Alice de CLARE

b.1121 d.~1163. Wife of Cadwaladr ap Gruffydd and coheir of Meredith.

Also known as Alicia de CLARE

Direct (male line) descendant of Richard I of Normandy, g-grandfather of William the Conquerer and from Lady Godiva through her mother.


1 Richard I Duke of Normandy r.942-996
 + Gunnora, of CrÍpon, dau of Harold III, (Bluetooth) King of Denmark and 
   Gunhilda (dau of Olaf III, King of Sweden)
  2 Richard II r.996-1026
   + __
    3 Richard III r.1026 - 1027
     + __(3rd Concubine) 
      4 Alix de Normandie (illegitimate) b.1021
       + Ranulf I le Merchines (Comte de Bayeux) b.1017 Bayeaux, 
         son of Ancitel de Bayeux, (Vicomte de Bayeux) b.992
        5 Ranulf II le Merchines (Vicomte de Bayeux) b.1050 Bayeau, 
         + Maud d'Avranches b.1054 
          6 Ranulf III de Merchines, Earl of Chester b.1070 d.Jan1129
           + Lucy Taillebois b.1074; d.1136, the twice widowed Countess of Lincolnshire 
             and claimed great grandaughter of Lady Godiva. 
            7 Ranaulf "des Gernons", Earl of Chester 1129-1153, 
              In 1146 he harboured Cadwalader ap Gruffudd when exiled, by then
              married to his neice Alice. 
            7 William (Lord Copland)
            7 Adeliza (Alice) b.1088/94; d.1128              
             +(1)Richard (?1st Earl of Hertford) q.v. m.1116
             +(2)Robert de Condet
              8 Roger de Condet
    3 Robert I r.1027-35
     + __
      4 William "the Conqueror" d.1087 (2nd cousin to Richard fitz Gilgert)
  2 Mauger, Earl of Corbeil 
  2 Count Robert, of Evereaux, Archbishop of Rouen r.987-1037
  2 Matilda 
  2 Emma of Normandy, b~986 d.1052.
   +(1)Æthelred II "the Unrede" King of England r.978-1016 b~968 d.1016
    3 St. Edward the Confessor, King of England r.1042-1066. 
   +(2)Canute II, King of England and Denmark r.1040-1042
    3 Hardicanute, King of England r.1040-42
  2 Hedwig (Hawise)  
  2 Beatrix of Normandy
  2 William of Hiesmes, Count of Eu 
  2 Godfrey of Brionne & Eu (de Eau) b~696 d~1015 (aka Geoffrey)
    He was born before Richard married Gunnora to an unkown mistress 
    of Richard's, however Richard I "acknowledged, ennobled and endowed" all 
    his sons". [50]
    3 Gilbert, "Crispin" de BRIENNE, Count of Brionne b~1000 d.1041, guardian of the 
      young Duke William (the Conqueror)
     + Gunnora d'Aunou, b~984
      4 Baldwin FitzGilbert   
      4 Hesilia Crispin
       + William MALET
      4 Richard fitz Gilbert of Tonbridge & Clare, fought at Battle of 
        Hastings 1066.  He was Regent of England in King William's abscence 
        1072-1085. Earl of Clare; Lord of Bienfaite, Orbec and Tonbridge. 
        b.1035 d.1090
       + Rohese, dau of Walter Giffard, Lord of Longueville
        5 children included Gilbert (see next), Walter (Lord of Nether 
          Gwent) dsp., Roger d.s.p, Godfrey, Richard (Abbot of Ely), 
          Robert (Baron of Baynard), Adelize and Rohese (Rohesia). 
        5 Gilbert fitz Richard de CLARE:  (b c1065, d 1114/17)
          Given right from Henry I in 1109 to subdue Cardiganshire
         + Alice (Adeliza) de Clermont m.1113 descended from 
           Charlemagne [594] 
          6 Richard FitzGilbert de CLARE, 1st Earl of Hertford 
            (see Richard below.
          6 Hervey de CLARE
          6 Baldwin, Baron of Bourne
          6 Walter de CLARE 
          6 Rohese de CLARE 
           + Baderon, Baron of Monmouth
          6 Gilbert (Strongbow), 1st Earl of Pembroke 1138 d.1148
           + Isabel (Elizabeth) de BEAUMONT
            7 Richard "Strongbow", Earl of Striguil b~1125 d.1176
              Renouned for his invasion of Ireland
          6 Margaret de CLARE
          6 Alice/Adeliza de CLARE (b c1080, d c1163)
           + Alberic II de Vere, Great Chamberlain of England (d~1140) [592] 
             Created Earl of Oxford by the empress Maud in 1137. 

