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Gwenthlean HERLE
descended from

King Henry I of England via the Perrots

Descent from King Henry to Gwenthlean HERLE who married Thomas ap Evan Lloyd Blayney of Gregynog, the parents of David Lloyd Blayney and thus grandparents of Lord Edward Blayney.  Also evidence of a Plantagenet descent from King John via the Perrots and Herles to this Thomas Blayney

See also (illegitimate) descent from King HENRY to:
[1] Elizabeth GWYN, mother of Lewis Blayney via Einion SAIS;
[2] Margaret HERBERT, second wife of Thomas Blayney; and
[3] Joyce HERBERT mother-in-law of John Blayney
(both the latter via Einion SAIS, Sir Dafydd GAM and the Herberts).

Note that the Perrot genealogy is complex and not made easier by the frequent identical names so if you spot an error, please let me know.

Henry I
King of England
1 King Henry I of England b.1068(70) (Selby, Yourkshire); r.3Aug1100-1135; d.1Dec1135; aka Henry Beauclerc (scholarly interests) or "Lion of Justice" The third son of William I of England (William the Conqueror). The first Norman ruler to be fluent in the English language. Issued the Charter of Liberties (forerunner of the Magna Carta). +(1)Edith of Scotland (Matilda) b.1079; m.11Nov1100; d.1May1118); [d/o King Malcolm III and St Margaret, dau of Edward the Exile, heir to the English throne from his father Edmund II Ironside, King of Wessex. Edmund's father, Æthelred (Ethelred) II was the last king to be crowned on the "Kings' Stone" in 978/9 AD.] Edith was a.k.a. Maud of Scotland, Matilda the Good Queen, Good Queen Maud and Matilda of Blessed Memory. She acted as Regent when Henry was abroad. 2 William Adelin b.1103 d.25Nov1120 (White Ship disaster) + Isabella (Sybilla) d'Anjou m.1119; Eldest d/o Fulk V (of Jerusalem) Count d'Anjou 2 Matilda (Maud) b.Feb1104 (2); see Empress Matilda below +(2)Adeliza d/o Godfrey I of Leuven, Duke of Lower Lotharingia and Landgrave of Brabant 2 Matilda b.Feb1102; aka Empress Matilda as Henry had named her as his heir; b.Feb1101; d.10Sep1167 (bur. in Rouen Cathedral) Temp. Queen (Lady of the English), usurped by cousin Stephen Her epitaph reads "Here lies the daughter, wife, and mother of Henry" +(1)Henry V, the Holy Roman Emperor b.11Aug1081; m.7Jan1114 (Mainz); d.23May1125 3 perhaps one child died young +(2)Geoffrey PLANTAGENET (Geoffrey V),Count of Maine; b~1111; m.1127 (when 16); also s/o Fulk V (of Jerusalem) Count d'Anjou and Ermengard. Separated but reconciled 1131. 3 Three sons - Henry (below), Geoffrey (Count of Nantes) and Williamm Earl of Poictou, and one (step) dau, 3 Emma PLANTAGENET b~1138 (Normandy); m.1174; d.1214 Geoffrey's illegitimate dau to Adelaide d'ANGERS + Dafydd (David), Prince of North Wales, younger son of Owen GWYNEDD 4 Gwenllian b.1143 (Caernarvonshire) + Griffith (Gruffydd) ap Cadwygan, Lord of Nannau

Empress Matilda
Lady of the English

Henry II
King of England

Eleanor of Aquitaine

Plantagenet Arms
3 Henry II PLANTAGENET of England b.5Mar1133; r.1154-1189; d.6Jul1189; First of the Plantagenet Kings + Eleanor of Aquitaine b.1124; m.18May1152; d.1204 Eight children: - William (Count of Poitiers), Henry (the Young King 1155–1183), Matilda (Duchess of Saxony 1156–1189), Richard I (King of England 1157–1199), Geoffrey II (Duke of Brittany 1158–1186), Eleanor (Leonora of Aquitaine, 1161–1214), John (1167–1216) -see below, and Joan (of England 1165–1199). There were a number of illeg. children to various mistresses including Geoffrey, Archbishop of York (~1152–1226) and William de Longespee, 3rd Earl of Salisbury (1176–1226) 4 John PLANTAGENET, King of England; b.24Dec1167 (?1166) at Beaumont Palace, Oxford; r.6Apr1199-Oct1216; d.18/19Oct1216; Succeeded his brother Richard I ("the Lionheart"); Fifth son of King Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine. Nicknames of "Lackland" (no imheritance & loss of land to France) and "Soft-sword" (military ineptitude) +(1)Isabel of Gloucester, aka Avisa, Hawise, Joan, and Eleanor; daughter and heiress of William Fitz Robert, 2nd Earl of Gloucester Marriage annulled ~1199 [consanguinity] 5 no children +(2)Isabella of Angoulême (Isabelle) m.24Aug1200; d/o Aymer Taillefer, Count of Angouleme. five children (Henry, Richard, Joan, Isabella & Eleanor). + multiple mistresses (their illegitimate sons used surname FitzRoy = "son of King") including: + Clemence (PINEL or De DAUNTSEY or Le BOTELER (mistress) [942] [One theory has her as Clemence de Dauntsey dau of Roger de Daunteseye of Dauntsey and Maud Mandeville, Countess of Essex, dau of Geoffrey FitzPiers (1st/4th Earl of Essex, Sheriff of Northamptonshire) and Beatrice de Say dau of William de Saye and Aufrica dau of William "the Lion", King of Scots [145].
A more probable Clemence was Clemence Le BOTELER b.1275, daughter of Philip Le BOTELER with Joan being conceived before John (or Clemence) were married, allowing the Pope to legitimise her. Unless she was the eldest child, it would not have been necessary to make her legitimacy conditional on removing any claim to thte throne. ]

