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Henry Blayney, 2nd Lord Blayney

Born ~1602/5
at Castleblayney (Ireland)
Baron from 11 Feb 1630 [43]
Killed 5 Jun 1646 at the battle of Benburb, Tyrone.

See Ancestry.

In January 1623 he married the Right Honourable Jane MOORE, (2nd daughter of Gerald MOORE, 1st Viscount Drogheda and Mary COLLY, and sister of Sir James MOORE who married Henry's sister Jane BLAYNEY) and had six sons and five daughters! (see [Descendancy]).

Was knighted in his father's life-time (27Mar1626) and became Baron in 1626 and took his seat in the Irish House of Lords 14July1634. He was a commissioned captain of the 97th Foot and kept a little fort at Monaghan.

On 23Oct1641 his castle was attacked by Irish "rebels" under Hugh (Mac-Patrick) MacMaHon (and/or Sir Patrick MacMaHon [471] [707]) but he escaped to Dublin to raise the alarm [18] [471] [473] His wife and children however, were captured and suffered, particularly from being moved constantly while regularly threatened with death. Infant Penelope died after being carried on the captors' pikes. Eventually they were released in exchange for nuns and an officer captured at Drogheda by Lady Blayney's brother [55].

In 1641, Armagh was taken by Sir Phelim O'Nial, who was forced to evacuate, then it was garrisoned by the Earl of Tyrconnel, who was in turn then "surprised and disarmed" by locals. Lord Blayney then took possession of the town and immediately proclaimed for the King (Charles I), but was also "compelled to evacuate it, and retreat with his forces to Londonderry, at that period the last refuge of the Protestants." [263].

Lord Henry Blayney is killed fighting Owen O'Neill at the Battle of Benburb, co Tyrone in 1646, which was a disaster for the Protestant settlers (Planters). No other Irish victory had ever resulted in so complete an annihilation of their enemy. The only Protestant honour earned on that field was by Henry Blayney and his regiment. His reputation and conduct in that battle has been universally praised and from by both sides:

Blackwater River (Benburb) c.1750 (top) & now

  • "And with their pritan mantles, steel morion, and jack
    And with him fierce Blayney and Conway had come
    Few foemen escaped on that well-stricken day;
    O'er hillock and moorland by thousands they lay;
    Fierce Blayney had fallen where he charged by the fen—
    'Twasa comfort he slept by the side of his men!
    ["The Battle of Benburb" [468] (Joyce and Makem)]
  • "The Scottish army was immediately thrown into confusion; the cavalry was at once broken, and, casting the foot into disorder, the rout soon became complete. An English cavalry regiment, commanded by Lord Blayney, was almost entirely cut to pieces." [467]
  • "Sir Henry, second Lord Blayney, lost his life at the fatal battle of Benburg [sic], in the county of Tyrone, at the head of his men..." [484] [485]
  • "The English regiment commanded by Lord Blaney maintained their ground till he and most of his men were cut off." [469] [472]
  • "Lord Blaney's regiment first met the brunt of the Irish onset, and, after a stubborn resistance, was cut to pieces" [475]
  • "The British field-pieces were all captured, and Lord Blayney, their commander, who refused quarter, was killed, gallantly defending them to the last." [471]
  • "The gallant Lord Blaney, at the head of an English regiment, made a noble defence. He fell combating with the most undaunted resolution, and his men maintained their ground till they were hewn to pieces, fighting around their beloved commander" [474] [476]
  • "Three thousand Scotch and English there are lying freshly slain,
    And Blaney at his regiment's head will never charge again!
    " [470] [473]
  • "Next day Neill ordered my Lord Blaney's and captain Hamilton's corps to be interred in Benborbe church with the proper ceremonies." [472] and "O'Neill conveyed his prisoners to a place of security, and buried the bodies of Blaney and Hamilton with military honours"

On 8 December 1665 a Petition to the Duke of Ormond, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland was granted resulting in a pension of �100 being paid out of the Irish Exchequer to the Lady Jane Blayney, widow. [324]


1 Henry BLAYNEY b.1602(5/6); d.5Jun1646 (Benburb, co Tyrone); Bur.CastleBlayney
  Became the 2nd Lord Blayney in 1630 on the death of his father Edward  
 + Jane MOORE (Rt Honourable) b~1598 (Mellefont Abbey, co Louth); d.22Oct1686
   [dau of Sir Garrett (Gerald) MOORE, 1st Viscount Drogheda (1564-1627) and Mary COLLEY (~1570-1654)
    and sister to Sir James MOORE who married Henry's sister Jane BLAYNEY. [434]];
   m.Jan1623 d.22Oct1686 [330] [see above]
   Jane subsequently married Sir Charles WILMOT [434], Lord President of Connaught.

