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Descended to the royal Tudors of England


1 Ednyfed Vychan ap Kendrig (Cynwrig), Lord of Brynffenigl (a ~1200 d~1246)
  General and Lord Steward to Llewelyn the Great, Prince of Wales (1173-1240),
  representing the Prince in negotiations with Henry III of England.
  Seneschal of Gwynedd
 +(1)Tangwystsl Goch (dau of Llowarch ap Bran, Lord of Menai/Menon, Anglesy) 
  2 nine children incl
  2 Sir Tudor of Nant and Llangynhafal  
   + Adlais/Adles (dau of Richard ap Cadwallader and Alice de Clare) [592]
    3 Sir Heilin (Heilwyn) ap Tudor 
     + Agnes/Annes (dau of Bleddyn, Lord of Dinmael) 
      4 Griffith ap Heilin of Cochwillan 
       + Eva/Efa (dau of Griffith ap Tudor of Cochwillan)
        5 Gwilym ap Griffith
         + Gwenhwyfar ferch Ieuan
          6 Bleddyn ap Gwilym
          6 Griffith ap Gwilym of Penrhyn
  2 Llewellyn of Creuthyn 
  2 Kendrig 
  2 Rhys of Garth Garmon 

Llywelyn ap Iorwerth
"Llywelyn Fawr"
Prince of Wales
2 Howel, Bishop of St. Asaph (c 1241) 2 Iowerth, Lord of Abermarlais 2 Angharad + Einion Vychan ap Einion of Plas-yn-nant 2 Gwenllian + Llywelyn 'the Great', Prince of Wales (b.1173, d.1240) He subsequently (1205) married Joan Plantagenet dau of John Plantagenet, King John of England +(2)Gwenllian d.1236 (dau of Rhys ap Griffith, Lord of South Wales=Lord Rhys) 2 Goronwy (Grong / Gruno) ap Ednyfed, Lord of Tref-Gastel d.1268 Seneschal of Gwynedd; Ancestor of the Tudors + Morfydd (dau of Meuric (Meurig) ap Ithel, Lord of Gwent) 3 Tudor Hen (ap Goronwy) of Penmynedd Forester of Snowdon b.1222 Trecastell, Llangoed, Anglesey d.1311 Swore allegiance to Edward I of England and his son Edward, the first English Prince of Wales, ensuring continued Tudor influence. + Angharad (dau of Ithel Vychan (Fychan) of Englefield) 4 Goronwy (Gronwy) ap Tudor (d 1331). Captain Of Archers; Lord of Penmynydd + Gwervyl (Gwerful) (dau of Madoc ap David, Baron of Hendwr) 5 Hywel ap Goronwy, Canon of Bangor Cathedral, Archdeacon of Anglesey 5 Sir Tudor (Hen) Fychan ap Goronwy Lord of Penmynedd (d 1367) + Margaret (ferch Thomas ap Llwelyn, Lord of South Wales) 6 Goronwy d.1382 (drowned) + ___ 7 Morfedd + Gwilym ap Gruffydd of Penrhyn 6 Ednyfed d.1382 (drowned) 6 Gwilym -accompanied Richard II's Irish campaign but supported Owain Glyndwr's rebellion against Henry IV, who deposed Richard II. Outlawed in 1406 pardoned 1413 6 Rhys ap TUDOR -also accompanied Richard II's Irish campaign & outlawed 1406 ?executed 1412 6 Meredith (Maredudd, Meredydd) ap Tudor. Outlawed 1406; d.1406 +(1)Margaret (Mereditt), (ferch Dafydd (David) Fychan (Vychan) ap David Lloyd (Llwyd) of Anglesey

Owen Tudor arms
