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English immigrants
  • ?John CARRUTHERS (1836-1899) and his son
  • Joseph CARRUTHERS (1854-1937)


This is a New Zealand CARRUTHERS line (and a link to the New Zealand CUTHBERT-HOARE line). The name CARRUTHERS derives from the Brittonic word "caer" meaning "fort" and a personal name Rhythr (or Rydderch), so we have "Caer-Ruthryis" or "Cuir-Ruther" (the fort of Ruther). A place name CARRUTHERS is a located in the parish of Middlebie, Dumfries, Scotland, and Carruthers castle is an interesting ruin. The name was Established name before the Norman invasion of England (1066). The CARRUTHERS supported Robert the Bruce at the defeat of the English at Bannockburn in 1314 and are considered a sept of the Bruce clan, entitled to use the Bruce badge and tartan. [140] They were the Hereditary Stewards of Annandale in Dumfriesshire from the 13th century [544] and Nigel de Karruthewrs rose to become Canon of Glasgow cathedral in 1351 and Chancellor to Robert, Steward of Scotland.

A John Carruthers was keeper of Lochmaben Castle in 1446 (reputed to be the birthplace of Robert the Bruce). Thomas, son of Robert Carruthers, received a grant of Mouswald from Robert Bruce. Their estate stretched northward into the district of Wamphray, which they shared with the Laird of Johnstone, and they were made Barons of Mouswald in the 15th century. However, this line apparently ended when Simon Carruthers (5th baron) was killed in a border raid in 1548 and "the Douglases brought about the ruin of the Carruthers' family" [544] and sealed in 1560 when the heiress Janet married Thomas Rorison of Bardannoch a bondsman to Sir James Douglas [544] - see THE TRAGEDY OF COMLONGON CASTLE. The Carruthers of Howmains lost their estate in 1772 but "a younger son of the last Laird acquired the estate of Dormont (Lockerbie Dumfriesshire), a mere 100km from Broughton, Cumberland where our John was born. [543] [545]

The CARRUTHERS were one of the Border Reivers, a group of Anglo-Scottish families that conducted raids against towns, farms and even fortresses from the early 13th century through to the early 17th century (after unification under James I). [540]. A William Carruthers was convicted of "uplifting cattle from the lands of Newbie" 1508-9 [210]

John CARRUTHERS, Laird of Holmains, with 162 followers, was compelled to surrender to the English after the battle of Pinkie, in 1547, and was among those chiefs who were declared traitors by the Parliament of Scotland in 1548. His son, Sir James Carruthers, was parson of Wamphray in 1561. [210]

The CARRUTHERS clan motto is "Promptus et fidelis" which means "Ready and faithful". [134]

Our earliest identified ancestor was William CARRUTHERS, born 1785 in Cumberland, England. [139]

1 William CARRUTHERS b.1785 (Cumberland)
 + Jane Scott m.16Oct1819 (Brigham, Cumberland)
  2 John CARRUTHERS bpt.2Apr1820 Broughton, Cumberland (see below;
  2 William CARRUTHERS b.1823; bap.2Apr1820 (Broughton), occ. agricultural labourer (d.unm.1890); 
  2 Ann CARRUTHERS b.1831;
  2 Joseph CARRUTHERS b.1833 occ. Coal Miner
   + Nancy BERRY m.Jan1863 (Cockermouth, Cumberland);
  2 Jonathan CARRUTHERS b.1836
  2 George b.1840; d.1855 (aged 15)


