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Cadwallader Blayney, 9th Lord Blayney

Born 2 May 1720 Ireland

Baron from 29 Sep 1761 [43]
Died 13th Nov 1775 (Cork)

Title: Lt General, Lord Blayney, Baron of Monaghan
[Baron ut supra July 29, 1621, 19 James I given to Edward]

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He was educated at military academies in France and Germany , entering the army as a Lieutenant, earned a Capatain's commission by his conduct at the taking of Cape Breton from the French and became Colonel of the 91st Foot between 1760 and 1763 and obtained the rank of Major-General in 1765 (for Cork). He was Colonel of the 38th Foot between 1766 and 1775 and gained the rank of Lieutenant-General in 1772. [44b] and was Commander-in-Chief, Munster at the time of his death in 1775. He held the office of Custos Rotulorum of County Monaghan between 1761 and 1775. [465]

First sat in the House of Peers 10Dec1761.

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Blayney Arms on the
1766 Royal Arch Charter
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Cadwallader, the 9th Lord, was one of the most famous and influential Freemasons, achieving the highest possible position (Grand Master of England 1764-66), where he reconciled the "Antient" and "Modern" forms. During his Grand Mastership Lord Blayney constituted seventy-four lodges (62 in England and Wales), of which nineteen are "alive" to-day, all bearing honoured names. Blayney was the first Grand Master of the 'Moderns' to foster the Royal Arch Degree (known initially as "The Excellent, Grand and Royal Chapter" in 1766, which until that date had not been regarded as part of the masonic system, although undoubtedly practised unofficially in many 'Modern' lodges. He himself "passed the Arch" (was exalted) during his Grand Mastership. By his 1766 Charter of Compact he founded the Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter of England [13] and was the first "Grand Master of the Royal Arch of Jerusalem" (1766). The chapter was renamed the "Grand Lodge of Royal Arch Masons" in 1796 and renamed the "Supreme Grand Chapter" in 1801.

On 6th May 1768 he was elected Grand Master of Ireland but had resigned by June 29 of the same year [465] (reason unclear).

Other points of interest include:

  • A tradition of Irish aristocracy living in thatched houses. The Rev J. Burrows, tutor to Lord and Lady Dartrey's children at Dawson's Grove, Co. Monaghan, visited Lord and lady Blayney at nearby CastleBlayney "Lord Blayney is the only Man of his Quality in Ireland, who lives in a thatched house, or rather many thatched cabins, thrown and huddled together in such a manner, as to makes a most ridiculous jumble of fine and mean magnificence and nastiness, knick knack dressing rooms, and ladders to scale them with, state Bed chamber, and sashes without any Lines or Pullies." [676]
  • Card Playing. The Duchess of Northumberland notes in her dairy that Lady Blayney was a prolific card player and gamer - "among other card games, she played Loo and Pharaoh. On 26 September 1763 she lost 48 gns on 5 October 1764 she lost 41 gns and 19 December 1763 one of her lovers, '9', won £1,000" [676] Mmmm ?lovers!!



1 Cadwallader BLAYNEY  b.2May1720; d.13Nov1775; interred CastleBlayney
  Became the 9th Lord Blayney in 1761 on the death of his brother Charles
 + Elizabeth TIPPING  b.~1745; m.22Dec1767; d.Dec1782; 
   (dau of Thomas TIPPING of Beaulieu, co Louth; M.P.b~1735 d.1Mar1776 (17May1775) and
    Sophia ASTON, heiress and daughter of William ASTON Esq. of co.Louth; M.P. and
    Salisbury TICHBORNE) [45] [466] 
   A number of genealogies incorrectly have Cadwallader married to Sophie or Sophia [[362] [445], 
   but Sophia Tipping was Elizabeth's sister, married to Rev. Robert MONTGOMERY, while 
   Lord Cadwallader married Elizabeth. [33]

