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Climbing on Mt Taranaki 6

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1st climb 1987
Symes '90s
Ventura crash
Open climb '99
Staff climb '99
Sharks Tooth '01
Mountain '05
Fanthams '06
Open climb '06
Open climb '07
Fanthams '08
Open climb '08
Fantham's 09
Open climb '09
Open climb '10
Open climb '12

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Egmont Alpine Club

Open Climb 2006

On the Mt Egmont Alpine Club open climb in 2006 I had planned a slower climb at the back in order to reduce a tendancy to cramping, but halfway between the drinking Rock and the Lizard some Tasmanian visitors had reached their limit and needed to be escorted down, so I didn't complete this climb.

Warwick Castle & peak
Open Climb 4 Feb 2006

Mountain view
from East 4 Feb06

Tahurangi below cloud
Ruapehu in distance 4Feb06

Humphries Castle & Razorback
Open Climb 4 Feb 2006

Girls on the Mountain
Open Climb 4 Feb 2006
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