The lost Arthur (David) BLAYNEY link to Australia


David BLAYNEY ancestor of an Australian clan


One genealogy claims this David was David Lloyd BLAYNEY b.1523, son of Thomas BLAYNEY and Gwenthlean HERLE which is a 300 year impossibility. Maybe the words "descended from" need to be used! A number of sources give David's father as Arthur BLAYNEY, Blaney or Blainey and mother as Jane.

Nor can this Arthur be the 4th son of the second marriage of Sir Arthur (Anthony) BLAYNEY [1603-1659] (also an Arthur), because even if Sir Arthur conceived him on his death bed, David's father, Arthur would have had to have lived to 168 to conceive David (born 1827).

However, fairly reliably , I have:

 + Jane [1084] b.1792 (Montgomeryshire, Wales); d.1840 (Herefordshire, Monmouthshire)
  2 Thomas BLAYNEY b.1816 (Montgomeryshire, Wales)
  2 Johns BLAYNEY b.1821 (Montgomeryshire, Wales)
  2 Thomas BLAYNEY b.1824 (Montgomeryshire, Wales)
  2 David Ephram BLAYNEY b.5Aug1827 Landinian, Montgomeryshire, Wales,
    emigrating 1857, arriving 1858 [917]
    Chapman River farmer; d.25Sep1873 Champion Bay, WA, Australia (riding accident) 
    See Note 1 [262]. 
   + Rachael OWENS b.15Jan1829 & m.10Sep1853 (Montgomery,
     Treteglwyn, Wales); d.5Jun1891 Geraldton, WA
     In 1875 (two years after David's death), she married John HAYNES b~1820 (Shareshill, England).
     John was a convict, transported to Freemantle in 1856 on the Runnymede for "larceny".
     Ticket of Freedom 15 June 1869; d.15Jun1898 (Geraldton)
     This marriage was bigamous as he was still married to Eliza (in England) [1091]
    3  Jane BLAYNEY b.8Apr1854 Montgomery, Wales, 
      d.27Mar1931 (Geraldton, WA, Australia) [1090]. See Note 1  

Jane Bridgeman
née Blayney

Jane (Blayney) and
Joseph Bridgeman
+ Joseph BRIDGMAN b.6Oct1846 (Hampshire, England); d.16Nov1914 (Geraldton) [1090] m.4Jan1871 in Geraldton, Western Australia (1st in "Christ Church"). 4 Catherine (Kitty) BRIDGMAN b.1873 in Chapman,WA; d.10May1934 (Geraldton) + James Henry SMITH b.1847 (Beverley, WA); m.28Jul1892 (Geraldton); d.26Feb1929 (Geraldton) [1090] 4 Victor Alexander BRIDGMAN adopted b.1886 in Greenough, WA; d.17Aug1964 (Perth) + Eliza Catherine WILLIAMSON b.1885 (Jarrahdale, WA); m.29Apr1922 (West Perth); d.26Aug1975 (Perth) [1090] 3 Lewis BLAYNEY b.1856 (Montgmeryshire, Wales); d.12Jun1874 (pneumonia) in WA. See Note 2. 3 Rachel BLAYNEY b.1858 Champion Bay WA Australia + John HAYNES m.1875 (Geraldton); labourer 3 Catherine BLAYNEY b.16Apr1860 Mininngo WA Australia; d.13June1948 (West Perth) 27 Grandchildren, 63 great-grandchildren + James FRAZER b.1847 St George, Middlesex); m.13Oct1877 (Geraldton, WA); d.1894 (Geraldton) 4 Isabella Frazer b.1878; d.1880 4 Jane Frazer b.1880 (Geraldton); d.1930 (Carnavon, WA) + William George FENNELL m.1899 (Carnavon, WA) 4 Rose Ann Frazer b.1882 (Geraldton); d.1968 (Perth) + William Lewis TURNOCK m.1899 (Carnarvon, WA) 4 David James Frazer b.1884 (Geraldton) 4 Rachel Isabella Frazer b.1886 Moonyoonooka, WA; d.1965 (Wagin, WA) + ___ WHEATLY; children: Raymond and Daphne (not clear if siblings or couple) 4 Thomas John Frazer b.1888 (Geraldton) 4 Lucy Ellen Frazer b.1890(1) (Geraldton); d.1976 (Perth) + David W BRIDGEMAN m.1910 (Geraldton) 4 Emily Amelia Frazer b.1892 + William MAJOR m.1909 (Geraldton) 3 Unnamed (twin brother) BLAYNEY b.1860 d.1860 WA [1086]; Died aged 1 day.

