The truth about Cadwallader Blayney (1705-1794),
father of US Immigrant Blayneys

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One US account claims the tenth Lord Blayney, Cadwallader (Davis) Blayney (1769-84) had several sons, one of whom, Cadwallader, had a son Henry in 1792 and they both emigrated to USA in 1832, settling in Ohio county, Western Virginia. A large number of US Blayneys trace their ancestry this Cadwallader, or his brothers James and John who emigrated earlier. [03]

We read "For twelve generations Castle Blayney has been represented by a Cadwallader Blayney, that being the name of each succeeding son-in-heir, and the tenth Lord Blayney, the great-grandfather of the subject of this memoir, had several sons, one of whom, Cadwallader, became the grandfather." This statement is clearly not correct, as the name "Cadwallader" appears in only four (7th, 9th, 10th & 12th).

None of the Lords had a son John or a James and none lived in Co. Tyrone.

However, it is worth looking at the claimed Descendency, even if the origin of this ancestral Cadwallader Blayney, with three sons emigrating to the USA between 1795 - 1832, was undetermined (but it has now been clarified -see EUREKA.) Interestingly, I have found answers to a number of other previous "dead ends" caused by misspelt names or use of a nickname such as EUREKA2!.

I have tried to be as accurate as possible, copying from a number of quoted Internet sources to provide a concise US genealogy. Thus we have:

Descendency of James, John and Cadwallader,
sons of Cadwallader Blayney of Ireland:
 1 Cadwallader BLAYNEY b.~1705 NOT "a Lord in Ireland". 

Cadwallader BLAYNEY (m. Rebecca Woods)
identified as:

Cadwallader (Chadwallader) Blaney b.1705; d.1794 of Dromore, Tyrone

  • Son of John BLANEY b.1681,
  • son of Henry BLANEY b.27Dec1660 (Londonderry),
  • son of John BLANEY b.1625 (Eniskillen); d.25May1662 (Derry),
  • son of John BLANEY b.1598 (Eniskillen); d.1648,
  • son of Thomas BLAYNEY b.1575(85) [& E Powell],
  • son of David Lloyd Blayney (father of the first Lord Blayney) & Elizabeth Gwyn.

Remains of Dromore protestant church built in 1694 [641]
+ Rebecca WOODS b~1712; m.1732 (Clogher); d. Oughterard Townland, Co.Tyrone dau of Anthony WOODS b.1687 and Sarah HAMILTON b.1680(7) who married in 1712 See this family as Blaney or on the Blayney-Spoule-Steele page. 2 John BLAYNEY b.1734 [emig. to US from Ireland in 1795 with 8 children, settled in WV.] See his descendants below... 2 Henry BLANEY b~1735 (Oughterard) Trained soldier, em. to America, killed in War of Independednce 2 Andrew BLAYNEY b.1740 (Oughterard) 2 Ambrose BLAYNEY b.1740 (Oughterard) See his descendants at Blayney-Spoule-Steele.html 2 Benjamin BLANEY BA b.1754 Probably the Captain Benjamin Blaney who arrived in Boston 1775 from Northern Ireland, raised and funded a Company of Minutemen for "Patriot cause". 2 James BLAYNEY b.1755 (Dromore, Co.Tyrone) em. to USA, dsp (PA.) 2 Cadwallader (Chadwallader) BLAYNEY (1757-1841) See his descendants below _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 2 John BLAYNEY (I) b.1734 (Outerard Townland, Ireland) [or b.1760; d.1791 [1502] which would make it hard to emigrate 4 years later! This tree claims John (and son Edward were born in Castle Blayney, Monaghan, Ireland, which is not correct.] emig. to US in 1795 with 8 children, settled in Ohio Co, WV. + unknown but gives his wive as Katherine BUCHANNAN b.1762; d.1818 [1502] 3 John BLAYNEY (BLANEY) II(Jr) b.1771 (1758/60/77) (Dromore, Co.Tyrone, Ireland) emig. to US, d.1825 (Ohio Co., WV.) + Mary ___ b.1770 (Ireland) 4 George BLAYNEY probably this... ?=George BLAYNEY b.20Mar1800 (PA.); son of John BLAYNEY [853] d.26Feb1869 (OH); bur. East Liberty Cemetery, Delaware County, OH + Elizabeth (Betsey) Van SICKLE b.14Jun1818 (OH); m(1).26Jun1838 2nd child of John and Susannah Van SICKLE (subsequently married Richard R. HARBOTTLE b.17May1808 (England) 5 Mary S. BLAYNEY b.Feb1835 5 Helen Lucina BLAYNEY b.19Apr1841; d.1Jul1879 + Z. L. WHITE 5 Edwin R. BLAYNEY b.20Aug1844 (OH.); d.14Feb1863 (in Civil War action) 5 Charles Winfield BLAYNEY b.5Apr1847; d.30Dec1847 5 Emma Arvista BLAYNEY b.Feb 1852 (OH.) + George W. KENNEY b.Aug1840 (Porter, Delaware, OH.); m.1872; d.17Jun1914 (Washington County, OH.) 6 seven children (1873-<1900): Myrtle May, Lulu M., Helen M., Goldie E., Eddie J., Homer G. and Unknown KENNEY 4 Benjamin BLAYNEY 4 Charles BLAYNEY/BLANEY b.17Aug1804 (Washington Co., PA.) + Rebecca KIMPTON b.7Jul1804 (NY.); d.28Feb1873; bur. Wheeler Cem. near Mazon 5 Sarah H BLANEY b.1834 5 Maria BLANEY b.17Jan1836; d.5Dec1839 5 David BLANEY b.19Sep1836; d.19Oct1836 5 John III Vincent BLANEY b.27Jan1841; d.12Apr1896, bur. Avilon Cem. MO. + Hannah Janette FIELD b.22Apr1842 (West Haven, VT.); m.4Oct1880; d.17May1923 (Avilon, MO.) 5 Benjamin Thomas BLANEY b.19Jul1842 + Helen Ruth BAILEY b.21Mar1848 (Columbus, OH.); m.12Mar1868 (Gardner, Grundy Co, IL.); d.3Sep1915 (Lincoln, NE.) 6 Framk (Frank) BLANEY b.13Apr1869; d.13Apr1871 5 Mary Louisa Elizabeth BLANEY b.10Aug1846 (Licking Co., OH.); d.28Oct1885 (Gardner, IL.); bur. 30Oct1885 (Braceville-Gardner, Cem. Braceville, IL.) + Thomas Stuart CUMMING b.17Apr1847 (Whitehill, DalKeith Parish, Scotland) m.16Aug1870 (Gardner, IL.) 6 six children: Charles Stuart, William Henry, Orin Kimpton, Elizabeth Ernest Proctor and Dr. Clarence Earl CUMMING 4 Maria (Marie) BLAYNEY 3 Andrew BLANEY b.1760 3 Nancy BLAYNEY b.1775 Dromore, Co.Tyrone Ireland + ___ Smith 4 Amelia Smith b.1775 d.West Alexander, PA. + William GOLDEN 4 Rebecca Smith b~1775 in Ireland 4 James H. Smith b~1775 in Ireland d.Yates City, IL. Lived in the home of Rev Dr John McCLUSKY and became a Presbyterian minister himself in Yates City, IL. 3 Martha BLAYNEY b.1779 Ireland, emig. to US + John STEEL b.~1778 4 Two children, Thomas b.~1800 and Sallie b.~1802 3 George BLAYNEY b.1781 Ireland, emig. to US, lived in Virginia then Ohio; d~1851 (Morrow Co.) [523] + Margaret BUCHANAN b.1791 (Franklin Co, PA.) A Margaret BLAYNEY d.22Feb1845 is buried at the West Alexander Presbyterian Cemetery with the inscription "Aged 64 years - Consort of George Blayney". [564] She was thus born about 1781. The only George Blayney whom she could have been the consort of, is the George here (born 1781), who married a BUCHANAN. 4 William BLAYNEY b.28Jul1801 (Ohio Co., VA.); d.12Dec1882 (Morrow Co., OH.) +(1)Mary BLAYNEY (daughter of Cadwallader), William's 1st cousin once removed. 5 See Mary for children +(2)Mary SCOTT m>1853 4 James (Jas) BLAYNEY b.14Jan1801 [518] (Ohio Co, WV.); Various genealogies give 1801 or 1802 but the Olin Cemetery record clearly states he was 81 years 11 months and 10 days old [21 days off 82 years] when he died in 1883. d.24Jan1883 (Jones Co.); bur. Olin Cem., Rome Twp., Jones Co. IA. +(1)Rebecca BLAYNEY b.23Jan1804 [518] (?on ship), a 1st cousin once removed. d.31Sep1863 [518] 5 Margaret Jane BLAYNEY b.~1825 (Ohio Co. WV.) + Robert MASSINGHAM 6 Ten children: Anna, Margaret, Emma, Ida, Alice, James, John, Robert Jane and Tom 5 George Washington BLAYNEY b.25Mar1828 (Washington Co., PA.); d.25Nov1894 [518] [561] Farmer in Cedar Co. IA. from 1856 [903] bur. Olim Cem. Rome Twp., Jones Co., IA. + Mary Jane ELLIOTT b.17Nov1831 (Ohio); m.8Feb1849 (Washington Co, VA.); d.10Mar1902 (Jones Co.); bur. Olin Cemetery 6 William V BLAYNEY b.23Mar1852; d.30Mar1864 (12 years 7d) [518] [518] [903]; bur. Olin Cem. 6 Henry Franklin (Frank BLAYNEY b.29Mar1853 (Morrow Co., OH.); d.5May1924. I have placed him here 6 Alva (Alvin) Elliott BLAYNEY b.10Apr1854 (Mechanicsville, Cedar Co.) d.18Jun1938 (Chicago, Cook Co IL.); Merchant + Laura Belle HOWE b.16Jan1862 (Moundsville, Marshall Co., WV.); m.09Oct1882 (Olin, Jones Co.); d.19Apr1935 7 Clinton Howe (A) BLAYNEY b.1Sep1883 (Olin, IO); d.1960 + De ?Charlesda INGHRAM (De Elida U.) b.4Jun1884 MO.; d.1966 IL.) 8 Earl Inghram BLAYNEY b.3Nov1909 + Muriel B. LUST 9 Donald Earl BLAYNEY b.16Jan1934

William Ronald Blayney

Martha LUEHR

7 William Ronald BLAYNEY b.30Jun1890 (Nashua Chickasaw Co. IO.; d.8Jan1966 (Hot Springs, Garland Co. AR) +(1) Martha LUEHR b.Nov1889, d.16Jul1941 8 William Ronald Jr. BLAYNEY b.27Feb1927 (Chicago); d.6.Jan1997 (Glenview, Cook Co. IL) + Eunice E ANDERSON b.10Jan1928 (Chicago); d.27Mar1996 (Chicago) +(2) June Naomi ANDRES b.1Jun1894 (Chicago); d.25Aug1969 (Hot Springs, Garland Co. AR.) 6 Ella BLAYNEY 6 Emma Jane BLAYNEY b.1859 (Cedar Co.); d.1922; bur Olin Cem. + William Allen (R.) MILLER b.1857; m.1Dec1880; d.1918; bur. Olin Cem (all in Rome Twp., Jones Co., IA.) 6 Charley L BLAYNEY b.1861 (Jones Co., IA.); d.20May1871 (10yr) [518]; bur Olin Cem. [562] [518] 6 Hattie (Harriett/Hariet) B. BLAYNEY b.1865 (Cedar Co., IA.); d.1948; bur. Olin Cem. Jones Co., OH +(1)Frank Willard MILLER b.1863; m.4Mar1885 (Anamosa, Jones Co., IA.); d.1924 (Jone Co.); bur Olin Cem. +(2)___ SODERSTROM in Olin, IA. 6 George (Georgie) H BLAYNEY b.1874 (Cedar Co., IA.) [562]; d.Feb1914 6 Rebecca E. BLAYNEY d.y. [903] 6 William Andrew BLAYNEY b.1876 (Cedar Co., IA.); d.1937 + Laura MILLER 7 ?child BLAYNEY d.15Mar1904 [518] 5 William Buchanan BLAYNEY b.13Oct1829 (Wheeling, WV.); Coal dealer; farmer. Member of the Knights of Pythias fraternity and the I.O.O.F. d.23Sep1908 (Delaware, OH.) + Jemina Jane McCAMMON b.22Jul1830 (Delaware Co.); m.1854; d.4Jan1917; [daughter of John and Jane McCAMMON of Delaware Co.]. 6 John Calvin BLAYNEY b.23Apr1856 (Delaware Co.); d.4Mar1917 (Chicago) bur. Oak Grove Cem. Delaware Co., OH. + Sophia MARKLE m. in Delaware, Delaware Co., OH.; dau of Johnston MARKLE 7 Charles V BLAYNEY b.29Nov1881 (Delaware Co.) + Amy JENSON 7 Esther May BLAYNEY b.06Oct1890 (Delaware Co.,) + Edgar RENKERD 6 Henry Clinton BLAYNEY b.15Feb1858; d.13Feb1912 (both Kingston, Delaware Co. OH.) bur. Oak Grove Cem. Delaware Co., OH. + Mollie WARREN m.1Feb1888 in Warrensburg, OH. 7 William Warren BLAYNEY b.4Jul1895 (Chicago); d.1Sep1968 Professor emeritus of Spanish at Ohio Wesleyan Uni + Gladys EDWARDS. No children 6 Frances (Fannie) M. BLAYNEY b.24mar1860; d.19Jun1939 (Delaware Co.) + John W RODGERS (Delaware Co.) 7 Mabel RODGERS b.13Feb 1889 (Chicago) + Clarence POE 6 Florence May BLAYNEY b.21May1862; d.29may1863 Delaware Co. OH. 6 Rueben P McCammon BLAYNEY b.17Sep1872; d.26Aug1960 Delaware Co. OH. + Carrie Lulu SHAVER b.14Sep1875 (Sunbury, OH.); d.6Oct1960 Childless couple. 5 John (=Jonathan Joseph) [519]) BLAYNEY b.12Mar1831 (Wheeling, Jones Co., WV.); farmer d.25Sep1906 (Jones Co., WV.); bur Olin Cem. [518] +(1)(Mary) Sarah Ann COE b.23Dec1833 (PA.), m.1852; d.16/20Mar1864; bur. Olin Cem [dau. of Abraham COE (1806-1893) and Margaret NICKOLS (1813-1849)] 6 Henry Franklin (Frank) BLAYNEY b.29Mar1853 (Mount Gilead, Morrow Co., OH.) [519]; d.5May1924 (aged 71) Anamosa, Jones Co., IA.); farmer + Mary Catherine GRAFFT (?STONE) b.May1854 (Jones Co., IA.); m.29Jan1873; d.3Dec1931 [519], [565] [dau. of David W GRAFFT (1825-1903) and Christina Byerly (1826-1899)]

Mary Grafft

Mary & family

Nora Etta Blayney etc

Nellie May BLAYNEY

Dr Keith D Blayney

Michael Blayney PhD

Karen K Lang

Bernice Schluter
7 Nellie May BLAYNEY b.19Dec1873; d.19Dec1944 [1308] + Rollie Jay MALLICOAT b.7Oct1873; d.21Jan1951 [565] [604] [1309] 8 Basil Blaney MALLICOAT b.15Apr1900; d.24Mar1975 7 Lulu (Lulie) Belle BLAYNEY b.12Dec1875 (Newport, Jones Co., IA.) [916]; d.13Aug1899 (Cherokee, IA.) [565] [604] [916] + Homer WHITMAN b.~1870 8 Baby WHITMAN b.13Aug1899; d.13Aug1899 (mother & baby died in childbirth). 7 Nora Etta BLAYNEY b.1877 (Jone C0., IA.); d.6Mar1968 + Dana LEONARD b.17May1880 (Arlington, Fayette County, IA.) [565] [1339] m.1903; d.15Feb1968 (Long Beach, Los Angeles County, CA.) 7 David Price BLAYNEY b.26Nov1879 (Jones Co, IA.); d.1956 [565] [604] + Sarah Bascum Daisy LONGERBEAM b.5.Jan1888 (Johnson Co., IA.); m.24Dec1902 (age 14) IA. ; d.26Nov1959 (Cedar Co., IA.) Marriage cert gves her birth year as 1886 and states she was 16. [dau. of Pvt Andrew Jackson LONGERBEAM (17Apr1847-1931) and Catherine S LEFFERS (14Jan1850 (Germany)-1931)] 8 Opal A BLAYNEY b.24Nov1904 (Jones Co., IA.); d.14Aug1909 (age 4) 8 Darrell Price BLAYNEY b.03Oct1912 (Jones Co, IA.); d.27Feb1978 IA. [606] +(1) Evelyn Mae THOMSON b.28Dec1915; m.1934; d.15Jun1971 9 Dr Keith Dale BLAYNEY PhD, b.8Feb1937 (Anamosa, IA.); d.1Jul2007 (Mobile, AL.) Major in USAF Medical Service Corps (Roswell, New Mexico) Dean Emeritus UAB's School of Health Professions [603] [605] Through Project HOPE established a joint Masters program with Xian Medical University, People's Republic of China. + Dr Xiuxiang Jiao BLAYNEY MD; PhD [603] 10 Michael B BLAYNEY PhD of Hanover, NH. Director Environmental Health and Safety, Dartmouth College + Sarah ARONSON (author) 11 Lt. Edward M BLAYNEY (Army) 11 Elizabeth M BLAYNEY (UNC, Chapel Hill) 11 Rebecca M SCHWARZ 11 Elliot B SCHWARZ 10 Steven P BLAYNEY JD of Hong Kong 9 Karen K BLAYNEY b.27Nov1945 (Monticello VA.}; d.4May2009 (Cedar Rapids, IO.) (donated body to science) Occ.: nurse at Mercy Medical Center in Cedar Rapids. + Darrell LANG m.31Dec1966 (Nashua, NH.) 10 Two dau.: Vanessa Miller and Bethany SEILER 9 Kathy Sue BLAYNEY b.29Jul1950 (Monticello, Jones Co., IO.) m.23Aug1968 (Tipon, Cedar Co., IO.) + Richard William LAHON b.15Jun1949 10 Three children: Will, Jenny Mae and Melanie Marie LAHON +(2) Bernice Helen Anna SCHLUTER née MOELLER b.1Apr1924 (Cedar Co.,); m.1972; d.2020 Prior marriage to Gale Leroy SISSEL in 1942 (d.1971) with whom she had two children, Beva and Randy SISSEL. Secondly m.1980 Hugo William SCHLUTER (d.1997). [daughter of Walter and Clara (STOLTE) MOELLER] 7 John Clifford BLAYNEY b.1882; d.1961 [1310] + Elizabeth (Lizzie) PATNODE b.1883 (IA.); m.6Nov1905 (Jones Co. IA.); d.1961 [1310] [604] [dau. of Augustine PATNODE (1843-1916) and Martha Anne ROBARE (1846-1893)] 7 Myrtle Jane BLAYNEY b.8Jul1885 (Jackson, Jones Co., IA.); d.24Apr1974 + Chauncey Earl DUNCAN b.16Nov1879; m.1862 [604]; d.3Jul1962 8 Roscoe E DUNCAN (1904-1967) 8 Infant dau DUNCAN (1906-1906) 8 Ivan L DUNCAN (1908-1994)

Grace Gilmore

Hal Gilmore (& Grace)

Lois Eileen GILMORE
7 Grace Virginia BLAYNEY b.21Aug1888 (Newport, Jones Co, IA.); d.5Sep1977 aka Virginia Grace BLAYNEY + Hallie ("Hal") Dale GILMORE [604] b.22May1884 (Olin, Jones Co., IA.); m.25Aug1904 (Galena, Jo Daviess Co., IL.); d.29Feb1948 (Des Moines, Polk Co., IA.) [son of George Washington GILMORE (1852-1915) and Josephine Arminta ("Minta") KAUFMAN (1854-1922)] 8 Virginia Violet GILMORE [FREEMAN] b.23May1906 (Olin); d.14Jun1993; bur. Glendale Cemetery (Des Moines, IA.) [916] + Leslie Earl CRAIG b.6Jun1906 (Jones Co., IA.); m.1926; d.1960 [son of William Ross CRAIG and Dora A. HOUSE] 8 Irma Pauline GILMORE b.30Aug1909; d.9Sep1911; bur. Fairview Cem. (Waterloo) 8 Lois Eileen GILMORE b.12Jun1917; d.25May1996 (Des Moines, IA.); bur. Glendale Cemetery + ___ MODELAND 9 Joyce MODELAND [916] ?=Joy R MODELAND b.14Sep1920; d.7Jan2001 9 Judy MODELAND 8 Mary Arminta GILMORE b.23Mar1919 (Olin, Jones, OH.); d.23Aug2017 + Donald R POWERS b.~1915 9 Peggy L POWERS b.~1937 9 Pauly K POWERS b.~1939 7 Lavera (Vera) Golda (Goldie) BLAYNEY b.Jan1893; d.1965; Barber + Truman F EMERSON b.29Sep1886; m~.910 d.1953 [Fletcher EMERSON and Polly STARRY] 8 Golda Berniece EMERSON b.9Aug1908; d.22Jan1986) + Philip Emery WILSON b.20Jun1904; m.1928; d.3Feb1987 7 Garland Cecil BLAYNEY b.25Jun1897 (Newport, Jones Co., IA.); d.12Sep1933 (Anamosa, Jones Co., IA.) [604] [916] aka Cecil Garland BLAYNEY + Amanda E SCHNOOR b.9(15)Jun1895; m.23Dec1916; d.26Sep1971 (MVA). Both bur. Green Cemetery near Anamosa. [916] 8 Clifford M Henry BLAYNEY b.16July1917 (Anamosa); d.6July1929 bur. Green Cem. 8 Cecil Frank(lin) BLAYNEY b.10May1919; (Anamosa); d.17Sep2002 [PFC US Army WWII]

Gerry Ann Rathmann

Thomas Eugene Blayney

+ Verneita ("Tin") Eugene GORDON b.30Apr1920 (Anamosa); m.8June1939 (Martelle, IO.). d.2Jan2003; Moved to Ocala, FL., where they died. 9 Gerry Ann BLAYNEY (Nurse) b.?1942 + ?Steven RATHMANN b.1940s 9 Thomas Eugene BLAYNEY b.27Aug1940; (Anamosa, IA.); d.26Mar2020 (Eustis, FL.) +(1) Darlene HOLM (Iowa City) m.1965 10 Giles Blayney b.1950 + Jean Elizabeth (Becky) WAITS b.4Jul1950 Living in Florida 10 Terri L. BLAYNEY b~1967 10 Traci BLAYNEY 10 Alison BLAYNEY +(2) Becky ? 6 Caroline BLAYNEY b.22Nov1854; d.23Nov1916 (both in Olin, Jones Co. IA.) + William Lewis KNIGHT b.7Oct1848; d.8Sep1925 (Olin), [son of Elijah (Abijah) KNIGHT & Sarah HILL.] 7 Seven children: Frank(lin), Ada Eldora, Ora Ella, Charles, Alva, Fred and Lester 6 Margaret J BLAYNEY b.17Feb1857 (Jones Co.); d.22May1858; bur. Olin Cem. [518] 6 Charles Edwin BLAYNEY b.7Sep1860 (Rome Twp., Jones Co., IA.); d.8Apr1928 (Olin, Jones Co. IA.); bur. Olin Cem.