King John of England from
"History of England"
Cassell 1902

Joan & Llywelyn
Illustration by Phil Colvin
See The Legend of Gelert

Llywelyn ap Iorwerth
"Llywelyn Fawr"
Prince of Wales
5 Joan (Siwan) PLANTAGENET (Legitimated by the Pope) b~1191; m.11May1203/4/5/6 to create an alliance with Wales; d.1236 [942] or 1237 [304]; Princess of Wales + Llywelyn ap Iorwerth Fawr (the Great), Prince of Gwynedd and most of Wales; b.1173 (Caernarvonshire); d.11Apr1240; [his third of 5 marriages] 6 Dafydd ap Llywelyn b~1208; d.25Feb1246 (Aber, Gwynedd) Prince of Gwynedd r.1240-6; Recognised as 1st "Official" Prince of Wales by his uncle King Henry III in 1220 Excommunicated after breaking a church arranged truce with brothers. See more on Llywelyn and Welsh royal links to the Blayneys here + Maud (=Isabella) de BRAOSE b.1222; m.1230 [Oldest dau of William de BRAOSE (Lord of Abergavenny -10th Baron; b~1200; d.2May1230; son of Reginald de BRAOSE and Grecia de BRIWERE) and Lady Eva MARSHAL (dau of William MARSHAL, 1st Earl of Pembroke, known as Gwilym Ddu = "Black William" by the Welsh for his cuelty and when captured by Llywelyn was ransomed for £2,000.] This marriage was aimed at reducing the bitterness between the Welsh and the Marcher Lords. William hadn't helped relations by being caught in Llywelyn's private bedchamber with Llywelyn's wife, Joan and so was promptly and publically hanged by Llywelyn while Joan was placed under house arrest for a year. The marriage still went ahead and Joan was forgiven after a year and restored as Princess. + mistress 7 Llywelyn, constable of Rhuddlan + mistress (2nd) 7 Annes verch Dafydd 6 Susanna of Gwynedd 6 Helen of Gwynedd + John "le Scot" of Dunkeld + Robert de Quincy 7 Hawise de Quincy 6 Gwladus Ddu (or "Dhou"=the Dark) ferch Llywelyn; b.1206 (Caernarvonshire); d.1251 (Windsor, Berkshire); Princess of North Wales There has been some suggestion she was the illegitimate dau of Tangwystyl Goch but considerable evidence supports Joan as her mother [700] as does naming her daughter Joan and the inheriting of some of Princess Joan's landholdings. +(1)Reginald de BRAOSE, Lord of Brecon & Abergavenny; Baron of Kinton

Braose family

de Mortimer of Wigmore

Artist's impression
of Wigmore Castle

Wigmore Castle today

Photo by Kathryn [930]
b.1178 (Bramber, Sussex); m.1215 [943]; d.9Jun1228 (Brecon) [Son of William de BRAOSE and Lady MaudSt Walery] Previously married to Grace BRIWERE (BREWER) [700] Father of William (hung) and grandfather of Maud de BRAOSE +(2)Ralph de MORTIMER of Wigmore b.1190 [Radulphus de Mortuomari" [946]]

Knucklas Castle today!