John Carruthers
Elizabeth Carruthers née Side
1 John CARRUTHERS bap.2Apr1820 Broughton, Cumberland, England Son of William CARRUTHERS b.1785 (Cumberland) and Jane SCOTT In the 1881 census the family were living on their 50 acre farm in the Village of Sandwith, Cumberland [139] There was a suggestion that he Emmigrated after 1881 to Auckland, New Zealand ?1883 [132], but there is no supporting evidence our John came to NZ. Occ. Husbandman/farmer/?horse rustler [141] d.Mar Q 1898 age 78 (Cockermouth) [130] or d.12Feb1899 [139] + Elizabeth SIDE b.29Jul1824 (Hensingham, Cumberland); bpt.12Aug1824 (Michael St Wesleyan, Whitehaven), [372] m.15Nov1842 (Ennerdale, Cumberland); d.1902 (Cockermouth) dau of William and Elizabeth (Betty) SIDE (who m.2Feb1816 at St Michael, Workington, Cumberland) 2 photo William CARRUTHERS b.22Jan1844 (Workington, Cumberland Co. England); d. after 1934; Ship Carpenter, Miner, Farmer [1074] + photo Henrietta DIXON b.7Jul1847 (Whitehaven, England); m.16Aug1870; d.14Feb1923 (Snow Hill); bur.18Feb1923 (Bowen Cem, Newark, MD) Dau of George DIXON Jr and photo Isabella CURRIE They moved to America in 1880 (leaving Liverpool 20Aug1880 on the Baltic White Star) and bought land in Worth Co. Missouri (MO) 1881 & 1882 with brother Joseph Back in England in 1881, but they re-emigrated from Liverpool to New York on the ship Celtic in 1885. He apparently sold out to Joseph in the same year (1885) In 1901 they are back in Cumberland and then William was on the ship Oceanic to New York in 1904 and again on the Baltic in 1905! They settled in Worcester Co. Maryland in 1907.

William & Henrietta D
Carruthers 1870

Henrietta Dixon Carruthers
and mother Isabella Currie

John C & Emma Carruthers
daus Anna (L) & Henrietta (R)
3 Elizabeth (Lily) Dixon CARRUTHERS b.11Jul1871 (Whitehaven); m.1990; d.Jan1960 (Home, Eden MD); bur. Wicomico Mem. Park. + William "King" WILSON b.1875/6 of Somerset Co Maryland (=MD), USA; Occ. Farmer then Confectionary Merchant 4 Keith WILSON b.18Jul1909 (Somerset, MD); d.May1984 (Salisbury); bur.Zion Cem., Fruitland Occ. farmer 3 photo John Currie CARRUTHERS b.16Feb1873 (Whitehaven); Emm. 1885 on the Celtic; In late 1880s bought land in Worth Co. MO with uncle Joseph. Resided at Sheridan, Worth Co MO for 13 yrs, returned to Whitehaven (UK) for 8 yrs before returning to the US (Eden, Maryland=MD). d.30Sep1944 (Eden, MD. USA); bur.Shad Point Methodist Cem, MD; Farmer; Photographer [Of interest, a Major John Currie Carruthters was honoured with an MBE (military Division) in 1970. He obtained the rank of Major in 1951 [1063]. To date I have no information linking him to our John.] + photo Emma (?="Emmie") Jane DICKINSON b.29Feb1876 (Whitehaven, Cumberland, UK); m.01Oct1902 (Whitehaven); d.20Jul1969 (Cambridge, MD); bur. Shad Point; Occ Shop Assistant; Baker dau of Isaac DICKINSON and photo Anna Maria MILWARD 4 photo Anna ("Annie") Dickinson CARRUTHERS b.7Sep1903(Whitehaven); d.28Jul1993; Occ. Seamstress + Edwin Charles ANDREWS b.8Apr1907 (Miami, FL); m.18Mar1939 (Wicomico); d.22Sep1992; bur. Shad Point Meth. Cem.; Occ. Machinist; Son of Edwin James Andrews and Amy Underwood 5 Diana Catherine ANDREWS b.7Mar1943; Math Teacher + Thomas Edwin WAESCHE b.17May1943; m.6Apr1974 5 Linda Jane ANDREWS b.14Nov1946; Math Teacher 4 photo Henrietta Dixon CARRUTHERS b.29Jul1912; [1065] [1068] d.13Sep1999 (Exton, Chester Co., PA), bur. Parsons Cemetery, Salisbury, Wicomico, MD [1066]; Seamstress + Cecil George HOTTON 4Apr1906 (St Martin, Guernsey, C.I.) [1064]; m.1Jun1943; d.19Jul1997 (Salisbury, Wicomico, MD) [1067]; Farm laborer [5th child of William Philipe Joseph HOTTON b.27Dec1873; d.27Feb1962 and Henrietta Elizabeth GIRARD b.2Aug1879; d.7May1966 Both b. St Saviour, Guernsey, Channel Islands & d. Salisbury, Wicomico, MD, U.S.A.] 5 George Dixon HOTTON b.14Nov1935 (Salisbury, MD) [1068] + Beverley Jeanne STIVER b.11Jan1938 (Punxsutawney PA) [1068]; m.13Jun1959 (Indiana PA); Occ. Secretary [1074] 6 Michael George HOTTON + Lori 6 Patricia ("Patti") Suzanne HOTTON

