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Climbing on Mt Taranaki 1

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1st climb 1987
Symes '90s
Ventura crash
Open climb '99
Staff climb '99
Sharks Tooth '01
Mountain '05
Fanthams '06
Open climb '06
Open climb '07
Fanthams '08
Open climb '08
Fantham's 09
Open climb '09
Open climb '10
Open climb '12

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Taranaki Climbing
1st climb 1987

Jack, Keith & Craig
My 1st climb 15Mar1987

non-PC Keith
15 Mar 1987

view from Taranaki summit to Ruapehu
My 1st climb 15th March 1987

My first summit climb was on 15th March 1987 with Jack Smith and Craig Nokes and I found it quite hard. We took the East Ridge approach from the Plateau. At that time it wasn't considered disrespectful to Maori tradition to stand on the very peak and so we all did it. On the way down Jack took us down the loose "scree" and taught me how to "Scree ski" (a real fun and quite easy way down once you get the hang of it). This demonstrated the real reason alpine gaiters or putties are worn as I had to stop and get the stones out of my boots a couple of times.

Manganui Monster 1994     --     Fanthams Peak 1988, 1990

An avalanche in 1994 filled the Manganui Valley and the ice formations made interesting shapes.

In 1998 my young sons managed to get someway up the stairs to Fantham's peak and I finally climbed up there a couple of years later. The old hut has now been removed and reconstructed in the Dawson Falls Visitors Centre.

Manganui Monster
Avalanche 1994

Old & new Symes Huts
Fantham climb 1990

Michael on Stairs to
Fanthams 23 Oct 1988

of Mt Taranaki/Egmont
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