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Cadwallader Blayney, 7th Lord Blayney

Bpt 21 April 1693,
Baron from 3 Jan 1706 [43]
Died 19 Mar 1733 [43] [120] 3 Mar 1733 [445] (1732)

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Succeeded his father as Seventh Lord in 1706. Queen Anne appointed Cadwallader Blayney Lord Lieutenant and Custos Rotulorum of the County of Monaghan, Governor of the town of Sligo and sworn of her Privy Council.

Apparently prone to "road rage" as described regarding Dr. Jonathan Swift [498]
"In the winter of 1715-16, Swift was returning to Dublin, after a ride to Howth, with two mounted servants. A chaise then began to race up to Swift from behind, without passing him. Swift finally got over to the side of a ditch, and reproached the men in the chaise. One of them was [Lord] Blayney [(1693-1733, the seventh Lord], who supposedly threatened to shoot with his pistol. After the incident, Swift sent a petition to the Irish House of Lords, protesting against Blayney's conduct and asking for protection."

In 1713 the whole rents of the Blayney property failed to exceed £650 pa, and by 1723 he found it necessary to sell a portion of the estates to the Upton family, Lords Templetown, of Templepatrick, county Antrim. This was despite King George I adding an allowance of £182 10s to the annual pension on the Irish Military establishment of £300 in recognition for his zeal and loyalty, and that with "the lowness of his circumstances, he can neither live suitably to his quality nor exert his endeavours so far as he is desirous for our service....[and]...being desirous to support the dignity of our nobility" [415]


1 Cadwallader BLAYNEY bpt.21Apr1693 d.19Mar1732 (age 38) in Dublin; bur.24Mar1732 at CastleBlayney
  Became the 7th Lord Blayney in 1705 on the death of his father William
  Governor of Sligo and Lord-Lieutenant of County Monaghan
 +(1)Mary TOUCHET b.1690; m.22Apr1714 (Dublin Castle); d.Sep1721; bur CastleBlayney
   [dau of Hon. John TOUCHET Esq (2nd son of Mervin TOUCHET, Earl of Castlehaven)
   and Elizabeth SAVILLE, dau of Thomas SAVILLE, Earl of Sussex) [362]]
  2 Rev. Charles Talbot BLAYNEY b.27Jan1714; d.29Sep1761 [Note 1] 
    - 8th Lord BLAYNEY [see Charles Talbot]
   + Elizabeth Mahon m.1734 (daughter of Nicholas Mahon), his 2nd cousin
    3 Henry Vincent Talbot BLAYNEY b.1713 d.1754 (unmarried)
  2 Lt-Gen Cadwallader BLAYNEY b.2May1720; d.13Nov1775 - 9th Lord BLAYNEY 
    [see Cadwallader9]
  2 William BLAYNEY (died in infancy)
  2 Hon Mary BLAYNEY b.16Mar1716
   +(1)Nicholas MAHON Esq m.Dec1736, her 2nd cousin (son of Nicholas MAHON)
    3 Elinora Caroline MAHON [725]
     + Joseph CORRY of co. Monaghan
   +(2)John CAMPBELL Esq (House of Argyle), Attorney at Law, Dublin. b.1715;
     m.1743; d.1789 [359]
    3 Cadwallader John CAMPBELL b.May1744
    3 John BLAYNEY CAMPBELL (Lieutenant in army) b.1760/1 (Scotland);
      d.24Aug1848 (Jersey, Channel Is)
    3 Charles BLAYNEY CAMPBELL b~??1736; d.12Sep1787
    3 Mountney (Moutray) CAMPBELL
    3 Mary Ann (Mary-Anne) CAMPBELL
    ?+ Nicholas MAHON
    ?+ Henry BUTCHER
      4 William BUTCHER
    3 Margaret CAMPBELL
     + W WATSON
    3 Elizabeth CAMPBELL
    3 James Touchet Blayney CAMPBELL b.1760;
      d.10Nov1826 (St Helier, Jersey Channel Is) [359]
      Captain in the 38th Regiment of foot (1794) [255] the Captain
      of the Royal Garrison Battlion (1795) and by 1802 Captain of the 3rd
      Royal Garrison Battalion.
     + Isobella TAYLOR b.1Jan1780 (England); m.1July1801 (Jersy City, NJ. USA); 
       d.7Dec1851 (Typhoid) Fever)
       dau of John TAYLOR and Isabella CARTWRIGHT [359]
      4 Thirteen children: - {Isabella (see below), Elizabeth Louisa (d. 12yr),
        Maria Blayney, Caroline O'Dogharty (d 15yr), Helen Magenis, Charlotte 
        Helen, Thomas Andrew Blayney, Touchet (d. 7 days), John (d. 16mths), 
        Mary Ann (d. 2yr), Mary Ann, Eleanor and Henry Vincent 
      4 Isabella CAMPBELL b.23Apr1802; Em.1859 to Australia.
        d.26Jan1860 (drowned, Parramatta River, NSW)
        Em.1859 on the ship Blackwall, four years after the death of John 
        with her five surviving children.
       + John TREEVE b.12Mar1785 (Penryn, Cornwall); m.23Apr1819 (Jersy);
         d.16Jul1855 (Jersy); Commander in the Royal Navy; moved to Jersy Is.
        5 Ten children: - {John (d.y.), Isabella, Henry, Joshia (Josias) Richard (see below), 
          Amelia (d.y.), Christina (d.y.), Charles (d. with mother and 
          young wife), Charlotte (d.y.), Ellen Laura Elizabeth (see below)
          and William Thomas Andrew}.             

