Cadwallon ap Cadfan

died ~633

Some VERY interesting connections

The direct Blayney ancestor Cynan Garwyn ("White Shanks") King of Powys (born ~545 reigned from ~570 and died 610/613). He married Gwenwynwyn of The Scots [daughter of Gewenhwyfar De Bretagne and Prince Arthur b.559, son of Aedan (Aidan/Aedham) Mac Gabran of Dalriada (525-604), King of the Scots, son of Gabran of Argyll Mac Domangart ~500 - ~560) (King of Dalriada & Scots)]. The youngest daughter of Cynan and Gwenwynwyn was Afandreg Ddu (Tandreg Ddu), born about 594.

Afandreg married Cadfan ab Iago b.569, and their son was Cadwallon b.591 d~635

Cadwallon ap Cadfan
[a] Descendancy to Rhodri Mawr
[b] Ancestry from Joseph of Arimathaea

Cadwallon ap Cadfan, King of Gwynedd was killed in battle late around 633 or 634 by Oswald, brother of Eanfrith. Cadwallon was known for killing Edwin of Northumbria at the battle of Meigen (Hatfield near Doncaster) in 632. In 633, he killed Edwin's successors, Osric of Deria and Eanfrith of Bernicia. The Venerable Bede declared that it was Cadwallon's intention to exterminate the English race!

Cadwallon married a daughter of Pebba who was a sister of Penda, King of Mercia, Cadwallon's ally. Penda carried on the warring with Northumbria after Cadwallon's death, killing Oswald in the battle of Cogwy (Oswestry) in 641. Penda was later killed by Oswy, brother of Oswald in the battle of Cai (Winwaed) in 654!

It is now possible to show that Cadwallon was an ancestor of the Blayneys, but not by a direct (paternal) connection.


1 Cadwallon King of Gwynedd 
  b~590s  exciled 620-7 r.625 - d.634 in the "Battle of the Wall" (Battle of Heavenfield). 
  Son of King Cadfan ap Iago of Gwynedd [b.580 d.625] and Tandreg Dhu verch Cyan
  Cadfan was the son of King Iago ap Beli of Gwynedd (B.560-613)
  Iago was the son of King Beli Ap Rhun Of Gwynedd (b.517-5990)
  Beli was the son of King Rhun Hir Ap Maelgwn Of Gwynedd (b.492-586) & Pewyr Verch Ruhn
  Rhun was the son of King Maelgwn Hir Ap Cadwallon Of Gwynedd (b.480-547)
  Maelgwn was the son of King Cadwallon Lawhir Ap Einion Of Gwynedd (b.460-534)
  Cadwallon was the son of King Owain Ddantgwyn Of Gwynedd
  Owain was the son of King Einion Yrth Ap Cunedda Of Gwynedd (b.420-500)
  Einion was the son of King Cunedda Ap Edern Of Gwynedd (b.386-460)
  Cunedda was the son of King Cunedda Ap Edern Of Gwynedd 386-460 

