of Madog ap Maredudd (1091-1160), Prince of Powys and Susanna ferch Gruffydd ap Cynan GWYNEDD. [or possibly dau of Walter CORBET [729]] 11 Llywelyn Fawr (the Great) ap Iorwerth, Prince of Wales b~1173; d.11Apr1240 Ancestor of our Morus BLAYNEY + Tangwystl ferch Llywarch Goch of Rhos (mistress) b~1168; d.1205 12 Gruffudd ap Llywelyn of Gwyendd b~1196; d.1Mar1244 [Fell trying to escape the Tower of London where he was held hostage by Henry II] + Ragnhild (Rhanullt) of Man 13 Catrin verch Gruffudd 13 Gwladus verch Gruffudd + Senena ferch Caradog 13 Owain Goch b~1219; d~1282 13 Llewelyn b.1222/3 Prince of Wales 1246-82 Took over Gwyendd on Dafydd's death 13 Rhodri d.1315 13 Dafydd Lord of Denbigh b.1238; d.1283 + unknown

Joan & Llywelyn
Illustration by Phil Colvin
See The Legend of Gelert

Llywelyn ap Iorwerth
"Llywelyn Fawr"
Prince of Wales

Llywelyn the Great
and sons Gruffydd &
Dafydd [Matthew Paris]
+ Joan PLANTAGENET (Legitimated) dau of King John Ancestors of our Morus Blayney via Gwenllian HERLE 12 Dafydd ap Llywelyn, Prince of Gwynedd b.1208; r.1240-1246; d.25Feb1246. Named heir by Llywelyn despite Gruffudd being older and recognised as 1st "Official" Prince of Wales by his uncle King Henry III of England. Called "Tarian Cymru" (Shield of Wales) by Brut y Tywysogyon See Dafydd ap Llywelyn 12 Elen (Helen) ferch Llywelyn 12 Gwladus Ddu (the Dark) ferch Llywelyn; b.1206; d.1251 (Windsor, Berkshire); Princess of North Wales + Gwenllian + unknown 12 Angharad ferch Llewelyn + Maelgwn Fychan Lord of Cardigan 12 Margaret ferch Llewelyn 12 Gwenllian ferch Llewelyn 10 Maelgwyn (Maelgwn) b~1126, Lord of Ynys Môn Inherited Anglesey, r.1170-3, but lost it to his brother Dafydd. d.1174 10 Gwenllian I ferch Owain Gwynedd b~1124 (Caernarvonshire) +(1)Cadwgon ap Madog b~1138 Nannau, Wales 11 Madog ap Cadwgon b~1150 Nannau, Wales +b>Efa ferch Madog b~1178 Montgomeryshire 12 Nest ferch Madog b~1200 + Einion ap Seisyll b~1168 Meirionydd 13 Gronwy ab Einion b~1185 Cyfeiliog + Meddefus ferch Owain b~1163 of Cyfeiliog [half siblings twice removed, see 6 lines below] +(2)Owain Cyfeiliog b~1125; d.1197 (Strata Marcella) Welsh warrior-prince of Powys and poet 1117-97. Founder of the Cistercian abbey of Ystrad Marchell. Son of Gruffydd ap Mredudd (d.1128) Subsequently married the daughter of his sworn enemy Rhy ap Gruffydd. Refused to support Baldwin's crusade so was excommunicated. Abdicated in 1195, retiring to the monastery he built. 11 Gwenwynwyn ab Owain b~1151 r.1195 - d.1216/8 The last great ruler of (Southern) Powys contending with Llywelyn ap Iorweth for overall control of Wales. + Margaret (Margred) (b~1089) ferch Rhys/Robert CORBET of Caus (dau of King of Deheubarth) 12 Griffin ap Gwenwynwyn + Hawise LESTRANGE de la POLE d.1310 12 Owain ap Gwenwynwyn 12 Madoc ap Gwenwynwyn 11 Owain 'the Baron' ab Owain + Joan de CLARE 12 Gruffydd ab Owain 12 Sir Gilbert