Mary O Blayney
[563] [click]
+(1) Mary Olive (Ollie) CARTER b.12Jul1859; m.18Oct1881 (Jones Co.); d.17Nov1901 (Jones Co.,); bur Olin Cem.; [518] [dau of James (?William) CARTER d.1925 and Rhoda Jane BENADOM d.5May1935 (m.1857)] 7 Gertrude (Gertie) BLAYNEY b.Aug1883; d.13Apr1885; bur Olin Cem. (all in Jones Co., IA.) 7 Jessie Florence BLAYNEY b.10Nov1885(4) (Olin) + Payson SCOTT b.13May1886; son of Winfield and Ella SCOTT 8 Two children: Lucile and Lena (Leona) SCOTT. 7 Cpl Charles Edgar BLAYNEY b.12Jun1889 (Olin, IA.); d.3Apr1974; bur Wood National Cemetery, Milwaukee, WI [904] + Leone (Leona) PLEIZER (PLEISER)

James Edgar Blayney
8 James ("Jim") Edgar BLAYNEY aka Jim "Red" Blayney b.27Jun1916; d.18Feb2006 (both in Maquoketa IO.) US Army WWII; Mill & Feed worker + Vivian Lee FARMER b.20jun1919; m.14Jun1941 (Maquoketa, IO.); d.15May2000 (Davenport, IA.); Bookkeeper and medical secretary. [dau. of Olin Almon Farmer and Agnes Anna Dostal] 9 Karen BLAYNEY + ___ BRUSKIN of Stuart, FL. 9 James (Jim) BLAYNEY + Gina PERUCCA of Minneapolis, MN. [dau of Leo George PERUCCA, M.D and Virginia BURT] 8 Maxine Lee BLAYNEY b.1918 (IA.); d. before 1947 + Edwin Bruce PETTY b.22Feb1912 (CA.); m.10Jun1936 (San Joaquin, CA.); [son of Henry Clay PETTY and Mary Louise RAPPLEYE] [remarried Ellen Louise 7Jan1947]; d.22Sep2000 7 Gladys Fern BLAYNEY b.Q4 1893 (Anamosa, IA.); d.1915 aged 22 [518] +(2)(Flossie) BIGGART b.17Nov1881 (Highland Grove, Jones County, IA) [2nd Wife of Charles Edwin Blayney; dau of Calvin BIGGART and Betsy Carolyn Carrie EVERTSON] m.23Mar1904; d.2Apr1956 7 Edwris (Edris, Edress, Edeolis) Violet BLAYNEY b.30Mar1905 (Anamosa, IA.); d.28Dec1970 (CA.) co-owner & office supervisor of Hentons Furniture Store of San Pedro, CA. +(1) Verne Eugene HENTON b.21Nov1881; d.3Jul1963 [son of Fred E HENTON and Alberta GRONSTAD] 8 Robert Eugene HENTON b.13Dec1926; d.8Jun1976 8 Blayne Rockstad HENTON b.2Apr1928 (Anamosa, IA.) +(2) Rolf Andreas BERGH b.22Jul1902; m.8Oct1967; d.8Feb1993 + Lavern ROCKSTAD 7 Margel Virginia BLAYNEY b.18Oct1908 (Olin IA.); d.21Jul1976 (Los Angeles, CA.) Teacher, saleswoman + Byrl Melvin ("Bud") MALONE b.4May1905 (Seymour, IA.); d.8Aug1975 (CA.) 8 James Melvin MALONE d.1986 7 Eutonia (Toni) BLAYNEY b.15May1912 (Olin) + Verne F MEYERS 7 June Glorine BLAYNEY b.29Jun1917(8) (Olin, Jones Co.) + Robert Hugh EMRY, son of Rex and Mary EMRY 8 Three children: Robert Edwin, Ronald Rex and Vicki Ann EMRY 7 Omer R BLAYNEY b. & d.31Oct1918
John Blayney 1955

Lieutenant Govenor of
Civitan International
7 John Calvin BLAYNEY b.15Feb1924 (Olin) Based on dates and location, he is most likely the John Blayney of the Civitan Club in the photo. +(1)Beverly CLAYTON, dau of James CLAYTON 8 James Clayton BLAYNEY b.18Mar1949 (Long Beach, CA.) 8 Charles Edwin BLAYNEY b.22Mar1950 (Long Beach, CA.); +(2)Josephine (Jo) Groen PHELPS b.1915; m.24Jun1960 d.2001 6 Sarah Ellen (Ella) BLAYNEY b.12Feb1864 (Olin, Jones Co. IA.); d.14Oct1915 Morrow Co. OH. + William Henry DETWILER b.24Oct1858; m.14Feb1883; d.1Nov1945; Farmer (Their farm was adjacent to the George William Blayney farm) 7 Three children: Fred, Claude and Glen +(2)Polly STARRY b.29Jan1848; d.3Mar1895, bur Olin Cem. [518] [2nd wife of John and sister to Jacob L STARRY who married Mary Elizabeth BLAYNEY, John's sister. So we have a brother and sister marrying a sister and brother!] Dau of Alexander STARRY and Polly SAUM [562] 6 Edward BLAYNEY b~1860 [565] 6 Gilbert BLAYNEY b.31Oct1866 (Jones Co. IA.); d.1940 (Jones Co.); bur. Olin Cem. + Martha FREEMAN b.16Oct1871 (Wheeling, VA.); m.23Oct1889 (Jones Co); d.1952 (Olin, IA.); dau of Hannibal FREEMAN & Nancy PATTON 7 Ethel BLAYNEY b.24Jul1890 (Jones Co); d.1974 + Charles Lee BRAINARD 1888 - 1955 8 Ethel Charlene BRAINARD 1923 - 1983 + Joseph Peter WOLFE 1919 - 7 Frances BLAYNEY b.18Dec1892 (Jones Co); d.1930 + Ernest W. WESTPHAL (WESTFALL) b~1892
Hubert Blayney [click each] [563]

Catherine Reed
Rev John Buchanan
7 Pvt Hubert S. (B) BLAYNEY b.31Jan1896 (Olin, Jones Co); d.19Jun1918 (of wounds from shell explosion, WWI); Bur. Olin Cem. where it states he died 1Feb1918 in Pexonne, France; M.G. Co., 168 Inf. Rainbow Div [518] 6 Etta (Ettie) BLAYNEY b.9Jun1868 (Olin), d.9May1936 Jones Co. IA. + Fred S CARPENTER b.22May1865 (IL); m.24Feb1889 (Olin); d.23Feb1930; bur. Olin Cem.; Labourer +(3)Jane WALKER PUE b.Jan1849 (Ohio); m.12Jun1897 (Jones Co.); d.1928 Perry Twp. Tama Co., IA; bur Olin Cem. [3rd Wife of John (Jonathan Joseph) BLAYNEY, her 3rd marriage] 5 Rebecca BLAYNEY b.~1833 + John Jerome MERRITT b.4Dec1833 (Niagra Co, NY.); d.8Sep1919 6 Eight children: James Buchanan, Miranda, Mary, Augusta, Augustus, Don Carlos, Jerome Irvin and William Delos. 5 Mary Elizabeth BLAYNEY 26Jan1843; d.1Apr1911 (Jones Co.) + Jacob L STARRY b.29Dec1835 (Steuben Twp, Warren Co., IN.); m.9Mar1859; Farmer; d.31Aug1914 (Jackson Twp); bur. Center Cem. Rome Twp, Jones Co. Brother of Polly STARRY who married John BLAYNEY and son of Alexander STARRY and Polly SAUM [562] 6 Ten children: George, Retta, Luzetta, Polly, Eva, Jennie, Jacob L Jr, Ray, Maud E May and Leta L STARRY +(2)Elvira L. SHAW b.12Apr1819 (Ohio); d.31Jan1883, bur. Olin Cem. [518] (2nd Wife of James BLAYNEY) see [518], [519] 4 Catherine (Catharine) BLAYNEY b.30Jul1807 (Ohio Co., VA.); d.16Mar1865 + David REED b.15Sep1806; m.31Mar1829 (Ohio Co, VA.); d.12Sep1890 5 six children: James, Margaret Rebecca, Nancy Jane, Mary Sophia, Martha Susan and Matilda Catherine REED 4 Rev John Buchanan BLAYNEY b.29Mar1811 [523] First paster of the new Presbyterian Church at Iberia and helped organise the Central College at Iberia. b~1818 [565] +(1)Tamar NOBLE {?ELLIOTT probably an error} m.1840; d.1848 5 Nelson BLAYNEY 5 Jefferson BLAYNEY 5 Marshall BLAYNEY 5 David Buchanan BLAYNEY b.31Aug1845 (Iberia, OH.); d.10Sep1887 (Bloomville); Postmaster at Bloomville, OH. + Emma C PACKER b.1Oct1849; m.4Feb1869; d.1895 [dau of Isac PACKER and Saari RHOAD] 6 Gertrude Harriett BLAYNEY b.7Jun1870 (Piro, Crawford Co, OH.) d.1Jun1961 (Chautaqua, NY.); Milliner in Westfield, NY 6 Faye Packer BLAYNEY b.13Nov1880 (Bloomville); d.7Apr1857; bur. Raleigh, NC + William Franklin PATE b.22May1881 (Snowhill, NC); m.21Nov1910 (Wooster, OH.); d.18Oct1954 7 two children: William McDonald and dau. PATE 5 Tamer Thalia BLAYNEY b.7Apr1846 (Ohio) + Nathan ELLIOTT b.16Feb1848 (Ohio); d.9Sep1924 6 four children: Mattie Belle, Charles M, Eva Sphia and Hortense Mary ELLIOTT +(2)Catherine (Chatharine) STOCKTON (EXTELL or AXTELL) née COX Previously married to Rufus Dodd AXTELL, and had one child. b~1818 5John B BLAYNEY also a Presbyterian clergyman 5Rev Dr Francis S BLAYNEY b.1852 (Marrow Co. OH.); (went to Omaha); d.9Jul1921 (bur. Abilene, KS.) 5 Anna Mary BLAYNEY b.15Sep1854 (OH.); d.30May1907 + Adolph LEHMANN) 6 Carl Blayney LEHMANN (1884-1949) 6 Dr John Raymond LEHMANN (1879-1938) 5 Martha BLAYNEY b.10Nov1857 (Iberia); d.10Oct1922 (Battle Cr, Calhoun, MI.) 5 Margaret E BLAYNEY b.Dec1860 (OH.) + Francis Frederick SCHILLING (1862-1925) 6 two children: Mildred S and Edna M SCHILLING 5 (Sarah) Katherine (aka Catherine) Stockton BLAYNEY b.1865; m.1896; d.16Sep1935 + John Cutler SHEDD b.30Jun1868 (Mount Seir, Iran); d.20May1933 (LA, CA.) [2 children] [son of John Haskell Shedd (1833-1895) and Sarah Jane Dawes (1836-1921) 4 George BLAYNEY b.1812 (probably the George on the cemetery records at West Alexander - see cemetery d.20Feb1838) + Dorothy SMITH d.27Oct1843 dau of John SMITH and Jane BLAYNEY Subsequently she married Vincent Miller BLAYNEY 4 Mary (Molly/Polly) BLAYNEY b~1816 + James McCAMMON 5 eight children: Robert Burdette, John, Parker, David Craven, Margaret Jane, George, Lester and McClusky McCAMMON 3 Margery BLAYNEY b.1783 Ireland +(1) ___ PATTERSON Bro of Edward's 2nd wife Nancy 4 four children: Nancy, William, Martha and Joel PATTERSON +(2) ??Henry GILES {probable error} 3 Edward BLAYNEY, b.Dec1785, emigrated to US at 10, Family came from Outerard Townland (Ireland) d.3May1851 West Alexander, Washington Co., PA. USA) "A restless soul" with quite a few different farms purchased Married Betsey POTTER (see below) and then Nancy PATTERSON +(1)Elizabeth (Betsey) POTTER b.13Jun1785; d.26Mar1821 sister of Anne POTTER who married Edward's brother Charles. 4 Katherine BLAYNEY b.1802; d.1926 4 Joseph BLAYNEY b.13Jan1807 Ohio Co, WV.; d.23Jan1880 (West Alexander, PA.) + Frances (Fanny) BRICE b.15Apr1808; m/6Nov1861 (Ohio Co., W.V.); d.8Sep1881 <1 id="JB1833"> 5 John BLAYNEY b.19Oct1833 (Washington Co, PA.); d.20Feb1921 Proprietor of a grocery store at Roney's Point from 1870 + Mary ROBINSON b.23Jul1841 (Ohio Co, WV.); m.6Nov1861; d.23Aug1907

Luther Wesley Blayney
6 Luther Wesley BLAYNEY b.26Nov1863 (Roney's Point, Ohio, WV.); d.20Jul1917 (Battle Creek, MI. or Ohio, W.V. [1042]) Proprietor of grocery store at Roney's Point County Commissioner, Notary Public 33rd degree FreeMason; d.20Jul1917 (Battle Creek, MI.) + Catherine (Katherine, Katie, Kate) HEIMBERGER (HEIMBURGER. HIMBERGER)   b.15Sep1863 (Ohio Co., WV.); m.17Jul1883; d.20Jan1930 [1042] dau. of August HEIMBERGER, a Roney's Point Hotelier [522] 7 Eight children - Nettie, John, Thurman, Carrie, George, Ross (William), Paul and Marie 7 Nettie Orieta BLAYNEY b.2Mar1884 (Valley Grove, WV.); d.1May1942 (Wheeling, Ohio Co., WV.) (Bur. West Alexander,Washington, PA.) + Joseph Harland (Harlin) GIFFIN b.22Feb1886; Lived Liberty, Ohio WV; m.1909 (Ohio, WV.) d.6May1944; Occ. Mechanic [Son of Joseph B GIFFIN (1853-1918) and Annie A Johnson (1850-1931)] 7 John Agusta BLAYNEY b.13Nov1886 (Valley Grove, WV.); d.12Feb1940 (Los Angeles, CA) + Mary M HIGGS b.30Apr1887 (Point Mills, WV.); m.20Apr1910 (Wheeling, WV.) 7 Thurman Luther (John) BLAYNEY b.10Jun1887 (Valley Grove, WV.) d.31Oct1951 (Cleveland , Cuyahoga County, OH.) + Catherine O'MALLY b.8Sep1883 (Co Mayo, Ireland); m.5Aug1906 (Waterloo, IA.) d.11Feb1936 (Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH.) 8 Maria Virginia BLAYNEY b.29Apr1907; d.2Apr1908 8 Hazel Catherine BLAYNEY b.4Jan1909; d.5Nov1916 8 Joseph Thurman (J.T. or Ross) BLAYNEY b.6Mar1910 (OH.); d<20.Dec1993 d.16Apr1973 (Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH.) + Adele Jeanette POLOVITCH b.24Jul1911 (NJ.); m.1935 (Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH.) 9 Arlene Marie BLAYNEY b.10Jun1938 (Cleveland, OH.) + Darell Willard MARCUM (Stane Mountain, GA.) 8 Edward Joseph BLAYNEY b.10Oct1917 (OH.); d.Sep1983 (Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH.) + Eleanor M. VIZNER née HARWOOD b.29Apr1914 (OH.); m.1945/6 (Cleveland) Previously married Edward F VIZNER 8 Elizabeth Eileen BLAYNEY b.14Mar1920 (OH.); d.20.Dec1993 + John F. MUNDY b.25Jul1920 (Cambria Co., PA.); m~1942 (?PA.) d.7May1996 (Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH.); Plain dealer 9 three children: Catherine GUMP née MUNDY, James and Bridget MUNDY 8 Robert Louis BLAYNEY b.7Apr1922 (Cleveland, OH.); Plain dealer d.18Apr1981 (Brookpark, Cuyahoga Co., OH.)

Annie Blayney née Krizan

Robert J Blayney

+ Annie KRIZAN b.27Aug1921; m~1942 (Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH.) d.13Apr2020 (COVID) (Aurora, OH.) 9 Sgt Robert J BLAYNEY b.09Oct1946; d.23Aug2016 (OH.) USAF (Vietnam) + Carol WHITE 10 Michelle BLAYNEY 10 Sheila BLAYNEY + ?Scott SIMMONS 9 Thomas ("Tom") J BLAYNEY + Patricia NEWPORT 10 James BLAYNEY + Victoria 10 Carrie BLAYNEY + Michael Horwitz 7 Carrie Elizabeth BLAYNEY b.22Feb1890 (Roney's Point, WV.); d.7Jan1957 + Clarence C. RIDGLEY m.17Jun1909 7 George Woods BLAYNEY b.6Jun1892 (Valley Grove, WV.); d.8Dec1932 + Clara HERMAN [b?25May1892 (Triadelphia); d?1976 (OH.) 7 William Ross BLAYNEY b.11Mar1894 (Roney's Point, WV.); Steam fitter; d.26Jan1927 (Triadelphia, WV.); bur. West Alexander, Washington Co, PA 7 Paul Bryan BLAYNEY b.12Apr1896 (Roney's Point, WV.); d.19Dec1971 Texas CFR1 Air Service WWI 1917-18; Draft Registration 1942 + Margaret (Miami) FARRIS b.1Aug1898; d.17Jun1986

Madelyn & Luther Blayney 1973

Heather & Luther R Blayney (Papaw) 1974
6 Luther Richard BLAYNEY b.10Dec1920 (Waco. McLennan Co., TX); d.19Mar1995 (Dalls TX.); Electrician + Gloria Madelyn (Madeliene on Birth Cert) ROGERS b.23Feb1925 (Quitman, Wood Co. TX.); d.21Apr2003 [dau. of William Vernon Rogers (1920-1993) and Beulah BARNETT (1908-)] 7 Luther Richard BLAYNEY Jr b.1944 (Irving, Dallas Co., TX.) USN (anti-submarine Warfare Team) ??father of Troy and Heather b. 7 Paul Bryan BLAYNEY b.1Jun1958; d.1Jun1958 7 Tracy Byron BLAYNEY b.1961 + Bradley Jay CARR b.1959; m.1May1982 (Rockwall, TX.) 7 Troy Charles BLAYNEY b.1964 1964 Married xas, USA, to + Paula G LEE b.~1969; m.12May1995 (Ector, TX.) 7 Marie Isabel BLAYNEY b.28Sep1898 (Roney's Point, WV.); d.Jun1984 Occ. in charge of telegraph department. 7 Ida Virginia BLAYNEY b.18Mar1902 (Roney's Point, WV.); d.11Dec1944 7 Margaret Etta BLAYNEY b.26Jul1906 (Rodney's Point, WV.); d.unm17Dec1966 (Wheeling, Ohio, WV.); Occ. Gov. Dept. Hew 6 Mary F BLAYNEY b.10Sep1864; d.20Sep1892 + Ulysses Maxwell HERVEY b.19Apr1864 (Roney's Point, WV.); m.10Sep1884 (Roney's Point, WV.); d.6Sep1909 Subsequently married Edna BEDILLION in 1897 7 Mary Amanda HERVEY b.6May1886; d.1886 6 Annabel (Annie) BLAYNEY [565] + W Chalmers HENDERSON m.17Mar1855 7 Three children: Nellie, Edna and Allan B HENDERSON 5 Edward BLAYNEY b.14Jan1837; d.24Aug1865 (TX.) 5 Elizabeth BLAYNEY b.11Nov1834; d.15Feb1871 + William ROGERS 5 Brice Clement BLAYNEY b.27Feb1839 (Ohio Co., VA.); d.17Oct1921 + Caroline MCCANN b.29Jan1841 6 Margaret BLAYNEY b.2Apr1897 (Ohio Co, WV.); d. Santa Cruz, CA) + Thomas W MORRIS 6 Viola BLAYNEY b.18Jul1870 (Ohio Co, WV.); d.5Dec1900 6 Mae BLAYNEY b.23May1875 (Zanesville, Muskingum Co, OH.); School Teacher; d. Santa Cruz 6 Hubert BLAYNEY b.15Apr1881 in (Zanesville); d.25Jun1917 5 Joseph Stockton BLAYNEY b.30Mar1842 (Ohio Co., VA.); d.18Aug1889 (Hamlet, IN.) + Rosanna Pansy BLAYNEY, his 1st cousin 6 Lulu May BLAYNEY b.9Jan1883 (Bellaire, OH.) d.15Apr1966 (Cedar Lake, Lake Co, IN.); bur Oak Hill Cemetery +(1)Samuel GOON b.5Sep1877 (Knox, Starke Co, IN.); m.7Oct1889 (Knox) +(2)Charles E MANTER m.30Aug1919 5James Wilson BLAYNEY b.7Mar1844 d.1899 (Ohio Co., VA.); d.21Sep1899 (Washington, Washington Co, PA.) + Agnes Jane (Aggie) FRAZIER b.2May1841; d.26Mar1929 6 Ella Virginia BLAYNEY (BLANEY) b.13Oct1870 (West Alexander, Washington C0., PA.) 6 Thomas H BLAYNEY b.21Jun1872 (West Alexander); d.1892 bur. West Alexander, Washington Co, PA. 6 Charles Herbert BLANEY b.7Jul1875 (Bellaire, OH.); bur. West Alexander, Washington Co, PA. Changed name to BLANEY 6 Chester Wilmont BLAYNEY (BLANEY) b.5May1877 (West Alexander); d.17Jun1909 (Pomona, CA) Changed name to BLANEY. + Mary Emma ZELT b.27Feb1876 (Washington, PA.); d.Feb1963 + Fred B BLANEY 6 Russell Hall BLAYNEY (BLANEY) b.16Feb1879 (West Alexander); + Catherine M MCNIFF b.13May1895 (NY.) 6 Alfred (Fred) Clark BLAYNEY (BLANEY) b.24Oct1880 (West Alexander); Changed name + Alice Gertrude CAHILL b. Dundas, Canada 6 David Frazier BLAYNEY (BLANEY) b.1Jun1883 (West Alexander); d.15Jul1963 + Ethel Blanche REED b.8Apr1886 (Custer Co, CO); m. Pacific Grove, CA 5 Jane Ann BLANEY b.10Oct1846; d.1Nov1857 5 Mary Caroline BLAYNEY b.20Jan1850 (Washington, Washington Co, PA.) d.1932 + David Ross Frazier b.1846 4 Matilda BLAYNEY b.1809 (Ohio Co., WV.); d. Ohio Co., WV. 4 David BLAYNEY b.1811; d.1887 (Morrow Co., OH.) + Rachael MCANALL b.~1821 5 Margaret BLAYNEY b.1842; d.1923 ?1873; bur. Rivercliff Mausoleum, Mt Gilead, OH. 5 John BLAYNEY b.1845; d.1923 (Morrow Co, OH.); bur. Rivercliff Mausoleum, OH 5 Daniel BLAYNEY b.1849; d.1922 (Morrow Co, OH.); bur. Rivercliff Mausoleum, OH. 5 Harriet BLAYNEY b.1855; d.1938; bur. Rivercliff Mausoleum, OH + Mell FRIZELL 4 Eliza (Elizabeth) BLAYNEY b.1815; d.1901 (Morrow Co). + Abraham BROWN 5 nine children including Catherine Louise BROWN +(2)Nancy PATTERSON, b.1795 (VA.); m.21Aug1821 of Co Ohio, WV.; d.29Sep1874 (2nd wife of Edward BLAYNEY) daughter of Robert Patterson, of Ireland and bro of Margery's husband 4 Robert P BLAYNEY b.28Jun1820 (Marshall C0., VA.); d.1893; bur Bellefontaine City Cemetery. OH. + Jane Bacon Campbell b.1823; m.17Jun1845; d.1905 5 Rosanna Pansy BLAYNEY b.3Nov1847 (Mt Gilead, Morrow Co OH.) d.27Mar1912 (Whiting, IN.) + Joseph Stockton BLAYNEY b.30Mar1842 (Ohio Co, VA.) m.1861 (Minier, IL.), her 1st cousin 6 Lulu May BLAYNEY b.9Jan1883; d.15Apr1966 + Samuel GOON b.5Sep1877; d.5Mar1918 5 Sarah (Sadie) BLAYNEY b.1852; d.1922 + Silas WILLIAMS 5 Mary (Mollie) BLAYNEY b.1856; d.1939 + William BUEHRIG 5 Franklin BLAYNEY b.1861; d.1923 + Bridget QUINLEN 4 Edward Jr BLAYNEY b.2Aug1824 (Marshall Co., VA.) + Sarah Jane PATTERSON 5 Nannie BLAYNEY + Henry CONNER 5 Joseph BLAYNEY d. in IL. soon after the family moved 5 Lincoln H BLAYNEY b.1859; d.1929 (Hopedale, IL.) + Martha ___ b.1860; d.1940 5 Lucy BLAYNEY + A J BATES <
Joel Patterson Blayney portrait

Albert F Blayney
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Mary Dessie Blayney
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Albert Paul Blayney
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Agnes (& Bob)
Culhane ex Blayney

4 Joel BLAYNEY b.25Feb1827 (Belmont Co., OH.); d.9Feb1828 4 Joel Patterson BLAYNEY b.13Apr1829 (WV.) moved to Co Washington, PA. at 5. d.16Jun1903 (West Finley, Washington Co. PA.) One time proprietor of the Fulton House in Washington. + Joanna (Johannah) FRAZIER b.10Apr1833 (PA.); m.27Apr1854; d.12Sep1898 (Ca. stomach) [daughter of "Squire" Alexander Frazier] 5 Albert Frazier BLAYNEY b.30Jan1855 (West Alexandria, Washington Co., PA.) Spent entire life in Good Intent, member of Borough Council and Sacred Heart Church Council d.14Apr1942; bur St James Cemetery, Claysville, Washington Co, PA. + Mary Dessie MALONE b.14May1858 (West Liberty, WV.) m.12Nov1879 (Washington, Washington Co, PA.); d.8Feb1920 (Claysville); bur St James Cemetery, West Alexander, PA.) 6 Joel Lester BLAYNEY b.16Jan1881 (West Finley, PA.); d<1942 + Ann Elizabeth MCCARTHY b.12Sep1880 (Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA.); m.26Jan1910 6 Albert Paul BLAYNEY b.28Mar1882 (Donegal, PA.); d.19Oct1918 of Influenza (Rankin, PA.); bur Claysville, Washington Co, PA. Pharmacist + Agnes Pauline MCCAGUE m1.14Jun1911 (Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA.) After Albert's death m2.11Sep1922 to another Pharmacist, Robert ("Bob") Cameron CULHANE (1882-1952) She had 1 child [Robert Cameron Culhane Jr] with Bob. d.14Sep1968 (CVA) and bur.17Sep1986 (Mt Calvary Cemetery, Wheeling WV) [1244] 7 Albert Paul Joseph BLAYNEY b.1Sep1916 (Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA.) d.1Jan1994 (Louisville, Jefferson, KY.); Plant manager, WWII vet + Constance Craig BLEECKER b.18Mar1920 (Chicago, Cook Co, IL); m.28Dec1942 (Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA.) 8 Susan Fielding BLAYNEY b.1May1945 + Kip GERARD of Chapel Hill, NC. 9 Two children: Cara McCague and Chrissa Blayney GERARD 8 Patricia McCague BLAYNEY b.12Feb1947 + Robert Franklin WEBB 9 Three children: Suzanne Fielding, Stephen Bleecker & Mathew Craig WEBB 8 Constance White BLAYNEY b.15Feb1950 +(1)Paul J. KRIPPENSTAPEL 9 Edwin Jude KRIPPENSTAPEL +(2)Chellis AUSTIN 9 Mary Chellis AUSTIN 8 Laura Bleecker BLAYNEY b.3Aug1958 + Gerald ADAMS 9 Two children: Elizabeth Craig and Hannah ADAMS

