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Blayney (Blaney) Meadows

Location: N 37.24327 and W -118.89761
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Blayney HotSprings sign (Rick McCHARLES [779])

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"Blayney Meadows" was approved as the name for the "Hidden Valley" Meadows by the United States Board on Geographic Names in 1971 [740]. It is named after and commemorates William Farris Blayney, who grazed sheep their in the 1870s.

The "extremely popular" Blayney Meadows Hot Springs are "About a mile above the upper end of Blaney (sic) Meadows" [740]. Bathing pools were apparently dug out at three or four springs [740]. Backhurst describes it as "... a wonderful public hot-spring pool in a little meadow.....An early morning soak here, watching butterflies flitting over the dew-spangled meadow - well, it doesn't get much better." [746]

This is recommended as a late-summer destination because of a dangerous ford on the South Fork San Joaquin River [741] [743]

Described as "A vast flat, grassy, and wet area spreads below big granite slopes dotted with ponderosa and juniper.... [742]

Here are some pics from various websites about Blayney Meadows & Hot Springs:

Blayney Meadows on the John Muir Trail

Blayney Meadows by Rob Derubeis

BSA Troop 354

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There is some excellent White water kayaking - "The last 2.5 miles from Blayney Meadows to Florence is reported to be excellent class 4 & 5 and the best whitewater on this section of the south fork." [ [744]]

Bride Bridge over South Fork San Joaquin

Class II above Blayney Meadows

Last rapids (below)

Photos: Trevor Haagenson 2004 [744] [745]. See more of Trevor's pics: [745]

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