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It would appear reasonably certain that Cadwallader BLAYNEY born about 1705 of Dromore, Co. Tyrone, Ireland was the father, not only of John and Cadwallader (Chadwallader) Blayney families who emigrated to the USA, but of Ambrose BLAYNEY [who married Jane STEEL(E)], in turn the father of the Cadwallader BLAYNEY who married Mary SPROULE.

 1 Ambrose BLAYNEY b.1740 m. & d. in Oughterard Townland, Co. Tyrone, Ireland
   Son of Cadwallader BLAYNEY b~1705 and Rebecca WOODS
  + Jane STEELE b.1745 (Dullaghan Co Tyrone); m.1767; d. (Oughterard Townland)
    Two brothers Chadwallader and George Blaney travelled from Ireland with the Bartons,
    to New Brunswick [Canada] were George and his wife stayed with some of their children 
    [while] the rest continued on finally to Prescott County. [909]

   2 Cadwallader (Chadwallader) BLAYNEY b.1768 (Dullaghan Co Tyrone),
     d.1855 (E. Caledonia Twp, Ontario)
     See also Canadian Blaney/Blayney
     See also Blaneys            
    + Mary Sproule b.1768 (Dullaghan Co Tyrone), d.1855
      (East Caledonia, Ontario, Canada) [331]

     3 Jane (Jennie) BLAYNEY (BLANEY) b.1792 (1800) (Dullaghan, Co. Tyrone, Ulster);
       m~1815 (Dullaghan); d.22AUG1871 (West Hawkesbury Twp., Prescott Co., Ontario)
      + Oliver BARTON b.1787 (Co Fermanagh, Ireland); d.31Jan1874 (West Hawkesbury)
       4 Nine children: Thomas, Gustavus; George, Mary A., Atchison J., 
         Sarah J., Margaret, John J. and William BARTON  

     3 Ambrose BLAYNEY b.1798(4) (Tyrone, Ireland) [8] d.1885 (Tyrone)
      + Elizabeth SMITH b.1800; m.1820; d.1869, [daughter of John SMITH
        and Ann RALSTON (Rolston)]
       4 Anna (Anne) BLAYNEY b.1820 (Co. Tyrone); d.1880
        + Andrew Buchanan (1st marriage).
          He then married Rebecca b.1855 in 1881 [8]
       4 John BLAYNEY b.1822, Co. Tyrone, Ireland
       4  Elizabeth (Bessie) BLAYNEY b.1826 (Tyrone)
        + John JOHNSTON b.1825 (Dromore) d.(Zearing Marshall Co IA.)
       4  Martha BLAYNEY b.1826 (Dullaghan Co Tyrone)
         d.1880 (Zearing, IA.)
        + John GILMORE b.24Dec1831 (Dullaghan Co Tyrone), d. (Zearing IA.)
       4 Mary BLAYNEY (BLANEY) b.1830 (Tyrone) (or b.1824)
        + David CLEMENTS m.13Oct1846 see also [382] 