Sophie Blayney

(L) Sophia Blayney, Joel B. -- -- -- (R), Bruce B., William Gibson (R)

(L) Sophie Blayney Gibson, Bruce Gibson, and Ida Taylor Gibson

Lloyd C Gibson 1918

Charles Edward Blayney b.1901

Kathryn & Charles Edward Blayney
6 Ruth BLAYNEY b.11Mar1884; d.2Sep1885 6 Francis Scott BLAYNEY b.27Jun1886 (Lyndon, Osage Co, KS.); d.9Mar1963; bur. Queen Of Heaven Cemetery, La Puenta, CA + Cleo P DOWNHAM m.30Nov1940 (LA, CA) 6 Mary Dessie BLAYNEY b.14Jul1888 (Lyndon); d.May1979 6 Blanche Marguerite BLAYNEY b.30Jun1892 (Osage, Osage Co, KS.); d.1969; bur WAC [904] 5 Sarah Sophia ("Sophie" (or Sophia Sarah) H BLAYNEY b.20Aug1857 (West Finley); d.6Aug1927 (Pontiac, MO.) + William Bradford GIBSON b.29Apr1854 (West Alexander, PA.); m.11Apr1878; d.2Feb1919 6 William Ford GIBSON 6 Bruce Blayney GIBSON b.24Apr1881 (WV.) + Ida TAYLOR b.12Oct1884 6 George Earl GIBSON b.3Jun1882; d.1885 6 John Clair GIBSON b.20Oct1887 (PA.) +(1) Lela Cosette WORKMAN d.1928 [3 children] +(2) Alice MARCUM 6 Lloyd Camden GIBSON B.S. (Civil Eng); LLB; b.8May1892 (WV.); Saw active service in WWI; Lawyer, geologist, and engineer and he did extensive research into Blayney & Gibson history; d.31Dec1962 + Helen Elizabeth ANDREWS b.1Sep1897 (PA.); d.19Feb1980 6 Joel Blayney GIBSON 5 Lillie Myrtle BLAYNEY b.1860 d.1917 + William A EAGAN 5 Clement Alexander BLAYNEY b.14Jul1862, d.11Aug1864 5 Edward Ellis BLAYNEY b.22Mar1865 (West Finley); d.9Apr1935 (West Alexandria) + Mary Jean/Jane GUESS b.21Feb1876 (Donegal, Washington Co, PA.); m.3Oct1893; d.27Apr1968 (North Franklin Twp, Washington Co., PA.) [dau of Jacob GUESS and Katherine ARMSTRONG] 6 Mary Lucille BLAYNEY b.29Jan1897 (Donegal, PA.); d.1971; School Teacher + Clarence Odbert CHALFANT b.21Jan1895 (Shinnston, Harrison Co., WV.); m.1920; d.26Oct1956 (West Alexander, Washington Co., PA.) [son of Solomon Chalfant and Margaret McCoy] 6 Charles Edward BLAYNEY b.3Jun1901 (Donegal. PA.); d.8Jun1966 (Donegal Twp) [Coronary occlusion] President of The Peoples National Bank (West Alexandra) + Clara Kathryn JAMES b.21Oct1899 (Wythe Co., VA.); d.1970 (West Alexandra) [dau. of Calvin Stephen JAMES (1866-1946) and Frances (Fannie) A PIERCE (1870-1948)] 7 Charles Edward Jr BLAYNEY b.16Jun1920 (Ohio Co, WA.); d.24Mar1961 (bur. West Alexandria) Federal Bank examiner + Kathryn PALMER 7 Mary Frances BLAYNEY b.1Nov1921 Ohio Co., WV.); Bank employee; d.20Aug1997 (Claysville PA.) + George Burroughs SPROWLS III b.3May1919 (Claysville); m.14Aug1945 (West Alexander); d.7Aug1984 (OH.) WWII vet -served 33months in Europe (60th Troop Carrier); Garage owner/operator [son of Harry V. SPROWLS and Jessie O. BURROUGHS of Claysville] 8 Harry R SPROWLS b.12Dec1949 (Claysville); d.21Nov2020 (Wheeling WV.); Department Head of Safety and Security; "Electrical Pro" 8 Carol L SPROWLS + Tom MARTIN 8 Sandra S SPROWLS + Mark WELSH

Blanche M Blayney
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Sarah Sophia (Sophie)

Edward E Blayney family

Mary Lucille Blayney

Charles E Blayney

Charles E Blayney

Charles Edward Blayney

Mary Frances Blayney
5 Dr Charles Alva BLAYNEY b.1869 (Philadelphia, PA.); Physician (Medical Adviser and physician to Gimble Brothers); d.11Jul1949 [965] (Philadelphia; of cancer) +(1)Marah MAWHINNEY +(2) Laura Eunice AMERLING b.1886; m.1914; d.1964 (Philadelphia; of diabetes).

Dr Charles Blayney
[& Laura & Albert]

Dr Charles & Laura (Snr) Blayney
& Charles P Sendrey

Aladár Szendrei 1931

father of Al Sendrey [966]

Laura (Jnr) Sendrey and
Alfred (Al) Sendrey

Laura Amerling
Sendrey née Blayney
6 Laura A BLAYNEY (dau of Arthur & Laura AMERLING, adp by Charles) d.10Dec1936 (London, England) + Albert Richard SENDREY b.26Dec1911 (Chicago IL.); d.18May2003 (Los Angeles of CHF) "Prolific" music arranger & composer for Metro Goldwyn Mayer, contributing to 170 films. [Son of Dr Alad�r Szendrei ("Americanised" to Alfred SENDREY) b.29Feb1884; d.3Mar1976 [966], the Hungarian born opera singer,composer and professor whose pupils included Henry Mancini) and Eugenie (soprano for Vienna Opera under Gustav Mahler)]. He remarried (?twice), the second being Ann MILLER. 7 Charles Alfred Peter SENDREY b.12Dec1935 (London) Moved to Philadelphia and cared for by grandmother, Laura Blayney until 1950 when he moved to California to be with his father. 5 Elizabeth (Lizzie) A. BLAYNEY b.1872; d.14Feb1960 (W.V.) + Joseph W GUESS 5 Sylvester Rice BLAYNEY, b.3JuN1876 PA.; Served in WWI d.12Feb1953 (Wheeling, Ohio Co. WV.) +(1)Catherine GUESS m.2Oct1900 +(2)Amy Corine DUNLAP b.21Aug1888 (Ohio Co, WV.); m.10May1922; d.2(3)Jun1957; dau of William Melvin Dunlap (1847 - 1923) and Harriet E Hair (1851 - 1895) 4 Mary Jane BLAYNEY b.26Nov1831, d.31May1842 (both Ohio Co WV.)

Isaiah Blayney & Family

Nancy M Blayney
née Floyd
Dr James Roy
4 Isaiah Patterson ("Luke") BLAYNEY b.1Aug1834 (West Alexandria, Washington Co., PA.) d.3Jul1898 (Grant, Perkins County, NE.); bur Grant, NE. + Nancy Mary FLOYD b.8Aug1839 (KY.) [or 8Sep1840 (Hopedale, Tazewell, IL.)]; m.22Dec1857 (Tazewell Co, IL.); d.11May1930 (Fairfield, Wayne County, IL.) [or d.1900 (NB)]; By 1880 they had moved to Alexis, Warren Co., IL. [dau. of James Harvey FLOYD and Elizabeth Jane SMITH 5 James Albert BLAYNEY (aka Albert J) b.4Nov1859 (Hopedale, Tezewell Co, IL.) d.27Jan1938 (Galesburg, IL.); Hotel Clerk + Emma C MEAD b.22Oct1859 (Henderson, IL.); m.30Oct1884; d.20Jun1940 6 Dr James Roy BLAYNEY b.28Jul1889 (Alexis, IL.); d.22Nov1980 (Evanston, IL.) Professor Emeritus Dental Meteria Medica & Therapeutics, University of Illinois Professor Emeritus of Dental Surgery and Director of Walter G Zoller Memorial Clinic, University of Chicago "He conducted the 15-year experiment (1946-61) in the Chicago suburbs of Oak Park and Evanston that demonstrated the cavity-fighting ability of fluoride in drinking water and led to the widespread fluoridation of municipal water supplies. It is believed to be the largest dental study ever attempted, with a total of 38,000 dental examinations". [559] + Alice Elizabeth CRAIN b.26May1891 (Agusta, IL.); m.1914; d.19Oct1964 [dau. of Benjamin Bacon CRAIN (1851-1946) & Nettie Augusta CATLIN (1854-1898)] 5 Dewitt Clinton BLAYNEY b.19Dec1862 (Hopedale, IL.); d.19Sep1949 (L.A. CA.) + Mary Virginia IVEY b.31Dec1864 (Keesburg, KY) or (TN.); m.16May1889 (Warren, IL.); d.25Dec1948/9 6 Lillian B BLAYNEY b.24Jun1891 (IL.); d.13Nov1964 (L.A. CA.) + Rex Elder Rev LAWHEAD (1894-1974) 7 Robert Blayney LAWHEAD (1921-1982)
Raymond V Darby 1952

Charles F Blayney
Clara Belle Blayney and Dale & Clela Black
Sharon Blayney

Nellie G Curtis
Clela Haude Blayney

Walter Alan BLAYNEY

Virginia Summey
née Blayney
born 1930

Walter Lee BLAYNEY
6 Ivey BLAYNEY BA. b.21Mar1897 (Kerthsburg, Mercer, IL.); d.14May1964 (Inglewood, CA); High School Teacher (HoD English) +(1)??___ [FORBES or TORBES] +(2) Raymond Vern DARBY b.11Dec1896 (Washington, KA;) m(1) 1Dec1917 (NE.) to Gertie Melzena CARTWRIGHT (1895-1992) [4 children, Raymond, Robert, Helen & Bettie] m(2) 12Apr1935 (Lincoln, Lancaster, NE.) to Ivey BLAYNEY ; d.5Mar1953 (brain haemorrhage after being assaulted); Served in WWI; Geologist & businessman; Mayor of Inglewood, LA 1930-1944; Los Angeles County Supervisor [son of Rezin Valentine Darby and Eva Earnest] 5 Charles (Chas) Floyd BLAYNEY b.2May1865 (Alexis, IL. or Washington PA.); d.19Feb1932 (bur Fairfield, IL.) + Clara Belle HEPKER b.21Apr1868 (Bryan. OH.); d.11Mar1945 (Fairfield IL.) 6 Grover Earl BLAYNEY b.24Sep1889 (Ough, NE.) Pharmacist +(1)Glycia Marie KROUSE m.4Aug1914 7 Mary Jane BLAYNEY b.21Aug1916 (Chicago Heights, IL.) 8 James EPPERSON m.17Jun1941 +(2)Evelyn Marguerite IBBOTSON 8 Grover Earl BLAYNEY Jr. b.27Sep1935; Computer Analyst + Sharon Monell JUSTICE b.4Nov1931 (Kokomo, IN.) [dau. of Coy and Anna JUSTICE] m.1974 (Nashua, IA.); d.16Jan2017 (Orlando, FL.) Air Force Radar Instructor; Accountant Chairwoman of the Minneapolis Republican Party 9 McCalley children: Richard Jr, Scott and Park. 6 Clela Maude BLAYNEY b.19Nov1894 (Montpelier, Williams Co, OH.); d.1980 + Dale E BLACK b.1897; d.1936 (Fairfield IL.) 5 William McKinley BLAYNEY b.7Feb1867 (Wheeling, WV.); d.1957 Owner/operator General Merchant Store, travelling salesman + Mary Ellen ROGERS b.16Jan1866; m.Alexis; d.1May1947 6 Catheryn Thelma BLAYNEY b.3Sep1898 (New Boston, IL.); d.2Apr1936 + Cornelius GALAHUE 6 Dr Harold Vincent BLAYNEY b.3Feb1904 (New Boston); d.3Apr1936 (Alexis) + Kate A Menamara DANIELS b.1864; d.1931 6 Elizabeth D BLAYNEY b.18Jun1911; d.22Apr1997 [904] 5 John S. BLAYNEY b.22May1869(1867) (Hopedale, IL.); d.7Aug1951 (Fort Wayne, IN.) + Nellie Grace CURTIS b.7Oct1878 (Rock Island Co, IL.); m.1902; d.18Apr1957 (Fort Wayne, IN.) 5 Cadwallader (Cad) W. BLAYNEY b.23Jun1871 (Hopedale, IL); Farmer; d.6May1956; bur. Fairview Cemetery (Grant, Perkins Co, NE.) + Myrtle Adele STOCKTON b.15Sep1875 (Stanberry, Gentry Co., MO.); m.20Apr1900 (Grant, Perkins Co., NE.); d.20Apr1946 (Denver) Sister of Martin Lebalm STOCKTON [A sister and brother married a bother and sister] 6 Stillborn Blayney b.1901/2; bur. Fairview Cemetery, Grant 6 Walter Allen BLAYNEY b.27Sep1903 (NE.); Farm labourer Killed at a train crossing 15Sep1955 (Kimball, Kimball Co., NE.) + Pauline (Paulie) KOSINSKI b~1903 (NE.) (? related to Leo) 7 Virginia M "Jenny" BLAYNEY b.27Oct1930 (Grant, NE.) Construction Project manager; d.9Mar2016 (Sanger, CA.) +(1) William SUMMEY 8 Rocco SUMMEY + Bill RENFRO 7 Walter ("Walt") Lee BLAYNEY b.1932 (Grant, NE.); d.1Nov2018 (Camarillo, CA.) Electronic Technician (Naval Air Station) Navy Meritorious Civilian Service Award 1994 + Kathleen ___ 8 Three children: Stephen, Carlene and Russell 7 Virginia BLAYNEY d. 6 Berniece Florence Blayney b.29Dec1913 (NE.); d.8Jul1971 (Denver, Adams Co., CO) +(1)Leo KOSINSKI (?related to Pauline) 7 two children +(2)Louis FURMANSKI 5 Eliza Jane (Jennie E.) BLAYNEY b.15Nov1874/5 (Alexis, Tazewell Co, IL.); d.12Mar1923 (Fort Wayne, IN.) + Martin Lebalm STOCKTON b.14Dec1873 (Gentry Co., MO.); m.2Feb1899 (Grant, Perkins Co., NE.); d.12Jul1903 [Son of Allen Oliver STOCKTON and Mary Lee BALLARD; brother of Myrtle Adele STOCKTON ie a bother and sister married a sister and brother] 6 Vera Lenore STOCKTON b.15Jun1900 (Grant) 5 Emma S BLAYNEY Possibly the Emma S Blayney who died 2Nov1979 (MO.) [1423] 5 Maude Stanley BLAYNEY b.7Jul1883 (Alexis); d.20Jan1955; bur Fort Wayne + Willard Morgan CROWELL b.12Apr1887 4 John McKinley BLAYNEY b.29Apr1839 (Wheeling, WV.), d.3Apr1862 Long Beach CA. +(1)Sarah Jane WHEATLEY b.28Aug1840; d.12Jul1894 5 Adda Lee BLAYNEY b.21Mar1863; d.29Jan1933 (or 1954) + Thomas H MORRISON 5 William Walter BLAYNEY b.2Feb1865; d.20Mar1956 bur Lakewood Cemetry, Minneapolis, MN. [904] +(1)Carrie E Van VOORHIS m.~1893; d.25May1910 (bronchitis) [dau of John Van VOOHIS] +(2)Mattie G GROOMS d.5Feb1954 (Pittsburgh, PA.) 5 Alverdice (Verdie) Rice BLAYNEY b.1Sep1867; d.23Feb1943 (IN.) + Samuel Lenord DILIE d.16Oct1925 5 Curtis Griffith BLAYNEY b.9Jan1871; d.24Sep1930 + Sarah May Limbert SEVAN 5 Maude Myrtle BLAYNEY b.4Mar1874; d.30Jun1893 5 (Unk. son) BLAYNEY b.8Aug1876; d.8Jan1877 5 Ottell LeVaughn BLAYNEY b.5Feb1878 + A Cooper ANDREWS 6 living dau ANDREWS 5 Leon Harold BLANEY b.14Jan1881 Washington, PA. Moved to Kansas in 1904 and in 1910 changed name to Blaney Engineer with Sinclair Prairie Oil Co. d.Sep1969 (Independence, Montgomery Co., KS.) + Bertie Blanche KIDDOO b.1Sep1885, m.30Jun1912 (Neodesha, KS.); d.18Apr1938 (Independence KS.) 6 Sarah Jane Blaney b.2Jul1915 (Independence KS.) d.14Dec2005 (Brandon, Rankin Co., MS.) + Rodney James SMITH m.26Nov1937 7 Martha Vaughn SMITH 7 Edwin Rodney SMITH + Sharron SMITH 7 Elizabeth Danielle SMITH 6 James Kiddoo Blaney b.5Jun1919 (Independence, KS.); d.Dec1964 5 Alverda B BLAYNEY (?=unk. son) +(2)Margaret A FOLK 4 William S BLAYNEY b.27May1847 (Washington Co, PA.), d.1Apr1875 (Ohio Co, WV.) + Anne (Anna, Annie) Eliza ROBINSON b.22Mar1848 (Ohio Co, WV.); m.31May1870; d.6Mar1922 (West Alexander, PA.) [dau. of Wesley ROBINSON (1815-1900) & Mary J MONTGOMERY (1816-1884) and sister of Mary BLAYNEY née ROBINSON] 5 Anna Jane (Jennie) BLAYNEY b.18Feb1871 (West Alexander, PA.); d.5Mar1950 (Ohio Co. WV.) + Harry McClain YATES b.11Jul1867 (Ohio Co, WV.); m.12Oct1892 d.23Oct1930 (West Alexander, PA.) 6 William Lee YATES b.16Jul1900 (West Alexander, PA.); d.Jul1966 (West Alexander) 5 William Robinson ("Robert") BLAYNEY b.19Mar1873 West Alexander, PA; d.4May1957 (Colorado Springs, CO); Served in WWI + Essa (Essie) HARTMAN b.20Jun1881/2 (New Martinsville, Wetzel Co., WV.); m.23Sep1912 (Washington Co., PA.); d.Dec1930 6 Robert (Bob) Hartman BLAYNEY B.A.; b.18Apr1921 (Elyria, OH.) Retired Lieutenant Commander, Coast Guard Reserve (served in WWII); Retired Overseas Manager Exxon; Lived in Venezuela from 1948 till retirement d.12Oct2007 (San Diego CA.); bur. Ft. Rosecrans Nat. Cemet., San Diego + Nancy Jane FISHER b.2July1919 (Syracuse, NY.), dau of Raymond FISHER and Rutth WEYANT; Educator 3 Katherine BLAYNEY b.~1787 (Ireland) ?d.1805 +(1)___ BUCHANAN 4 Three children: George, Ebenezer and Martha BUCHANAN +(2)___ MILLER 3 Charles BLAYNEY b.1788 in County Down, Ireland, Em.1795 to US with his family when 7 to Ohio Co. WV.; Served in the War of 1812; Occ. farmer d.11Jun1860 (Ohio Co, VW.) bur. West Alexander, Washington, PA. +(1)Anne POTTER b.6Jun1789 (PA.); m.17Jun1812; d.27Jun1816 Sister of Betsey POTTER who married Charle's brother, Edward. 4 William Orrin BLAYNEY b.30Apr1813; d.20Apr1859; bur. Lawrence, KS.; farmer + Nancy Ross McDONALD b.19Aug1816; d.22Jan1902, bur Mt View Cem., Fresno CA. 5 Elizabeth Ann BLAYNEY b.30May1841 (Washington, PA.); d.22Jan1902; bur. Mt View Cemetery, Fresno, CA

Oberlin C Blayney & family

Arthur C Blayney

Charles Oberlin Blayney

Lillian Alice Blayney
+ Isaac A MELVIN b.14Mar1836 (Washington, PA.); d.23Nov1917 (Fresno, CA) 6 six children: Mary Winfred, Leanna Lillian, Luella Marion, Loren Ray, Katherine Allena and Zella Mabel MELVIN 5 Oberlin Charles D BLAYNEY (BLANEY) b.20Jun1843; d.13Jan1902; bur. Selma CA [Not Charles Duchesne BLANEY q.v.] + Alice Irene STONE b.29Mar1852; m.13Oct1868 [1107]; d.1892 6 Arthur Charles BLAYNEY b.5Jul1869 (Lawrence, KS.); d.5Jul1957 [906] Moved to California "at the age of four" [900]; Vineyardist. +(1)Mary Elizabeth GOWER b.23Nov1869; m.12Nov1891; d.16Jan1909; bur Fowler Cem. [dau of Sewell GOWER and Cornelia DeVOE] 7 Lillian Alice BLAYNEY b.17Aug1892 (Fowler, CA); d.10Oct1967 + Albert Morse GRAFF b.9Aug1891 (San Francisco, CA); m.14Oct1911; d.24Dec1957 (Santa Cruz, CA.) 8 four children 7 Charles Oberlin BLAYNEY BA b.9Mar1899 (Fowler, CA); d.1982 (Santa Cruz) [1008] Teacher, School Administrator then District Superintendent + Lillian LUNDGREN b.9Apr1900 (Oakland, CA); m.24Aug1923 dau of Anna and Carl LUNDGREN 8 Joyce Helen BLAYNEY BA b.29Jan1925 (Fresno) + Paul Robert CRAWFORD b.21Sep1924 8 Robert Charles BLAYNEY b.25Jun1928 (Oakland, CA.); Farmer d.11Sep2002 + Beverly BORDEN b.10Oct1935 dau of Nathaniel and Thelma BORDEN 9 Charlene Ann BLAYNEY b.15Dec1960 9 Robin Joy BLAYNEY b.11Jan1962 9 Alan Craig BLAYNEY b.23Mar1963

Edwin Gower Blayney

Edwin Blayney Senior Center
Fowler, California [777]
7 Edwin Gower BLAYNEY A.B. b.8Sep1905 (Fowler, CA.) Teacher then farmer d.1993 + Aileen BOVEE b.28Feb1913 (San Francisco, CA.); Teacher dau of John William BOVEE and Jeanette CONABLE 8 Barbara Jane BLAYNEY b.11Jul1941 (Vistalia, CA.) + Bob Jeffery HAMILTON 8 Betty Joice BLAYNEY b.24Sep1944 (Fowler, CA.) +(2) Laura Belle FRYE b.23May1887 (IL.); m.21Nov1912; d.27Aug1963 dau of James Henry FRYE and Cora Ann HENRY 7 James Arthur BLAYNEY BS (Engineering); b.7Jun1921 (Fowler, CA.); 1st Lieutenant USAF WWII; Mechanical/Electrical Engineer; d.5Jan1986 Bur. Fowler Cemetery, Fresno Co., CA. + Grace WILKINS b.2Feb1922 (Fowler, CA.) dau of George WILKINS and Lela WILLIAMS d.22Mar1991; bur. Fowler Cemetery, Fresno Co., CA. 8 Douglas Wilkins BLAYNEY b.29May1950 8 Gayle Elizabeth BLAYNEY b.17Nov1951 8 Joan Elaine BLAYNEY b.25Sep1953 7 Alice Ann BLAYNEY BA b.2May1924 (Fowler, CA.) High School music (vocal) teacher; unm 7 Laurice John BLAYNEY b.11Jul1925 (Fowler, CA.) d.3Feb2022; Farmer (Raisins) + Eva Pauline PENDERGRASS [906]; b.17Nov1925 (Fresno, CA.) m.27Jul1946; d.28Dec2022 (both Fowler, CA.) 2001 Silent Servant Award (Fowler Chamber of Commerce) [dau of Jonathan Floyd PENDERGRASS & Ella Belle HARRIS] 8 Sharon Ann BLAYNEY b.24Mar1948 + David ADAMS