Arthur Blayney
Geraldton pioneer

Arthur Blayney c.1935
Geraldton pioneer [1069]
3 Arthur BLAYNEY b.24Oct1861 Tibradden Station, WA Australia m.1890 Apparently never went to school nor boarded a ship but transported goods by eight horse teams [1069] Probably the Arthur Blayney who discovered gold with John Cotterill in 1915 near Wandiatty Hill, 20 miles from Yalgoo [1080]. By 1939 "Blayney's Find" state crusher was giving 182oz gold/seven tons [1081]. d.26July1939; bur.27Jul1939 (Utakarra Cem. Geraldton) [1070]. + Hannah (?Augustine) BONE née O'MALEY b.1855; m.29Jan1890 (Geraldton) [1085]; d.8Jun1937 (Geraldton) [1078] [Previously married 18May1875) to William BONE b.1838; d.1888 (drowned).] 4 William Arthur BONE b.6Apr1876 (Greenough WA); d.7Aug1909 (Greenough WA) 4 George John BONE b.22Jul1877 (Greenough WA); d.13May1957 (Geraldton) + Eliza OELKER m.26Nov1907 (Nannine WA) 4 Ann Elizabeth BONE b.10Dec1878 (Greenough); d.17Nov1968 (Geraldton) + George Henry THOMAS m.3May1899 (Geraldton) 4 James Henry BONE b.14Dec1879 (Greenough); d.25Feb1919 (Greenough) 4 Mary Jane BONE b.18Mar1881 (Greenough); d.30Nov1940 (Perth) 4 Theresa BONE b.14Dec1882 (Greenough); d.31Dec1885 (Greenough) 4 Bridget BONE b.7Jul1884 (Greenough); d.22Sep1960 (Sth Perth) + Arthur Edward CANT b.1878; m.11Jul1906 Son of William CANT and Margaret (Mary) O'MALEY (related to Hannah) [1089] 4 Margaret Teresa BONE b.27Mar1886; d.18Oct1956 (Geraldton) + Joseph SILCOCK b.1869 (Greenough); m21Apr1910; d.28Dec1948 (Geraldton) 4 Rachel BONE b.23Nov1887; d.26Dec1955 + Arthur Edward O'NEIL m.21May1913 (Geraldton) Some genealogies list the above "Bone" as "Blayney" possibly suggesting they were adopted by Arthur 4 Jane ("Cis") BLAYNEY b.22Jul1890 (Geraldton WA); d.22Sep1956 (Geraldton)

