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Climbing on Mt Taranaki 12

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1st climb 1987
Symes '90s
Ventura crash
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Egmont Alpine Club

Open Climb 2010

Dawn view to Ruapehu

Dawn lights Mt Taranaki

Glowing Mt Taranaki

The Mt Egmont Alpine Club Open Climb on the 6th February began in the dark on a clear day. This time I took the Nikon D60 with polarising lens. It is lighter than the D50 but needs a heavier lens to house the auto-focus no longer built in.

This climb was organised differently. As people arrived at the car park and were checked in, they were encouraged to head up to the skifield where each lot of 20 were placed in a group and given "the speal" by the group leader. By then the sun had risen and the smaller groups could actually hear the safety messages. This appeared to pay off as we had no "incidences" like the previous year (except for me taking off some skin!)

Making a group

Last group up from Tahurangi

Groups on stairs

Steady progress

Tail enders have a pause.

View from top of stairs

Drinking Rock

It's a long loose way up to the Lizard

Crater (Shark's Tooth left background)

Some preferred to scale Shark's Tooth

Others admired the bird life

Club members ensure safe crater departure

As the mist closes in, club members (orange tags) form a rear guard

not everyone likes to scree slide!

Back to drinking Rock

Zooming in on Cathy T

Kathleen leads her group out of the mist
Since the accident last year, DoC
(Department of Conservation) has redirected
the track away from the old pathway

Changes made by DoC

View of drop

My "scree sliding" may have taken me from the rear of the climb to near the front, but a misjudgement of the depth of the stones below Drinking Rock resulted in some skin loss from my knee and shin (but I avoided a fall), so on arrival at the car park I did finally crack open my extensive First Aid pack to clean up and dress the abraisions. A literal "Physician heal thyself! (Luke 4:23)".

Cramps on the ascent did trouble a few people (including myself) despite sufficient fluids, added electrolytes, magnesium and even quinine. Stretching, resting and slowing one's pace are probably better treatments, with better fitness as the best preventer!

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