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Old King Coel

Old King Cole by Maxfield Parrish, 1909

Old King Cole
Was a merry old soul
And a merry old sole was he;
And he called for his pipe
And he called for his bowl
And he called for his fiddlers three
And every fiddler, he had a fine fiddle
And every fine fiddle had he;
"Tweedle dee, tweedle dee," said the fiddlers;
"Oh there's none so rare
As can compare
With King Cole and his fiddlers three."

Ancestor to Blayneys?

Pedigree of three contenders, all, it seems, married a Ystradwell/Ystradwl/Ystradel/Tstradwal/Ystradwal/Ystrafael!!

Coel I Pedigree

1 C. Julius Caesar + Aurelia 2 Caius Julius Caesar b.100BC d.44BC + Cleopatra VII b.70BC d.30BC 2 Julia (Major) 2 Julia (Minor) d.54BC (2nd marriage to Pompey) +(1)Marcus Atius Balbus 3 Atia (Major) + Caius Octavius 4 Augustus (adopted heir of Julius Caesar) 4 Octavia d.11BC +(1)Claudius Marcellus +(2)Mark Antony 82-30 BC 5 Antonia the Younger (Minor) b.36BC d.37AD + Nero Claudius Drusus b.38BC d.9BC (son of Tiberius Claudius Nero and brother to Tiberius) 6 Germanicus Caesar 6 Livilla Julia 6 Tiberius "Claudius" Drusus Nero Germanicus (4th Roman Emporer) b.10BC r.41-54AD d.54AD (4th marriage was to Aprippina the Younger) +(1)Urgulanilla +(2)Aelia Paetina +(3)Valeria Messalina b.17AD d.48AD Either Messalina or an unknown mother to 7 Julia Venissa or Venus Julia (Genuissa/Genvissa) b.015 + King Arviragus Gwenivyth of Britain, of Siluria b.10 r.45 d.74 (son of Cyvelm d.074) 8 King Marius (Meric, Merius, Meurig) "of Britain" of Siluria b.045 r.74-d.125

