The US Blayneys

A number of Blayney families emigrated to the USA, and I have some details here of some of them only. They are:


1 Georgia BLAYNEY b.28Mar1884 (Douglas Co., NE.); d.26Nov1965 (Twin Falls Co., ID.)
 + Riley Abner MATHER b.18Sep1878 (Kearney Co., NE.); m.2 Mar1905 (Kearney Co., NE.)
   d.15Oct1932 (Adams Co., NE.)
  2 five children b.1905->1921: Lee William, Mildred Eva, Harley Marvin, Geneva J.,
    Riley Clair MATHER


1 Gertrude BLAYNEY b.30Jun1913 (CO.)
 + Robert F. FARTHING b.10Jan1914 (Denver, CO.)
   d.11Sep1995 (Denver, CO.)
  2 two dau.



Cornelia Blayney

[Falls Memorial Gardens [904]]
1 James M. BLAYNEY b.20Dec1836 (Canada); living in Noble, Wabash, IN. in 1880; farmer d.20May1913 bur Falls Memorial Gardens, Wabash, IN. + Cornelia S ___ b.6Oct1839 (IN.); d.31Jan1902 (Falls Memorial Gardens) 2 James S. BLAYNEY b~1871 (IN.); d.5Feb1908 2 Dan(iel) S. BLAYNEY b~1873 (IN.); d.21Mar1908 2 Grace BLAYNEY b~1876 (IN.) 2 Cornelia (?Carneli) BLAYNEY b~1879 (IN.); d.18Oct1965 Latin teacher at Wabash High School 1910-1946 2 ?Joel G BLAYNEY b.1884; d.14Dec1903


1 Thomas BLAYNEY b~1839 (N Wales); living in Utica, Oneida, NY in 1880; shoemaker
 + Catharine b~1843 (N Wales) 	
  2 Ada S. BLAYNEY b~1864 (NY.)
  2 Jennie A. BLAYNEY b~1866 (NY.)
  2 Thos. R. BLAYNEY b~1868 (NY.)
  2 Martha K. BLAYNEY b~1870 (NY.)
  2 Sarah E. BLAYNEY b~1872 (NY.)
Mary BLAYNEY b~1861 (NY.) living in Rye, Westchester, NY in 1880


1 Arthur BLAYNEY b~1833 (England); 
  living in New York (Manhattan), New York City-Greater, NY in 1880
 + Lizzie  BLAYNEY b~1833 (England)
  2 Lizzie BLAYNEY b~1861 (NY.) 	



1 Edward BLAYNEY b.1750
 + Anne COOTE m.1772
  2 Edward Coote BLAYNEY b.4Aug1800 (Cootehill, Co. Cavan, Ireland) d.1842 bur.23Aug1842 (Dublin)
   + Margaret __ bur 14Feb1835 (Dublin)
    3 ?Edward
    3 Thomas Charles BLAYNEY b.Oct1823 (Dublin); d.6Apr1883 (Chicago IL.) [see below

  2 Charles Coote BLANEY Esq m.1805 Newry
    [Most likey a son of Edward BLANEY & Anne COOTE (married 1772 by a Kilmore & Ardagh marriage licence [1315]]
   + J K TOWNLEY, second daughter of Sam TOWNLEY Esq 
    3 Thomas Charles BLAYNEY b.1823 (Northern Ireland); d.1883 (Chicago, IL.) [1311]
      Emm. to USA (Chicago, IL>) 8Aug1863
     + Louisa WILSON b.1827/8 (England); d.21May1901 (Chicago IL.)
       [dau. of James and Jane WILSON]
      4 Katherine Anne BLAYNEY b.26Jan1846; d.25Nov1917
       + James LEEDOM m.3Jun1869
      4 Margaret Emily BLAYNEY b.27Nov1847; d.30Apr1931
       + Willett M VERNON m.29Dec1886 [1314]
      4 Martha BLAYNEY b.1848 (N. Ireland)
      4 Edward William BLAYNEY b.12Aug1849; d.13Nov1863  
      4 Arthur Cadwallader BLAYNEY b.26Jun1851 (N. Ireland) (Dublin); d.27Oct1913 [1314] (or 1883 or 1851)
       + Alice HOLLISTER
      4 Charles Coote BLAYNEY b.16Sep1853 (N. Ireland); d.Jun1884
      4 Thomas Charles BLAYNEY b.28Apr1856 (Dublin, Ireland); d.1949  Lawyer at Poor Law Office
       + Edith LORD m.29Mar1893  
      4 Louise/Louisa Jane BLAYNEY b.10May1858 (Ireland); d.4Aug1913
       + Charles WOORUFF m.29May1893
      4  William Nassau Walker BLAYNEY  b.17Dec1859 [1314] or 17Dec1858 (Dublin, Ireland); d.12Jun1936 (Denver, CO.)
        Emm. with his parents to Chicago in 1863, moving to Denver in 1884
        A founder of the Blayney-Murphy Co. (meat packers), President of the Fort Lupton Canning Co.
        Involved in many Boards as well as cattle breeder. 
       + Minnie Gray HALLACK b.7Jun1869; m.14Feb1899; d.15Jul1937 (both Denver, CO.)  [1313]
        [Only surviving dau. of ERASTUS F HALLACK (1829–1897) and Kate GRAY (1848–1939)] [1312] [1313]

