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Edward Blayney, 3rd Lord Blayney

Born 1624/5 at Castleblayney (Ireland)
Baron from 5 Jun 1646 [43]
died 9Dec 1669 in London, England, unmarried with no male heir

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He matriculated at Trinity College, Dublin [44c]

[Alumni Dublinenses 1640/41. [24]].

Became the 3rd Lord Blayney in 1646 on the death of his father Henry

He took his seat in Parliament 9Sep1661 and made "Custos Rotulorum (Keeper of the Rolls of the Peace) of the county of Managhan" [707].

The Blayney's had been "reduced to a state of destitution as a result of the rebellion." [260] requiring Edward to mortgage both the family's estates in Monaghan and Castleblayney to Thomas Vincent, a wealthy London merchant, in 1649 and 1653 [18]. Edward was unmarried and died with no male heir, so his only surviving brother Richard inherited the title [39].

Thomas Vincent became connected with Ireland as mortgagee of the estate of Edward, third Lord Blayney, whose father had died fighting against Owen O'Neill. Ultimately, through the advances which he made, Vincent became owner of the estate; but Lord Blayney's brother Richard, who succeeded him as fourth Lord Blayney, by "a prudent marriage" with Vincent's eldest daughter, recovered the CastleBlayney estates (but not Monaghan) [260].

Edward was buried on 9th December 1669 at St. Martin-in-the-Fields Church, Covent Garden, London. [44c]

The Baronage then passed to his younger brother Richard, the 4th Lord Blayney

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