John Currie

Emma Jane Carruthers
née Dickinson

Anna Marie Dickinson
née Milward

Anna Andrews
née Carruthers
3 Isabella Belle) CARRUTHERS b.1876 (Harrington, Cumberland); d.1944-59 + William KYLE b.1871 (Scotland); m.1900 (Whitehaven) [130]; Occ. Furnace Man (1891) then Linen & Woollen Draper; Son of Thompson & Sarah KYLE. 4 Wilmina Thompson KYLE b.1901 (Cleator, Cumberland) 3 photo Sarah ("Sadie") Henrietta CARRUTHERS b.8Feb1878 (Gillgarran, Cumberland); d.22Jun1950; bur. Oakland Cem.; Occ. Grade School Teacher + photo Marion Brahm ("Bud") CLARY b.12Oct1875 (Menard Co. IL); m.3Jul1895 (Sheridan, Worth, MO); d.11Jul1952; Farmer [1068] Son of Hugh A CLARY b.9Nov1831; d.12Nov1896 and Louisa M Traylor b.4Sep1834; d.12Oct1917) [1073] 4 photo Delcie Muriel CLARY b.19Dec1896 (Sheridan, Worth Co. MI); d.2Sep1991; bur.Oakland Cem. Petersburg +(1)Claude L BARTLES b.1896 (IO); m.1920; dv. +(2)Roy Irvin GLASCO m.24Nov1977 (Las Vegas) the widower of her sister Elizabeth 4 Gladys Velma CLARY b.3Jul1899; d.1903; bur Concord Cem. Petersburg IL. [904] 4 photo Henrietta Louetta CLARY b.28Nov1901 (IL); dsp.14Oct1978 (Petersburg IL) + Warren L MESSETT b.1897; d.1978 [904] 4 photo Elizabeth Fern CLARY b.27Sep1904 (Petersburg IL); d.10May1976 (Scottsdale AZ); bur.Oakland Cem. Petersburg; Occ. Reg. Nurse (Chief Nurse for 33 years at Peoria State Hospital IL.) +(1)Marvin COLWELL dv. +(2)Roy GLASCO 4 photo Martha Geraldine CLARY b.5Mar1908 (Petersburg IL); d.14Dec1977 (Mentone, San Bernardino Co. CA); Nurse in WW2 + John Charles STRATTON b.1915; d.2007 4 photo William Hugh CLARY b.1913 d.1993 + Helen Marie ___ b.1915; m.26Oct1944; d.1993 4 photo Marian C. CLARY b.1916 (IL); d.1957; bur. Kinsley Cem. IO + Paul HULSE b.1906; d.2000; bur. Kinsley Cem. IO

Martha née Stratton
Clarry [1073]

Marion & Sarah
(née Carruthers) Clarry [1073]