Cefnllys Castle today!
m.1230 [943]; dv; d.6Aug1246 (Wigmore, Herefordshire); 5th Baron of Wigmore, Justice of Gwynedd; Earl of March; Built Cefnllys and Knucklas castles, both burnt by Llewelyn ap Gruffyd in 1262 with Knucklas fully destroyed by Owain Glyndwr's forces in 1402 and Cefnllys changed hands so many times it was a ruin by the early 16th Century [944]. [2nd s/o Roger de MORTIMER b.1125 (Wigmore); d.24Jun1214 and Isabel de FERRERS (FERRIERES) b~1166 (Co. Rutland, Normandie)] 7 Maud MORTIMER b.1230 (Wigmore, Ludlow, Shrops) + William La ZOUCHE b.1214 (Kings Nympton, Devon) 7 Sir Roger MORTIMER b.1231 (Cwmaron Castle); d.Oct1282 (Kingsland, Herefordshire); bur Wigmore Abbey, Herefordshire; 6th Lord (Baron) Wigmore; Sheriff of Hereford; Lord of Kerry + Maud de BRAOSE (Briouze) m.1247 [dau of William de BRIOUZE & Eva MARSHALL]; dv 8 Six children (Isabella, Ralph, Edmund (see below), Geoffrey, Roger and William. 8 Edmund MORTIMER, 2nd Baron Wigmore b.1251; d.7Jul1304 [945] The betrayer and slayer of Llywelyn "The Last" ap Llywelyn Fawr ab Iorwerth. +(1) Joan De GRAY b~1257 (Wilton Castle) +(2) Margaret de Fiennes b.1262 [dau of William II de Fiennes and Blanche de Brienne] 9 Sir Roger Mortimer, 1st Earl of March b.25Apr1287; d.29Nov1330 (executed). Overthrew Edward II, lover of Edward's wife Isabella of France; de facto ruler (Regent) of England 1327-30 + Joan De Geneville b.2Feb1285/6 (Ludlow Castle, Shropshire) [dau of Piers De Geneville Lord Trim b.1244/56 (Dublin) and Jehanne De Lusignan b~1262 7 Jonet MORTIMER b.1230 (Wigmore) + Ieuan ap Rhys 7 Hugh (de) MORTIMER b.1221/33 (Wigmore); d.Jan1272/3 + Agatha de FERRERS b.1233; d.22May1306 8 Henry (de) MORTIMER 7 John (de) MORTIMER b~1235 (Wigmore) 7 Joan MORTIMER b~1230/40 [929] + Peter (Piers) CORBET 1st Baron Corbet b~1235 (Caus Castle, Shropshire); m.(by 1252/3)[931]; d.10Aug1300 [son of Thomas CORBET (1202-1274) and Isabel de VALLETORT (b~1210)] This may be an error as the wife of Peter (and mother of Thomas & Peter) is given as Alice by Burke [931] v3 while Thomas was married to Joan dau of Alam Plukenet. Other genealogies have Joan Mortimer as the first wife and Alice De Orreby as the second [934] The Feet of Fines have Joan Mortimer married to Peter's father, Thomas, yet his son Peter being the grandson of Isabella Corbet (formerly Valletort) [935]. 8 Sibyl Corbet b.1274 (Caus Castle, Shropshire) 8 Thomas CORBET b~1265 (Caus Castle, Shropshire) 8 Peter (Piers) CORBET 2nd Baron Corbet b~1270 (Caus Castle, Shropshire) No genealogy has this Peter having offspring. 7 Peter (de) MORTIMER b~1237 (Wigmore) 7 Isolda (de) MORTIMER b~1239 (Wigmore) 7 Sined (a.k.a. Janet/Janett/Joan/Joanna) (de) MORTIMER b~1200 (Wigmore) To avoid confusion with a sister Joan (Lady Corbet) and Jonet (married Ieuan) I am using her preferred Welsh name Sined, rather than the Janet given by Banks [933 p.116] [who called her mother "Gladuse..., daughter of Leweline, prince of Wales" - so his Welsh was highly Anglicised]. + Sir Andrew PERROT b~1185/95 [son (or g-son) of Sir Stephen (Trevor) PERROT and Ellynor (Helen, Ellen, Eleanor [841]) ferch Meirchion, Lady of Istington or Eastington, dau and co-heir of Meirchion ap Rhys (ap Rhydderch ap Iestyn ap Owain ap Howel Dda) [933], ie descended from Prince Howel Dda of Deheubarth b~887; d.948, grandson of Rhodri Mawr [318] [682] [735] [685]] and also of Norman descent from Sir Richard Perrot (Signeur de Perrot) of Brittany who accompanied William the Conqueror [933]. Andrew built Narbeth Castle in 1246 [304] [685] See Narbeth Castle 8 Catrin PERROT + Caradog ap Hywel 8 Sir William PERROT Esq b~1220 + Jane (or Margaret) HEREFORD b~1225 dau. and rich co-heir of Sir Walter HEREFORD who d~1160 on crusade. Interestingly, "the Harfords bore gules, three eagles displayed arg. membered and beaked azure", but no vert (green) appears on their Coat of Arms. 9 Peter PERROT b~1250

Perrot Arms
The use of pear symbols
an example of "canting arms"

Piers Gaveston
Arms [Junior line
of Owain Gwynedd]

Owain Gwynedd:
Vert, three eagles
dispalyed in fesse Or

Tomb and Arms of
Arnaud de Gaveston
(different to Pier's)

This Peter PERROT is quite possibly the same person as Sir Piers of Gaveston Earl of Cornwall and Edward II's "favourite". [suggested by Kevin McKenzie [145] because Piers:

