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Blayney (or Blaney) Coat of Arms

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Blayney Room
at Gregynog

Stained Glass

Quartered Shield
of Lord Blayney


Lord Andrew Thomas Blayney
(Peerage of Ireland)

Cadwallader-Davis Blayney
[James & Lodge]

Colours as in
Robix Heraldry

Powysland Club
Armoral bearings

Rectangular shield
version 1

Blayney P
de Galles version

Horse hoof
Blaney version

Lord Blayney
Debrett's Peerage

Lord Edward Blayney
HiRes B&W

Blayney Arms
modern version

London (Londres)
Blayney version


Burke's General
Armory colours

Blayney Arms
"authentic" US version

Three nags' heads
of Cadwallader-Davis [1017]

This Coat of Arms of the Midland Great Western Railway of Ireland dated 1845 interestingly contains the three severed heads of white Saxon horses, presumably implying some Blayney involvement. The MGWR was the 3rd biggest railway company in Ireland in 1845. See MGWR.
It is interesting to note that the first railway closure in Ireland was the Great Northern Railway's Keady - Castleblayney line in 1923.

Blayney Crest used by the Castleblayney
Golf Club with a View of the "castle" on
the shores of Lough Muckno.
Click to go to Castleblayney Golf Club site

These Blayney arms are incorrectly ascribed to "Lord Blaney" by the 1756 Irish Commendium [1111]

Heraldry of the Maelienydd (Radnorshire), Kinsham (Herefordshire)
and Evesham (Worcester) Blayneys.

See Evesham Blayney

Blayne of Berkshire
gu. a chev. or, and chief erm
Crest: a greyhound's head, ar.,
collared, az.
, [551]

Blayney de Keynsham, Hereford
1st & 4th ar. 3 boars' heads crouped sa. armed gu.
2nd & 3rd gu. a lion ramp. reguard. or.

Crest: The ermine or fox [361], passant ar. [551]

Robert Blayney Esq of The Lodge, Evesham,
Worchester (a descend. of Keynsham Blayneys)
Arms: (see below[i]); Crest: a fox;
  Motto: Non nobis solum (see below[ii])
[i] • Arms of Thomas Blayney of Evesham: Gules a chevron or, beneath a chief ermine; impaling azure three demi-lions rampant coupee proper, beneath a conton argent charged with a torse of the field. [414]
    • Arms of "Blaney" of Herefordshire: gu. a lion reguard. or. [551] (Looks like so of this family dropped the 1st "y".)
Why these Blayneys bore the Ermine of the Mortimer arms has not been ascertained, but it does suggest some family connection.
[ii] Motto: Non nobis solum = Not for ourselves alone
Now here are some interesting ones...

Three Racing Horses
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Three Neolithic Horses
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Arms on MADRYN grave
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Three nags on various stamps
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And just to confuse everyone, here is a grave of Thomas Jones "of the Hall in this Village, who died the 6th day of May 1761 aged 44" and his wife Mary who "died the 23rd day of July 1787 aged 63" showing both the 3 boars' heads of Blayney of Keynsham and the three horses' heads of Blayney decsended from Brochwel. The "Hall" is Llantysilio Hall (near Llangollen, Denbighshire). Thomas was grandson of Evan Jones (1663) of Llanlloddian (Llanlothian) Hall, Llanfair Caereinion (Montgomeryshire) his grandmother being Eleanor (Ellen) Vaughan [750]. We know there were some intermarriages between the different Blayney families, the most likely one being the marriage of Ieuan VAUGHAN ap Morgan ap Meredith ap Hoell BLAYNEY and Jane (b~1579) verch David Lloyd Blayney.

Hybrid Blayney
three horses' head on left
Three boars' heads on right

Hybrid Blayney
crypt at

Hybrid Blayney
Thomas Jones (1716/17-1761)
Mary (1719/20-1787)
Photos supplied by David Jones [750]

Three boars' heads appears on the armorial bearings of Vaughans from Charlinch, co. Somerset; from Devons. [758] and Llanvair, co. Denbigh., also on the 3rd quarter of the Arms of Sir Jogn Price, kt. and Bart. of "Newtowne-hall" in Montgomeryshire (23Aug1699) [671] (from his mother), Grono LLWYD-Y-PENWYN, Cradock of Swansea,

Three boars' heads and three horses heads are also found on the arms of Samuel Charles Evans WILLIAMS Esq of Bryntirion, Radnorshire, descendind from David Williams of Rhayader and Evan Evans of Noyad Cwmdauddwr (Radnorshire)

Party per cross;
1st and 4th, Arg., three horses' heads sa;
2nd, a chevron or between three boars' heads ppr.;
3rd, arg., a lion rampant gu.


Alternate (Creative) Heraldry

Including that of the Kingdom of Lochac (lands to the south of Indonesia)

Thaddeus Blayney of Crux Australis (1)
Returned, May 2005, Society for Creative Anachronism, Kingdom of Lochac
Quarterly vert and sable, a triquetra point to base and an annulet interlaced Or

Thaddeus Blayney of Crux Australis (2)
Registered Oct 2006, Society for Creative Anachronism
Kingdom of Lochac
Quarterly vert and sable, a triquetra inverted interlaced with an annulet Or