  2 Edward BLAYNEY b.1624(5) d.1669 
    = 3rd Lord Blayney [see Edward.html]

  2 Charles BLAYNEY (d. young)

  2 Richard BLAYNEY b.1629(27/30) d.3Nov1670 
    = 4th Lord Blayney [see Richard.html]

  2 Arthur BLAYNEY (d. young)

  2 Garrett (Gerald) BLAYNEY (died at the Hague, unmarried)

  2 John Blayney (died in the West Indies, unmarried)

  2 Lawrence BLAYNEY (died young)

  2 Robert BLAYNEY
    Kevin McKenzie [145] suggests that he didn't die young, but was the Robert Blayney, aka "Mr Blaney", 
    who accompanied Samuel Pepys to Whitehall as Lord Ashley's Secretary. 
    Lord Ashley himself turns out to be distantly related:
      [Lord Ashley later became Charles II's minister the 1st Earl of Shaftesbury who's 3rd wife (Margaret
       Spencer) was sister to the Alice Spencer who married Henry Moore, whose father (Charles) was brother
       to both Sir James Moore (who married Robert's Aunt Jane) and to Jane Moore, Robert's mother.]
    Kevin also believes that Robert married leaving a "widow Blayney from Master Locke's" but no proven children
    (or potential heirs to the Blayney title).  However, his evidence for Secretary Blayney being the son of 
    Henry Blayney is circumstantial and based on moderately close family and political relationships. 
    However, a Robert Blaney "a barrister of the Middle Temple" (so quite probably the same as Lord Ashley's
    Secretary) was tried for involvement in the pro-Monmouth "Rye House Plot". Lord Ashley (Anthony Ashley Cooper)
    the first 1st Earl of Shaftesbury was Monmouth's principal supporter (and escaped to Holland in 1683).  
    In the same year another "Rye House Plotter", Colonel Thomas Walcott was executed whose wife Jane was the 
    "double cousin" of Robert Blayney [145] supporting the contention that Robert, the younger son of the 2nd
    Lord Blayney, did survive into the 1680s and became a barrister with some interesting connections.

    Alternatively, I have suggested that the Secretary to the 1st Earl of Shaftesbury may have been a 
    Kinsham Blayney, most likely Robert Blayney, son of Francis BLAYNEY Esq. of Kinsham.

  2 Thomasine (Thomasina) BLAYNEY b.7Mar1627  
   +(1)Sir Henry (?George) PIERCE, Bart, b.24Apr1624 
     son & heir of Sir Henry PIERCE of Shercock, Cavan
     No issue. [m. Thomasine when she was 7, repudiated when 12]
   +(2)Major Joseph FOX Esq, of Graige, Tipperary b.27(26)Feb1617 [229]       
    3 Penelope FOX
     + Hugh MORGAN Esq of Cottlestown (her 3rd cousin)
    3 Mary FOX
    3 Jane FOX
    3 Catherine FOX
    3 Henry FOX Esq b~1650; d.1719
     +(1)Jane OLIVER, dau of Robert OLIVER Esq of Clonodfoy co. Limerick
      4 "several sons, who all died young" [229]
        viz.: Edward, Joseph, Robert, Charles and Jane [707]
     +(2)(Hon) Frances LANE b.4Dec1674; m.1691; d.17Dec1724)
       [dau. of Sir George LANE of Tulske, Roscommon, 1st Viscount Lanesborough, Principal Secretary of
        State for Ireland, d.Aug1684 and Lady Frances SACKVILLE [261] [229]
        Frances previously married Ulick BURKE, 1st Viscount Galway on 30 Jul 1688]

      4 🎨 George FOX(-LANE), Lord of Bingley b.1697; d.22Feb1773
        MP (Tory) for Hindon 1734-41, MP for City of York 1742-1761.
        Inherited estates of Lord Lanesborough and assumed by Act of Parliament 1750 (and in accordance with
        the testator's injunction), the additional surname and arms of LANE, [229] (legally becoming LANE-FOX
        aka FOX-LANE).
        Created 1st Baron Bingley, co. York 13May1762 (extinct since his father-in-law's death in 1731) [229]
        First to hunt foxes on Bramham Moor [795]
        Possibly the biological father of John BURGOYNE (below) [306] [307]
        BUT this "honour" (if true) is probably better laid at the feet of George's Father-in-law, the first
        Lord Bingley (Robert Bingley), who became John's Godfather and left Anna Maria a considerable 
        inheritance [789]
        Horace Walpole claimed it was Robert Bingley, and it is interesting to see that John's first but 
        illegitimate son was named John Fox!