 + Elen (Helen of Mercia) verch Pybba (Wibba the Saxon = King Pybba of Mercia b.570 d.~606)
   = Alcfrith of Mercia
St Cadwaladr Fendigaid
2 St Cadwaladr Fendigaid (the Blessed), High King of Gwynedd, the last Pendragon with the red dragon standard (resumed by Henry Tudor who also claimed descent from Cadwaladr). The promised deliverer in the the 10th Century poem Armes Prydain, prophesised to return to save the Brythons (Britons) b.615/30 r.634-d.664 (plague) or d.668 (on a pilgrimage to Rome) + __ 3 Ifwr King of Gwynedd (b.660-r.664-d.684), reigning from age 4 for 20 years The myth was he was sent back from Brittany to secure the throne. Others postulate Ifwr is just a misspelling of Idwal (ie the same person). 3 Idwal (Edwal) Iwrch (Ywrch) (the Roebuck) King of Gwynedd b.664-r~684-d.712 + Agatha (Afadda/Angharad) ferch Alain [Count of Brittany] 4 Rhodri Molwynog (the bald & Grey), King of Gwynedd b.690 r.712-d.754 + Margaret ferch Duplory (de Ireland) b~690 5 Hywel r.814-d.825 dsp 5 Cynan Tyndaethwy (Dindaethwy) b.745 r.798-d.816 King of Gwynedd + Matilda (dau of Earl of Flint) 6 Gwynedd ? father of Ethil. 6 Esyllt (Eisyllt/Ethyllt/Ethil) Queen of Gwynedd b.770 + Gwriad of Man (or Manaw) (b.738 r.816-d.825), son of Elidur (Elidyr), Prince of Deheubarth] 7 Merfyn Frych "the Freckled", King of Gwynedd b.764(38) r.825-d.844 + Nest(a) (742-770), dau of Cadell ap Brochwel King of Powys according to Jesus College MS 20 [Others suggest Esyllt verch CYNAN DINDAETHWY was his wife and mother of Rhodri] 8 Rhodri Mawr (the Great) b~789 (809) d.878; the first King of the Britons, ruler of most of Wales (Gwynedd 844-878, Powys 855-878 & Seisyllwg 872-878) + Angharad ferch Meurig (Lord of Caerdigan) ap Dyfnwal ap Arthen ap Sitsllt (sister of Gwgon, ruler of Seisyllwg, drowned 872) 9 Anarawd ap Rhodri, King of Gwynedd (House of Aberffraw) b~865; d.916 See Anarawd 9 Merfyn ap Rhodri, King of Powys d.904 9 Cadell (Kadell) ap Rhodri Mawr (House of Dinefwr) King of Seisyllwg; b~861; d.909(10), Conquereed Dyfed 904/5 + Rheingar 10 Hywel Dda "the Good" ap Cadell b~895; d.950 King of Dyfed which he combined with Seisyllwg on the death of Cadell to form Deheubarth 909 King of Gwynedd 920; King of Powys 942 + Eleanor (Elen) ferch Llywarch m~912; d.929 dau of Llywarch ap Hyfaidd of Dyfed 11 Owain ap Hywel Dda, King of Deheubarth d.968 + Angharad ferch LLYWELYN [1230] 11 Angharad ferch Hyell Dda; b~911 + Tudur (Tudor) Trefor ap Yny 12 Dingad ap Tudur + Cecilia ferch Seferws (dau of King Seferus of Builth) 13 Rhiwallon ap Dingad + Letis ferch Cadwaladr 14 Cynwrig ap Rhiwallon + Annes ferech Idnerth 15 Hwfa ap Cynwrig + Gwenllian Ferch Owain 16 Angharad (Yngharad) ferch Hwfa + Kendrig ap Iowerth 17 Ednyfed Vychan ap Kendrig Ancestor of the Tudors 9 Anarawd (Anarawd) King of Gwynedd b~857; d.916 (brother Cadell inherited Seisyllwg and Merfyn had Powys). + Meryn 10 Idwal(I) Foel (the bald) b~883; d.942 fighting the English + Avendreg (Afandred/Avandreg) ferch MERFYN (or Mereddon ferch Cadwr) 11 Meurig ap Idwal Foel d.986 + ___ 12 Idwal (II) ap Meurig d.996 + ___ 13 Iago ap Idwal b~974 ruled Gwynedd 1023-1039; d.1039 + Afendreg verch GWAIR (of POWYS) 14 Cynan ab Iago fled to Ireland d.1063 + Ragnaillt dau of Olaf, King of Dublin 15 Gruffydd ap Cynan; King of North Wales; b~1055; d.1137; bur. church of Bangor (Sth side of the great alter) [1037] + Angharad ferch Owain ab Edwin dau of Owain, Lord of Enlefield 16 Cadwallon ap Gryffydd (b.