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William Blayney, 6th Lord Blayney

Born 1671 at Castleblayney (Ireland)
Baron from Aug 1689 [43]
died 3 Jan 1706 at Dublin, Ireland

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William Blayney succeeded to the title in 1689 on his brother's death and was one of the few Prostestants who attended King Jame's Irish Parliament, but later fled to England and his estates were "sequestered" and house plundered and he was "attainted". James' largely Catholic parliament had repealed legislation under which Protestant settlers had acquired land.

With King William's victories in 1688 (the bloodless "Glorious Revolution") and 1690 (the Battle of the Boyne), his estates were restored. After the "Revolution", he served as the Governor of Monaghan and Governor of Sligo and from 5Oct1692 served in the Irish House of Lords. [12]

His wife, Lady Mary Blayney, who he married in 1686, was the eldest daughter of William Caulfield the 1st Viscount (Earl) Charlemount as well as widow of Arthur Dillon of Lismullen, County Meath who died in 1684. She had a melody composed in her honour by Turlough O'Carolan (1670-1738) titled "Lady Blayney" (midi tract available on [12]. Apparently their marriage was not happy, although Mary retained the title "Lady Blayney" after William's death (see Rossmore papers [18b]) and after she died on 8Aug1724, she was buried alongside William in the chapel of Castle Blayney [257].

"In the fifteen years after the Battle of the Boyne in 1690, about fifty thousand Presbyterians emigrated from lowland Scotland to Ulster. In the northern half of County Monaghan, Anglo-Irish landlords, such as Lord Blayney encouraged these Protestant Scotsmen to become tenants on property they controlled. They offered these Scots settlers their best land on favorable terms and at low rent." [32]


1 William BLAYNEY b.1671 m.1686 d.3Jan1706; bur.5Jan CastleBlayney chapel
  Became the 6th Lord Blayney in 1689 on the death of his brother Henry Vincent
 + Mary DILLON née CAULFIELD b.1659 Charlemont, Co Amagh m.1686
   d.8Aug1724 in Dublin
   [Eldest dau of William CAULFIELD, 1st Viscount Charlemont (1624-1671)
    and Hon Sarah MOORE (1632-1712), 
   dau Charles MOORE, Viscount Droheda];
   Widow of Arthur DILLON Esq, of Lismullen, co. Meath
  2 Henry BLAYNEY d. in infancy
  2 Cadwallader b.1693 - 7th Lord BLAYNEY [see Cadwallader7.html]
  2 Jane BLAYNEY b.1688; d.1745
   + John CLARKE Esq, of Portadown, Armagh m.Jan1720; d.1728
     No children according to Rowly-Morris [55]
     Three children according to Rhydderch [39],
     "leaving issue" according to Burke's Dormant & Extinct Peerages [362] and Lodge's Peerage of Ireland [707]  
    3 Thomas CLARKE d. unm 1743
    3 Blayney CLARKE (d. unm)
    3 Mary CLARKE (d. unm)

  2 (Hon) Alicia (Alice) BLAYNEY b.1694; m.Feb1719 [836]; d.1757
   + Francis Thomas LUCAS b.1698; d.v.p.May1727 [229] [707]
     (eldest son of Edward LUCAS Esq, of Castle-Shien (Castle Shane), MP for Monaghan
      and Elizabeth SMYTH)
    3 Edward LUCAS (heir)
    3 William LUCAS b.1721 in CastleShien (Monaghan); bur.23May1759
    3 Elizabeth Lucas b.1721
     + William LEE Esq of Corbollis, co Louth
    3 Rev Francis LUCAS b.1723 [836]
      Rector of Dromgoar co Cavan and MP for Monaghan
     + Isabella ECCLES of Lisneskea [229] [836]
    3 Sarah LUCAS b.1724 [836]
     +(1)Rev Joseph WARREN Esq; m.1752 [1053]       
     +(2)Joseph HAMMERSLEY Esq [229]
    3 Thomasine Anne LUCAS b.1725
     + Joseph HAMMERSLEY Esq [229]; m.1747 [836]

  2 Elizabeth BLAYNEY b.1696 m.1718
   + Capt. Joshua JOHNSTON of Armagh
    3 William JOHNSTON
    3 George JOHNSTON
    3 Cadwallader JOHNSTON
    3 Robert JOHNSTON
    3 Joshua JOHNSTON
    3 Boulter JOHNSTON
    3 Gabriel JOHNSTON
    3 and 11 other sons who died young.
  2 Anne BLAYNEY d. an infant
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