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Marlborough Sounds Nydia Track Day 1

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Photos marked [AR] are by Alan Rogers, [CT] by Cathy Thompson, [DB] or [IB] by Dianne or Ian Bardsley, [JS] by John Sutton, all the rest were taken by me.

Monday 24th February 2014: After the Abel Tasman 3 day guided walk we spent a night in Havelock before being taken to the start of the two day Nydia walk (catered by On The Track Lodge but we carried all personal gear). This track connects Dunkin Bay at "World's End" (Tennyson Inlet) with Nydia Bay (Pelorus Sound) and then on to Kaiuma Bay (Mahou Sound) close to Havelock.

See the Doc track guide or the On The Track Lodge info

We were taken from Havelock to Duncan Bay via Pelorus Bridge by coach and collected at Kaiuma Bay by water taxi. Dianne was taken to (and from) On The Track Lodge by water taxi. The "team" below [L-R] is Graham Thompson, Keith Blayney, John Sutton, Ian Bardsley, Alan Rogers and Cathy Thompson.

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Tennyson Inlet & Mt Shewell  Dsc_0699.jpg

Team minus Dianne  Dsc_0703.jpg

A good start  Dsc_0706.jpg

Pippi Beach, Mt Shewell  Dsc_0720.jpg

There are interesting views over parts of Tennyson Inlet and Mt Shewell as one sidles around Te Mako and Ngawhakawhiti Bays before an unchallenging climb to Nydia Saddle (347m).

Me, Duncan & Harvey Bays  JS_img_2363.jpg

Tennyson inlet to Mt Shewell  Dsc_0721.jpg

World's End  Dsc_0725.jpg

Mt Shewell  Dsc_0733a.jpg

Looking back at Tennyson Inlet  Dsc_0735.jpg

Nydia Saddle  AR_P1070662.jpg

Nydia Bay composite with unnamed "one Tree Islet"  Dsc_0762-3.jpg

80 yr old eel "Ella"  Dsc_0769.jpg

Opouri Peak  Dsc_0788.jpg

On The Track Lodge  Dsc_0789.jpg

Alan Keith & Ian relax  CT_dsc04749.jpg

On The Track Lodge provides very hospitable and pleasant accommodation (including a railway carriage and chalets) and excellent home cooked food. There are interesting artifacts, a Tramway side track and a library. They even put on a campfire.

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