Bramham Park [Jones 1829]

Bramham Park now

George Fox-Lane

Harriet Benson
+ 🎨 Hon. Harriet BENSON bap.04Feb1705; m.12Jul1731 (Wenthorpe); d.07Apr1771; Dau of Robert BENSON (Lord / Baron of Bingley, Chancellor of the Exchequer) and Lady Finch. Harriet brought estates worth £100,000, incl. Bramham and £7,000 p.a. She was responsible (with George) for most of the temples at Bramham. 5 Robert BENSON (a.k.a. FOX, Fox-Lane, Lane-Fox), b.05Aug1732; d.May1768 (d.s.p.l.) MP for York 1761 & 1768 +(1)Mildred BOURCHIER, dau of John BOURCHIER Esq of Beningborough +(2)Lady Bridget HENLEY m.1761; d.1796; dau of Robert HENLEY Earl of Northington, Lord Chancellor of England
+??Anna Maria BURGOYNE (mistress), wife of Captain John Burgoyne). Her son the General was claimed by Horace Walpole and others to have been fathered by "Baron Bingley" and as George was not created Baron until 1768, it is more likely that Anna was mistress of Robert BENSON [789]; [790] "The beautiful young wife of a dissipated army captain in debt to a libertine of high rank, might easily enough have become the prey of such a creditor of such a husband" [789] A High Court case was heard between the Burgoynes and Lord Bingley's heirs in 1738 see [792] Another illegitimate child of Robert Benson, Mary Goodricke (née Johnson), has been described as the sister of General Burgoyne. [791] 5 🎨 Lieutenant-General John BURGOYNE b.4Feb1722/3; d.04Aug1792 (Legal parents were Captain John Burgoyne, 2nd son of Sir John Burgoyne, 3rd Bart. of Sutton, Bedfordshire, and Anna Maria Burnestone, dau of London merchant Charles Burnestone) British general and playwright (The Heiress 1786) Lieutenant-colonel in the Foot Guards 1758; introduced light cavalry into the British Army. Known as "Gentleman Johnny", he captured Fort Ticonderoga in American War of Independence on 6 July 1777, but lost the Battle of Saratoga (17Oct1777) surrendering 5,800 British troops to General Horatio Gates, the turning point of American War of Independence.

Burgoyne's surrender
Saratoga 1777

The Surrender of Gen.
Burgoyne (J Trumbull)

engraving of
John Burgoyne
Subsequently made commander-in-chief in Ireland and a privy councillor. Buried with wife & dau in Westminster Abbey. + Lady Charlotte STANLEY, youngest daughter of the Earl of Derby Eloped then m.14Apr1751 6 Charlotte Elizabeth BURGOYNE d.1764 +(mistress) Susan CAULFIELD (actress, opera singer) 6 Four children (Maria, Caroline, John FOX and Edward (b.1786)

John FOX Burgoyne
(Heaphy c1813)

Sir J F Burgoyne
Waterloo Place
6 🎨 Field-Marshal Sir John FOX BURGOYNE b.24Jul1782; d.07Oct1871 General 5Sep1855; Baronet 1856 , Constable of the Tower of London; Field-Marshal 1868; Led the relief efforts during the Irish Potato Famine + Charlotte 7 Three dau (Margaret Anne, Selina Henrietta & Caroline Mary) 7 Captain Hugh Talbot BURGOYNE VC b.19Jul1833 (Dublin); d.07Sep1870 (drowned, in the sinking of the HMS Captain) One of the 1st to receive the Victoria Cross
4 other children incl. Henry (d.y.), James (dsp.Oct1753), Denny-Henrietta (or Denny and Henrietta) d.y. [707]), Jane, Frances, Anne and 4 Sackville FOX (LANE-FOX) b~1701; d.1Dec1760 Heir to his grandmother Viscountess Lanesborough [229] +(2) Mary HOLLOWAY +(1) Ann ?HOLLOWAY of Birmingham 5 🎨 James FOX-LANE (aka LANE-FOX [795]) Esq of Bramham Park, MP for Horsham 1804 [Heir to both his father and uncle George LANE-FOX [229]] Known locally as "Owd Jimmy Fox o'Bramham Park" [791] Lived at Bramham Park; b.1771(74); d.7Apr1821 "One of the foremost sportsmen of his time" (foxhunting) who ceded land east of Tadcaster Rd in 1816 for use by the newly formed York and Ainsty fox hunting pack (as he "had really really more country than he could hunt" [795] + Hon. Marcia-Lucy (Mary Lucy) PITT b.29Mar1756; m.23Jul1789; d.5Aug1822, dau of George PITT, 1st Baron Rivers and Penelope ATKINS