4 Rebecca BLAYNEY b.1831 (Dullaghan Co Tyrone) d.4Apr1900 Liberty Twp, Marshall, IA. + Hugh BLAYNEY b.1830 (Dromore, county Tyrone) son of Henry [Harry] Steele BLAYNEY and Frances HARPER m.1855/6; em.1888; d.12May1894 (Liberty, Marshall Co IA.). Hugh was her 1st cousin once removed. 5 See Hugh for children 4 Chadwallader (Chad) BLAYNEY b.1832 (Dullaghan Co Tyrone) 3 James BLAYNEY b.1800 (1797) (Dullaghan Co Tyrone) 3 Oliver BLAYNEY b.1809(05) (Dullaghan Co Tyrone) d.1859 (West Hawkesbury, Ontario) [Previously confused with Oliver (1801-1868), s/o Henry Steele BLAYNEY & Mary CRAWFORD] +(1)Lucinda LOVELACE m.1831 (Ontario), d.1844 +(2)Jennie (Jane) GORDON b.1813 (Londonderry); m.1846 (Plantagenet,Ontario) The Blayney/Blaney children of Oliver Blaney b.1805 and both Lucinda and Jane are listed on the Canada page 3 George BLAYNEY b.1800 (07) (Dullaghan); d.9Feb1854 (West Hawkesbury, Ontario) + Margaret HUNTER b.Feb1818 (Antrim); m.4Jan1836 (Grenville, Quebec); d.21Jan1891 (West Hawkesbury, Ontario) 4 See also Canadian Blaney/Blayney 3 Charles BLAYNEY b.1808 (Dullaghan) + Jane BARTON b.1803 (Fermanagh), m.1830 d.22Jun1874 (East Caledonia, Canada) d/o George BARTON and Mary BLAKELY 4 See also Canadian Blaney/Blayney 3 Sprule (Sproule) BLAYNEY b.1809 (Dullaghan); d.29Jan1883 (East Caledonia, Canada) + Margaret Johnson b.~1827 (Fermanagh), m.1844 4 See also Canadian Blaney/Blayney 3 Amelia BLAYNEY b.1810 (Dullaghan); d<1881 (East Caledonia, Canada) + Charles Sproule b.1809 (Fermanaghm), m.12Nov1839, Farmer 2 George Blaney b.1769 (Dullaghan, Tyrone), d.18Mar1858 (Blaney Ridge, New Brunswick, Canada) + Catherine Amy BROWN b.1784; d.20Aug1854 [274] [6] 3 Alexander BLANEY b.1798 (Dullaghan); d.22Mar1869 (New Brunswick) See also Canadian Blaney/Blayney 3 George BLANEY b.1808 (Dullaghan, Tyrone) d.15Feb1848 (East Caledonia Canada). + Elizabeth Ann McKee b.1800 (Ireland); m.15Apr1831 (New York City); d.11Jan1870 (East Caledonia Canada) 5 See also Canadian Blaney/Blayney 3 Catherine BLANEY b.1811 (Dullaghan, Tyrone) +(1)William Lemon. b.~1787 (Tyrone) d.<1868 Four children +(2)James McBride. b.1803 (Antrim); d.2Dec1871 New Brunswick 3 Jerrard (James) BLAYNEY b.May1816 (Dullaghan, Tyrone); d.17Mar1855 + Mary (Martha) Hamilton b.1817 Derryon, m.30May1843, d.27Feb1886 4 See also Canadian Blaney/Blayney 3 Frances BLAYNEY b.1821 (Dullaghan, Tyrone), d.1891 (Prince William, New Brunswick) + George HOOD b.1797 Derry, m.24Jul1838, d.12Mar1881 (New Brunswick) 3 Elizabeth BLAYNEY b.24Dec1823 (Dullaghan); d.14Apr1889 + William HENRY b.1822 (Donegal), d.23Sep1903 3 William BLAYNEY b.21Dec1825 (Dullaghan, Tyrone); ?em.~1840 [341]; d.24Mar1910 (New Brunswick) + Jane FISHER, b.1830 (Tyrone, Ireland); m.18Aug1853 (St Pauls, Federicton, New Brunswick); d.12May1866 (New Brunswick) 4 See also Canadian Blaney/Blayney 2 Oliver BLANEY b.1775 + ___ 3 Oliver BLAYNEY 2 Henry (Harry) Steele BLAYNEY (BLANEY) b.1780/03 (Dullaghan, Tyrone), d.(Oughterard Townland) aka Harry, Henry Steel BLANEY +(1)Mary CRAWFORD b.1785 (Dromore), m.~1800, d.<1820 [1st wife of Henry Steele BLAYNEY / BLANEY] 3 Oliver BLAYNEY b.1801 (Outerand twd); d.1868 (South Plantagenet, Ontario) 3 Ambrose BLAYNEY b. (Oughterard Townland, Co Mayo, Connacht, Ireland); d.