7 Sir Owen TUDOR a.k.a. Owain ap Maredudd ap Tudur (b.1402, Executed 1461) squire for Henry V, then the lover of Henry's widow (Catherine of Valois and Dowager Queen of England) Fathered 6+ children with Catherine and one "natural" son, Sir David OWEN. +(1)Catherine de VALOIS of France b.27Oct1401; Queen of England 23Feb1421 m.1429; d.3Jan1437 in childbirth; daughter of Charles VI of France and Isabelle (Isabel) of Bavaria; widow of Henry V and mother of Henry VI 8 Thomas TUDOR b.6Nov1429 d.1501 (Monk at Westminster Abbey) 8 Edmund TUDOR [see below] 8 Jasper TUDOR b~1431; d.1495 Earl of Pembroke & Duke of Bedford, Knight of the Garter +(1)Catherine WOODVILLE dau of Richard WYDEVILLE, Earl Rivers and Jacquetta of Luxembourg. +(2)Mevanvy verch Daffyd 8 Tacinda (Tacinda) TUDOR b.1433 + Reginald GREY b.1420; d.22Feb1494 9 Sir John GREY d.1499 8 Dau. TUDOR b.1435 (Nun) 8 Margaret (Catherine) Tudor b.1437 d.1437 8 Sir Owen TUDOR b.1459 d>1528 (?1542) 8 Edmund TUDOR of Hadham b~1430 d.1Nov1456 1st Earl of Richmond + Margaret BEAUFORT Countess of RICHMOND & Derby b.1443 (Bedfords); d.1509 Westminster (dau of John Beaufort, Duke of Somerset) 9 Henry TUDOR, 2nd Earl of Richmond, King Henry VII of England b.1457 (Wales), d.1509 (Surrey) + Elizabeth Plantagenet of York m.1486; d.1503 dau of Edward Plantagenet, King Edward IV of England 10 Arthur TUDOR, Prince of Wales b.1486, dsp.1502 + Katherine of Aragon m.1501; d.1536 dau of Ferdinand V, King of Spain 10 Henry TUDOR, King Henry VIII of England b.1491; d.1547 +(1) Katherine of Aragon widow of Arthur m.1509; div.1533 11 Henry TUDOR, Duke of Cornwall b.1509; d.1509 11 Mary TUDOR, Queen of England b.1515; dsp.1558 + Philip II, King of Spain m.1554 +(2)Anne Boleyn m.1532; d.1536 (beheaded) dau of Sir Thomas Boleyn, Earl of Wiltshire and Ormonde 11 Henry TUDOR, Duke of Cornwall b/d.1534 11 Elizabeth TUDOR, Queen of England b.1533, d.unm 1603 +(3)Jane Seymour m.1536; d.1537), d/o Sir John Seymour 11 Edward TUDOR, King Edward VI of England b.1537, dsp.1553 +(4)Anne of Cleves b.1515; m.1540; div.1540; dsp.1557 (dau of John III, Duke of Cleves and Julich) +(5)Katharine Howard m.1540; d.1542-beheaded (d/o Lord Edmund Howard) +(6)Catharine Parr m.1543; d.1548, d/o Sir Thomas Parr of Kendal + Elizabeth BLOUNT (mistress) d.~1540; dau of Sir John BLOUNT of Kinlet + Mary BOLEYN (mistress) b.1504; d.19Jul1534 dau of Sir Thomas BOLEYN, Earl of Wiltshire & Ormonde 10 Edmund TUDOR, Duke of Somerset (b.1498-9; d.1499) 10 Margaret TUDOR (b.1489; d.1541) +(1)m.1503 James Stewart, King James IV of Scots (b.1473, d.1513) +(1)m.1514, div 1527-8 Archibald Douglas, 6th Earl of Angus +(1)m<1528 Henry Stewart, 1st Lord Methven (b.1495, d~1551) 10 Mary TUDOR (b.1498; d.1533) +(1)Louis XII, King of France m.1514; d.1515 +(2)Sir Charles BRANDON, 1st Duke of Suffolk b.1485; m.1515; d.1545 + Mistress of Sir Owen TUDOR (after death of Catherine of Valois) 8 Sir David OWEN (TUDOR) of Easebourn b.1459; d.1542 [Date of 1528 for death wrong as his will was dated 1529 and codicil 1542 [850]] One of the 12 knight batchelors who held the canopy at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth of York in 1487 +(1)Mary BOHUN (born 1459), daughter and co-heir of Sir John De BOHUN of Midhurst and Cowdray and Anne