William N W Blayney

Dorothy Tarbox née Blayney

Shirley Anne Tarbox 1928-1960

George Edward Tarbox III
5 William Hallack BLAYNEY - died in infancy 5 Dorothy BLAYNEY b.27May1903; d.4Nov1934 (both Denver CO.) +(1) Donald FORREST +(2) George Edward TARBOX (BSc Engineering) b.11Feb1903; m.26Sep1927 (Riverside Legion of Honor 1962; Minute Man Award and S.A.R. Gold Good Citizen Award. He remarried to Helen FOUKE née ASKLING 14Feb1942 6 Shirley Anne TARBOX b.29Dec1928 (Birmingham, AL.); d.1Jul1960 Vancouver, Canada 6 George Edward TARBOX b.28Feb1931 (AL.); d.1970 (CO.) [1314] Geophysical Engineer [son of George Edward TARBOX and Mary Elizabeth FLYNN of Hartford] + Lois Mae Van WINLLE b.14Aug1930 (CO.); m.25May1952; d.2007 (CO.) [1314] [dau. of William F van WINKLE & Ester JOHNSON] 7 Melinda Blayney TARBOX b.12Mar1956 7 Dorothy Lee TARBOX b.28Oct1957 7 John Edward TARBOX b.8Jan1960 5 Helen B BLAYNEY b.26Apr1906; d.1983 +(1) Merrill STUBBS m.18Aug1926 6 Blayney STUBBS 6 Jill STUBBS +(2) John STARK m.19May1937 +(3) Andrew ANDERSON II b.8Dec1896 (FL.); d.5Apr1978 (CA.) [son of Andrew A ANDERSON (1839-1924) and Elizabeth SMETHURST (1864-1912)] 5 William Hallack BLAYNEY b.1909; b.1909 <1yr 5 Mary Elizabeth BLAYNEY b.10Oct1861; d.2May1864 5 James Wilson BLAYNEY b.10Oct1862; d.17Aug1863 5 George Washington BLAYNEY b.28Dec1864 (IL.); d.30Oct1899/1900 (Cook, IL.) + Mary Emma DANA b.7Aug1873; m.1893 d.30Aug1952 [dau. of Charles Carroll DANA and Rebecca LOVEJOY] 2nd marriage to James C BRADLEY 5 Dana Carroll BLAYNEY b.7mar1895 (Hinsdale IL.) + Eleanor Dana MONROE [dau. of Albert Dana MONROE and Lena Belle PURINTON] 5 Robert Monroe BLAYNEY b.2Sep1925 (Omaha, NE); d.11Dec1944 (France ?WWII casualty) 5 Marian/Marion Victoria BLAYNEY b.9Oct1866 (IL.) + David J HULL 5 Maria BLAYNEY b.1867 (IL.) ? same person as Marian/Marion


1 Charles BLAYNEY b~1830 (Ireland); 
  Living in Kings (Brooklyn), New York City-Greater, NY in 1880
 + Alace  b~ 1835 (Ireland)
  2 Edmond BLAYNEY b~1859
  2 Mary BLAYNEY b~1861
  2 Charles BLAYNEY b~1862
  2 Alice BLAYNEY b~1865
  2 Catherine BLAYNEY b~1867
  2 Frank BLAYNEY b~1870
  2 Jennie BLAYNEY b~1872
  2 Clara BLAYNEY b~1875	


1 James (Jas) BLAINEY (BLANY in 1856 State census, Henry Co. Division Tippecanoe, IA.) and
  BLANEY in the 1863 IA Census when he was living in Baltimore twp. Henry Co. IA.
  b.1804 (Ireland)
 + Margaret 
  2 Nancy Ann BLAYNEY 
   + William HOBSON m.16Sep1855     
  2 Willian BLAYNEY 
   + Margaret E. HOLT m.7Dec1854 (Henry Co. IA) 
  2 Rachael BLAYNEY 
  2 John BLAYNEY
  2 Samual BLAYNEY  
  2 Telamachus BLAYNEY (see below)
  2 Uylissus BLAYNEY and 
  2 Minerva BLAYNEY
   + Lorenzo J MILLER m. by 1888