Alice Ann Blayney (L)

and Laura Blayney

Bruce Blayney

Mayor of Kingsburg, CA

John & Pearl MANLEY & family

Pearl MANLEY née Blayney

Young Zella Blayney

Zella Blayney & Harry Waterman
8 Bruce Arthur BLAYNEY b.12Jun1950 Mayor of Kingsburg, Fresno Co. CA., home of Sun-Maid raisons. [The "city" of 9,199 [2000 census] has previously been known as Kings River Switch, Drapersville, Wheatville, Kingsbury, Kingsburgh and from 1908, Kingsburg. Also called "The Swedish Village" or "Little Sweden" because of Swedish architecture & population (94% in 1921).] + Patricia 8 David Harris BLAYNEY b.30Apr1954 + Peggy 6 George McDonald BLAYNEY b.17Apr1871; d.20Sep1879; bur. St Helena Cemetery 6 Pearl Katherine BLAYNEY b.9Nov1873 (Lawrence, KS.); d.19May1959 + John Sherman MANLEY b.8Nov1866 (Porterville, CA); m.18Feb1892; d.20Feb1947 7 three children: Charles Edwin, Alice Melba (JANSES) and Keith Royal MANLEY 6 Myrtle BLAYNEY b.24Nov1878; d.12May1943 + Thomas Andrew BRECKENRIDGE b.16Dec1866 (Mt Vernon, IA.) m.25Dec1899 (San Jose, CA); d.13May1939 (Fowler, CA) 7 seven children 6 Zella BLAYNEY b.10Sep1879 (St Helena, CA); d.4Oct1945 (Fresno, CA) + Harry Bodley WATERMAN b.20Feb1878 (Chillicothe, MO.) m. (Long Beach, CA); d.25Sep1936 7 two children 6 Edith Mabel BLAYNEY b.18Oct1881 (St Helena, CA); d.1977 + Harold Edward DWELLE b.17Dec1882 (Brooklyn, NY); m.27Jun1912; d.22Dec1959 7 six children: Harold Edward Jr, living son, Vernon Ross, Mary Alice, Allan Averill and James Charles DWELLE 6 Chester Stone BLAYNEY b.2Dec1883 (Fowler, CA); d.29Jan1955 + Margaret Ruth SMITH b.1Oct1892 (CA); m.8Jun1909; d.Jan1980 7 Alfreda Ruth BLAYNEY b.8Apr1910; m.22Jun1929 + Walter ABBOTT b.9Jun1965; d.10Dec1961 7 Geraldine Alice BLAYNEY b.29Jul1912; + James H HANSEN 7 Harold BLAYNEY b.15Nov1914; + Rose MORIDA b.29Dec1915 8 Michael Chester BLAYNEY b.1May1957 7 Donald Leroy BLAYNEY 7 Catherine BLAYNEY b.6Jan1918; d.5Apr1963 + Adam "Bud" SNYDER 6 Grace BLAYNEY b.5Dec1885 (Fowler, CA); d.1971 + James Frank AVENELL b.26Dec1874 (Monmouth, IL.); m.6Jan1906; d.16Jun1953 7 four children: son, son, Helen Virginia and Russell Oberlin AVENELL 5 George McDonald BLAYNEY b.6Feb1846 (Washington Co., PA.); d.5Nov1898 + Frances (Fannie) Ida HUGHSON b.14Sep1854; m.21Mar1878; d.12May1926 (Fresno, CA) 6 William Lawrence BLAYNEY b.1Jul1880 (Lawrence, KS.); d.1Mar1940 (Fresno, CA); Window Trimmer then Display Manager (25yrs) Amateur genealogist and musician (Sax) + Bess (Bessie) M BECKLEY b.1883; m.1Sep1906; d<1965 6 Nellie Mabel BLAYNEY b.2Feb1883 (Lawrence); d.29May1955 (Portland, OR.) + Clifford Waverly HARRIS b.12Oct1885 (Tulare, CA); m. (Condon, OR.); d.1955 7 four children: William Blayney, Edward Callaway and Jack Melvin HARRIS 6 Charles Hughson BLAYNEY b.28Dec1886 (Lawrence); d.29Dec1931 6 Hester Lois BLAYNEY b.30Oct1891; d.1988; ex secretary + Goff Norval NUTWELL b.1892; m.4Jun1919 (Washington, DC); d.1972 7 three children: Evelyn Lois, Elizabeth Ruth and dau NUTWELL 6 Frank McDonald BLAYNEY b.24Aug1894 (Fresno, CA.); d.1968 Served in US infantry in WWI; Sheet metal worker +(1)Ruth Jessie WILLIAMS b.24Oct1896 (Maderia, CA); m.10Jun1920; d.1989 Remarrie to Salvatore Palazzolo 7 Billie Ruth BLAYNEY Long b.24Apr1927 (San Francisco, CA) (adopted) + ___ FILLMORE 8 two children: Caren Ruth and Frederick Paul FILLMORE 7 Donald Frank BLAYNEY BA (Ed), MA (Ed Admin) b.24Mar1929 (Fresno, CA.) Teacher. unm; d.30Mar2013 (Sonoma) +(2) Nadine Ethel TWEEDY b.1905(0 or 2) (Aurora, MO.); d.1980 5 William Farris BLAYNEY b.24Jun1851 (West Alexander, PA.); d.30May1899 (Fowler, CA) 1863 made his way to California from Locomton, Kansas. 1873 sheep herding Stockton then Fresno. 1st white man to enter "Blayney Meadows". 1885 farming in Fowler + Nellie J. COMPTON b.1862; m.10Aug1881; d.22Feb1943 (Fowler, CA) 6 Nita A BLAYNEY b.15Apr1883; d.11Nov1951 (Fresno Co, VA.); School Teacher

Nan Blayney

Herbert Z Austin

6 Nancy (Nan) Ross BLAYNEY b.17Apr1885 (CA.); d.12Feb1884 Fresno Co. CA.); Deputy in County Treasurer's office + Judge Herbert Ziba AUSTIN b.15Jan1864 (DePeyster, NY); d.31Jul1951 (Fresno Co CA.) m(1).1898 to Daise WILLIAMS (1872-1930) m(2). to Nan BLAYNEY (Zephyr Point, Lake Tahoe, Nevada); 6 Bess Nadine BLAYNEY b.30Jan1888 CA.); d.16Apr1957 (Fresno + William Carter VICKARS b.9Apr1887 (Clinton, MO.); d.19Oct1966 7 Blayney B VICKARS b.8Jun1915; d.23Jul1970 (Fresno Co CA.) 6 W Faris BLAYNEY Jr. b.1890; d.1898 (Fresno Co CA.) 4 Vincent Miller BLAYNEY b.12Jan1815 (Ohio Co, VA.); d.18Mar1887 (PA.) Successful farmer and stock raiser. +(1)Dorothy (Dora) SMITH m.2Jan1840; d.27Oct1843 (postnatal) Previously married to George BLAYNEY 5 John Smith BLAYNEY b.8Oct1842/3 (Ohio Co., WV.); d.25Jul1895 (PA.) Raised by grandmother (lost an infant the same day) till 3 then lived with his father. 1865 joined Company K, 61st Regiment P.V.I. (6th Army Corps, Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry), Saw action at Petersburg etc. [03 p923] "One of the leadinf citizens and most prosperous farmers of Hopewell township" [03] + Nancy B.(M) CALDWELL b.13Mar1841; m.31Dec1868 (Washington Co, PA.) [daughter of Robert Caldwell]; d.11Dec1905 6 No issue but adopted James W. and Mary Oliver +(2)Mary D DONAHEY (dau of Samuel DONAHEY, of Buffalo and Anna REED) (2nd wife of Vincent); b.15Aug1820 (PA.); m.27Aug1844; d.21Jul1897 (PA.) 5 Anna Jane BLAYNEY b.29May1845 (Taylortown, Washington Co, WV.); d.11Nov1905 + Dr David Stewart EAGLESON MD b.19Nov1837; m.4Nov1863; d.26Jan1885 (West Alexander, Washington Co, WV.) 6 Six children: Mary Cordelia, Laura Imogene, Anna Jane, Eva Isora, Nancy Caroline and Elizabeth Louella EAGLESON 5 Rev Charles Philander BLAYNEY b.21Nov1848 (Wheeling, Ohio Co, WV.); d.12Apr1938/9 (Marshall, MO.) [or 9Apr1938] + Sarah Margaret (Maggie) WALLIS b.28Jun1857; m.4Oct1881; d.1Dec1938 (Marshall, MO.) 6 Ralph C BLAYNEY b.2Mar1883; d.7Apr1883 [904] 6Rev Dimner Vincent BLAYNEY b.29May1885 (Raymore, Cass Co., MO.); d.9Jun1962 (Richmond, VA.) + Millie Pearl LANLEY b.24Mar1890 (Pleasant Hope, Polk Co., MO.); m.29Jun1916 d.13Feb1977 (Richmond, VA.) 7 Mary Elizabeth BLAYNEY b.8May1920 (Bogalusa, LA.) ?= Miss Mary Elizabeth BLAYNEY who died June 2007 (Richmand), a retired occupational therapist at Richmond's Children's Hospital [1011] 7 Martha Jean BLAYNEY b.30Apr1923 (Canton, NC.); d.2Dec2006 (Portland, OR.) + Dr Lloyd Lein OLSEN (Sr.) b.3Apr1916 (Virginia, St Louis Co., MN.); m.13Jun1944; d.06Oct1982 (Ann Arbor, Washtenaw Co., MI.); General Surgeon 8 four children 6 Mary D. BLAYNEY b.23May1892 (Milan, MO.); d.1980 (Columbus) [1008] 5 Samuel Donahey BLAYNEY (ruling elder, Upper Buffalo Presb. Church) b.1Dec1851 (Taylortown, Washington Co, WV.); d.19Mar1942 (Crothers, PA.) +(1)Alice Margueretta SHELLAR b. Donegal Twp, Washington Co, PA.; d.24May1885 (Claysville, PA.) 6 Ida Maude (J) BLAYNEY b.10Apr1881 (Taylortown); d.9Jun1968 (WV.) + James Williams HARRIS b.23Jan1878 (Chico, CA.); d.15Apr1957 7 two children: Margaret Marie GRAHAM and Wilbur Blayney HARRIS 6 Alice Margueretta (Marguerite) BLAYNEY b.18May1885 (Blaine Twp) d.15Jan1971 (Claysville) [1008] +(2)Jennie Gordon EAGLESON b.1847; m.1887 (Ohio, WV.) 6 Mary Emma BLAYNEY b.25May1888 (Taylortown) + William Wilson HODGENS b.12Jun1886 (Crothers, PA.); d7Feb1940 7 two children: Donald Wright and dau HODGENS

Homer & Mabel [click thumb ↑] [864]

Lydia Ruth Blayney
5 William Vincent BLAYNEY b.15Nov1855 (Taylortown); d.4Nov1922 (Creighton, MO.) + Mary Elizabeth SLIFFE b.4Nov1861 (Shanesville, Tuscarawas, OH.); m.23Dec1884 (Austin, MO); d.25Apr1953 (Creighton MO.) [dau. of Benjamin M SLIFFE & Drusilla G MAXWELL 6 Homer Uel BLAYNEY b.11Feb1886 (Creighton, MO); d.2Feb1960 (Rupert, ID.) + Mabel Grace STEVENS b.30Sep1886; d.19?Aug1971 (see gravestone) 7 Allen Stevens BLAYNEY b.2May1917 (Garden City, MO); d.3Jan1995 (Rupert, ID.) Farmer/rancher + Lydia Ruth Walker MOSER b.2Jun1917 (McIntosh, SD); m.10Jun1962; d.2Apr2001 (Rupert, ID.) Housekeeper, waitress and cook [dau. of Wilhelm Moser and Margaret Walker] 8 Gerald Moser BLAYNEY 7 Kathryn Arlene BLAYNEY b.12Aug1921 (Rupert, Minidoka Co., ID.); d.16Apr2003 (Grays Harbor Co., WA.) + Clair Filmore WAGNER b.10Feb1926 (Tacoma, Washington); m.25Aug1960; d.17Jan2001 (Montesano, Grays Harbor County, WA.) [1 son] 7 Alice Marguerite BLAYNEY b.3Jul1923 (Rupert); d.2May1997 (ID.) + Allen Lester McCAIN b.11Mar1913 (Loveland, CO.); m.21Jun1953 (Rupert. Minidoka ID.); d.13Mar1913 (ID.) [son of Lemuel Craig McCAIN (1879-1965) and Effie Mary RAMSEY (1879-1953)] 7 William Donald ("Don") BLAYNEY b.6Oct1930; d.8Jul2014 (both (Rupert, Minidoka Co., ID.) + Irene VILHAUER b.2Sep1926 (McIntosh, SD) m.7Dec1950 (Rupert); d.13Sep2015 (Rupert) 8 four children incl 8 William H BLAYNEY b.14Nov1957; d.5Sep1982 [1485] 6 Grace Carsona BLAYNEY b.31May1889; d.24Mar1920 (pneumonia), bur. Grant Cem, (b. d. & bur at Creighton, MO.) 6 William Earl BLAYNEY b.16Jul1897 (Creighton, MO); d.11Nov1978 (Clinton, MO.) + Anna Elizabeth ENGLAND b.7Jun1902 (Clinton, MO.); m.10Oct1924; d.24Jul1988 (Lees Summit, MO.); bur Grant Cemetery (Clinton, MO.); Teacher [d/o William Edward ENGLAND & Carrie Melvina MAUDSLEY] 7 William Vincent BLAYNEY BAg b.29Oct1924 (Creighton, MO); US Marine Sergeant in Korean War; Farmer; letter carrier Presbyterian Elder d.1Mar2005 (Kansas City, Jackson, MO.) + Jaunita Pearl STRAWN b.29Oct1929 (Columbia, MO) m.9Aug1953; d.26Jun2020 (Kansas City, Jackson, MO.) 8 Paul Vincent BLAYNEY b.16Jun1957 + Cindy 8 Martha Louise GONZALEZ née BLAYNEY b.10Sep1958 8 Phillip Charles BLAYNEY b.21Dec1962 (Clinton MO.); d.25Oct1995 (Atlanta, GA.) 8 David BLAYNEY + Alice

Anna & William Earl

Wm Earl & Anna Blayney [905];
[Grant Cemetery [904]]

Kenneth E
Blayney set

Virginia L
Blayney set

Kevin E Blayney*
and Virginia

Tanner*, Virginia
and Branden* Blayney

Sheri*, Kevin*, Virginia,
Branden* & wife
  * = assumed
7 Kenneth Earl BLAYNEY b.11Oct1925 (Creighton, MO.); d.10Apr2012 (Chicago, IL.) WWII enlisted 1944 PFC USAF + Virginia Lee RAPP b.30Nov1930; m.1953; d.13Oct2022 [dau. of Rudolph and Helen Rapp of Clinton, MO] 8 Kevin Earl BLAYNEY b.3Jul1962 (Kansas City, MO.) + Sheri 9 Branden BLAYNEY 9 Tanner BLAYNEY 5 Joseph Clarence BLAYNEY b.9Aug1858 (Buffalo Twp, PA.); d.26Nov1928 + Letty PATTERSON b.30Sep1859 4 Josiah BLAYNEY b.1Nov1816 +(2)Nancy FARIS b.30Sep1800 Elm Grove, WV,; m.17Aug1820; d.10Nov1880 West Alexander [d/o William FARIS (Co. Down, Ulster. emd.1761) & Susan CURTIS]; (2nd wife of Charles, after the death of Ann) 4 John BLAYNEY b.17May1821 (Ohio Co. WV.); d.21Feb1886 (West Alexander, PA.) + Caroline TEMPLETON b.1829; m.20Mar1850 4 Elizabeth Irwin BLAYNEY b.15Apr1822 (Ohio Co. WV.); Seamstress d.28Feb1909 and bur. West Alexander Memorial Cemetery + William REED b~1831 (Ohio Co, VA.); m.14Oct1858 [03 p914], [520], [521] [561] Son of James and Susanna REED d.27Jan1878 (Ohio Co VA) [561] 5 two children: Nancy and Nicholas REED 4 Susanna BLAYNEY b.17Apr1823 (Ohio Co. WV.); d.11Mar1866 (West Alexander, PA.) + John VALENTINE m.23Apr1850 (Ohio Co, VA.) [03 p914], [521] [561] 5 Mary Elizabeth VALENTINE b.14Apr1851; d.1866 4 Faris Curtis BLAYNEY b.30Jan1825 (Ohio Co. WV.); d.16Jul1850 (West Alexander, PA.) [no info on why he died at 25] 4 Charles Jr (II) BLAYNEY b.11Aug1826 (Ohio Co. WV.); d.15Dec1872(6) Morrow Co. OH; bur. Iberia, OH; Farmer + Mary Jane BLAYNEY b.17Oct1829 (Ohio Co.); m.23Oct1851; d.17Dec1908 (Morrow C.) his 2nd cousin -see MJB; m.23Oct1841 5 William Faris BLAYNEY b.29Aug1852 (Morrow Co., OH.); d.1Nov1927 (West Alexander, Washington Co. PA.); Farmer and Director and Stockholder of the Peoples Saving Bank in Mt Gilead, OH + Georgiana M. NEWSON b.19Nov1857; m.7Sep1875; d.18May1943 (West Alexander, PA.) dau of Abraham NEWSON and Phoebe A HULL

Jessie Belle Blayney
6 Jessie Belle BLAYNEY b.8Jun1876 (Morrow Co. OH.); d.13Mar1969 (PA.) Responsible for much of the research of the Blayney family + Robert Davidson McCLEERY (McCLEARY) b.12Apr1861; m.8Aug1922; d.25Jul1943 Previously married to Mary Elizabeth BLAYNEY 5 Fulton Irwin BLAYNEY b.28July1854 (Mt Gilead, Morrow Co., OH.); d.7Mar1894 (Iberia, Morrow Co. OH.); Farmer & salesman 5 Clement (Clem) BLAYNEY b.31July1856 (Mt Gilead); d.31Mar1923 in Morrow Co. Farmer + Anna (Annie) Mary ELIOTT b.1Nov1862 (MI.); m.13Oct1896; d.10Feb 1938 (Mechanicsville, IA.); [2 children] 5 Mary Elizabeth BLAYNEY b.10Oct1859 (Morrow Co.); d.26Apr1939 in Oklahoma City, OK. + Mellville Mathew IDEN b.3Jan1852; m.1879; d.26Mar1918 6 Six children: Ethel Belle, Charles (Charley) Stewart, John McClusky, Lloyd Everett, Grace Emo and Ester Mary IDEN) 5 George Everett BLAYNEY b.21May1863 (Washington, Morrow Co., OH.); d.21Nov1939 (Mt Gilead, Morrow Co. OH.); Farmer + Cora Ann McANALL b.14May1867 (Iberia, OH.); m.1892; d.26Aug1959 (Plainfield OH.) 6 Arthur McAnall BLAYNEY b.17Sep1893 (Washington Twp); d.19Aug1920 (Morrow Co.); Farmer + Frances M GREEN b.8Jan1898 (Licking Co., OH.); m.8Nov1917 6 Lois Marguerite BLAYNEY BSc b.25Jun1896 (Morrow Co., OH.); School Teacher + George GAYNARD Bsc b.30Oct1898 7 Four children including Janis and David Wayne GAYNARD 6 Hazel Belle BLAYNEY b.1Dec1898 (Morrow Co., OH.) + Harold J REX BS, MA, LLD b.21Oct1894 (Toronto, OH.); m.1Sep1920; son of William REX and Cora ZUTAVERN 7 Four children including Majel Suzanne (Adopted) and Muriel Louise REX

Zelda Blayney
6 Zelda Aldine BLAYNEY BA b.30Mar1911 (Washington Twp); Teacher; d.26Oct2003 (Newcomerstown, Tuscarawas, OH.) + John Thomas BAIRD b.20Nov1905, d.12Jan1986 (OH) , farmer 7 Three children: Ruth Ann, Marlys and Philip BAIRD 5 Evaline Idella (Ida) BLAYNEY b.13July1868 (Washington Twp); Music Teacher; d.11May1948 (both in Morrow Co. OH.) + John Logan McANALL (?Cora's bro) b.4Oct1866; m.1890; Teacher then farmer 6 Charles Everett McANALL B.S. b.7Feb1891 (Mt Gilead); Farmer + Esta Gertrude McLANE (SWINBURN), widow 4 Martha Steel(e) BLAYNEY b.21Feb1829 (Ohio Co. WV.); d.8Jan1918; bur. West Alexander Memorial cemetery

Martha Steel
Blayney [900]
+Rev George McDONALD b.25Feb1825 d.16Mar1909; m.20May1858 [511] Son of John McDONALD and Margaret BYERS [561] 5 Four children: Nannie Maggie, Dr John McClusky, Rev Charles H. and Mary Elizabeth McDONALD [511] [561] 4 Nancy McDonald BLAYNEY b.25Nov1830 (Ohio Co. WV.); d.1Dec1830 (6 days) bur. West Alexander Memorial cemetery 4 James Faris (Farris) BLAYNEY b.24Oct1831 (Ohio Co. WV.); d.6Feb1915 (West Alexander, PA.); Farmer, also School Director & Borough Councellor (West Alexander) +(1)Margaret (Maggie) A ATKINSON b.27Feb1833 (Castleman's Run, Brooke Co, VA); m.30Dec1859 (Brooke Co, VA); d.11Mar1869 [1061]; dau of John ATKINSON and Margaret TRIMBLE 5 Laura Atkinson BLAYNEY b.12Apr1861 (Ohio Co. WV.); d.14Dec1886; bur. West Alexander + Nicholas E. MURRAY m.6Jan1883 6 two children: Margaret and Loretta MURRAY

Dr Charles Trimble
Blayney [900]
5 Dr Charles Trimble BLAYNEY b.20Feb1866 (Ohio Co. WV.); d.23Dec1943 (Westerville, OH.); Bur. West Alexander PA; Physician (Hamden, and Delaware Co., OH.) + Edith O. HARRISON b.4 Dec1872 (OH.); m.18Sep1892 (Delaware Co., OH.); d.11Jan1943 (OH.) 6 Vera Faris BLAYNEY b.20Dec1893 (Hamden, OH.); d.14May1978 (OH.) High School teacher and Librarian + Leland Van Fleet BENNETT b.3Apr1895 (Sunbury, OH.); d27Mar1944 (OH.) 6 Helen Antoinette BLAYNEY b.26May1896 (Hamden, OH.); 18Apr1992 (PA.) School teacher and Housewife + Dana Edmund CARTWRIGHT b.12Sep1897 (Delaware Co., OH.); d.10Dec1967 7 two children: Dan Edmund and Charles Blayney CARTWRIGHT +(2)Linda Randal GILFILLAN b.14Apr1836 (PA.); [Dau of Silver GILFILLAN and Maria GLAUSS] [2nd wife of James Faris BLAYNEY] m.7Jun1871; d.17Jun1921 5 Mary Elizabeth BLAYNEY b.6Dec1872 (West Alexander); d.22Mar1919 (Wheeling, Ohio Co., WV.) Compiled a scroll over 20 feet long of most of the descendants of the US immigrant Blayney brothers up until 1909. [561] + Robert D McCLEERY b.12Apr1861 (West Alexander); m(1).5Apr1899; Subsequently married Jessie Belle BLAYNEY d.25Jul1943; bur West Alexander, PA. 4 Nancy Jane BLAYNEY b.25Jul1833 (Ohio Co. WV.); d.15Feb1836 4 Capt. David Miller BLAYNEY b.4Apr1835 (Ohio Co. WV.); Occ 1800: Farmer; d.15Nov1907; bur. West Alexander Enlisted in Co. D, 12th Regiment, West VA. volunteer infantry in 1861 and served as a commissioned officer until the Civil War ended. +(1)Minerva Jane GRIFFITH b.25May1841; m.16Nov1863; d.3Dec1869 (West Alexander, PA.) 5 Henry Griffith BLAYNEY b.24Dec1866 (WV.); d.17Nov1952 (PA.) +(2)Amanda Mahaffey SILL b.9May1843 (PA.); m.13Nov1872; [[565]] d.04Oct1921 5 Mary Elizabeth BLAYNEY b.1872 + Robert D McCleary m.1899

Rev John Sill

Blayney 1896 [900]

Rev John
Sill Blayney
David Henry
5 Rev John Sill BLAYNEY DD b.31Aug1874 (Ohio Co, WV.); d.12Jul1918 (Roswell NM); bur. West Alexander PA; Presbyterian minister + Margarite Leona BOGGS b.2Mar1876 (Harmony, PA.); m.28Jun1899 (Harmony); d.23Jan1963 (Zelienople, PA.) dau of Detmar Passavant BOGGS and Sarah Hoffmann MILLER 6 David Henry BLAYNEY b.19Aug1900 (Glenfield, Allegheny Co. PA.); d.18Sep1971 (Deerfield Beach, Broward County, FL) + Frances Kathleen DUNCAN b.11Nov1904 (Zelienople, PA.); m.1Jun1920 (Zelienople); d.11Jun1985 (Avalon, Allegheny Co., PA.) 7 David Duncan BLAYNEY b.6Jul1926; d.1963 USN in WWII + Norma GIBSON m.8Dec1961 8 Betht Ann BLAYNEY b.14Nov1962 7 Jack Gilmore BLAYNEY b.7Jul1927 (Zelienople, Butler Co., PA.) d.1963; USNAC in WWII + Mary Theresa CUNNINGHAM b.24Jul1931 (McKee's Rocks, PA.) 8 Mary Karen BLAYNEY b.4Sep1953 (Pittsburgh PA.) 8 Mau Ine BLAYNEY b.11Apr1956 (Pittsburgh PA.) 8 William BLAYNEY b.27Jan1959 (Pittsburgh PA.) 8 Patricai BLAYNEY b.20Nov1961 (Pittsburgh PA.) 6 Margaret Sarah (or Sarah Margarite) BLAYNEY b.28Jan1902 (Glenfield, Allegheny Co. PA.) + Charles WHITEHALL (WHITEHILL) b.6Feb1901 (Butler, PA.); m.3Sep1947 (Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY); d.22Oct1964 (Montesano, Gray's Landing, WA.) 6 Lois Miller BLAYNEY b.9Nov1903 (Glenfield); d.15Dec1984 (Zelienople PA.) + Harry James KIFER b.23Nov1902 (Zelienople); m.3Sep1947 (Louiseville, KY.); d.15Mar1970 (Zelienople) 6 Dorothy Boggs BLAYNEY b.10Feb1905 (Wilcox, Elk Co, PA.); d.16Apr1973 (Zelienople) 6 Amy Sill BLAYNEY b.May 1906 Elk Co., PA. + Ralph H CUMBERLAND b.13Aug1904; d.8Jan1978 7 living dau CUMBERLAND

John Sill
Blayney Jr
6 John Sill BLAYNEY Jr. b.21Mar1914 (Hutchinson, KS.); d.28Jan1997 + Evelyn Ruth HENRY 7 two dau 4 Adam Faris BLAYNEY b.30Sep1836 (Liberty, Ohio Co. WV.); d.11Aug1908 (Mt Clements, MI.) bur. West Alexander, PA.; Farmer Nancy's favourite but said to have "The Black Irish Temper" + Catherine (Kate) Louise BROWN b.20Feb1844 (Good Intent, PA.) (1st cousin once removed) m.27Aug1863 (Farm Of Josie Blayney, Ohio Co.); d5Nov1926 dau of Abraham BROWN and Elizabeth BLAYNEY 5 Charles Brown BLAYNEY b.26May1864 (Ohio Co. WV.); d.10Apr1865; bur. West Alexander 5 Annie (Anna) M BLAYNEY b.17Mar1864 (WV.); d.14Feb1942; bur. West Alexander 5 Faris Brown BLAYNEY b.15Apr1866 (Ohio Co. WV.); d.26Jun1867 (Liberty Tp., Ohio, WV.) of Cholera [1059]; bur. West Alexander ?27Jun1867 5 Nancy (Nannie) May BLAYNEY b.3Dec1867/68 (Ohio Co. WV.); d.27May1957 (PA.) +Rev Frank E ARMSTRONG, b.24Dec1862; m.10Sep1895; d.25May1921 (Marlette, MI.) [son of William & Mary ARMSTRONG] 6 one child 5 Newton Erwin BLAYNEY b.29Apr1871 d.19May1905 (St Clements, MI.) bur. West Alexander PA. 5 Emma Hattie BLAYNEY b.10May1878; d.25Mar1961 (PA.)