(Oshawa Ontario Canada) +(2)Frances HARPER, b.1785 (Dromore, Co Tyrone, Ulster), d.1868 (Oughterard Townland); dau of John HARPER & Mary CURRIE [2nd wife of Henry Steele BLAYNEY / BLANEY] 3 Henry BLAYNEY (BLANEY) b.1820 (Outerand twd) + unkn 4 John Harper BLANEY b.1840 4 Henry BLANEY b.1840 4 David BLAYNEY b.1844 Dromore, Co. Tyrone); d.15Feb1902 (Outerand twd, Dromore, Co. Tyrone, Ireland) + Catherine Jane TODD b.1855 5 Frances Jane BLAYNEY b.17Jan1875 (Outerand) + William Oliver LYNCH m.16Nov1893 (Outerand) 5 Joseph Todd BLAYNEY b.19Aug1876; bpt.2Oct1876 d.18Feb1926 (all in Outerand) + Martha McCONNELL b.17Nov1884 (Carrigan's, Co Tyrone); m.5Jun1906 and d.1Apr1913 (both at Omagh, Co Tyrone) [dau of Robert McCONNELL and Isabella PATTON] 6 David BLAYNEY b.1Jan1908 (Outerand); d.27Dec1984 (Auckland, New Zealand); Emigrated to New Zealand; ancestor of some NZ Blayneys. bur.31Dec1984 (Waikumete Cem, Auckland - WESTERN LAWN A Row 1, Plot 34); Occ. Grocer See David BLAYNEY in NZ 6 Isobel Jane (Mabel) BLAYNEY b.1Apr1909 (Outerand) + Charles BELL m. (Auckland, NZ). For some reason Isobel returned to Ireland where she died. 6 Robert Andrew BLAYNEY b.9Feb1912 (Outerand); d.7Aug1942 (Dromore) 5 William BLAYNEY b.17Aug1878 (Outerand); d.22Jun1935 Mangatarata, NZ; bur. (Totara Pa, Thames, NZ); It would appear that he emigrated to New Zealand and integrated with East Cape Maori (? married a local girl) or he wouldn't have been buried at a Pa. 5 Andrew BLAYNEY b.24May1880 (Outerand) 5 Lizzie Kathleen BLAYNEY b.17Jul1897 (Outerand); d.9Feb1914 3 Jane BLAYNEY b.1824 3 Frances (Fanny) BLAYNEY b.1828 (Outerand twd); Em. to Australia but returned to Ireland + Alexander LEGGETT (Liggett) b.(Dromore); m.1856 [382] 4 John Liggett b~1850 3 Hugh BLAYNEY b.1830; m.1857 [382] (Both Outerand twd) em.1832; Farmer; d.12May1894 Liberty, Marshall Co. IA. + Rebecca BLAYNEY b.1831 (Dullaghan, Co Tyrone); [his 1st cousin once removed]; m.1855 (Dromore) Family emigrated from Ireland to Zearing, co Story, IA. in 1872 d.4Apr1900 (Liberty, Marshall, IA); 7 children 4 Rebecca BLAYNEY (BLANEY) b.7Jul1857 (Dromore); d.1891 (Oshawa, Canada) + Joan SLOAN 4 Elizabeth BLAYNEY b.5May1859 (Dromore, Ireland) d.3Feb1920 (Zering, Story, IA.) + Ambrose JOHNSTONE (7 children) 4 John Steel BLAYNEY b.23Sep1860 (Omagh, co Tyrone) Occ. Farmer, lost left arm in gun accident; d.29Jun1950 (Zearing, IA) + Lillian ROBINSON b.3May1885 Lancaster, PA); d.15Aug1918 Anthony, KS) (TB) [dau. of John Michael and Leata ROBINSON] 5 Edna Isabella ("Isabel") BLAYNEY b~1906 (Tyron, Co McPherson, IA.) 5 Margaret Maria R BLAYNEY b~1908 (Tyron) + Martin Emanuel HANSEN 5 John Henry BLAYNEY b.4Aug1910 (11) (NE.); d.15Apr1938 Meeker, CO. + Beatrice 5 Darwin Mack BLAYNEY b.16Jun1912 (Marshalltown, IA); d.20Nov1964 (Stirling IL) + Helen Elizabeth CORBIN (13 children) 5 Verner R BLAYNEY b.1913 4 Henry Steele BLAYNEY b.17May1862 (Dromore, Tyrone, Ireland); d.1932 (IA.) + Anne Sarah EVANS b.8Mar1876 (Wellington, IL.); m~1877 IA.; d.8Feb1963. (10 children) [dau. of Thompson and Margaret EVANS] 5 Thompson William BLAYNEY b.1897 (IA.) + Ruth R WHINERY 5 Harry Steele BLAYNEY b.25Sep1898 (IA.); d.1934 5 Margaret Jane BLAYNEY b.~1901 (IA.) + Charles Sproule JOHNSTON (5 children) 5 John Steele BLAYNEY b.25Aug1901 (St Anthony, IA.) (IA.) + Inez MOSTELLER 5 Elizabeth BLAYNEY b.1904; d.1905 5 Ambrose Johnston BLAYNEY b.30Apr1906 (Mahaska IA.); d.26Nov1965 (Zearing, IA) + Lillian Mary DUNWOODY b.1910 (Mahaska IA.); m.~1930 [Dau of M Charles DUNWOODY (1879-1945) and Sarah Agnes McDONALD (1876-1963)]. 6 Robert BLAYNEY b.3Feb1932 6 Charles BLAYNEY 5 Ilo BLAYNEY b.1909; d.1910 5 Maye Anna BLAYNEY b.~1909 (IA.) + Marion E PHILLIPS 5 Esther Maurine BLAYNEY b.30Sep1916; d.1917 5 Evelyn Maxine Blayney b.~Oct 1916 (IA.) 4 Ambrose BLAYNEY b.6Jul1866; d.1868 (both Outerand twd) 4 Maria (?Mary) BLAYNEY b.5Jun1868 + Levi Ogilvie SCOTT b.24Apr1868 (co Randolf, IN); m.19Mar1891 (Zearing) 4 Margaret BLAYNEY b.Oct1876 (Outerand twd) + Charles MAYNE m. (Liberty, co Marshall, IA.)

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