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Marlborough Sounds Nydia Track Day 2

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Photos marked [AR] are by Alan Rogers, [CT] by Cathy Thompson, [DB] or [IB] by Dianne or Ian Bardsley, [JS] by John Sutton, all the rest were taken by me.

Tuesday 25th February 2014: After a very pleasant stay at the On The Track Lodge we saw Dianne off on her water taxi and headed up to the Kaiuma Saddle (387m).

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Mt Stanley north of Nydia Bay  Dsc_0815.jpg

Juvenile Bellbird (Koramiko)  Dsc_0825c.jpg

Misty Nydia Bay islets  Dsc_0831ac.jpg

Kaiuma Saddle  JS_img_2415.jpg

From the Kaiuma Saddle there were views out to Regenerating Native Forest, Exotic Forest (with microwave repeater) and a glimpse of Pelorus Sound.

I couldn't identify the blossom below, but then neither could Bec Brown of "Clouds of Colour" so it remains the "Little white flower"!

the "Little white flower"!  Dsc_0840.jpg

Native forest  Dsc_0841.jpg

Exotic Forest  Dsc_0842r.jpg

"Not much Hope Fence" & Slip  Dsc_0843.jpg

Weka  Dsc_0851c.jpg

Road end (start)  Dsc_0861.jpg

Off to meet the water taxi  JS_IMG_2419c.jpg

Graham (& weka)  Dsc_0862.jpg

Curious weka  Dsc_0866.jpg

cautious Weka like a meerkat!  Dsc_0873.jpg

Charging weka  DSC_0874c.jpg

Water Taxi at Kaiuma Bay  Dsc_0889.jpg

Our water taxi then took us back to Havelock where we caught up with Dianne sampling the available wines.

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