~1097-1132) 16 Cadwallader ap Gryffydd (b.~1100–1172) + Alice de Clare, daughter of Richard Fitz Gilbert de Clare 16 Owain Gwynedd Prince of North Wales; b~1100 d.1170 + a mistress 17 Rotpert + Dyddgu ferch Madog 18 Dyddgu a.k.a Jane + Meilir "Gryg" ap Gruffudd, ancestor of the Blayneys. See Meilir Gryg to Blayneys 3 Gwrgant ap Cadwaladr, Abt 662 3 Hywel ap Cadwaladr, Lord of Anglesey, Abt 664 Ancestry: Cadwallon II King of Gwynedd b.591 r.625 - d.634 m.Helen d/o Wibba the Saxon ap Cadfan (Catamananus) King of Gwynedd b.569 r.613-620 d.625 m.Acha (d/o King Aelle of Deira) [Edwin of Northumbria overran Gwynedd between 620 and 627] ab Iago (Jacob) King of Gwynedd, benefactor of Gangor Cathedral b.540 r.599 - d.613 in battle with Æthelfrith of Northumbria at Caer Legion ap Beli King of Gwynedd b.517 r.586 - d.599 ap Rhun (Run) Hir (the Tall), King of Gwynedd b.492(~520) r.549-d.586 married Perweur ap Maelgwn Hir (the Tall) King of Gwynedd, High King of Britain b.470 (~497) r.517-d~548 of Yellow Plague. Notorius for his ruthless and "sinful" reign (including 4 wives) ap Cadwallon Lawhir (the Long Handed) b.442 r~470-d.517. King of Gwynedd. Married Meddyf verch Maeldaf, sister of Owen Danwyn (*Owain Ddantgwyn) of Powys d~520 ap Eionion (Einian) Yrth (the Impetuous) (Enniaun Girt) b.417(9) r.445-~470. King of Gwynedd. Married Prawst verch Deithlyn b~420. Einian's sister was Gwen ap Cunedda Wledig of Manau b.395(386) Drove Irish out of Gwynedd r~390-445. Married Gwawl, a daughter of Coel Hen. They had 8 sons as well as Gwen ab Octern (Ædeyrn) (Latin Æternus) b.364 r~340 ap Padarn Beisrudd (Latin: Paternus Pesrut) of the Red Robe b.339 r~305 ap Tacit (Tegid) (Latinised to Tacitus) b.314 r~270 ap Cein r~235 ap Guiocein (Gwrgain, Doli) r~200 ap Dumn (Dufn) r~165 ap Gur Dumn ab Angouloub (Angouloyb) ab Anguerit (Anguerit) [?different to King Anwrid ab Eufwn r~130] ab Onwed (Onmum) [?different to King Eufwn ap Dubwn r~95] ap Duvun [different to King Dubwn ap Prydein r~60] ap Brychwain (Brithguein) brother of Eudelen [?different to King Prydein ab Owain r~25] ab Owain (Eugein) [?different to King Owain ab Afallach r~10BC] ab Afallach (Avallach) [?different to King Afallach ap Ludd ap Beli Mawr r~45BC] ap Beli ap Brân Nasciens m. Anna "The Prophetess", d/o Josephf Arimathaea (0001 - 0082), claimed by some to be the brother of Jesus [10] [63] Note: Brân Nasciens and Anna "The Prophetess" had two daughters, Eurgain and Penardun. Penardun married Meric (Marius) b.45 or possibly Cyllin Marius Siluria Britannica and had a son Coel (Old King Coel) ap Llyr (King Lear) 20BC - AD10 ap Casswallan (Cassivellaunos) 62-48BC (brother of King Llud), [after whom, according to Geoffrey Monmouth, London derived it's name ie Caer-Lud (The Fortress of Lud), evolving into Kaer Llundain then London, a "mythical theory not generally supported!]. ap Beli Mawr (the Great) -Soverign Lord of the Britains 132-72BC and now thought to be the origin of the Blayney surname chosen by the main Blayney lines in the C14th when surnames became a requirement -see Origin
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