Henry Giles

Rev Henry Giles
Blayney [900]
4 Rev Henry Giles BLAYNEY b.5Mar1839 (Ohio Co. WV.); d.5Jun1902; bur West Alexander, PA. Chaplain in Company D, 12th West Virginia Infantry in Civil War Pastor of Kirkwood Presbyterian Church 4Dec1869-17Apr1872 [525] and of Harrisville Presbyterian Church (Butler Co. PA) in 1895 (with 114 members [778]) +(1)Mary Caroline TODD b.18Apr1844 (VA.); m.25Sep1867; d.15Jul1883 (Ohio Co WV) dau of James Sawhill TODD and Mary BYERS 5 Dr Fred(erick) Hamilton BLAYNEY MD b.3Jan1869 (Somerton, Ohio Co. WV.); physician, grad University of Illinois College of Medicine 1898 - served in the US Medical Corps in WW I (MC; Capt.,); d.4Mar1921 (Chicago, Cook Co, IL.); bur. West Alexander, PA. + Grace E (R) BEYMER b. Summerton; m.1904 (Corning, IA.) 6 Anna Elizabeth BLAYNEY b.25Dec1906 (Chicago); d.21Mar1928 (Chicago) 6 Frederick Arthur BLAYNEY B.A. b.12Jun1908 (Chicago, IL.); d.18July1988 (Green Lake WI.) + Mary Elizabeth GOODELL 7 Elizabeth BLAYNEY b.29Nov1935 7 Frederick Hamilton BLAYNEY b.19Oct1937; d. 7 Robert BLAYNEY b.26Mar1941 7 George BLAYNEY b.6Apr1943 7 Miram BLAYNEY b.5May1945 7 Francis BLAYNEY b.19Nov1946 ?two sons 5 Mary Grace BLAYNEY b.29May1875 (Elizabeth, WV.); d. (Chicago) 5 Nancy (Emmie) Elizabeth BLAYNEY b.28Apr1878 (Kingwood, WV.); d.18Nov1914 (New Wilmington, PA.); bur. Ithaca, NY. + Joseph Vance McKELVEY m.7Sep1911 6 Nancy Elizabeth McKELVEY b.8Nov1914 (Ithaca); d.8Nov1914 (Ithaca) +(2)Ester AULT b.5Apr1842 (Iberia, OH.); m.5Aug1885 (m. by Rev John B BLAYNEY) [524] d.23Jul1922; bur. West Alexander, PA. 4 Rev Dr John (?Charles) McCluskey (McClusky) BLAYNEY D.D. (Hon) b.21Feb1841 (Ohio Co. WV.); d.12Mar1909 (Boston, MA.) bur Frankfort, Franklin County, (KY.) Presbyterian Minister (Kanawha (1862-7); Frankfort KY. (1867-9); Albany, NY. 1869-80 [513], [514], then travelled abroad returning to Frankfort in 1884 + Lucy Weisiger LINDSEY (LINDSAY) b.1Apr1842 m.3Nov1870; d.28Feb1881 (Mentone, France) [514]; bur Frankfort, Franklin County, (KY.) dau of prominent Frankfort lawyer Thomas N and Isabella P LINDSEY 5 Faris C BLAYNEY b.4Oct1872 (Albany NY); d.20Nov1872 (Frankfort)
Rev John McClusky
Blayney DD [900]

Rev John M Blayney
c.1862 [898]

Prof T Lindsey
Blayney Rice Uni

Dr Thomas L Blayney
Minnesota Historical Soc.

Dr Thomas Lindsey
Blayney 1937
5 Dr Thomas Lindsey BLAYNEY b.3Dec1873 (Franklin, KY.);

Dean L Blayney and
Nazi Minister of Technology 1936
The real story of
Dean Blayney and the Third Reich
d.13Mar1971 (Marine-on-St.-Croix, MN.) [709] [1042] Ph.D. (Hons) University of Heidelburg, Germany (1904) 1901-4: US Vice Consul Manerheim, Germany 1904-12: Prof. European lit/history/Art, Central university, KY 1912-14 Professor of German and founding member of Rice University (Photo [552]) 1918: chief military mission, Peace Conference, Germany, Macedonia front, Albania, Serbia, Greece; Lt-Colonel Inf.; Croix de Guerre 1926-46: Dean of Carleton College. 1924-26 President of the Texas Women's University (dismissed), resigned from the College of Industrial Arts 1925 [710] [711] 1926-46 Dean of Carleton College +(1) Gertrude SOUTH b.3May1875(6); m.1896 Franklin Co KY; d.25Nov1945 (North Field City Hospital) daughter of Colonel Samuel SOUTH (1833-1889) and Malvry Blackwell JETT (1840-1911) [512] 6 Lucy Lindsay BLAYNEY b.16Jun1897 Gottingen, Germany d.07Oct1900 (Germany); bur in Frankfort Cemetery (KY) 6 John (James) McCluskey BLAYNEY b.15Oct1901 Heidelburg, Germany; d.Sep1980 [1042] +(1)Wilhelmina Blackburn KENYON d.Jun1991 (Colorado Springs, CO.)

Margaret Kenyon Blayney
7 Margaret Kenyon BLAYNEY b.1924 Houston TX. + Donald W GALVIN 8 eleven children 7 Mary Elizabeth BLAYNEY b.1927 + David B HEWEL 8 Three children +(2) Lucille Marie HAINES b.1909 m.1935 7 Carolyn Lyndsey BLAYNEY b.21Sep1937 + Benjamin Horace DIGGS 8 three children 7 Barbara Jean BLAYNEY b.14Apr1939 + Charles Norman Jr HEFNER b.7Dec1936 7 living BLAYNEY 7 living BLAYNEY

(Edgar) Lindsey BLAYNEY

Lindsay Blayney 1933

David C Blayney
6 Edgar Lindsey BLAYNEY b.6Jun1903 (Heidelburg, Germany); aka Lindsey Jo Edgar Blayney; d.Jul1979. +(1)Mary Alberta née CARROLL (CAROL) 7 David Carroll BLAYNEY b.21Apr1948; d.22Aug2010 "Lee's Most Handsome Junior Boy" + Marcia Lewis née BRAKHAGE m.19Nov1971 8 Billy BRAKHAGE 8 Arwen BLAYNEY-LIETZ +(2) Dorothy née STOKES b.10Sep1908; m.3Sep1931 7 living BLAYNEY +(2) Eda Walz KUBITZ b.16Mar1893 (Danville, Vermilion, IL.); m.1948; d.6Jun1985 (Danville) Ph.D. 1932 University of Illinois 1943-46: Assistant Professor; 1946-56 Associate Professor and 1956-69 Professor of German, Carleton College, Minnesota 2nd wife of Thomas Lyndsey Blayney Widow of Samuel Alexander Kubitz 1883-1927 5 John McCLUSKY (McCLUSKEY) BLAYNEY b.3May1878 (Albany NY); d.24Oct1954 Attorney + Eva Clare GRANT b.7May1879; m.1906 (Danville, KY); d.Feb1976 6 Francis Lindsey BLAYNEY b.25Mar1907 St Louis MO. + Frank B CURTIS 6 John McCluskey Jr BLAYNEY b.20Feb1909 (St Louis MO.); d.Jun1973 + Eleanor Rose BERESFORD 7 John McClusky III BLAYNEY b.5Oct1940 7 living son 6 Thomas Lindsey BLAYNEY b.23May1915 (St Louis MO.) + Emma Lucy STUVER m.6Jan1940 7 one dau 5 Sydney McClusky (infant passenger with parents on steam-ship City of Chester from New York to Liverpool on 20Mar1880) [560] 2 Cadwallader (Chadwallader) BLAYNEY b.1757 (Oughterard Townland, Co.Tyrone, Ireland), Emig. ?1803/4 to USA (Ohio Co. WV.) with eight children. See [10] and See note 2 and died 21 August 1841, West Alexander, PA. His grave is actually marked Cadwallader Blaney [564], reinforcing the concept that this was his original name. See EUREKA.

There are contradictory records of birth date of 1755, 1757, 1767 & 1769 and of his emigration date of 1790, 1795, or 1831 and even his death date, with some claiming he died in 1784 (the year the 11th Lord Blayney died). This is clearly false as it would be before he emigrated and 8 years before his son Henry was born, and at the tender age of 29 or younger, whereas we know that in his old age he lived with his son, Henry).

A more likely set of dates are those found on cemetery records at West Alexander, Co. Washington Pa. - see cemetery, -Born 1757, Died 21-Aug,1841 Aged 84 yrs. [516] and these are in agreement with those found on the "Blaney" genealogy (more below).

+ unknown b.1755 (Dromore, Tyrone) d.? Co.Washington PA. After her death Cadwallader stayed with son, Henry. 3 Edward BLAYNEY b.1791(3) (Dromore, Co.Tyrone, Ireland) Claimed to be the eldest son of Cadwallader [517] and came to USA with his father. d.1866 (Ohio Co., WV.) Some genealogies have him married to Fanny ALCORN [1307] but the transcript on John Blayney's photo has John as Fanny's husband. + Mary Blaney b~1800 (Dromore, Co.Tyrone); d.Ohio Co., WV. 4 Katherine BLAYNEY d.Ohio Co., WV.

Elizabeth Blayney
(1826-1912) [900]

Edward D Blayney
(1822-1899) [900]
4 Elizabeth BLAYNEY b.09Oct1826 Ohio Co WV.; d.23Jan1912 Ohio Co., WV., buried West Alexander, Co.Washington, PA (apparently looked after Edward) + Edward Duncan BLAYNEY b.1822 (her cousin & son of John BLAYNEY) m.08Jul1845 See Edward Duncan Blayney for descendants. 3 Henry BLAYNEY b.1792 (Co.Tyrone); d.Feb1873 (Finley, Wash. Co., PA.) Emmigrated to America with father in 1831 + Elizabeth Jane ROGERS b.1805 (named the town of Good Intent, PA. [517]) d.22Dec1874 (Good Intent, PA.) 4 Mary BLAYNEY b. in Ireland before 1829, d.1847 (7 children) In 1832 Henry and his family came with his father to the US & had more children (inconsistent with Cadwallader W's birth......) + Andrew FRAZIER b.1819 (PA.) [son of Alexander FRAZIER, ?Galesburg] 5 Six children: Emiline, Hannah, Henry, John, Harvey and Edith

Henry Blayney
[Courtesy K Vought [1148]]

Cadwallader W
Blayney [900]

Mary Martha Blayney
[click thumb ↑] [526]

John Bruce Blayney
[click thumb ↑] [526]
4 Cadwallader W BLAYNEY b.12Jul1829 (in Ohio Co. WV.); d.22Nov1900 (Good Intent, PA.) Miller, Farmer then successful Mercantile businessman and Post Master of Good Intent. +(1)Elizabeth ROGERS b.1840 (Ireland); m1.13Jan1853, d.2Feb1872 5 John Rogers BLAYNEY b.10Nov1853 (Good Intent, Washington, Co. PA.); d.7Jun1920 (Claysville); Hotelier + Joanna Francis "Annie" STILWAGEN (or STILWAGON) b.1858; d.1914 6 Mary Martha BLAYNEY b.31Jan1884 (Armstrong's Mill, Wash. Co. PA.) Teacher, book-keeper; d.1940 6 c b.19Jun1885; d.13Jun1917 (hit by a train); watchman at B&O Trestle + Virgia (or Virginia or Virgie) Happit DULANY (or DULANEY, DELANEY b.20Feb1898 (PA.); d.27Apr1974 [dau. Walter Hudson Dulaney and Effie Mahala Stephens.] 7 Charles Walter BLAYNEY b.27Jan1916 (Claysville, Washington, PA.); d.31Dec1995 (Allegheny, PA.) WWII veteran; retired from Edgewater Steel in 1978; played guitar in the band CBJ Ranchboys + Helen Gertrude MATTHEWS b.1921; m.3Mar1938 (Allegheny, PA.) 8 Martha Jean KRESS née BLAYNEY b.08May1940 8 Charles Leroy BLAYNEY b.29Aug1942 8 Ronald Lee BLAYNEY, Sr. b.29Aug/1947 (father of Shelly Lynn Blayney, RN [1640]) 8 Walter Alvin BLAYNEY b.4Jul1956 7 Rev William Alvin BLAYNEY b.21Dec1917 (Claysville PA)

William Alvin BLAYNEY

Pagan Roman Kingdom

Headed Lion-Beast

1960 [click]

Anti-Christ on Globe

1961 [click]
Brought up in a strict Methodist family with his father dying before his birth. Moved with family to Pittsburg when 12; Served in UAAC in WWII; Automobile mechanic (& heavy equipment driver) In 1966 left wife and moved to Oklahoma. [1009] Primitive "naive" apocalyptic painter with dramatic depictions of biblical prophesies; Ordained as Pentecostal minister 1969 (Oklahoma) d.19Oct1985 (Thomas, OK.) and left trailer full of paintings to brother; [1642] [1643] +(1) Alice B CAMP b.1910; m.30Sep1943 (Allegheny, PA.) +(2) Virginia Van NESS b.1920; d.1980 6 John Bruce (Sheenie) BLAYNEY b.19Jun1889(91) (Claysville, PA.); Pharmacist; Served in US Medical Corps, 116th Engineers, WWI (France) 1917-9; d.28Oct1941 (Washington Co., PA.) 5 Henry Bruce BLAYNEY b.30Nov1855; d.13Jun1926 5 William Lester BLAYNEY b.3(8)Feb1858 (Good Intent); d.8Sep1927 (Washington, Washington Co, PA.); Merchant businessman + Ola Glen CARROLL b.11Mar1862 dau of James CARROLL & Agnes PATTERSON; d.25Oct1895 (Burnsville, PA.) [526] Sister of Ella B BLAYNEY b.11Mar1869; d.21Mar1945 Wash. Co. [526] 6 Fern D. BLAYNEY b.18Mar1888; d.5Jan1955 (both West Finley, PA.) + Grover Cleveland WALKER 6 Clay Dean BLAYNEY b.5Apr1889 (West Finley, Washington Co. PA.) Pump and Tank mechanic; served in WWI + Helen Louise HELPHENSTINE 7 Ola Freda BLAYNEY b.1Mar1912 (West Finley, Washington Co., PA.) m.21Jun1935; d.18Oct1975 [919] + Jessie Virgil HEADLEY b.30Jan1911; d.19Aug1922 (both Washington) Photographer. Remarried (Louise FARRELL) [919] 8 Two children: Harold Dean and Theodore Virgil HEADLEY 7 Josephine Mae BLAYNEY b.5August1915 (West Finley); book-keeper +Harold Eugene MEYERS M.A. (Psychology), Minister of the Indianola Presbyterian Church [son of Ralph MEYERS and MYRTLE] 8 Two children: Jo Anne and Karen Louise MEYERS 7 infant BLAYNEY b.10Feb1918 Stillborn [526] 7 infant BLAYNEY b.7NovFeb1922 Stillborn (West Finley) [526] 6 Wade Glenn BLAYNEY b.14Sep1892; d.5Jan1898 (Burnsville, PA.) [526] + Helen Louise HELPHENSTINE b.1893 5 Ida Jane BLAYNEY b.17Dec1860 (Good Intent); d.24Jan1901 (Chariton, Lucas Co., IA.) + Isaac Moreford McNAY b.24Apr1858 (Washington, Washington Co, PA.); farmer 6 Three children: Harry Lester, Winnie and another dau. 5 Bellville Cool BLAYNEY b.12Jan1863; d.9July1945 (West Finley) [526] + Ella Blanche CARROLL b11Mar1869; m.21Oct1903; d.18Mar1945 5 Elmer Everett (Minnie) BLAYNEY b.21Oct1864 (West Finley, Washington Co. PA.); d.20Jun1936; bur. West Alexander, Washington Co. PA. + Ida Elsadora KING b.23May1870 (East Finley, Washington Co, PA.) dau of James KING and Susanna HERTZOG and sister of Alice Grace KING 6 Perl Erma BLAYNEY b.6Jan1894 (Good Intent, Washington Co., PA.) + John Oliver RIGGLE b.19Dec1886 (Cameron, WV.); m. Barnsville, PA. 7 Three children: Gaylord Blayney, John Carl and Virginia Ruth RIGGLE 6 Glen(n) Hammond BLAYNEY b.27Mar1899 (Good Intent); Mechanic

Florence Blayney


1953 HighSchoolGrad
+ Florence Lueretia MORRISON b.2Feb1903; d.5Jun1982 (both Washington, PA.); m.10Jun1926; School Teacher [dau of John Howard Morrison (1879-1942) and Lucinda PRICE (1879-1929)] 7 Dr Glenn Hammond BLAYNEY Jr PhD (Oxford, b.23Mar1927 (Washington, Washington Co., PA.) d.19May1995 (Pittsburg, PA.) Professor at California University of Pennsylvania + Margaret STATLER PhD (Oxford in English literature) b.11Jun1926 (Rockwood, PA.); [dau. of John SATLER and Agnes CONWAY] Teacher (35yr at Highland Park Community Col. MI.); d.16Dec2009 aged 83 8 Kathleen Germaine BLAYNEY b.2Aug1958 + ___ TAURO 7 Linda Lee BLAYNEY b.6Jun1935 (Washington, Washington Co., PA.) d.20Oct2017 (Fort Myers, FL.) +(1) Thomas WHITE Jr. (1932-1994); m.29Jun1957 8 Thomas WHITE III b.2Aug1958 +(2) Charles L HUNTER (1923-2006) 6 Mildred Irene BLAYNEY b.9Apr1905 (Good Intent) + James Albert Jr RICHLEY (RICHEY) 7 Four children: Jean Louise, Marjorie, Jack Bruce and James Elmer RICHEY 5 Orange Griffith BLAYNEY b.7Feb1867; d.14Jul1868 5 Cadwallader BLAYNEY b.1869; d.1870 (both Good Intent) +(2)Elizabeth Jane ("Jennie") BLAYNEY b.1840 (Ireland); m.1872; d.9Dec1920 (Elm Grove WV.); a cousin [daughter of John BLAYNEY of Ireland See note 2 and Frances Alcorn, although there is a possibilty that Jennie's mother was an unknown 2nd wife of John [517]] 5 Harry Leon BLAYNEY b.17Oct1879 (Good Intent); d.30Sep1929 (Wheeling, WV.) [chronic nephritis] [1058] Pharmacist (Druggist) + Alice Cary LAMBORN b.8Sep1886; m.5Sep1907 (spelling [1058]) dau of Thomas LAMBORN & Mary HAYES

Chester William Blayney

(1913-1989) [900]
6 Chester William BLAYNEY b.30Jul1913 (Wheeling); d.27Jan1989 (Arapahoe Co., CO) Contributed to the Blayney Family project. + Aletha May SHAW b.16Nov1916 (Chester, Hancock Co., WV.); d.23Jan1992 (Littleton, Arapahoe Co., CO.); dau of Albert SHAW and Alice White. 7 Elizabeth Standish BLAYNEY b.28Jan1951 (Decatur, Macon Co.,IL.) + Charles Stephen BICKMORE m.22Apr1977 (Denver, Denver Co., CO.) son of Charles BICKMORE and Helen MATSON. 8 Laura Elizabeth BICKMORE b.13Oct1983 (Littleton, CO.) 7 Alice Jane BLAYNEY b.3Jan1948 + Douglas K. BROWN 8 Two children: Kathryn Shaw and Jennifer Caroline BROWN 7 William Shaw BLAYNEY b.14Apr1949 +(1)Donna Lynell GILLILAND b.~1961; m.18Dec1981 (Dallas Co. TX); dv.1May1990 8 Bryan BLAYNEY b.1982 +(2) Deborah Jean COCHRAN 7 Glenn Lamborn BLAYNEY b.25Dec1953 + Joan KISH 7 Robert Lee BLAYNEY b.23Oct1955 + Ruth THOM 8 Jeffrey Thom BLAYNEY b.1986 8 Eric Robert BLAYNEY b.1988