Poole Knight 11 Gwenllian ferch Owain + Cadfan ap Cadwaladr b>1149 12 Tangwystl ferch Cadfan b~1212 11 Meddefus ferch Owain b~1163 (85), Cyfeiliog, Montgomeryshire, Wales + Gronwy ab Einion b~1185 Cyfeiliog 12 Iorwerth ap Gronwy of Cyfeiliog d>1278 + Morfudd ferch Madog of Arwystli 13 Nest ferch Iorwerth b~1260 Cyfeiliog + Iorwerth ap Rhirid b~1242 Tegeingl 14 Robert ap Iorwerth b~1282 of Tegeingl. d>1339 + Alice ferch Ithel b~1286 of Tegeingl, Wales 15 Angharad ferch Robert b~1306 at Tegeingl + ??Llywelyn ab Einion g-grandfather of Evan (Ieuan) Blayney [He actually married Angharad ferch Adda (Adam) ap Madoc(h) of Kerry!] +(2)Cristina (Christina) ferch Gronwy (Goronwy), b~1132 [2nd wife of Owain GWYNEDD] dau of Gronwy ap Owain and Genilles ferch Hoedlyw [593], and so his cousin (Common ancester = Owain ab Edwin, Lord Tegeing), much to the disapproval of the church. 10 Dafydd (David) ab Owain Gwynedd b~1135 r. East Gwynedd 1170-94/5; r. all Gwynedd 1174-75. d.1203 (Aberconwy, Caernarvonshire). + Emma Plantagenet b~1138 (Normandy); m.1174; d.1214 illegitimate dau of Geoffrey V Plantagenet, Count of Anjou & Maine and Adelaide d'ANGERS (concubine) 11 Gwenllian (Angharad) ferch Dafydd b.1143 (Caernarvonshire) + Gruffydd ap Cadwgan Lord Of Nannau b.1111 d.1192 12 Hunydd ferch Gruffydd b.1158 + Sandde Hardd ao Caradoc b.1107 13 Moriddig ap Sandde + Tangwystl 11 Owain ap Dafydd 10 Rhodri ab Owain Gwynedd (?twin of Dafydd) r. West Gwynedd 1170 - 90, r. Anglesey 1193, after driving out Dafydd! d.1195 +(1)Gwenllian ferch Rhys +(2)Annest ferch Rhys ap Gruffudd 11 Thomas ap Rhodri + Annest ferch Einion ap Seisyllt 10 Angharad ferch Owain Gwynedd b>1170 + Gruffudd Maelor I ap Madog b>1160, d. 1191 10 Margaret ferch Owain Gwynedd + Bradwen ab Idnerth 10 Iefan (Ievan) ab Owain Gwynedd +(2)Cristina 11 Gwenllian (?dau of Cristina or of 1st wife) + Hwfa ap Kendrig Lord Of Christionydol 12 Angharad ferch Hwfa + Cynwrig ap Iorwerth, Lord Of Brynffenigl +(b) (Mistress2) 10 Rhun ab Owain Gwynedd (son) d.1146 10 Cynan ab Owain Gwynedd, Lord of Meirionnydd (briefly) Implicated in death of Prince of Deheubarth and deposed from his lands by brother Hywel so he supported Dafydd & Rhodri against Hywell who then exiled him. b~1140 d.1174 + __ 11 Gruffydd ap Cynan (supported Llwelyn ab Iorwerth) 11 Maredudd ap Cynan (supported Llwelyn ab Iorwerth) 10 Rhirid ab Owain Gwynedd b~1132 (said to have accompanied Madog -see below) 10 Madog (Madoc) b~1142 (?discovered America!) [09e]

The tale goes that Madog left with 300 persons in ten ships [310] (pg18) seven years after his first exploration in 1170 when he had left Afon Ganol on the small ship Gwennan Gorn, collecting Riryd at Lundy Island then landing at Mobile Bay, Alabama. [304]. This convenient ?myth was used to support QEI's possession of North America.

The stone memorial at Aber-Kerrig Gwynan
(Rhôs-on-Sea, Gwynedd)