Old King Cole
+ either Penardun (Victoria) b~040, [d/o Brân and Anna (`the Prophetess', d/o Joseph of Arimathea) [63]] or Julia (Victoria) verch Prasutagus [d/o King Prasutagus of Iceni and Queen Boadicea (Boudicia) b~45 d.62] 9 ?Coel I (see Coel below) 9 Eurgen (Eugein) ap Meric (?sibling of King Coel I) variously brother or sister! b~107 + ?King Lleuver Mawr "Lucisu the Great" d.081 10 Gladys verch Eurgen ap Meric, (Gwladys) (Gladys "the Elder") + King Lucius (her cousin) 9 King Coel I (Coilus) Hen (the aged) "Old King Coel" b~94 (or 60 or 85 or 125) d.170 Raised in Rome, so did not withhold the tribute whilst he lived [100]. Some have Cyllin of the Britons as the father of Coel I, which is much more likely, as he was "raised in Rome", - see Alternative Coel I below. + Ystradwl (Stradwawl) of Siluria 10 Lleurig (Lucius) Mawr (King) of Ewyas aka Lleirwg (Lleuver Lleiffer Llewfer) of Britain (first Christian) King of Britons (Siluria) "Good King Lucius" (St Lucius) c.139 (137) d.181 (201) Requested Eleutherus, the Bishop of Rome, to send "teachers of Christ". Established 68 dioceses in the land of Britain, with three archbishoprics. + Gladys (the Elder) verch Eurgen ap Meric of Siluria b~208 (his cousin) 11 ? Eurgen 11 Gladys `the Younger' b~142 + Cadvan of Cambria (Prince of Wales) b~204 (220), 12 Strada Ystradel Ferch Cadfan "the Fair" of CAMBRIA b.248 m~251 d.328 (some have her as sister instead of wife of Coel II while others have them married but Coel as the son of Cadvan. Some openly have them both married and siblings! [327]) + Coel II King of Colchester b~232 (220) d.262 Some have him as "Old King Cole" Some have him son not son-in-law of Cadvan & Gladys 13 St Helena (Elaine) Britannica, aka Helen of the Cross and Flavia Iulia Helena b.248/265 d.328, although she could well have been the daughter an innkeeper while Monmouth and the Welsh chronicles state she was Cole's daughter. Regardless, this Helen gave birth to Constantine. + Emperor Constantius I (Flavius Valerius Constantius Chlorus) "the Pale" Emperor b.0242 d.306 (York, England) 14 Constantine the Great, Roman Emperor b.312 d.337 +(1)Minervina 15 Gaius Flavius Julius Crispus b.305 d.325 + Fausta d.325 16 Magnus Maximus (Macsen Wledig) (see below) +(2)Flavia Maxima Fausta 11 Cadwalladr of Britain (?=Cunedd) + __ 12 Frigg (Frigida Frea Friege) of ASALAND + Woden (Wodan Odin) of ASGARD 11 Keriber (Keribir) 12 Parar (Barar Barruc Barrwg Berroc) 13 Llyr(n) Llediath (King Lear) 14 Brân (?Fendigaid) 15 Caradawc Vreichvras of Archenfield Ruler of Gwent 16 Eudaf (Eudes; II) (King) in Britain 'Oge' =Dux Gewissorum (Warlord of the Gewissi) b~283 + Fausta dau of Count Carausius II of the Saxon shore 17 Elen (Oriene) Lwyddog verch EUDAF of Siluria b~340 who also seemed to have the title "Helen of the Hosts" along with the 2nd wife of Magnus Maximus, who was the d/o Western Emperor Constanti +(1)Dionotus (II) (King) of Britain +(2)Macsen Wledig of Britain (Magnus Maximus) Emperor of the West r.383-d.388, ?son of Flavius Julius Constantius II of Rome, in turn son of Constantine. 18 Severa (Gladys) verch Macsen + Gwrtheyrn Vortigern Vorteneu (High King) of Britain 18 Cyan (Cynan) Meiriadog (Conan Meriadoc) d.421 King of Brittany & Dumnonia + St Darerca 19 Cadfan (Gadeon), King of Dumnonia 20 Tstradwal (Ystrafael) + Coel Hen, King of Northern Britain (b~350 d~420), descent from Beli Mawr - see Coel III below.

Coel III Pedigree

A third and possibly the most likely "Old King Coel" is claimed to be descended from Brân Fendigaid "the Blessed" & Anna or Enygeus of Arimathea (d/o Joseph of Arimathea). They begat: Beli, Penardun and Caradog ?=Caratacus. Beli begat: Avallach (Amalech) begat: Eudelen and Brithguein, ancestor of Cunedda Wledig. Eudelen begat: Eugein begat:

Old King Cole 1880 painting

Arms of Coel Gadebog
Endos (Eudaf) begat: Ebuid [not in some genealogies] begat: Endos [not in some genealogies] begat: Ebuid (Eliud) begat: [? Oudigern (in some genealogies)] Oudecant (Oudicant) begat: Retigern (Ritigern) begat: Jumutel (Iumetel) begat: Grat (Gratus) begat: Urban (Erb) begat: [? Telpuil (in some genealogies)] Tehvant (Teuhant/Turhvant) begat: Technant (Tegfan) begat: Guorepauc (Guotepauc) + Ystrtadwal verch CADFAN begat: Coel Hen 1 Coel Hen Godebog, King of Northern Britain [Caelius Votepacus in Latin] (b~350 d~420) After his death, Coel's Northern Kingdom was divided between two of his sons, St Ceneu and Gorbanian. + Tstradwal (Ystradwal, Ystrafael) ferch Cadfan b~360 2 Gorbanian [2nd son] b~392 2 Gwawl b~384 Ancestor of Elizabeth GWYN, mother of John BLAYNEY + Cunedda Wledig 3 Eight sons who helped Cunedda drive the Irish out of Gwynedd ~440. 3 including Einion Yrth, descended to Merfyn (married Nesta) and Rhodri Mawr. 3 Gwen 2 St. Ceneu, King of Northern Britain b~382 Upon his death, Ceneu's kingdom was divided between his three sons. 3 Gwrast (Gurgust) Lledlwm (the Ragged) b~422 Ancestor of Einion Sais 3 Dyfnwal Moelmud (the Bald and Silent) b~425 and 3 Mor (Mar or Maeswig Gloff) b~420 King of Greater Ebrauc (York) 4 Einion b~450, King of York 4 Morydd b~456 [3rd son] 5 Morfryn Frych (The Freckled) + Alden 4 Arthuis, King of Greater Ebrauc b~455 [2nd son and said by some to be the true Arthur.] 5 Cynfelyn b~474 [2nd son] 5 St. Pabo Post Prydain, King of the Pennines (~474-530) [1st son] 6 Arddyn (Arddun) Benasgel + Brochfael Yagythrog

