Family of Francis and Mary A. HOARE



A big thanks to Gillian Draper (daughter of Arthur Alexander Whittle) for providing this information via Lorna Wuthrich. [139]


1 Francis HOARE b~1799 (Petersfield, Hampshire, England), 
  Possibly Francis HOAR bapt 30Dec1798; son of James & Ann [950]
  d.1871 (Horton Kirby, Kent)
 + Mary Ann SEFFENS b~1798 (Dartford, Kent), m.27Dec1818 (Dartford, Kent)
  2 Eliza(beth) HOARE b.1824 m.9Sep1851 at St Marylebone, Middlesex
    (Witness at Jane's wedding 25Dec1859)
    d.10Oct1888 (St Mary Cray, Kent)
   + John WHITTLE b~1813 (Lancashire), widower. Occ Tailor, d<1871
    3 Elizabeth b~1842 (mother was John's 1st wife). She was 9 when John
      married Eliza
     + Gordon CUTHBERT (2nd cousin-in law once removed, I think!) 
    3 Mildred Eliza WHITTLE b.1852 (Dartford, Kent)
    3 John Francis WHITTLE b.10Mar1854 (Bexley, Kent)
     + Jane COLTHUP m.12Nov1879 (at Chilham, Kent)
      4 Annie WHITTLE b.1880
      4 William WHITTLE b.1882
      4 Francis WHITTLE b.1884
       + unknown m. in Kent
        5 Emerald WHITTLE (Kent)
        5 Pearl WHITTLE (Canada) her son is in Dallas, USA.
      4 Esther WHITTLE b.1886
      4 Arthur WHITTLE b.1889
       + Sarah BEADON m.1Apr1911 (Canada) d.1940 Herne Hill, London
         She returned to England for health when pregnant. 
         Arthur returned to Canada but died in an accident.
        5 Arthur Alexander WHITTLE
  2 Mildred HOARE b.1831/2
    Chr.5Jul1831 (Dartford, Kent) [951]

Jane Mazella
Cuthbert née Hoare

William Thomas
Cuthbert 1884

Jane Mazella
Carruthers 1912

Robert Hoare
Jane's brother
2 Jane Mazella HOARE b.2Oct1835; chr.25Oct1836 (b.1836 based on wedding cert, which appears to have been a misrepresentation); m.25Dec1859 (Horton, Kirby, Kent) d.16Aug1923 Dargaville, NZ + William Thomas CUTHBERT b.3Mar1836, Ipswich, England See their descendants 2 Charles H HOARE b.1839 and 2 Robert HOARE b.1841 (Witness at Jane's wedding 25Dec1859) Gas fitter [1881 British Census] + Anne b. 1844/5 (Bethnal Green, Middlesex) 3 George HOARE b.1861/2 (Bethnal Green) 3 Caroline HOARE b.1864/5 (Bethnal Green) 3 Anne HOARE b.1866/7 (Bethnal Green) 3 Mildred A HOARE b.1869/70 (Bethnal Green) 3 Robert F HOARE b.1871/2 (Bethnal Green) 3 Elizabeth HOARE b.1874/5 (Bethnal Green) all children of Francis & Mary were born in Dartford, Kent.

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