  • was called "brother Perrot" by Edward II [936], and many references use "Perrot" instead of Piers [948]
  • had a coat of arms with six golden eagles on green (ie junior line from Owain Gwynedd), totally different to the "assumed" father Sir Arnaud de Gabaston/Gaveston (bur. 1310, Winchester Cathedral - see above)
  • Piers is not a name found in Sir Arnaud's family (but Arnaud's brother-in-law was Pierre Caillau so he could be named for his maternal auncle [930]).
  • gifted one hundred silver shields, marked with an eagle by Edward II
  • was made guardian of the 16 yr old Roger Mortimer in 1304 by Edward I after the death Roger's father Edmund [945]. Roger would have been the 1st cousin once removed (cousin's son) of "Peter".
  • Piers called John of Brittany "trescher cosin" (very dear cousin) [939]. John (Earl of Richmond) was "Peter" Perrot's 2nd cousin once removed.
  • Piers married the daughter of the king's favourite sister and a prominent Lord, something impossible if he was a commoner.
  • Piers is known in contemporary records as Petrus de Causton or de Caveston, indicating that the later use of "de Gaveston" is actually a misreading of Canaston and as Peter's wife was Mary Canaston, Peter would "by right of his heiress wife" have been "de Canaston". The name "Piers Gaveston" has in fact only been used since Christopher Marlowe used the name in his play Edward II but has been copied ever since [145]
  • Peter Perrot's wife Mary Kynaston (Canaston) is given in Wotton's Baronage [946] as Margaret, probably confusion with Piers' 2nd wife, Margaret de Clare
  • Piers was termed a Gascon noble, so some assume he is from Gabaston in Gascony. However Sir Richard Perrot (Signeur de Perrot) of Brittany [ancestor of Peter Perrot (ie Piers)] who accompanied William the Conqueror [933], was married to Blanche de Aragon (daughter of Matilda de Aquitaine and Sancho Ramiro, second King of Aragon grandson of King Sancho III ("the Great") of Navarre, Count of Aragon, suzerain of Gascony and married to Gaya de Gascony. [946] [668] [947]

Piers Gaveston dead at
feet of Guy de Beauchamp

Sir Piers de Gaveston Earl of Cornwall b~1282/3 (Berkhamsted Castle) - he had to be at least 21 in 1304 when given Roger's Wardship and was the "contemporary" of Edward II (born 1284); m.1Nov1307; d.19Jun1312

In 1308 he served briefly as Regent when Edward II was in France. In 1312 he was abucted by the Earl of Warwick, from Scarborough Castle, taken to Blacklow Hill where he was run through then beheaded and then left on the road by Earls Lancaster, Hereford & Arundel. Piers is named as the "Headless spirit of Scarborough Castle" [937]

Piers married Margaret de Clare (b.1294 d.1342) [daughter of Joan of Acre (dau of Edward I and Eleanor of Castile) b.1272 in Akko, Syria (on Crusade); d.1307 and Gilbert 'the Red' de Clare, Earl of Gloucester and Hertford b.1243 2m.30Apr1290 d.1295]. Margaret remarried on 28Apr1317 to Hugh AUDLEY (d'Audley) the younger another of Edward II's "favourites"

Piers and Margaret had Joan GAVESTON b.Jan1312 (York), Joan bing a family name for Peter (his grandmother Joan MORTIMER and great-great grandmother Joan PLANTAGENET).

+ Mary CANASTON (Kynaston) b~1252, a dau and co-heir of Harry CANASTON (Kynaston) of Pembrokeshire b~1220. Kynaston is situated near Narbeth Castle. 10 Ralph PERROT MP 1292 (24Edw.I); d.1305 (33Edw.I) [933] 10 Stephen PERROT of Popton (Popetown) b~1275; A principal fiefholder of the Earl of Pembroke. Indicted for conspiracy against Richard de Barri in 1327; d.1338 + Mabel/Mabli KASTEL, b~1280 dau and heiress of John Castell (de Castro) of Castleton (or William KASTEL b~1250), bringing what was to become the PERROT estates, the house and manor of Popton.

