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Taranaki Northern Circuit Tramp
Mt Egmont National Park
January 3 & 4 2003
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The classic view over a tarn proved a fraud, the tarn being quite small. The views remained magnificent until the condition of the track distracted one's full attention. Unpleasant leatherwood and other unforgiving shrubs overgrow a track which has become more like a narrow drain. Then this nearly impossible track becomes worse with a near vertical 150m climb over Henry (with the shrubs now often out of reach). The descent from Henry is a bit easier but a slip on mud resulted in a torn knee meniscus, making the descent painful.

Ian drinking from tarn

KTB & real size of tarn

KTB & John & tarn

View back down to Ahukawkawa Swamp

Ahukawkawa Swamp from Pouakais

The route down the root
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