family [1073]
3 Margaret (Maggie) Ann CARRUTHERS b.14Nov1886 (Worth, Missouri = MO) [963] d.unm 14Nov1886 5th child [1062] 3 Wilhemina Side ("Ina") CARRUTHERS (b.03Oct1889); b.10Mar1888 (Union Twp, Worth Co., MO) [962] [1062]; 6th child. d.Jul1972 + Larry McFadden (McDaniel) JONES b.21Oct1885 (MD); m.15Dec1908; d.Dec1980 Son of George Elzey JONES and Annie Elizabeth SMULLEN 4 William L JONES b.1910 (Wicomico, MD) 4 A. Margaret JONES b.1919/20 (MD) 3 Jonathan Henry (Harry) CARRUTHERS b.18May1891 (Worth, MO); d.18Feb1963; Farm Labourer then Farmer + Helen Irene BEE 3 Margaret Ann CARRUTHERS d.18May1891 (Union Twp, Worth Co., MO) [1062] Presumed non-surviving twin. 7th child. 2 Margaret (Maggie) CARRUTHERS b~1848 (Workington); Lived for a while in USA, returning about 1903 d.1934 (in England) 2 John CARRUTHERS b.1851 (Distington, Cumberland). Stayed in England; Farmer + Elizabeth ALLISON b?1853 (Whitehaven); m.1876 (Whitehaven) 3 Elizabeth CARRUTHERS b.1878 (Whitehaven) 3 John Joseph CARRUTHERS b.1879 3 Mary Louisa CARRUTHERS b.1882 (Dressmaker), 3 Jeannie Maud CARRUTHERS b.1887 (Teacher) 3 Sarah Adeline CARRUTHERS b.1888 (Milliner) + William BOADLE m.1916 (Whitehaven) [BDM] 3 Ethel CARRUTHERS b.1890 (Bookkeeper), + ?William J Beattie m.1911 (Whitehaven) [BDM] 3 Gladys Elsie CARRUTHERS b.1894 + George FARRIES m.1920 (Whitehaven) [BDM] 3 Laura Winifred CARRUTHERS b.1896 + John C FARRIES m.1919 (Whitehaven) [BDM] 2 Elizabeth CARRUTHERS b?1851; bap.25Mar1852 (Holy Trinity, Whitehaven) [334] 2 Joseph CARRUTHERS b.20Aug1853 Joseph below 2 Sarah CARRUTHERS b.1860 (Whitehaven); ?d.y. 2 James K. CARRUTHERS b.Oct1863 (Whitehaven) Lived for a while in USA (Worth Co MO. in1880s), returning to UK 1993 after the death of his first wife. self employed farmer; d.(Sep)1932 (Cockermouth, Cumberland) +(1)Elizabeth (u>Lizzie) Heard BROWN b.7Sep1867; d.29Jan1893 (Worth Co., MO); bur. Grant City Cemetary [1271] [Jane Elizabeth Racheal CARRUTHERS née Brown married to Jas. K Carruthers] [dau of George & Jane BROWN [1062]] 3 photo Jane ("Jennie") Elizabeth Rachel CARRUTHERS b.8May1890 [1062] [1271]; d.25Feb1963 (Doncaster, Yorkshire West Riding) [Incorrectly enterred in the MO. BDM records under "Mother's Name" in May 1890 [1271]] Went with her father to Liverpool arriving 23Apr1893 on the Umbria; raised by her grandparents (Browns) + photo Herbert Daniel COATES b.14Apr1887 (Parton); m.11Jun1912 (Whitehaven); d.20Jan1940 (Leeds)

Coates c.1926:Jennie & Herbert
George, Eric, Cyril & Herbert
4 photo George COATES b.29Sep1913 (Crewe, Cheshire); d.12Feb2002 (King's Lynn, Norfolk) + Doris Evelyn DAWSON b.6Mar1908 (Eyam, Derbyshire); m.17Sep1938 (Eyam); d.18Jun1998 (Norfolk, UK) 5 Richard L COATES b.28Nov1945 (Derby) [2 dau. and a step-dau.] 4 photo Herbert COATES b.19Nov1916 (Birmingham, Warwickshire); d.Feb1999 (Harrogate, Yorkshire) + Iris PEARSON b.Nov1922 (Harrogate); m.Jun1941 (Knaresborough, Yorkshire) 5 Hermione COATES 5 Jane COATES 5 Frances COATES 4 photo Eric COATES b.Nov1921 (Nantwich, Cheshire) + Sadie GIRVAN b.1923 (Girvan); m.1946 (Leeds); d.May2007 (Harrogate) 5 Helen COATES 5 Douglas COATES 4 photo Cyril COATES b.28Oct1922 (Nantwich, Cheshire); d.Jan1989 (Cambridge, UK) + Edith BRUCE b.21Jun1924 (Newcastle upon Tyne); m.Dec1944 (Leeds); d.Dec1978 (Northumberland) 5 Michael COATES 5 Adrian COATES 5 Janet COATES 3 Georgina ("Ena") Brown CARRUTHERS b.25Jan1893 (MO, USA) Came back to the USA (with her father James and uncle Thomas) arriving in New York on the Celtic 28Mar1903 [1271] Lived with father and step mother until marrying. [1271] + George PAPE m.(Jun)1930 (Wigton, Cumberland) +(2)Dinah BETHWAITE b.1876 (Dearham, Cumberland); m.Oct1904 (Cockermouth) [so James returned to the UK to marry [1271]] 3 John William CARRUTHERS b.(Sep)1905 (Cockermouth {or Siddick or Wigton}, Cumberland) 3 Thomas Henry CARRUTHERS b.Apr1906 (Cockermouth {or Siddick}) 3 Joseph CARRUTHERS b.Apr1908 (Cockermouth {or Siddick}) 3 James CARRUTHERS b.Jan1911 (Bothel, Cumberland) 3 Robert B CARRUTHERS b.Jan1915 (Cockermouth) 3 George CARRUTHERS b.(Dec)1917 (Cockermouth) 2 Thomas Henry (Harry) CARRUTHERS b.1865 (Whitehaven) Lived for a while in USA; self employed farmer