10 Einion b~1144 10 Cynwrig I ab Owain Gwynedd b.1145 d>1165 10 Cynwrig II ab Owain Gwynedd b.1147 d>1165 10 Gwenllian II ferch Owain Gwynedd b~1130 +(c)Mofudd ferch Elfan (Mistress3) 10 Iago ab Owain Gwynedd 10 Ffilip (Philip) ab Owain Gwynedd +(d)Unkown (Mistress4) 10 Cadell ab Owain Gwynedd b~1143 10 Rotpert (Robert) ab Owain Gwynedd Possibly "Rotpert alias Cadwaladr" (nicknamed after his uncle) [639] Robert ap-Owen Gwyn ap-Griffyth ap-Conan, according to LODGE [707] + Dyddgu ferch Madog [728] Dau of Madog ap Idnertth d~1140 Mother (or Grandmother) of the Dyddgu] married to Meilir Gryg 11 Maredudd (Meredith) ap Rhotpert (Rotpert/Robert) ab Owain "styled Lord of Cedewain" [835] and in 1211 fought with King John against Llewelyn (who retreated). Meredydd later became a monk and d.1244 at the Abbey of Strata Florida [833] He donated the land and materials for the Cistercian nunnery near Llanllugan sometime before 1188 [145] [597] Interestingly this nunnery was on the confluence of the River Rhiw, the site of the corn mill left by Thomas Blayney of Gregynog in his will to his son Morris indicating that this landhoplding was inherited by the Blayneys through Dyddgu, consistentent with her being the "heir of Meredith" [145]. Kevin McKenzie [145] further points out that many have incorrectly assumed that Meredith was the father, not brother of Dyddgu who married Meilir Gryg [40] [728] [707] 11 Dyddgu [a.k.a Jane] ferch Rotpert ab Owain [39] ("co-heir of Meredith" [39] [337] her brother and/or "sole heire of the Lord of Cedewain" [Blaines Descents [241]], suggesting she became the heir after Meredith took up the cloth) Brother of Meredith [842a], a.k.a. Jane ferch Robert Heraldic heiress of King/Prince Owain GWYNNED [see heraldry in the Gregynog Blayney Room and below] LODGE [707] has Dyddgu as daughter and heir of "Robert ap-Owen Gwyn ap Griffyth ap-Conan", consistent with her being the granddaughter of Owain Gwynedd Fawr Prince of Gwynedd, King of Wales 1137-1163 (then Prince of Wales until his death in 1169 as a concession to King Henry II of England).

The three eagles of Owain Gwynedd
in the Gregynog "Blayney Room"

The white Eryri
of Snowdon

Owain Gwynedd: Vert, three
eagles dispalyed in fesse Or

The white Eryri (eagle) on the green of Snowdon remains to this day a symbol of freedom to the Cymru. The "Blayney Room" Eagles have the more natural look of the Eryri than the modern styilized eagles on the Coat of Arms of Owain, but both, according to Kevin McKenzie "clearly represent the famous future-telling golden eagles of green Snowdonia as referred to by King Owain Gwynedd's c12th contemporary Geraldus Cambrensis". [145]. Kevin [145] describes the greenness "due to the high mountains breaking up the clouds" and refers me to Google images of Snowdonia to support this. Clearly kevin hasn't see proper mountains and real green as we have in New Zealand, but then neither had Owain Gwynedd!

Other genealogists & historians give her as the daughter of Robert ap Llowarch (Lord of Kedewen) or of Robert ap Dafydd ap Gwenwynwyn [496], [presumably meaning Prince Gwenwynwyn ap Owain (b~1151 r.1195 d.1216), the last great ruler of Southern Powys. however I can find no record of Gwenwynwyn having a son David, but I note that this pedigree actually belongs to Dyddu's daughter-in-law Alswn!]
The overwealming evidence now supports the Blayney claim for descent from Owain Gwynedd through Dyddgu [=Jane] being the daughter of Robert (Rotpert) ab Owain Gwynedd and that his illegitimacy was irrelevant because Owain acknowledged all his children as heirs.
+ Meilir "Gryg" ap Gruffudd, ancestor of the Blayneys. m~1197 10 Idwal ab Owain Gwynedd +(e)Nesta. Ledgend has the prolific Owain having a child with the beautiful Princess of Deheubarth (dau of Rhys ap Tewdwr) who had children also to: -Henry I (King of England), who "seduced her" while she was a hostage (for her father), Henry then "gave her" to -Gerald FitzWalter de Windsor who married her ~1100
"In Christmas 1108 Owain ap Cadwgan of Cardigan came to visit Gerald and Nesta. He so lusted after her that he, that night, attacked the castle and carried her off and had his way with her. This upset Henry I so much that the incident started a war." [600]
-Hait, Sheriff of Pembroke (?after Owain tired of her) -Stephen de Ceredigion (had the last dance)

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