Perrot Manor, Eastington
11 John PERROT b~1305 d.13Jan1349 thought to have been one of the first victims of the Black Death; Ancestor of the PERROT knights (of Popton, Eastington and Haroldston) + Jane (Janet, Joanna) JOYCE b~1307 dau of Sir John JOYCE of Prendergast who was Sheriff of Pembrokeshire in 1333. 12 Sir Peter d.1378 (see below) 12 Alice PERROT + Stephen MALEFANT 12 Isolda PERROT + William BENEGAR 12 Sir Peter PERROT b~1330 (moved to Eastington); d.?1369 + Alice HAROLD b~1335 dau. of Sir Richard HAROLD of Haroldston and Eleanor HILL 13 Stephen PERROT (see just below) 13 Catherine PERROT + Owain Ap ROBERT 13 Stephen PERROT (Esq.) b~1360; d~1428 Uncle John Harold guardian after 1369 Loyal to the Crown during Owain Glyndwr's rebellion with whom he negoiated a truce in 1405 on behalf of the people of Pembrokeshire [682]. +(1)Ellen HOWEL b~1362 heiress & d/o Sir John HOWEL and Ellen HILL of Woodstock 14 Sir Thomas PERROT of Eastington and Haroldston b~1390 Picton Manor, Slebech, Pembrokeshire; d.10Apr1460 Bristol +(1)Alice PICTON ferch Sir John ap William ap Thomas ap Sir William PICTON. Heiress after the death of John in 1440; [Mother was Martha Hadden]; b~1390; m~1440; d.1441 15 Agnes PERROT + Robert MUTTLEBERIE 15 Alice PERROT b~1408 (Haroldstone) +(1)Sir Gruffudd ap Nicolas (2nd m.) Sheriff of Carmarthenshire in 1436 m1. Mabel ferch Maredydd ap Henry Dwnn m3. Jane ferch Jenkin ap Rhys ap Dafydd 16 Eleanor ferch GRIFFITH b~1427 + James SCUDAMORE +(2)John VYTERE 15 Sir Thomas PERROT Esq of Eastington and Haroldston; b~1415; d.23Jul1474 Was at Battle of Mortimer's Cross 2Feb1461 +(1)Joan GWYS (GYSE) b~1417; m~1439 (Heroldstone, Pembroke) dau of John GUISE Esq 16 Sir William (Thomas) PERROT; b~1440 (Heroldstone) + Jane (=Johanna) WOGAN b~1443; d.11Nov1504 [dau. of Sir Henry Wogan of Wiston and Margaret (Thomas) HERBERT (who was dau of William ap Thomas Herbert andGwladus ferch Dafydd GAM ap Llewelyn)] 17 Sir Owen PERROT of Haroldston; b~1470; d.1521 + Katherine POYNTZ b~1475 [d/o Sir Robert POYNTZ of Iron Action (who d.1520 in Bristol, brother-in-law to Edward IV) and Margaret WOODVILLE] 18 Robert PERROT d.y. (1522) 18 Sir Thomas PERROT of Haroldstone + Mary BERKELEY b~1511; m~1527; d~1586 (mistress of King Henry VIII) dau of James BERKELEY and Susan FITZALAN Remarried Sir Thomas JONES ap John ap Thomas about 1532

Sir John Perrot
engraving by V. Green, 1584
19 Sir John PERROT (of Haroldstone); b.1528; d.1592 Mayor of Haverfordwest 3x [760] High Sheriff of Pembrokeshire 1552 1st President of Munster 1571-3 Lord Deputy of Ireland 1584-8; Admiral of The Fleet Awarded Lordship (and Castle) of Carew by Queen Mary 1558; d.1592, Tower of London (sent there for making indiscreet remarks about the Queen). Probable (right) royal bastard (see likeness to King Henry VIII but some dispute this [687]) However he made a famous bequest to the Haverfordwest Corporation founding the Sir John Perrot's Charity [760] ("The Perrot Trust") +(1)Anne CHENEY (CHEYNEY) of Kent 20 Sir Thomas PERROT +(2)Joan PRUST (?1st wife) 20 Letitia PERROT +(3)Jane PRUET (Pollard) of Devonshire 20 Three children: william, Lettice and Ann + Sibil Jones of Radnorshire (mistress) 20 Sir James PERROT b.1571; d.4Feb1636 Illegit son of John Welsh writer and MP of Haverfordwest then Pembrokeshire, Custos Rotulorum of Pembrokeshire (1601-1608+) 19 Jane PERROT b~1524 + John PHILLIPS of Picton (1º Bt.) 19 Elizabeth PERROT b~1525 + John PRICE of Gogerddan Esq. s/o Richard Price and Ellen Jenkin 20 Sir Richard PRICE b~1545 + Gwenllian 18 Edward PERROT 18 Mary PERROT + Gryffyth WHITE 18 Owen PERROT 18 Rys PERROT d.1571 Tutored King Edward VI in Greek M.P. for Sandwich 1557 then Mayor 1565-66 + Susan PATCH m.4.Jul1553 (St Mary, Sandwich) 18 Thomas PERROT 18 Elizabeth PERROT b~1517 + Thomas AUDLEY m~1538 18 Richard PERROT of Brook 18 John PERROT 17 Margaret PERROT + William VAUGHAN of Kilgerran 17 John PERROT of Caervoriog + Elizabeth WYRRIOT 17 Maud PERROT + William ADAMS 17 Joyce PERROT + Janbyn Aap HOWELL of Newark 17 Anna PERROT 17 Isabella PERROT 17 Alicia PERROT + Richard TUCKER 16 Thomas PERROT b~1440 Sprottsboro in Pembroke + Jane ferch HARRY b~1445 dau. of Thomas Ap Harry Ap Gwylym 17 John PERROT b~1465 (Sprottsboro) + Isabel VERNON b~1500 (Haslington) d/o Richard VERNON b~1470 (Haslington) & Margaret ROPE b~1478 (Stappeley) [690] [682] 18 David PERROT b~1505 (Sprottsboro) + Jane WOGAN b~1510 18 Jane PERROT b~1502 Pembroke + Thomas HERLE b.1503 of Aberystwyth, Ancestors of Blayneys of Gregynog (Wales) and CastleBlayney (Ireland) See Herle descent to the Blayneys 16 Sined (Jonet) PERROT + John (Jenkin) ELLIOTT of Earware 16 John PERROT 16 Mathew PERROT +(2)Isabella WOGAN d.1475 d/o Sir Henry Wogan of Wiston [2nd wife of Sir Thomas PERROT ~1415-74] 15 Agnes PERROT + Robert MUTTLEBERIE 15 Emma PERROT + Sir Richard CRADOCK b~1405; d.1449 Lord Chief Justice of the Common Pleas 1439 15 Stephen PERROT d.20Jun1461 15 Joan PERROT + Sir Henry WOGAN 15 Jane PERROT + Phillip ELLIOTT of Earware 15 Anne PERROT + Hywel Ap DAFYD 15 Ellen PERROT +(1)Richard WYRIOTT of Orielton +(2)Lewis DAVY 15 John PERROT + Ellen 15 Henry PERROT of Caervoriog + Isabella LAUGHHARNE 15 William PERROT of Tallacharn 15 Owen PERROT +(2)Joane WARREN née ARNOLD dau of John ARNOLD and widow of Llywelyn WARREN of Warren [and 2nd wife of Sir Thomas d.1460] 14 Ann PERROT + Roger MARYCHURCH (widow of Jane Perrot) 14 Alice PERROT + Henry MALEFANT +(2)Margaret STEPNEY d/o Stephen Stepney [2nd wife of Stephen PERRROT ~1360-~1428] 15 Henry PERROT 15 Agnes PERROT 11 Richard PERROT Given 19 acres of land in Graveshill by Stephen 11 Thomas 11 Sir Peter PERROT b~1330; d.1378 ? moved to Eastinton (Istington), a fortified manor house near the shore of Angle Bay [685] + Alice (Ales) HAROLD, dau of Sir Richard HAROLD [684], [682] [685]