Joseph & Alice & family Summer 1935/6

Joseph & Alice Carruthers

Joseph Carruthers

Joseph & Alice Carruthers
2 photo Joseph CARRUTHERS b.20Aug1853 [on gravestone] (St Bees, Whitehaven, Cumberland, England) Birth registered at Whitehaven Sept 1853 [130] 1st emmigrated to Maryland, USA in 1880 where he farmed in with brother William for for 12 years [but also travelled back to England as he was present at Sandwith, Cumberland, England at the 1881 census [129] and he was married in NZ in 1893]. They ran a store at Raglan, then lived at Birkenhead until 1924, when the family moved onto the 160 acres of largely undeveloped land bought at Pollok South Manukau Head, NZ in 1923. Occ. Store keeper then Dairy farmer, at Pollok Settlement "A very tall man and very stern" [according to Aunt Edie] [141] m.26Jun1893 (St Peters, Bombay) d.12Feb1937 (Pollok, NZ) buried Waipipi Cemetery, Will filed 31May1937 Probate No. BBAE 1570 356/37 [121] + photo Alice Jane CUTHBERT b.28Apr1871 Bombay, NZ. m.26Jun1893 (Auckland) "A very loving and caring person, [she] taught Anglican Sunday School in the house at Pollok" [according to Harry [141]] She had 12 children. d.5Jan1945, NZ (stomach cancer) Will filed 6Feb1945 Probate No. BBAE 1570 0108/45 [121] Both buried in Waipipi Cemetry. The story goes that Joseph met Alice and asked her to marry him. She said no, as she hadn't known him long enough so he went back to England. A year later he came back and again asked her. This time she said yes! [137]

Joseph & Alice
& Lily Carruthers

Joseph & Alice
graves Waipipi Cemetery

Alice Cuthbert and
son Harry Carruthers
3 photo Elizabeth (Lilly) Jane CARRUTHERS b.17Jun1894 (Te Mata, near Raglan, NZ) d.18Nov1989. Worked in Remuera P.O. & met Thomas. After his death she was Post Mistress at Aratapu, Northern Wairoa where she met Walter. d.18Nov1989 Cremated & ashes into grave of Thomas CARRICK at Hillsborough, Auckland [Area 1 Block A Lot No 172] [123] +(1)Thomas Naylor CARRICK b.14May1868 d.11Jul1921 in an accident [123] and buried at Hillsborough Cemetery [Area 1 Block A Lot No 172] [123] 4 Fergus (Ferg) CARRICK view family (?p/w problem) +(2)Walter Alfred WILLIAMS Occ. Butcher 4 Lawrence WILLIAMS view family (?p/w problem) 4 Alice WILLIAMS b.Apr1928 (twin) view family (?p/w problem) 4 Arthur WILLIAMS b.Apr1928 (twin) 4 Keith WILLIAMS view family (?p/w problem)

Lilly Williams
née Carruthers

Lilly Williams
in her 90s
Mildred & family

Millie Howarth
3 photo Violet Mildred (Millie) CARRUTHERS b.19Aug1895 (Raglan) d.11Jun1988 (North Shore, Auckland) [heart -had recovered from Ca "Stomach" 1961] + photo John Jack Golding HOWARTH b.17Feb1894 (Castleton, England); m.7Jan1914; d.17Mar1977 4 photo John Jack Richard HOWARTH view family (?p/w problem) 4 Gladys Alice HOWARTH view family (?p/w problem) 4 Kathleen Violet HOWARTH b.13Jan1921; d.4Oct2008 view family (?p/w problem) 4 William Joseph HOWARTH view family (?p/w problem) 4 Edward HOWARTH view family (?p/w problem) 3 photo Dulcima (Dulcie) Louisa CARRUTHERS b.16(17)Jul1897 d.1986 + photo George PREECE (Butcher) ob. 4 Phillip George PREECE ob. + Doreen Iris JAMES (sister to Lenore) m.1947 d.13Apr1992 5 view family (?p/w problem) 5 view family (?p/w problem) 4 Dick PREECE (died young) 4 Maurice PREECE b.1927 + Jan MEAD

