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Climbing on Mt Taranaki 7

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1st climb 1987
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Ventura crash
Open climb '99
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Egmont Alpine Club

Open Climb 2007

The Mt Egmont Alpine Club open climb 2007 was a great success, although the views were limited because of cloud & mist. Personally, I like the cooling effect this provides. Dr Richard Holve, a GP locum at Ruanui Health from USA went up with a fast group while I plodded up at the back, in case there was a medical problem I needed to attend (and I now prefer a slower climb). We caught up at the top (he had all the views, I got the mist).

Summit from Round the
Mountain Track 3 Feb 2007

String of climbers at Tahurangi
3 Feb 2007

View to top
3 Feb 2007

The last group at Drinking Rock
MtEAC Open Climb 3 Feb 2007

Climbers in mist
3 Feb 2007

Bruce approaches crater
3 Feb 2007

Crater in mist
3 Feb 2007

Keith (L) & Richard (R)
Summit 3 Feb 07

Mathias on top
3 Feb 2007

Dr Holve & Shark's Tooth
3 Feb 07
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