Scotsborough ruins
12 Thomas PERROT b~1340 [302] Mayor of Tenby (Dinbych-y-Pysgod) in 1413 First of the Scotsborough line of PERROTs; Interestingly Scotsborough House (Castle) remains a ruin after being abandoned in an 1824 epidemic of smallpox [303]. + Alice (Alicia) [302] It is not clear from the various genealogies if Thomas had a second wife or a son named Thomas who married Jane or if they have mistaken Alice (his mother) or the wife of Mayor Robert Perrot (see below) as the wife of Thomas. + Jane GWYLYM, dau of Thomas ap Harry ap Gwylym 13 John PERROT of Scotsborough b~1346; d.6Aug1413 (Tenby) + Isabel VARNEY b~1350; m~1371; d.1413 (Tenby); d/o Robert VARNEY and Eleanor de Valence 14 Robert (Roland) PERROT of Scotsborough dsp Bailiff of Tenby 1454 and Mayor 1458 [682]. + Alice LACHARN 14 Jenkyn PERROT; d.26Jul1496 (Battle of Edgecote Moore) 14 David PERROT of Scotsborough; (1st or 2nd son); b~1388 + Jane (or Elizabeth) WOGAN of Wiston; dau of John WOGAN and Agnes WYRIOT 15 John PERROT of Scotsborough + Elizabeth ELLIOTT 16 William PERROT of Scotsborough +(1)Ann WYRIOTT d.1525 d/o Thomas WYRIOTT (Wirriot [841]) 17 John PERROT of Scotsborough b.1525; d.1574/5 + Jane Lloyd VAUGHAN m.1551 17 Thomas PERROT of Tenby 17 Rhos PERROT [683] + John GRIFFITHS of Tenby +(2) __ ap Gwylym, b. in Court Henry, Carmarthenshire Coheiress of Harry ap Gwylym (Court Henry, Caermarthenshire) 17 Jane PERROT b.1510 +(1)Thomas HERL(E) of Aberystwyth [841] [Not the parents-in-law of Thomas Blayney] +(2)Hugh WILLIAMS of Talyewrth 16 Harry PERROT of Caervoring 16 Jane PERROT + Lewis ap Thomas ap David GOCH 15 Jane PERROT + Roger MARYCHURCH; (subsequently m. Anne PERROT) 11 Joan PERROT + William BENEGAR 11 Lettys PERROT + John ap GROWNY of Kil y San 11 Catherine PERROT + Evan ap GWYLM of Cemaes 8 Catherine PERROT + Caradog ap Howell of Cemaes b~1215 8 Elizabeth PERROT + David WYNTER