Dulcie Preece
& family Oct 1970

Dulcie Preece
Dec 1982

Jim Carruthers

Jim Carruthers
Dec 1943

Frank Carruthers

3 photo John James (Jim) Cuthbert CARRUTHERS b.28May1899 d.20Jun1972 Occ. farmer (also at Pollok with Harry) buried Waipipi Cemetery 3 photo Thomas Francis (Frank) CARRUTHERS b.11Oct1900 31Oct1973 Occ Railway Engineer/train driver. + Blanche Evelyn Sykes b.25Aug1906; m.18Nov1924; d.13Oct1972 [121] 4 Gladys CARRUTHERS view family (?p/w problem) 4 Douglas CARRUTHERS view family (?p/w problem) 4 Audrey CARRUTHERS d.unm 2005 (Thames) 4 Blanch Evelyn CARRUTHERS d.unm 19Dec2007 (Thames) 4 Graham Barrie CARRUTHERS b~1933; d.unm.18Jun2006 (Thames) at age 73 3 photo Margaret Arletta (Arlie) CARRUTHERS b.18May1902 m.18May1925 d.15Dec1976 + Ernest (Ernie) Edward POTTER 4 See my POTTER line

Arlie (Margaret
Arletta) POTTER

Arlie c sis
Lilly & Trissie

Arlie & Beatrice

Trissie with
sis Lilly & Arlie

(with Muriel & Flo)

Trissie Carruthers
& family
3 photo Beatrice (Trissy) Ann CARRUTHERS b.5Nov1903 d.13May1986 + Earnest McDONALD (Farmer) 4 Beatrice ALICE McDONALD view family (?p/w problem) 4 Noline Evelyn McDONALD view family (?p/w problem) 4 Earnest Richard (Dick) McDONALD view family (?p/w problem) 3 photo Georgina Bertha CARRUTHERS b.19Apr1905; d.7Aug2004 Last of the 12 to pass away, 9 months short of a century. Occ. Shop Assistant (George Courts). m.19Sep1928 + Henry Alex(ander) HAMILTON (cousin of Ian HAMILTON). Died Mar1957 aged 50 (CVA) 4 photo Geoffrey Rex HAMILTON view family (?p/w problem)

Geoff Hamilton, Phyllis Steven &
Bertha Hamilton 1950

Bertha & son
Geoff Hamilton

Bertha, Mazella
& Geoff Hamilton

& family
3 photo Phyllis Rosa CARRUTHERS b.17Oct1906 d.27Mar1996 + photo Robert (Bob) STEVEN of Auckland d.1995 4 Robert William STEVEN view family (?p/w problem) 4 Lawrence (Laurie) Bruce STEVEN view family (?p/w problem) 3 photo Alice Mazella (May) CARRUTHERS b.22May1908 dsp.1Jul1996 + Henry DWYER dv. (May left Henry)

May Dwyer
née Carruthers 1988

Edith (Edie)
Hamilton 1986

Basil Hamilton
& family
3 photo Edith (Edie) Robena CARRUTHERS b.30Jul1910 d.3Aug2000 (90yr) + photo Ian HAMILTON b.10Dec1905 d.11Dec1975 (cousin of Henry HAMILTON) 4 Ian Basil HAMILTON view family (?p/w problem) 4 Joseph John George HAMILTON view family (?p/w problem) 3 photo Joseph William Henry (Harry) CARRUTHERS b.9Jul1914 (Birkenhead), moved to Pollok when 10. Occ. Dairy farmer, at Pollok Settlement, South Manukau Head, NZ. Served in WW2 1939-1943 m.11Sep1947 Moved to Waiuku 1975. d.26Jun1989 + photo Elaine Lenore JAMES b.12Mar1924 m.11Sep1947 d.9May1978 dau of Mr & Ivy JAMES and sister of Doreen 4 Rosanne Lenore CARRUTHERS view family (?p/w problem) 5 Fiona Lenore JAMIESON view family (?p/w problem) 4 Yvonne Jillian CARRUTHERS view family (?p/w problem) 4 Bronynne Gay CARRUTHERS view family (?p/w problem) 4 Lurline Judith CARRUTHERS view family (?p/w problem)

Harry Carruthers & Bob Steven 1950
Harry & Lenore Carruthers 1950

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