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Climbing on Mt Taranaki 11

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1st climb 1987
Symes '90s
Ventura crash
Open climb '99
Staff climb '99
Sharks Tooth '01
Mountain '05
Fanthams '06
Open climb '06
Open climb '07
Fanthams '08
Open climb '08
Fantham's 09
Open climb '09
Open climb '10
Open climb '12

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Mt Taranaki pages

Egmont Alpine Club

Open Climb 2009

Dawn at Plateau car park

Sunrise on track to Tahurangi

Peek of peak plus "sheep" & my shadows

The Mt Egmont Alpine Club Open Climb on tthe 7th February began in the dark on a clear day. I had the Nikon D50 in its new harness but the battery registered almost empty and the spare registered flat!! However, my body heat soon had the batteries functioning again - perhaps an indication of the drama to come!

Better view without shadows

?Limited to 100?? Here is 200!!

Hobbits' thingie

See all the climbers on the skyline?

Onto the scree

Ahukawakawa swamp

Reaching the Flounder

Onto the Lizard

Pouakai (closer) and Kaitake Ranges

Sharks Tooth from crater

Summit from crater

Mt Ruapehu to the west

MtEAP tent in crater

Sharks Tooth again

Rocks at Summer entrance/exit

Down the Lizard

One of our "patients"

More "patients" helped

Rescue helicopter at Tahurangi

Ready to winch down

Here comes the paramedic

Rescue helicopter about to "rest"

Ready to go

There goes the paramedic (and patient)

It's windy down here!

Loading patient

Don't forget the paramedic!

?50m drop from track

Ngarara Bluff

Eyes down safe but misses views

Another glance

The Patels safely down

More commentary on the rescues later (perhaps).

More drama for me followed with lost car keys and my rescuer (Shirley) running out of petrol!

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