From King Urien to Thomas HERLE

1 Urien (Orian) Rheged, King of North Rheged b~530; d.590/6 [Son of Cynfarch, Prince of North Briton, 1st King of North Rheged and Nyfain] Patron of the famous bard Taliesin Did fight with other Welsh Kings, even capturing another Blayney ancestor in battle, King Selyf Sarffgadau (Battle-Serpent) of Powys but mainly they fought against the expanding Saxons. [691] +(1)Orwen +(2)Modron ferch Afallach [or ?Morgan Le Fay, Arthur's half-sister!!] 2 Pasgen ap Urien King of Gwyr ~850 Listed as one of the "three arrogant ones" in the Triads [310] Iolo MSS have him as a nephew of Arthur and "a very cruel King, and a great traitor to his country, for which he was dethroned" [693] ? Ynyr [60c] but not [693] 3 Mor [692], [693] 4 Rhiryd (Rhirid) 5 Llywarch (Larch) 6 Rhun (Rhyne) 7 Seisyllt (Cecilt) 8 Gwrwared (Gurwared) 9 Cynhaethwy (Kynhathwye) ?1077/80 10 Llywarch (Lloarch) 11 Einion (Eynion) Lord OF Kidwelly 12 Gronwy (Gronwey) + Llewwlydd ferch Einion CLUD b~1145 13 Rhys + Margaret 14 Elidir (Elidyr, Elidar) ~1225 + Gwladys ferch Philio ap Bah ap Gwaethfoed b~1235 15 Sir Elidyr Ddu ap Elidyr, Knight of the Sepulchre Accompanied King Richard (Lionheart) in the 1191 crusade + Cicely (or Elisabeth) ferch Seieyllt (Selaylit) of Cantresselyf Mon 16 Phillip ap Elidyr + Gwladys ferch Daffyd Fras ap Einion Goch b~1325 17 Nicolas ap Philip b.1367 (see below)
1 Nicolas (Nicholas) ap PHILIP b~1367 (Llandeilo Fawr, Maenordeilo, Carmarthenshire) + Jonet/Sioned ferch GRUFFUDD ap Llewelyn b~1373 (Llangathen, Cetheiniog) 2 Griffith (Gruffudd) ap NICHOLAS b~1393/5 (Llandeilo Fawr, Maernordeilo) d.1Feb1461 (Battle of Mortimer Cross) + Mabli (Mabel) DuNN (DWINN) ferch Meredith b~1382/99 (Croesallgwn, Llangyndeyrn) dau of Meredith ap Henry DWNN b~1362 3 Lleucu ferch GRUFFUDD b~1419 (Llandeilo Fawr) 3 Gwenllian ferch GRUFFUDD b~1420 (Llandeilo Fawr) 3 Margred ferch GRUFFUDD b~1422 (Llandeilo Fawr) 3 Thomas "Hynaf" Ap GRUFFUDD b~1420 - see below 3 Owain ap GRUFFUDD b~1427 (Bryn-y-beirdd, Llandeilo Fawr) 3 Lleucu ferch GRUFFUDD b~1436 (Llandeilo Fawr) 3 Thomas "Hynaf" ap GRUFFUDD b.1412 (Dyenevor) ?of Newton m~1445; d.1468(74) +(1)Elizabeth GRIFFITH (Elsbeth GRUFFUDD) b~1422 (Wichnor, Tatenhill, Staffordshire) d/o Sir John GRIFFITH b~1400 (Wichnor), who killed in a duel and Catherine TYRWHITT b~1400 4 Margaret ferch THOMAS b.1444 (Maenordeilo, Cantref Mawr, Camarthenshire) +(1)Sir Richard HERBERT of Colebrooke +(2)John HERLE (HALE) b~1449 (Breckonshire); d>1498 See from John HERLE to Thomas Blayney 4 Sir Rhys ap THOMAS (FitzURIAN) of the Garter of Newton b.1449 (Maenordeilo, Cantref) + Efa ferch HENRY +(2)Elizabeth BOURGOGNE b~1430 (Burgundy, France) dau of Philippe III "Le Bon" De BOURGOGNE Duke of Burgundy b.30Jun1396 (Dijon) and Katherine FITZALAN b~1400 4 John Ap THOMAS b~1460 of Abermarlais, Carmarthenshire + Elizabeth VAUGHAN b~1470 (Bredwardine, Herefordshire) dau of Thomas Vaughan of Bredwardine 5 Sir Thomas Johnes


From Sir John d'HERLE to Thomas BLAYNEY

Arms of Herle: — Arg. a fesse Gul., between three sheldrakes, proper 1 Sir John d'HERLE d.11Apr1418 of Tywwardreath, Cornwall. son of John HERLE of Northumberland. [715] 1410 MP Cornwall John Herle and Margaret sold "Clyst Chambernon" Manor to John Herle, son of John and Kathterine for 200 marks of silver in 1405 [716] + Margaret (or Elizabeth [717]) POLGLASE (Polglass, Polglas) b.1365; (daughter of William POLGLAS(E); d.1367 and Elizabeth CHAMPERNOUN d.1398 (aka Champernowne or Champernon, derived from de Campo Arnulphi]) 2 Margaret Alice HERLE + John PAUNCEFORT 2 Sir John de HERLE (ERLE) of Kyre Wyard; b~1332 (Marley, Worcestershire); dvp.1398 (Kyre Wyard, Tenbury, Worcestershire)