Harold Kenneth
Blayney [900]
6 Col. Harold Kenneth BLAYNEY b.10Apr1911 (Wheeling, WV.) Colonel US Air Force Reserve; teacher, Principal Wheeling High School d.18Mar1998 (Ohio, W.V.) + Elizabeth BOYD b.25Sep1920; d.Sep1997 (both Wheeling, Ohio, WV.) 5 Edward Charles BLAYNEY b.13Jul1873 (Good Intent); d.5Dec1932 (Wheeling WV.); Travelling salesman + Florence Della BOOTH b.12Apr1871; d.8Feb1955 6 Bessie Lucile BLAYNEY b.5May1900 (Good Intent); d.19Nov1960 (Slovang, CA) + Horace Wisehard WILLIAMS b.5Feb1897; m.31Jul1897 (Elm Grove, Wheeling) Active in compiling Blayney Family project 7 Two children: Delis Elaine and Kent Blaney WILLIAMS 6 (son) b. & d.3Jun1903 (stillborn) (Ohio, WV.) 5 Fred(die) L. BLAYNEY b.4Dec1875 & d.7Nov1879 (both Good Intent) 5 Son BLAYNEY b.4Dec1875, d. day of birth 5 Fannie BLAYNEY b.25May1883; d.7Jun1883 12 days old. 4 Sarah Jane BLAYNEY b. Washington Co. PA. + William BROWNLEE 5 Four children: Addie, Elizabeth, John & Carson 4 Hannah BLAYNEY b. Washington Co. PA. + James RONEY 5 Will RONEY 4 Margaret BLAYNEY b.12Feb1830 Ohio Co. WV.; d.16Mar1914 (Aledo, IL.) + Arron PATTERSON 5 Seven children: Mary, Hannah, Maggie, Clara, Haddie, Blanche and Henry 4 Henry BLAYNEY b.10Jun1831; d.2Sep1905 (West Alexander, PA.) + Martha Ann BURNS b.1836; d.23Apr1885 [dau of William M C BURNS & Martha CRAIG] 5 Clara Rosetta BLAYNEY b.24Jul1859 (PA.), d.17Jun1915 (PA.) 5 William Lazaer BLAYNEY b.26Feb1860 (West Finley, PA.); d.13Feb1926 West Alexander, PA.; Farmer + Mary E MARSHALL b.4Nov1869 (1864 on grave); d.1958 [dau of Robert and Rachael MARSHALL] 6 Mary Hazel BLAYNEY b.21Oct1893; d.29Apr1969 Contributed to Blayney Family Project + William Henry HUTCHINSON b.12Sep1889; m.1Jan1916; d.1Aug1975 son of Thomas HUTCHINSON and Zilla GILES 7 Two children: Mary Zilla and William H. HUTCHINSON 5 Henry Rogers BLAYNEY b.2Nov1861 (West Finley); d.24Feb1944 (West Alexander); Liveryman + Florence Olena HAIR b.15Sep1863 (Washington Co., PA); m.18Sep1889; d.4Sep1939; [dau of John HAIR and Elizabeth JOBES] 6 Roy BLAYNEY b.3Aug1890; d.16Jul1907 6 Teressa Salome BLAYNEY b.8Jul1893 (Claysville, Wash. Co. PA.) 6 Gladys Olena BLAYNEY b.11Sep1895 Washington Co. PA.; d.1Dec1962[ Teacher + Furman Leon NUSS m.29Sep1917 (Washington Co., PA.) 6 John Henry ("Ziggie") BLAYNEY b.14Dec1897; d.4May1956 (both Claysville) or d.4May1956 (Ohio, W.V.) [1042] Salesman for Continental Baking Co.; served in WWI + Edna M. McCOLLOUGH, m.30Jan1919; daughter of Walter McCOLLOUGH 7 Walter Kenneth BLAYNEY b.26Nov1919 (Claysville) 7 Harriett Virginia BLAYNEY b.6Jun1923 (Claysville) + Harvey HOWELL (US Army) 8 Robert HOWELL b.1947 (Wheeling, Ohio Co., WV.) 6 Margaret Lucille BLAYNEY b.16Aug1907 (Claysville, PA.) Teacher, contributor to Blayney Family project + Leo R. TRAVIS PhD; School Principal & Superintendent 7 Two children: Margaret Joanne and Judith Lee TRAVIS 5 Lynn (Lyn) Craig BLAYNEY b.16(10)Sep1865 (Good Intent); d.2Jul1938 (Claysville) Hardware businessman +(1) Carrie (Clara) Belle McNICH b.1865 (PA.); m.12Jun1894; d.26May1900 (Claysville) [dau. of Samuel L MCNINCH and Caroline Frances ROBINSON] 6 infant son BLAYNEY b.4Aug1895; d.21Sep1895 6 Carrie Belle BLAYNEY b.11May1900; d.28May1900 +(2) Edith DENNISON b.17Apr1873 (Donegal twp, Claysville); m.4Jun1912; d.21Nov2000 (Claysville) [dau of Edwin Henry DENNISON and Selena REED] 5 John Irvin BLAYNEY b.7Jun1868; d.27Nov1912 (both Good Intent, PA.) Lawyer in Lebanon, IN. + Amanda T McNAY b.28Nov1868; m.29Sep1892; d.27Jul1893 6 Jay Irvin BLAYNEY b.17Jul1893 (West Alexander, PA.) Served in Europe in WWII as a Sgt. in the Ambulance Corp Chemist in inks & paints; Past president of the Associated Ink Company of San Francisco, CA Contributor to the Blayney Family project; d.Jan1974 + Dorothy Allison CADY b.18Aug1896 (Grinnell, IA.); m.27Dec1924 7 John Allison BLAYNEY b.11Mar1927 (Oakland, Alameda Co., CA) Degrees in Naval Science then Archotecture then a Masters in City Planning Served in the V12 ROTC in WWII Author: "The Role of the General Physical Planning Agency in California County Government" Pub: University of California, Berkeley, 1954 + Mary Jo HUSBY née REND b.23Sep1928 (San Francisco, CA.) b.23Sep1928 as Mary Josephine REND; [dau. of Commodore Charles Joseph Rend (1896–1988) & Helen Catherine DREAMER (1901–1992)] m1. Bent HUSBY b.17Aug1929 (Denmark); m.14Oct1965; d.27Feb1900 (Berkeley CA.) 8 Marianne HUSBY b.1962 m2. John Allison BLAYNEY b.11Mar1927; m.14Oct1965 (San Francisco, CA.)

Mary Jo Blayney née Rend

Adrian Blayney

Raymond Irvin Blayney

Sharon Queen Blayney
8 Peter Callahan BLAYNEY b.1966 (San francisco, CA) + Catherine Mary O'NEILL m.07Jun1996 9 Anna Jo BLAYNEY (b. Dublin, Ireland) 8 Matthew Rorke BLAYNEY b.1970 (Berkeley, CA) 5 Adrian J BLAYNEY b.21Oct1869 (Good Intent); d.11Feb1938 (Claysville, PA.) Grocer then Constable + Nora Alma SUTHERLAND b.1871 (Washington Co. PA.); m.30Dec1897; d.6Nov1961 (Piqua, OH.) [dau. of Wilson W SUTHERLAND and Mary Elvildda SUTHERLAND] 6 Infant son d.y. [783] 6 Vernon Bland BLAYNEY b.6Apr1899 (Good Intent, PA.); d.25Aug1950 (Fort Lorame, OH.) Owner of Fort Lorame , OH. sawmill. Served in WWI + Emma HUNTER, dau of H.L. HUNTER and Theresa RYAN 7 Thomas Vernon BLAYNEY b.22Oct1925 (Washington Co., PA.); d.27Mar1998 (Piqua, Ohio); Clerk (B&O Rail) Veteran of USAF serving in WWII [1007] + Margaret Elizabeth BARNES, daughter of Walter O. BARNES 8 Terri Ann BLAYNEY b.10Nov1954 + ___ MACKEY 8 Jeffrey Vernon BLAYNEY b.29Oct1961 + ___ WHITE 6 Raymond Irvin (Irwin) BLAYNEY b.11May1900 (Claysville, PA.); d.8Aug1953 (Piqua, Miami Co., OH.); Teacher; Served in WWI Vice President & General Manager of Hartzell Industries, Piqua, OH. City Commissioner 1943-51 + Frances SCOTT in Los Angeles CA., dau of Joseph SCOTT and Alora McCARTY 7 Katherine Anne BLAYNEY b.19Dec1929 (Burlington, Des Moines Co., IA.) + Thomas Edward UPTON, son of George UPTON and Martha JOHNSON Anesthesiologist (Anaesthetist) 8 Amy Elizabeth UPTON b.27Nov1961 7 Joseph Adrian BLAYNEY B.S.(Commerce) b.26Nov1931 (Piqua, Miami Co., OH.); d.6Sep1993; Served in US Army in Korea A manager of West Burlington Walnut Company, West Burlington, IA. 7 Richard Irvin BLAYNEY b.18Sep1933 (Piqua, Miami Co., OH.) + Sharon Lelani QUEEN b.26Sep1937 (Portsmouth, OH.); m.1Jan1960; d.2Sep2020 (Louisville, KY.) [dau. of William and Letty Queen] 8 Mark William BLAYNEY b.08Oct1960 + Dana 8 Anne Scott BLAYNEY YOUNG b.18May1962 8 Morley Scott BLAYNEY b.31Aug1964 (Columbus, Franklin Co., OH.) + Dan ROUNS 7 Evelyn Romaine BLAYNEY B.A. & B.S. b.13Jan1938 (Piqua); ?teacher 7 Elizabeth Jane BLAYNEY b.13Nov1939 (Piqua) + Gary Lynn DENMAN 8 Two children: Judith Lynn and Michael Raymond DENMAN 7 Emily Carol BLAYNEY b.4Apr1947 (Piqua); Nurse 6 Harold Hayward ("Bill")) BLAYNEY b.20Oct1906 (Claysville) d.22Jun1998 (Presbyterian Medical Center, Washington) [783] Hardware worker then 29½ years with Jessop Steel Co; Served in Navy in WWII + Frances Martha HARRIMAN m.8Sep1937; d.10Nov1990
Ronald H. Blayney

Harold L Blayney

Steven W Blayney

"Sonny" Bob Blayney

Darlene Blayney 2013

"Bobbi Blayney-Gantt 2020

Herb & Bobbi Gantt 2018
Kim Blayney
7 Ronald Hayward BLAYNEY b.2Dec1938; d.14Dec2014 (both Claysville) 7 Harold Laverne BLAYNEY MSc b.4Jan1942 (Claysville, PA.) of Venetia d.6Apr2018 (St. Clair Hospital) Served in USAF in both Korea and Vietnam; Worked for Bettis Laboratory + Carol Sue WARTH dau of Norma C and Inez L Warth of Taylortown 8 Timothy Harold BLAYNEY b.29Aug1965 + Laurie 8 Steven Wade BLAYNEY b.22Nov1967; d.24Jun2019 + Marisa (Missy) L. née MAUSER 9 Steven Dallas BLAYNEY 9 Noah A BLAYNEY 8 Philip BLAYNEY + Marisa 7 Robert (Bob) Adrian BLAYNEY b.9Aug1946 of East Finley + Jenette ?8 Jay BLAYNEY 6 Mary Romaine BLAYNEY b.30May1908 + Delmar E. FUHR m.18Jun1931, [son of William FUHR and Sarah KNOWLES] 7 Two children: Norman Delmar and Douglas Blayney FUHR 5 Carson BLAYNEY b.17Oct1871 (Washington Co., PA.); d.27Dec1962 (Claysville) Dairy farmer then orchardist + Caroline ("Carrie") Bertha WOLFE b.5Mar1880; m.16Apr1908; d.31Dec1963 PA.) [dau of Christopher Columbus WOLFE and Mary S SPROWLS] School Teacher; Main contributor (as C.B.B.) with Chester Oliver Blayney to the US Blayney Family Tree 6 Robert Carson BLAYNEY b.16Mar1909 (Claysville); d.23Sep1991 (PA.) Army vet. +(1) Adeline Irene DIXON b.24Oct1915 (Buffalo); m.7Set1936; d.10Aug1968 (PA.) [dau of Homer and Elizabeth Carroll DIXON] 7 Robert ("Sonny", "Bob") Irvin BLAYNEY b.11Jul1937 (PA.); d.25Jul2015 (PA.); US Army vet.; Crane operator/caster; Volunteer Firefighter (life member of South Franklin Volunteer Fire Company) + Janet ("Darlene") DINCH m.15Sep1967 8 Tracey BLAYNEY McMahon [?4 children] 8 Bobbi D. BLAYNEY + Herb GANTT [2 children] 8 Kimberly (Kim) Ann BLAYNEY b.11Jun1962 (Washington Co., PA.); d.22Aug2009 (Allegheny Co., PA.) + John N WOOD b.21Feb1962 [2 children] 7 Lois Irene BLAYNEY b.22Oct1939 + James Leroy SCOTT 8 Two children: Janet and Lori SCOTT 7 Mary Lou BLAYNEY b.5May1944 +(1) Gerald SNYDER 8 Gregory Scott SNYDER Probably = Scott SNYDER, son of "Jerry" + Karen LYNCH SNYDER m.21May1988 (Client Services Manager) 9 Josh SNYDER (Software Engineer) + Shelby 8 Dean SNYDER + Brenda FRIES 9 Dustin SNYDER (Water reseller; soldier) 9 Martina SNYDER (teacher) 8 Ray SNYDER +(2) ___ HOLDEN

Mary Lou Holden
née BLAYNEY ex Snyder

The late
Jerry Snyder

Mary Lou HOLDEN (Mum)
and Ray, Scott & Dean Snyde 2013

Ray Snyde

Scott and Karen Snyder

Scott, Josh and Karen Lynch Snyder 1917

Scott Snyder 2014

Dean & Brenda Snyder 2018

Brenda, Dustin, Dean and Martina Snyder
7 Jeanie ("Jean") Betty BLAYNEY b.5Jun1947 + Kenneth ARMSTRONG +(2) Alice May DOW b.24Jan1912 (Elm Grove, Ohio, WV.); d.4Dec2000 (Washington, PA.) Widow of Edgar THOMPSON (1908 - 1963) and mother of Edgar Eugene and Wanda Lee THOMPSON [dau. of Nathan Goff DOW and Estella Meyers BRANDON] 6 Paul Wolfe BLAYNEY b.7Dec1911 (Claysville); d.12Jun2000 (WI.) Owner of Blayney's Mobile Service Station, Jefferson, WI. +(1)Helen BURGERT
Patricia Ann BLAYNEY

R/Adm Blayney [845]

Mary M Genatiempo
7 Patricia Ann BLAYNEY b.27Nov1934 (Milwaukee, Milwaukee Co., WI.) Secretary. Contributor to the Blayney Family project + James L. SCARBOROUGH b.~1909? m.18Jul1966 +(2)Edna VerHALEN b.14Mar1911 (Chicago); m.31May1941; d.23Aug2009 (Jefferson,WI.) dau. of John & Laura (Schiferl) VerHALEN 7 Rear Admiral Paul Michael ("Mike") BLAYNEY JD b.5Aug1943 (Milwaukee) 1972 Juris Doctorate (Catholic University of America Law School) Cdr of Thirteenth Coast Guard District 1998-2001; previous Cdr of 2nd Coast Guard District, & previously of Greater Antilles Section; Chief Trial Judge; Legion of Merit (x3); Bronze Star with Combat "V"; Meritorious Service Medal (x2). [845] + Mary SACCARDI m.1971 [845] 7 Mary Margaret BLAYNEY b.20Sep1945. Medical Technologist; Lab Tech; d.18Jan2017 + Philip (Phil) GENATIEMPO of Grapvine, TX. 8 Daniel GENATIEMPO of Zionsville, IN + Nancy 8 David GENATIEMPO of New Berlin, WI + Laura 7 Susan BLAYNEY b.04Oct1947. + Roger ZIEGLER of Jefferson, WI. 7 Holly (Helen) Louise BLAYNEY b.20Dec1949. + Doug BRIDGE of Waunakee, WI. 7 Patricia ("Pat") Ann BLAYNEY b.~1935 of Kissimmee, FL. + L James ("Jim") SCARBOROUGH b.~1909; ob. m.18Jul1966 (Fort bend, TX) 7 John BLAYNEY b.6Apr1955 + Claire née MILLER of Niagara, NY. [dau of Joseph J. and Teresa MILLER] 8 ?Jared BLAYNEY + Michele 8 Joseph BLAYNEY 6 Martha Caroline BLAYNEY b.28Nov1913 (Claysville) + Harold STRINGER 7 Four children: Lynn, Loretta Kay, George and Caroline Sue STRINGER 6 Orren (Oren) ("Pete") Alexander BLAYNEY b.18Feb1916 (Claysville); d.Mar1982 [1042] PFC U.S. Marine Corps + Ivie (Ivey, Ivy) Mae WOOD b.23Feb1916 (Wellsville, WV.); m.1May1936 (Triadelphia); d.1Jun2009 (PA.) [dau of Samuel P. WOOD & Margaret COOK]; m.1936 (Brooke, WV.)

William C. Blayney

William (Bill) C. Blayney

? Jan Blayney (Bowling)

Ron Blayney

Cherri Blayney

Ron & Cherri Blayney 2009
7 William (Bill) Carl BLAYNEY b.9Sep1936 (Washington, PA.) of Claysville PA. US Army 1955-77 (Germany); Construction Safety Specialist; Owner of W C Blayney & Associates (Construction, Houston area, TX.) for 30+ years Updated and republished Chester O. Blayney's Blayney Book d.26Aug2021 (Humble, TX) + Zela Janette ("Jan") BOWLING b.27Jun1939 Oxford, NC.; m.Mar1961 [dau of Marvin and Ercelle BOWLING] d.25Oct2004 (Humble, TX.) [918] [dau. of Marvin and Ercelle BOWLING] 8 Ronald (Ron) Dale BLAYNEY b.~1957 + Cherri ATWELL b.~1961; m.27Sep1987 (Harris Co. TX) (Accounting Assistant) 9 Kyle BLAYNEY + 9 Kelli BLAYNEY (Nurse) + Adam HEAD m.2015

Kyle Blayney

Kelli & Adam Head

Kelli & Adam Head

Joan Blayney Duhon

Jake Duhon
8 Joan Yvonne BLAYNEY b~1959 +(1) Leslie D DEVRIES b.~1959; m.16Dec1977 (Montgomery, TX] 9 Andrea DeVries-Smith +(2) Jake DUHON 9 Terry DUHON 9 Naomi DUHON Shallenberger

Andrea DeVries-Smith 2013

Naomi Duhon Shallenberger

Andi Statum Bill Blayney Joan Duhon 2016

Andi Statum 2019

Rainey Statum

Rainey Statum with
Misty and Breezy 2016g

Breezy Pettit

Breezy & Caleb Pettit
engaged 2012

Misty Statum
Champion 2020

Misty Statum
8 Andrea (Andi) Denise BLAYNEY b.31Dec1960 Controller (W C Blayney & Asociates) + Rainey STATUM (div) 9 Breezy Ayn STATUM teacher + Caleb PETTIT m.15Jun2013 9 Misty Leigh STATUM; Graphic designer 8 William Eric BLAYNEY b.10Feb1962 Owner & Director, Castleblayney Construction TX + Yvonne 8 Christopher Patrick BLAYNEY Radio Talk Show Host at KSEV AM 700 - The Voice of Texas + IMG SRC="images/camera.gif" width="14" height="12" ALT="" TITLE="photo"> Emily NGHIEM 8 Michael (Mike) Todd BLAYNEY + Cathy MOODY

W Eric Blayney

Chris Blayney


Mike & Cathy Blayney 2019

Mike Blayney 2015

Cathy Moody Blayney 2016
7 Nancy Marie BLAYNEY b.26Feb1938 (Claysville, PA.); d.8Apr2007 (Meadville PA.); Assist. Bookkeeper + Horace EVEREST b.16Jun1926 (Clinton, Oneida Co. NY.); d.19Jul1986 (Faifax, VA.) SN US NAVY WORLD WAR II [son of Guy EVEREST and Cora CARPENTER] Remarried to Calua E Elliott b.23Oct1926; d.21Dec2011; (widow of Clarence ELLIOTT) 8 William Horace EVEREST b.8Oct1962 (Washington DC) aka William O BLAYNEY

William O Blayney

Barbara Hallmark née Blayney

Becky & William J Hallmark (Jnr) 2018

Alex Hallmark 2021

Lyin Hallmark Schramm
7 Barbara Ann BLAYNEY b.24Sep1939 (Claysville, PA.) +(1)John Fry Jr. COLE 8 John Fry COLE III b.23Jul1958 8 William Alexander COLE b.20Oct1962 +(2) William J. HALLMARK 8 William J. HALLMARK II b.14Jul1965 + Rebecca (Becky) m.2015

Siblings Samuel Blayney, Barbara B Hallmark & Bill Blayney 2018
8 (Bambie) Lyin HALLMARK b.8May1967 + Bob SCHRAMM 8 Alex HALLMARK 7 Samuel (Sam) Carson BLAYNEY b.5Apr1941 (Claysville) Construction Management & Inspection + Sharon JEANETTE m.21Mar1964 (St Luke Methodist Church, Austin) 8 Suzanna (Suzie) BLAYNEY + Rick POWER 9 Haley Christene POWER 8 Shannon BLAYNEY (Austin, TX) + Mark Anthony VINCENT m.25Jul1999

Samuel Carson Blayney

Sharon Blayney 2011

Suzanna Power & Sharon Blayney

Sam B & Suzanna Power

Shannon Blayney



June and Henry Blayney 2016

Nic & Kayla BLAYNEY

Madison Propst & Cameron 2018
7 Mary Katherine BLAYNEY b.15Apr1943 (Claysville) + Edward Arch SHOTWELL 8 Two children: Edward Kath and Teresa M. SHOTWELL 7 Henry Wood BLAYNEY b.29Oct1946. + June 8 Nic BLAYNEY + Kayla WILKINSON (Nurse) m.24Jun2020 8 Madison Propst Clinical Social Worker/Therapist + Cameron KOLB



M Donna Blayney

Lisa Morgan-Blayney 2018

Tarrah Blayney 2012
7 Forest Lee BLAYNEY, b.11Nov1949 Washington, PA.); d.11Dec2014 (Alamogordo, NM.) USAF 21 years; Motorcycle Instructor; "First Time Offender DWI" teacher + Mary Donna née RILEY b.25Jul1949 (Florence, SC.) d.2Aug2015 (Alamogordo, NM.) [dau of Mary Lucille (née HOLLAND) & Wm. Alexander RILEY] 8 Lisa MORGAN BLAYNEY (step-dau to Donna) + Ronnie MORGAN 9 Scotty BLAYNEY + Ariel 8 Steven (Steve) BLAYNEY (step-son to Donna) 8 Tarrah BLAYNEY + John BENNETT 6 Anna Louise (Lou) BLAYNEY b.28Feb1918 (Claysville); d.24Nov2003 (Washington, PA.) + Earl E BURIG b.20Oct1915; d.30Jun1995 (PA.) 7 Four children: Eugene, William Richard, James August & Douglas BURIG 6 Joan Marie SALISBURY (foster child) b.27Jan1937 + William Henry NOBLE 7 William Henry Jr NOBLE 6 Emily Jean ANDERSON (foster child) b.28Nov1938; d.27Jan2018 Nurse + John Willam SAMPSON m.15Aug1965 (Columbus, Franklin Co., OH.)

Edwin Forest Blayney

Henry Y Blayney

Henrietta Blayney fam

5 Anne (Anna) Myrtle BLAYNEY b.6Jan1875 (West Finley); d.3Feb1927 (Claysville but bur. Dallas, WV.) + William L. ECKLES (Carpenter) 6 Clara Elizabeth ECKLES 6 George Blayney ECKLES 6 Margaret Ann ECKLES. 5 Edward (Edwin) Forest BLAYNEY ?PhD b.8Feb1878, d.5Oct1920 4 John Rogers BLAYNEY b. in prob PA. + Margaret BURNS 5 Henry Y BLAYNEY b.(Good Intent); d.24May1941 (West Alexander); Farmer + Henrietta (Etta) HOLMES dau of Robert HOLMES and Margaretta CARROLL 6 Arthur Holmes BLAYNEY b.28Oct1884 (Good Intent); Mechanic d.21Jun1948 (Mt Lebanon PA.) + Della V. BELL, dau of George BELL and Anna WOLFE 7 Adele L BLAYNEY b.27Dec1918 (Cannonsburg, PA.); Teacher 5 William Burns BLAYNEY b.1868 (Good Intent); d.12May1921 (Washington Co., PA.) Farmer + Alice Grace KING b.10Jan1873 (E. Finley Twp); d.23Jun1965 (Wheeling) [dau of James KING and Susanna HERTZOG] sister of Ida Elsadora KING 6 Ray Dean BLAYNEY b.29Jan1898 (West Finley, Washington Co., PA.); d.2Jun1989 Machinist (Washington-Pennsylvania Mold and Machine Company) +(1)Izetta PERCIVAL d.1936 7 Martha Aileen BLAYNEY b.25Oct1924 (Washington Co., PA.) After her mother's death she lived with her Grandmother Alice Clerk and waitress +(1)Seymour B. CALDWELL m~1940; d.v. +(2)Robert Glenn FILBY m.1940 (Hancock, WV.), [son of Orville FILBY and Ethel FISCHER] 8 Two children: Robert Glenn Jr. and Judith Ann FILBY +(2)Eva Parshall BEHNER +(3)Josephine B. ___

Helen F Blayney

Robert Boyd BALDWIN
6 Helen Florine BLAYNEY b.30Aug1900 (West Finley); d.2Jan1970 (Washington Co., PA.) + Boyd Ormond BALDWIN b.16Oct1902; m.27Aug1923 (Wheeling, Ohio Co., WV.); d.25Jul1975 (PA.) [son of William Edward/Edgar BALDWIN and Mary Jemima WIER] 7 Robert Boyd BALDWIN b.8Jul1932(Washington Co., PA.); d.1999 6 Harry BLAYNEY b.1904; d.1916 (Washington Co., PA.) 6 Wilbert Burns BLAYNEY b.9Aug1906 (West Finley) of Atlantic PA.; d.11AprR1985 + Martha Belle CLUTTER b.26mAY1906 (pa.) m.1924; d.Jun1966 (PA.) [dau of A.L. and Zelma CLUTTER] 7 Harry Wilbert BLAYNEY b.19Jun1925; d.20Apr1932 (both in West Alexander, PA.)