James Fox-Lane 1774-1821

George Lane-Fox 1793-1848
6 🎨 Major George LANE-FOX M.P.; of Bramham Park; b.4May1793; d.15Nov1848 (Bramham Park) Tory MP for Beverley then Pontefract; Major in the Yorkshire Yeomanry cavalry Known as "The Gambler" [791] "A very heavy man...did not care much for hounds, to hound-breeding" [795] + Georgiana Henrietta BUCKLEY m.20Sep1814, (only dau of Edward Pery BUCKLEY of Minestead Lodge by Lady Georgiana West) Her marriage failed and she moved in with Lord Chesterfield, but in 1830 he "suddenly" got married, while she became the mistress of the Prince of Orange [796]. 7 Frederica Elizabeth LANE-FOX m.14Oct1845; d.29Nov1867 + Hon. Adolphus Frederick LIDDELL b.15Jan1818; d.27Jun1885 s/o Sir Thomas Henry LIDDELL, 6th Baronet, 1st Lord (Baron) Ravensworth; Sheriff of Northumberland and Maria Susannah SIMPSON, [granddau of Thomas Lyon, 8th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne]. 7 Georgiana LANE-FOX

George Lane Fox 1816-1896

George Lane Fox Cartoon 1878
7 🎨 George LANE FOX II JP, DL (signed name "Lane Fox" not Lane-Fox [795]); [1023] b.13Nov1816, d.2Nov1896 at Bramham Park; Known as "The Squire"; Paid his father's debts of £175,000 [791] High Sheriff of Leitrim in 1846; High Sheriff of the West Riding, Yorkshire in 1873 A keen Fox hunter and "one of the finest judges of a hound, and one of the most successful breeders of his own or any time." [795] Would hunt 4 or 5 days a week until inheriting Bramham Park [796]. + Katherine Mary STEIN m.17Nov1837; d.4July1873; daughter of John STEIN 8 Kathleen Mary LANE FOX m.22Apr1884; d.28Feb1930 + Francis Charles LIDDELL, s/o Hon. George Augustus Frederick LIDDELL (brother of Adolphus above) and Cecil Elizabeth Jane WELLESLEY; 8 George Sackville Frederick LANE FOX MA; JPb.9Nov1838; d.14Mar1918 Lt Yorkshire Hussars Converted RC 1867 and disinherited +(1)Fanny Maule SLADE; m.10Sep1870 d.28Apr1875 (consumption) [daughter of Lt.-Gen. Marcus John SLADE] 9 Philip Edward Joseph LANE FOX b.27Jul1871 (London); d.17Aug1912 Benedictine monk and author 9 Capt Francis Edmund LANE FOX b.28Nov1872; dsp.29Feb1908 9 Joseph LANE FOX b.1Apr1874 (London); dsp Iowa 9 Mary Catherine LANE FOX b.23Apr1875 (Paris); d.4May1914; Benedictine nun +(2)Annette Mary WELD-BLUNDELL, daughter of Thomas WELD-BLUNDELL; b.1858; m.22Apr1879; d.22Jun1948. 9 Richard T LANE FOX MC b.16Feb1880 Benedictine Monk (John); Military Chaplain WWI 9 Helen Mary Josephine (Nellie) LANE FOX b.5Sept1881 + Maj-General Sir Cecil Edward PEREIRA KCB, CMG (1869-1942)

