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After lunch at Lake Castalia, we headed back, then cut across to the top of Lucidus Lake where a natural path lead up to the top of the retaining mraine. The Concensus was it was too dangerous to climb down the inner moraine to the Lake so we headed back to the North Branch track.

water escaping Lake Castalia

Help crossing river

composite of Lucidus Lake

Ice at top of Lucidus

Falls into Lucidus

Ian on rock

Lucidus Lake
from mouth 505K

Rocks before Lake Diana

Composite 1st lake
(unnamed) 511K

Side river

The English tourists had gone up to hold a small memorial service at Lucidus Lake for Anthony (who had fallen to his death on Franz Joseph Glacier), but had then walked around the edge to climb out over the moraine. Understandably this took longer than there was light in the day and so the tour organiser (who hadn't gone up the lake edge) had to go back up with some torches!

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