Kyre Wyard Manor
Sold Ilfracombe Manor. + Elizabeth WYARD m<1365; d.1397; dau and heir of Sir Robert WYARD [703] No male issue. The Manor of St George's Clist (Clyst St George or Clist Champernowne) was inherited by John's distant cousin Sir William Lord Bonville and subsequently taken by the crown "upon the attainder of his representative, the Duke of Suffolk" [718]. 3 Maud HERLE co-heiress of Kyre Wyard & Martley; b.1365 + Roger MORTIMER of Tedstone Wafer, Herefordshire; b~1355; d.13Dec1402 Inherited both Kyre Wyard and Martley Manors 4 Sir John MORTIMER d.1415 3 Margaret HERLE b~1377 co-heiress Her descendants continued using the HERLE surname [335]. + Thomas VAUGHAN of Tyle Glas (“Green Hill”), Erles Court and Stoke Bliss; (Thomas ap Philip VAUGHAN) b~1382; d.1432 [704] (see Arms in the Gregynog Blayney Room) ?previously married to Alice ferch WATKIN having daughters Agnes VAUGHAN b~1405 and Denise verch Thomas VAUGHAN b.1414 (Tyle-Glas) [the later married Sir Roger VAUGHAN b.1410 (Tretwr); d.1471] 4 William (ap) THOMAS (William HERLE FYCHAN) of Herefordshire; who retained the name HERLE [706]; d.1437, leaving a son (John), two years of age [704] + Agnes [705] 5 John ap William (HERLE) FYCHAN b.1423(35); d.1511 He assumed his grandmother's HERLE maiden name [335] [704]) + Anne De La BEERE (DELABEERE) b.1427 (Breckonshire) 6 George HERLE d.1512 6 Thomas HERLE d.1521 + ___ 7 John HERLE of Stanton Wyard Sold Erles Court in 1546 to John Clarke [705] and he sold Stoke Bliss Manor in 1556 to Thomas Baskerville. + Catherine 8 John HERLE Sold Stanton Manor to William Harcourt [706] 6 Sir John HERLE (HALE) Esq b~1449 (1460) (Breckonshire); son of John ap William (HERLE) FYCHAN and Anne DELABEERE (De La BEERE) b.1427 (both of Breckonshire) [714]. sold Tyle Glas to his uncle Philip Vaughan; Continued use of HERLE + Margaret ferch THOMAS b.1444 d/o Thomas ap Griffith ap Nicholas & Elizabeth (Elsbeth) GRUFFUDD and widow of Sir Richard HERBERT. According to 7 Mary HERLE (Hearle, Hale) b~1498 (Brecknockshire); m~1518 + Sir James BOWEN b.1480 (Llwyngwair, Pembroke) (Son of Owain BOWEN Esq and Jonet (Janet) ferch John ap Harry ap Llywelyn) Previously married to Jane PEROTT, dau of Jenkyn PEROTT 7 Thomas HERLE b~1470/1500 (Colbrook, Brecknockshire) [690] This Thomas isn't in some pedigrees but those without create a chronological problem. + ___ Possibly Margaret ferch THOMAS b.1444 (as above) [Lloyd [1116]] 8 Mary HERLE b~1490 (Brecknockshire) + Sir James BOWEN b~ 1480 (Pentre Evan) of Llwyngwair, Pembroke, Wales; m~1518 [11 children] 8 Thomas HERLE b.1503 [689] (Colbrook, Brecknockshire) of Aberystwyth. Here I have Thomas ap Thomas ap John ap John ap William HERLE (son of Margaret HERLE). The previous line of Thomas ap John ap William HERLE (son of Margaret HERLE) would require 50 year generations, so clearly misses some. Lodge's Peerage of Ireland [707] and Kimber's The Peerage of Ireland [747] has Thomas ap Thomas ap William HERLE, so I suspect they missed a generation or two as well. + Jane PERROT b~1502 (Pembroke) dau of John PERROT b~1465 Sprottsboro, Pembroke and Isabel VERNON 9 William HERLE of Mongomery b~1535 (1530s [1117]); d.1588; a pirate and spy who was imprisoned in the Marshalsea prison in 1571 from where he smuggled letters to William CECIL (Lord Burghley) [1117], Principal Secretary then Lord Treasurer to QE I. Known as the Queen's "Ma'tie's s'vant" [1116], he became an Became an important Intelligence Officer and "agent provocateur" for Queen Elizabeth. MP for Callington Borouigh, Cornwall in the Parliament of 1586-7 [1118] + Rosa JONES [mistress] 10 Jana HERLE bpt.23Oct1576 (Guilsfield, Montgomeryshire), on 23 October 1576. 9 ____ + Laurence JOHNSON [1117] 9 Elizabeth HERLE + Richard THELWALL of Plas Y Ward, Denbighshire; d.1568 (Caerwys, Eistedfodd) 9 Gwenllian (Gwenillen or Gwenthlean) ferch Thomas HERLE b.1535(~22) (Montgomeryshire) + Thomas BLAYNEY b~1520 [my ancestor] (Thomas ap Ieuan Llwyd Blayney) 10 Dafydd Llwyd (David Lloyd) Blayney of Gregynog + Elizabeth Gwyn ferch Lewis 11 Lewis Blayney 11 Edward 1st Lord Blayney of CastleBlayney, Ireland

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