Alternative Coel I Pedigree

1 Llyr Llediaith (Lleddiarth) ap Caswallon ap Beli Mawr "Half-Speech" r.20-10BC d>10AD + Penarddun (Penardim) ferch Llud, Queen of the Britons, daughter of Llud Llaw Ereint "The Silver-Haired" ap Beli King of The Britons r.72-62 BC. 2 Brân Vendigaid "The Blessed" [63], b~20BC d>36AD In 36 AD Bran resigned the Silurian crown to Caradoc, to become Arch-Druid to the Silurians, converting to Christianity while a hostage in Rome. + Enygeus (Anna) of Arimathea 3 Caratacus (Strong-arm) (Caractacus, Caradoc), King of the Catuvellauni 40-43 d.54. Alternate father as King Cunobelinus. Became the leader of resistance to the Roman invasion but was defeated at Medway in 43 by 40,000 Romans under Plautius, fleeing to Wales he was again defeated near the River Severn and his wife and daughter captured. He escaped and sought shelter with the Brigantes tribe, but their Queen, Cartimandua and Argwedd Voeddig betrayed him and handed him in chains to the Romans, who took him and his family (including son Cyllin, and daughter Eurgain) and Brân to Rome in 51AD, where they featured in a victory parade. Claudius then granted them pardon after Caratacus gave his famous speech of defiance that earned him the Senate's applause, a state pension and apartments in the Imperial Palace! He took up his residence in the Palatium Britannicum, on the side of the Mons Sacer, converted later by his granddaughter, Claudia Pudentia, into the first Christian church at Rome. Most histories assume he was not allowed to return to Britain, while others state Caratacus was allowed home to rule as a puppet king, leaving family behind in Rome as hostages. + Eurgain (or Cartismandua) 4 St Cyllin (Cyllinus), said to be the first of the Cymry to give infants names, and to have visited St Paul in Prison and to be the father of Coel I (below) As his full Latin name name was Cyllin Marius Siluria Britannica, it is easy to see why his son Coel I has been ?mistakenly linked to King Marius. Probably returned to Britain as the 1st King of Ewyas + ?Penardun, d/o Brân, who was a fellow prisoner in Rome. 5 Owain ap Cyllin b.125 (Rome), King of Ewyas 5 Coel I, raised in Rome but allowed to return to Britain as a puppet king. 6 Lleyn (Linus) the Martyr - aided St Paul (see II Timothy 4:21) 6 Guidgen (Cynon) (Gwyddien ap Caradog) 6 St Eurgain of Llan Ilid + Salog, Lord of Salisbury 7 Prince Linus, 1st Bishop of Rome [63] 6 Gladys (Gwladys) (married name - Claudia Rufina Britannica) - aided St Paul (see II Timothy 4:21) + Rufus Pudens (possibly the half-brother of St Paul see Romans 16:13) 7 St. Pudentia 7 St. Prassides


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