ARDEN; m~1489 [850] 9 Sir Henry (Herry) OWEN of Easebourn +(1)Joyce CROFTES (dau of Sir Edward CROFTES) Children David, Thomas, Mary & dau +(2)Dorothy WEST (dau of Thomasa West, Lord de la Warr) Children Jasper & John +(2)Anne BLOUNT (dau of William BLOUNT and Margaret de ECHYNGHAM), widow of Thomas OXENBRIDGE; b.1461; m~1486, Rock, Worcester [? first wife (Baker) but 2nd in Harl. MS 2113, f.108] 9 Jasper OWEN 9 ?Roger [not in will] 9 Anne OWEN + Sir Arthur HOPTON of Cockfield Hall, Westwood, son of Sir George HOPTON 10 Sir Owen HOPTON, Lieutenant of the Tower of London +(3)Anne DEVEREUX (others have her incorrectly married to son Henry) dau of John DEVEREUX, Lord Ferrers of Chartley and Cecile BOURCHIER; widow of Henry CLIFFORD; Grand-niece of namesake Anne DEVEREUX, C. of Pembroke 9 Henry (Herry) OWEN ("Harry Owen the younger") d.unm 9 John Owen + Isabel CATESBY (dau of Richard CATESBY) 10 Henry OWEN of Wotton + Elizabeth 9 Elizabeth OWEN div1543, d.1551 "But the lady proved faithless, and having children by another person, his Lordship [3rd Lord Burgh, father of Thomas] obtained an act of parliament to bastardize those children" + Lord Thomas BURGH (Borough) + (mistress) 9 William OWEN ("bastarde sonne") 9 Barbara OWEN ("bastarde doughter") +(2)Mallt (2nd wife of Tudor ap Gronwy) Ancestor of Rev William LLOYD DD, Bishop of St Asaph 3 Goronmr Fychan ??? + ___ 4 Madog + ___ 5 Generis + Gruffydd ap Gwylym of Penrhyn 6 Gwilym ap Gruffydd 2 Griffith (Gruffydd) of Henglawdd b~1195 Forced to flee to Ireland because of a scandal over princess Joan (wife of Llewelyn and dau of King John) +(1)Margared ferch Einion +(2)Gwenllian verch Hwyel 3 Rhys ap Gruffydd + ___ 4 Sir Gruffydd Llwyd 3 Catrin ferch Gruffydd 3 Sir Howel (Hywel) ap Gruffydd (Pedolau) d.1282 fight for Edward I + Tanghost/Tangwystl ferch David Goch 4 Gruffydd ap Howel, from whom descended the Griffiths of Burton Agnes, co. York (Barts) +(2)Gwenllian ferch Thomas 5 Robert ap Gruffydd +(1)Nest Fychan ferch Gwrwared 5 Nest ferch Gruffydd 5 Sir Rhys ap Gruffydd d.1356 (not "The Lord Rhys") of Llansadwrn in Cantrefmawr and Dryslwyn, Carmarthen and Narberth castles steward of Cardigan, forester of Glyncothi and Pennant, deputy to the royal justice of South Wales, sheriff of Carmarthen, steward of Cantrefmawr + Joan (de) SOMERVILLE m.12Feb1325; d.1376 dau & co-heiress of Sir Philip SOMMERVILLE of Wychnor & Cossington and Margaret de PYPE 6 Sir John Gruffydd of Abermarlais d.1471 + ___ 7 Elizabeth of Abermarlais + Sir Thomas ap Gruffydd (by this marriage he inherited the Lordship of Abermarlais [840] Son of Sir Gruffyd ap Nicholas (deputy justiciar of Carmarthen Castle and efffective Viceroy of South Wales) Thomas held the same position. 8 Sir Rhy ap Thomas d.1525 (efffective Viceroy of South Wales) 8 Margaret NICHOLAS, my ancestor via the Herles 6 Rhys ap Gruffydd b~25Dec1325; d.1380 +(1)Isabelle (de) STACKPOLE +(2)Margaret ZOUCHE

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