Capt James R Lane Fox

Baron Bingley 1870-1947

Mary Lane-Fox [Bassano 1923]
8 Captain James Thomas Richard LANE-FOX JP; DL; b.28Feb1841; d.26Feb1906 + Lucy Frances Jane St. JOHN-MILDMAY b~1845; m.15Sep1868; d.19Mar1920, daughter of Capt. Humphrey St. John-Mildmay MP. and Marianne Frances Harcourt-Vernon; 9 Lt-Col George Richard LANE-FOX, 1st and last Baron (Lord) Bingley (1933-1947); b.15Dec1870 (London); d.11Dec1947; Barrister, called to bar at Inner Temple 1895; Conservative M.P. for Barkston Ash 1906-31; Secretary for mines 1923, Privy Counsellor. Served in Yorkshire Hussars Yeomanry WWI, mentioned in despatches, Honorary Colonel of the Yorkshire Hussars 1924-1946 + Hon. Mary Agnes Emily WOOD; Lady Bingley b.25mar1877; m.17Sep1903; d.25Mar1962 [dau of Sir Charles Lindley WOOD, 2nd Viscount Halifax of Monk Bretton and Lady Agnes Elizabeth COURTENAY] 10 Hon. Marcia Agnes Mary LANE-FOX b.4Sep1904; d.9Jan1980 (Leeds) + Lt. Col. Francis Gordon (Joe) WARD-JACKSON M.C.; O.B.E. b.14Oct1899; m.3Oct1929; d.1989; Household Cavalry, Scots Guards. Adopted LANE FOX surname in 1937 to become Lt-Col. Francis Gordon Ward LANE FOX Vice-Lord-Lieutenant of West Yorkshire 1968-1974 11 Major George Francis LANE FOX b.15May1931 Household Cavalry (Blues and Royals); Initiated Bramham International Horse Trials in 1974 [791]

George Lane-Fox b.1931

Victoria Lane Fox d.1997

Nick Lane Fox
+ Helen Victoria DUFF m.10Aug1962; d.30Nov1997 Only daughter of Major Charles Edward Rodney DUFF 12 Captain (George Charles) Nicholas (Nick) LANE FOX; b.25Dec1963 + Hon. Rachel Monica BARING, b.1967; m.1989 dau of Charles Evelyn BARING, 2nd Baron Howick of Glendale & Clare Nicolette DARBY. 13 George LANE FOX 13 Sophie LANE FOX b.1991 + Alistair Emery 13 Frederick Evelyn LANE FOX b.1994 13 Charles Edward LANE FOX b.13Jun1996 13 Harry LANE FOX 12 James Richard LANE FOX b.1966 + Lucy CHARLES-JONES 13 Milo Francis LANE FOX b.7Jan2005 13 Lulu Iris LANE FOX b.3OCT2006 12 Edward Sackville LANE FOX b.1976 11 Richard Sackville LANE FOX b.19Sep1933 + Hon. Janet HAMILTON b.8Sep1930(6); m.11Jun1960 dau of John d'Henin HAMILTON, MC, 3rd Baron Hamilton of Dalzell & Rosemary Olive COKE 12 Harriot LANE FOX b.1966 + William H A SCOONES m.23Oct2004, son of John SCOONES 12 Andrew Ward Jackson LANE FOX b.1969 + Jane R HAWLEY m.19Aug2000 [dau of James HAWLEY of Milford, Stafford]. 13 Thomas Francis LANE FOX b.19Jun2003 13 Harriot LANE FOX 11 Marcia Elizabeth LANE FOX b.19Sep1940 + Antony Charles WAKEHAM m.12Oct1963 son of Major Charles Eric WAKEHAM, of Durban, South Africa 11 Peter Michael john WARD 10 Hon. Mary Kathleen LANE-FOX J.P. b.19Aug1905; d.12Jun1930 + 2nd Viscount Major-Gen Sir Robert Clive BRIDGEMAN KBE, CB, DSO, MC, JP; b.1Apr1896; m.12Jun1930; d.17Nov1982 Son of William BRIDGEMAN (1st Viscount) and Caroline Beatrix PARKER 10 Hon. Dorothy LANE-FOX O.B.E. b.29Nov1909; d.6Nov1980 + Sir Kenneth Wade PARKINSON b.23Jul1908; m.2Oct1937(8); d.20Jun1981 High Sheriff of Yorkshire 1963; Chairman of Yorkshire Post Newspapers Ltd Son of Bertram PARKINSON
Mary K Lane-Fox
marriage 1930