  2 Cadwallader Davis BLAYNEY b.1769 d.unm 2Apr1784 aged 15 [45] [707] - 10th Lord Blayney 
    [see Cadwallader ] 

  2 Andrew Thomas BLAYNEY b.30Nov1770; d.8Apr1834 - 11th Lord Blayney [see Andrew]

  2 Sophia (Sophie) (Hon) BLAYNEY b.1769 m.1788
   + John ARMSTRONG Esq of Lisgoole co. Fermanagh b.1765
    3 John ARMSTRONG of Lisgoole b.1798
    3 Elizabeth ARMSTRONG b.1853; m.8Jun1808; d.12Jun1853
     + Lieut.-Col Sir Charles SMITH, afterwards (by Royal Licence 12Mar1846) DODSWORTH,
       3rd Bart; b.1775; d.1857 [432] [668]
       b.22Aug1775; m.8Jun1808; d.28Jul1857
      4 Major John SMITH(-DODSWORTH) b.27June1809; d.unm.11May1852
      4 Edward Frederick SMITH BA b.1811; d.unm.1833
      4 Charles SMITH, R.N., b.2Aug1812; d.unm.18Feb1832
      4 Captain Sir Matthew SMITH-DODSWORTH, 4th Bart b.6Feb1819; d.30Apr1858
        Captain Royal Artillary.
       + Anne Julia CROWDER of Brotherton, co. Yorks m.23Sep1852; d.1890
         dau of Col. CROWDER, K.H. of Brotherton, Yorkshire and Eliza Mosley
        5 Charles Edward SMITH-DODSWORTH, 5th Bart; b.1853; m.1889; d.1891
         + Blanche LASCELLES d.1949; dau of Hon George Edwin LASCELLES
        5 Sir Matthew Blayney SMITH-DODSWORTH, 6th Bt; OBE; b.26Oct1856; d.1931
         + Agnes Eliza CROWDER m.1887; d.1926; dau of John CROWDER
          6 Sir Claude Matthew SMITH-DODSWORTH, 7th Bt; b.1888; d.1940 [724] [724]
        5 Henrietta SMITH-DODSWORTH OBE; m.1886; d.1926
         + Sir henry Monson de la Poer BERESFORD-PEIRSE, 3rd Bt; b.1850; d.1926 [724] 
        5 Frederick Cadwallader SMITH-DODSWORTH late 11th Foot; b.15Aug1858 (after father's death)
          m.1888; d.1900
         + Hannah Elizabeth HARRISON dau of T HARRISON of Osceola, Iowa, USA
      4 George SMITH d.y.
      4 Frederick SMITH-DODSWORTH b.Feb1822; m.1848; d.11Oct1885
       + Jane Rebecca YOUNG of Westridge, Isle of Wight; d.1899
        5 Rosa Alexandrine-Elizabeth Maria SMITH-DODSWORTH m.1891; d.1930
         + Aymar de Seyssel d'AIX, Marchese di Sommariva d.1896
      4 Cadwallader James SMITH-DODSWORTH, of the 14th foot, b.1827; d.unm.19Mar1850
      4 Sophia Susan SMITH
      4 Henrietta Maria SMITH-DODSWORTH m.1Dec1858; d.1882
       + Rev. Robert WHYTEHEAD, M.A., Rector of All Saints, Yorks.
      4 Elizabeth SMITH-DODSWORTH m.15Feb1849; d.21Nov1867 (at sea on the Tamar)
       + Joseph D. TETLEY Esq of Kilgram co. Yorkshire
      4 Francis Charlotte SMITH-DODSWORTH of Acomb, Yorkshire m.4Sep1857
       + Rev. James Le MAISTRE, LL.D., D.C.L., Rector of Everingham; d.1899
      4 Catherine SMITH-DODSWORTH m.15Apr1844; d.08Oct1900
       + John DALTON of Sleningford Park, co. York and Fillingham Castle co. Lincoln;
         b.1784;  d.1Jul1864; J.P. and army Captain [419 Pt1]. 
         John's 1st wife was Elizabeth LODGE [419 Pt1]
        5 Charles Montague Cecil DALTON
        5 Catherine Elizabeth DALTON m.1867
      4 Charlotte Salisbury SMITH-DODSWORTH
      4 Anna Maria SMITH-DODSWORTH m.1Aug1854
       + George PRICKETT, Esq

  2 Mary BLAYNEY (Hon) m.1794; d.1800
   + Edward (Edmund) TIPPING b.1670 Bellurgan Park, Dundalk, co. Louth. 
    3 Catherine TIPPING (BLAYNEY) 