Carolyn Maude
Magers Blayney

Carolyn @ the 2018
Blayney reunion

William (Bill)

Jeff Blayney and
Kelly 2013

Cindy Blayney Fish
and Al Fish 2020

Katie and Michael
Fish and family 2020

Colleen Blayney Dzurino
& Robert Dzurino_2017
7 William ("Bill") Melvin BLAYNEY b.5Jan1929 (Washington Co., PA; Sgt. in USAF; Electric heating installer d.8Mar1995 (both in Washington Co., PA.); Electric heating installer + Carolyn (Caroline) "Carrie" Maude MAGERS b.27Dec1933 (Washington. PA.); m.20Jun1953; d.14Jan2021 (Washington, PA.) Secretary. Contributed to Blayney Genealogy [dau. of Clifford and Faye Swart Magers] 8 Jeffrey Clinton BLAYNEY b.21Apr1954 +(1)Patty NEPOLITAN m~1972 +(2)Patty LIEDER m>1973 +(3)Sandy ___ m>1974 9 Kelley Faith BLAYNEY 8 Cynthia ("Cindy") Jeanne BLAYNEY b.06Oct1957 + Allen (Al) K. FISH 9 Michael David FISH + Katie m.2013 8 Colleen Jo BLAYNEY b.4Mar1963 + Robert (Bob) DZURINO 9 Haley Michele DuCharme 9 Darcy Faye DZURINO 9 Zac (Hary) Robert DZURINO 8 William ("Billy") Burns BLAYNEY b.26May1964 7 Martha Elaine BLAYNEY b.30Apr1930 (Washington Co., PA.); Supermarket cashier + James STEWART 8 Two children: Linda Darlene and William Kahle STEWART 7 Ray Arthur BLAYNEY b.22Nov1935 (Washington Co., PA.); Dispatcher + Janice Louise McCAULEY 8 Lisa Rae BLAYNEY b.5Mar1959 + Scott GRIMES m.20Oct1979 Software Developer 9 Sarah Ann GRIMES HILDEBRAND (Mike) 9 Emily Renee GRIMES (PICA nurse)

Lisa Blayney Grimes 2020

Scott and Lisa Grimes 2017

Sarah Hildebrand 2020

Emily Renee 2020

Kim Blayney-KRUG 2012

Tim Krug lisence

Tim Krug 2021

Tim Krug lisence
8 Kimberley Sue BLAYNEY b.4Sep1961 +(1)James CARROLL m~1980 9 Matthew CARROLL +(2) Tim KRUG b.9Jun1957 m>1981 (Car salesman) 9 Carson Jerome KRUG 8 Ray Arthur BLAYNEY b.2May1964 8 Michael Todd BLAYNEY b.4Nov1965 7 Wilbert Henry BLAYNEY b.24Jan1938 (Washington Co., PA.); USAF + Bonita L. McBROOM 8 Carissa Michele BLAYNEY b.8Aug1962 + Lonnie DUCHARME 8 Scott Cameron BLAYNEY b.5Mar1965 in Rapid City, SD. d.8Feb2010 age 44; Irrigator 7 Lester Carl BLAYNEY b.3Apr1941 (Washington Co., PA.); US Army (Personal Aide) + Margaret Jean LOWMAN, daughter of William LOWMAN and Lois DOUGLAS 8 Melinda Lee BLAYNEY b.~1969 + David V PARSON b.~1967; m.30Jul1988 (Galveston TX) 9 Two children: Jessica Marie and Chad David PARSON 8 Robert Burns BLAYNEY +(1)Angela AFT in 1980 +(2)Allene Peluso AFT in 1981. m.17July1993

Donald P Blayney
Economics Professor

Elizabeth Irvin
née Blayney
[Courtesy K Vought [1148]]
7 Donald Paul BLAYNEY b.11Mar1951 (Roaring Springs, PA.) BS (Mathematics), MA (Economics), PhD (Agric. Economics) Professor (Dept. of Agricultural Economics and Agricultural Business, New Mexico State University); Numerous publications -see Curriculum Vitae Note: This description is an assumption that Donald Paul Blayney is the Professor 6 Floyd Melvin BLAYNEY b.7Sep1907 (West Finley) of Phoenix, AZ. + Bernice POUNDS 4 Elizabeth Ann BLAYNEY b.12Nov1842 (Good Intent); d.02Feb1898 + John IRVIN 5 Nine children: James Henry, William Montgomery, Martha Irvin, Mary Margaret, Addie L., John, Cadwallader, Samuel Harvey and Charles Oakley. 3 Jane BLAYNEY b.1793 (Dromore, Co.Tyrone, Ireland) + John Smith 4 Dorothy Smith + George BLAYNEY 4 William Smith 3 Elizabeth BLAYNEY b.1794 (Dromore, Co.Tyrone, Ireland) + Joseph HENRY 3 Mattie BLAYNEY (see Margaret below) + ___ Martin 4 they had at least five McMurray grandchildren Until now, there was no further information about this family, but the "Commemorative Biological Record of Washington County" [03] p.1054 reveals a William Martin who married one Margaret Blayney and had McMurray grandchildren, with identical names to the unknown Martin as in "Descendants of Cadwallader Blayney" [517] It would appear that "Mattie" was the common or nick-name for Margaret, another "Eureka" moment! 3 Margaret "Mattie" BLAYNEY + William MARTIN b.Co. Tyrone, Ireland Migrated to USA settling near Elm Grove, WV. 4 Martha MARTIN 4 Eliza MARTIN 4 Andrew MARTIN 4 Margaret MARTIN 4 Jane MARTIN d.4Sep1864 (Burgettstown, PA.) + William McMURRAY b.29March1805 (Donegal twp); m.12Apr1838; d.14Mar1884 [son of John McMURRAY and Mary BROWN of Scotland] 5 Six grandchildren of Margaret & William are: Henry B, John, William M, Martha J, Eliza Ann and Mary Miller McMURRAY [517] & [03] p.1054 4 Mary MARTIN 3 Mary BLAYNEY b.1799 (Dromore, Co.Tyrone, Ireland); d.22Feb1853 (Morrow Co, OH.) + William BLAYNEY (son of George BLAYNEY & Margaret Buchanan, Mary's 1st cousin once removed) - see WB 4 Mary Jane BLAYNEY b.17Oct1829 (Ohio Co., WV.); d.17Dec1908 (Morrow Co.) + Charles Jr BLAYNEY b.11Aug1826; m.23Oct1851 her second cousin (son of Charles BLAYNEY & Nancy FARIS) see CJB 5 For descendants see Charles Jr BLAYNEY 4 George William BLAYNEY b.24Jan1834 (Ohio Co, WV.); d.15Feb1900 (Morrow Co, OH.) Farmer (on his father's farm) + Elizabeth Jane ELLIOTT b.6Mar1841 (Morrow Co, OH.); m.18Mar1858 (Canaan, Morrow Co); d.31Oct1915; dau of Robert ELLIOTT and Eliza WARD. 5 Robert Chalmers BLAYNEY b.18Oct1859 (Canaan, Morrow Co., OH.); d.21Feb1921 in Marion, OH.; Farmer + Eva May HILL b.1862; d.1946, dau of George HILL and Mary STORY and sister of Sierra 6 Don Wayne BLAYNEY b.10Aug1888; d.1889 (both Iberia, Morrow Co., OH.) 6 Walter Wade BLAYNEY b.10Aug1890 (Iberia, OH.); d.30Oct1958 (Caledonia, OH.) Tool and Die maker (owned "Blayney's Fixit"); WWI vet + Lois Gale PEARCE b.7Sep1892 (Solon, OH.) 7 ?dau BLAYNEY 6 Lavina BLAYNEY b.09Aug1892 (Morrow Co.); d.07Jul1966 (Marion, OH.) + Ernest William OWEN b.23May1886; d.11Apr1962 7 Two children: Ernest William Jr. and Ruth Eva OWEN 5 William Vinton BLAYNEY b.4Sep1861; d.24Dec1937 (both Canaan, Morrow Co., OH.); + Sierra Nevada HILL b.26Sep1870; d.1944, dau of George HILL and Mary STORY Eva 6 Virgil Otis BLAYNEY b.28Nov1898; d.15Mar1901 (both Iberia, OH.) 6 Etta May BLAYNEY b.13Sep1903; d.2Feb1957 (both Iberia, OH.) + Herman KRAUS 5 Cadwallader Elliott BLAYNEY b.20Aug1863 (Canaan, Morrow Co., OH.); d.8July1923 in Fulton, OH.; Farmer

Cadwallader Elliott
Blayney b.1863

Lt. Earl Mitchell
Blayney [900]

Ellen Southard
+ Mary Elizabeth SMITH b.18Feb1867 (Martel, OH.); d.8Aug1939 (Columbus, Franklin Co., OH.); dau of Chandler SMITH and Sarah GOODRICH 6 Ferne Ellen BLAYNEY b.6Jun1886 (Marion OH.); d.10Sep1959 (Caledonia OH.) + Clinton CLOUSE b6Nov1886; son of Judson CLOUSE and Sarah MARTIN; Farmer 7 Four children: Lucille Elizabeth, Lois Naomi (assisted in the Blayney family project), Judson Robert and Richard Clinton CLOUSE 6 Jay Earl BLAYNEY b.20Nov1889 (Marion OH.); d.30Jul1960 (Columbus, OH.) Machinist and Farmer; President of the Southard Supply Corp (OH.) +(1)Adah ROSE d.1941; School teacher; daughter of Ed ROSE 7 Earl Mitchell BLAYNEY Morrow Co., OH.); b.2Jun1917 (Franklin Twp., Morrow Co., OH); d.27Jan1961 (Columbus, Franklin Co., OH.) BS (Agriculture Education) from Ohio State Uni 1940. Lieutenant in the US Navy in both the Atlantic and Pacific theatres in WWII Vocational Agriculture teacher then President of both The Southard Plumbing and Supply Co. and President of the Blayney Supply Co. Both in Columbus, OH. + Ellen SOUTHARD, daughter of Thomas SOUTHARD and Mary HOLLISTER. School principal then Secretary-Treasurer. 8 Robert Earl BLAYNEY b.5Sep1942 (Ashland, Ashland Co., OH.); BS (Commerce); USArmy 8 Ruth Ellen BLAYNEY B.A. b.11Dec1943 (Ashland, Ashland Co., OH.) Contributed to the Blayney Family project + Harlan Henry BOCKBRADER, son of Harold W. BOCKBRADER High School Vocational Agriculture teacher 9 John Harlan BOCKBRADER b.31Oct1967 (Bowling Green, OH.)

Opal Adeline

Mary Corinna
+(2) Opal ZARTMAN ?Opal Adeline Blayney b.1889; d.1981 6 Chester Oliver BLAYNEY b.3Sep1898 (Gilead, Morrow Co., OH.) Compiled "Genealogy of The Blayney and Allied Families" 1966 [900] + Mary Corinna ("Corrine") MOONEY b.1Nov1901 (Hillairy Twp OH.), d.31Mar1979 (Iberia OH.); Teacher and Precinct judge; [dau of Chauncey Elmer MOONEY (1862-1941) & Idora SHIPMAN (1875-1940)] 7 Donald Richard BLAYNEY b.31May1923 (Columbus, Franklin Co., OH.) 824 Tank Destroyer Battalion of the 7th US Army France and Germany March 1943-Jan 1946) Clarinetist (Columbus Philharmonic and Civic), Rail worker; Owner/operator of Scioto Cattery and the Patty Poodle Palor d.Jun1978 (Iberia, Morrow County, OH.) + Patricia Ann Kaiser STONE b.20Feb1929 (Columbus OH.); m.1948; d.26May1989 (Iberia, Morrow County, OH. [dau. of Frederick C. STONE and Verna Mae BASS (adopted by Ray KAISER)] String base player; "Largely responsible for the family pet business"

W E Blayney
W E Blayney
8 Linda Sue BLAYNEY b.15Mar1949 (Columbus, Franklin Co., OH.) + Timothy LOZANO b.~1948; m.16Dec1984 (Galveston Co. TX) 8 William Elliott BLAYNEY B.Mus b.15Sep1951 (Columbus, OH.) Learned to play the clarinet from his father as a child (daily lessons) and then from David Weber; Professional clarinetist (freelance, soloist and Principal Clarinet Seattle Symphony Orchestra) see [846] [847] See Dissertation on William Blayney + Pat TAKAHASHI (also a professional clarinetist) 8 Richard Allen BLAYNEY b.18Feb1954 (Columbus, OH.) + Rebecca S TAYLOR b.~1955; m.22Sep2001 (Bexar Co. TX) 8 Chester Ray BLAYNEY b.18Nov1956 (Columbus, OH.) 7 Mary Elizabeth BLAYNEY b.5Oct1924 (Columbus, OH.) Inspector (Roller Bearing Co.,) then office clerk. + Paul Raymond TRESENRIDER b.8Apr1923 (Columbus, OH.), supervisor for the Columbus and Southern Electric Company son of Raymond TRESENRIDER and Frances CUMMINS. 8 Four children: Thomas Allen, Steven Paul, Janet Eileen and Kay Ann TRESENRIDER 7 Phyllis Eileen BLAYNEY b.18Jan1927 (Columbus) Telephone operator in Columbus, then receptionist in Washington D.C. + Woodrow Harold PICKERING M.D. b.29Jun1926 (NY city) m. in Columbus, Franklin Co., OH., son of Harold PICKERING and Fayne KITZNER Practicing office in Flint, MO. 8 Four children: Ann Renee, David Woodrow, Nancy Lynn and Michael Harold PICKERING 6 Mildred Wave BLAYNEY b.9Jan1905 (Gilead, OH.); Beautician; d.10Sep1959 (Caledonia OH.) +(1)Joseph MARTIN 7 Patrick Blayney MARTIN b.8Aug1926 (Lander, Fremont Co., WY) President of ORMCO (Orthodontists' Research & Manufacturing Co) Served in USN in WWII (Mediterranean) + Cecelia Ann MATTHEWS b.13Dec1930 (Cameron, WV) +(2)William Ferdinand Gerard HERBST b.18Sep1907 (Lubbecke, Germany); Emm. to USA when 7; Barber then Welder-draftsman

Charles Edwin
Blayney b.1866
5 Charles Edwin BLAYNEY b.28Feb1866 (Canaan, OH.); d.1941 (Cardington, OH.) Railwaorker, then farmer + Anna Alcinda RINEHART b.1Jan1868 (Chillicothe, OH.); d.19Feb1962 dau of Silas Barnes RINEHART and Mary Frances REPERT 6 Ray Charles BLAYNEY b.13Feb1888 (Morrow Co., OH.); d.Apr1972 Farmer then businessman + Jessie May IRELAND b.18May1890 OH.; d.Feb1968 7 Hoyt Edwin BLAYNEY b.7Mar1910 (Morrow Co., OH.) Affiliated with Mansfield Tire and Rubber Co. + Marie EVANS, daughter of G. and Lottie EVANS 8 Wayne Edwin BLAYNEY b.1Aug1934 (Galion, Crawford Co., OH.); d.Apr1986 Served in the US Navy (submarines) in the Pacific +(1)Frances Howard CECELIA 9 Wayne Edwin Jr. BLAYNEY + Karen


Kelly Anne BLAYNEY

Penelope Jo BLAYNEY

Patricia BLAYNEY (born 1936)

Mary Blanche Blayney

William Mankey

Patrick E Blayney
9 Kelly Anne BLAYNEY b.11Dec1956 (Wichita Co., TX) Medical Technologist; US Army vet; d.4Nov2016 (Wichita Co.) + Jerry L. FORETICH (b.1958); m.11Jul1990 (Wichita Co., TX) Separated 30Jun1993 [1484] 10 Brad Peyton of Mansfield; 10 Anastasia Walker (Wichita Co., TX) 9 Jodi Mumaw of Ashland +? Scott +(2)Marie ALLEN 9 Yeneta Renee BLAYNEY 7 Patrick Edward BLAYNEY 9 Penelope Jo BLAYNEY b.28Dec?2010; d.2015 8 Patricia BLAYNEY b.1936 (Galion) + Ralph KAUFFMAN B.A. 9 Two children: Eric and Gretchen KAUFFMAN 7 Mary Eileene BLAYNEY b.27Jan1912 (Morrow Co., OH.) + Lawrence AUSKINS 7 Dwight Charles BLAYNEY b.31Dec1914 (Morrow Co., OH.) + Henrietta McRTHUR 8 Lana Rae BLAYNEY (Adopted) 7 Thelma Ariel BLAYNEY b.18Feb1918 (Morrow Co., OH.) + Gerald LEE Inspector for the North American Aviation Company. 8 Six children: Sidney Gerald, Charles Goodrich, Donald Glenn, Debora Ann, Pamela Sue and Dennis Gordon LEE 7 Dalton Barnes BLAYNEY b.19Oct1919 (Morrow Co., OH.); d.y. 7 Richard Blayney. 6 Mary Blanche BLAYNEY b.31Jul1891 (Morrow Co., OH.); d.1977 +(1)John McNeal FRANCIS b.3Dec1890; d.1984 7 Two children: Anna Jane and Horace Layton FRANCIS +(2) William A. MANKEY 6 Paul Edwin BLAYNEY b.3Jul1898 (Morrow Co., OH.); d.Dec1973 [1042] Manager (Manfield Tire & Rubber Co), professional writer + Florence Marie FIKES b.~1899; Bookkeeper; m.17Aug1917 (Morrow Co., OH.) [dau of John FIKES and ?Florence Banks] +? Marguerite Madura CRAWFORD b.~1906; d.10Aug2008 aged 102 7 Patrick Edward BLAYNEY P.E., F.ASCE b.1Feb1938 (Mansfield, Richland Co., OH.) Retired Professional Engineer (RD Zande & Associates, Inc) also Professional Surveyor. Living in Genoa, Delaware Co, OH. 7 Michael Crawford BLAYNEY b.18Jan1944 (Mansfield, Richland Co., OH.) 5 Franklin Lynn BLAYNEY b.26Oct1869 (Canaan); d.22Aug1945 (Mt Gilead, Morrow Co.) Farmer + Margaret Mary RUTHERFORD b.14May1870; d.27Oct1933 dau of John RUTHERFORD and Mary REED 6 Lester Lynn BLAYNEY b.7Jul1902 (Morrow Co.) Garage and Horse owner & racer + Gladys M. HOWARD 5 George Marion BLAYNEY b.16May1873 (Canaan); d.31Jan1947 Eldorado KS. Stockman for oil company near Eldorado, so only George William Blayney son to live outside Ohio. + Margaret Louella OCKER b.4Dec1873; dau of Thomas OCKER and Anne SILVERS 6 Gaynell BLAYNEY b.14Feb1910; Teacher + Harold E WILDER

George Marion
Blayney b.1873

Carrie May
Blayney b.1875

Francis M & Carrie May
CAMPBEL (née Blayney)

LeRoy Blayney
5 Carrie May BLAYNEY b.29May1875 (Canaan, Morrow Co., OH.); d.5Jan1957 Morrow Co. OH. Bur. Rivercliff Cemetery, Mount Gilead Initial married life on her father's farm then mother-in-law's farm in North Canaan before moving west with Frank to Kansa, Missouri, Colorado, then back to OH (Edison in 1917, Ashely in 1928 then Mt Gilead in 1942); Presbyterian. + Francis (Frank Melvin CAMPBELL b.21Nov1872 (Mount Gilead, Morroe Co., OH.); m.14Dec1893 (Mt Gilead); d.1Jan1954 (Mount Gilead, OH.); Farmer then grocery/produce merchant (Ashley) [son of Harry Kenneth M CAMPBELL] 6 Six children: Harry Kenneth, Dalton James, Francis Blayney, Lela Ester, Harold Clifford and Edith Blanche CAMPBELL 5 LeRoy BLAYNEY b.13Feb1878 (Canaan, Morrow Co., OH.); d.7Mar1952 (Morrow Co. OH.) + Alice Valdelia SHAFFER b.Nov1879; m22Jun1897 6 Ward Sylvester BLAYNEY b.25Sep1898; d.3(5)Jan1947 (both Morrow Co., OH.) + Grace Beatrice GOMPF b.29Jan1897 (Cardington, Morrow Co., OH.) d.6Dec1975 (Morrow Co.) [dau. of George August and Lillie E GROMPF]

Grace & Ward Sylvester Blayney family

Donald & Pauline Blayney

Helen Elizabeth
Blayney holding Leigh
7 Eileen Lillian BLAYNEY b.11Nov1919 (Mt. Gilead, Morrow Co., OH.) + James E HART of Mt Gilead d.14Mar2000 8 Three children: Steven Ralph, Jerry Dean and Rita Sue HART 7 Richard Eugene BLAYNEY b.2Jan1922 (Mt. Gilead, Morrow Co., OH.); d.Jul1982; carpenter + Elaine FINICAL 8 Melissa Ann BLAYNEY b.13Jun1947 + Charles David JAMES 8 Mark Allen BLAYNEY b.9Apr1957. 8 Carol Lynn BLAYNEY b.11Sep1961 6 Donald Carl BLAYNEY b.15Sep1912 (Mt Gilead, Morrow Co., OH.); d.1983; Welder + Pauline FINNEY b.11Oct1911; d.5Apr1973 [1042] 7 Terry BLAYNEY b.9Feb1949 6 Helen Elizabeth BLAYNEY b.25Mar1918 (Mt Gilead, Morrow Co., OH.); d.5Jan1995 + Wilbur Emerson ASHBAUGH b.4Jul1915; d.Aug1982 7 Three children: Allen Charles (ob), Roberta Alice and Leigh Emerson ASHBAUGH 5 Homer BLAYNEY b.25Sep1881 (Canaan, Morrow Co., OH.); d.11Apr1952 (Kingsville, Ashtabula Co. OH.) Railway Breakman then farmer (after loss of leg) +(1)Fay FRANCIS (div) +(2)Mary Amelia GREEN (?b.1892 d.1984) 6 Howard William BLAYNEY b.19Jun1917 (Conneaut, Ashtabula Co. OH.) Car inspector + Minnie Margaret HAWKINS; Secretary 7 Howard Charles BLAYNEY b.8Dec1941; Accountant + Elaine Kay TOWNSEND, dau of Merle E. THOMPSON X-ray technician 8 Cynthia Kay BLAYNEY b.1Jun1965 (Tiffin, OH.) 7 Kathleen Ann BLAYNEY b.27Sep1943 + Thomas PEASPANEN 6 Homer Edwin BLAYNEY b.24Feb1920 (Kingsville, Ashtabula Co. OH.) 6 Verna Lucille BLAYNEY b.15Dec1922 (Kingsville, Ashtabula Co. OH.) Contributor to Blayney Family project + Roy CARROLL 7 Four children: Karen Lucille, Linda Marie, Rodney Thomas and Philip Douglas CARROLL 4 Sophia BLAYNEY b.30Jun1836 (Ohio Co. WV.); d.Oct1892 (Morrow Co. OH.) + Asa ELLIOTT, son of Robert ELLIOTT and Eliza WARD 5 Four children: Shannon, Mary Addie, Idella and Tamar.

John Blayney [900]

John Blayney & note

Elizabeth Blayney
(1826-1912) [900]

Edward D Blayney
(1822-1899) [900]
3 John Buchanan BLAYNEY b.1799 Outerard Townland, Ireland "Old Uncle John" - Em.1848; Presbyterian minister, co-founder of Iberia College See note 2; d.17Sep1894 (Good Intent, PA.); bur. WAC + Frances (Fanny) ALCORN b.1795 (Dromore, Co.Tyrone, Ireland); dau of William ALCORN and Janet PATTON. d.19Sep1875 PA., bur. WAC Some genealogies have her married to Edward Blayney b.1793 [1307] 4 Edward Duncan BLAYNEY b.17July1822 ??CastleBlayney (the town), County Armaugh, Ireland [517]. [This claim is clearly not accurate, as CastleBLAYNEY is in County Monaghan and we now know his father came from Dromore, County Tyrone. [382], [331].] He came to the US in 1840. d.1899 Ohio Co., WV., bur. WAC; Farmer + Elizabeth BLAYNEY (his cousin) b.09Oct1826 (Ohio Co. WV.); d.23Jan1912 (Washington Co) 5 Duncan BLAYNEY b.04Oct1846 (Ohio Co., WV.); d.22Dec1900 (Ohio Co., WV.) bur. WAC; Farm hand + Jane E. Rowe b.1852 (PA.); m.06Oct1867; d.1915 [dau of Jeremiah Rowe and Matilida Ellen Wallace] 6 Milton E. BLAYNEY b.16Jan1869 (Alexis, Mercer Co., IL.); d.22Apr1934 (Belleville, St Clair Co., IL.) + Therese MAUS b.11Mar1870 (Alton, IL.), d.1935 (Bellville, IL.) 7 Earl Edward BLAYNEY b.27Nov1890; d.1982 (both Alton, IL.) + Louise KROEKER (KROEHER) b.1892 d.1974 (Alton, IL.) 7 Duncan Arthur BLAYNEY b.5Dec1893 (Orion, IL.); d.25Aug1963 (Hennepin, MN.) + Carrie E BAKER (BARKER) b~1904 8 Lucille Helen BLAYNEY b.1917 (Alton, IL.); d.2009 8 Roy Allen BLAYNEY b.7Mar1936 (in St. Louis, St. Louis Co., MO.)