Dorothy Lane-Fox
marriage 1937

Margaret Lane-Fox
10 Hon. Margaret LANE-FOX b.15Apr1913 (London); d.27Oct1986 Lady-in-Waiting to HRH Princess Royal, Countess of Harewood +(1)Maj. Charles William Christopher PACKE b.1909; m.3Sep1939 d.1944 (in action at Normandy) [son of Lt-Col Edmund Christopher PACKE] 11 Rosemary Margaret PACKE b.11Dec1941 11 Jane Elizabeth PACKE b.14Jul1944 +(2)James Edward HUNTER m.16May1951; Annul.1956 [son of John L HUNTER] +(3)Brig. Kenneth HARGREAVES m.15Feb1969 (Bramham Park) 9 Capt Edward LANE-FOX b.31Mar1874; d.26Oct1949 + Enid Maud BETHELL b.26Jan1891; m.4Oct1910; d.3Jan1986 dau of Alfred James BETHELL 10 James Henry LANE FOX, FRICS of Middleton House, Banbury, Oxfordshire; Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors; b.14Jun1912; d.1Nov1988 + Anne LOYD b~1913; m.12Jan1937; d.2Sep2004 eldest dau of Arthur Thomas LOYD OBE, DL, Lord Lieutenant of Berkshire (1935-44) and Dorothy WILLERT 11 Martin James LANE FOX b.11Apr1938 11 Edward James LANE FOX FRICS of Banbury b.13Oct1939 + Janet Mary (Wendy) BALL m.1963 dau of Cmdr Basil Edward Malcolm BALL, DSC, RN 11 Jenny LANE FOX b.29Dec1944
Captain Edward

Lane Fox

Robin Lane Fox
more pics

Lane Fox

& Martha 2010
11 Robin James LANE FOX, MA. PhD b.5Oct1946 Academic (Greek and Latin literature), historian, (Fellow and Tutor in Ancient History since 1977 and University Reader in Ancient History since 1990) and weekly gardening correspondent for the Financial Times. Author of numerous books and articles, including: • Alexander the Great (which received the Bradley Walworth Memorial Prize and resulted in an epic movie in which Robin asked to play as a Macedonian cavalryman extra! • Pagans and Christians. • The Unauthorized Version: Truth and Fiction in the Bible. • The Classical World: An Epic History from Homer to Hadrian. + Louisa Caroline Mary FARRELL b.1949; m.1970; div.1993 Dau of Major Charles FARRELL MC and Lady Katherine Mary Veronica PAGET m2 to Charles JENCKS 12 Henry LANE FOX b.1975 12 Martha LANE FOX b.10Feb1973 Internet entrepreneur, founder of "The richest self-made entrepreneur in business history". She founded and floated a company with 1,400 employees, valued at £733 million in 2000, negotiated the dotcom boom and bust (value dropped to a low of £32m but recovered to £667m by the time she left in Dec 2003). She remains a charity trustee and a non-executive Director of both Marks & Spencer and Channel 4. Her grant-making charity is known as Antigone. Martha suffered life threatening injuries in Morocco in 2004. + Chris Gorell BARNES b.~1978 Former reality TV star-turned-tech entrepreneur, who runs the digital content agency, Adjust Your Set 13 Milo BARNES b.Jul2020 13 Felix BARNES b.Jul2020, (surrogate mother in the U.S.) 10 Jean (Joan) Frances LANE FOX b.16Feb1911; d.1940 + Anthony YATES m.1933. 10 Ruth Prudence LANE FOX, of Aston, Oxfordshire, b.13Aug1915 + Maj. Robert Vickris TAYLOR m.20May1937; d.1943 killed in action (North Africa), son of Capt. John Vickris TAYLOR. 11 (Sybil) Maria TAYLOR b.1941; m.1964; div. 1967 + Hon. Michael Henry ROPER-CURZON b.1931, son of Christopher John Henry ROPER-CURZON, 19th Baron Teynham 10 Felicity LANE FOX b.1918. 9 Marcia Mary LANE-FOX bpt 1870; d.1913 8 Marcia LANE FOX b~1842 (York); d.26Nov1922 8 Henry LANE FOX b.5Dec1846; d.Jul1876 Lt Royal Horse Guards 8 Caroline Alexina LANE FOX d.12Jul1924 + Major John Cavendish ORRED d.Oct1905 [1023] 6 William Augustus LANE-FOX b.1795; d.11Feb1832 (Tourquay, Devon) + Lady Caroline DOUGLAS b.1797; m.31Dec1817; d.7Nov1873 dau of Hon. John DOUGLAS and Lady Frances LASCELLES 7 William Edward LANE-FOX b.1818; d.13Jun1852 7 Lt.-Gen. Augustus Henry LANE-FOX D.C.L.; F.R.S. [after 1880 surname = FOX-PITT-RIVERS] Honorary Doctor of Civil Laws; Fellow, Royal Society; b.14Apr1827 (Bramham); d.4May1900 Moved to London on father's death. Col. in the Grenadier Guards at time of marriage. [In 1880 he changed his name by Royal Licence to Augustus Henry Lane Fox Pitt Rivers to inherit from his great-uncle, Horace PITT-RIVERS, 6th Baron Rivers.] Professional soldier, Anthropologist and Archaeologist and in 1882 became the first Inspector of Ancient Monuments. Eventually known as the "Father of modern archaeology". Gifted his 20,000 object collection to Oxford University in 1884 (nucleus of the Pitt-Rivers museum) + Hon. Alice Margaret STANLEY b.1828; m.3Feb1853; d.19May1910 dau of Edward John Stanley, 2nd Baron Stanley of Alderley and Hon. Henrietta Maria DILLON-Lee. 8 Alexander Edward Lane FOX-PITT-RIVERS b.2Nov1855; d.19Aug1927 + Alice Ruth Hermione THYNNE m.25Apr1889; d.2Aug1948 dau of Rt. Hon. Lord Henry Frederick THYNNE and Lady Ulrica Frederica Jane St. Maur SEYMOUR 9 Capt George Henry Lane FOX-PITT-RIVERS b.22May1890; d.17Jun1966 Lord of the Manor of Hinton St Mary and a prominent British Nazi (fascist) detained in WWII. +(1)Hon. Emily Rachel FORSTER m.22Dec1915; div.1930. Daughter of Henry William FORSTER, 1st and last Baron Forster and Hon. Rachel Cecily DOUGLAS-SCOTT-MONTAGU 10 Michael Augustus FOX-PITT-RIVERS b.27May1917 10 Dr Julian Alfred FOX-PITT-RIVERS PhD b.16Mar1919; d.12Aug2001 Anthropologist & author; thrice married +(2)Rosalind Venetia HENLEY m.14Oct1931; div.1938 10 George Anthony FOX-PITT-RIVERS b.1932 9 Marcia Ruth Georgiana FOX-PITT-RIVERS b.5Nov1891
George H LF