Moville Lower Church
Commemorated on a monument on the south wall of Moville Lower Church, Greencastle, North East Inishowen, Ireland. + Rev. Richard HAMILTON (one of 39 children) b<1809; m.1815; d.1842 Rector of Culdaff and Cloncha (Clonca), co. Donegal (1823 - 1842) 4 Venerable Edward James HAMILTON M.A. b.14May1819 (co. Dublin); m.1844 (Kilderry); d.8Jul1896; Archdeacon of Derry 1873-1896 [365] + Georgina Susanna HART b.12Sep1818 (Kilderry); d.1882 (Desretmartin); [dau. (10th of 12) of Gen. George Vaughan HART of Kilderry, M.P. (1752-1832) and Charlotte ELLERKER (b.1775; m.22Jul1792, Calcutta, India; d.1827)] 5 Edward Blayney HAMILTON (Judge) of Melbourne, Australia; b.1845; m.1880; d.1904 + Amy STEPHENS, dau of Judge STEPHENS of Melbourne [725] 5 Richard Hart HAMILTON 5 Lieut-Col George Vaughan HAMILTON, C.B. 5 William John Lawrence HAMILTON 5 Charlotte Ellerker HAMILTON 5 Catherine Emily HAMILTON 5 Frances Alicia HAMILTON 4 Richard Tipping HAMILTON b.26Nov1821; d.16Oct1904 Occ. Poor Law Inspector + Anne (Anna) BLACKER m.29Dec1849; d.30Jun1904 dau of Latham BLACKER, Esq They had 6 sons and 3 daughters [432] 4 William John Lawrence HAMILTON b.1859 d.1946 + Caroline Louisa HAYWARD b.1861, Hampshire, England, d.1932 They immigrated to Canada in 1891, had 12 children. 4 Frances Alicia HAMILTON m.1881 + Richard Errol HAMILTON b.1819 d.1896 They had one daughter 4 Alicia HAMILTON b.Apr1818; d.28Nov1867 + Dr Evory KENNEDY Esq, of Queensbury Place, London and Belgard Castle, Dublin, M.D., D.L., b.28Nov1811; m.21Apr1835; d.Good Friday 1886; Occ obstetrician, President of Royal College of Physicians, Dublin 1853/54 Introduced uterine auscultation. 5 Lieut.-Col Richard George KENNEDY Bengal Staff Corps (ex Capt. 18th Hussars) b.18Nov1841; d.30Aug1881 + Agnes Fanny HARRIS m.1871 6 Rev. Evory Hamilton KENNEDY, Rector of Bale, Norfolk; b.7Aug1872 + Violet WILBERFORCE m.4Mar1905 (dau of Ven. Basil WILBERFORCE, Archdeacon of Westminster. 5 James Gilbert KENNEDY b.1855; d.1895 +(1)Linda SEATON m.16Feb1887; d.1890 +(2)Susan WHITE (Widow) 6 Eilleen KENNEDY b.24Jul1888 (Graystones, Dublin) 5 Georgina Mary KENNEDY b.24Dec1837 + James Hack TUKE m.9Nov1882 Occ. Banker. 5 Alice Eacy KENNEDY +(1)Sir Alexander Hutchinson LAWRENCE, 1st Bart., b.1838 (Allahabad) m.28Aug1862; d.27Aug1864 (India) 6 Sir Henry Hayes LAWRENCE, 2nd Bart b.26Feb1864 (Lahore); d.27Oct1898 + Victoria Margaret WALROND m.10Nov1890 7 Three dau. Victoria then married Rev. James Berkeley BRISTOW. 6 Sir John LAWRENCE Bt OBE b.1907 d.30Dec1999 Occ solicitor, famous author, Intelligence Officer...[256] +(1)Jacynth Ellerton m.1948 d.1987 +(2)Audrey Woodiwiss m.1988 +(2)Sir George YOUNG, 3rd Bart., m.10Oct1871 6 George YOUNG, 2nd Sec. Diplo. Serv. b.25Oct1872 + Jessie Helen ILBERT m.24Nov1904 dau of Sir Courtenay Peregrine ILBERT, K.C. 6 Geoffrey Winthrop YOUNG b.25Oct1876 6 Edward Hilton YOUNG, Bar I.T. b.20Mar1879 5 Mary Harriet Mabel KENNEDY b.16Jul1849 + the Very Rev. H. H. DICKINSON, Dean of the Chapel Royal, Dublin and Vicar of St. Ann's. m.02Oct1867 6 Charles DICKINSON J.P. b.23Apr1869 + Olive RAWSON m.30Apr1901 [2 children] 6 Harold Evory DICKINSON b.26June1872 (Bloemfontein, S.A.) + Florence BRODRICK m.1902 [1 dau] 6 Cyril Henry DICKINSON, Occ. Bar.-at-law b.1Jul1876 + Aileen STEUART (of Carlow) m12Aug1902 6 Paige DICKINSON Occ. architect 4 Harriette Catherine HAMILTON b.1829; m.26Aug1841; d.28Dec1917 + Rt. Hon. Sir John Laird Mair LAWRENCE b.1811 d.1879, 1st Baron Lawrence, Viceroy of India 1864-1868 They had 4 sons (including John b.1846, 2nd Baron) and 1 daughter.
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