Jane Cream
née Blayney

Thomas & Jane's Wedding

Gordon & Joan

Ian C Blayney (W.A.)
Geraldton Liberal M.P.
+ John ("Jack") Sidney (Sydney) CREAM b.22July1889 (Geraldton); Chr 1891; m.14May1914 (Geraldton); d.5Nov1964 (Geraldton) or 21Nov1965 (Gravestone) 4 David BLAYNEY b.17Dec1891 (Geraldton); d.1892 aged 3 mths (Geraldton WA) 4 Thomas ("Tom") BLAYNEY b.29Dec1893 (Geralton WA), d.31Jul1976 [1078] Living at Eradu 1939 [1070] + Jane ELEY (Ely, Healy) b.18Mar1905; m.11Jun1922 (Geralton) [1079]; d.1Aug1993 [1078]; bur.4Aug1993 (Geraldton) 5 Gordon BLAYNEY b.18Feb1923; d.8Jul1993; bur.14Jul1993 (Utakarra Cem. Geraldton) Served in Australian Army 1943-4 + Joan Tasma GUNYON b.15Jan1922; d.15Nov2002; ; bur.20Nov2002 (Utakarra Cem. Geraldton) 6 David GUNYON b~1949 6 Mardi BLAYNEY 6 Gordon Lewis BLAYNEY b.25Nov1955; d.28Nov1989; bur.1Dec1989 (Utakarra Cem. Geraldton) 6 Elizabeth BLAYNEY 6 Ian Charles BLAYNEY MLA ADipAgri b.2Feb1962 M.P. for Geraldton, W.A. (Liberal Party) 2008 Geraldton Farmer, was part of the Grains Research and Development Corporation's farming systems program team which received a PM's excellence Award in 2002. He has a 3800 ha farm at Eradu [917] + Barbara 5 Sidney (?=Sydney) BLAYNEY [?b.17Feb1920 in Aust Army WWII] 5 Norah BLAYNEY 5 Thomas BLAYNEY 5 Louis ("Lou") BLAYNEY + Mary Geraldine b.15Mar1932; d.11Jun2001; bur.14Jun2001 (Utakarra Cem. Geraldton) 6 Patricia BLAYNEY 6 Jeff BLAYNEY 6 Stephen BLAYNEY 6 Marlene BLAYNEY 6 Ralph BLAYNEY 6 Sharon BLAYNEY 6 Petulia BLAYNEY b.1970; d.4Aug1970; bur.6Aug1970 (Utakarra Cem. Geraldton) 6 Wesley BLAYNEY 5 Ann BLAYNEY 5 Rachel BLAYNEY 4 Deborah BLAYNEY, b.31Mar1895; d.4Jan1896 aged 9 mths bur.4Jan1896 4 Unnamed BLAYNEY b.1896 stillborn Geralton WA [1086]

Elizabeth Patten
née Blayney

Thomas Blayney

Anne Whitehurst
née Blayney

Emmanuel Whitehurst
Anne's husband
3 Elizabeth Blanche Batten BLAYNEY b.3May1863 (1857) (Tibrudden WA); Living at Nabawa 1939 [1070]; d.5Aug1946 (Geraldton) + Edgar Major PATTEN b.11Aug1858 (Fremantle WA); m.17Jul1878 (Geraldton); d.2Apr1930 (Geraldton) [Son of John PATTEN b.1814 (London); d.30May1899 (Tooyay, WA) and Harriet ENSOR b.1814 or 1898 (England); d.28Jan1891 (Geraldton)] 3 Thomas BLAYNEY b.1864 (Greenough WA); d.24Mar1894 (Geraldton) [1086]; bur Murchison Cem. 3 Anne BLAYNEY b.9Jul1866 (Chapman WA) [1079] b.9Jul1871 (Moonooyooka WA) IGI; [1229] Living at Nabawa 1939 [1070]; d.29Apr1948 (Nabawa, WA) age 77. + Emmanuel WHITEHURST b.30Jan1861 (Irwin WA); m.17Oct1887 (Geraldton WA); d.4Jul1997 (Geraldton, WA) [1229] 4 Five children Rachel, Anne, Amy, Charles and Hilda WHITEHURST 3 Edward BLAYNEY b.9Apr1867 (Sandspring WA); d.24Aug1942 (Geraldton); bur.26Aug1942 (Utakarra Cem.); Teamster 3 Deborah BLAYNEY b.16Sep1869 (Coogarina WA); d.24May1870 aged 8m Note: WA = Western Australia.

Note 1: Head stone has been removed, area is now Apex Memorial Park

"Jane Blaney arrived on 8th August, 1857 on the "City of Bristol" from Southampton with her parents David (aged 29 years) and Rachel (aged 28 years) Blaney and her brother Lewis (aged 1 year) as assisted emigrants." [1090]

Note 2: From notes written by Amy Jupp nee Patten [1084]

"Gould an Englishman from Sumerset, an ancestor of the many Goulds in the Victoria District, was on his way to the Greenough Show. David Blaney's horse shied, rearing up and dislodged its rider, who's neck was broken in the fall. David died on the 25 September 1873, aged 46 years. Lewis his eldest son,who had come out from England with his parents, died the following year from pneumonia. He was 18 years old."

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