Pitt Rivers

St George W
L Fox-Pitt

Baroness Avebury
née Lane Fox-Pitt-Rivers
8 St George William LANE FOX-PITT b.14Sep1856; d.6Apr1932; developed the incandescent lamp. + Lady Edith Gertrude DOUGLAS b.31Mar1874; m.25Mar1899; d.20Jul1963 dau of John Sholto DOUGLAS, 9th Marquess of Queensberry & Sibyl MONTGOMERY 8 Alice Augusta Laurentia Lane FOX-PITT-RIVERS b.1861; m.17May1884 (his 2nd wife); d.11Mar1947; Baroness Avebury + John LUBBOCK, 1st Baron Avebury b.30Apr1834; d.28May1913 Banker, politician, scientist and writer 8 also William (1858-1945); Ursula (1859-1942); Lionel (1860-1937); Agnes (1862-1926); Douglas (1864-1922) and Arthur (1866-1895) 6 Sackville Walter LANE-FOX b.24Mar1797(9); d.18Aug1874 M.P. for Helston Eloped with the only dau of the Duke of Leeds. + Lady Charlotte Mary Anne Georgiana OSBORNE b.1801 m.22Jun1826; d.17Jan1836; dau of George OSBORNE, 6th Duke of Leeds and Lady Charlotte TOWNSHEND 7 Hon. Elizabeth Catherine (Mary) LANE FOX d.26Oct1879 + Rev. Robert Wentworth CRACROFT (AMCOTTS) b.1826; m.7Jul1864; d.1905 7 Hon. Lora Mary LANE-FOX b.1832; d.unm.12Feb1908 7 Sackville George LANE-FOX, 12th Lord Conyers and 15th Baron Darcy, b.14Sep1827; d.24Aug1888. Peer & soldier (Cornet in the Royal Horse Guards 1846; Lieutenant, Royal East Kent Yeomanry 1863) + Mary Frances Ida CURTEIS, b.1840; m.14Aug1860; d.1921 dau of Captain Reginald CURTEIS 8 Hon. Sackville Fitzroy Henry LANE-FOX b.9May1861; d.27Aug1879

