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Climbing on Mt Taranaki 10

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1st climb 1987
Symes '90s
Ventura crash
Open climb '99
Staff climb '99
Sharks Tooth '01
Mountain '05
Fanthams '06
Open climb '06
Open climb '07
Fanthams '08
Open climb '08
Fantham's 09
Open climb '09
Open climb '10
Open climb '12

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Egmont Alpine Club

Fantham's Peak 2009

Again, in preparation for the open climb, the Mt Egmont Alpine Club organised a fatham's Peak climb two weeks before on the 26th January. I took the Nikon D50 in a new front harness, which doesn't seem to obscure my view of foot placement, but it can be a bitch to get off & on (as in getting on warmer clothing).

Dawn at Dawson Falls

View from Sir Ed Hilary memorial

Summit and Kapuni Lodge

Up the stairs

More stairs

Peek of Peak

Curtis Ridge & Warwick Castle

More of Peak

Bobs Knob & west view

Syme Hut

climbing to peak

Bobs Knob again

Composit looking South west (left of Bob's Knob)

Looking at Syme Hut & summit

Silhouetted climbers on 2ndary peak

Some take it slowly down
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