Joshia R Campbell

Ellen L. E. Campbell
5 Joshia (Josias) Richard CAMPBELL b.17Apr1828 (St Helier, Jersey); Bpt.15Jun1828, (St Saviour, Jersey, Channel Islands) Emmigrated to Australia arriving on the "SS Bolton" 17Feb1850 Sydney Occ. Auctioneer, businessman (Raynes, Treeve & Co.) and a substantial property owner. In 1875 Joshia made a claim he was the new Lord Blayney but when he tried to leave the country a trail of fraud was uncovered resulting in a 13 year term of imprisonment with hard labour [1259]. d.22May1902 (Sydney NSW) [Gastric Carcinoma]; bur.23May1902 (Rockwood Cemetery Lidcombe NSW) + Hannah PHILLIPS b.11Jun1825 (London, MDX); bpt.22Jun1855 (St Lawrence, Sydney) m(1) David NEWTON 6Jan1841 (Bridge St Synagogue Sydney) m(2) Joshia Richard TREEVE 20Jun1853 (Scot's Church, Pitt Street, Sydney) d.22May1877 (Glebe Sydney NSW); bur. Camperdown Newtown NSW. 6 [8 children] 5 Ellen Laura Elizabeth CAMPBELL b.8Oct1841 (Jersy); em.1859 to Australia; d.20Aug1876; Occ. private School Teacher + Lionel Pedley SYMONDS b.1836; m.8Mar1865; d.1896 Seven children, only one (John) survived scarlet fever to adulthood 6 John Richard Wilde SYMONS the Great Grandfather of Fred PENDLEBURY. [359] 3 Ellinor CAMPBELL + Dennis KELLY Esq 2 Martha BLAYNEY (died in infancy)

Elderly Mary Cairnes

Sir Henry Cairnes

(inherited Monahan)

Portrait of Mary Cairnes
Lady Blayney
+(2)🎨 Mary CAIRNES (2nd wife of Cadwallader, 7th Lord) b.1695; m.3Aug1724; d.28Aug1790. Sole dau. and heir of Sir Alexander CAIRNES bart, Governor & MP of Monaghan (d.30Oct1732) and Elizabeth GOULD (d.4Jun1721). Alexander had purchased the Monaghan estates from Henry Vincent BLAYNEY in 1680 [18b], and apparently other property went to William Cairnes (Alexander's brother who dsp.1701) in 1696. Mary and Cadwallader had no issue. [1052] This was apparently an arranged marriage between her father and Lord Blayney in what appears to be a failed attempt to repeat the successful tactic of his grandfather Richard [who had married the daughter of Thomas Vincent which returned the Monaghan estates to the Blayneys]. This was not a successful marriage (either in returning the Monaghan estate or in love). 🎨 Sir Henry CAIRNES, 2nd Bt (the next brother of Alexander) took over the Monaghan estate in 1732 on the death of Sir Alexander [809]. He married Frances GOULD, sister of his sister-in-law, Elizabeth and died in 1743 [809]. Mary's account of the marriage is unfortunately consistent with the story told by Dr. Jonathan Swift (2nd para) "I was married to my Lord Blayney against my own opinion. He had an agreeable outside, but there was a terrible inside. I endured all sorts of indignity for several years, even frequent blows. After bearing this longer, perhaps, than many others would,... at last I went back to my father at Monaghan, and ... never had a child by a man I could not love..." [810]
Col. John MURRAY
MP for Monaghan