Marcia Pelham
née Lane-Fox

Charles Alfred
Worsley PELHAM
8 Hon. Marcia Amelia Mary LANE-FOX, b.18Oct1863; 17Nov1926 Baroness Conyers (13th "Baron" in her own right in 1892 and in 1903 became 7th Baroness Fauconberg, in abeyance since 1463!) + Charles Alfred Worsley PELHAM, KG., PC., 4th Earl of Yarborough; b.1859; m.5Aug1886; d.1936 son of Charles Anderson Pelham Anderson-Pelham, 3rd Earl of Yarborough & Victoria Alexandrina HARE. 8 Hon. Violet Ida Evelyn LANE-FOX, b.1Jun1865; d.29Apr1929 Baroness Darcy de Knayth in her own right; + George Charles HERBERT, 4th Earl of Powis b.1862; m.1890; d.1952 7 Hon. Charles Pierrepont D'Arcy LANE-FOX b.25Aug1830; d.13Sep1874 + Louisa Emma FAIRFAX m.22Jun1859; d.1870 dau of Thomas FAIRFAX of Newton Kyme, Yorkshire. 8 Charlotte Catherine Marcia LANE-FOX b.1926 + Charles Joseph WELD-BLUNDELL m.1884; d.1927. 8 Edith Isabella Georgina LANE-FOX d.1904 + Hon. William Reginald Wentworth Fitzwilliam m.1893; d.1906. 8 Louisa LANE-FOX d.1943 6 Rev Thomas Henry LANE-FOX (LASCELLES) 6 Marcia Bridget LANE-FOX d.10Jun1826; + Hon. Sir Edward Marmaduke Joseph VAVASOUR, 1st Bart b.6May1786; m.6Aug1813; d.16Mar1847. Legally changed surname from STOURTON On 27Feb1826. 2nd son of Charles Philip STOURTON, 17th Baron Stourton & Hon. Mary LANGDALE. 2 Alicia (Alice) BLAYNEY +(1)Thomas SANDFORD Esq, of Sandford's-court (Sandford Court) 3 Charles SANDFORD 3 Blayney SANDFORD 3 Penelope SANDFORD + Robert NANGLE of "Ballycosky" [707] +(2)John LANGRISHE Esq, of Knocktopher, Kilkenny [262] [707]; b.1660; d.1735 [son of Hercules LANGRISHE 1620-1662 and Anne READING] 2 (Anne) Mary BLAYNEY d.Jan1675; bur. St Peter's Church (Drogheda) +(1)Captain Henry MORTON (Moreton) Esq of Newtown, Co. Meath 3 Henry MORTON d. <1672 +(2)Major Charles MEREDYTH (MEREDITH) Esq, of Mooretown b. <1639; d.Jun1710 Monaghan High Sheriff 1720; m.Jan1671/2 (eldest son of Sir Thomas MEREDYTH and Letitia FORTESCUE) 3 Charles MEREDYTH (1672-1675) 3 Henry MEREDYTH Esq b.1675, d.12Dec1715 + Mary BUTLER of Belturbet 2 Penelope BLAYNEY (d.1641 as infant from captors' mistreatment) 2 Sarah BLAYNEY b~1615 + Very Rev Dr Thomas BLADEN D.D., Dean of Ardfert (Kent) b~1610; m?1646; d.Jul1695 3 Nathaniel BLADEN 2 Jane BLAYNEY d.28Jan1681 (suddenly); bur. near broth Richard in St Martin's Church. + Col. John GORGES Esq, of Somerset-house (Soraerseate, Derry), Governor of Londonderry, M.P. for Derry, Donegal & Tyrone 1659 b~1621; d.Oct1680; (his 2nd marriage, 1st to Edith SYMES) 3 Henry GORGES of Coleraine (b 1667, d 1696, Colonel) +(1)Alice (Alicia) COLLEY (dau of Dudley COLLEY of Castle Carberry) 4 Jane GORGES d.unm +(2)Jane COOTE (dau of Hon. Richard COOTE of Tullaghmain) 4 Henry GORGES + Elizabeth GORGES (b 1717, d 1814) 5 Ralph GORE of Barrow Mount 3 Elizabeth GORGES + Frederick HAMILTON Esq of Somerset 3 Amy GORGES + Henry LOFTUS-HALL Esq (Wexford) who subsequently remarried 3 Penelope GORGES + Lieutenant James GALLAND 4 John GALLAND (Officer of Foot) 4 Richard GALLAND 4 Penelope GALLAND

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