Roy Blayney

Diana Riley
Didi Blayney
+(1) Diana ("Didi") Hart née RILEY Denver, CO. b.18Sep1939 (Morristown, TN.); BS (Home economics) m.16May1964 (St Philip's-in-the-Field, near Sedalia) [1498], div.1969; d.23May2019 (Aurora, CO.) One of the first successful live kidney donors in Denver and later worked for the transplant team; Secretary to the Chief of Surgery. [dau. of Diana Phipps BRADEN and Lindsay Patterson RILEY and step-sister of writer John KEENE] 9 Carrie BLAYNEY b.1965 + Randall BERNHARDT +(2) Elizabeth 9 Erin BLAYNEY 7 John Milton (aka Milton J) BLAYNEY b.2Mar1895 (Orion, IL.); d.17May1988 (O'Fallon, IL.) + Loredo ROBERTS b.1910 (IL.); d.1984 8 Grace Marie BLAYNEY b.1928 (East St Louis, St Clair, IL); d.2010 5 Cadwallader BLAYNEY b.6Jun1850 Ohio Co. WV.; d.28Mar1876 Ohio Co., WV. [Consumption] [1056] 5 Mary Elizabeth BLAYNEY b.14Dec1852 (Ohio Co., WV.); d.25Apr1900. + James G. REEVES b.1850; m.1877 (Ohio Co., WV.) 6 Edna REEVES 6 Cadwallader Blayney REEVES (Ohio Co., WV.); 5 Katherine Jane BLAYNEY b.24Apr1855 (Ohio Co., WV.); d.16Mar1880 (Ohio Co., WV.) 5 Blanche May BLAYNEY b.18Jul1857 (Ohio Co., WV.); d.21Oct1885. + Arthur M. TERRELL b.1852; m.27Sep1883 [522] Mill Superintendent, son of Charles S TERRILL Arthur remarried 23Dec1899 to Ella NAUMANN 6 John B TERRELL d.y. (aged 2) [522] 5 Mildred Lee BLAYNEY b.13Jul1861; d.30Nov1862. 5 Franklin Edward (Frank) BLAYNEY b.8Jan1864; d.1945 PA., bur. WAC ??+ Elizabeth b~1825; d.15Jan1912 [1060] 5 John Henry BLAYNEY b.8Jan1864 ?West Alexander, PA. d.15(18)May1884. Occ. Farmer 4 William BLAYNEY b.1828 (County Armaugh, Ireland); d.20May1897 Mercer Co, IL. living in Suez, Mercer, IL [565]; + Augusta Emmaretta BENNETT b.24Nov1841(3) (OH.); m.16Mar1859 (Peoria Co. IL.); d.2Jan1917 (Monmouth, Warren Co., IL.); dau of Orrin BENNETT and Mary CLEVELAND (all children born [?& died] Mercer Co. IL.) 5 Cadwallader ("Cad") W. BLAYNEY b.13May1861 (Warren Co., IL.); d.10Dec1926 (Creston, IA.); bur Graceland Cemetry [904] + Emma Carloyn LANE b.9Oct1863; d.15Jan1939 6 Madge BLAYNEY b.12Feb1888 + George GAULT (in Creston, IA.) 7 Two children: Marcia Joan and James Blayney GAULT 5 Henry BLAYNEY b.1Mar1863; d.20Aug1930 (both in Alexis, Mercer Co., IL.) + Bessie Bell DUNLOP. 5 John BLAYNEY b.20Nov1867; d.9Feb1934 (both in Alexis, Mercer Co., IL.) + Louise McINTIRE. 5 Mary BLAYNEY b.11May1869(71); d.11May1899 (both in Alexis, Mercer Co., IL.) 5 William BLAYNEY. 5 Frances (Fannie) BLAYNEY b.13Nov1874; d.1941 (both Alexis, Mercer Co., IL.). 4 Henry C. BLAYNEY 4 John Cadwallader BLAYNEY b.14Oct1834 (Loughmuck, County Tyrone, Ireland, Emm. 1848 (initially in WV.); d.8May1890 (Alexis, Mercer Co., IL.) Farmer then Dry goods clerk in 1868 Suez, Mercer Co; Grocer in Alexis, IL. from in 1880 ("Evans & Blayney" then "Jno. C. Blayney").

Edward D & Martha (Lafferty)
Blayney [904]
Served on both Village and School Boards and was Supervisor, Spring Grove Twp + Catherine BROWNLEE b.3Apr1830 (PA.); m.13Sep1860 (all children born Mercer Co., IL.); d.5Oct1898; dau of William Hamilton BROWNLEE and Catherine HUTCHINSON 5 Edward Duncan BLAYNEY b.5May1862 & d.25Mar1901 (both Alexis, Mercer Co., IL.) Senior member of the firm of Blayney Brothers of Alexis + Martha Grizzella (Griselda) LAFFERTY b.5May1869; m.06Oct1891; d.7Jul1938; (daughter of James Haevey LAFFERTY [1844-1921] and Mary Adeline PORTER [1849-1922]) 6 Martha Louise BLAYNEY b.28Dec1896 (Alexis) + Harold William HAMLER (in Rock Island, IL.) Furniture salesman son of Marshall HAMLER and Frances Saxon. 7 Marjorie Carmen HAMLER b.28Mar1922 + Adrian Van IWAARDEN 6 Louise BLAYNEY 5 Charles (Chas) C BLAYNEY b.15Nov1863; d.12Feb1883 (Mercer Co., IL.) 5 Elizabeth (Lizzie) Lee BLAYNEY b.10Nov1869; d.5Dec1926 (Mercer Co., IL.) 5 Fred Hubert BLAYNEY b.6Apr1871; d.6Dec1928 Merchant (Dry goods store) in Alexis; Town Clerk (3yr) and twice elected Supervisor for Spring Grove Twp. + Eva POSTLEWAIT b.1877 m.18Mar1913; d.1941 +? ___ unknown 2nd wife of John [517] 4 Elizabeth Jane BLAYNEY b.1840 in Ireland, m.1872, d.9Dec1920 Elm Grove WV. Dau. of John Buchanan Blayney b.1799 and above 2nd wife, although most genealogies have her mother as Frances Alcorn (John's 1st {?only} wife) + Cadwallader W BLAYNEY b.1829 of Co Ohio, (her cousin, and son of Henry BLAYNEY) 5 See EJB

Robert Blayney

Robert Blayney
4 Robert BLAYNEY b.Nov1837 Tyrone Co. Ireland, d.22Jun1917 (Mercer Co, IL.) Emigrated to America about 1849 (12yrs old) + Mary Jane MARTIN b.1847 (all children born Mercer Co. IL.); d.10Jan1907 5 Helen (Nellie) Agusta BLAYNEY b.27Apr1868 (Alexis); d.10Sep1912 (Aledo, Mercer Co., IL.) + Edmund Currie McFARLAND b.1866; m.28Jun1893 [son of James McFARLAND and Nancy HUME] 6 Two children: Professor Dora and James Russell McFARLAND 5 Mildred Lee BLAYNEY b.11Feb1870 Alexis, Mercer, Il.) + John P. HOLBROOK b.~1863 (NY); Living Long Beach, CA. 5 Ada Jane BLAYNEY b.10Aug1877 (Alexis, Mercer, Il.); d.28Oct1963 (Norman, OK.) + Charles Clarke

Jessie Edith & ?Charles

Ann & Francis M Blayney

Bruce O Blayney

Donna G Blayney
5 Jeanie E BLAYNEY b.1879 5 Jessie Edith BLAYNEY b.1879 d.1963 + Charles Elmer WRIGHT b.1847 6 Three children: Martin, Marjory and Phillip WRIGHT 5 William Arthur BLAYNEY b.25Mar1874 (Alexis, Mercer, Il.); d.1909 (Aledo) "Race horse driver" + Lillian Rose GEDDES b.23May1876 (Hancock, IL.), m.1892; d.22May1956 (Maricopa Co, ARIZONA) [dau of James Montgomery GEDDES and Ida Jane BARR] 6 "child" d.15Mar1904 bur Olin, Jones Co, IO. 6 Katherine Laura BLAYNEY b.28Oct1906 (Aldedo) + Lloyd De Witt STEFFY (Galesburg, IL.), b.27Oct1903 [son of George STEFFY & Bessie SPRINGER] 7 Two children: William George and Barbara Lee STEFFY 5 Clifton Leslie BLAYNEY b.7Apr1886. Known to have married about 1909 and lived in Rich Lea, Sas., Canada 5 photo Francis Martin BLAYNEY b.8Aug1894; d.Mar1966 Des Moines IA. + Anna Minerva GRASS b.24Apr1895; d.14Feb1972 in IL. [515] 6 Harold Francis BLAYNEY b.27May1911; d.23Nov1885 (Cook Co., IL.) + Marvel F HAUBER b.23Jul1914; m. (Cook, IL.); d.27Feb1995 (DuPage Co., IL.) [dau. of Joseph Xavier & Clara Ida Martha HAUBER née BARTLES] 7 Patricia Ann BLAYNEY b.17Feb1936 (Chicago, IL.); d.4May2006 (Foley, Baldwin, AL) + Robert Frank SCHEFFLER (?COSTIGAN) b.(NJ.); d.IL.) 7 Dennis BLAYNEY + Alice 7 Judith BLAYNEY + Frank KAUFMAN 7 CPO Bruce Oliver BLAYNEY b.20Jul1945 (Melrose Park, Cook Co. MI.); d.06Oct2019 (Jackson Co., MI.) Master at Arms Chief Petty Officer, USN + Donna Gay BRAUDUS b.25Nov1950; d.31May2019 (Gulfport, MS) [dau. of John BRYAN and Lillian BROADUS] 8 Charity BLAYNEY + Chris SHOE 8 Casey BLAYNEY + Ashley BAXTER 8 Chelsea ?BAXTER 6 Leona (Lena) (Nonie) Mary BLAYNEY b.16Jun1912 (IL.); d.25Mar1998 (Las Vegas, Clark, NV.) + Allem Robert KELLER (1919-1993) 6 Mildred Elizabeth BLAYNEY b.22May1924 (Canton, Fulton, IL); d.13Jun2005 (Las Vegas, Clark, NV.) +(1) Frederick GORR b.18Oct1918; d.27Jul2000 (Joliet, Will, IL.] [son of Gottlieb GORR and Sophia KRUEGER both Russia]. [three children] 7 Sharon Lee KALDENBERGER née GORR +(2) Ruben PARDO b.9Sep (IL.); d.21Oct2008) (Las Vegas, Clark, NV.)

Kevin Patrick Blayney

Susan G Blayney
6 Mitchell Robert BLAYNEY b.30Jan1933 (Cook, IL); d.13Jul2001 (Palm City, Martin, FL.) + Merecedes T O'LEARY (ex-McKINLEY remarried James VANCE) (1933-2016) 7 Eileen T VANCE b.1955 7 Kevin Patrick BLAYNEY b.22Jul1956; d.13Nov2015 (both Lombard IL.); Roofer; Liked to party, hence "Kevin from Heaven" + Susan G HAMMOND d.2011 (?Leukemia) Restaurant Manager 8 (four children:-Nathan, Kevin, Jr., Angela, and Ryan) [1364] 7 Mitchel BLAYNEY 7 James BLAYNEY 3 Rebecca BLAYNEY b.23Jan1804 [518] (?on ship); d.31Sep1863 [518] + James BLAYNEY/BLANEY b.1800 (Ohio Co, WV.); d.Jan1883 (IA) 1st cousin once removed. 4 Children listed under James

Problems with the claim to a Lord for this family.

  • Could it be that his sons couldn't inherit because of emigration to the US?
    NO, because the youngest son (Charles I) of John I(b~1755) was born in Ireland in 1788 and John didn't emigrate until 1804.
  • Perhaps the 10th Lord didn't marry the mother of John, James and Cadwallader, so they were not legitimate and couldn't inherit?
    Possible, but see next answer
  • Perhaps the father of John, James and Cadwallader was descended from a younger brother or an ancestor of a Lord BLAYNEY, not the 10th Lord?
    This is the most likely explanation as it appears the 10th Lord wasn't even born when his "son" John I was born in 1755 and then he died when 15 years old, so he is unlikely to have had any children, legitimate or otherwise! It is natural to assume your ancestor Cadwallader was one of the Lords, but it was a common BLAYNEY name (like Thomas)!
    See EUREKA

Furthermore, cemetery records at West Alexander, Washington Co., PA. [516] reveal:

"27. Cadwallader BLAYNEY
     (Was a Lord in Ireland)
     Born 1757
     Died 21-Aug.1841
     Aged 84 yrs.
 28. George BLAYNEY
     Born 1812
     Died 20-Feb.1838
     Aged 26 yrs.
 29. Margaret BLAYNEY
     Consort/o George
     Died 22-Feb.1845" 

This would indicate that the US Cadwallader was not the same as the 10th Lord Blayney, or any other known Lord Blayney. See EUREKA

Another reference to Cadwallader Blayney emigrating to the USA is found in the Sprowls Family History [381] where one can read "no records of his [Cadwallader Blayney's] birth or death, and no available records of his parents or ancestry but presumed to have been related to the Lords Blayney of his native Ireland." Then a descent is given through a son not listed in other genealogies but identical to the genealogy of a Cadwallader Blaney (no "y") that I had already given on the Blaney page on this site! This Cadwallader Blaney (1768 - 1855) lived in Dullaghan Co Tyrone but neither his father (Ambrose) nor any son was a Cadwallader. Both this Cadwallader Blayney and the Cadwallader Blayney (1755/7 - 1841) fathered 8 offspring but the only common name was Jane but with no match for her dates, spouse or offspring. However, it was a different story for Cadwallader Blaney's grandfather, Cadwallader Blaney (1705-1794 of Dromore, Tyrone), see next...

A further record occurs in the LDS Family Search International Genealogical Index quoting "Record submitted after 1991 by a member of the LDS Church. No additional information is available." [02]. Here I found the three brothers, albeit with the "Chadwallader" and "Blaney" spellings and two older brothers: viz:

1 Chadwallader Blaney b.1705 d.1794 Co. Tyrone, Ulster, Ireland
 + Rebecca Woods
  2 John Blaney b.~1734  Co. Tyrone, Ulster, Ireland
  2 Ambrose Blaney b.1740 Co. Tyrone, Ulster, Ireland
    d. Outerard Townland, Co. Tyrone, Ulster, Ireland
  2 Chadwallader Blaney b.~1755 Co. Tyrone, Ulster, Ireland
    d. West Alexander, Washington, PA. USA
  2 James Blaney b.~1755 Dromore, Co. Down, Ulster, Ireland
  2 John Blaney b.~1760  Dromore, Co. Down, Ulster, Ireland 


The ancestor was already on my Blaney page, with Cadwallader Blaney (1705 - 1794) of Dromore, Tyrone married to Rebecca Woods having sons John Blaney b.1734 and Ambrose Blaney b.1740 (see CBlaney). I just was blinded to the possibility that a Blaney might change his name back to Blayney (but then the rise of the Blayney Lords at CastleBlayney may have influenced Cadwallader). The fact that the Cadwallader Blaney and descendents of the Robert Blaney [223] lineage were using the spelling "Blayney" by 1760 is confirmed by the use of the later spelling in the Old Vestry Book from Dromore, Co. Tyrone, where a number of exact matches are found. [382]

Using the Blaney lineage of Robert Blaney [223] and Debbie (Blaney) Ward [380], with matches to the Family Search International Genealogical Index [02], other Internet genealogies and physical documents showing Blayney / Blaney exact matches
I can now demonstrate the origin of the US Blayneys descended from the Blayney brothers Cadwallader (b.~1755), father of eight, James (no issue), and John (b.~1760), also father of eight and how they relate to the Blayney Barons.
The relationship is a lot more dilute than implied by many early US Blayneys (and not one of direct descent). Ignoring subsequent siblings and spouses not relevant to the connection, the simple relationship is:

Relationship of most US Blayneys (and Blaneys)
to the Irish Blayney Lords (Barons)

Common Ancestor:
1 David Lloyd BLAYNEY (1523-1595)
 + Elizabeth Gwyn/Jones (~1557-~1570)
  2 Edward BLAYNEY (1570-1629) 1st Lord BLAYNEY.
  2 Thomas BLAYNEY (Captain) b.~1575 in Tregynon; Brother of 1st Lord. 
   + Elizabeth Powell b. in Edenhope, England
    3 John Blaney (1598-1648) of Eniskillen Fermanagh [descendants used 
      "Blaney" spelling]
     + unknown
      4 John Blaney b.1625 (Eniskillen Fermanagh); d.1662 (Londonderry)
       + unknown
        5 John Blaney b.26Nov1655 (Londonderry); d>1722 (Dromore Tyrone)
         + unknown
          6 Henry Blaney b.27Dec1660
           + unknown
            7 John Blaney was born about 1681 
             + unknown
              8 Cadwallader Blaney (BLAYNEY) b.1705 (Dromore, Tyrone), d.1794
                (Dromore, Tyrone), known on the LDS Family Search as 
                Chadwallader Blaney.  His three youngest sons James, John 
                and Cadwallader BLAYNEY emigrated to the US and a myth arose
                there that Cadwallader BLAYNEY had been "a Lord in Ireland"!
               + Rebecca WOODS b.1712, m.1732
                 [dau. of Anthony WOODS and Sarah HAMILTON]
                9 John Blaney b.1734                     
                9 John Blaney b.1758
                9 Andrew Blaney b.1760  
                9 Ambrose Blaney b.1740 m.? & d.~1785 in Outerard Townland, Co.
                  Tyrone, Ulster, Ireland 
                  See Blayney-Sproule-Steele page
                 + Jane Steele b.1745 (Dullaghan Co Tyrone) m.1767 
                  10 Chadwallader BLANEY b.1768; d.1855 (Dullaghan, Co. Tyrone)
                   + Mary SPROULE b.1768 (Dullaghan Co Tyrone), d.1855
                     (East Caledonia, Ontario, Canada) [331]
                     [dau of John SPROULE of Grennan b.~1744 [1383]]
                    11 Jane BLANEY / BLAYNEY (1792-1871) 
                     + Oliver BARTON (1787-1874)
                       See see Blayney-Sproule-Steele page
                    11 Ambrose BLAYNEY (1794/8-1871)
                     + Elizabeth SMITH (1800-1869)  
                       See see Blayney-Sproule-Steele page
                    11 James BLAYNEY (~1797-1878) 
                     +  Martha RINCHEY (1811-1895) 
                        See see Blayney-Sproule-Steele page
                    11 Elizabeth BLAYNEY (1830/8-1826) 
                     + Robert Sproule SOMERVILLE (1840-1919) 
                        See see Blayney-Sproule-Steele page
                    11 Oliver BLAYNEY (1809-1859) 
                     +(1)Lucinda LOVELACE (1800-1844) 
                     +(2)Jennie (Jane) GORDON (1813-
                        See see Blayney-Sproule-Steele page
                    11 George BLAYNEY (1800-1854) 
                     + Margaret HUNTER (1818-1891)
                       See see Blayney-Sproule-Steele page
                    11 Charles BLAYNEY (1808-?)
                     + Jane BARTON (1803-1874)
                       See see Blayney-Sproule-Steele page
                    12 Sproule BLAYNEY (1809-1883)
                     + Margaret JOHNSON (~1827-?)
                       See see Blayney-Sproule-Steele page
                    12 Amelia BLAYNEY (1810-<1881)
                     + Charles SPROULE (1809-?) 
                       See see Blayney-Sproule-Steele page

                9 James Blayey b.~1755 emig. to US with John, died 1878 without issue
                9 Cadwallader BLAYNEY b.1755/7 d.1841 
                  Emigrated to US in 1795 with 8 children 
                9 John BLAYNEY b.1760 
                  Emigigrated to US (Ohio Co. WV.) in 1804  
                  [also with eight children]. 

For a fuller ancestry/pedigree of James, Cadwallader and John, sons of Cadwallader of Ireland, see Blaney.html, and for their Descendency see Descendency, near the top of this page.

Several members of the Blaney family moved to Canada in the early 19th century. Chadwallader and George, and others such as Hugh to the USA. Many other Ulster families such as the Sproules emigrated with them and subsequently they inter-married. The family settled mainly in farming areas in Nova Scotia and Iowa. They continued to hold large family reunions right up to the 20th century, but probably had to stop these as everyone was marrying a cousin!

That the Blayney brothers James, Cadwallader and John (sons of Cadwallader) came from Dromore Tyrone and that a myth about the link to the baronial Blayneys was put about in the 1920s was confirmed recently by the genealogist Robert Blaney [331].

Conclusion: It is now clear that the Blayney descendants of James, Cadwallader and John, the sons of Cadwallader Blayney of Ireland (1705 -1794) who emigrated to the United States of America in the late 1700s and early 1800s are not directly descended from any of the Lords Blayney of Castleblayney, Co. Monaghan, Ireland, but came from Co. Dromore, Ulster, Ireland where they were previously known as "Blaney", and can still be found in "Blaney" genealogies. However evidence from the Vestry book at Dromore reveals they were using "Blayney" by 1760. A number of Blayneys from Dromore emigrated to New Brunswick, Canada and so their descendants also are not directly descended from the Blayney Lords.
From my investigations however, it would appear that they do have a common ancestor with the Lords.

In my opinion, the American Blayneys can be relieved of the mild embarrassment of being descended from a "Planter Baron" with all the subsequent ill feelings, hatred, and death we have come to call "The Troubles" of Northern Ireland. It is now possible for them to trace their ancestors back to the first Blaney (John Blaney (1598 - 1648 of Ulster), son of Captain Thomas Blayney (1575 - 1648 of Tregynon, Wales) who came to Ireland with or around the same time as his brother Edward, who became the first Lord Blayney. The common ancestor was therefore the father of Edward and Thomas, David Lloyd Blayney (1523 - 1595) of Gregynog, Montgomeryshire, Wales.

However, it should be with some pride that the Blayneys can now admit to a secure and continuous direct male descent from a line of courageous Kings of Powys such as Brochfael Yagythrog (AD 502 - 570). Powys functioned as a buffer state between the British in Wales and the ever invading Saxons, so it was the strength, courage and leadership of these kings of Powys that kept the Saxons out of Wales for hundreds of years. There is also a reasonably good claim to descent from Constantine I, the first Christian Roman Emperor through Severa, daughter of Emperor Magnus Maximus.

Note 1: "Cadwallader Blayney of Ireland"
"To date the family archivists have found no record of his date of birth or the place of birth, except that it is somewhere in Ireland. Neither have they found a date or place of death. Available records indicate he died in or near West Finley, PA. at the home of his son Henry.

"The exact date he came to the United States has not been determined. Some students of the family history think it is possible that he came after some of the other family members, certainly later than his brothers James and John. No record has been found of his wife's name, or her date of birth or death. The records indicate she was born in Ireland and died in the United States." [03]

The following quote is taken from page 479 of the Commemorative Biographical record of Washington Co., PA., published in 1893 at Chicago, IL.

'A biographical record of the county of Washington, PA. would be incomplete were not special mention made in its pages of the Blayneys, who have their descent from an illustrious family of that name, for many years residents of Ireland---. Cadwallader was a wealthy land owner and in early times came to America making a settlement in Ohio Co., West Virginia, but on the death of his wife he made his home with his son Henry during the remainder of his life.' See "Cadwallader Blayney b.~1760" [10]

However in 2004 Keith Blayney (author of this Webpage) realised that no records existed in Ireland for "Cadwallader Blayney" (father or son) because there had been a name change back from "Chadwallader Blaney" and that Blaney genealogies clearly showed their descent not from a Blayney Lord, but from the David Lloyd Blayney, father of the first Lord Blayney.

Note 2: "John Blayney of Ireland"
John Blayney was born in Ireland about 1795, son of Cadwallader Blayney (born about 1757). Cadwallader emigrated to the USA at an unconfirmed date ?1804 (1790, 1795 or 1831) - I suspect it was 1804 as this is Rebecca's birth date [died d.31Sep1863 aged 59 years 9 months 8 days [518]], and she is said to have been born on the immigrant ship! John, however didn't come to the United States (with his wife Fanny Alcorn and family following later) until 1848 and died there 1875. He was apparently a minister.
He apparently claimed that he was named by the last (12th) & childless Lord Blayney (Cadwallader Davis Blayney as his heir, in his will [03], [517]. Therefore, the story goes, on the death of the last Lord Blayney in 1875, inquiry was made for "Uncle John," as the heir by will was familiarly known, but he had died a few months before.........
The Blayney estate in Ireland, having thus no immediate heir, reverted to the Crown.
[From page 477 of Beers [03]. Also see [10] & [516]].

However, as noted above, there is every reason now to believe that "Blayney" emigrants had recently changed from being Blaneys in Ireland, and that a bit of "Blarney" about a close relationship to the Blayney Lords was being accepted as being true. In fact dear "Uncle John" was only an 8th cousin to Cadwallader, the 12th and last Lord Blayney!

Also Cadwallader Davis Blayney, the 12th Lord Blayney died on the 18th Jan 1874 but by 1853 he had already sold Castleblayney and lands to Henry Thomas Hope of Deepdene, Surrey. Any remaining property (in Tipperary) and money was left to his sole surviving sibling Anne (not "Uncle John"). [35]



Note: WAC = West Alexander Cemetery
West Alexander Main Street Presbyterian Cemetery
West Alexander Borough
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West Alexander Cemetery
Rt. 40 & North Liverty St.
West Alexander 15376
PA. (Pennsylvania)

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