  2 Telemachus BLAYNEY (aka Blaney) b.Aug1841 (OH.); d.1911 (Kearney Co. NE.) 
    Son of "James and Margaret BLANEY" [907]
    Another Telemachus Blayney living in Oreon in 1910, one Telemachus W Blayney 
     b.1873 (Iowa); d.1926, married to Eva M. b.1877. possibly related.
   + Edith Jane EATON b.1852 (WV.); m.23Dec1875 (Henry Co., IA.); d.1886 (Kearney Co. NE.)
     They moved from Hnry Co. to Elkhorn, Douglas Co., NE. 
        4 William Wilson BLAYNEY b.3Feb1878 (IO.); m.30Nov1910 (Hastings, NE.);
      d.23Jan1957 (Adams Co. NE.) bur. Eaton, Heartwell NE.  
     + Mary Emma THOMAS b.15Apr1889 (Heartwell, NE.); d.18Apr1968 (Minden, NE.)
       dau of George Washington THOMAS (1854-1915) and Lucinda Catherine SUTTON (1855-1935)  

William Wilson and Mary Emma Blayney

Eaton, Heartwell

Lester A Blayney
Skyline Memorial Gardens, Portland OR.

Doris Elise
4 Lester Alvin BLAYNEY b.21Mar1911 (Lincoln, NE.); d.9Jan2005 (Keizer, OR.) + Naomi Elizabeth McGUIRE b.May1916 (Grenola, KA.); m.15Jul1938 (Grenola, KA.); d.13Jul1976 (Portland, OR.) dau. of Marion McGUIRE and Grace GREENWOOD 5 Gary BLAYNEY of McMinnville; 5 Sharon BLAYNEY b.11Mar1942; d.1Aug1974 (both Portland, OR.) + Edward HARRIS 5 Doris Elise BLAYNEY b.15Nov1915 (of NE.) + Glen B SALTZGABER m.8Mar1941 4 Doris BLAYNEY 4 Ruth Mamie BLAYNEY b.23Mar1917 + Freddie PETRUCELLE m.26Nov1945

Ross E Blayney

Edna Mae Blayney

née Blayney c.1960
4 Ross Elmo BLAYNEY b.4Mar1919 NE.; d.12May1995 (Portland, OR.) WWII veteran + Edna Mae WILTY née TEELING b.24Aug1924; m.1Jun1941; d.7Jul1991 (Health problems -epilepsy, TB, CORD.) Dau of Harry TEELING and Gladys SPARKS [Previously married to Edwin Orville WILTY who died in 1945 on the USS Bunker Hill] (Kamikaze attack) [1051] 5 Jane WILTY +(1) Patrick FORET dv. 6 Dannette FORET b.16Feb1965 + Glen THOMPSON (partner) 6 Shannon THOMPSON then SPENCER (step-father's name) b.24Jan1968 [1051] [Desert Storm US Navy vet] + James JACKSON Jr m.20Jul1991 [Desert Storm US Marine vet] 7 Cote James JACKSON b.12Mar1990; d.13Mar1990 (prem, lived 8 hrs) 7 Kayla Jane JACKSON b.1Apr1992 7 Kendra Ann JACKSON b.30Nov1994 + ___ (ob.) 6 Shane SPENCER (step-father's name) +(2)Aaron Frederick SPENCER m~1978 4 Pauline E BLAYNEY b.2Apr1922 + Walter ECKHARDT b.Aug1917; m.10Apr1941 5 Four children 3 Georgia (?Gloria) BLAYNEY b.28Mar1884; d.26Nov1985 (Twin Falls ID.) + Riley Abner MATHERS b.19Oct1932 (Kearney Co. NE.); m.2Mar1905 (Minden, NE.); d.15Oct1932 (Adams Co., NE.) 4 Mildred Eva PSOTA né3 MATHERS


1 Richard BLAYNEY b 
  ?son of Mary Cardosa
 +(1)Vondella ___

Gary R Blayney
2 Gary Richard BLAYNEY b.20Aug1945; d.6Jun2008 Retired welder; owner of Blayney Saddle Company (Aromas CA.), custom saddlery + Angie WALLER dau. of Ed & Lorene WALLER 3 Dineen BLAYNEY +(1) ___ HUFT 4 two HUFT boys +(2)Ian FRASER (fiance) 2 Doug BLAYNEY + Beverly 2 Rochelle BLAYNEY + Loren BROWN +(2) Margaret

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