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Welcome to my keithblayney.com site

This is a one of my domains (the other being drblayney.com, which has all the medical stuff). keithblayney.com contains Photographs of tramping in New Zealand, family and Taranaki as well as a large genealogical and family history section mainly on the Blayneys, Potters, Carruthers, Coxheads Eliasons and Calders. The BLAYNEY section is, I believe, the largest Blayney website in the world.

Links to all sections of all my sites can be found in the drop-down menu at the top.

Medical pages

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Our private medical GP practice drblayney.com site describing the practice including topical medical subjects, humour and politics.

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Family history

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A large collection of our family history including:

Tramping in NZ

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22 years of undertaking the best tramps in New Zealand with improving camera quality -see at

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