Frances, Countess
of Clermont

William Fortescue
Earl of Clermont
Robert Cunninghame
1st Baron Rossmore
Theophilus Jones
1st Baron Rossmore
in 1734, two years after Cadwallader's death Mary (Lady Blayney) married 🎨 Hon. Col. John (Charles) MURRAY (MP for Monaghan) who d.29Jun1743 (Clogher Diocese licence 1733). Lady Mary described this marriage also... "He was the choice of my reason as well as my heart, and my expectations were fully satisfied.... I had children very soon, which gave me great pleasure, as I loved the father...." [810] They had 5 daughters, but Mary kept her title "Lady Blayney" [18b] According to Burke's Commoners (vol III), she had one son (Henry, dy) and two daughters, Maria d.unm and Anne, dy. [229] However, according to Debrett's Peerage [445], Stirnet [809]. Rushe [1052] and (A genealogical survey of the peerage of Britain...) [446], her daughters (to John MURRAY) were: 3 🎨 Frances Cairnes MURRAY b~1734; m.29Feb1752; d.3Dec1820. The eldest [1052] + 🎨 William Henry FORTESCUE, 1st Earl of Clermont b.5Aug1722; dspms.29Sep1806 [445] High Sheriff of Louth 1746; MP (Louth 1745-60; Monahhan 1761-1770) Governor and Custos Rotulorum for Managhan for life 1775 Earl of Clermont 1777; Kt Founder (Order of St Patrick) 1795 4 Louisa FORTESCUE 3 Elizabeth MURRAY [Lady Rossmore, Baroness] b.1733; m.29May1754; d.3Dec1820(4) The 2nd eldest [1052] + 🎨 Right Hon. Lt-Gen Robert CUNINGHAME (CUNNINGHAM) b.1726; d.1801, 1st Baron Rossmore of Monaghan; m.29May1754 Army General and M.P. for co. Monaghan 1769-1796 (and various other seats before & after). Commander-in-Chief of Ireland 1793-6 [son of David CUNINGHAME and Margaret CALLANDER] 3 Mary MURRAY d.unm.1744 (3rd eldest [1052]) 3 Anne (Ann) MURRAY d.1Feb1827 (4th [1052]) + 🎨 Rt Hon Theophilus JONES b.1729; m2.1761(8); d.8Dec1811 MP for Co Leitrim, later Coleraine (UK) then Monahan Privy Counsellor 1767; Chief Secretary for Ireland 1767 [son of Walter JONES and Olivia COOTE] m1.1754 to Lady Catharine BERESFORD d.28Mar1763 (3 children) 4 Henry Alexander JONES b.d. 1801 (predeceased Lady Rossmore) 4 Maia JONES dunm 4 Anne JONES d.y. 3 Harriet MURRAY b<1743 (5th dau [1052]) + Henry WESTENRA Esq m.29Nov1764; d.1801 4 Harriet Esther WESTENRA d.1858 4 William-Warner WESTENRA b.14Oct1765; d.10Aug1842 MP for Monaghan 1800; Custos Rotulorum of County Monaghan 1805-42 1st Lord-Lieutenant of County Monaghan 1831-42 He inherited the Barony of Rossmore [809], although Rushe states "The title of Rossmore died with Cunningham's widow" [1052] m1.1791 to Mary Ann Walsh (3 sons) m2.1819 to Augusta Charteris. 4 Mary Frances WESTENRA b.16Mar1769 4 Lt-Col Henry WESTENRA b.1Jun1770

Note 1: According to the Stirnet Families Database [45], the date for Cadwallader's marriage to Mary Touchet was 22April1714 and the birth of their first son (Charles) was 21Jan1714. So Cadwallader was a bit of a lad - but at least he married her and legitimised Charles!

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