Richard continued..
          6 Richard FITZGILBERT de CLARE, ?created 1st Earl of Hertford 
            by King Stephen (disputed by E H O MITCHELL [50] who believes
            King Stephen created his son Gilbert 1st Earl of Hertford.
            b.1084 (90) d.1136 (ambushed and killed by the Welsh Owain 
            Gruffydd and his brothers near Talgarth, taking control of 
            Ceridigion. His widow was rescued by Miles of Gloucester). 
            His daughter subsequently marries Owain's brother Cadwaladr.
	   + Adeliza/Alice de Briquessart (Meschines) (b 1088/94, d.1128, 
             (dau of Ranulph de Briquessart (de Meschines), 1st Earl of 
             Chester).  Probably remarried Robert de Condet.  
            7 Gilbert FITZRICHARD de CLARE, 1st [50] or 2nd Earl of Hertford,
              'Earl of Clare' b.1115 d.s.p. 1153.
             + Lucy of Chester 
            7 Roger de CLARE "the good", 2nd [50] or 3rd Earl of Hertford,
              Earl of CLARE (b 1116, d 1173)
             + Maud de St. Hilary (d 1173, dau of James de St. Hilary) 
              8 Richard de CLARE, 3rd [50] 4th (or 7th) Earl of Hertford (b.1162
                d.1218) one of the 25 Sureties of the Magna Charta
               + Amicia (Amice) FITZROBERT (b 1160, d 01.01.1225, dau of William 
                 FITZROBERT, 2nd Earl of Gloucester) m.1180, div <1200
                9 Gilbert de CLARE b.1180; 25Oct1230
                9 Joan de CLARE b.1184
              8 John de CLARE 
              8 Mabel de CLARE
              8 Aveline de CLARE
               + Geoffrey FITZPIERS, Earl of Essex
                9 John FITZGEOFFREY, Justicar of Ireland 
            7 Rohese de CLARE  
             + ?Roger FITZREINFRID (d~1186) [591] but elsewhere [592] given as
             +(1)Gilbert de GANT, Earl of Lincoln (b c1120, d 1156/60) 
             +(2)Robert (Sewer of William de Percy and son of Robert son 
               of Fulk) 
            7 Robert FITZRICHARD 
            7 Alice (Alicia) de CLARE, b.1121 (1115) at
              Turnbridge, Kent, d.1166 
             +(1)William III de PERCY b.1112; m.1136 [596] 
               son of William De PERCY and Alice de ROS [596]
              8 Walter de PERCY b~1127 Whitby, Yorkshire, died young
              8 Alan de PERCY b~1128 Whitby d>1166
              8 Richard de PERCY b~1130 Whitby died young
              8 William de PERCY b~1132 Whitby died young
              8 Agnes de PERCY b.1134 Whitby d.1205
              8 Maud de PERCY b~1136 Topcliffe Yorkshire d.1203
              8 Alan de PERCY? b~1138 Alnwick, Northumberland
              8 Alice de PERCY b.1144 Alnwick
              8 Emma de PERCY b.1146 Alnwick
             +(2)Cadwaladr (Cadwalader) ap Gruffydd of Caerdigan
               b~1096  (1083) d.1172
               See decendancy of Cadwalladr and Alice.

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