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Climbing on Mt Taranaki 2

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1st climb 1987
Symes '90s
Ventura crash
Open climb '99
Staff climb '99
Sharks Tooth '01
Mountain '05
Fanthams '06
Open climb '06
Open climb '07
Fanthams '08
Open climb '08
Fantham's 09
Open climb '09
Open climb '10
Open climb '12

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Ventura Bomber crash site 1996       --       Open Climb 1999

WWII Ventura Bomber
crash site 1996

Shirley & Keith
Summit 13 Feb 1999

Shirley & Sharon
Summit 13 Feb 1999

In 1996 Shirley and I went on an "expedition" to discover the crash site of a Ventura Bomber that was lost during training in WWII. A local farm hand joined (escorted) us and we managed to find the site with little difficulty.

In 1999 I decided to go on the Mt Egmont Apline Club open climb and Shirley decided she would try. We practiced on Fantham's Peak but had to turn back as Shirley didn't like the loose scoria (scree). However, we were determined to do the summit and were joined by Shirley's siblings Sharon and Murray. I enjoyed it but Shirley said "never again" and Sharon (now Duthie) and Murray Calder felt the same!

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